Big Brother 18 Week 11 Summary and Live Eviction Results


Last week ended with Michelle being evicted. Victor wins the Head of Household and nominates Natalie and James. He tells them it’s revenge for their backstab. Fair enough. James accepts his fate and tries to keep Natalie off the block saying he was the one that talked her into taking Victor out last week. Natalie essentially tells Victor and Paul it was all James idea to backstab them. This doesn’t have the affect they thought it make Paul and Victor want Natalie out more.

The POV is played and Corey wins, he doesn’t use it. The “Final 4” alliance decides to target Natalie this week and James next week. At this point of the game you need to win some competitions to advance so game talk 1 week deep is pretty irrelevant. (less than 2 weeks left in the game)

Wednesday night a fan with a blow horn got close enough to the wall surrounding the house to yell Nicole and James have a pre show final 2. This caused a considerable rift between Natalie and James who where in the backyard at the time. It’s apparent that the Natalie/James showmance is over but they continue to be friends. Not really surprised there.

So instead of a long winded break down here’s the essentials…
Lots of poker, lots of domino’s, Paul made fries at least twice, Nicole’s nostril will fit a loonie, Corey still boring, James still playing for AFP and Natalie’s fan club is officially shutdown.

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My Predication

Natalie goes to jury 3-0

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-08 18-26-21-966

Jeff & Jordan are special guests on the show. They talk about how she got pregnant in Mexico. She thought she was having a girl and wanted to name her Sailor. Now that they know they’re having a boy they’re not sure what they will name him. They talk about the season. Jordan thinks Victor will win BB18 and Jeff thinks Paul will win.

Next up they show the jury house. Da talks about how Z is right back with Paulie. (LOL) Da – “He’s like a fly at a picnic, he just keeps coming back. Now Bridgette and I don’t exist.” Michelle enters the jury house. She tells them about how Paul called her a c**t. They watch the endurance HOH competition.

Results from live show

Corey votes to evict: Natalie
Paul votes to evict: Natalie
Nicole votes to evict: Natalie

Evicted House Guest: Natalie

Julie reads a quote from Natalie when she was up in the HOH room talking to Paul & Vic. “I put trust in the wrong peoples hands, I really trusted James and his opinions.” And asks if she thinks it could have been perceived as throwing James under the bus. Nat says she wasn’t trying to throw him under the bus.

Will there be anything romantic between you and James? Nat says honestly it could, I’m not going to say yes or no. She says she will talk to him again if he works with Nicole & Corey. She supports him in whatever he does.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-08 18-47-22-179

ENDURANCE HOH – Slip and Slide competition: “Slide in Theater”

8 gallons of butter to fill up the large container. If they fill up the smaller container they will get a larger scoop to transport more butter per trip. Corey and Paul go for the larger container. Nicole and James are going for the smaller container.

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-08 18-50-04-450

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-08 18-56-18-899

Julie announces there will be a special eviction episode on Tuesday Sept 13th. On Wednesday there will be another eviction.

7:03pm The live feeds turn on with the house guests racing to fill up their containers.

7:10pm Victor takes advantage of the snacks and has a hot dog. Paul takes a fall and then on his way back he take another hard fall. They’re going to be really bruised up after this one. Victor “Butter not slip!”
Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-08 19-06-49-190

So far its looking like Corey is in the lead…
Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-08 19-14-49-357

Nicole is getting closer to filling up the smaller container.. (James stopped going for the smaller container.)

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-08 19-15-50-566

7:30pm – 7:35pm Nicole has filled up her smaller container but can’t get the ball out. She says that it keeps knocking more butter out but she can’t get the ball out. Big Brother blocks the feeds. When the feeds return Nicole has the bigger scooper. Paul takes a big fall and yells f**k!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-08 19-26-10-580

7:40pm – 7:50pm Corey is still in the lead. Paul is still trying to fill up his smaller container. Paul tries to grab his ball. “Its not the slipperiest thing I’ve ever fingered!” Nicole takes a hard fall.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-08 19-36-52-995

7:55pm Nicole is catching up and now has about half of her large container full. Corey is still in the lead with about 3/4 of his full.

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Corey – I didn’t say butter I said Butt hair

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186 thoughts on “Big Brother 18 Week 11 Summary and Live Eviction Results

      1. Simon! I loved your “predication”. I have to say it’s the BEST autocorrect read I’ve read in a while! It had me laughing uncontrollably for about 5 minutes. Thank u!!! It’s great to laugh after a long @ss stressful day.

        Keep up the great work with giving us the play by play.

        God bless!

  1. Natalie fan club shutdown is right. Wow that girl really showed her true colors this week. All that crap she spewed all season long and at the end of the day everything that everybody was saying about her using James was completely spot-on. I predict she won’t even talk to that kid once the show’s over unless that is, he wins the show, which we all know is a long shot at best. Thank you Natalie for sticking in and showing the world that’s exactly what stereotypical girls like yourself truly are. Fake fake fake. You had us snowed for a little bit, but when the chips were down you came back to be the person you really are. Way to show that internal ugly beneath all that external fake Beauty . Peace out in the juryhouse.

        1. High road is right – Nat sounded like she did a line of coke and a big hit of helium right before the eviction ceremony. I finally had to mute my tv because my dogs started howling. I know, mean comment, but jeez, that voice!

    1. Aww Little Jeffordan Bastard is in the oven.

      Before you all cat ladies go crazy on me. That is the actual term to describe the baby.

      1. The baby is not a bastard. They got married in March, which they plainly stated while talking to Julie. And that is an antiquated term that only narrow minded people would use.

  2. ohhhhh, i just can’t stand hearing james say “meeee ‘n Natlieee” another time. I think looking for him saying that would make a perfect drinking game…except one of them is about to go. He is such a dumb dumb.

    1. Its so hard to hear him say showmance when it never was. Its all he wants, to be cool enough to get the girl. Probably cost him 500k too. JK his gut and strat were awful. James for AWP (worst)

  3. After the veto is done and you’re still on the block the trend with these players is to lie down, pout and go out with some misguided remarks to the hg’ s.
    As much as I disliked Paulie at least he came up with some interesting stories to try and stay in.
    That was entertaining!
    Your own funeral, begging endlessly, crying and selling your soul. That’s what keeps you in the game.
    I think these young hgs have only watched the last few years and think that’s what you do.
    Possibly see something clever coming from Paul if he gets in that posistion.

        1. Z is such an idiot. Certainly wouldn’t want her teaching my kids. Seriously in what world was that push up bra an appropriate article to be wearing for tv viewing show, Know why Paulies boning her she’s a ho looking for a guy to look after her probably why no condom sex too she wants to get knocked up.

    1. Looks like bad facelift to me. She had that surgery years ago to make her eyes look less asian and now she has skin pulled so tight she looks asian again. Lol. Back off haters. I think asians are beautiful. Julie just looks too freshly done.

  4. So I know a lot of people have been hating on Natalie but am I the only one really uncomfortable with the fact that James was complaining about not being able to sleep in Natalie’s bed? I don’t know if it’s editing but I really didn’t like how James appeared in that argument. If Natalie wants to sleep by herself, respect it. I expect that from every couple.

    1. That was bad. What was worse was James calling Paulie’s sexual harassment against Natalie a “fling” that she kept a “secret” from him. I would say James showed his true colors with that comment, if he hasn’t proven himself to be a piece of sh*t numerous times already. And anyone who disagrees with me in labelling Paulie’s behavior as sexual harassment can take it up with the federal government of the United States of America, because his behavior fits the country’s legal definition.
      With Corey winning HoH, I’m all but done with this show. If James, Nicole, or Corey win, I’m not watching again. If James wins AFP, I’m not watching again. If Nicole and James are the final two, I won’t even watch the finale. I’ve never seen a season of Big Brother this obviously rigged.

  5. It’s obvious CBS is seriously pushing the showmances this season. First Rachel and Brenden and now Jeff and Jordan. I wish CBS wasn’t so stupid and realize you can’t manufacture a likable couple. Even when they tried to make Shirley Temple and Mickey Rooney a couple, it couldn’t last and the studios controlled every aspect of their lives. People can tell it’s forced.

    1. Jeff and Jordan wererare… They actually fell in love their Season… I am mean statistically it was bound to happen.
      Brenchel are in love ( 1 in a million, because honestly sane people would have killed them.)
      Dani and Oh my god what’s his name…. I totally forgot his name…. what’s his name? Oh well they are a couple.

      They want to sell Jatalie as a couple so bad… They haven’t even stayed a couple in the house… when she gets out and finds out how many times he lied to her face and betrayed her… forget about it. Natalie being pissed him this last week when they called her a brat…. She just got James number and lost her temper.

      Nicole and Corey doomed day 2 out, that is all I am saying. The only thing that would save them as a couple is if Corey got Nicole pregnant inn the house.

        1. You moron it was not Shirley Temple and Mickey Rooney it was Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney they made like 10 movies together not Shirley Temple he was a child

    2. Like always CBS cheats. Corey’s mat wasn’t as slippery or loaded with oil like the others. His was only oily along the sides. James was loaded with oil with Nicole’s being the second. Always cheating instead of letting the game play out. Why not just give the money to who they want to win!

      1. Exactly, just like the POV. He was the only one to walk In and go straight for the poles without looking around to see what was going on first.

  6. James has always been loyal to Corey and Nicole. He’s gonna join them now: 3 against Vic and Paul. If Vic and Paul were smart, they would have kept Natalie and had her join them against Corey and Victor. But unfortunately, Nicorey control the votes this week. The biggest floaters in the game have become unstoppable. It’s nauseating. At this point, if Paul doesn’t win HOH it’s game over.

  7. I’m DEAD serious: The cameras need to switch to the Jury house. We don’t care what happens in the house, Jury is more entertaining. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I miss Day.

    1. No thanks. Don’t want to suffer through Zakiyah throwing herself at Paulie and Paulie bragging about it or watch Meech sleep 20 hours/day again. Oh and don’t forget listening to Natalie tell everyone how much her heart hurts.

  8. This is the 2nd time when Natalie has talked where I had a flashback of a particular character in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

    1. He’s gonna site with Corey and Nicole. Paul and Vic are F*cked and keeping James was not in their favor, but then again they didn’t control the votes this week. It’ll be a Nicole and Corey F2, just like production wants it. I think someone, somewhere should officially complain about the last Veto comp, which was 100% rigged in Corey’s favor. Disgusting.

      1. Vic/Paul may be OK because even if one of them goes out this week the survivor will team with James next week since joining with the couple would leave you in third place and cashless.if Corey win tonight he has to sit out the next HOH and rely on Nicole. Good luck with that.

    2. Nic is winning this comp with Corey in second. James and Paul have been crawling while Nicole is jogging on the ice. James will flip to Nic for that pre-season agreement they had.

      1. Being a cheerleader is no excuse. Small children are taught about indoor voices vs outside voices. I think she’s one of those people who you can hear over the crowd in a loud bar.

  9. Ugh it is the slip and slide comp… I hate those, they take forever and are best later in the Season… way too late in the Season to do it. They for sure want Nicole to get HoH… because lets be honest that is a skating challenge that people from colder climates do better at…. ugh.

  10. So after all that big talk (Yelling and hollering about how she came for 500K and not for a boy…put Paulie on blast for playing her…as well as call him a bitch), Z is back with him????(Doing only God knows what since they don’t have to worry about any cameras in the jury house) No words….No words.

  11. God, I wanna pull for James so bad to at least make a showing as a man. Sounds like the kids been thru some stuff. Then right off the bat in the hoh he starts off last. I’m aware it’s a long challenge, but comon dude ! Just doesn’t have that ” it ” factor

    1. Well, he told Nat he’s gonna throw this comp because Corey and Nicole have his back, AND he needs to win it next week. Not a bad strategy I have to say…

    2. James may be OK. If Corey and Nicole win they will put Vic/Paul up and if Paul/Vic win they will put Corey/nicole. The couples have to be broken up.

    3. The only comps James does well in are the ones where all he has to do is stand there. James couldn’t compete with a quadriplegic in an elementary school’s rock wall climbing challenge.

      1. I am only a paraplegic and I couldn’t mess with those kids! But I bet I could still beat James on that slippery ramp in my wheelchair with one arm tied behind my back :)

      1. I was rooting for both Vic and Paul for F2, but I lost all respect for Paul when he hit an all time low by calling Meech the C word. There is no excuse for using that word. He actually showed his true colors in the heat of the moment.
        Vic for the win. That’s all I care about now.

        1. Paul would do better getting rid of his potty mouth. He’s sworn too much. Puts it on his t-shirts so thinks its his brand I guess. He thinks it defines him but it makes him immature and insecure.

  12. Way to go out with class, Nat! Totally enjoyed the summer watching you. Anyone who fillowed the live feeds each day like I did knows that you truly care for James and never thew him under the bus. So glad Mr. Jenkins will be reunited with Bridgette soon! Hope Nic is next to leave!

  13. Listening to Gnat pre-eviction and interview with Julie sent my blood sugar soaring. That girl was dripping with artificial sweetener. Obviously she did not wish to appear as a mean girl to America but hope Jamesy wakes up and realises he has been kicked to the kerb. Grow some bollocks James.

  14. I was quite annoyed watching Nat talk down to James like he’s a P.O.S. but I was soo freaking happy to see James finally get a backbone and totally call out Nat for using him!!!

  15. i wish natalie would have said
    “i put my trust in the wrong people, I believed production was helping me when they told me to put up vic and paul, i was wrong to trust to trust production, but james told me the same thing, so that’s what i did. It was only after hearing what the guy on the bullhorn said that i realized that james and nic had a final 2 and that’s why i’m here julie”.

    1. CBS wouldn’t allow Nat to say that, hence why they had her go back to the “I love jamesy” bad acting job. As you sae James was in on it too.

  16. I predict that Corey wins this HOH and will put up James, Victor or Paul. He will tell Paul and Victor, that they are the pawn and James is the target. But in reality Victor or Paul will be the real target. If Paul goes home, then Victor will get revenge on Corey and Nicole and go after them. If this happens James will be in a good spot. I think that Corey and Nicole will want James over Paul and Victor.

    1. He has to put up Vic and Paul. Otherwise if the one not on the block wins he has to put up Nicole.
      Could be a problem if James wins veto and uses it. But that wouldn’t be in James best interest to use it.

  17. Unfortunately, this is what’s gonna happen:
    – Corey wins HOH
    – Nominates Vic and James (as a pawn)
    – Whoever wins the veto gets replaced by Paul and Paul gets evicted. If noms stay the same, then Vic gets evicted (Corey can break the tie this week).
    – F3 are Nicole, Corey and James
    – Rigged 100%

        1. all anyone had to do was watch corey take the first trip to know that no one was going to beat him. then just look at nicole as a close 2nd, and it’s obvious she can see what he’s doing, and htey’ve split their efforts, with her easily going to be able to fill the saftey bowl, bam bam done.

          i guess this was the comp to throw as far as james is concerned. and i guess if anyone wants to see james in F3, this is the only way that was going to happen. nicorey control the noms, and nicorey will be controlling the votes. james could sit there all day long, and paul/vic can say F4 twice as much, but all nicorey needs to do is get one of them out, and we’ve got 3 against whoever is left, vic or paul, with 2 of them playing for HOH, not rocket science this is the time to take the shot.

    1. Problem with your turn of events. Corey puts up James {pawn} Vic {target} Paul wins POV pulls Vic down Nicole goes up.Nicole gone only thing he can do is convince Vic and Paul they need to go up and one of the four will win POV and backdoor James. Those 2 are so high on their selves they’ll probably go for it.

  18. Watching the feeds, Victor is definitely someone I would want in my corner. He is cheering everyone on. It’s like 1 big kumbaya session with the final 5

    1. He has no choice. They are the only pair that would take the other down, therefore nic would go up.
      It would be totally awesome if he put up james and vic, paul wins veto (or vice versa) , nic goes up and out… Paul or Vic is gone this week. Hopefully Paul.

  19. I’m so tired of this game being rigged. Like seriously….if Victor or Paul doesn’t win, it’ll be a sham (and shame). Production interference ruins this whole game.

  20. This comp was meant for Corey with his long legs. Production sure wants Corey to win this one. Also James is one of Les Mooves( Julie’s husband and CEO of CBS) favourite players. Paul or Victor is going home this week, Production will make sure of it.

  21. How about Corey winning puts up James (pawn), Victor or Paul. But the other one (Victor or Paul) wins POV and takes the one up down. Then Nicole goes up and gets voted out on Corey’s HOH. That would be funny.

      1. Hate to say it but I agree with you! It makes the most sense. Then who ever is left of P/V will try to win HOH and take out Cory and we are left with Nicole and James.

  22. WTH? Nic can’t remove the ball… feeds cut… we come back and she now has the large scoop? I really miss the “less staged” BB days.

  23. Paul is purposely throwing this comp.
    Doing a bad acting job while doing so.
    He’s making sure it’s Victor’s butt that goes on the block. What a freaking back stabber! I knew he was going to do that because of some of the conversations he hinted at it to victor.
    MF’er isn’t even trying.

  24. Yahoo!!!! Corey won HOH…..

    Nicole will never let Corey put James on the block……

    Victor/Paul going on the block for sure……


    I blame Victor/Paul……. should not have trusted Nicole/Corey and should have voted James out…..

    oh, well LOL

    1. the only option is for vic and paul to go up. corey and nicole will convince them this is a strategic move and one of the four will win pov and backdoor james. now we will see how smart vic and paul are and call bullshit

      1. Paul and James will be the nominations. If James goes up it will be as a pawn only. Vic or Paul is going out next.

  25. Hope nicole and corey vote out paul. Regarding the geisha james sorry i dont feel bad for rats. He destroyed natalie’s game. Best best after the show paulie and natalie would hava fling. I mean she is georgeous and rat janes? Short, rat………

    1. Vic is probably getting ready to be voted out for the third time which is too bad since he is the best player left.

  26. Yuck! Corey, the goat burner is HOH winner. Sadly, Vic/Paul go up, and one goes out. Travesty, that Nicole will be F2 with possibly the goat burner or lame James as rumored due to pre-alliance. For production to keep Corey after his horrific story, demonstrates lack of character in all sense of the word. Please america Vic for AFP or Paul, but lets stick to one vote in order to knock out lame James/ Nat/ Corey/ Nicole… I feel, as to other viewers, to old for BB and the influence production plays toward the winner AND keeping abuser Corey in the game, plus giving him edits that make him appear so kind, humorous, and all american!

  27. You’re moron it was not Shirley temple and Mickey Rooney was Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney that was the couple they made like 10 movies together when they were kids not Shirley temple… I hate when people get movie trivia wrong ..

    1. I dislike ( hate is too strong a word ) when people criticise others for mistakes yet do not correct their own spelling and grammar errors. I also dislike people who are unable to express an opinion without resorting to name calling.

  28. I called it as soon as I saw Corey take his first steps. This is what happens when you have a height advantage of more than a foot over your competitors (6’5” versus 5’2”, 5’4” and 5’6”). The integrity of this game has completely gone.

    I urge everyone to go back and watch Corey’s segment of the Veto comp, and tell me this show’s not fixed?!

    I miss the good old early season when comps were not fixed.

  29. Corey puts up James/Paul. Vic wins Veto and takes down Paul forcing Corey to put up Nicole. Paul / Vic vote Nicole out.

    Corey puts up Vic/James. Paul wins Veto and takes down Vic forcing Corey to put up Nicole. Paul / Vic vote Nicole out.

  30. Natalie wore so much sparkly stuff on tonight’s show. Maybe she’s auditioning to play Tinkerbell in a remake of Peter Pan.

  31. All Corey needs to tell Vic and Paul is the simple fact that Nicorey need to nominate the both of them together to ensure one doesn’t use the veto on the other. It’s stupid to put up James and and one of them and risk the other person off the block to win veto and remove the other, and that’d put nicorey in danger of going up on the block and going home. The best game move to ensure both stay is to nom vic and Paul. It’s not rocket science????

  32. All Corey needs to tell Vic and Paul is the simple fact that Nicorey need to nominate the both of them together to ensure one doesn’t use the veto on the other. It’s stupid to put up James and and one of them and risk the other person off the block to win veto and remove the other, and that’d put nicorey in danger of going up on the block and going home. The best game move to ensure both stay is to nom vic and Paul. It’s not rocket science????

  33. The ONLY way Corey can assure that Nicole does not go home this week on his HOH is to put up Victor and Paul. Because if he puts up one with James and the other wins POV and takes the one on the block down… then Nicole goes on the block and probably goes home. He has to put both Vic and Paul on the block so if they win veto they will use it on themself and then James would go up.

  34. All Corey needs to tell Vic and Paul is the simple fact that Nicorey need to nominate the both of them together to ensure one doesn’t use the veto on the other. It’s stupid to put up James and and one of them and risk the other person off the block to win veto and remove the other, and that’d put nicorey in danger of going up on the block and going home. The best game move to ensure both stay is to nom vic and Paul. It’s not rocket science????

    1. This is the end of P and V. Even if one of them pulls himself off the block and gets replaced by James, Nicole decides on who to evict, and if needed Corey brakes the tie. Rats do win this game after all, with help from production.

  35. Nicole haters will be happy. She is going home on Coreys HOH. Think about it. Victor, Paul and James just need to work together to win the POV. If one of those 3 win, they should pull one of the others off, making Corey put up Nicole. Then they control votes and Corey cant be HOH next week. This should actually make Nicole haters very happy. This was the worst possible outcome for her.

    1. The problem with your theory is that James won’t be smart enough to see that is his clear path to Final 3. Even if Paul explains it to him, he won’t want to do it. (I will keep my fingers crossed that you are right though!0

  36. Corey will put up Paul & Victor. Doesn’t make sense to put James up as a pawn. If Paul or Victor win Veto, they could make both of them safe. Nicole knows this & won’t let Corey put up James.

    F2: Nicole & James.

      1. That is the reason why they named themselves the sitting ducks, because THEY KNEW that they were always the target from day one. So sorry to rain on your prophetic irony. Duh!

  37. If Corey was smart he would put up Vic and Paul, with voting out Vic but I see Paul and James going up Corey is closer to Vic and has more fun then he does with Paul Nic will not vote out James really really Hope Paul goes
    I’m 100% Vic for the win

  38. Send Paul to jury for his over confident ego trip throwing a**!! He deserves to go by throwing that comp, what a total dumba**!!!

  39. Only thing to look forward to now is Paul going off on Nicole and Corey when him and Vic are put on the block together. Hope he makes them miserable.

  40. Would love to see the Jury reaction after watching last nite’s rigged Veto comp when Nat arrives.. Unfortunately it is soooo scripted, I highly doubt that Production will let us see it.

    Regardless, I think that Nat watching the tape back will realize that she actually won the Veto comp fair and square. (not a fan of Nat but the whole deal is just plain wrong imo)

    It would be great to see one of the Jury ask Corey, live on finale night, explain how he knew to go for the pipes (the correct pipes!) on the wall as soon as he entered the 1st room, before he knew what the task was! Especially if he is in F2. Loooonnnnnggggg pause, wait for it, wait for it….CRAZY EYES!

    1. I saw that too, i thought how did he know to go to the pipes before he even looked on the floor to see that he needed them. If i was Natalie i would see if i could do something legal wise about that after the show, because everybody is supposed to have an equal chance to win and that was so obvious it wasn’t even funny. Plus there’s no way Corey would be able to give a believable explanation. I guess he must have been psychic.

  41. How many times did Corey grab his crotch during this? Anyone know? That would be funny. He’s grabbed it I think on every show. I’ve never seen such a bunch of crotch grabbers in my life.

  42. Well. There it is. Time for Vic and Paul to realize they should have talked more to Nic and Corey about getting James out. James was the deciding vote on Vic’s eviction. They would have understood that. If Nic and Corey had a problem with it Paul and Vic would have known then which way Nic and Corey would go this week. Paul may have fought a little harder in this comp. hopefully he didn’t feel completely safe. Vic needed him and he just isn’t coming through in comps. Sad for Vic but he knew he should get James out and should have stuck with that with Nic and Corey

    1. doesnt matter. nobody was beating Corey tonight. comp was tailor made for him to win. broke 1 duo up tonight, now time to break up another.

  43. Nicorey in private this week said they were going to reel in James, then take out paul or vic this week as both Nicole and Corey said James is the only person in the house they would want to take to final 3.

    I guess we will see how it plays out but that was what they said privately to one another on the feeds.

  44. OMG corey wins HOH oh Lord the only way I see to ensure paul&victor does not go on the block.. if they plant seeds in his head like say that when you and nicole were sleep someone said nicole & James has a final 2 deal or say nicole wants to get rid of you something like that does he even wanna bro-it out to the finale or go with nicole idk at this point I’m rooting for paul or victor to win veto I don’t trust the snozzefest to take paul or victor down its all on them

  45. I know Nat was asking if she should share her secret. I wish James had shared it by saying in his speech, “I can say I was in bed with an NFL cheerleader.” That would have been cute.

  46. It would be awesome if vic/paul get nominated. James wins veto, takes down vic. They vot out nic…

    One can dream…

  47. okay so looks like Paul/Victor going on the block……

    If either come off the block, james goes up…..and Corey would have to break the tie to keep James safe…..
    If James wins VETO, he will not use it……

    Final 3….. Corey, Nicole, James

  48. Vic, unfortunately, is going home this week, and part of me thinks Paul may have thrown the HoH to appear less of a threat. Last night he was waffling when Vic suggested he go all out to win the HoH this week.

    Corey will put up Vic & James — telling both they are the pawn. This allows him to honor Final 4 he made with Paul & Vic & Nicole’s Final 2 with James. Thinking they are safe, Vic & James will not try to win the POV, as it will show Corey they do not trust him. Neither Nicole or Corey will use it if they win.

    So then we come to Paul — who, if he wins, will look to make a deal with Corey, because the only replacement nom is Nicole. Paul, knowing he cannot win against Vic, will agree not to use it & trust Corey, the tie breaker, to make the best move. In return, he will secure a Final 3 with Nicole & Corey. They will take the deal, Corey will vote out Vic, the comp beast, at Nicole’s urging. Thus they can honor both the new Final 3 will Paul & Final 2 Nicole made with James.

    Make no mistake — Nicole is running the game now.

  49. Please for the love of God, I hope Paul wins veto takes Vic off, Nicole is slapped on the block and Paul and Vic send her ass to jury.

  50. First a huge Shout Out to Simon and Paul for providing the best BB Online summaries available. I’ve always loved the polls done here as they seem to exactly mimic the results at CBS over the last few season. I was wondering when you will have the poll for Americas Favorite Player as once again I think that will be the gold mark for how the CBS poll plays out?

    Thanks again Dawg and Simon, Love you guys…

  51. Especially after the bullhorn announcing Nicole and James had a pre-season alliance. C’mon Paul, how stupid can you be? Put two and two together, the signs are all there!

  52. Corey will nominate Paul and Victor. Hopefully, Vic wins veto and saves himself. Corey will put up James. Vic will vote to evict James and Nicole will vote to evict Paul. Corey breaks the tie by evicting Paul. Maybe Megaphone man will come back tomorrow and tell them Nicole and James have a F2 deal. But, even if he does, Nicole won’t leave Corey’s side to give Paul and Vic a chance to talk to him. Sadly, I don’t think there’s any way P and V will both be staying this week.

  53. its ironic that nicory talk about vic being unable to stay in the house & getting evicted 2x. WTF, she is on the show after being evicted and UNABLE to return into the house.

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