Natalie to James – “we’ll always be friends you know that right”

POV Holder: Corey POV Competition Sept 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 5th
HOH Victor Next HOH Sept 8th
Original Nominations: James AND Nat
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots None

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Big-Brother-18 2016-09-07 15-26-39-814

2:00pm James and Natalie London room
Natalie says he should go outside and hang out with the rest of the house.
James says he doesn’t need to do that.

James- you are my friend.
James wants to hang out wit her especially since 1 of them is going tomorrow.
Natalie – I’m so excited to get back to my life.
Nat – can’t wait to go to jury
James – Jury is pretty sweet I’m not going to lie
Nat – I’m pumped for it.. Do I get my own room
James – mmmm hmmm
Nat – YES

James- you need some girl time
Nat – I need some me time
James- you need me time but you also need girl time.
Nat – sure i’m going to kick it with Paulie too never cared.. I know i’m going to be really friendly to everyone on this shose.. Well on my end.
Nat- it’s called being tolerate and being an adult
James- I know about that I have a slot of responsibilities at home.. I have a 4 year old that looks up to me that I have to take care of.
James says having a 4 year old has taught him to not quit on people
Nat – I’m so excited to meet Julie .. so excited .. I’m glad I lost a couple pounds before leaving..
James – ya

Nat – we’ll always be friends you know that right..
James – yeah I know that..
Nat – I should have told you that time in the bumper cars when I was hurt that we should just be friends.. I know I wasn’t ready.
James – I knew you weren’t ready when you told me about it.. The bumper car thing and Corey
Nat – I liked you.. I just didn’t want to be hurt
James- it’s safe to say we hurt each other
Nat – yeah.. Don’t worry i’m leaving tomorrow so it doesn’t matter.. I’ll be rooting for you in Jury
James – i’ll be coming in next right behind you
Nat – I hope you don’t.. You still have my vote for Final 2
James – I appreciate it but.. If you sit next to someone that is better vote for the best player
Nat – I’ll do what I want.. I’ll be rooting you on in Jury and fighting..

Nat – god knows what all these people have done and what I have done.. James Karma gets everyone I don’t need to shit on people to get ahead.

Jame s- Villains do win this game sometimes
Nat – Villains do win this game sometimes and I’m glad i’m not winning cause I’m not a villain

Nat – note to self don’t date anyone that won Big Brother.. Don’t date anyone that’s playing Big Brother because everyone lies and cheats.
James- you can’t really judge people in this game
Nat – it was a joke
Nat – James, you’re a standup dude. That is why I liked you. You are a great guy.. You have been honest with me you’ve made me happy. I had so much fun with you.. It was me looking for you all the time.
Nat says back when nobody wanted to be her friend but Bridgette and Bronte James was there for her. “You stuck by my side.. You defended me you kept me off the block.. I’ve appreciated you since day 1 since we’ve become close”
Nat – When i laid in this bed I told you i had your back I knew Paul and Victor were coming for you.. I would have never worked with them to get you out
Nat – I had Bridgette’s back, your back and Bronte’s back in the end I had Michelle’s back.. Corey and Nicole backstabbed her that is why she was so biuter..
Nat – I know the person you are and I’m very thankful I get to go to Jury tomorrow and you get to stay, I do want you to make it far and I do want you to win this game
Nat – I will be fighting for you because you are my ride or die
Nat – I feel sad because I am defeated.. I’m just ready to go. If you can stay 1 more week that’s all I can ask for.
Natalie is claiming the truth when she says if she had won the veto she would have used it on James.

Natalie – I don’t want to be in this house with these people..
Natalie says she doesn’t care if “america” loves her or hates her she only cares about what her family thinks.
Nat – Paul called Michelle a c***t on TV
James – I know I was there… I didn’t want to work with Paul and Victor there was a lot of reasons.. Paul shitted on you he shitted on Michelle I guarantee he talked about backdooring me ..
Natalie says the only reason she put paul up was because she thought he was targeting James, “I did what I had to do”
Nat – I liked you and I never used you, that’s what I’m really hurt about Last night things you said just really .. kinda sucked. kinda broke my heart a little bit.. I know I hurt you cause how I am but you really hurt me last night.
Jae s- I can’t go back in time to change things, like I said none of my intentions were never to make you upset I was really hurt at the time.
Nat – you called me catty
Jame s- that is a word that is gettign tossed around all summer.. My roomate would say I never use the word in my life catty
Nat – I didn’t know who you were last night it was scary

Nat – you think I can fake my feelings for you
James – no I didn’t say that .. just hot and cold
Nat – thats how I am this game has brought out the craziest emotions for me.
Nat – I wasn’t strong enough for this game.. I’m sorry

James blames a lot of the drama on the block and miscommunication.
James- I apologize as a human being and as a friend.. I didn’t come in here I was looking for a showmance… I told America.. told my Family.. I’m coming in here for that 500K it’s business.

James- but hey I got into a showmance.. things change.. I met a really cool special girl.. I didn’t think one of you existed
Nat – most girls use guys for what they have most girls use guys for money.. I know a lot of girls that say no to guys that get them a small ring..
Nat – never cared about the ring never cared about money if someone treats me well that all.. I never ask for anything

James- if I could change things I would
nat – I don’t want to change this.. I don’t want to be here anymore..

Nat – people in this house think I’m a secret genius that’s amazing.. feels nice.. when I’m really not.
Nat – a showmance was fun.. it’s sad sometimes but it’s fun, in this game it’s very tough.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-07 15-23-06-934
3:21pm Kitchen
Natalie – I think i’m going to write a book when I get out of here
James – I’ll buy it
James says his roommate always tells him he should write a book.
Natalie says she would buy it.
Nat – my life is so outrageous and crazy.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-07 16-18-17-714

4:18pm CARDS!!!!!!!!

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-07 16-25-26-864

4:24pm Natalie and James
Natalie is claiming that she didn’t toss James under the bus to Paul and Victor she implied that Nicole was the one telling her things not James.
Nat – just by campaigning to keep you it already sounded like I’m going home..

James says that is why he was telling her not to be so hard on herself because Natalie going home could have been plan from day 1.
James – just because i’m a vet doesn’t mean I know everything.
Natalie is going to tell Victor he’s the worst liar in this game because she knew she was the target after his nomination speech.

Natalie is going on about “making a HUGE game move” by putting Victor and Paul
Natalie claims that Victor is the only one that gives her a run for her money in competitions.
Natalie – you guys made fun of me and called me FT’s all summer..
Natalie thinks that everyone is “shitting” on her during their DR’s and she’s sure everyone will “Shit” on her when she leaves.
James says he’ll stick up for her.
Natalie is going to call Paul, Victor and Nicole out she’s looking for closure.
James- everybody is calling Nicole out what’s 1 more person

James says she should reach into her pocket and say “I blew Paulie’s game up… ”
Natalie says she blew Zakiyah, Paul’s and got the biggest competitor Victor out.
James suggests that Victor jury buyback was staged for drama. Production waited until Victor was in trouble before they pulled the twist.
Natalie says “they” are making a “TV show”
Natalie thinks there’s things they do for ratings.

Natalie says she went to school for PR she’s not goign to call anyone a snake she’ll present everything in a clear cut mature way.
Nat – I’m glad I ended up being myself.. being myself made me a threat..
Natalie says Corey and Nicole wold never vote against James because that blows them up she knew once they were nominated she was going home unless Veto was played.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-07 16-50-20-379

4:50pm CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s either James and Natalie having the same conversation on a 90 minute loop or the “Final4” playing Cards.

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Skips mom

Natalie is so self unaware. She is truly a very mean person to people she is suppose to care about. Her words are calculated and cutting. That is not a good person. She is impossible to converse with without her always being victim, victim, victim. She twists everything to make it about her and before you know it, James is apologizing to her. He was unsuccessful in trying to communicate several times how she had hurt him……she just gave a general I am sorry but when the heat was turned up in her, she is “done and over it”. Beware future employers and future boyfriends because she is a professional victim and has no problem distorting the truth about people for her own gain.

Another Hillary Lie

So the only question left is Does James cement his 25K for America’s Favorite tomorrow night by fake crying when Natalie gets bounced?

Dependocrat Purge

I bet James builds a shrine to Natalie after she leaves to garner some more votes.

James Again

I feel that James should not get AFP…Victor is nice and clean…Victor playing a smart strategic game he was evicted 2 times…had to battle 3 other HG the First eviction to get back into the house. Then Second eviction the odds was against him and he won to return back into the house again. Victor continues to play fair, fight to win, cook, clean, be nice and play a great game . Victor is worthy of AFP and the 500k. James have done nothing but mess up other HG game including his own game. Every HG that was in a Nomance should not win any thing. I do not feel sorry for James or Natalie…Nicole or Corey they made their bed now lay in it. Have not done nothing until now. They are not worthy of any paper (money)! I said all this to say I do not have a favorite HG at all… too many twists..flipping and flipping of HG..
have worn me completely out. So I do not have a favorite HG… which is sad this year.

Botox Pelosi

I love that they are showing what a bitch Natalie is on tonights show.


Nat is going HOME for sure. Her edit tonight was not great. Nicole fake crying in the DR “I love James he such a good person I just feel so bad” No you don’t. Nicole is way more subtle of a manipulator she plays very innocent. Heck Vic thinks her and Corey have done anything and I’m sure she will say he was just giving me a massage under the blankie. I am a good person I would never do that. Corey is getting a nice guy mastermind edit umm no Paul’s getting a great edit now as well. Ugh Victoe for the win and James for 2nd place even though James is getting on my last nerve.


Nat is mad at herself because her “gut” told her to trust Paul & Vic.

Nat allowed herself to be talked into something that she did not want to do by James and Nicole — because Nat trusted James.

Then, when Nat and Michelle talked to Paul & Vic after nominations — Nat said “they (Nicole & Corey) got us (Michelle & herself/Nat/) — Nat has asked James:

“Do you and Nicole secretly have something” — as in “Do you, James, and Nicole have a F2 Deal” — with James saying “No.”

Nat was upset when James gave Nicole the HOH. Had James won — Vic & Paul would have come to James with the offer of a strong F4 the same way that Vic & Paul did with the HOH that James gave to Nicole.

Right now, Corey and Nicole would be James/Nat had James not had given Nicole the HOH designed for James to win.

Now, there is someone shouting into the backyard “James and Nicole have a F2 Deal.”

Nat is mad at herself. She could have skipped over this if when she was HOH she would have listened to herself, to her intuition, to her “gut” instead of handing over her power to someone else (James).

Nat has probably made mistakes in life by handing her power over to people when she knew better. Now when she has a half million dollars at her fingertips – she failed herself by repeating her mistake again (handing over her power and not trusting herself).

Nat is correct. If she would have stayed true to herself when she was HOH and not allowed herself to be influenced by James she would not be in this position. When James influenced Nat’s HOH — James was not watching out for Nat, James was watching out for himself. Then James — after not admitting to Nat “yeah my motivation during your HOH was to take the trust you have in me and use it to benefit NICOLE’S GAME” – GIVES Nicole his HOH. Nicole could have very easily nominated Nat that week with Nat being evicting (as Paul, Vic, Corey, and Nicole have pointed out to James when James whines to them about Nat).

James knows that he is wrong. If James was confident in “it is just bad luck that we were nominated this week Nat / you are going home Nat” — James would NOT be looking for validation that he did nothing wrong from Paul, Vic, Corey, and Nicole.

James looking for validation from Paul, Vic, Corey, and Nicole is like a male philander looking for validation on cheating and lying to his wife from the mistress that he is supporting.

Again, James knows that took advantage of the trust Nat had in him when Nat was HOH to keep Nicole safe. James knows that he handed Nicole Nicole’s HOH. James knows that he did these things not in Nat’s best interest. Nat knows this too — however, James will not admit it.

Nat is frustrated because James appears to be incapable of being honest to her (Nat).

Nat is mad at herself because she had a half million dollars at her fingertips and lost it because she made the mistake of giving her power away.

Nat has every right to be feelings of anger — every human does. All Nat has asked of James is to give her some space.

It is not as though Nat has said “James you are a pathetic – waste of oxygen – low life human! You are incapable of telling the truth! I hope for the sake of your daughter that you are aware of your lies. You will not admit the truth that you used me when I was HOH just to keep Nicole safe because it was better for HER game. You will not admit the truth that you chose to give Nicole YOUR HOH. Had you wanted to win that comp you could have — and that would have been better for US AND YOU KNOW IT! Giving Nicole your HOH was not better for US – it was better for NICOLE. You are playing this game to help NICOLE GET TO F2! NOT ME, and really not yourself. I like you but you make it impossible for me because of your dishonesty. After everything – including the “NICOLE & JAMES HAVE F2” blow horn message you refuse to be honest. I hope your daughter’s mother finds a real man, gets married, and gets you to sign away your parental rights. Your daughter deserves a real man raising her – not a pathetic weasel that only lies to the people he says he cares about. Maybe you will learn when your daughter has no idea who you are, after you find a woman with zero self respect / zero self confidence to marry you leave you, when you’re old & alone and have no one! How are things going between you and Meg? Between you and your daughter’s mother? Did Meg talk to you long enough to get – how many thousands of dollars? – did your daughter’s mother reconcile with you before you got on Big Brother again because your daughter’s mother will only talk you when you have money to pay for Disney trips? Do you have anyone in your life that you do not have to have on a high dollar payroll — NO because no one wants to put up with a person who’s yellow skin matches the description of their courage – you are nothing but a yellow – good for nothing liar! Your parents threw you away – your parents did not not want you – So what! Doesn’t give you a right to not be able to tell the truth. You will not even stand up for you OWN DAUGHTER and do RIGHT BY YOUR OWN DAUGHTER. You cannot even say ‘the child I help create deserves father/daughter time’ – no, you use the excuse “I can’t take MY DAUGHTER anywhere without her 1/2 brother so if I don’t have enough money for both of them I can’t spend time with my daughter? Who does that? Who treats their own child like that? You are so full of yellow crap you yellow skin piece of crap!”

Just Me

Wow! Do you think you are taking this a bit TOO serious? What’s with the racist remarks? If anything, what James does for his daughter’s half brother is commendable! The poor child can’t understand why his sister gets to do something and he doesn’t. Check your meds.

Enough with the super-long posts!

There needs to be a character limit.


just shut the F**K UP…
i cant believe i read that friggin NONSENSE!!!
from Natalies family no doubt …WOW…
not James fault at all…she is a using manipulative hosebag!

In That Order

Tomorrow: Natalie
Next: Victor
Then: Corey…

Final Three: Paul, James, Nicole

James wins final competition, and takes Nicole..

Final two: James and Nicole.
**Remember this post when it happens**

— In That Order

Nat Nat Nat

Could she be any more self-absorbed?

Andy the Red Rat

Everything Nat is doing is her trying to get another television show.


Everything she does that looks like she’s redeeming herself is totally to save her image and propel her tv endeavors. Everything she does or says that is completely off-putting and unlikeable is real.

Tiny Trump Hands

Funny how nobody called Paulie “self-absorbed” when he was on the block and he blamed everyone else for being there. What a double-standard.


No, he was called a lot worse and rightfully so.

BB Curious

We were too busy calling him an asshole.

Dr. Phil

Assholes, by nature, are self absorbed.

Another Liberal loser

Nat is toast.


I read your comment in my Chandler Bing voice….


Big Brother is so boring now.

Another Hillary Lie

Tomorrows HOH comp won’t be boring. We should have a pretty good idea after we see this weeks noms of who is going to the end.

Pinocchio Obama

The couples control next weeks eviction because you only need one vote to evict who you want. Corey/Nicole or Vic/Paul will control the vote by winning HOH. The winning couple wins by letting their partner vote against who they want to go and even if the vote is split the HOH breaks the tie.


I know!

Would be nice if Paul/Vic changed the Big Brother Game Course and voted out James this week (with a plan that Nicole goes next).

At least then we could see the Core/Nicole fallout. Paul would go into sleuthing mode to find the “Nicole came to us (James / Nat) and said ‘Paul said target James.” We could see Paul in action “Making Nicole’s life miserable” until the F5 eviction when Nicole is evicted.

Nat, Corey, Vic, and Paul in F4 makes for a more interesting “Big Brother Game” for Big Brother Viewers.


What now….she stole Nic’s goofy glasses.

Pterodactyl in an Oilers jersey

No liked GnatGnat

Own it Gnatalie Bratty Victim

Did Gnatalie target Paul and steer Michelle towards nominating Victor all on her own during her HOH? Yes
Is it James fault Victor came back? No
Would Gnatalie really have used the veto on James? No
After veto, did Gnatalie really convincingly try to get herself voted out over James? No
Once she realized she may be the target did Gnatalie turn on James since she realized she had no more use for him? YES
Is Gnatalie being a total b!tch to James? Yes
Is Gnatalie trying to make herself look like the victim AGAIN? Yes
Do we believe she is a “good” person who was betrayed and is willing to give up her game for James? No




I know there are LOADS of James haters on this forum, but I have to say it. I still feel bad for the dude.



Nat Nat Nat

Just my opinion – but I feel like his “pain” is self-inflicted.

Arya Stark Badass

I don’t hate James but I do want him to go. I want to watch players not people looking for a girl friend,

James momma

I told him to not fall for a girl that was out of his league! It’s all on him! He deserves it. Maybe he’ll listen next time and go for somebody like that sweet Audrey from last season! I’m spanking that cute butt when he gets home!

Pterodactyl in an Oilers jersey

Not Audrey’s type.

Min O'Pause

It’s almost like watching someone piss themselves in public and being unable to do anything about it.

Nat A Lie

I agree…speaking as a fan, I actually liked James and thought he would be a fun vet to have back on….where it went downhill for James likability is the constant claims of him throwing competitions…his need to report every little comment to King Paulie (insert sarcasm)…his suspicious loyalty to Nicole…and this low grade teenage, soap opera type NoMance with Natalie…

I think at this point James has brought alot of dislike upon himself..

But I do agree, I still feel kinda bad for him…

Frank the tank

I really hope production keeps the James as AFP angle for one more week and sh*ts all over Nat Nat before she leaves for leading on poor Jamesy. She should have told him in the bumper cars, wasn’t that like a month ago. My heart hurts so much.


Natalie did NOT lead James on whatsoever. Natalie was infatuated with James when she first met him but after getting to know him better, she lost all interest. James is a weak player, lousy friend, and unloyal. James threw Natalie under the bus when he told Vic and Paul that Natalie wanted to keep Vic over Corey. Corey and Nicole overheard James, so that is the reason why Natalie is going home! A girl is allowed to change her mind about a boy she initially liked.

is there an elephant in the room or

… we’re just gonna forget what the guy with the bullhorn said?


Huh? What did I miss? Was it someone outside the walls with a bullhorn?


Bullhorn outside wall, PAUL vic James Natalie outsude heard James and Nicole had a final 2, Nat and James fought whike feeds were blocked


What did the guy with the bull horn say?

Dependocrat Purge

A priest, a rabbi and a minister walk into a bar…..

I'm Killary, & I Approve This Message

And they order FRIES!!!!


An “outsider” with a blow horn got close enough to The Big Brother House backyard that the House Guests could hear as the “outsider” screamed “James and Nicole have a secret F2.”

Nat, Paul, Vic, and James were in the backyard. Corey and Nicole were in bed together cuddling (remember, Nicole has been clear & upfront about this – Nicole and Corey do not do any of the “bad” stuff under the blanket – Corey may move his hips around but it’s because he is tall and moves his hips to get comfortable – nothing “bad” is happening under the blanket).

Nat has suspected that James has a F2 with Nicole. Nat has asked James “do you have something secret going on with Nicole?” Nat asked James specifically after her HOH and James’ determination to use Nat’s trust in James to keep Nicole safe — not because it was in the best interest of Nicole, but, because it was in the best interest of Nicole. Nat asked James about him (James) and Nicole after James gave Nicole his (James’) HOH. Nat knows had James won that HOH that Nicole and Corey would be where Nat/James currently are.

Nat has felt like James has not been honest with her about James/Nicole F2.

Now, a person with a bull horn blasts the words “James / Nicole F2” into The Big Brother backyard.

The bull horn blaster can only make Nat more suspicious of her (Nat’s) feelings regarding James not being honest about Nicole.

Vic and Paul should use the bull horn blaster’s message and evict James this week with a plan that Nicole goes next.

Not quite

Bullhorn repeated 5 times that Nicole and James have a PRE-GAME ALLIANCE. Natalie, Paul and Victor all know what was said. Corey and Nicole were in bed at the time (shocker!).

Just here for the entertainment

Bye bye Nat…
You could have gone far if you understood the game better. You win my vote for best bikini look by far.Real or not Simons right you got the looks.
Victor WAKE UP!
Nicole is going to snatch the win from you while you and Paul revel in your chum buddiness.
And that is sad .


An unpopular opinon IF sittingducks get evicted I’m rooting for James …. suprisingly


Yep. I love this game. All the opinions are GREAT! Bring it all on! I think they ALL HAVE GOOD HEARTS BUT VICTOR SHOULD HAVE THE VICTORY!


Can’t believe there are no repercussions from the bull horn message. Only thing I can think is that BB warned them there would be severe penalties if discussed. I felt sure Natalie on her own, and Paul and Victor would spend time disecting James and Nicole’s actions over the course of the season to see if the message could possibly be true.


What was the bull horn message?

Andy the Red Rat



last night someone announced over a bullhorn “james and nicole have a preshow final 2 alliance” . Everyone but nic and corey heard it. Nat freaked out on james, got called to dr,, feeds went to fish, and we never heard anything more about it – details can be found on evel dick’s twitter including video


What was the Cory and bumper car incident that bothered Natale?


Thank you Simon for answering.
Id like you to know I’ve tried different BB websites and yours is by far the best.

Beware of the showmance

James made the mistake of falling for Natalie. I believe he really fell in love with her. She was a total distraction for his game.
After Nat is evicted, James will kick in to high gear with the help of the snake :))


“Nat- it’s called being tolerate and being an adult”

2 things Nat hasn’t done all season. Bratalie..

She’s once again for the 100th time playing victim.

Dirty Harry Reid

So this next HOH will be Corey/Nicole/James versus Paul. If I was Vic I would be worrying about a blindside.


Paul was keen on getting James out this week. Paul told Vic “we can bring Nat close to us …. Nat without James will be lost.”

Paul was on the right track. Don’t know what happened.

James out F6 followed by Nicole out F5 give the potential of the most interesting Big Brother Game Play for Big Brother Viewers.

James / Nicole eviction would allow for Paul to find out “Nicole came to use and said ‘Paul said target James.” Viewers could watch Paul “sh * t” on Nicole until she evicted. Viewers would also see the inevitable break up of Corey and Nicole.

A Corey/Nat/Paul/Vic F4 will not change anything in a drastic manner. It has the potential of providing Big Brother House environment that provides viewer with the most entertainment.


Does any one think nat said over and over I campaigned to keep you here over myself to James as a strategy? James talks about Texas code and taking care of his women, shouldn’t he fall on the sword for his girl? I think nat was hoping he would tell everyone to evict him for her.

Botox Pelosi


BB Curious

I wonder how many seasons one can last on this show as a PRODUCER… can you imagine how exhausting it must be to deal with these ridiculous people acting even more ridiculous trapped in a house with all the other ridiculous people? Imagine having to constantly say things like “Paulie, please stop sticking maxi pads all over the bathroom walls….Corey and Nicole, you do realize the whole world can see you bone, right?….Michelle, please save some fiber pills for the rest of the house guests. It’s really not healthy for you to eat the whole bottle….No, Natalie, we did not see Victor disrespect you, are you sure that’s how it went down?” On and on and on. I’d be like kill me now, people.

Arya Stark Badass

Nat is really throwing james under the bus on tonights show. So much for loyalty.


No she is not throwing him under the bus. She actually went to James’ room and told him WORD BY WORD what he told the others. It’s the truth. James knows it, he openly admitted to it. I don’t know how this is being perceived as throwing under the bus. Besides, is she not allowed to play the game? Others like Paul have done 100000 times worse.

Don't Burst a Vein

Time to change medications?


Your one-liners are getting old. Think of a smarter rebuttal, you can do it.


James threw Nat under the bus when he revealed that Nat wanted to save Victor over Corey — Nicole and Corey heard James say this to Paul & Victor. After that Natalie became Nicole’s target overtly — I’m sure natalie was her target covertly to begin with.


No, Nat left out the part about telling Paul and Victor about her saying she should not have listened to James.

Marvin Gaye

So they are voting out Natalie instead of James?


These people discuss everything to death because they have nothing else to do. Therefore, it is obvious that Production has told them they are not allowed to talk about the bullhorn incident. I don’t know how much power they have, but could they have forbidden Vic and Paul to tell Corey what they heard since he was in the house sleeping? Could they tell them that they know they had already made the decision to vote out Natalie and they are not allowed to change that decision based on the bullhorn information?


It’s actually better if they didn’t find out. Nicole is a man-eating snake and she would talk her way out of it.

BB Curious

Wait, what’s the story with the fries? I missed that. JK!!!!!!


It would be interesting to watch Vic, Paul, Corey, and Nat working together to get Nicole (if the course of this game was changed with the “newbies” focussed on getting rid of the last 2 Big Brother Game “Returnees).”

Watching Vic and Paul change the course of this game – now – by voting out James with the plan to vote Nicole out next would be more interesting. Nicole is more a threat to Vic and Paul than Nat is. Right now, Vic and Paul could get Nat as their “number.” Nicole will not nominate Corey — if Paul or James (the current course for this game) win HOH with Nicole winning Power of Veto to take down Corey – Vic can be nominated and sent home.

With Vic, Paul changing the course of the game to get James out this week followed by Nicole — gives the potential for interesting feeds. Paul in his pursuit of solving “Who Said What!?” could find out that Nicole ran to James and Nat saying “Paul just said target James.”

Potentially leading to, Paul “going after” Nicole until the next eviction when Nicole is voted out in F5. Paul could “make Nicole’s life miserable” for telling James and Nat “Paul just said target James.” Nicole could huff, puff, cry, lie all she wants (of course without never forgetting to miss an opportunity to tell “Coorrreeyyyy,” “My Mom really isn’t fat. She looked bigger than she is last time too. I don’t know if it is they (Big Brother Production) does not give her enough time to prepare for filming. I’m never going to be fat. The size I am now is the fattest I’ll ever be. Maybe I weigh 100 pounds now because my cheeks are chubby. When I’m like 90 something pounds is when I’m at my regular weight. Not having a period for months probably is making me retain water. Ninety something pounds is the weight of some children. When I get pregnant, I won’t get fat.”

In other words, we would NOT – as viewers and fans of The Game Big Brother – would NOT have to endure Nicole saying to “Cooorrreeyyy,” “I really think that you are the best looking man that has ever or will ever walk this planet. I believe that you are too good for me. I believe that your family is better than my family. I am embarrassed by my family because I think you see my family and think “ewww – Nicole is a nice girl and everything but her family looks like Walmart lower class. I need to be with a Nordstrom middle class family at minimum.”

Hopefully, Paul and Vic will have “a moment of genius” leading them decide to vote out James then get Nicole out F5.


Lets keep their families out of it. They’re not on trial. I mean not on BB.
And Nicole told Natalie and James that “Paulie” told Paul to go after James and that she was there but she wasn’t going to target James.
Which Paul knows is true. And thats exactly what James told Paul recently in the HOH room with Vic there too that Nicole said Paulie said it.


Every girl that left the bb house hates Nicole. Nicole for some reason attracts a lot of attention from the boys. I think Meech and Nat are probably the most bitter about it. As for Tiff and Dayvonne they are bitter they got outplayed by her. Nicoles outlasted Natalie and she was for sure a final three contender. I think Nat Nat played her cards too soon after Paulies eviction. Nicole has played a decent game for the amount of times she’s been called out for being a sneaky snake. I don’t think Frank is as bitter, he’s the only one who hasn’t trashed her for her late night activities unlike Jozae. I’m not even going to get into that.

Backseat Driver

Nichole played a decent game alright…….with production helping her along the way.


I agree with you. Nicole is a snake and she has mastered the art of manipulating men. It’s unbelievable. She doesn’t get along with women and she said it herself in one of the BBAD episodes. That’s why she is soon to be the only female standing. Other females (Day, Michelle…) could figure her out so she made sure to get rid of them. I don’t care what anyone says, but THIS IS the power of manipulation that some women have (and they usually come in a small, blond, delicate, innocent package). Beware of those.


why do these guys find Nicole appealing. She’s so annoying and yet, James, Paulie, Frank, Corey, Paul and Victor all really like her except Jozae lol Nicole is very flirtatious but in a way that challenges the guy to want more because she’ll ignore them and then bam gives them attention. She draws them and then withdrawals. Corey does the exact same thing as Nicole but he discreetly flirts with the woman in the house. Why do you think all the females liked him. He played the sweet charming type that can’t do wrong. Corey is hot and cold with Nicole and vice versa. They both are competive and like a challenge. Ive heard Nicole and Corey both say they like fighting because it keep the relationship interesting. Corey has met his match with Nicole and manipulating the opposite sex.

Just Me

So I don’t get it, isn’t that what’s the games about?


So ready for Nat to leave so the others can turn their nastiness on each other. I give zero f#cks to James because Nat did not lead him on. 99% of the population would have recognized the friend zone weeks ago. He chose to stay with her and in the end he used her by shifting the target from himself to her by letting “the guys” know that he agrees with their low opinion of her that she is just a fake user. He also did not respect her HOH by voting out Vic and not Corey but somehow she gets all the blame. What a creep.


In Reply to Quote: Anonymous says: September 7, 2016 at 5:38 pm
*********I give zero f#cks to James because Nat did not lead him on. 99% of the population would have recognized *********the friend zone weeks ago.

It seems as though Nat’s biggest problem with James is James not being honest with her (Nat).

Nat has questioned James having a “secret F2” deal with Nicole. Nat’s suspicions grew after James used Nat’s trust for James to influence Nat’s HOH in the best interests of Nicole’s game – after James gave Nicole HOH (which could have led to Nat being evicted that week as Paul, Vic, Corey, and Nicole point out to James).

If James was honest with Nat – confirmed what Nat already felt in her “gut,” instead of using “it’s the stress of The Big Brother Game / House getting to your head – trust me, I’ve played this game before …. now, you be honest with me, are you going to let me do what Paulie did to Z in this house and what Corey is doing to Nicole in this house to you after we get out of this house?” technique to get Nat to think about something other than “I know that James and Nicole are working together and James is lying to me and James will not be honest with me” — Nat more than likely would not go “round and round” with James.


When Vic or Paul go next week it will be karma for them for trusting Nic and keeping James. Nat won’t seem so bad after that. Especially when they watch the show and know that Nat would have targeted Nicorey while James has been loyal to Nicole all along.


Vic and Paul have no power to make James go, so why bother? Corey and Nicole control the vote.


In tonight’s episode, Nicole says: I asked her “are you a secret genius”? She (Nat) did NOOOOOT like thaaaaaat.

What a petty person Nicole is. The biggest female snake in BB history. Also, can Natalie even breath without being demonized by these petty, classless people?

Nicole and Corey need to be on the block, together. If not, F*ck CBS.

Talking to a Man Wearing a Hand Puppet

Bitter much?


Yes I’m bitter to see a season that had potential go sour. Glad do see you’re annoyed with my comment 🙂


One showmance, one bromance and James.

If James is not on the block next week …. he becomes a really important Swing vote to break up Nicorey or ViPaul.

heh heh heh …. let the games begin. I want to see Nicole try and backstroke out of this situation.

Count Chocula

I think Nicole and James have a secret alliance so Nicole/Corey and James might be sitting pretty since Victor can compete in this weeks HOH.


I was in the preseason alliance with them, we all met up before the season with Derrick and Cody.


Natalie was so disappointing! I have to admit I read her wrong for a long time. I really thought she cared about James, maybe not financially, but really cared for him. She has made it pretty clear she only thought of him as a best friend by not letting him kiss her and such. I kind of knew how she felt when he’d make comments about them having more of a relationship. She didn’t want to hurt his feelings, because he is a good guy, but at an earlier point she needed to just be honest with him and tell him how she felt. I think his comments made her uncomfortable, but by saying nothing only made things worse. Now that she has chosen this time to be so mean to him only makes her look bad. The miscommunication falls on her 100%. She’s the one who wasn’t complete!y upfront, and he was, so she doesn’t have the right now to put any blame on him at all to the way she played the game. She owes him a sincere appology and own up to her faults. And she needs to stop questioning his loyalty all the time as to if he knows anything or has f2agreements with anyone. He’s proven to be loyal, she hasn’t . Get over yourself! mature person doesn’t always play the victim to get what they want. Like I said I was fooled at first . I never thought she’d end up to his face be so blaming and mean.

Nat the Rat

Exactly Kathy! She should have told James sooner, but she was clearly using him. I have noticed that Natalie is so scripted about her life, how many times someone has to ask her out on a date before she says yes, how she is a good person, how she is always sh!t on, how she pays all the time, etc. She tried to paint a picture of herself that is disingenuous, but the live feeders see it. Especially the night when her and Michelle were in the kitchen and Natalie and Michelle put their dirty feet on the handles, on the fridge, in the ice tray and on the microwave laughing their heads off while doing it in order just to spite Victor. I think she is evil deep down because what kind of person is capable of doing something like that? Clearly not a good person.

Pterodactyl in an Oilers jersey

Gnat needs to gain 100 pounds.

Sweet Sausage

No polls…. NO DAWG!!!!!



This unspoken loyalty between Nicorey and James doesn’t make sense. It defied logic. After the megaphone incident today, I’m really starting to see that something’s fixed. Not sure what, how and why… but something’s rigged.

The Roach Coach

I think it was a pre-casting contract, both would out right to refuse to put one another up even when it made so much sense as the game developed… James and Nicole have never been close or friendly, yet the fear of God comes across them if anyone aligned with them mentions putting one or the other up… it doesn’t add up


Simon/Dawg I hope you enjoy the break that you guys should be getting this weekend when they block the feeds


Thank you! A break is so needed. I can’t wait! 🙂


Did I miss something? Is there a scheduled feed block coming up?


Paul and Vic do not control the vote this week unfortunately. Corey and Nicole do. So if they want James to stay, he stays. They need him to further their game.


I was watching an episode when Victor first met Nicole. She leaves the room, and he talks to the others about her and he says she had her chance, plus she came back on her season, and then he says sorry but you don’t get three chances to win 500,000 dollars. Thought it was funny coming from him. Want Victor to win, but if a person was final two with Victor, they should bring this up. Victor you had once said a person should not get 3 chances to win the money.


I was in the preseason alliance with them, we all met up before the season with Derrick and Cody!


Like if your a Hillary Clinton supporter, dislike if your a trump supporter

Backseat Driver

We do Big Brother here…..

A Girl Has No Name

Corey walked in that room and went right for the black pole and I didn’t see him even look at what he needed it off.I’m sorry. He had help. Can’t convince me otherwise. Big Brother production cheated all of the other HGs and especially Natalie out of that win. Re-watch it.

Fan of Nat

100% as soon as I seen that clip of Cory I knew it was rigged. They didn’t want Natalie to win..


Maybe something to do with the editing? Not that I wouldn’t have wanted Natalie to win because that would have been GREAT!

Nichole & James' PreShow Alliance

The megaphone was about the pre show alliance


omg they all use each over. corey is useing nicole..


Is it common to have been indifferent to Nicole during her season and strongly disliking Nicole this season?

On Nicole’s first season – I paid no attention to her. I did not even realize that she had a showmance.

This season – I feel as though Nicole should have been one my least favorite HGs as I feel such a strong dislike for her. A dislike that is unexplainable. I could not even state the behavior of Nicole’s that make me dislike her as a HGs and entertainer.


If James wins HOH and doesn’t put up Nicole, Paul or Victory I would say it is rigged. Even though I can’t stand Corey. But it is most likely going to be a Nicole win.

Only can wish

James and Natalie are the Bold and the Beautiful, Young and the Restlesss, Days of our Lives, and As the World Turns all rolled up into one. It was like they were auditioning for a part on a Soap Opera. I thought I was just reading a soap opera scripted.
Good Grief!!!

Yay CARDS!!!

At least we don’t have to hear those damned dominoes get rattled around by Nicole. If I could have pulled her through my tv I would have ripped off her own arms and beat her with them!