Corey – “I really hope he (James) wins HOH”

POV Holder: Corey POV Competition Sept 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 5th
HOH Victor Next HOH Sept 8th
Original Nominations: James AND Nat
After POV Nominations: James AND Nat
Have Nots None

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Big-Brother-18 2016-09-07 20-15-40-701

8:14pm James and Natalie
James- I miss holding your hand
Natalier – not after last night..

James rests his pop on her boob (See image)
Natalie giggles “that’s on my boob”
Natalie says that the 4 in kitchen are talking shit about them.
James- I doubt it.. Maybe we can get the cards after they are done.. Play go fish..

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-07 20-53-00-701

8:42pm Poker

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-07 21-57-08-002

9:51pm Kitchen final 4
They comment the construction has ended in the backyard. There’s speculation about the type of filler for tomorrow’s episode.

They start talking about the blowhorn incident. Nicole thinks that James and Natalie might be a real thing now because after last night it’s the only thing that can fix them.
Paul disagrees..
Victor says you all know how James is he’s a nice guy he’ll not want to go out leaving it like that.
Paul – some people must want to blow her sh1t up.. First the blow up doll than that.. Someone doesn’t like her.
Nicole – and she gets the first care package

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-07 21-59-12-312

10:00pm Paul and Corey
Corey – we got it in the bag dude..
They agree James hasn’t been studying they are golden. Corey says James has checked out he’s going to want to leave right after natalie.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-07 22-06-22-689

10:03pm HOH Sitting ducks
Paul says if Nicole or Corey win HOH “realistically it’s 4 against 1 if one of them win preferable Corey”
Victor – I would much prefer you win HOH tomorrow.. Then we don’t have to worry about the veto at all then there’s the possibility one of them go home with the blood on our hands.
Paul says if it’s days Nicole might give him a run but if it’s the departure board he’ll win it.
Victor says Nicole will crumble under the pressure.
Victor – i’ll be they’re sweating bullets praying James doesn’t win
Paul – as long as James doesn’t win we’ll be fine
Victor – what scares me right now is that veto
Paul – dude when has he (james) won a veto
Victor – remember it’s not his first rodeo..

Paul says Nicole knows they won’t take her to the final 2 and she knows Corey and James will take her to the final 2.
Paul says he doesn’t see a world where 1 of them isn’t in the final 3
Paul called into the Diary room

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-07 22-12-37-214

10:11pm Corey and James
Corey – Man don’t get down.. It’s a game you got her this far anyways.. Just worry about moving forward.. You know the drill BRAH
James- i’m just riding it out till the end with her..
Corey – Nicole and I have your back..
James- I got y’all too

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-07 22-19-00-462

10:18pm Nicole and Corey
talking abotu teaming up with James. Nicole is worried he might turn on them. Corey doesn’t think so.
Corey – I really hope he wins HOH (James)
Nicole – you going for it
Corey – yeah

Corey – James wouldn’t stab us in the back.. he’s on our side. the good guys (back to a kraken season)
Nicole – I want to sit next to you and James cause I love you guys so much
Corey says the only problem with them winning the HOH is they lose Paul and Victor’s jury votes. Corey says he has a excuse but Nicole doesn’t
They agree it’ll be awesome when Natalie walks into the jury house because Michelle will be wanting it to be Nicole so bad.
Big-Brother-18 2016-09-07 22-23-28-048
James joins them. They tell James to now beat himself up about Natalie there’s no way they could have predicted Victor coming back.
Nicole – I’m forever grateful you kept him in this house.. I hope that I can repay you somehow..

James brings up the bumper car thing day 34. (ahh I was wrong.. Day 34 is when James asked Nicole to cuddle in the bumper cars. )
James – she said cause I hurt her so bad..

James – I’m over it i’m just trying to be cool

10:42pm James starts to share a Dallas story and all feeds flip to Natalie sleeping

When the feeds are back Paul is with them. JAmes is finishing off his story about the threesome he had in Dallas before Big Brother last season.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-07 22-54-59-205

10:55pm Tokyo Room Paul, Corey and Nicole

trying to predict the HOH. They think it’s the Big brother Luge for HOH and face morph for POV.

11:24pm Final4 in the kitchen
Paul whispering that Natalie walked by and was super pissed.
Big-Brother-18 2016-09-07 23-50-02-744
Paul – I can’t wait to bone

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Best case scenario for next week :
1) Paul wins HOH
2) Paul nominates James and Nicole
3) James wins the veto
4) Paul nominates Corey as the replacement
5) Nicole goes home.

Please happen.


My best case scenario is:
Nicole wins HoH and one between Victor and Paul is out. That’s it


Best case scenario is James wins
Probably puts up Vic and Paul
Paul wins POV takes himself down
James puts up Corey
Voting comes to a tie breaker
James votes out Corey for Natalie
Nicole wins next hoh
Puts up Vic and Paul
Vic wins PoV
Nicole puts up James
Vic gets revenge and evicts James
Paul, Vic and Nicole final 3
Hopefully vic wins HOH takes paul with him to F2!
If only.


Then I take out a bottle of tequila and quietly enter rehab!
Sorry Simon I don’t have the stomach for Kracken.


That’s the best case scenario for fans with favorites and villains….but entertainment fans know the best case scenario is a Corey/Nicole HOH and veto win, with Vic getting backdoored, leaving a furious Paul who actually becomes Dick, rather than just talk about it, and wins the final 4 veto, eliminating Corey, which infuriates Nicole. They all play a game of poker, claiming neither player can win without them at the end. Paul tells Nicole/James they can’t beat each other, Nicole tells James/Paul they can’t, James tells Nicole/Paul they can’t, and we all spend the end of the game as dime-store pollsters, counting votes, and arguing who has sway in jury, who’s still mad, who respects what type of game, blah, blah, blah….

This season has stunk and either couple making it to final 3 is the rotten cherry on a sh*t sundae….


as a viewer, i think best case scenario is either paul or nicorey win hoh, doesn’t really matter who gets put up, whoever is not aligned with the hoh and not on the block wins veto, takes down someone forcing the hoh’s ally to go up, either vic goes home on paul’s hoh or nicorey gets split up when one is hoh.


So you think another RATCOLE/Corey hoh would be “entertainment”? Yikes. Literally the most boring scenario there is.

Another Hillary Lie

How about Nicole wins the Head of Household and puts Corey up. Now that would be good television.


No it would be hilarious if Corey won HOH and put Nicole up. Dreamer:) I hope James wins HOH and throws Nicole and Corrrreeyyy up!

Paul and Vic...

When Nicole went to the bathroom last nite and Corey slowly followed as if he were in the dog house again, Vic & Paul were saying something about ‘never cared’ and they were laughing and smiling a lot???? I couldn’t hear it or read their lips. Anyone know what that lil convo was about??? Was it an observance about Nic & Corey and how they KNOW corey isn’t interested in her EVER?

Another Hillary Lie

Best case scenario is that James wins HOH and self evicts because he can’t live without Natalie.


I think Nic’s brother sat quiet during family time becuz him being Nic’s brother and seeing Corey repeatedly use HIS SISTER both game wise and like a one niter makes him see RED. Hearing Corey’s comments about no relationship outside the house would make any family member want to ring his neck or better yet flick matches at his lighter fluid soaked body. He was more than likely forbidden to call this out, even by his parents, who just want her to win. THIS IS SO SAD, that she is so gullible. If she continues to keep in touch with him after she finds out his behavior, she thinks really low of herself…after all , she voiced that he is above her…WHO SAYS THAT ???? I can see Corey now dissing her after the show, so he can hang around other ladies at the party…now that’s what bb should show, since this season has bored us all to drinking!


Best case scenario, is it’s slip and slide, and James goes for the Safety bucket…then the final 4 have to go after each other….

sunny dee

that would be totally awesome

but would they even have a safety option at this stage of the game.? plus too many of them will feel safe enough to go for that, like nicole might be gunning for it and she’s probably more likely beat james in that kind of scenario.

I wonder if there is any thoughts going thru vic/paul that maybe they should rope in james and consider him for F3. probably not. paul might, but vic would say , naw it looks like better tv if we ride with the F4.


Dude, I wish but I think that production has already decided who the final 2 will be Nicole & (Paul or James)… Nicole wins even though the jury hates her because “She was never on the block, and she played the best social game” The typical excuses with a lame cast. At this point the only redemption for this season would be for Paul or Victor to win.

The bird nesting in Nicole's hair

I really hope Corey gets hit by a stampede of goats after the show.

Corey's Ass-less Chaps

And that would definitely be his LAST rodeo!

badfrog 68

Reindeer would be more appropriate!


Reindeers would be more appropriate !


If James were to win HOH, do you think he will do what Natalie wanted….. remember she told him to target Nicole and Corey or she would never talk to him again….. or will he play his on game after Natalie leaves and target Victor/Paul or do something crazy, like put 1 from each side up…..

any thoughts???


James will put up Victor and Paul. He clearly has an alliance with Nicole.


As bad as I want Nicole out of there, James best option is to get Victor out! And I’m rooting for Vic but that’s James best bet

Things Change

But if you read the earlier posts, Natalie now wants him to put up Paul and Victor. I’m not sure why she changed her mind (except that she always does), but she seems pretty adamant that Paul or Victor leave. Maybe she realized James’s best chance of getting to F2 was with Nichole or Corey.


James is as clueless as Nicole is about where he stands with Nat. Clearly both these individuals have low self esteem. James may do as Natalie asked him to, cuz he is as gullible as Nicole is and thinks that will get him closer in getting into Natalies pants…

at the end of all this Nic & James will be chasing Nat and Corey all nite long at the party, becuz they believe they are now ‘couples’ outside the house.

Tiny Trump Hands

It’s really weird how much Paul hates Natalie, He can’t even hear her voice without cussing. He’s been put on the block by a number of people, but he’ll even risk his game to vote her out. Could it be that he’s PISSED because he’s the only guy that Nat had zero interest in. When Vic and Corey talk about how Natalie hit on each of them, he always gets very angry, and starts calling her every name in the book.


I think Paul liked her, and probably feels bad that he got no showmance. He tried with Bronte and failed.
Plus he really wants to bone.

Tiny Trump Hands Tiny Brain...

Lesson 1: A loud mouth short dude with a obvious Napoleon complex that cannot speak without using MF or the F-word or sh1..t every other word, and can call a woman a c.*.t on national TV– and cannot resist running his no-nothing mouth on stories a 3-yr old wouldn’t believe for self-worship are insecure punks with no self worth. Who doesn’t know that–Who doesn’t get that ? ….did I mention they have tiny d**ks too. Everyone knows ay least one piece of sh**t like this, right ? I hope he has no chance of winning BB–or getting ANYTHING of value from it. He’s a punk a*s b**ch.


If James wins HOH i would like to see him put 1 person from each duo up. Maybe the stronger Players but all 4 can win veto depending on what the comp is. Ideally after Veto there are still 1 person each from the 2 duos and they have to campaign against each other & make deals to James to get his vote. Putting up 2 players from the same side puts the deal making on the safe duo side. The player that they pick to stay will then work with the duo to continue their “final4” minus 1.

James puts up Nicory- “sitting ducks” probably keep Corey as Nicole thinks more strategic than Corey and would work with James over them.

James puts up Sitting Ducks- its a toss up but i think they’d keep Paul since Vic is a beast and Paul & James are less likely to work with each other than Vic & James.And Paul is a “master manipulator” that will convince Nicory he’ll work with them to take out James.


He will team up with Nicole and Corey BC he is a weak weasel without a spine. Neither move is good for his game but on a social level, he is in a bad spot, but he is fine with letting people walk all over him in life.


The weak weasel that voted Victor out twice? It’s not his fault that Victor was able to come back.

Fact Check

Great point. How great would it be for him to vote Vic out again?

She wants the money...

If James wins the money, Natalie will be all over him after the finale….”That’s my man!!!”

If James doesn’t win the money, Natalie will be “single” and looking for a sugar daddy after the finale.

I’m serious.


Her catchphrase would be “nobody comes between me and my mans 500k “


Except the baby momma, she’s finally going to get paid all her child support. I’m sure she’ll see if she can increase the judgement as he’s now a successful TV personality.


Close but put the 500K BEFORE the “my man” Priorities man priorities!


Give me a break James!!! He is like stage 5 stalker n cant let it go abt Natalie… Look dude your staying, get your head in the game and stop worrying abt a girl who was never really into you! I really hope nicole gets put up soon and sent out cuz she is soo freaking annoying and has yet to hit the block and will skate to final 2… Def not a fan of Nicorey at all!!! Im hoping someone smartens up in there and targets nicole and corey next and unfortunately if paul wins hes stupid enough to put james up and not nicole and thinks they still have a final 4… He made a final 2 deal with nicole the other night… every1 but nat has a final 2 deal with nicole…


That’s what Nicole is!! She irritated me then, she irritates me to no ends even more this season.

Why they didn’t evict her in the beginning puzzles me through and through.


James is Super Annoying

James is driving me crazy trying to hang around and talk to her like he is. She don’t want to talk about it, so leave her alone. I get that way too when I am pissed. I don’t want to talk and the more you aggravate me trying to get me to talk, the meaner I am about what I will say to you… hoping you will just go away. Had a boyfriend like that once and hated it!!! I know why she is ready to leave! However, I think she really wanted him to leave so she could flirt with Victor, Paul and even Corey and play the game single for once. Yes, James is a huge Stage 5 Clinger. UGH!!!

sunny dee

wow just watched the show, how they edited natalie and completely removed from her any mention of nicole & corey ??? i know she did mention james, and that was there, but i also watched her doing this on after dark and i know for a fact that she stressed that nicole and corey were the ones coming to her to put up vic and paul, and that james agreed with that.

BB edit hack job completely threw her under the bus and continue to safe guard nicole from any backfire, because they also edited out where vic told them that he was still with them in spite of that. but the whole purpose of it, not so much to cover up for nicole, but to spin james as no longer being the target and someone we should all root for lol

Butters Mom

WTH is Paul doing to his nose at the kitchen table?

Butters Mom

Thanks Simon… That was really gross.

Kentucky Mom

I think he was picking his nose. The piercing is on the other side.

Butters Mom

No he was pouring water through it and it was coming out of his nostril like a faucet…. while people were trying to eat at the table.


Neti cleansing.


Why does it say Nominations ‘? And ?’ after POV?

About to upset people

CBS is full of it. So they knowingly put 2 veterans in the house that know each others families then have the audacity to put that smear campaign on tv about Natalie after not doing it to Paulie.

A person outside the house announces the Final 2 deal between Nicole and James (prior to the game being played) which of course lines up with everything that has happened in this game and you can put money that they won’t say anything about these 2.

There will also be those of you that still try to say that Natalie was using James.

At least in Nat’s case she didn’t prostitute herself out like Nicole did with Corey.

BBOnline Fan

I know it blows my mind how the feeds and the TV edits are completely different. They spin their stories however they want and pick and choose who they want to make look good and look bad. D-heads end up looking like nice guys and good guys end up looking like a’holes. It’s the ‘magic’ of TV I guess.

I’m glad I stumbled upon this site so I can see the real BB- not the smoke screened episodes they display on TV.
Go Simon & Dawg! You Rock!

Tiny trump hands

CBS knows Nat is leaving, and they know she had a good shot at winning AFP based on her CARE package votes. The edit was to help swing those AFP votes to James. That’s the only reason I can see for the negative edit, and why they chose to leave out Nat campaigning to Vic and Oaul to keep James and evict her.

Reality Check

My thoughts and prayers to good old Simon. Please give yourself a kraken for the times you got to see Nat Nat. Sure she has not been the best person the last few weeks, but the memories you have will last a lifetime. It may be the end of an era, but hey time will heal all wounds. We the Big Brother Family on this site, will always support you. To a good man, Simon.

Franks fumes

I don’t know……I just watched the megaphone clip from last night and its really odd it took about 30 seconds from the first they heard it for production to cut feeds….we all know how quick and heavy handed they are with the button these days doesn’t really seem they would be that slow to react…..phony drama drummed up by production maybe?


What are they talking about a megaphone and a blowup doll??? what happened?


Can anyone explain why everyone hates Nicole (besides her voice) I really don’t get what has she done besides float her way to the end.


She’s irritating in that she acts like she’s never done anything sketchy. She pretends she’s never betrayed anyone or done anything wrong in regards to how she treats people. She said she wasn’t her for a showmance but she latched onto Corey and acts like a 9 year old girl mooning after a 70’s era Leif Garrett or Shaun Cassidy. I dislike how it seems production is so heavy handed in protecting her as well.


Hey now! I WAS a 9 yr old girl in love with Shaun Cassidy back in the 70’s and I still wasn’t as idiotic as Nicole is with Corey! LOL


I’m saying absolutely no way if James wins HOH does he put Nicole or Corey up. Maybe and a slight maybe would he do it if Nat had approached it a different way. Been sad and pitiful and asked him to be her hero and avenge her. But flat out saying. If you don’t put them up, don’t ever speak to me again. That wrapped it up I think. James is gullable with women but I think by the look on his face that he got it finally. Once she is gone I totally see him in the DR saying sorry Nat. I just can’t put Nicole up for you. And Vic and Paul go on the block.


I must of missed something…………what did Paul mean…someone most not like her, first the blowup doll….does anyone know what he is speaking of??? As far as the blow horn, that was aimed at Nicole and James, Nicole should realize that she and James are not well liked, that someone is trying to blow up her and James’ game. Vic and Paul need to realize that they are being sent a message!!

Things Change

The blow up doll was attached to a drone that flew over the backyard. It had nothing to do with Natalie but I guess Paul is assuming since it was a female with boobs, it was some kind of bad comment on her. I think they’re assuming since Nat got the first care package which was (in their opinion) the worst package (i.e., they got progressively better), that she would be excluded from getting a better one later. Never mind, I guess, that she was chosen for one at all. I guess their logic is people hate her enough to give her a sucky care package. I think they’re just looking for reasons to explain why they (the best people in the house!) never got a care package.


The bearded hipster(Paul), a man bun guy(Vic), and a dumb jock(Corey) are gonna be the final 3…The exact ones I didn’t want and were annoyed with from the beginning… I feel like this show is so rigged. Douchebags always make it to the end. Ugh. I thought Paulie was gonna be there too, but I have a feeling they’ll bring him back too. Girls win way less than guys on this show… It gets old seeing the same battle plan play out *changes channel*


So Natalie just asked James to put up Nicole, Corey, Paul………. Babe he can’t put up the entire house you know right?


Babe…is nobody allowed to change their mind? She didn’t say all at once…duh…

Marvin Gaye

What happened where Paul n Vic decided it was best to get rid of Natalie? It makes no sense that they would want to keep James in the game over Nat? They have to know they are doomed if they keep James


They don’t really have a choice. Nicole and Corey decide who is leaving.


Vic and Paul are idiots, or they are being coy. They have to know they can’t trust James. And Vic can strongly push for nats eviction, if that is what he wants. What happened to respecting the wishes of the HOH? I think the same ruse they were going to pull on james, they instead plan to pull on Nat. Convince Nat she is going and then keep her to throw her game off. If so they are smartly waiting till the last moment to flip Nicorey. Question is will they comply if this is the plan?


That’s true to a point. The previous post is correct, keeping James makes no sense but………….

I think previous thread comments are clear James and Nicole have an F2 deal done before the show started. Nicole convinced Corey to keep James 1st. Then the other 2 jumped on board as Nat got the full knives to the back treatment. Can’t believe Paul/Vic cannot see F5 coming. V/P up and 1 goes jury. If Nicole/Corey win HOH they likely continue the rouse and James up versus Victor most likely.
Interesting possibilities at F5……Vic/James on the block and lets say Paul wins POV. Could he be talked into it not to use the veto as a sign of good faith and Victor goes home? That would be Nicoles strategy IMHO. What if James is HOH and noms V/P. Ones going home and F4 is simple. Vic wins POV or he’s in Jury. I think all scenarios if Vic is in the block eviction night he goes. I do not believe James will switch from his Nicole deal.

What this means is Nicole has a free ride F5. Reminds me of free rolling in Poker frankly. BB18 has been a bad season as far as strategy goes unless you want Nicole to be a mastermind. Watch this Dan imitation(barf). Were back at BB14 again(oh lord why?) It’s F5 this time Paul wins POV and is convinced not to save Victor who gets stabbed in the back by Nicorey. F4 everyone is taking Nicole so it’s just a matter of who among the 3 guys goes. Paul unless he is safe, If Corey chooses it’s James over Nicole. James will evict Corey if Paul safe. Nicole would have the hard choice if it’s James and Corey on the block with Paul safe. Nicole might actually vote out Corey. All said above is contingent on Paul not having the 1 vote to evict. I think the order is very dependent on how Victor left. Scenario with V/P up on eviction leaves Paul loyal to N/C F4 and James goes if available. Nicole’s only threat IMO F4 is Paul votes and Nicole versus Corey. Keep the weaker threat or Bro’s before Ho’s.

F3 if Nicole’s there she is F2. James and Corey take her IMO. The 2 guys in part 3 take her if it’s head to head. She makes part 3 loses and she gets chosen any way(Dan really?). I further think in the jury she wins all with the girls voting for a female winner. Corey in the jury is an insurance vote.

F5 pretty key as long as Vic/Paul go home I think Nicole is a lock to win BB18! Boy does that suck!!!


You’re getting thumbs down for your overly-long post


Natalie has been closer to winning comps than James is their reason. The other reason possibly is Nicory decides who goes home. If they hammer Nicory that they want James gone it could show that keeping Nat is best for their game and Nicory might think they have hidden agenda to use her to take them out, causing Nicory to start an alliance with James to take Vic or Paul out next week. So Vic & Paul are saying whatever Nicory wants to show they trust them to keep final4 deal. Vic can’t win HOH next week and they don’t want James & Nicory going into comp against Paul.
Just my thoughts anyways.


It’s not up to them. If they push Nicole/Corey (the deciding votes), they risk isolating themselves.

Marvin Gaye

It’s no risk they have a final 4 deal….. It shouldn’t matter who they push to go if they plan to get rid of both ….. Vic needs to push for James to go or else give Nicole n James the cash


Paulie had a similar thought process and said he wanted both Michelle and Zakiyah out but then fought to keep Zakiyah. That made everyone think he wanted to keep Zakiyah for his own to maintain dominance. his alliance turned on him and tossed him right behind her. Victor and Paul are not about to risk the same.

Girlie girl

Pack your bags nat time for uiu to go, go be a bitch with Michelle she’s missing you.


Yall gotta remember how we got here , you should not get credit for hiding out w your boyfriend then wake up when 7 people r left and go damn let’s start playing I can smell the money. Corey nicole, james Natalie can all kick rocks wouldn’t be happy if any of them won, At least when andy or jordan won they knew they suck ed and stayed outta people’s way, these people actually think they r good players


Jordan and Andy DON’T suck at this Game. And do you know why? Because THEY FREAKING WON. And if Nicole or James win this Game then it means that they are really food players. It’s not so much easy to fly Under the radar, so give credit to them Who understand when they needed to fly Under the radar and when to make a power move and Control the house. I honestly Believe Nicole deserves the win.


Oh I disagree about Nicole. It was very easy for her to fly under the radar. Win nothing for most the season and lay in bed with Corey 99.9% of the time.


Nic may not win any monies, but she will at least walk away with a baby or an std or another reason her home town is better known & the big PLUS she will more than likely be ‘most popular’ with the guys back home. Just saying, it is what it is.


It’s a lot easier to win when production protects you when you are a target of the HoH. Natalie’s HoH started with Nicole and Corey as the first targets until Natalie had a conversation with production. She then started to work with two people who have had nothing to do with her all season and she didn’t trust.


Nicole and James also have production rigging things for them because they’re vets. Jordan and Andy get credit over them for that.


Simon and Dawg,

It’s creepy how your site posts ads for my recent searches online. It’s event posting ads for the books my son purchased for college and the student apartment housing my son just moved to. You guys are the Big Brother of my online life!


Oh I know, it is creepy when ads display recent searches. I’m glad we have everything you need right here! 🙂

Grandma G

I get paranoid because for a while the only add I was getting was for wrinkle creams and “grandma’s one trick for getting rid of wrinkles”. I swear I never searched for wrinkle cream. I think they are trying to tell me something. Can they SEE me?

The Thought Police

Don’t you realize big brother has been watching us for years – they use “cookies” – we’re all in the BB House!


It’s called retargeting. The websites you have visited will follow you around online trying to get you to come back to their site to make a purchase.


Not sure why everyone is bashing Nat. Nat was involved in getting rid of Paulie and she put up two of the strongest players (Vic and Paul) and got Vic evicted. Nicole I agree with. Nicole and Corey have not done much except float to power. Corey has only recently won anything and the only reason why Nicole won HOH is because James handed it to her. Bashing people who are in the house is much easier then playing the game that’s for sure. On a side note, I wondered how the house guests would have fared if Nikki Grahame (especially) and Tim Dormer would have been in the house LOL



You're Not My Boy You Idiot

Hoping someone takes a shot at Paul/Vic this week! That is all.


Are you kidding me? They’ve done all the social and physical hard work in this game, they deserve F2. Nicole and Corey are floating their way to F4. It’s sickening. Nicole might be a tad bit more deserving, but Corey??? He’s this season’s village idiot.


The village idiot that wins mental comps…


Would’ve the smart thing. Depends on what the fast forward competitions are over the next few days


It’s funny because if Paul and Vic are next to go and Nic, Corey, and James are in the final 3, i’m not even going to watch the remainder of the season.


If you are correct, I will be done with this season too. Nicory and Lames do not deserve to win. I really did not like the vets returning.

So many possibilities

If Nicole/Cory wins HOH.
Should put up Vic and Paul otherwise they would have all voting power if the one not on the block wins pov and takes the other (P/V) down.
Then either Cory/Nicole has to go on the block with James and could be voted out by V/C. They should explain it to Paul that way. Otherwise he’s going to go crazy. Which could be entertaining.

If Paul wins hoh.
He should put up Nicole and Cory otherwise they would have all voting power if the one not on the block wins pov and takes the other down.
Vic/Paul has to go on the block with James and could be voted out.

If James wins hoh.
He puts both from same duo up and who he puts up will depend on were his alliance lies. Doesn’t matter about pov cause he’d be tiebreaker.

If he doesn’t care he might put up one from each duo and let them fight for veto. Then whoever wins and isnt on block would take other duo down or if the pov winner is on the block then James would have to chose sides and replace the nominee.

Can’t wait to see what the new hoh does.


Much of winning this game comes down to luck – especially as to who’s in the house with you. Nicole is the same Nicole as her last season, but this time she’s with Corey et al., making it possible for her to slide to the finish (with benefits) without getting out of bed. It’s not “good game play,” so much as the perfect group of HGs for her. But there is hope — at final two, the jury usually prefers someone who really worked for the win, unless he’s a real d*k.


if by “luck” you mean production, then yes, i agree much of winning depends on production


I think Nat pretends to be innocent like bb16 Nicole. The only diff is Nicole is more down to earth and authentic. There’s no facade. Nat on the other hand her stories are so inconsistent she can’t even tell what is real or not. Maybe she’s a pathological liar and narcissist. Does anyone else think it’s weird that she doesnt wear make up as much, puts her hair in a bun, and wears tiffs glasses. Is she trying to look like Nicole? I think deep down she hates Nicole because every guy in the house loves Nicole. She took all the guys away from Nat Nat except sloppy thirds James. Lol The only thing I didn’t like about Nicole’s gameplay is chasing after a boy, her aloofness with the females and paranoid. I don’t care she played both sides but when it blew up she should have owned it.


I thought it was in the bag for James to leave but I forgot about Nicole’s obsession with being the last girl standing.

Watch her stumble into the F2 vs Corey/Vic and be the first female to beat a male in F2. I can really see it happening too.

She’d be the worst winner ever, even worse than Booger, Steve, Rachel, Drewche.


I am just hating the edited show this year. Seems like a kiddy show. That veto comp when the losers come in with torn clothes and black on their faces was just too fake and silly. The diary rooms are dumb, the obvious bright and cheery comp hosts are irritating, and most of the comps are even kiddy time. When did Big Brother turn into such a fake show? Where’s the grit? Watch some earlier season and see how far its sunk into mindless crap. Production needs a shake-up. Give us a real reality show with some good comps. We dont need over produced sets, we need to see houseguests in real battles. Mix it up!


I know! I honestly think that the televised show is geared for pre teens… Thats what the production play to. My 10yr old niece watches and tso do her friends her friends. I was shocked, and it really creeps me right out, and I refuse to talk with them about it. Its not appropriate. However, maybe they realize the older, online folks, like me, are sick and fucking tired of these high school shenanigans… Maybe this online show in the fall might be geared towards us?? Maybe wishful thinking, but I can only hope we get some better dynamics in the housee!


Sadly I fear you may be right! It appears they are gearing it more and more for the 12-20 something crowd. Us old school fans they don’t give a crap about I am 50 and the past few years I have found it to be more and more cheesy! Might be comparable to watching the A-Team now. I thought is was so cool way back when and not that long ago I saw an old episode on and was like damn I used to watch this sh*t? The phony make-up and ripped shirts as stated above CORNY! Same tired old comps, lame “twists” shameless plugs the last couple of years for their other shows. Right down to No Game Lame James plugging it instead of maybe plugging a reason to keep himself in the game (but since he knows he is staying hey let’s use the time to plug a show for CBS) My 26 y/o daughter came in my room the other night and was like you still watch that stupid show!!!!
Oh the shame 🙂


What happened with the megaphone and doll? I didn’t see that.

Leopold Stotch

Wow! Did you watch the POV competition on the show last night? Did you notice how Corey played like HE KNEW EXACTLY WHAT TO DO?!! Someone gave Corey information on what to do in that comp!!

When he went into the room where he needed to remove 2 pipes from the wall to unscrew the manhole cover, he went straight for the correct pipes, knowing to unscrew them and use them to unscrew the manhole cover! He didn’t even pause to try to figure anything out because he ALREADY KNEW!

Then he knew exactly what he needed to do to get the key out of the sewer grate. He knew to use the water and what to use to steer it into the hole where the key was. Maybe he forgot to use the chain and wire, but obviously didn’t need it.

There is no way Corey could have beat Natalies time by over 2 minutes without knowing what to do. I wonder if Nicole told him what to do after she finished her turn and before he took his turn. I haven’t heard them talking about it on the feeds, which is why I think he may have had help from production.

If Natalie would have won that veto, either Corey or Nicole would have gone up as a replacement. This would likely have guaranteed that James goes home – AND CBS IS DOING EVERYTHING POSSIBLE TO KEEP JAMES & NICOLE in the game, and I think Corey, too, to preserve the showmance.

Ugh…I now James’, Nicole’s and Corey’s fans will hate my post, so a down vote from you is a confirmation that I’m right!

CBS – you suck dirty dog d&$k for ruining our show!


If Nicole, Corey, and James are final 3 on big brother I think we’re going to have to go much stronger than kraken. May have to break out some everclear.

Leopold Stotch

Yep, that’s what I think, too. I wonder if they have data that shows them this is the preferred final 3, or if it’s just what production (Grodner) wants.


I noticed that also. It was really obvious almost too obvious. He didn’t even try to make it look like he was examining the room. Ridiculous!!

Grandma G

Yes. Natalie won it fair and square. If you notice later Corey keeps talking about how funny it was James using up all his water and tipping the tank etc. James played before him and the only one he could have legitimately watched was Paul so Corey got to watch James play before he played and knew what to do. It stinks.

Unbelieveable HarryPotter HarryPotter

Noticed that too – it took Corey less than 2secs to enter the room, immediately go to the pipe and unscrew it and go over to the Sewer cover. Then puffff magically the Countdown Clock disappears, and only reappears a few other times on the screen. I’m pretty sure the Countdown Clock was on-screen continuously when they showed the Natalie, Nicole, James, Victor VETO comps

Unbelieveable HarryPotter HarryPotter

Noticed that too – it took Corey less than 2secs to enter the room, immediately go to the pipe and unscrew it and THEN go over to the Sewer cover. Then puffff magically the Countdown Clock disappears, and only reappears a few other times on the screen. I’m pretty sure the Countdown Clock was on-screen continuously when they showed the Natalie, Nicole, James, Victor VETO comps


Everyone was on Paulie about calling out Nat and saying she is a Jersey girl bitch. He was 100% right. Unless you are from NY/NJ you do not know how some of these girls are (not every girl from the area is this way). She was never going to have a relationship with James. She used him to get where she is now. Do you see how she is turning on him because she knows she is done. Once she had no more use for him, she only wants to be friends. What a b**ch

TX rar

Paulie is a narcissistic misogynistic, insecure little boy. No one cares what Paulie thinks or supports anything he said or did.


What was the comment about Nat and the blowup doll? Can someone please explain?


Simon, do you think that when Paul said “And now this” he was referring to the megaphone? Do they think that the megaphone was a message to tell them about Natalie? (And wasn’t it about Nicole and James?)
I was really hoping that the guys would catch on to the Nicole/James alliance!


Thanks Simon!
I’m sooo disappointed – I was hoping Vick and Paul would catch on to what’s happening!
Can I mention again how awesome it is that you guys not only run this site, but that you’re also so friendly (and funny!) Thank you!


I really hope Nat calls out and exposes Nicorey when she’s evicted, at least go out with bang if you know you’re going, we could use some excitement as well.


Expose what? Everybody knows everything. Anything they don’t they won’t even care about. She’d just make her self look stupid.


I like my toilet. We’ve been through a lot of shit together.


please Paul win HOH and make sure Victor is safe this week.

I don’t care what else happens. Longest season everrrrrrrrr


FYI. If Paul wins this HOH. Victor is only “safe” for a couple of days


But then he can win HOH in the next comp… safe for more than a couple of days!!!


Nicole needs to feel the block. She is no Jillian from BBCanada 1. I would love it if she left after Natalie. If it was by James hand, my view on him would change. Right now, I feel he hasn’t really been playing. I would rather the final 3 were Vic, James and Vic. Corey gets on my nerves. Don’t like seeing him and Nicole under the blankets. Go to jury and play there.

Leopold Stotch

Ha ha, so you want a final 3 of Vic, James and Vic? The odds of winning would definitely be in Vic’s favor! I’m guessing you mean Vic, Paul and James?! 😉


Ha ha oops, Vic, Paul and James.


Have you seen Jillian and Emmet on Amazing Race Canada? Finale is next week. Jillian has screeched her way to the finale. She’s not the calm cool Jillian we remember lol. And she is not doing all that well with the challenges. Surprising.

Things Change

It’s really disturbing to me how everyone talks about how annoying Natalie and Nichole are and want them gone ASAP. Why? What will that leave in the house? Corey is as dumb and boring as a rock in outer space, Paul is an abusive, manipulative, narcissistic rude as f**k child and not funny at all, Vic is an egotistical clean freak who’s jokes make even the cameras glaze over, and James is equally as ignorant and boring as his Texas BRAH and is standing in the path of a stampede (even though this is his second rodeo) and doesn’t even care. I would LOVE to see Nat and Nic in the F2 and show these ego maniacal men the front door as soon as possible. But, since Nat is going home, I can only hope the next 3 to be evicted leave a trail of testosterone all the way to the jury house. I know that means Nic is in F2, but at this point I would prefer an intelligent snake be there than two absolute idiots.


You may need to find another snake! This one did not know Hawaii was a state or that Waikiki was in Hawaii and on last nights show talking about not know anything about mechanics but “I think they use tools?” Not so sure I would use Nicole and intelligent in the same sentence.


Being Uninformed and being bad at geography is not the same as unintelligent.

Victor, Victor, Victor

What the hell was he thinking? James is clearly at least a number for the dumb and dumber and at worst a final 2 with either one of them. Sure they could’ve blind sided him but this way he basically gave them the knife to stab him in the back with! Paul, without saying it knows this and figures better him than me, so he screws his boy!

Natalie,Vic & Paul

Vic & Paul need to keep Natalie. She will stay loyal to them till the end. Im done after this season…now that I know its rigged.

Dependocrat Purge

It is up to Nicole and Corey as to who stays.


Yesterday Paul was sitting on the couches with Nicole, Victor, and Cory. Paul starts talking about his ex. Paul says he cant bad chicks anymore because they’ll both end up in jail. Nicole says you need to date a good girl. he agrees. It was Obvious Nicole and Paul were flirting. Cory chimes in I likes fighting and crazy chicks. Victor interupts and says that explains a lot directing it to Nicole. Cory stares at Nicole with a smile and says Nicole likes to fight. Nicole agrees and cory says it keeps it interesting. In my opinon Cory and Nicole are both dysfunctional.


And still Mr. no game lame James is in there massaging Natalie’s back (so sore from working out) and stroking her ego! After all that has gone down any guy with self respect would let her sit at her pity party by herself and be out with the rest of the house. I don’t know maybe playing the game and trying to see which couple is best to work with. Staying on both pairs good side telling them you want to work with them. SOMETHING! ANYTHING! But not no game lame James. He follows her around like a puppy dog but he is the one doing all of the petting.


Yes Corey knew exactly what to do in that veto company. Nicole just said she didn’t know where the key was until production told her where it was so Corey was also told. It’s sad that the game has turned into this by production


Ahh . Finally got my answer about James . Always knew something was up with that kid . I’m no doctor, but molestation can’t be good for future relationships. My 2 biggest issues with James were always he seemed sad or not confident, and how does a grown man fall for the Natalie shit ? All makes sense now . Lotta fuckin monsters out there. In some ways I bet $$ on that’s what happened to Nat – not saying she was abused in that sense … But I’m sure some nfl dudes prolly treated her like garbage .. Hence her victim status . No excuses… It’s the old adage, picture everybody you know carrying 2 huge, invisible suitcases of issues . My job puts me in close contact with people, and they are all a lil whacked in some form or another … Including the bro, writing this post .

Ian's Bedside Tissue Box

Revised projected eviction order:

6: Natalie
5: Vic (Corey wins HoH puts up Vic & James, noms stay, votes out Vic at Nicole’s request)
4: Corey
3: James
Final 2: Paul & Nicole
Even though Nicole is now running the house, Paul wins because the jury hates her.
Paul wins in all scenarios if he makes it to final 2 with anyone but Vic.

Vic wins in unlikely event he makes it to final 2 against any of them. Most likely to win AFP (if not, we know it is fixed for James).

Nicole wins only if she makes it to final 2 with Corey.

James wins if he makes it to final 2 with Corey or Nicole (vote will be very close tho).

Corey wins only if Nicole gets caught giving him a BJ on the cams while he talks about Harry Potter.

BB Fan2

Thanks for the laugh every time I think about Harry Potter thing it cracks me up

BB Fan2

I also think you’re probably right too


In the end, who you like means shit . Any person who watches games, sports, game shows knows…. Paul or Vic deserves this . Out of who is left I will listen to no argument past those 2. If u can justify 500 k for Nat or Corey for example .. Please lmk your thoughts ..

Anthony Shares His Weiner

Vic will set a record that will never be matched when he gets voted out for the third time.***

*** Unless production decides he deserves a Coup d’ etat.

Paddy O

Ah Paul let Victor wear his glasses I guess he found them


Not much into conspiracy .. But yikes, last night looked sketch . I do those panic room games on the regular .. Prolly done 2000 rooms in my life… The fact he had no clue ( supposedly how the frick do you know the pipes are in play if u never even looked at the sewer ? Only 2 answers.
1 .. He was told or clued in
2… Like I said, used to live in city, where my buddy ran these games, and I’ve done a million of them .. One outta every say 50 rooms I got lucky as hell and the first thing I touched was right … Prolly happened 2-4 times outta 2000.. Christ .. At least 10-20 times I had zero clue where to begin and had to ask … That’s after doing these from 2009-2014 … First one Eva he did… Right to the pipes?? Wow. Fish city


This is the first time where I realized that Big Brother is rigged. I ran the part where Corey entered the first room back 5 times. There is no way in hell anyone could have known to go straight to that pipe. NO WAY he was not informed before hand. Shocking!

Morgan LaFay

Nicole has said that if she gets to the F2 she won’t win because nobody in the house likes her. Think of the damage Natalie can do once she gets to jury; even if she embellishes it, there will be a kernel of truth that Da, Michelle, and Bridgette will get. I hope Nicole starts sweating like a whore in church on the final show. Besides, Mom and Dad will be there. Proud much?


At this part of the season the only way you are safe is if you win POV (only 2 more HOHs)


James doesn’t have to do anything because he knows Nicole will keep him. He has gone around complaining about Nat and his hurt feelings for the AFP! He is worse than a bad comedian begging for laughs!


my prediction
nattile vote out 3-0
pual wis hoh
nom james an Nicole
james wins pov
noms corey
corey vote out
Nicole wins hoh
nom victor an pual
pual wins veto
noms james
james goes home
victor wins the first hoh
pual wins second
pual wins third
pual take Nicole to the final with him vote out victor
in win the whole game


Paul will take Victor over Nicole. He knows there will be animosity with him from several folks, and he may feel that Nicole could win because a couple will vote for her because she’s a woman and they hate him. With Victor, they’ll have to choose between two buds but the level of animosity towards him will be significantly less than it would sitting next to anyone else.


Just had to do a little investigating of Natalie online to see if the NFL cheerleader story checks out. Sure enough, I went to the Jets website and looked back through their previous cheerleader squad pics, and she’s on a pic on the 2014 squad and it shows her name as Natalie. That probably explains why she got the fake boobs and is so into the eyelashes and heavy makeup. It also explains her athleticism and perkiness. I would think Paulie would know the truth as well since he knows a lot of her friends. Production probably told him not to say anything about knowing she was a cheerleader either.


Yep it’s true. She was also into dance most of her life as are most nfl\nba cheerleaders. Which is also part of the whole stage makeup thing. My daughter did dance for years and they make them wear gobs of makeup because the stage lighting drowns their face out.

Anthony Shares His Weiner

What is wrong with being a cheerleader? Give me a B……


No one mentioned at the beginning.
Last minute-
Aunt / Grandma has cancer.
Pay off parents mortgage.
Walked 20 miles to school in blizzards.
The IRS are after my parents.
Grandma needs cataract surgery.
Need a kidney transplant.
Need to pay off my student loans.
Live in a shack.
Knee, eye, back,hand surgery.
Buy tripod my dog, a new leg.
Etc, etc.


Natalie did mention having student loans. It was on the live feed a few nights ago when they were asking her about what was her secret, and if she was a secret genius. They (Paul, NIcole, Corey) were thinking since she went to Seton Hall, she was secretly smart or rich. She said she got a scholarship for all 4 years but had to take out $15K in student loans each year for room and board.


Paulie did mention his parents mortgage during his first interview with Jeff.