Natalie to James – You know what the secret to this game is..keeping your mouth shut

POV Holder: Corey POV Competition Sept 3rd
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Sept 5th
HOH Victor Next HOH Sept 8th
Original Nominations: James AND Nat
After POV Nominations: James AND Nat
Have Nots None

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Big-Brother-18 2016-09-06 15-11-56-516

12:18pm HOH pictures

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-06 15-18-14-453

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-06 15-19-49-590

1:01pm …. (psst.. for every Nat picture there’s a corey or Vic picture)

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-06 15-03-15-792

3:01pm Natalie and James
Trying to figure out why the care packages went to the people they did.
Natalie says James was America’s Favorite so that’s why he got it. She was Close to James so that’s why she got it. Nicole was a fan favorite do her and Corey got it because of that. Natalie adds that Michelle was Dan Gooslings cousin and that is why she got it. (ZOMG)

Natalie – You know what the secret to this game is.. you just need an alliance of 4 a$$ strong competitors that are tight lipped..

Natalie- it’s just about keeping your mouth shut
James- ya

Natalie – we should have kept team unicorn we would have won comp after comp after comp..
James- I feel one of us would have been picked off..
Nat – ohh ya we would have been the biggest threats in the house..
James- for people that can’t win comps the secret is to team up with people that can.

James says that is what he was doing “I was teaming up with all the strong people in the house.. But I would never pledge my full allegiance to them.. They protected me for the most part and then everybody went after them.. Went after Frank, Paulie.. Victor and Paul … It worked out perfectly..

Nat – Victor and Paul kept me safe during their HOH I should have kept them safe
James – ya.. Well Corey and NIcole.. I know they set us up for the next week.. One of us could have gone home last week..

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-06 15-08-47-639

James – wish I was a fortune teller..
Natalie says James played a really good game she had to learn the game as she played it..

James – your social game was on point..

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-06 15-24-27-378

3:24pm DOMINOES!!!!! YES !!!

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-06 15-28-26-331

3:26pm OH MY F****G GOD Paul is cooking Fries in plain site in front of Corey and Nicole !!!!!!!

3:29pm “COREEEEEEEEEEEY you almost killed me”

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-06 15-31-57-342

3:36pm Final 4 Kitchen
Talking about James being don e with the game and only wanting to spend the last few days with Natalie. Victor says James told him he’s worried about getting played.
Paul and Nicole point out they haven’t been “Shunning” them they shunned themselves.
Nicole – they made a pact today if she’s thirty and single they’ll move in together

4:00pm Backyard.. Nicole and James
James- I can’t believe we have 15 days left..
Nicole – 2 weeks tomorrow.. that’s insane..
James- 2 weeks that literally 2 HOH’s that it..
Nicole- it’s 3 something is going to happen..
Paul comes out tells them fries and burgers are ready.. (FRIES!!!!)
They head inside to try the fries..
Nicole – those fries are good they taste restaurant style.

Looks like another domino game is starting up.. hold tight it’s going to be a wild night.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-06 16-23-02-672

4:22pm Hammock Natalie and James
Natalie tells him she knows she’s the target she’s just found out.. “I know I’m going”
Natalie – I shouldn’t have campaigned to keep you cause it fulls shit on myself.. I want you to stay but.. I made it seem like I didn’t want o be here at all and now i’m going home.
Jame s- should I go to Victor say Vote me out
nat – no cause if you were goign to do that you would have done that already..

Natalie – don’t do anything you don’t want to do
James- you are holding things against me

James asks her why she went to campaign to Victor anyways Victor doesn’t have a vote.
James asks why they couldn’t just let fate play out. (why did she campaign to keep him)
Natalie – I don’t know cause I care about you a lot..
James doesn’t under stand the issue.
Natalie tells him there’s no issue at all.

James – If I go home..
nat – you’re not
James – if I do.. you will feel like crap
nat – you are not going home, 100%
James- they are goign to blindside or will it be unanimous..
nat – doesn’t matter you are staying..

Nat – congrats you get to stay
James- rub it in my face.. rub it in there.. Lets reverse it around.. You’re staying I’m going..
Nat – I campaigned so hard for you to stay.. you were the target.
James asks her what the point of her campaigning for him was
Nat – I cared so much about you..
James- you should have campaigned to Corey.. they have the votes.

James – I’ll be really mad at you if I find out you are a super fan
Nat – I’m not a super fan you know everything else about me. I came on the show to change my life and my families life..
Natalie says the only reason she didn’t go on the Bachelor was there was no cash prize.
James- you made money..
Feeds cut..
When we’re back.. “I campaigned so hard to keep you and that’s not a good move on my end.. ”

James- what Game moves was it for me to go to Corey and tell him I am responsible for Natalie goign up on the block and I checked out mentally.
Natalie claims that Victor and Paul were wanting James out before she talked to them.

you hear a grinding sound coming from a backyard camera.
paul – your camera’s f***d..
4:35pm feeds cut..

WHn we’re back..
James – If I win this game.. I hope you are out there waiting for me..
JAmes says if he wins he’s to ask her move with him to Texas or he’ll move to New York. preferences this with “when you’re settled in”

Natalie – winning or losing doesn’t matter I just need time.

feeds cut..
when they are back Natalie and James are both claiming they would have used the veto on the other.

James- you know what drew me to you..
James goes on to talk about their life struggles and how he’s gotten close to her because they’ve shared that..
James says Natalie is very cute..
James- there’s days you look like a little gremlin.. that’s fine I accept you for who you are.. for me honestly i’m happy with just this.. tshirt jeans.. put on you Nike go fits and lets go out.. put your hair up
nat – there’s no guys that exist like you
Nat – we’ll always be friends..

4:50pm Natalie starts talking about her dating test..
nat – my number 1 test I always ask who I am dating.. I ask.. bring me sand or rock.. or leaf.. from where you are and they never do that..
Jame s- I would bring you the cutest little jar of sand.. I’ll decorate it put pink sh1t on it.

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Never Not Nat



Wow the comments are getting as boring as the hgs at this point

Anoher Hillary Lie

“Looks like another domino game is starting up.. hold tight it’s going to be a wild night.”

Compared to listening to Natalie whine dominos gives me wood.

Dependocrat Purge

They both can go. The guys are providing all the entertainment this year.


Paul and Vic are the only ones worth watching this season.

Another Hillary Lie

The Jury House footage was awesome this season.


I’m wishing for a all female squad in the jury house. That would be the sweetest karma for Paulie, being stuck with the females who he trashed talked. The best part of the jury house, was when Z called Paulie a B I T C H……
LOL sweet sweet Karma for cry baby Paulie


Why? Because Paul and Victor are the loudest people in the house? Because Paul is arrogant, rude, and obnoxious? That’s entertainment?

Vic the Dick


From your photo it looks like Victor is moving in on Nicole.

Columbus Travis

I’ve been thinking that for quite some time now.
I also think once this season is over, Vic and Nicole could end up together, especially since Corey told Vic recently that he’s not interested in pursuing anything with Nicole after they get out.
It definitely seems Vic might have feelings for Nicole. He definitely enjoys flirting with her.


What does “Anoher” mean? Congrats on the wood…


::jack boots::


Ok so am I the only one getting annoyed with the feeds cutting out. Corey ,Paul and Vic were talking about Halloween parties and then he started saying something “wouldn’t it be funny” it sounded like he was going to slam on someone who was in the house or jury probably a girl. .Also, notice when James was giving Nat the full court press and I think she was trying to tell him they will make good friends it cut out again. I am starting to believe that CBS is reading this stuff. Notice how Paul has chilled on Sh!tting on Natalie and he is even being nicer. I think they have told him to zip up his abuse. I think they want us to start liking them again. My friend told me on another site that you have to register that there are a lot of people who have never posted saying how Corey has grown on them and he must have pretended to be stupid because he got himself in the best position. UMMM no he got Nic under the sheets in the best position and she got him here.


Paul was never not nice to Nat, even when she and Meech were running around trying to trash him. BB is not protecting him, in fact they seem to edit the shows to do the exact opposite.

Sure, he said he was going to shit on her a few times, but he never does the things he says, unlike the rest of them.

Paul and Vic have been the bigger people through everything this season. The house turns against them over and over and they find a way to stay in the game by killing them with kindness. It is kind of butt kissing, as they have no real reason to be anything but unpleasant to the bunch of backstabbing snakes, but they do what they have to do to stay in the game.


Paul has only been “LOYAL” to victor for about 4 weeks before that he was saying stuff like “Hey Paulie Vic wants me to sleep up in his HOH maybe he wants to Fme. I will get all the info from him see where his heads at and keep him under control”. He did not get a fig about Victor until he found out that Paulie had other deals in the house. Why is everyone forgetting PP. Paul has latched on to Victor like he did Paulie and is using him as a shield. I hate it when Paul fans pull Victors rapport with all of his fans and live feed viewer and try to make Paul look better. If anything Paul is bring down Victor. Paul is only loyal to Victor until he doesn’t need him anymore; he has basically already made a final 2 with nic they acted as if they were joking but they weren’t. Victor is the only one who has been loyal in that relationship. I unfortunately think that will lead to Victors eviction.




Wow. Let’s not forget that Paul was saved over and over again by Paulie. When Paul was HOH, he was so obnoxious, demanding everyone must take a swim with him, constantly flaunting his power, backstabbing Paulie, lying, even backstabbing Victor,, all the while wearing his HOH robe and ridiculous duck.

He is rich. He talked about the pool, basketball courts, dog run, lavish house he lives in. He’s too much.


Natalie keeps saying to James I shouldn’t have campaigned to keep you. She did the opposite, she ran up to Victor’s HOH room and threw James right under the bus.


This is Victor’s HOH. He should be pushing for Nat to stay, because he and Paul can manipulate Nat, but they can not trust James. They should be suspicous if Nicole wants to keep James. Forget this nonsense about who’s a bigger threat to win a comp. They both suck! Nicole and Whorey should “respect the wishes of the HOH”. This (bogus) game etiquette has been the expectation all season. Besides, what difference does it make to you, Nicole? You are final four with Vic and Paul so they both have to go. Show your trust and loyalty by allowing Vic to make the call on who goes now.
I have a feeling Nicole is going to show her hand trying to save james to keep an option open (James will not out her on the block). She has a million tells. When she starts stuttering, turning red, and scratching her neck, then Paul and Vic will know…we’ll see

TX rar

Yes! James needs to got this week b4 Nat. It is better for Vic n Paul,’s game


This just shows that Victor is easily manipulated and Nicole is not playing such a bad game. Why would she not much to keep James when she knows that he will likely not target her? I am hoping it’s Nicole and Victor in the end with Paul as third, which would mean that Nicole would have to win the final HoH and take Victor because there is now way Victor and Paul are not taking each other.


Is it worth ruffling feathers to keep Natalie. Nicole and Corey decide who goes. If they push too hard it’ll be similar to Paulie trying to keep Zakiyah.

Nat A Lie

“Natalie says the only reason she didn’t go on the Bachelor was there was no cash prize.”

Ummm…yea…James…she is not looking for love…she is looking for cash…
The fact that James is still talking about their “NoMance” Is actually quite sickening at this point..

Vic at the beginning of his HOH was set on getting James out….but as the days..(diary sessions &Production) went by…its clear that Paul & NiCorey want Natalie out….Toodles!

We will see how this plays out on Thursday

Anoher Hillary lie


More Natile, less Vic, no Corey.

Pablo Got Punked

Nat looks pretty in pink.

Never cared

Yeah she does. It’s a shame she’s such an ugly person on the inside.


I can’t help but enter my input. Seeing your name so many times, I just need to say this. Hillary lies, true (yet no more than any politician, I might add), and she may have let people die, but I STILL think she’s a better candidate than that psycho Trump. Her questionable morality or perhaps despicable actions don’t take away from her qualifications, and in my mind, Trump is still worse, morally and practically speaking.


Her qualifications? She has done nothing of value in 30 years of ‘public’ service. You’re just a mainstream media minion who can’t think for themselves. “Psycho Trump”?? The things he says may not be pc but they are right. If you want more of the same then you are the problem. Wake up and stop being ignorant.


I’m not a “media minion.” Trump doesn’t fight pc, and he’s not right, he just doesn’t know what he’s talking about and HE’S ignorant. I hate it when people always throw around “pc” when more often than not, it has NOTHING to do with being politically correct; it’s really about being morally upright and respecting human beings!


Lol why are you guys arguing about this? They’re BOTH horrible candidates. Some of the things trump says are correct, that’s true. But it almost seems like he’s purposely trying to lose. Not pc is an understatement.

And as for Hillary. I think the commenter that said some people are simply listening to media are correct. If you actually do your research regarding Hillary, you would find she has no business being potus. She’s worse than crooked. The democratic judge she worked for many years ago said if she ever became president (he knew those were her aspirations) that this country would be in deep, dark trouble.

I hope as a voter people don’t vote strictly by party. I would hope you would actually look into each candidate. I.e. Voting record, stance on each issue etc. Hillary’s biggest accomplishment has been naming buildings and streets in all her years of being in government. One large Benghazi scandal, and her husband was president. That’s it. In all her years. And that’s a fact of record. There’s so much more though. I’m not even going to write about them. Just do a little research for our sakes and your children’s sakes.


You need to wake up, and I do think for myself, I just think differently than you. You are the problem. I’m tired of people like you who assume that just because someone disagrees with them, they must not be able to think for themselves. That’s some childish bs.


victor need shut his mouth to


I know this won’t be popular to say , but I’m getting sick of Paul and Vic, because of Nicole , and Cory. I get that it was a game move but gosh they are so far up Nicory’s butt it’s sickening. I’m trying to remember if there has been a player I couldn’t stand more than Nicole. If Vic would quit acting love sick over her, maybe I could root for him again. Right now I’m hoping for a power shift to deflate their heads.

Frank's Farts Are Juicy

I have to defend Vic. That’s just a Cuban/Puerto Rican thing.

Stoopid James

You should have stuck with the strong competitors and let other people kick them out. You were trying to kick them out numb nuts! All you did was cause yourself to keep changing alliances every week. I hope you go home this week and Natalie stays, but I am sure you wont!

Frank the tank

Bwahaha Nat just pulled the ultimate friend zone card. If i haven’t found anyone by the time I’m 30…..
Poor Jamesy probably thinks it’s a sign she really likes him. F*ck my heart hurts.

Tiny Trump Hands

Nat is probably getting pretty tired of wearing the pants in their showmance. First she has to rally the troops to get Paulie out, then she has to win HOH and take out Vic. Nat has protected James for weeks. What does Jame do. give up his HOH to Nic. Throw Nat under the bus by announcing to Nicorey that Nat wanted Vic to stay and Corey to go? And then last week, James lies in bed all week because he is suddenly too afraid to go to the HOH and talk to Nic. James drove himself into the friendzone.

Just here for the entertainment

So why is Nat so bad for wanting to stay and try to win like every one else is doing? (Except James of course)

Another Hillary Lie

James- ” So your saying I have a chance.”

In James mind<>

what a bore

Sorry but James is a back stabing whinney little bitch. Natalie would have been better off linking up with any one else in the use. I would rather see James go first because he threw Nat and others under the bus all season.

BB Curious

So James just has to wait four years for Natalie to annoy every other guy she dates so that when she is still single at 30 she will move in with him and nag the hell out of him indefinitely? Great deal, James. If only you had used that sort of negotiating skill playing BB maybe someone would have used the veto on you this week!

Another Hillary Lie

So in four years James can help raise Nat and Corey’s baby.


That hurts my heart. What happened to Vic’s baby?

Andy the Red Rat

He moved to Florida with Pablo.

Bye Nat

Take all of the pictures of Natalie that you want Simon. These will probably be her last few days in the house. You’ve worked hard all summer. You deserve a Natalie montage.

Dependocrat Purge

There is a long time between now and Thursday with nothing to do but let the paranoia build.

this ain't my first rodeo

i love the way nat tries to come off as some super genius blurting stupid things out daily


Really Nichole? The final 4 (stupid name) is up each other’s butts to the point that James and Natalie can’t talk to anyone.
Why would they want to talk to nichole or Corey who screwed them? I can see why Paul and Victor wouldn’t want to talk to them, but Nichole has made it her mission so that they really don’t want to talk to James or Natalie. All they do is talk sh!t about them and they are very aware that it’s happening, because none of them are hiding the fact.
But…they are shunning themselves…way to become the mean girl Nichole…you’re the top b!tch…congratulations!


It is called playing the game. She simply does not want Nat or James to talk shit about them with Vic and Paul because it wouldn’t benefit her game, and if Jatalie, Victor and Paul are so dumb to just listen to her then they deserves to lose.


What are blabbering about?!?
James and Nicole are working together. She started planting the seed last night with Corey that it should be them 3 in the end. She then screwed up by telling him she couldn’t beat him(Corey) in the final 2 and she wouldn’t “just hand” him $500K.
If Corey had a single firing brain cell, he would have realized Nicole just told him to his face she has a final 2 deal with James.
Hopefully he wakes up by Thursday.

Matthew schneider

Since nicole told Corey she would take James to final 2 Corey can save natalie along with paul

Nasty Nicole

Nicole is a whiney jealous envious girl. She craves all male attention and is threatened by other girls. She tries to justify all her catty behavior by deflecting. She owns nothing and think she is sweet and perfect. Wait until she’s out of the house and realizes all her sexual escapades with Corey are all over YouTube and the Internet for public viewing. Bet her family loves watching that. Clearly she thinks only of herself first. Selfish nasty girl. I hope Vic n Paul get her out next.


Something hit a personal note for you to react like that.
Lets make her wear a Scarlett A or maybe an S or put her in the stocks. Maybe a good stoning would make you feel better.


Simon & Dawg… You guys continually make me laugh several times a day! I just love the commentary you add to the posts … Especially the FRIES! I know Simon likes Natalie and I’m sure the peeps love the pics you provide along with the fellas (Victor-y) too 🙂
I thank you both for the entertainment this website brings us!


I’m with JersyGirl, keep the Nat pics coming!


lmao sooo nat just figured out the secret to this game? smh

Reality Check

Hey Corey, Nicole is a human being, not a goat. Since when goat wrestling is allowed on Big Brother?

Hillary's Eyebags

That pic right there is the proof in the pudding. Corey’s flopped her over and is going straight for Hershey Highway. I saw the same scene with Heath Ledger in Brokeback Mountain.

sunny dee

it’s super painful that today is only Tuesday and there is another 15 days to endure before finale.

I do see on TV schedule that Thursdays show (next week) is not on, but there is a show on Friday. probably some sporting event pre empting stuff. i assume they will have an accelerated week, julie already told that that there is not going to be anymore doubles, so that means someone is going earlier in a silent Wednesday eviction, which usually happens to #4, but right now we have 5 left so how are they planning to schedule all these events without a double.

does nicorey really think if they tell james that they ‘saved’ him this week that means he won’t put them up (ok, it’s james so he probably won’t do the right thing and put them up, or at best he’ll split them, ensuring that corey wins veto and takes nicole off the block etc etc) when all along he’s been saying he wants the powers that have the voting to vote him out? so what’s he going to say when he is still in the game and they deliberately went against his wishes? not put them up? knowing they are the ones to blame for nat going out (according to jatalie they are, me too really).

corey had some very good insight, i saw on After Dark, he laid out the plays had he been sent out. i guess he doesn’t think much of his staying power on the wall cuz he said ‘and paulie would win’ the jury back lol, either way you look at it, what did happen left jame/natalie in the house longer the way he lays it out, and he does have a point.


Nobody left that I want to win



Nobody wants “Corey” pics and I mean NOBODY!
More Vic, please…
(Please sir, may I have a few more.)


ugh, no AND no.


Despite all the hate, you have to admit that Nicole is playing a really decent game. She was the main reason in the majority of the people evicted, have never been on the block, 2 HoH and 1 PoV and she and Corey already planned to nominate Paul and Victor in top 5 so this means that she’s not only really good at comps but also very smart cause she is voting out all the people she could not beat (Michelle, Nat,probably Victor…..).


What I find interesting is that last night Nicole told Corey she would not win if she was sitting next to him in the F2. She wants her, Corey, and James in the final 3 so if she is smart she would not take Corey to the F2. However, I don’t think she will have the guts to backstab Corey, especially since he told her he would never speak to her again. I bet you anything, she is hoping Paul or Vic will take him out.


Michelle and Nat were spot in about Paul and those fries! He does it out of spite.
Seriously though, I bet the DR told him to make fries a bunch of times. Or maybe I’ve noticed it more because of FRIES!

Huckleberry Hillary

Who cooks fries in a pot?

Chef Frenchie

He’s deep frying them in oil… you do that in a skillet, you’ll burn yourself.

Huckleberry Hillary

Thanks Chef.


See! He knows the secrets of the fries!

Your lying fries

James is already counting down the days until Natalie’s 30th birthday. Ugh.


Great name! Very appropriate.

Get a room and I don't mean in the Big Brother house

Ratcole and Corey are now doing it on the kitchen floor?! Those animals!!

Hillary's Eyebags

Call them Ennis and Alma.


It’s so annoying listening to people who think that Nicole voted out all the girls just to be the last girl standing. Fist of all, she’s not playing emotionally, it is called strategy. Michelle was gunning for her? GONE. Da was gunning for her? GONE. Now Natalie? She is just doing everything that benefits her game. I think you are taking it more personal than anyone


Out of Nicole’s mouth. I want Natalie gone this week. I want to be the girl that everyone drags along, then wham! I win the last HOH. I think Nicole’s goal was always to be the last girl with the guys. She can manipulate the guys, better than the girls. The girls don’t fall for her sweet girl act. She plays innocent with them, and the guys don’t see her as a threat. She snitched on all the girls so she could be dragged to the end with the guys.


they are gunning for her cause she ratted them out to any guy that would listen…took their info and went scurrying to her meat shields…and used tactics like ” I was cornered’ ” I was scared’…she made enemies of them by selling them out, and now she won’t get their jury votes because of it….

An Apple a Day

WatcHing After Dark last night, I didn’t reaLize Nicole does know this game better than I realized and has carried Cory mentally. Where she fails, is on execution because she is weak on social game, especially with other girls.

However, Natalie doesn’t have that strong of a social game either. James does NOT understand the game on a mental level. His “strategy” is off, or non existent. The idea that he would claim he used Victor for his dirty work is ludicrous. He and Nicole both have been the strongest at flying under the radar.

In the end, Paul has played the game mentally from every angle. He may not get all the Jury votes he needs in the end if he’s up against Victor or Cory (consider the voters), but that also depends on his skill in arguing his case at the end. He was on the college Debate Team, and I could see him talking circles around James, Cory, our Nicole. Victor, I’m not sure. Paul would likely get Nicole, Cory, Paulie votes. If he makes a strong case, possibly Day, Bridget and Michelle. We’ll see.

AnyoneBUTJames for AFP

I hope this is the ”last rodeo'” for James on BB. I don’t dislike the guy, I just find him terribly boring and feel he shouldn’t be on the show. James told Vic he’ll probably get AFP again this year. lol I loved how Vic turned to James and said so nicely, ‘We all have an equal chance.”
He is constantly bragging to Nat how Amazing Race or Survivor will probably call him. I think after this BB show James should get a job.

Pablo Got Punked

I think Julie should pull a prank on James and announce him as America’s favorite winner and then say ” Just kidding.”

Countdown to the End of BB18/Survivor Starts

Only 15 days left…

Just a thought

Nat and Vic look like the perfect couple. Too bad they didn’t click at all. But he likes Nicole !! Makes no sense to me. Unless he feels a little star struck because she was on BB before. He and Nat would make some gorgeous babies.

BB Curious

Nat and Vic definitely do not click at all. Cute babies or not, that is never happening. But why is he acting all hot and bothered about Nicole, I’ve wondered that myself. One explanation given by a commenter is that he is just acting Puerto Rican…so, broadly affectionate? I’m not Puerto Rican and can’t speak to that, but I have my own theory. First of all, Vic is not gay. He likes women a lot. He’s a personal trainer and I bet he is in demand with the desperate housewives. He’s admitted to shenanigans at the gym and with clients. So, I think he’s just gotten lonely for some feminine company and for the past few weeks, who has he had to pick from? Meech? He’s not that lonely! Natalie? Cute, but “taken” and annoying as hell. He already passed on that action. So who’s left? Nicole: cute figure, pretty hair ( when it’s brushed), good chance of going far in the game ( sad but true) and dating a guy who may be gay but even if he’s straight he’s already told Vic he plans to ditch her after the game. To Vic right now, she looks like a catch! Well, that’s how I’m explaining to myself anyway.

James and Nat

I just started to watch the live feeds and see what the hype is between james and nat. From what i saw today, Nat is a lousey person and i feel extremely bad for james. She was all gung ho about leaving and campaigning for james to stay and now she said she regrets everything and making james feel bad. This girl is something else. Paulie is looking alot better than nat right now. Nat is horrible. Now, she just said she should have went on the bachelor. James, please take a hint. Leave her alone and go play big brother. Nat is turning this shit around and the only way she will be happy is, james self evicting. Nat’s bad. Sorry for the rant guys.


Nat wouldn’t make it past week two on the bachelor. She’s definitely not wifey material, and MOST men can’t stand whiny, complaining women who claim they are really good person and everybody shits on them and hurts their feelings…..

Heck, they probably DENIED her a spot. Looks like she’s applied for just about everything.

Thinks she’s a poor Kardashian living on the jersey shore and getting shit on because she’s not rich enough to be on jersey shore.

I’m going to hurt her feelings——- Fatty Natty

Never cared

Careful Nana6, you’ll make Nat’s heart hurt. Lmao!!!

Gnatalie the Victim

Gnat is way worse to James than Paulie was to Z. And that is saying a lot because I was not a fan with how Paulie treated Z. But the way Nat acts is like she is trying to hurt James with her words and it is calculated. The mean and passive aggressive things she says are shameful. She is a self entitled spoiled little brat who tries to manipulate men for her gain. No man can ever make a girl like her happy. Isn’t she tired of playing victim? It’s full time work.

My heart hurtsssss

I am sad to say, Nicole is probably going to team up with James…. ugh! I pray Paul wins HOH, bc I really thought the “final 4” would be true to each other….yes, I know this is Big Brother… but Vic and Paul put all their faith into Nicorey and it hurts my heart (ha!) To watch Nicole team with James and get rid of Vic/Paul. Paul has been vicious at times, and Vic has no social game, but out of those remaining, I think Vic/Paul deserve to win this season out of anyone left. Natalie said a couple days ago, she didn’t even know this show had evictions, she said she thought it was like the Real World with competitions… yet she said Today she watched BB16. Which one is it? She used James and played with his emotions, whereas others just flipped alliances. Playing with a man’s heart, for any reason, is ridiculous. If she wins AFP, I’ll be PISSED. I hope Vic and Paul wise up before next HOH, and demand to evict James, so Nicole can’t use him!



Tiny Trump Hands

I am so sick of people whining that mean-ol big city Natalie played with the emotions of lil-ol 32-yr-old country boy James. I’m pretty sure James wouldn’t have given Nat the time of day if she was a flat-chested plain Jane. So if there was any “using” going on it was mutual.

Reality Check

I’m starting to realize that James is the cartoon version of Wile E. Coyote. Nat is The Road Runner. Wile E. Coyote always try to catch The Road Runner but never does. James is doing the exact same thing only this time at the end of the show, Nat will go “beep beep.”

James the cartoon version will be hanging out with the cactuses and tumbleweeds. James, cut your losses on Nat and just move on. You made your point, she resisted, that is game and match.

Only can wish

Natalie is right about if they had kept their mouths shut and just played the game. This group of HGS did talk too much. They couldn’t hold water, if their life depended on it. All their a$$e$ would be dead.
Natalie keeps blaming James for the situation they’re in over and over again, makes me want to self-evict myself and I’m not even in the BB house. She is really getting on my nerves. Enough already!!! OMG, let it go! It is, what it is!!! Bye, she will not be missed.


Wonder why James is so sure he will get a call for Survivor or Amazing Race ? Was he contacted to do one after the last BB ? I don’t watch Amazing Race but I think he had a better shot from the past season than this one.


I missed the whole french fry thing.Can someone please explain? Thanks in advance.


Stay with me, it get real complicated. One day Paul said he’s never cooked before, I think when he started with the muffins, then later he told this story about making fries for some of his buddies. Frygate was born! That godless monster lied about being able to cook! I bet he even seasoned them! Mengele was not half the monster as the fry cook liar. /hyperbole/


Man James got shoved into the friend zone really quickly


He’s never been out of the friend zone.


Nat to James after expressing his love: We’ll always be friends.

IBT (itty bitty ttties

Hey Dawg and Simon, how about making us an AFP poll? Thank you for keeping everyone updated with BB. Hope ur girl stays Simon. She is a better player than James in my opinion, but I do think she took all of the credit for getting Paulie out without giving credit to Meech for busting him out to the house and then going back and forth talking about him enough to make them all go against him. Meech could have made it far if she would have ran her mouth during the week and not have just waited until Thursdays! I wish people would realize that they need to hang out in the kitchen, backyard or loft like they used to do. Maybe we need a whole cast of smokers who will want to stay outside smoking all day and night (Remember Casey, Mr. Banana Man!). I get sick of them repeating themselves over and over in their groups of two, holed up in a bedroom. Here is a link of Casey if anyone doesn’t remember.

Nat more caring than Taylor Swift...

Taylor Swift did it again today…

Tom Hiddleston must have been so crushed when he got the breakup text from Taylor Swift’s publicist.

where are the thubs up and thumbs downs at?

sorry, been away but where have the yes and no gone with each post


I use an addon that blocks scripts on certain websites because they freeze up if I don’t. You may have this site blacklisted or disabled scripts in some way.


Natalie and James are delusional. Neither one could stay loyal to an alliance or keep their mouths shut. Terrible gameplay, that’s why they’re in this position.


Nichole’s best game plays are horizontal. Is she ever out of the darn bed?


the same can be said for Nat and James.

Dependocrat Purge

Gnat is getting on my nerves.


“nat – my number 1 test I always ask who I am dating.. I ask.. bring me sand or rock.. or leaf.. from where you are and they never do that..”

Who do she think she is? A princess? Sand, a Leaf, a Rock? James is getting hint after hint that she only likes him as a friend, a person she used to get further in the game, since no other guy wanted her. James is too blind to see he was in a faux showmance..

Never cared

A fauxmance then?

Another Anonymous

I think that tons of people are going to follow James after the show’s over. They will see what his gut is telling him and then do the opposite. Hey James, what’s your gut telling you about the stock market? Hey James, who is going to win the SuperBowl?


cept 14 show been 2hrs with 2 other finales on!


So Nicole keeps her promise to James to keep James and Nat off the block. Nat wants Nacory out despite their final four deal. James spills the beans. Nacory dumps their untrustworthy allies. In what universe is this anything but common sense?

No Name

This wouldn’t be such a puzzling post if you didn’t keep referencing “Nacory”, as if Natalie and Corey are a couple.

So I’m a bit puzzled at what you’re trying to say.


battle of the alliances now and jillian and emmitt survives again

Frodo Needs Help

Seriously, someone teach Frodo how to speak… or post… or stay on topic. Anything.


Once again James is placed back in the Friend Zone. James tells Natalie if he wins, she should move to Texas or he will move to where she lives, this way they can live together.

Natalie responds and says, “YOU WILL ALWAYS BE A GOOD FRIEND”. How many times does Natalie have tell James, they are not a relationship, they are friends, why does he keep begging, James is in a showmance all by himself, Natalie keeps tell James over and over and over, YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MY FRIEND.

James is making himself look really desperate, and to tell Victor that he will most likely win AFP again, I sure as hell hope he does not win, James has done nothing this entire game but run around begging for Natalie’s attention, and reporting to Paulie, fool even said Paulie was hi leader. James, please go home, you are not good at this game, you are very boring, and you would not do well on Survivor or the Amazing Race, Natalie has ignored every time you say we can do the amazing race, Natalie will not see you outside of the house, stop pushing yourself on her.

battle of groups!

F4 vs the exes!

BB Curious

Look, I admit it, I do not dislike James the way a lot of you do. I see all your points about him and I get those, and I’m not saying I think he’s smart or strategic. I’m just saying I don’t have any feelings of disgust or hostility toward him. But when I say Natalie is being awful to him it’s not because I think James is great, it’s because she really is being REALLY awful. I’m a female and I’ve friend-zoned plenty of dudes in my day. Even made a “if we’re both single when we’re 30” deal once. But I’ve never played, used, or manipulated any of them like she has done to him! Is he a clueless idiot for falling for it? Sure! But I’ve fallen for a few selfish, manipulative players before too, and my stupidity didn’t lessen their a$$hole-ness, it only magnified it! James is a doofus but doesn’t deserve what Nat is doing to him.


I agree with you, it is really saddening how Natalie has used and played James. I’ve said this many times, Natalie had no problem showing Victor affection, if James was evicted, and Victor started showing her any attention, I bet she would not turn it down.

From what I see on the show, James just seems so happy to say he is in a showmance.


I disagree. He knows exactly what he is doing and knows what she is doing. It’s all fake and he knows it. He thinks he will garner sympathy for AFP. And it will work because of the edits.

French Fries!!!!

Answering about the fries Nat and meeche were upset because Paul lied about making fries before ???? They would get mad for silly things like that

Another Hillary Lie

Great post.

Adora Borealis

If Paul “literally” sh*t on Natalie, and Nicole “literally” threw her under the bus, then she’d be dead with poop on her. Just sayin’.

An Apple A Day

LOL You are literally correct 🙂 Funny.

Never cared

Natalie is making me want to hurl. She tells James she cares about him and campaigned for him to stay. In the very same breath she tells him how it’s his fault she’s leaving this week. I’m so sick of the twisted mindf*ck she’s perpetrating on him. And he’s lapping it up like a pathetic fool. I keep hoping he’s playing her a little bit too, but it sure doesn’t look that way, unless he’s a super great actor…


Nat didn’t campaign as hard as she is saying she did. Now she is trying to make James feel as though the reason he may stay is because of her and I bet she will tell the jury that when she gets there. Always the victim.