James “I think you’re going for some big fish this week.” Nicole “We want Vic out.”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Sept 12th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 12th
HOH Corey Next HOH Sept 15th
Original Nominations: ? AND ?
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-09 03-54-24-588

12am HOH room – Corey says I hope James comes up here in a little bit. Nicole – they’re all going to be in London, that’s why I’m worried they’re going to flip. Corey says oh that could be another thing I say… Hopefully James comes up here and says they’re (Paul & Vic) are trying to make deals with him. And then I could be like – Listen I heard ya’ll are trying to make deals with James so I have to send one of you home. Nicole – Oh what if James could just lie and say that? Corey – that would be good. Nicole – that would be perfect. Niocle asks how the heck did we make final five?! Most loved player, never sat on the block. We’ve done in some terrible situations. I’ve been in the most terrible situations with call outs. Mega Phone even .. what the heck was that?! We need to tell James that when that mega phone thing happened, Vic and Paul really wanted to vote him out. Corey – the good thing with James, we’ve been wanting to be final 3 with him for a long time. Nicole agrees. Tonight was the easiest eviction ever. She was not good for my game. Nicole – Vic has been evicted twice. He’s gotten a gillion chances to play this game. He can win comps but that’s about it. He really thinks if he is sitting in final 2 he wins. Corey – he got 3 chances, we got 1. That means his game wasn’t good enough so he had to be given 2 more chances. Nicole – he’s never survived the block. Corey – that’s another thing Vic said if he is in the final 2 he wins 500K .. so why would I let that happen!? I don’t want to be sitting next to you (Vic). Nicole – with this final 4 deal we each got a head another week. They saved us and now we saved them .. at this point we’re even. Corey – Paul hasn’t done anything.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-09 04-26-58-745
Nicole asks who is your target this week? Vic? Corey – yeah. I just have to break ya’ll up. Nicole – putting James up is the easiest option because you’re only making him mad. This (putting Vic and Paul up) you’re scariest option. Paul joins them and asks what are we doing? James and one of us up? I really don’t care if you put me up. in the worst case scenario we would both be on the block. We just need to the veto. Paul – James said Nat was after you this whole time.. you were paired with him and he didn’t tell you .. sketch! Nat’s speech was bullsh*t. Soulmates?! Corey that was so fake.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-09 04-35-25-851

12am London bedroom – James and Vic are talking about how much money they’ve given this season. He says on his season they gave 10G’s. Vic – here they’ve given 15G’s. 5 grand for the ballon, 5 grand for the comp and 5 grand for the bribe. James – I knew they put the pink balloons with 25 cents because they knew Natalie would go for it. James says hopefully I get America’s Favourite – 25K, stipend, plus 5K… that’s technically more than second place. This season has been a sh*t show so I don’t know who’s getting America’s Favourite. Vic asks when it gets down to final 4 will Corey get to play in the final HOH? James – no. That’s why its not such a great thing to win that HOH. This week its going to come down to 2 votes. And a tie breaker if it comes to that. James gets called to the diary room. Vic goes to sleep.

12:50am London bedroom – Paul talks to Vic. Vic – James is banking on America’s Favourite. Paul asks you don’t think Nicole and Corey would screw us over? Vic – not if they’re true to their word. Paul – assuming Nicole and Corey stick to their word tomorrow we go up against James. We trust you (Nicole & Corey), we know you’re not going to bone us. Vic – don’t see them boning us. In the best case scenario, the one that isn’t on the block wins veto and takes the other down and Nicole goes up. Vic and Paul go to sleep.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-09 04-41-53-325

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1:30am – 2:50am HOH room – James joins Corey and Nicole. James – I hope you got plans. Corey asks what do you think we’ve got planned? James – I think you’re going for some big fish this week. Corey and Nicole laugh. Nicole – will you not use the veto and not take one of them down? James – 100% percent. Nicole – just play dumb. I’m afraid of pots and pans this week. So please just don’t say anything. James – Vic thinks its him going up. Nicole – when the mega phone thing happened .. they got really sketched. Paul wanted us to vote you out after that. They obviously want us to go after you this week. James – OH I knew that. Corey – lets win this veto and keep it the same. Nicole – still we want Vic out. That’s the best decision. James agrees. Nicole – Unless he wins veto, then we take out Paul. James – I know Nat had to go. I feel revealed. In this game I was just clouded. I felt like I needed to follow her around to make sure she was okay. Nicole goes to the diary room. Corey tells James to win the veto. James and Corey chat about the final 3 comps. James heads to bed.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-09 04-57-21-835
4am Nicole and Corey turn off the lights and get under the covers. Nicole – are you stress about tomorrow? Corey – no. Nicole – James seems heart broken. He is already trying to get you to hook him up with your sister. He moves on quick. I think he is more sad about the situation .. that she controlled his game. Corey agrees but he’s in a very good spot. Nicole – We really don’t want to be up next to him in the endurance. Paul would be best to be up next to in the endurance but not the mental.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-09 05-10-22-210

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Victor and Paul is not good BB players. Basic game theory is lost on them.


And you is not good with grammar.


CBS is setting the stage for Victors eviction without Paul having to do it. Paul made a final 2 with Nicole already so we who watch and pay attention know that. Corey evicting Victor will not make any fans mad at Paul. Poor Paul not! Corey also wont look that bad for doing because he is protecting Nicole CBS spin. So they are boning Victor making him look like he is moving in on Nicole so he’s got to go for that reason too CBS and Corey’s excuse. Corey will go next eviction the final 3 Paul ,James, Nicole. Paul will take Nicole and all of a sudden the girls have a new found respect for Nicole’s game and she wins. Corey is nasty with “sure you can have Nicole “. Paul is nasty in so many ways people just like him because they think he is Victors loyal friend HE IS NOT. Nicole has been steered and protected all season now she is so smart..no. James well come on now better than the last 3 I guess .I want Victor to win but I don’t think CBS does


You want to talk about 2nd chances…if I recall correctly, you had a 2nd chance in your first season, and now your BACK FOR A 2ND CHANCE as vet…shut up already!


Nicole was coached by Derrick, who believes that you get to final 4 with everyone that will take you to final two. He had Cody, Caleb and Victoria. All three promised to take him to final two because he kept driving home that he wasn’t a great comp beast, he was willing to settle for 50K, he wouldn’t have any jury votes…blah, blah, blah. Same thing Nicole keeps saying. Derrick cut Caleb at 4 because Caleb very well could have beat him. Cody and Victoria were both going to take him. He just perfected his speech for sitting next to either one of them. Nicole has Corey, James and Paul convinced that she has no jury votes, and they believe it. She has to cut Victor at 5 if possible while Corey is HOH because she may not get another chance. The last 3 will take her. Her pre-game alliance with James, showmance with Corey and her latest final 2 deal with Paul. If they let her get there then they deserve to lose. She has the same argument as Derrick, very few comp wins, never been on the block, strategy to get out the biggest threats (which feeds the jury egos that she recognizes them as good players). She can do it if they don’t catch on quick.


Only reason I want Paul to continue in game is because he obvious is playing the game and not hiding under covers. I think everyone know he will stab Victor in the back if it suits his game.


I don’t think Paul’s mind was ever set on back stabbing Vic in the game.Paul was fighting for him and Vic for F2. I knew once Nat was evicted that Vic days was numbered. Nat in the house benefited Vic game more than keeping James, and Vic should of known this. best case scenario is for Vic to win POV and it will come down to Paul campaigning against James. Paul huge mistake was not starting out in that HOH not filling the big butter bowl. he wasted too much time with the small butter bowl. if Vic is evicted next, the table is set for as it was all season for a Nicole and James F2. production wins this season.


Victor is Paul’s human shield. He hides behind him and let’s him do heavy lifting (physical comps) while he rants and raves about and to the other house guests. Talk about riding coat tails. He’s the only on that benefited from Victor coming back twice. He’s his shield and the bigger target.


You are right…Paul has not hidden under the covers, but he hurts his social game every time he degrades or insults a member of the jury. Game play is not contained within the house, it extends the jury house as well, and Paul has set that house on fire.

People are saying that Victor should not have a chance to win as he has had a few chances already. However, Victors game play is all about the competitions, and perhaps a certain amount of loyalty. Corey is saying that Victor had three chances to play the game, but they have only had one so Victor wont win. The flip side is that Victor is such a good player that no one can get rid of him. That is as good a reason for Victor to win, and can be viewed as a blemish to the other competitors game. (I’m just sayin)

Southern Charm

Did Simon and Dawg get arrested where’s the updates?! I need my fix lol


I don’t understand why they are considering putting James up with Victor. If Paul wins the veto and takes Victor down then the only person going up would be Nicole. With the power to vote being in Pauls and Victors hands, Nicole could very well go home. They may have a final 4 deal but at this point, it seems a little tenuous. James is appealing to both sides of the house because they see him as a hopeless competitor, and who doesn’t want the best chance at being the final two. I suppose they could play the loyalty card and vote James out, but then Corey and Nicole will have to square off with two of the strongest players in the house to get to final three with Corey unable to compete for HOH. To have the best chance of being the final two, he should put both Paul and Victor up. Guaranteeing to breakup the formidable duo.



paddy 0

I know I am going to get thumbs down for this BUt I miss Michelle on live feeds she was so funny it is so boring now I wont to shoot myself Nicole and corey ugh


I agree she got a bad script/edit Notice Paul has his stolen sunglasses, that house is just a mess. Victor did report anything gone because he’s clean. They also took promotional pics with her and the duck so obviously they tol her to take him. Plus production told her to blow peoples game up but she’s s bad sport for doing what Paul and production said. Victor is now getting bad scripting they are making him seem creepy about Nicole. Love how some people are getting the good guy scripting Nicorey but Victor looking creepy is just wrong of them to do to him. Frustration setting in after this game CBS needs to set somethings right. Love Victor!!!


Watching her chew hangers is hardly entertaining


First the morality police about BB contestants and now the grammar police for posters? For what could be a typo.


Nothing like criticizing people for criticizing people!

Sr. Mary George

“For what could be a typo” isn’t a full sentence. It should have been appended to the previous actual sentence.

WHY is James AFP now????

WTF??? is this a fix too? same goes with care package for corey.. its insane.. what has James done all season to deserve this —> NARDA!!!!

i’d be really2 upset if it goes to idiotic James instead of VICTOR.. *rolling eyes*


OMG! James and/or Nicole are getting something their way again!? Conspiracy!!!!
Oh Please! I voted for James. I said it on a comment down below, nobody has played that great of a game so far that they deserve AFP. It’s a popularity contest. I liked James early on in the game and i agree that he spent more time thinking of Natalie than playing the game. But with that said he has done or at least been a big part of getting some of the bigger threats out. Took out Frank, Used his care package to flip votes on Z which resulted in the collapse of Paulie, Took out comp beast Vic (even thought he got back in). So what great moves did the other do?…..

Victor- he’s been a comp beast. But his social game sucked. For him to win AFP he couldn’t be in the final 2. Which means he would have be evicted 3x in a season…not really great game-play if you ask me.

Paul- From week 1, “never cared” for him. Spent half his game doing what Paulie wanted. When he won HOH he took out Da’ who was not coming after him. Being a puppet to whoever was running the house does not make him a great player.

Nicole- Annoying and sooo delusional, would never get my vote even if she had played Dan G’s game from bb14. She says she’s been in some shitty situations in the house but has never been on the block…the only reason she was in shitty situations is because everyone who tried working with her was then thrown under the bus by her and evicted.

Corey- Barely even noticed he was there for 1st half of game. He’s a total douche. But with him winning comps now when it matters i might actually vote for him if he makes it to final 3 and wins more comps in the process.


Very insightful. Completely agree with your analysis.

I’m a James fan too……Hope he wins AFP!

Oh & for all you thumbs down………….NEVER CARED!

AnyoneBUTJames for AFP

James is pathetic. Floated all season, chased a girl obviously not into him and now begging for AFP. Hope it’s his last rodeo on BB.

Oye vey...

He was AFP last year too. Victor doesn’t deserve it. He wins comps. Big whoop! Other than comps, what does he do? He has to be told who to put up and even then, he is told who his target should be. He has no original thoughts. He was so clueless to everyone in the house hating him that it took several people telling him. Only then did he change his ways, even then I wonder if it’s genuine.


So since you’re the expert on game theory, what exactly do you think Vic and paul should do at this point? They have zero control until veto. And even after veto, they may still be in the same predicament.

They have no other option than to hope that Nicole and Corey honor their final 4 alliance.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

All of you people saying the game is rigged are nuts. I’ll bet you will all complain about the veto comp being fixed just because it is nursing questions too.


I guess you didn’t see the Rachel and Jordan season.

Andy the Red Rat

I guess you don’t understand sarcasm.


yeah, this was pretty obviously nicorey’s plan since the final 4 alliance was formed. get out michelle when they’re in power so the house is split 4-2 in their favor instead of a less favorable 3-3 split or 4-2 split of which they’re on the wrong side. hope vic/paul (preferably vic) gets power at final 6 and votes out james or nicole. one of vic or paul doesn’t play in final 5 hoh, anyone but vic/paul wins it. put vic and paul up on the block. convince james to either not win pov or at the very least not use it. bam, nicorey is in final 4 with two singletons that don’t like each other.

imo nicole is the likely winner of this season. she makes it to the end next to corey, she should get votes from james and most of the female jurors who will not want to vote the same way as paulie out of spite. she may even be able to beat paul or victor in a similar manner, though corey’s probably her best shot. james potentially wins if he makes it to the end, but it’s an uphill challenge to get there as he should be all the guys’ target next week and everyone’s target the week after that regardless of who comes in fourth.

Huckleberry Hillary

When this game started I thought the vets were going to be voted out right off the bat and here we are going to the final and we have two vets in the final four. Pretty surprising.

I Still Love This Game

Next week the only safe people will be the HOH winner and the veto winner since there will only be one vote. Corey can’t compete in the next HOH so the survivor of Vic/Paul, James and Nicole are the only ones with a shot at HOH. The veto winner gets to decide who leaves, Advantage James and the Vic/Paul survivor for the HOH. The veto should be epic.

Nicole sucks

James for veto WIN!!!

Yet Another Hillary Lie

James doesn’t need the veto. He is safe this week,


The advantage to James winning POV is that he can take himself off and Paul/Victor gets put up. Imagine Paul and Victor on the same block!!!!!!! That would make for an interesting campaign.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

I’m just guessing but I don’t expect James to be put on the block unless Paul or Vic win the veto. Putting Paul and Victor up ensures Corey that one of them goes home since James is with Nicole and Corey.

Nicole sucks

James for the power of veto


i am sorry – but why the fck would anyone want James to win the POV? Him/Corey/Nicole – most non-deserving players left in the house….and sadly CBS wants to give one of those losers 500K


It would be awesome to see James win the POV, take Paul off, Corey needs to put up Nicole, and they vote her ass out. It would be priceless. Not necessarily good for James’ game, but epic TV.

Anthony Shares His Weiner

James will agree to not use the veto in exchange for not being put on the block. Victor or Paul is out this week.


If James did that and didn’t make F2 I would definitely vote him AFP.

Jake K.

The AFP poll drives me crazy. I know that last night was a poor edit of Natalie and made you feel bad for James, but Victor, the come back kid (or anyone other than James for that matter) deserves AFP. I feel like the whole point of last night’s episode was to shift that vote to him as a back-up for him. I like James as a person, and I think giving him another 25K would be great for him and his family, but this time around he just wasn’t a “player” to me.


For me James has done just as much as anyone else left in the house. Won a HOH and helped take out big threats just like everyone else. Taking out Vic back fired on him but he had no way of knowing he’d come back. At this point AFP is going to be a popularity contest, no one played a really great game this season for it to be based on that. Victor has been a comp beast but his social game sucks. And being evicted 2x and getting lucky to have 2 buybacks does not make him a great player.


It shocks me he’s at the top of the polls. I can’t stand him. He followed Natalie around like a lost puppy, and he’s not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree. I can see why he got it last year, but this year? No way he deserves it. He’s been in camp all summer long.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

I agree with everything you said but James is still going to win the money. Most viewers of the show are making their judgment from just the CBS footage and CBS gave James the Golden Edit.

Tiny trump hands

CBS definitely edited Thursday’s show to get James AFP votes. Natalie was the only BB plater to ever make it to F6 and ask to be evicted to save a fellow HG. She falls on her sword and yet James gets to play the victim.

Anoher Liberal Loser

And Victor will be the only person ever to be voted out three times in a season.

It's a F*cking Pelican!

Very true

Frank's Fart's Are Juicy

Did you see the look on James face last night when Nat said “soul mate”? He looked like a 15 year old in love. He’s an idiot just like Nicole and neither one of the deserve AFP or the 500G. They are both vets that got tied up chasing showmances with people who don’t give two sh!ts about them! They should use a picture of James on why you should use prophylactics and a picture of Nicole on why you should use body wash.

Ian's Bedside Tissue Box

There are probably at least 37 guys walking around in NJ who’ve been told they are Natalie’s soulmate….that’s why James is a tool.

Hell, from the amount of “self evicting” he has been doing lately, even Ian is convinced he is Natalie’s soulmate….


Good one, LMAO!!!!


Lmbo why would anyone vote for someone that shamelessly ask for people’s vote all season? That’s ridiculous that he even keeps asking for it. I think there’s something going on with the polls on here sometimes. Not Simon or dawg but maybe cbs has their people spamming these sites to swing people’s votes idk. Sounds crazy but the polls are never indicative of the commentors opinions on this site.


Why is it shameful? He is after all the defending champion. He’s a good person and I do for the most part love his pranks. He has brought some laughter to a pretty stale season. He doesn’t have to be told to be a nice guy…that’s why he is going to win it again.

Pinocchio Obama


Simon had mentioned that some past players have visited this site. It is time to add another. If you look at the AFP poll somebody voted for Joeza. That has to be him doesn’t it?


“Niocle asks how the heck did we make final five?! Most loved player, never sat on the block. We’ve done in some terrible situations. I’ve been in the most terrible situations with call outs.”

Most Loved player? Production should’ve never gave her or Corey care packages, now they think America loves them. Good taking out Vic or Paul, Bad that most of the jury will not be voting for Nicole unless Production gets in their heads. If Vic goes Paul has biggest chance to win…


Last night it sounded like Da was leaning toward voting for Nicole and I think Ze will too. Paul might if she’s not sitting next to Cory.
All she needs is 2 more. Bridget might be a Nicole vote too cause she thinks less emotionally and she’d like a girl to win.


That’s because of the edit cbs sent to them. Trying to make Nicole look like some bb legend. They left out the part where she would’ve lost veto if Corey wouldn’t of saved her.


That’s why they send in Dr. Will. He was a great player, but each year Production sends him in to influence the jury to vote for which ever of the Final 2 Production wants to win.


Production was also behind the 9/11 attacks

not a james fan

And if Trump doesn’t win election was fixed!

Hillary Wipes the Server

Do you think Hillary and Kim Jong-un shop at the same store?


Her saying that makes me want her to get voted out even more. I wish Corey would keep to his guy’s alliance and when Vic comes down put her *ss up! Get her done!


She didn’t mean most loved emotionally… she meant most loved physically while in the house.


Production didn’t give Nicole and Corey care packages; fans did. Just because you don’t like them doesn’t mean others don’t.

I personally think they have played a smart game. Going hard in the beginning gets you evicted. Jozea bragged before he ever did anything — gone. Frank tried to control too soon — booted. Paulie thought he was the comp beast — gone. Da tried to stir up all kinds of rumors — gone. Victor is a comp beast — voted out twice. Nicole and Corey teamed up day 1. They both each other’s strengths. Corey has the bro code working. Nicole has better radar about who is coming after them. Now it’s time to win comps and they are. That’s Big Brother.


I would agree with their Paul assessment if he didn’t happen to Occassionally get in his own way by overthinking things


So many people are rooting for Vic/Paul, but they clearly don’t understand the game and certainly don’t deserve to win. They are in final 5, banking on Nic/Corey taking out James instead of them based on a loyalty game? Laughable! I know people will get upset and defensive in responses, but be honest with yourselves….can you imagine Dan or Wil every playing that sort of game, and banking on the good will of the other duo as if loyalty matters in the least at this point when you are playing for a half mil? Just pathetic. Hate on the others all you want….but at least realize that your assessment is based on emotions, b/c you like Vic and Paul so much better. Which is sad, being that Paul is a misogynistic pig. Anyone who can root for someone who has no qualms about using the C word, esp in public, probably has some issues themselves. Vic is better, but he’s crossed the line as well. I don’t care for the goat burner, either. But there is nothing wrong with NIc or James.


I think the fact that neither Paul or Vic are the HoH, they are banking on loyalty at this point… but clearly not a lot of the HGs understand the game! Dan was one of the best players!! I’m not sure why people are so upset with Paul calling Meech the c-word. What’s the diff if he called Meech a b****? It’s still a bad word. In other countries such as England and Australia, the c-word is actually used quite frequently.


Because some labels are worse than others. And the widespread use of any behavior or policy, isn’t in and of itself a validation of its appropriateness or lack thereof. Take a good close look at history, as well as what’s going on across the world and in this country. Plenty of examples, unfortunately, as how erroneous your ‘sniff test’ is.


From dictionary.com…… All senses of this word are vulgar slang and are very strongly tabooed and censored. The meanings that refer to a woman and a contemptible person are used with disparaging intent and are perceived as highly insulting and demeaning. There are many words used to refer to people in sexual terms. However, to call a person a cunt, especially a woman, is one of the most hateful and powerful examples of verbal abuse in the English language.


I think the most annoying thing is how everybody plays a fear based game, plus their preoccupation with their 15 minutes of fame and being boringly likable rather than daringly memorable.

Paul and Vic playing the loyalty game, acting like being friends, trustworthy is strategy is just like everybody else in this season. Is it true gameplay or creating a narrative to gain sympathy and either a consolation prize or an invite back next season? They have to know splitting them is the only play that makes sense…so they’re either dumb or relying on veto for one and “popularity” for the veto loser. It comes down to casting shallow people who want to be on TV and think it’s their entry into Hollywood. BB needs mature people who know BB is 15 minutes…barely, who are motivated by money, who are insanely competitive, and who grasp psychology…and who know we’re approaching 20 years of forgettable “nice” reality TV stars.

Vic and Paul should use being a twosome to their advantage. Good cop/bad cop. The best hope is to make Nicole and Corey uncertain. Act like you know something they don’t know, that production is feeding you info, instead of being nice, be intimidating, throw everything out there including Corey’s words behind Nicole’s back, that he’s “Nat-ing” her and she’s clinging to him as a shield and the jury will see him as a mindless, controlled drone. Make super nice with James and tell him EVERYBODY thinks he’s a schmuck for getting played by Nat, then pump him up that he’s a bad*ss and needs to remind everybody (that America will love him)…because he’s dumb and will say something he shouldn’t and hopefully plant a seed in Corey that Nicole will screw him just like Nat tried to.

Anything is better than acting the victim when others play the game…all in hopes some sh*tty nightclub will give you $500 to show up on a dead Thursday night next summer or that you’ll get to play the game (badly) again….


“BB needs mature people who know BB is 15 minutes…barely, who are motivated by money, who are insanely competitive, and who grasp psychology…and who know we’re approaching 20 years of forgettable “nice” reality TV stars.” – describes Vanessa from last season


Because what else do they have to bank on? I think they’re just trying to convince themselves that Nicole and Corey won’t evict them this week (which will be a smart move). They could be up corey and nicoles asses until noms but that isn’t going to do anything. Nat staying would have been MUCH better for their game because she isn’t very close to nicole or corey, and could have certainly been easily influenced by paul and vic…. but Nicole and Corey controlled the votes last week so it didn’t matter anyway. I knew they weren’t going to keep them until F4…. they would be stupid to do so. I doubt there is anything either one of them could say to get them to not nominate both of them. If the one not on the block wins veto, the other comes down and nicole goes up and most likely out the door. What is a smart game move is to keep their mouths shut until veto is played… that way they will see if there is any way of saving their butts. Talking too much can get you in hot water especially if you’re the target.


I’m not saying they should start overplaying with Nic/Corey right now. But the thought process is weak. Esp Vic, saying that hey, they have to be loyal to us, I know they will be! They should know that they are definite targets. They should be talking to each other about how to possibly manipulate the situation. You are right, it doesn’t look good for them regardless. But actually believing that this game is about finding loyal people to advance your game to the end…snort! Derrick used the loyalty angle only in getting close to and manipulating the loyal personalities. He would have known he was in trouble if he’d let Nic and Corey get so far in the game together. I


That statement that Nicorey controlled the votes last week is exactly why showmances were targeted in earlier seasons. Being in a showmance used to be a fast tract to Bootville. Now all these idiots want to be the next Jeff/Jordan or Brenchel. The user guys like Corey can prey on a dummy like Nicole who dreams of being another girl to find her prince charming on BB while America watches her epic romance unfold on TV just to get an easy lay for the summer and if a cash prize comes with it even better! Hopefully after this season showmances will go back to being shunned and EVICTED.


Dang y’all out here thinking the C word is on par with murder hahaha


No one ever said that. Try to think critically. There’s a lot of nuance and gradations in the world. Otherwise, you can use the ‘it’s not murder’ excuse for anything. Like, maybe someone coming up and slapping you in the face for using the C word. It’s all harmless, no foul. Certainly you wouldn’t mind.


Totally agree- Paul and Vic do not have a true understanding of this game at all. Letting Nicole convince them to vote out Nat and keep James was the stupidest move ever. James and Nicole clearly have a bond that Nat at least recognized and when she didn’t go with her gut and listened to James it subsequently put her on the block. Dan would have seen this and used Nat’s anger to his advantage, cultivated that resentment and used it to take out Nicory. “Friendship” Paul is not a part of the BB Landscape. What Dan WOULDN’T HAVE DONE IS blindly vote out the one person strong enough to go against Nicory to further help Nicole/Corey’s game and keep them safer going into to the finals. Dan didn’t have to like you to utilize you and friendship and loyalty didn’t come into play when it meant voting out someone who probably WASN’T coming after him. Amateur move by Vic and Paul. James is and always will be a puppet to next female that pays him any attention. Likable as he is, he is still one of the worst bb players ever.

Just a side note – Everyone goes on about production fixing the outcome. I was on the fence about this until recently – I have watched and re-watched the Mcgyver Veto – Did anyone else notice how Corey waked into the first room and went straight to the pipe to unscrew it – no stopping to look around all this BEFORE he even looked down at the man hole cover to know that was what he might need. Very suspect !


Well said, and good to see that there are some people around who are still trying to think critically and not jumping totally on the conspiracy bandwagon. Personally I don’t believe the game is as orchestrated as people are saying. Yes, production does try to influence the game, but I doubt that they are all out invested in a particular outcome. As for Corey…eh, could’ve been it was in his line of sight and he keyed in on it. Otherwise, that sort of help would be really glaringly blatant, and I don’t think they would be able to keep that type of info from getting out. I know they sign contracts, but somewhere out there people would talk, and there would already be stories. Anyway, skepticism works both ways….not convincing oneself that everything one see fits the theory, any more than totally swallowing what the powers are trying to feed everyone. Sometimes, there really is nothing sinister going on.


Nice to see some logical comments! I agree with you completely, except when it comes to your observations of the MacGyver challenge. Because of editing, he may have walked around for a short amount of time. They don’t show every millisecond of each players run through the challenge.

I do get sick of everyone else blaming production when things don’t go their way. It’s actually ridiculous.

Sad But True

Please don’t take this as me jumping on you because I do understand that some people are too busy to watch a lot of the feeds, but, Nicole admitted that she was so confused by the veto challenge that she had to ask for help and they told her what needed to be done. Unfortunately she had already wasted a lot of time so they made sure Corey knew what to do right from the get go. He was able to figure out the puzzle so quickly because of the little ear piece each player was wearing for the comp. The voice over you heard during the episode was for the audience’s benefit and not what the house guests were actually hearing on their end. There is also not a cut in the tape from the time when Corey enters the room and goes straight to the pipes…that piece has not been edited in any way. I’m not saying people should believe every little thing is a sign of production interference, however, one should not ignore the instances when it’s blatantly obvious either. There are several previous house guests who have admitted to the production tampering. There would likely be even more but most previous players have hopes of being asked to come back and play yet another season. Again, not trying to say you are stupid for not believing there was something fishy going on…you probably just didn’t hear Nicole talking about it.

Final 2 James and Nicole

Remember in Final 4.. it doesn’t matter who wins HOH.. The important competition is POV. They have the power to who is in Final 3. If Corey gets rid of Vic NOW!!!! Who cares who wins HOH.. all it gives you is safety.. The important completion is POV. It gives you the power to evict!!!


You said “Hate on the others all you want….but at least realize that your assessment is based on emotions, b/c you like Vic and Paul so much better” But then you continue by calling Paul a misogynistic pig because he called Michelle the c word, no valid reason for Vic other than he crossed the line (not sure what line that is), and then called Corey a goat burner (which if you recall it was his friend that did that). Don’t think you are fooling anyone. You are the epitome of someone making an assessment based on emotions!


Umm, no. We all have emotions, but that doesn’t mean that we use them in place of logic. My assessment was of Vic and Paul’s poor understanding of the game, based on their adherence to loyalty. I think there are other flaws in their game play, as well. In terms of my personal like and dislike of the HGs, a person can have their preferences but still logically assess game worthiness. I don’t think James and Nicole deserve all the vitriol people are spewing against them here. But I acknowledge that James hasn’t played a good game. Nic has been mediocre, but at least she understands the basics of clearing the pathway to final 2. But that’s not even the point. People are enamored with Vic because he is funny and entertaining and a comp beast, maybe convincing themselves he’s worthy of the win. But he hasn’t strategized at all. It’s hard to believe that their position on this is not driven by emotions.


Omg I hate slutcole and goat burner! They are ruining big brother.


BIG BROTHER IS RUINING BIG BROTHER & NO ONE ELSE…Nicole & ‘pet’ this season are merely on board with the ‘free ride’ to winning a well planned out game by BB. Nicole whether she wins or not, will get her rude awakening when she sees how badly she misjudged Mr. Perfect Man…He used her in every way like a one night stand. If Corey wins, then what is this world coming to…if anything he will be called in for questioning for cheering on the torturing of an animal. He also named at least one other dude involved in that evil act with the animal who was the actual one dousing it and flicking the matches. I hope that dude he named is sweating bullets. Glad Hayden woke up and ran!


Saw this coming….how can Paul not think they would not out up both he and Vic together? Too busy talking crap and congratulating themselves.
Time to get to work on corey, Paul. Don’t make this easy for them. Now is the time to mind f%*k nicorey….come on paul, you had to see this coming and have a plan….I hope.


This is why I think the next to go is Paul


And fast because it’s going to be a shorter week.

jay cashton

Sure James. Big fish . Not the first rodeo . Texas code . Bla bla. Your a joke man . Worst casting ever. Nothing to do with personalities, he simply sucks at BB . The comps man …. So inept . In my mind a military guy ,from Texas, a father, seasoned vet looks and acts 100% of this guy . Would you pick him to save you if say these comps affected you personally in some way ? Nope . I’d rather lose than know I made finals cause I’m the loser people wanna take to beat me . I’m sorry, he’s just a straight up ” no show “


My husband and I have lived in Texas our entire lives, plus our parents and NONE of us have ever heard of any of James ‘Texas codes’. He just makes em up when he needs to lollllllllllllllllllllll.


So glad Nicorey are going for Paul and Vic. I thought they would just let them get a free ticket to final 2.

And I am honestly surprised Paul and Vic don’t see this coming. WTF?

Mister pickles

Jurors will vote the way production tells them to vote.
Don’t believe the hype–Flavor Flag.

Mister pickles



Very true! Watching Day and Z jump off the wall just proved to me that it was planned and they got offered something for doing that. I’ve watched Paulie on the wall too several times. He was faking it on the wall and was acting the whole time. But he had to make it look good for production. Production wanted Victor to go back in the game. And now production will make sure they vote for the person production wants to win. They want Nicole to win. No doubt. And they have set it up for James to atleast for 2nd place or AFP. It is really sad that viewers are seeing the way production is influencing the players in the direction production wants the events to happen. Yup this show will never be the same after this. I am not watching the next one coming up if production continues to fish and block out the feeds. I don’t have all day so when I get time to tune in I want to watch the feeds not fish or Jeff.


What in the actual f*ck??? Poor Victor, all he asks for is a little loyalty and now Nicorey won’t even live up to the alliance name.
What I am not understanding is why Vic and Paul do not sit down with Corey to discuss the fact that there WAS an announcement (5 times) about Nicole and James having a PRE-GAME Final 2. How Corey has not registered that Nicole does NOT have a F2 with him and has told him to his face that she is not taking him with her is beyond me. I guess being a McGyver level genius isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
I am #TeamVictor and I really get tired of folks saying Vic’s game is so bad he needed so many chances to play the game. Vic didn’t ask for the chances…they were twists in the game and I believe Vic’s game is that good that the HGs evicted him (he has always been a comp beast and that is what is needed now that we are in the end game) and he battled back in TWICE, which makes his game that much better. But he needs to sit, think and strategize if he wants to get any further.
Paul is simply pure entertainment, no real skills.
James…I can’t. What happened to the nice, average joe from last season?
Corey…he will be cut at F3 and I swear, that is 12 places too far.
Nicole…she will be F2 but don’t think she will win regardless who she is up against. The women are tainted against her but Da’ may give her a vote unless she is sitting next to Vic.


Production has banned them from talking about it. (Surprise, surprise). From what I gather from other live feeders, some comments have been made here and there regarding Vic Nat and Paul freaking out about the bullhorn message but then they cut to fish every time it starts to be brought up. I think they are definitely taking it into consideration but unfortunately can’t do much about it this week.

It sucks that Vic couldn’t play in the slip and slide, he could’ve beat Corey. But now it’s all about veto. I have a feeling it’s face morph veto this week. I’m not even sure Vic knows about that to study. But I sure hope he does.


That’s exactly why they waited until now to do it. I knew Corey was going to kill everyone in that comp, and Vic would have been the only person who could have beaten him in it.


You’re asking for loyalty from Nicole?! The same Nicole that was loyal to Frank, Tiffany, Da’, Michelle, James and Natalie? Its the “fools” fault for trusting her. Loyalty means dick when you get to this far. Throw that away and think strategically. It would be dumb for Nicory to leave 1 of Paul or Vic off the block. If the one not on the block wins veto and takes the other off Corey is going to have to put up Nicole. And Paul & Vic would be “fools” if they kept her. James could win the veto and do the same but Paul and Vic have won way more than him and have a better shot. If the conspiracy theorist are correct, he wouldn’t want Nicole on the block anyways.


there is nothing entertaining about Paul!!!!


he could be entertaining if he left didn’t use such crude comments. they went into this house knowing they would be watched 24/7, he should watch how he talked about woman.


OMG just kill me now. I cannot deal with Corey and Nicole til the end.


I hate reading about James assuming he’s getting AFP…then looking at the poll and he probably will. He was awful this season!


kraken season 4 sure

Misty Beethoven

Sorry, Simon, there’s not enough Krakken in the world to dull the pain of Nicole winning or James getting AFP. CBS needs to start referring to this as a scripted reality show, like the shows on Bravo. Vic’s only fault is that he is loyal and true to his word, and it’s going to bite him in the ass. I hope Les Moonves, Allison Grodner, etc are happy, but I, for one, am no longer buying what they’re selling.

Mister pickles

Vic will get AFP because James and Nicole will be F2. So James cannot get AFP.
The player sitting pretty is Paulie.He gets a third of James and Nicole’s winnings. His job now is to get the jury to vote correctly. Not that difficult.
Paulie’s Dad gets 10% from all 3. Well done!


Extremely shocked Jozea isn’t leading the poll for AFP….LOL


Me too, he’s the Messiah


Need to get Glenn AFP!


I am hoping if they out up paul or victor either one HAS to win veto! it looks like there will be a final 3 between corey, nicole and james. If Paul or Victor do not win one will definitely be going to jury 🙁 So hoping they would make it to the final three. does not look that way, best case scenario paul goes up and victor wins veto pulls him down, or vice versa. I am hoping they clue in that james, corey and nicole or working together!!!

Melissa H from So Fla

I’m not sure why they haven’t realized if Corey doesn’t put up James, then Nicole would go home if James won POV. They need to put James up w/ whoever, then if James wins POV then the dynamic duo (Paul & Vic) will be on the block. Bam….no blood on Corey and Nicole for their final 4 alliance w/ them. If they put up Paul & Vic, James wins VETO then he can pull one off replaced w/ Nicole – James and one of dynamic duo vote out Nicole.


The best reason for Corey to give Paul/Vic for putting them OTB is that he is protecting Nicole. Because at least one of P/V has to be there, he is protecting against the other one pulling down the one OTB should they win veto and then have to put up Nicole. Corey can tell P/V that James is the target so that if anyone wins veto other than James, they will pull one of P/V down and leave the other as a pawn against James. All the while keeping P/V still convinced of their Final Four alliance. And then let James know that if he has to go up that he is only the pawn. Only at the eviction will there be a blindside of either P/V and thus keep the house civil for the week. If either N/C don’t figure this out, then neither deserves the title as game player!!

Melissa from So. Fla

GOTCHA!! Didn’t think of it that way. Thanks. I can’t get a good read on who James is trying to team up with ….Corey??


Really surprised Jozea isn’t leading the poll for AFP…..LOL

Is It Over Yet??

I hope Victor wins the veto then bye Paul. Never cared. Then I hope Vic wins next HOH and puts up Nicorey and ruins Nics never been on the block cr@p. The very last one!!!! Ha Ha Ha! Then Corey gets the boot. Not my choice of F3 but Vic, Nic and James is the best we can get at this point. Then Vic wins last HOH. I think it would be funny if he took James to F2 and Nic was the last juror but really don’t care.
On another note: Not that I needed any more reasons to dislike Corey but his smarmy DR about winning the MacGyver Veto was sickening because he didn’t win it and he KNOWS it. Production helped him CHEAT!!! smh


I agree, it seemed like as soon as Corey got inside the first room he knew he had to use the pipes. Kinda odd since it took everyone else a few seconds/mins to figure that out. He went right for the pipe, then again that’s probably out of habit!


Holy sh*t was that BS last night with Natalie even more lame then James game? She talked so much about calling everyone out for hurting her heart and talking about her. On and on how many times this week we heard it. And what does she do? All smiles and giggles, “good luck everyone” “love you Jamesy” All of that had me gagging and then she prances across the stage like she is the next top model waving to the crown like miss universe!!! Too fuc*ing lame. She should have just told Julie when asked about their future, “well we will wait and see if he wins the $$$$” I know a lot of people thought she was all that and a bag of chips but man oh man that is one fake as bratty little biotch. Still Paul and vic should have kept her and dumped no game. She would have at least tried in the HOH comp and would have been more likely to work with them. But as we see from above post those three were set up from the giddy-up.


She could’ve redeemed a bit of respect by admitting she threw James under the bus in the HoH room.

You know they do televise those conversations Natalie?


When she was playing with her hair and wiggling her head, I hit mute, I knew the speech was going to be too much for me to take………the Cheer fake, turns my stomach.

Dependocrat Purge

Your right about that play Natalie put on before she left. I haven’t seen acting that good since Hillary was in front of the Benghazi committee.

Pre-Op James

Nat was as fake as imitation crab or the McRib.

Only can wish

I’m really trying to figure out how Corey doesn’t think Victor isn’t deserving of 500K because he had more chances to come back in the game. There were twists in the game by BB and Victor was evicted at the time the chances became available, so he should be punish for that? That’s crazy!!! I wonder would Corey be saying that if it was himself that came back twice.
James and Nicole CAN NOT convince me that they don’t have a pre-alliance. Now by chance James turn on Nicole(seriously doubt), but only can wish if he won the POV, use it to take Victor off, Nicole goes up, no tie-break, Nicole is evicted. Then Corey can’t play in the next HOH, then his a$$ is put on the block. Okay, I woke up from my dream. Reality is Victor and Paul are about to get screwed. I hope one of them, hopefully Victor make it to Final 2.


How convenient Corey forgets it’s Nicole’s third chance too. But her chances were handed to her by production. Vic had to win his way back.


Victor was voted out of the game … TWICE! What can’t you figure out? Typically when a contestant is voted out of this game they have lost the game. Yes, he has won comps to re-enter and yes those are part of the show but he has done enough that, typically, he would have already lost the game multiple times. I don’t get how people try to ignore basic facts or somehow excuse away how this reflects extremely poor gameplay.

Flip Floppers

Nicole, has also had THREE chances to play. Indicative of poor game play, no?


Production rigged it against her!


I think this was Corer trying to convince himself. He knows, if he was in a final two with Victor, Victor would be the winner


Dawg did Julie say there would be HOH on Tues 13 and again Wed 14


We’ll have 2 evictions this week (fast forward).


Anyone know what was said over the mega phone?? I thought I’d read all the updates but I must’ve missed that one. Anyone?

Fed up....

It was something like “James and Nicole have a pre-game agreement to be F2”


Nicole and James have a preseason final 2.


I don’t like any of these players. I want James/Nichole final 2 just to piss all the house guests off. Then, it’s it’s a toss up who wins it. Votes would be the most entertaining with half the house not wanting to vote for either of them. My guess:

Natalie: James
Michelle: James
Paul: James (because he’s pissed Nichole turned on him)
Corey: Nichole
Victor: Nichole (because he wants her when Corey dumps her)
Paulie: Nichole
Z: Nichole (because it’s what Paulie wants
Bridget: James
Day would be the deciding vote and no telling who she would vote for.

My Two Cents

IF it really came down to a final two between James and Nicole then I’m almost certain that Day would vote for James. Day and James were pretty tight and she’s never liked Nicole.


Is there any point to continue to watch this season anymore?


Great site and posters. I have off topic question, I signed up for the all access for live feeds though this site. But I can’t seem to access the feeds. It tells me not till 10 p. I thought I could watch anytime. Can anyone help to explain what I need to do. Thanks


Feeds should be working today. try resetting your computer if they still don’t work contact CBS support there might be something they can do.


If vic or paul leave… I’d actually like to see Vic and James team up against Nicole and Corey. I know not going to happen but it would be nice. I’m not a James fan I just don’t want to see Nicole or Corey float their way to F2 because they had help from production. I’d like to see productions plans blow up in their face. Or a Corey Vic F2 would be better….. get the people who already had a chance out of there. And seriously? James for AFP?? He hasn’t done anything this game that makes him worthy of that. Please people give it to someone who played the game.


So he has never survived the block, and has been evicted twice, but you still want him out instead of using him as a goat.




Nicole is the winner of BB18. This was decided on day 1. I’m too emotionally attached to stop watching the show, but i will not get into it next summer.


If that’s the case then production needs to be fired immediately.

Victor's Loyalty

Victor’s ridiculous belief that honesty and loyalty are worth anything in this house is why he’s going to lose. He’s had so many shots to take out strong players and break up couples and instead he’s used as the pawn for everyone because he would take the first deal that came to him, or go with whatever Paul wanted. Add to that he and Paul are starting to get really, really annoying with the nonchalant attitude and it makes them easy targets. I hate to say it because I can’t stand her, but Nicole has put the Jedi mind tricks on these kids like a Jedi Master. I don’t think she will win because the guys are just physically stronger than her and even her boy, Corey, knows you can’t take her to F2 if she’s never been on the block, and people in house are noticing how she’s schooled everyone.


Yeah unfortunately poor Vic doesn’t fully grasp the concept of big brother. I really wish he would’ve watched more seasons before he came on.


honesty and loyalty worked for the brigade.

Am i the only one who has a problem with production? This show is belatedly screwing over vic and paul WTH?


Ultimately it only worked for the guys that made it to final 2. Besides, Vic/Paul have the comp advantage once they get to final 4. It’s a clear victory for them from there. Was it that clear for the Brigade at the end? I didn’t see that season, but I get the impression that the Brigade members were more evenly matched. Plus, one of them went out before final 4.


I think it was pretty clear. You should go back and watch that season. It was really good. Will make you wonder what in the bell you’re watching now.


Based on gameplay alone and with who is left, I think Paul and Nicole deserve to be final 2. Corey is a follower and hasn’t made a decision for himself. Victor has been so bad he’s been voted out twice (love the guy but that’s just bad gameplay in my opinion). And I don’t even need to comment about James, we all know he doesnt deserve to win


It’s all about the Veto now and the next HOH. I’m hoping it’s not Victor leaving.


the more this season goes on the more maybe people were right that this season is rigged for Nicole and James to be final 2. This sucks

Go Victor

2nd Season BB Fan

I never believed it until I saw the MacGyver Comp. They really did not Natalie to win or chance Paul winning so only way to ensure that was to tell Cory what to do.

Franks fumes

Paul and Vic just got feed a sh#t sandwich by production…….PISSED!


The original suspense of this game has been lost now since EVERYONE knows, not just assumes, that PRODUCTION is pulling the strings…even telling “dopey” COREY to go straight to the pipe in the Macgyver room comp…and then win. He’s even amazed he wins. His girlfriend is even acts amazed. For other, it’s like playing a strategic card game knowing your opponents got cards up their sleeves and will automatically win. And there’s nothing you can do about it. What good is participating then? The problem is…the PRODUCERS fail in picking a suitable cast…so then when the show is boring, they make up new rules, interfere with secret suggestions, etc to rectify their own mistakes. Imagine playing a high stakes game in Vegas and knowing that the casino has it rigged to make the other guy win? Yet you have to play? Or for us viewers…we have to watch knowing that?


Right? I mean yeah it’s a crappy thing to call someone but no different than b*tch, wh*re, etc. I don’t get what makes the c word any worse than any other derogatory name.


Any word!!! The N word. Ooooooo. The C word. Oooooooo. Get over it people!


Paul needed to win that HOH. He is the reason either him or Vic will go. Out of the two, I hope it’s Paul.

Nicole Won Jury Buyback BB 16

I get so mad when everyone complains about Victor being given chances to return and that he shouldn’t win because he was evicted already. No one is saying that Nicole should have never been allowed to play again since she already had two chances to win after getting evicted on day 56 returned on day 63 and was re evicted on day 77. Funny how she never stands up for Vic but would have felt like it was unfair if others felt she shouldn’t have been able to win when she came back. Also, I would rather beat someone who I felt deserved to be in the final 2 than to feel like it was given to me because I took a floater to the end. I was hoping after megaphone incident that Pail and Vic would get with Rey and tell him no way r James and nice taking anyone else but each other to final 2. He needs to remember Nicole saying she wanted her Corey and James final 3 and soon after asked him if he would be mad at her if she didnt take him to final 2. At that moment i thought alright Corey, HERE’S YOUR SIGN!!! He’s too busy thinking about reindeer, dating aps, Taylor Swift and meet and greets to see what is really going on in the house!


Just to read the meltdown, I want to see Nicole and James in F2!

hear me roar

I am not offended when I am called a c*nt, because i know, if i’m called a c*nt it’s because i really f*cked you up and you are stumbling haha


Wonder if Corey received inside info on the Veto Comp. He walked into that first room and went straight to the pipe and began unscrewing it without even noticing the manhole lid. Did I see that wrong?


WTF, this is the most f**Ked up ending ever in BB.
This is my opinion
3 Losers against 2(VICTOR n Paul)
If Frank, Da and \tiffany survived it wooda been livelier
Like they say “Vanessa” you play the hand they deal you.
Want Victor for the win!!!

God Save the Queen
God Bless America

from Canada


Almost seems like this might have happened:

“Corey, since you didn’t go on Bachelor since you knew the girl, will you go on Big Brother?”

Corey, “Only if I don’t have to do anything, get a girl to grind on nightly, and win.”

CBS, “Well, Corey, Nicole needs someone to sleep with because she’s afraid of the dark (said so in her season), so we want you to go in there, pretend to like her, sleep with her, schlop around with her all you want, make it look like a showmance cause we need one for ratings, then we’ll rig it so you win at just the right time to carry her to the end because we’ve chosen her to win. Don’t worry, you’ll be compensated.”

Corey, “Deal.”


That comp was so obviously rigged it was hysterical. I mean he right straight to the pipes without even looking around the room once. I had been suspicious of production before that, that was the final proof.

Daisy Rose

Wow, it looks like James is getting America’s Favorite Player again this year. That is unless he’s in the Final 2. I want Frank to get it but I know that probably will not happen. So, I will probably vote for James.


I wish I could give you two thumbs down. One for voting for James and one for wanting to vote for Frankhole.

help..i'm a computer dummy

i freely admit i’m a computer dummy..someone helppp.. not sure what i’ve done but i no longer can see the rate this comment portion of each post. any sugestion what i need to do to correct it ? thanks

A little IT Help

Try refreshing the page.
If that does not work – close the browser and reopen
If that does not work – try a different browser – ie: Chrome, Firefox, Explorer

Not easy to troubleshoot without more information.

Men In Black

Hey Production! Your Big Brother show has lured away our most faithful informants, and although the number of alien sightings has dwindled tremendously over the summer, we’ve kinda enjoyed the break in our workload. Thanks.

Ariana Grande stinks!

James for AFP????? Are you people INfrigginSANE!?

Who are people voting? The child molesters? Neo nazis?

:: speechless ::

I hope Ratcole gets evicted 4th and they humiliate her in the jury house for a couple of days! Production is shamelessly editing to portray Ratcole as a good game player and Shames as a victim. This is def the worst season ever.


Stop eating those sour grapes, put them down & go have a cookie………


I’m not sure even a dozen cookies could help deal with this farce.

Nicole the Baby Faced Assassin

Nicole (Janelle) and Corey (Dr. Will) are probably two of the greatest players of all time. They have controlled this house since day one. They are going to get Vic’s scalp for good this week.

PS Simon/Dawg What is the thumbs down record?


I agree one hundred percent. Corey is a freaking genius!

Glenn for AFP

Why Glenn? He didn’t get enough air time for me to find him annoying. Just sayin’


Watch him on Rob has a Podcast. You will change your mind. He is so full of himself.