Nicole “Since the MacGyver comp Nat has been hard core dieting” Paul “Not eating isn’t dieting”

POV Holder: Corey POV Competition Sept 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 5th
HOH Victor Next HOH Sept 8th
Original Nominations: James AND Nat
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots None

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-06 18-28-59-003
5pm Hammock – James and Nat. Nat – I’m going to miss you. James- I’ll miss you too. I’m going to come visit you. James – I just need to decide whether get a plane ticket or get you some plane tickets. James – after you travel all where you’re going .. the least I could do is get you a round trip ticket to Texas. Or if you felt weird about it I would pay for half of it. I think a round trip ticket from Texas to New York was like $200 – $270. Nat – If I go to Texas, I would go for at least a week. James and Nat head inside. Nat tells James if I had been cautious about what I ate all season .. I would have been in shape. James – but what fun would that be!?
Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-06 18-30-45-552

5:30pm – 6pm Backyard – Nicole, Paul, Corey and Vic. Nicole comments on how since the McGyver comp she (Nat) has been hard core dieting. Paul says not eating isn’t dieting. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Paul asks Vic and Corey – No s*x for the next 5 years, 10 million. Vic – yeah! Paul – 5 million! Vic – Yeah! Paul – 1 million. Vic – You know I might take 1 million. I would be dating for real. Trying to find my wife. Corey says I wouldn’t do it. I’d rather be single and make bank. A million isn’t much, you could blow that pretty quick in your 20’s. Paul – alright push a button and someone in the world dies. Random, 20 million? Corey – I’d fall on it by accident. Paul you and your family are in that pool but odds are so slim. And don’t see the repercussions. Vic – I don’t want to kill someone for 20 million. Paul – 100 million. Vic – I couldn’t, you would have to live with that for the rest of your life.
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6:15pm – 7:10pm Hammock – Corey and Nicole. Nicole – Michelle really had a crush on Frank that’s why she had such a problem with Bridgette. Corey – it was so weird when he dropped Michelle for Bridgette. I think I even remember the exact day it happened. Nicole – he (Frank) did not like James & Nat relationship. He didn’t think James would ever cut ties. We both acted like we would drop each other like a sack of potatoes, but I really wouldn’t have. I’m so happy I got Michelle out of this house. One of us were going to get each other first .. it just depended. Nicole – I want James to stay because if I am sitting next to James …they (Vic or Paul) would vote him our over me or you. Corey agrees. Nicole – best case scenario for me is if you or James win. Corey – likewise. Nicole – hey its easier for you to pull that trigger against James because he lied to you. He’s never done anything to me. Corey and Nicole start studying the days/events of the house.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-06 18-43-17-025

7:15pm – 7:50pm Paul and Vic start playing a game of pool. Meanwhile – Nicole and Corey continue to talk in the hammock. They head inside. Nicole looks in the bathroom mirror and says I’m getting my chubby cheeks back mom. You would be happy because you weren’t when I was ninety some odd pounds.

Nat is in the backyard running and lifting weights. Nicole and Corey start running around the backyard. Paul and Vic get into the hot tub.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-06 20-29-39-935

8:06pm Meet and Greet chat, Corey, Paul and Victor.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-06 20-51-41-313
8:48pm London room
James – glad to see your coming back to the sleep world.. Not so bad..
Natalie doesn’t reply..

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-06 21-31-34-155
9:31pm Paul and Corey
Paul – 14 days my friend..
Corey – it’s nothing

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-06 22-19-09-624

10:20pm – 10:50pm They get alcohol..
4 Coors light and a bottle of red wine.

Random chit chat.. Talking about the first person they are going to text when they get back their phones.
James says his daughter’s mother. Feeds cut..

When we’re back Paul is talking about “Boning” being the first thing he wants to do when he gets out.
Nicole will hang out with her family. They joke that she goes to “red box”
Natalie says she’ll be with Family and lauren
Paul – first artist will you listen to
James- Luke bryan
Corey – T Smith (?)
Nic – Chris young
Nat – Selena Gomez
Paul – fit for a king

Nicole says she had a really good post show experience much better than some of the people she knew.
James says he got a little irritated by his roommate because he wouldn’t stop talking about Big Brother 4 months after the season.
Nicole says she sometimes wondered if people only liked her because she was on Big Brother.

Nicole says it gets really awkward at work when people recognize her and they have their phones with them they all try to take pictures. She starts telling a story about a guy having a heart attack that recognized her.. Feeds cut.. (LOL)

Nicole says she went out shopping for this season and got recognized a ton. Adds that Michelle worked at that Mall in the Victoria secrets.

James says one time in Texas some guy tried to fight him. They were pushing him around because he said he liked to hunt ducks.
James- my boss man was there he’s about your size he got in there..
James- he was drunk.. He was like I don’t care you were on that show Big Brother i’ll f*** you up
Nicole says people always come up to her and say “You’re that girl from Survivor”

Nicole says she has a PO box “I’m not going to lie I got some weird stuff”
Paul – What’s some of the weird stuff you got
Nicole – I think they would be watching..

10:56pm Victor says the only time he got buzzed was when he drank those 6 beers by himself “I got in trouble.. told me not to do that again”
Corey says nobody recycles in Texas
Victor says same with Louisiana

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-06 23-07-27-464

11:10pm Kitchen Paul, Jame sand Vcitor
Talking about Natalie isolating herself.
James – she’s taking it hard.
James says Natalie has been hot cold hot cold..
James says she thinks she’s goign home and she’s balming him

11:25pm Kitchen Paul and victor
Victor – Poor Jamezzz
Paul – Ya
Victor – can’t believe Natalie is giving him a hard time.. he doesn’t deserve that you know
Paul – wouldn’t expect anything less to be honest.
Victor mentions unless Corey talks to Nicole after she’ll be heartbroken, Victor is thinking this will happen.
11:33pm Paul talks about his parents mansion and home.. every room has a full bathroom except for 1 it has a 1/2 bathroom.
Paul – Pool, Jacuzzi.. waterfall.. it’s f***g crazy..
Paul says there is a basketball court
Victor talks about “The dope a$$ house.. Maid..” when they lived in Panama. Everything was cheap there so they could afford a live they couldn’t in the US.

11:44pm Nicole and Corey are with them. Paul and Victor fill them in on the conversation with James. they explain James is upset because Natalie is being tough on him.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-06 23-40-36-561

11:45 Natalie and James
James- you can smell the chlorine in here
Nat – ya

James – you miss princess
Nat – ya…
James – were you parking it.. Lauren’s house.. people driving it
Nat – I don’t know

Nicole going on that she doesn’t have even 2 Jury Votes.
Victor and Paul give her a hug and say she has their votes.
Corey jumps in says she has his vote so all she needs is one more
Paul jokes and tells her to ask James.

Niceol -that all you guys that means i’m sitting next to no one..

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sunny dee

hey nicole, not long ago you were saying that James ‘broke’ your heart. Now you are saying he didn’t do anything to her.

she’s already scheming to be final 2 with james, and how no one would vote for them. vic should have kept his mouth shut about how everyone in jury wants james out of the house, anyone listening should be saying to themselves that he and not natalie is the ideal #2 on F2 to sit beside if you wanted to win 500K


Simon and Dawg hope you don’t mind me reposting this . I posted and then right after this page was up. It is in responds to someone saying how loyal Paul has been to Vic and Paul really has never said a bad word to any of the other houseguest {WTF }even if he did they are snakes and deserve it. They also kept pairing him with victor when saying this. I also notice how they turned off the feed right before Paul started bashing Nat. I am sure it was foul and sexist anyway here’s the post..Paul has only been “LOYAL” to victor for about 4 weeks before that he was saying stuff like “Hey Paulie Vic wants me to sleep up in his HOH maybe he wants to Fme. I will get all the info from him see where his heads at and keep him under control”. He did not get a fig about Victor until he found out that Paulie had other deals in the house. Why is everyone forgetting PP. Paul has latched on to Victor like he did Paulie and is using him as a shield. I hate it when Paul fans pull Victors rapport with all of his fans and live feed viewer and try to make Paul look better. If anything Paul is bring down Victor. Paul is only loyal to Victor until he doesn’t need him anymore; he has basically already made a final 2 with nic they acted as if they were joking but they weren’t. Victor is the only one who has been loyal in that relationship. I unfortunately think that will lead to Victors eviction but I hope it does not.


How do you know what Paul was saying if they cut the feed?

And by the way, Vic has also only been loyal to Paul for 4 weeks as well. If it had been best for his game to distance himself from Paul he would, he in fact did at the beginning of the game.

The two guys are helping each other get further in the game. Nothing wrong with that.


Well that’s because he had just started talking about her when they cut out the feeds and his tone and demeanor were his sh$t mode. I guess I just don’t get it ,Paul is winning she is out why does he have to continue to demean people at that point. Could not stand Vanessa from last year but at least when someone was out she just didn’t care anymore because it was a game to her even if we hated how she played it..


Exactly. That’s why I didn’t get all the Vanessa hate. Yes she cried, and it was really annoying. But she played the game hard and never really sat around and bashed people. That’s what big brother is supposed to be.


Nicole has a final 2 with everyone now.


smh how quickly people forget nicole would be sitting in jury if it wasnt for james she owes him her entire game at this point so yeah


i feel like vic is the ideal player to take to final 2. look at the jury make up. da, z, meech, bridget, and soon james or natalie. none of those five have any respect for a game that’s based almost solely on comp wins.


God I can’t stand that bunch anymore except Vic. I can’t believe the time and energy they put into shit talking Nat. She can’t sneeze and they have something to say about it. So immature. Not that I’m a fan of Nat, she’s does to much whining to James and making him feel like crap for them being on the block. How funny is it that she now thinks the reason she is going home is because she campaigned to hard for James to stay haha. So clued out. Another tthing that annoys me is how everyone dumps on Nat and James relationship. So what if they may not end up together. I truely believe they both have real feelings even if it doesn’t work outsidee the house. I don’t think Nat used James. All everyone says is Nat is using James, she’d never be interested in him outsidethe house. Nic, Corey, Paul and Vic are always saying they are worried James is getting played yet Corey has come right out said to the guys he wont be wiith Nicole after the show but I never heard them shit talking Corey for using Nicole. Corey even said he wouldn’t care if any of them did stuff with Nicole. But of course Natalie is the user.

Nat A Lie

I agree with some of your statement..but Natalie is definitely using James, is slightly different than NiCoreys relationship:

Even though NiCorey are boring and lame…they kinda stuck together from early on…
Natalie tried to start something up with Vic…he dismissed her…then she was flirting with Corey…he dismissed her….so then she settled for James…
From then it was obvious that James had stronger feelings for her than she did for him.. she was just happy to be aligned with a guy, because she knew he would keep her safe..

And since she’s been on the block…her true colors are showing…all she has done entire week is be cold, whiny, and blame James for her being nominated….its actually nauseating

At this point I am Team Vic!..


Nicole you’re horrible! Self evict yourself you lazy bum.


She will probably be the winner of this season.

Nicole Rocks!

Yep…Nicole for the Win!

The Roach Coach

Nicole about to get the Brigade2.0 treatment

Ian's Lament

After tonight I’m convinced Paul’s dad is the head of the BB(CBS LA) teamsters


I get a doctor’s son vibe from Paul. Word of advice for James-save your money.


Aw, Victor wouldn’t kill for money, I love that guy, hope he wins 🙂


Sounds like Paul would maybe.

BB Fan

Yeah corey wouldn’t stop having random sex for 1 million but would accidently fall on a button and kill millions of people for money what a dusgusting piece of shit, Privilaged athlete attitude.

not a james fan

Corey is absolutely a total privileged athlete who thinks he can do anything he wants. These assholes have been abusing women and apparently animals cause they can throw or catch a ball one of the things that is so wrong with America why not idolize people who actually do some good in the world.

Mr. Jenkins

That’s why he got along so well with Paulie.


They were both bras (not a typo) for sure. Tall space man dude has mentioned several times how he comes from money and went to school with the other privileged kids. When talking about the POV comp to air tonight he said he recognized the key ring or whatever it was that it floated because that is what was used for his dad’s boat. His dad would send him to get the boat key. (Not that everyone who owns a boat is rich) Also like the butterfly crier it sounds like being an athlete he was catered to. Part of the problem with a lot of kids is they are no longer taught that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Today they teach kids that everyone is a winner and everyone gets a participation trophy. Some older folks may remember track and field day at school and how hard they tried for one of those 1st, 2nd, 3rd place ribbons. That was it 4th place sorry try again next year! My grandson (only 4) played soccer and got a trophy with his name/date and at the bottom it says participant! Anyway just my thinking on why kids and young people today think everything is owed to them.


Ummm no. This has been the talk since the beginning of time – “In my day” and “kids these days” blah blah blah…
People like Corey win all the time, it doesnt take much effort for him. He is just as entitled and is rewarded for little effort. Most likely, he beats out people that try a helluva lot harder just because his physical stature. Winning doesn’t equal work ethic.
My guess is that your grandson got a trophy because the parents paid good money for it, also, HE IS 4!!!! Once they are in school they don’t do that, but come on, the kids 4… All 4 year olds give a shit and try to please, they havent got the “fuck this” attitude yet… We cant judge 4 year olds on their physical attributes and how many goals/assists were made.
I have had many of arguments with my parents over this exact same thing. Children under grade 1 dont need to learn how to win, they need to know the mechanics of the game. They have been told to share, share, share, then you are telling them to steal the ball! Its confusing… Give them incentives to try… Not judging them on how many damn goals scored while they are pooping their pants and picking their nose!
Anyways, there will always be the entitled, and people that work harder… There is just more people in the world to complain. Rant kinda over.


Corey has said on several occasions that his father pretty much forced him to play baseball. He forced him to work his ass off. He was good enough to get into one of the best sports schools in the country.
It is also true that once you get to certain age (still a child), not everyone is given a trophy. Its not like this continues all the way to college.
Oh…privileged @sshole athletes aren’t just exclusive to the United States. Even then there are MANY pro athletes that work in the communities and have charities. So to clump all athletes into one category is wrong!


The only reason Nicole wants Corey to win HoH is so she doesn’t have to put James on the block. She is a COWARD and a SNAKE, – oh and a BITCH. I hope James finally stops throwing comps and wins a HoH and then throws Nicole and Paul on the Block. Then we can see Nicole cry all week long while Corey is plotting against her to ensure his safety.


Agree with most of what you said.
Just don’t believe James is throwing comps. He said that but I believe he can’t win them. That wall endurance comp – he did not throw. He was done.


I like victor.


“Vic – I couldn’t, you would have to live with that for the rest of your life.”

If I saw 100mil check in my name, GUARANTEED? ????

Frank's Ex-Girlfriend

I would love to see a picture of the two men that have kept me laughing/informed all summer… Simon? Dawg? Feel free to photoshop yourself into hilarious situations with house guests. I bet I’m not the only one that would give you a big thumbs up!

Grandma G

I think Simon has already photo shopped himself in a few pictures with (his soul mate) Natalie but won’t be sharing them with us. 😉


How about at the table with fries and Kraken?


All I see is that Paul best win that HOH and 86 Nicole or James.

Get a life Paul

This the Paul I don’t want to win. Thinking he a star and is going to make a killing after the show in meet n greets etc. You are a moron. Stfu.

You live with mom and dad you loser. You are a nobody and still will be a nobody after the show.

Reality is that BB players are not stars nor do they have tons of fame and make a lot of money after show.

Paul Corey and James are all losers and always will be.

Vic somewhat falls into Pauls b.s. thinking they stars…but is the least of that bunch.

Nicole Natalie Paul James or Corey winning is unacceptable.

Go Vic!. Paul can get Americas Fav. Actually anyone but Nat or James for AFP. Nat can’t win cuz James will think it’s because of him. We can’t have that either.


You are right about the limited opps to make much money afterwards. I know a bit about this as have worked on some appearances with some past houseguests. In the immediate aftermath some minimal appearance money ($1500) for a few people but travel costs are compted so that is a decent benefit. It’s more you get offered a few experiences so that is usually fun. Sorry Paul, paid meet and greets don’t exist!


Paul has a life and a clothing line… Dead Skull… Google it. It looks like they’re doing well.
Love him and Victor together this season and I think that he’d be happy for Vic to win it all!
I think Paul will like seeing the current tees that Dead Skull has out… “Friendship”, “pissed”, muffins, etc., and that they are keeping it running and current, while he’s gone.
One thing I completely agree on, with you, Victor as the winner this year!


Ok, Vic just won me back over with his answers in Paul’s little game.


Yup. It’s a game. And I fully understand that they must lie, backstab and betray… but why must it be that Nicwhorey is on the winning side of it? Why must it be that such a great guy (Vic) is the one being screwed over?

Paul has had some terrible moments throughout the season. Regardless of the fact that it is frowned upon, I don’t even care about the “c” word issue. I use that word flippantly with close girlfriends and my sisters. It’s almost like a term of endearment between us. Anyway, I’m Team Sitting Ducks… V&P F2 and I’d love to see Vic win.

Victor is a triple threat. I believe he’s won over 8 out of 10 naysayers. He’s a comp beast. He’s honest and straightforward. He cusses like a sailor in general conversation but doesn’t talk trash about the HG’s. He’s kept it classy and he’s loyal. His family is awesome- military background, he is the apple of his parents’ eye, they’ve overcome a natural disaster and seem happy and humble.

It’s been so long that I’ve seen a HG truly deserve to be loved and fawned over on social media or in the BB fandom. This guy is the real deal and I hate that it’s been her plan all along to “bone” him.

And what sucks the most is that he’s completely blind to it. ;(


This is how I think jury votes will go with James/Paul in F2:

Da: James
Z: Paul
Bridgette: James
Michelle: James
Paulie: Paul
Corey: Paul
Nicole: James
Natalie: James
Vic: Paul

Nicole in F2 wouldn’t get any votes. Corey maybe gets Paulie. Sorry folks, but no way does Paul let Vic make F2 (he knows he’d lose).

So, I think Paul is wayyyy wrong. If James makes F2…..he wins!

The Roach Coach

I think Corey would vote James and Bridgette would vote Paul… but same diff
I think that’s pretty accurate, but… apparently the entire jury wants James out in the worst way, so if they’ve all soured on him he may not have many at all


Bridgette was part of the plan with Nat, Michele & James to get Paulie out. Think she would definitely vote for James.

Where did you get the impression that the entire jury wants James out? Da, Bridgette & Michele were all working with him & he didn’t put them up. Paulie/Z are the only ones that are sour on him. Don’t understand why you think the entire jury wants James out?


i agree that nicole can’t beat james, but i think she can beat both corey and victor. the jury’s going to be comprised of people who really don’t give a bleep about how good you are in comps, and while nicole’s social game is weak, it’s miles better than corey and victor.

Mr. Jenkins

It depends on the final speeches. James means well, but he doesn’t communicate concisely. Paul is quick on his feet and can argue his case. Granted, there are some small minded people in the Jury House, but any scenario depends on the final appeals to the people voting.


I am not sure final speeches matter in a bitter jury, and this jury is very bitter and petty!


Ive always been super neutral this season not really caring who won (as long as it wasn’t Michelle, that girl was sooo mean, just clearly not a good person) but slowly I’ve been liking Vic more and more and after reading this post I’m 100% team vic now. It just shows what a great guy he is, he would give up sex for years but never kill for money, but Corey wouldnt give up sex but would be willing to kill someone eeewww. Hope Corey goes next, he doesn’t care about animals or people, only himself it seems =\


we hear production and BB yap every season how its going to be different, bigger and better….well I have an idea for them, why not next season(if you got about 16 HG’s) have the majority in the House be 30-35 and up? let the young 20 somethings be the minority. I can guarantee you a better season at least way better feeds(with adult conversations not just some mindless catty high-school BS)….We have had 4 seasons of Jersey Shore/VH1 type of Big brother, you have given 4 seasons of our show to the younger audience, time to start caring about the fans 30-35 and up who are your loyal viewers. We are sick of showmances, people complaining about not being in a showmance, people sleeping till the afternoon on the feeds, people having sex….give us Big Brother back


That would be so much more interesting ! Better conversation and definitely great adult entertainment!!


This season was just horrible, there was little game play, the cast was terrible but the worst part was the feeds. Watching the feeds I often believed I was watching a bunch of 13-14yo kids…the conversations were so lame, pointless, you had people sleeping through the middle of the day….hello? why are they even allowed to sleep that late? too much focus on showmances…I have hope with Bb19 since its a a totally new casting team that we will have the BB of old…you know people picked not just based on looks but on personality. Who cares Z, Corey, Nathalie are good looking they brought nothing to the show…How and why the casting team believe that Corey and Z would be good for Big Brother is beyond me


Why are they allowed to sleep during the day? BBCAN they can’t sleep in the day time – if they do BB is hollering at them!!


Thumbs way WAAY UP, Renee! My thoughts exactly!


And please stop casting airheads like Corey. He’s an idiot and truly unpleasant to watch.

Rich Guy

I suspect that production would have a hard time finding a group of 30-35 year olds who can get a 3 month leave from work, especially if they have a family to support or take care of. That could be one reason they cast the young frat rat types who don’t have responsibilities and those who live at home. Does CBS think that their BB demographic is frat rat age and not adults.

Perhaps Dawg and Simon could start a poll to see the demographic of those of us who use this site. 60. Just might give CBS a clue, but I doubt it.


The problem with people in their 30’s and 40’s is that they tend to have a life. They have careers, families, and the lure of a shot at $350k after taxes isn’t enough to throw all that into disarray. So you’d end up with similar types of people, fame whores desperate to add followers to their social media accounts like Frankie, who was 31 at the time. There aren’t too many people who can drop out of life for nearly a third of the year without it costing them more than they could recoup. Only one person wins the grand prize, second place gets about $37k and AFP walks away with about $20k plus the stipend I think, everyone else under $20k. Sadly the real incentive is “fame”.


Dear Victor…………..shave the beard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mary Pat

it would be hard for me to be in there and never go to Church, esp on Sundays. Does anyone talk about that in there? Anyone read the Bible or pray maybe on Sundays?

Never cared

I’ve seen several people reading the Bible throughout the seasons I’ve watched.

An Apple a Day

Donnie read the Bible, and there was a girl that season who was a pastor. Nicole talked about praying before comps. I’d have to have my Bible being in there that long. However, I don’t like being real public and in your face about it.

It rubs me the wrong way that Day carried her Bible constantly, talked crap about people when it wasn’t even necessary, and her language. We’re very imperfect people, but you put our out there, represent. Her goodbye message to Frank was especially ugly. Maybe she should have thrown her Bible at his head. Not a good look imo.


I wonder if Nicole reads the bible before or after unprotected sex.


Da read the bible but she lied a lot. Does it make sense?

Meech's Peach Sweater


The Roach Coach

When Natalie has no use for James look how she treats him, I really feel for the guy, he really wants to make the most of his last few days with a girl who completely sent him the opposite signals of what she sends out now, and you cant blame him for believing it, she led him on for months…

Now she is distant and cold, doesn’t like the idea of him touching her even in a minor way like close friends do, he has never crossed the line. She feels uncomfortable with it… ok I respect that… but yet there she was rubbing all up on Victor after only knowing him for a few days…

I have not liked James all summer and still don’t from a game stand point, but he doesn’t deserve this. Natalie came on and said she was going to flirt for strategy, it worked and he protected her. But she had many opportunities to tell him she doesn’t see him as more than a friend that she’ll stay in touch with, and she chose not to until this week. Coincidence that they’re both on the block and he serves no more of a purpose to her?

She had me fooled. I wanted her to beat Victor so badly in that comp they were the last 2. She really seemed positive, would never speak negatively of anyone, really bubbly and fun. But I hate to say it, Paulie nailed it. He couldn’t have been more right about her. Yes, it was wrong to say she is a Jersey girl and they are all a certain way, obviously that’s not true, but is it far fetched to think he was trying to say he’s come across the type of girl she is a hundred times before? I think that was more the intent of his comment and I think he nailed it. She is so fake and nice to the final 4, so distant and cold to James. Can’t knock it, that’s good strategy since her bb-life is in their hands. However, no need to treat James that way after you play with his emotions, his heart, relied completely on him to get to this point, steals his fans and followers (which is apparently more valuable than the 500k anymore and the major influence on the HGs anymore).

She showed her true colors. All she wanted was to be America’s Favorite and at one point she had a real shot, but she let her HoH go to her head, became influenced by all the negative qualities from Meech, and blames the one HG who really ever cared about her. Shame on me for being so easily fooled, it’s no wonder James seems so confused if she could fool the audience he never stood a chance.
Time to go Nat!

By the way, “Friendship” and “P*$$ed” is a way cooler catch phrase than ” Dannnnnngggg-ittttt” , “UUuuuhhhghhhhgghhhh…” and “Coreeeeeeeeeeeeyyyy”… would die of laughter if next week Paulie is sitting in that Jury with all girls and 2 new editions, Gnat and NicHOE. Meanwhile his all-guys alliance reps the final4…. too good!!!



OMG! Would all you just shut up!!
They were having a far fetched hypothetical conversation and now you call them murderers. Get a freakin’ grip on your life.

Cory take a lap

Corey is disgusting. Now I know why he wants her to eat his food. He told her take a bite because she needs it. He snapped and refused to speak to her unless she ate. She took a bite but it wasn’t good enough. He got pissed and made her take a bite again. He gave her the sandwich and told her to eat the rest. She refused to eat a piece and he got so pissed she ruined the sandwich and didn’t want to eat it anymore. He threw a fit. Nicole wanted to go to bed and he yelled at her because she didn’t want to hangout. Then he said he was joking and got mad again because he wants to hangout. Wtf is wrong with this dude. Corey again said I’m joking she can go to bed. He told her stay up with him until 10:30. The only reason he wants her is because Victor wants her. Coreys is competitive and wants his girl and then his side chick. I know Nicole is grown ass woman but she doesn’t have the mentality of a secure female. This is like Zakiyah and Paulie all over again. But Corey is worst because he has been playing the nice, humble, and charming guy all season and he’s finally cracking. I now see why nicole stood up for Paulie because she’s probably grown up in that type of eniviroment. I think Nicole probably came from a family where her dad was abusive to the mom. According to Nicole her mom is selfless and protective when it comes to family and Nicole is exactly like that. It makes sense Nicole has the lowest self esteem Ive ever seen. Have you notice how guarded she is with expressing her feelings because she suppresses it all. Then she snaps for keeping everyone bottled up. Her parents probably never showed her unconditional love and never told her she was beautiful because she doesn’t like hearing compliments and she doesn’t like affection.

Never cared

Geez Louise! Did you learn all that deep stuff in psychology school?

Butters Mom

I think the only reason Corey didnt want Nicole to go to bed and said he wanted to hang out with her is because a few minutes earlier she was in the house studying. I think he was trying to prevent her from studying.


Why not so what survivor is doing. Start with 14 houseguests. 7 millenials, 7 older generation 32-45.


How many can afford to do it? A third of the year, you are losing your job, you won’t see your family (wife, husband or kids), and you most likely will get paid under $15k if you make it to jury. The season is too long for anyone but fame whores and people with jobs they don’t mind losing.

The Simon Poll

In honor of Simon, the eviction of Nat Nat will make him feel…(pick 1)

happy that Nat lasted this long
mad, James screw up her game
uncertain, need a few days to recover

or your own personal opinion, please respect Simon.

Reality Check

Give Simon a few days to grieve on Nat’s eviction. Simon should have a few Kraken with Diet Pepsi, go outside smell the fresh air and he will be fine.

Nats Secret

So does anyone know that Natalie cheered for the jets? No one really questioned her connection to get tickets tonight. If they don’t then she needs to tell the guys while Nicole and James r not around. She should have told them earlier at the hot tub.

Never cared

Loving Vic’s response to Paul asking about killing for money! Once again Vic seems like a really nice person. UneVICtable for the win!!!


What is the deal with the “Fries” comment. What did I miss about fries.


Paul said he’s never cooked before then told a story about making fries for some buddies. Natalie used that to show how shady he was and brought it up a lot.


I actually think Nat is a little jerk. James has been strung along by the nose hairs who is also a jerk. James was a big fool to give up that one comp because of Nicoles Whining. I don’t like the way he plays the game anyway.
Vic and Paul would be a good final 2.

Closing in

Check out the position of James foot in that picture of Natalie on the hammock. Do you think he’s being sneaky?


I didn’t notice that. That sly dog. 🙂

Never cared

Nat- I’m going to miss you.
James- I’m going to miss you too. I’m going to come visit you.
Nat- Don’t forget to call first…

Never cared

Yeah Paul keep talking about that mansion you live in. That makes everybody want to give you 500k dude. smh

Just Mildred

Watching this show makes me want to organize my closets and finally attend to long overdue toe nail grooming. Yikes! How long has that been there?

For The Love Of The Game ...

I’m 46, and been watching BB since season one, as I’m sure all of rest of the true fans on here.
They have taken this show, thrown it to useless wannabe’s that seek fame and fortune,
instead of trying to win the game.
Next year CBS – cast only 40-plus year olds that remember what this game is truly about,
and will once again see how BB used to be played, and also how it is “supposed” to be played.

Expect the expected

Production has to at least mix up all the comps and add some new ones. Keep the HG and audience wondering whats going to happen next.
The HG shouldn’t be able to figure out when the evictions are always going to happen and if the next comp is mental endurance or chance. Occationally Do the same type twice in a row. The HOH that won it before won’t be able to play in the next one. They have to have a reason to win. Maybe an extra surprise stipend for a random hoh win?
What if the during one week (Pandoras Box?) the HOH did noms but the audience determined who would go home.
Or have 4 HG go to the end and 3 HG were voted on by the jury. With audience as tiebreaker vote.

Corey blows

I sit here and listen to a guy who took pleasure, laughed, and watched as a goat was burned alive,
talk about a “meet and greet” after the show?
You might be right Corey, it may be packed,,,
but with animal rights activists,, and not the people you are expecting …

It Never Happened!!!

Oh my gosh, you morons, he didn’t do it, the goat wasn’t burnt. He’s a DB, but it didn’t happen!!!!!


Nicole “you guys mean I’ll be sitting next to no one.”

Crossing my fingers, girl. Crossing. My. Fingers.

Nicole Rocks!

Yep…Nicole will be the last one left in the game! Winner Nicole!!


I really hope Paul beats the shit out Cory once this season is over. Paul and Victor are really flirting with Nicole. They weren’t even trying to hide it in front of Cory. Paul said she’s the sweetest girl on earth and he would be very protective of her and beat the shit out of any guy who fucks with her. I think he was directing it towards Cory. Then Vic called her baby girl and gave her a kiss on her cheek with a hug. Vic said he can’t wait to wake up to see her just so he can irritate her. They both gave her a hug right in front of Cory. I think Cory is afraid of being axed at forth place.

Butters Mom

btw… the music Corey wants to listen to when he gets out of the house is T Swift.


Yeah Nicole loves Tswift. She said Cory should date her because has a good chance with her.

Girlie girl

The final two should be victor and Nicole, why because corey is a floater hiding behind nicole, Paul is a mouth piece and doesn’t need the money and brags all day long. James I can’t figure out what kind of game he is playing sure is a quiet one. One good thing that has hapoened so far is Michelle is gone, she had no table manners and was a pig!

Reality Check

Wasn’t the pre game alliance between Nicole and James was to split the prize money if one of them wins? Nicole cannot win the game because the jury will not vote for her. If the pregame alliance between James and Nicole did happen, it makes complete sense then Nicole will take James to final 2.

Corey, when Nicole mention about taking James to final 3, didn’t that give you red flags? Corey, either you are dumb or you are really dumb. Of course Corey is going to vote Natalie out this week via Nicole’s guidance.

Reality Check

The fallout of James and Natalie. What does Vic do? He is telling James to sleep in the HOH room because he does not want him to be alone and depressed. Seriously Vic has a wonderful heart and it will be a crying shame if he does not win the game. Sucks that Vic cannot participate in the next HOH competition.

Vic's the best

If Vic doesn’t win ( and I am worried that this game really is rigged for Nicole to win) then Vic’s fans should set up a GoFundMe page to raise at least the $25000 he deserves for AF ( and might not win either thanks to rigging in favor of James). I am not usually a conspiracy theorist AT ALL, but I’m getting really worried that Vic won’t get what he deserves and that will be a shame!


Seriously people are still watching this turd of a season? This has been the worst big brother ever
and it’s crime is that it’s boring and unexciting. I came on here after a few weeks of not watching out
of curiosity and seems like I am not missing much! Nicole and Corey has sucked the life out of anything
fun, they are the most bland and worst fake couple since Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.


I’m jus a regular dude . Not too much of a hater . I realize they are all young kids on the show, and being on tv 24-7 must be hard . Having said that, Natalie is the biggest scumbag piece of shit I’ve seen : always exceptions . So overrated . Puke

Only can wish

The problem I’m having with these BB HGS are they are going to vote for the Final 2 on personal feelings and friendships. Victor shouldn’t be less deserving because he was evicted twice. Paul shouldn’t be less deserving because he has a terrible mouth. They played the game. James, Natalie, Corey and Nicole have said they wouldn’t vote for them of those reasons. This is coming from lazy a$$ HGS who have just started playing the game last week.