Nat “If you win can you send Nicole home after me? Put up Nicole & Corey?” James “I will!”

POV Holder: Corey POV Competition Sept 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 5th
HOH Victor Next HOH Sept 8th
Original Nominations: James AND Nat
After POV Nominations: Nat AND James
Have Nots None

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-07 18-08-25-760

5pm – 6:25pm In the kitchen – Nicole, Vic, Corey and Paul are playing poker.

Meanwhile – Nat and James are laying in bed sucking on lollies and chatting. Nat – They’ve all been back handedly sh*tting on my all week. Nicole is really worried about her image from all collapse in the house. James asks is she? Nat – yeah, I can tell. James – you can call me out if you want. Nat – what would I have to say about you? James – you’re the biggest jerk of all time. Nat – I don’t really care about that. Nicole has been in the room with more sh*t talking than I’ve ever been. That makes her guilty by association. Once I’m gone Nicole knows she has no competition. James asks why? Nat – because she knows no one will send her home over all the guys. If you win can you send her home right after me? James – yeah. Nat – can you just put up Nicole and Corey. James – I will. Nat tells James – I would give someone my underwear for 5 grand! They can do whatever they want with them. They can wear them on their head. I don’t care, its not mine any more. Easiest money I’ve ever made. Nat tells James if I get home and find out you threw the comp that sent me home because you got paid 5G’s I will be so mad. James pretends he’s sleeping. Nat keeps asking him.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-07 18-22-05-430
6pm Victor is cleaning the kitchen while Corey and Paul watch.

6:30pm London room – Nat – Any chance they keep me over you … I am running out those doors. Just kidding. I would die. James asks what would you really do? Nat – I would win the next HOH. James – I would be like go and kick butt girl. Nat – do you find me smart? James – yeah. You’re pretty good at mental comps. You study and you do well. Some times your brain is just lazy.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-07 18-40-05-114

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Nat “If you win can you send her home right after me? James – yeah. Nat – can you just put up Nicole and Corey. James – I will. Nat – should I say a secret when I walk out? James says Yeah. You’re Miss America’s little sister. Nat asks should I just tell them my real secet? James – I just thought you might want to mid f**k em a little bit. Nat – you guys thought I was a secret genius but really I am a cheerleader. Nat decides not to tell them her secret. Nat and James start napping.

6:55pm – 7:10pm Nicole is tweezing Paul’s eyebrows in the HOH room. Corey and Vic are cooking and burping in the kitchen.

7:20pm – 7:45pm Nat – You have to put Nicole and Corey up. Everyone will be going up to your HOH room to talk. I would tell Paul and Vic – I can guarantee you guys are 100% safe. If I nominate Nicole and Corey. if one of them wins the veto and comes down I will put one of you up as a pawn but it doesn’t really matter because at the end of the day my vote is the one that matters. I’m the deciding vote. I will ensure that you guys make it to final four. I will as HOH vote to keep one of you. If I do that tho.. I need you to ensure I make it to final 3. Or at least do your best. You’ve got to stick to a couple. James – it just sucks I’m stuck between two couples. James – I’ll vote Paul out that way Vic will have to work with me. Do I tell Paul? Nat – hell no! Blindside that motherf’er. They’re playing dirty dude! That’s okay because I’m going home. A half million isn’t worth hanging around these people. Nat and James head to the bathroom. Nat takes a shower. They’re yelling and screaming. James starts squirting soap on Nat. He then throws q-tips at her in the shower. Nat continues to scream. In the kitchen – Vic says under his breath shut up! I can’t wait till she’s gone.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-07 19-22-53-139

8pm Vic, Corey and Paul playing cards..
Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-07 19-56-05-315

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I am so sick of Nichole. I wish she would leave already. I can’t stand to watch her on the live feed, her voice is really like nails on a chalkboard. Someone send her home already….. At this point, I would be fine with anyone winning BUT Nicole. I would rather see Nat win than Nicole.

In a perfect world, Vic and Paul would be final 2 with Vic for the win.


I am so tired of Nicole and Natalie. Natalie is just too self absorbed. Where did her compassion go? She is talking about being sh1t on and yet, she is doing the same thing to her biggest supporter, James. The only difference is that she does it to his face.
Nicole, is just too whiny. I get that she dishes out bullsh1t for the sake of the game and denies everything but her whine…I was over it 5 weeks ago.

It makes me wonder what the show would be like with an all female or all male cast. How catty would the women be if they did not have any men around? What kind of scheming and backstabbing would be done if it were all men? I would also like to see a show where the floaters get penalized. It’s okay for one week but if it goes on for two or three weeks, there should be a punishment. Say an extra week of slop. Something where they have to force the players to win on networking and scheming not just laying around and going with the popular vote.


So now Natalie will sell her underwear for 5k. What class. She shows her true colors with that remark and still trying to control James’ moves after she leaves. She’s so vindictive and not a true fan. James would be nuts to take out Nicole. She is the one person in the house that truly has his back, just not with nasty nat.


I am going to go out on a limb and relay a gut feeling I have been having. Natalie plays all innocent and baby like with her fake voice and marionette arm/hand movements with every word she says- BUT here is the deal….and the underwear comment kinda validates it for me. I think Natalie as at the very least done some soft core p*rn.
Not that I have seen her with my own eyes, but I she just totally seems like the type— and then the type to play innocent and babyish to try to throw people off.

Just saying.


The great villains of the game were all entertaining regardless of whether they were loved or not. Nicole acts like she thinks she is a “great villain”. Actually, she is boring, petty and annoying. Go back to bed and work on getting knocked up, Nicole. That should be your reward for your gameplay.

Pinocchio Obama

I can’t wait to see who gets control after the eviction.

sunny dee

pretty sure we’ll all be completely underwhelmed and disappointed.

I see a corey win, with james going home. or paul win, either way, nicole not going on the block most likely, as even vicpaul seem invested in getting her to her never nom goal, if she gets vic to his 10 comp wins goal.

what would be interesting would be a james win and putting up nicorey. What will happen if james wins is he’ll put up vic and paul, and work with nicorey. who actually do want to work with him, so why not? they will probably throw the HOH to him if they get a chance on the belief he has no reason to go after them (wtf?) and all the reasons to go after vicpaul. i just don’t see him making the big move, as in getting one of nicorey out.

which is why we are all going to be underwhelmed and disappointed, doesn’t even matter at this point if james did pull off a win.


I’d be okay with Vic and Paul in final 2, but you know that Paul would screw over Vic and take Nicole to win the $500 grand.

My heart hurtsssss

Natalie’s voice during speeches and DR sessions goes beyond dog whistle level. Really. I hope James does put up Nicole and Corey, because I think Paul and Vic truly deserve to win. If Paul doesn’t win next HOH… I’ll be PISSED. VIC and Paul need to make it to finals… In a perfect world.


Why does Natalie constantly fantasize about people sh%tting on her? Is she a typical Jersey Girl?

Another Hillary Lie

I think the house is going to crap on her tomorrow.

The Roach Coach

Sure, i’ll put Nicole up if I win, I just have to run that idea past production first.


What James says: “I promise I will put up Nicole & Corey.”
What James really is saying: “Looks like I’m throwing another comp baby!!”


LOL. Exactly

Ready for the season to be over

At least Nat knows that James (or anyone with the right mind) should get Nicole out ASAP. I really tried to like her, but I just can’t. I would really like it if Victor won BB already so we can all move on cause this season is really starting to become dry.

BB Fan

No one is going to get rid of Nicole everyone in jury house has a hate on for her so perfect one to be sitting next to.

Franks fumes

I wouldn’t be so sure you can win against Nicole…….the Jury is mostly girls and they want a girl winner they have talked about it so much early in the game……time heals a lot of wounds and that girl power stuff might be genuine this time around……just sayin….


Speaking of that, if the male houseguests always said “guy power” women everywhere woukd freak out and call him sexist.

In a perfect world...

This house was FILLED with catty girls this season. I don’t expect any of them that were done wrong by Nichole to just let her win…unless they call her out in her lies and she fesses up.


That’s exactly what Nat needs to say in her speech. “Nicole I hope you make it to F2, I’ve wanted a girl to win all along and so do all the other girls in the jury house”.

That should do the trick.


That’s exactly what Nicole should say. Those girls in jury are jealous and not real gamers. If they were they would respect that Nicole got so far. Give Nicole a break guys and some props.

Idiot (just saying)

Where did you come up with “Just Saying” Everybody Loves Raymond?
sounds lame!


Ratcole isn’t going anywhere. Corey went on the block and Ratcole gives us nothing. James goes on the block and she throws a crying fit! How obvious is it that these two are working together! James is upset at Nat bc she knows he’s going to align with Ratcole when she’s gone. That’s her excuse not to have to see him. He’s an idiot. Ratcole will still pick Corey over him. He’s doomed.


You don’t get the game at all. Only a fool gets rid of Nicole….and the best part is all the morons that thought they were blowing up her game only solidified her as the ideal final 2. Anybody left in the house thinks at best Nicole gets two votes.

And Nat’s showing she’s as dumb on her way out that she was the whole game, when left to her own devices and nobody laying out what needs to happen. If she wants James to win, then he needs to align with Nicole and Corey, get Vic out, then hope Paul wins the final 4 veto and dumps Corey. He’s gotta a better shot beating Paul in comps and they’ll be battling to take Nicole…if you can’t see that, you’re one of the people saying Nicole was dumb for evicting Michelle, not realizing she was setting this all up, to be the best final 2 pick.


Natalie could care less about James or whether James win. She just wants to carry out a petty grudge. If she cared less about him or his game she would tell him to lay low and side with whoever gets HOH.


I thought y’all said Natalie was in the back yard when the bullhorn incident took place???? What’s with all this carrying on about James nominating Nicole and Corey if he wins HOH???? Didn’t she hear that James and Nicole had a final 2 before the show started???? GEEZ, why would he nominate HIS final 2 partner????


She’s testing him to see if he would choose her over Nicole

Tiny Trump Hands

Yes, please put Nicole and Corey on the block. That would be TV gold.


If I were James, I’d feel so relieved to either go to Jury or stay in the house, as long as He is someplace where Natalie does not exist. I am so sick of her being the victim, and saying what a good person she is, it is like being stuck on repeat every single day, I love how all of the sayings Paul says, ” Never Cared, Shit on me, etc..” Have been pieced up by so many of the other houseguests.

Please, please hurry up Thursday, evict Natalie, I am so sick of her whining and playing like she is the victim that has been done so wrong the entire season. When she had a little power, it was ok for her to sit around all day and night talking about Everyone else in the house.

I hope Julie asks her when she walks out, would you like some toilet tissue, you have been a victim that has been constantly Shit on ! Poor sweet lovable nice kindhearted Natalie. You are such a good person, and a nice person, NO WAY !

Now sit your butt down in that seat and let’s talk about how you used and played James all season after being rejected by Corey, Paulie and Victor. Then latched onto James until you no longer needed him, little miss good person Natalie, what do you have to say ?


Paul is like a used car salesman; just a slimy grease-ball. He would do just about anything to make a buck. He doesn’t do it for the money though and that’s what I find that the most off putting about him. Certainly not a humble dude.
I said friendship in proper context the other day, and then thought of bb… Insta Sneer.

Selena Kyle

Agree 100%!!!

Misty Beethoven

Nat, Nat, Nat. I don’t know if she’s extremely immature or slightly unhinged. What’s the big deal about having a secret? What purpose does that serve, it just makes her look ridiculous. When she finally does reveal her big secret – hey guys, I was an NFL cheerleader! – it’s going to be underwhelming, just like Bronte being a math nerd was a big so what. I agree with whoever posted she’s looking for an opportunity to be on another show. God, I turn 62 on Friday – maybe I’m finally too old for this nonsense.


Happy Birthday Misty B. Please please if James stays I hope he gets Nicole out. To me she is way more annoying than Natalie and that’s REALLY annoying. Ugh

Misty Beethoven

Thanks, Lizzie!?


Misty, Papa Cauliflower BONES both of his sons. Take off your sunglasses.


I have seen her do the cheerleader pose multiple times this season. I didnt even know it was a secret? wtf? My favorite lie was when the nurse said she was a school teacher, yet got found out anyways. That was too funny.


I believe she’s referring to being an “nfl” cheerleader. Which none of them will care at all. In fact I’m sure that’s were Paul’s never cared would come in.

Doubt it

Still thk James is in with nicoooooole. Hope I’m wrong. Would love to see him or Nicole go. Cory too.


the thing is, with Nic gone James could easily be the new F2 goat….Nic is taking up that second place chair, if she goes it opens up for someone else, and James might have a better chance of actually getting to F2


Evel Dick heard Nicole say on the feeds that she was doing so bad on the comp that Production was trying to help her through the ear piece she was wearing. This game is so fixed for her.

Nichole & James' PreShow Alliance

Do not mention Evel Dick on this website. This is the most pro danielle anti dick bb website out there


what are you talking about? Dicks one of the few BB players I follow on twitter, I watch the odd dick@nite and love them. What is this site doing now?


I smell a troll.


I haven’t really seen much venom directed at Evel Dick on OBB. People dislike like him but that’s kind of his thing and he gets off on it. I haven’t seen anything that strikes me as biased one way or another. Posters seem to run the gambit on who they like or dislike and there are only a few who seem universally disliked (Frankie).

Franks fumes

I agree wholeheartedly Simon…….Dick was my favorite player ever…….he was strategic and fearless and enjoyed being hated….. played like a bull in a china shop……unlike these instagram assholes worrying about how many “likes”they have…..PS LOVE THE WORK YOU AND DAWG DO ALWAYS CLEVER AND TO THE POINT!


Just watched the episode. It’s suspicious during the veto comp that Corey walks into the room and without checking anything out …he walked right to the wall and unscrewed the poles. He pretty much did the same in every room. Hummmm


I thought the same thing. It was ridiculous and clearly rigged.


That struck me as odd too. He went directly to the exact pole he needed even before assessing the situation. Skeeeeeetch.


Corey has half the brain cells of a normal human, bruh! There’s no way he could’ve figured it out by himself. Production was in his ear. By the way, did they really need that earpiece?? Nah.


Corey’s not stupid he has severe ADD and his attention span his minimal. He scored a 15 on the blizzard veto comp while sleeping through most of the clues. Everyone else put in time Ned effort to score a few points higher. He spaces out a lot and his medication changes his behavior which makes him aloof to a lot of things.

Franks 2fumes

Nah I think he’s stupid.


Yes, that MacGyver comp was so rigged in Corey’s favor; do they think we are idiots? That guy is a space cadet and they tried making him look like a genius — no!


If that ain’t a damn wake up call, I don’t know what is.

– Day


I noticed that right away that Corey went right for the pipe on the wall without even looking at what he needed to unscrew. Very RIGGED




That’s what I said when Natalie DiD the comp, production had to be helping her also.


Omg I didn’t even watch the episode, or the one before that. That’s the first time in 5 years I haven’t watched an episode of big brother. Now I’m glad I didn’t. Blah.


So obviously rigged, that dumb hillbilly couldn’t even stop for a second to look around the room, to at least pretend to try to figure out the task. Production was probably slapping themselves on the forehead when they saw that. She. What a dingbat!

Butters Mom

Natalie is seriously a nasty individual inside and out. Sell her underwear for 5 grand… really?! Get a grip you skank. Cheerleader??!! who the eff cares?! Loser. Im pretty sure James would buy them too. I really hope not.

Anyone's Guess

I think she was hinting around to James for HIM to buy them for $5,000. Just saying.


Ha ha I doubt James will do that lol to busy trying to go final 2 with nicole anybody but nicole for the win !!!!!!!


The veto seemed rigged. Corey walked into the first room and immediately started unscrewing a pipe without even looking into the room. Did anyone else notice that?


I think production gave Corey advice.


So very tired of people on here complaining that Victor should win because he’s the nicest one, he fought back 3 times to be in the house. Or Paul should win because he’s the smartest & sneakiest one. Or Nicole should lose because she’s a snake & her voice is annoying. Or Corey should lose because he’s dumb. Or James should lose because he was dumb, blinded by Natalie, or previously won AFP & only wants AFP this season.

Here’s a clue people…………It’s NOT a popularity contest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s an opportunity to win $500K!

Here’s a question for you all………If you were playing this game in the house…..who would you take to the F2 to sit next to you?????????????????

Chances are it’s Nicole.


Nicole is on par with Gina Marie or Spencer. She hasn’t added anything to the game. I would love to see a Final 2 of Vic and Paul. I would like for both of them to take home money. I wouldn’t like to see Nicole, Corey, or James come in 1st or 2nd


So you’re saying you’d rather go up against Vic or Paul & lose $500K?

#Pablo #pissssed

I would take Corey one Nicole.


I agree with James..d
I would take vic… It would be a mean speech, cause I would be comp-less, so I would paint him as a loyal dog. The ONLY reason for him to get 500k, is cause he is “big and strong”. Brahs.

He might be able to counter with…. Nevermind, I will shut that shit down and paint him as a loyal dog; that cleans.

Captain Crunch

Natalie going on and on about James putting up Nicole and Corey, OK we get it. She didn’t have to repeat it multiple times I don’t know how James deals with her. Many guys would’ve moved on along time ago.


The funniest part is Natalie is completely wrong. IF james had voted out Corey instead of victor, guess which jurors end up on the wall? Bridgette, Z, Da, Corey, and Paulie. Paulie wins without breaking a sweat. Natalie is too busy putting a guilt trip on james that she doesn’t realize that ‘putting her foot down’ would have meant Paulie comimg back into the house. Nicole probably still wins the Wall HoH, joins with Corey and Paulie, and sends Natalie right out the door last week.

Michelle's double chin

Even James might have moved on but he is sort of a prisoner with her right now. No way he can move on without self-evicting.


Kind of hoping Nicole makes final 2 as a stuff that Natalie!


I don’t understand why everyone hates Nicole so much. She is playing the game. She may not be playing the way you want her to play but she must be doing something right since she has not been on the block. If anyone was shit on it was Nicole. How many people called her out and now Natalie wants to call her out too. Natalie has no one to blame but herself for Nicorey flipping. She wanted James to vote Corey out even though they made a final four with him. If James would have voted Corey out Natalie would be saying she made a big move. She would not feel one bit sorry for betraying her final four by backstabbing them. Nicole has been the least catty of all the females and everyone has went to different alliances.


I don’t know where you get your logic from, but Nic has been called out because the jury with the exception of Paulie is all women, and she basically reported back to the guys everything they said and did and ratted them out..that is why she is called a snake…she pretends to be your friend and then bites you with her snake fangs…most people don’t like the rat game….


You just have to look at the number of people complaining it’s rigged (without evidence) to get an idea of their logical processes.


Because big brother fans typically don’t want “players” to spend their season laying in bed giving hand jobs, having sex etc. She can do that on her own time. I want to see people playing the game.


James is definitely going to win AFP with that sympathy edit on tonight’s show, bleh.


Why didn’t Corey use it? He could have put up Paul. Paul would be gone and Victor can’t play in the next HOH. Both big threats GONE!


Cory could use the veto but Nicole goes up because Vick nominates the replacement .


I believe that was joked about and pissed Nicole off. Corey joked about using it to get her evicted or something.

Franks fumes

Please make Nicole go away after Nat ……..this will make a lot of the tortuous ear trama I suffered this season better…….

Franks fumes

Hey Nat if you can sell your dirty panties for 5k James has got about 100k‘s worth in his suitcase already.


CBS! C’mon! You see on the boards that viewers are upset about you not showing the timed comps and tonight you show the timed comp to appease us? Were you hoping we are all too stupid to notice the earpieces?

Nicole for the win

People that say Nicole doesn’t deserve to win are crazy. She has been talked about as the target since week one. She aligned herself with meat shields for her to protect her. Once that fell through aka Paulie got voted out, her and Corey were sitting ducks. She was able to get Natalie and James to turn on Vic and Paul. She has been able to stay off the block. Vic has been evicted twice already so obviously his game play is not good. The two people that deserve to win to me are Paul and Nicole. They both have had to get there selves out of trouble when they were close to being evicted. Paul has carried Vic and Nicole has carried Vic. Yes Vic may be nice and everything but that’s not what winning big brother is about. Nicole may not be the nicest person and Paul may be an a-hole but they both have played the game. Nicole may have “laid in bed” all summer but that’s b/c she aligned herself with the right people and she knew she wasn’t in trouble. And once she was in trouble she was able to play the game and get herself out of trouble. So Nicole and Paul are the ideal final 2 for me b/c they deserve it the most!!!

Franks fumes

Nicole aligned herself with the guy with the longest fingers in the house…..she’s no fool!


I hate to burst your bubble……………DR got Nat to turn on her alliance. She came out of the DR saying that America wants us to work together etc. Vic is in the doghouse with DR….they did not want him to put up Paulie and he did it anyway.


Nicole has had an alliance with Paulie and James before coming in the house. Also Production is rigging this game for her. So I don’t believe, that Nicole was ever in trouble. If she wins it’s not on her own merits, but that she got help were others didn’t.


I love James. He’s entertaining when the feeds are drab. Too bad his heart is full on Natilie. What a B! He stays a gentleman through all the hurt she spews. This is big brother. He played the game and if not for the Battle back Vic would still be toast. Natilie is a vicious person who shows her character immediately after being sat next to James. For that alone, I hope she is sitting next to Julie Thursday. I could see her not voting for James if he is a final 2. Puke!

fender strat

WHOA WHOA WHOA, James said he is going to do what he came in the house to do, get his dick… I mean play for the $500k! He’s serious. He’s going to try and win. You watch. haha

I feel sorry for him kind of. He was played hard by Brataly and I think he fell for her. Then again he did choose to be her showmance rather than working with the boys so he did do it to himself.

America Listen!!

Getting ready to eat some Humas and watch Nat and Jamsie just wondering what side I will see tonight Can’t wait for eviction ????????

Franks fumes

Your gonna eat Huma Aberdeen…….Anthony “Weiners”wife ?


Production helped Corey on behlf of Nicole, because if Natalie won, Corey or Nicole would be the renom and that would mess up their plans on geting a vet to the final 2.. He knew exctly what to do, and his DR he looked extra dumb. Shame how they make it obvious every season.


I actually think it was also to help James (which also helps Nicole)…if Nat came down with POV, James would have been voted out…no way Paul would have voted Nic/Corey out until one of Jatalie was gone…


I am not going to get on Corey for not being the brightest guy in the house. But come on, production used those ear pieces to tell him what to do in the first room. He didn’t even look at the cover to see what he had to unscrew , he went in the room and straight to the right pipe. Production couldn’t let Nat win at that point, that would endanger their Nic.


Simon/Dawg if we sign up for fall access through this site do you guys benefit monetarily for that? if yes, I’ll be signing up shortly! Thanks again guys for keeping us so well informed.


Yes we do. Thanks!

Ian's Bedside Tissue Box

It hurts my heart knowing that Paul and Vic are going to let James stay. They are about to hand the $500k to that snake Nicole.

Perhaps they have already been promised a coveted spot on Amazing Race so never cared.


They couldn’t stop it if they wanted to, Nicorey controls the vote.


Hope Paul wins. He has played the best game, by far. Victor does not deserve to win. He sat in sequester for 3 weeks, watching movies, while Paul had to battle his ass off those 3 weeks to stay in the game. The others are undeserving. James and Nicole only cared about getting laid. Corey is a waste of space. Paul for the win


No guy who calls women the “C” word deserves to win. He has talked horrible about every woman in the house. He is lucky he ownes his own business, or he might of lost a job when he got out . A good question for HOH would be , “How many times has Paul used the “F” word in the house, over or under 1,000?” He gets a really good edit on TV. I have no problem with the “F” word, but not every sentence you speak. And never use the “C” !


Why doesn’t someone remind Nat that Nicole and Cory were working with them and SHE wanted to go against their deal to keep Vic, then after the comp, SHE was telling everyone that SHE wanted Corey out. That’s when N and C decided to work with Paul and Vic. I don’t understand how it’s James’ fault or how N and C are untrustworthy based on her actions.

Natalie sucks

Bratalies selfishness and self absorbtion just went to epic levels. Tonight James tells her he was sexually molested twice and both individuals were caught. She keeps eating and acts like its no big deal while he is talking. She then tells him she is smiling because it makes her sad. She is a terrible listener if it is not about her. Get her out of there!

Production Sucks!!!!

As we all know, production has always had a heavy hand in the outcome of the season. From the diary room sessions (tipping off certain players), competitions favoring certain players and many other things that influence the the eventual winner. Tonight’s show was an obvious example of this. When Corey (not the brightest bulb) entered the POV comp and went straight for the pipe before even hearing the directions, it was blatantly obvious that he was coached by production. It seems that production does not even care to disguise their actions anymore. Disgusting! It is rigged and they don’t even care. This show has always had the potential of being a great show until production decided to play such a large role in the outcome. What a shame! Hi Mart


Nichole is the best player ….I hope she wins////.,,…


“Ohh Im so happy production let my boy Corey win, now he can get NAt out and I will be the only girl left in the game…..This is what Christine always wanted, to be in the house with all the guys…and Now I got that…If I win HOH i will invite all the boys to sleep in the HOH with me…and Corey would love to be in bed with 3 boys also.”

Natalie on a chalkboard

I’ve done this bitch’s game in my teens. Cocktease fake cheerleader. C&&T.

Butters Mom

To everyone saying that they were getting tips through the ear pieces because they were doing things before the instructions had ever been given… the instructions WE heard could have been voice overs and the actual instructions each player got was through the ear piece. Im not saying they didnt give Corey or anyone else tips on the comp but I do believe that what we heard was not necessarily blasted for them to hear.

Also suspicious!!

Wow I guess I did see what I saw. Corey blasted into the room and went straight for the pipe. I was sitting there with my mouth wide open. Then for a guy who is a space case , I also find it dd that in the second room he saw the key right away and knew somehow instinctively to funnel the water to get key o float. Everyone else first looked through the lockers and found the wire and thought of fishing out the key with the wire. But Corey never looked in the lockers and knew to use the long off pipe to funnel the water. And then there’s Nichole saying ” you’re so smart” !!! Since when? Very suspicious that he two hardest rooms where you have to figure out some way to McGuiever it he knew exactly without much or no thought on what to do. The last room was all about aim. The whole thing looked strange.