Nat “I almost left the game. I need to make my decision tomorrow.” James “Don’t leave the game!”

POV Holder: Corey POV Competition Sept 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 5th
HOH Victor Next HOH Sept 8th
Original Nominations: James AND Nat
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots None

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Apparently someone was blowing a airhorn in the backyard saying that Jame and Nicole had a pre show final 2… everyone but Nicorey heard.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-07 03-45-43-799

12am Backyard – James & Nat. Nat is doing her pity party again. Nat – I apologized to them and they’re still sh*tting on me. It just sucks! Like I back stabbed two people that I trust for two people that I couldn’t trust. Trust me Paul and Vic have done dirty. James – its all my fault isn’t it. Nat – no its not all your fault. I made the decision too. James – obviously its bothering you. Nat – I’m over it. I want to stay. I’m not giving up. I would have used the veto on you. It just sucks. Like I’m human, it doesn’t feel good. James – Don’t be so hard on yourself. Like when you get on that stage. Nat – I’ll be super happy. I’m going to leave on a good note. I’m happy for you. If I didn’t want you to stay, I wouldn’t have campaigned to keep you. James – I just wish you would have left it up to fate. Nat – it doesn’t matter. You were the target and I wanted to take the heat off you. I just want you to try and win the next comp. James – I will. Nat – They used us and have been sh*tting on us in the DR. Now I look like the di*K head. Corey and Nicole will not have my vote and I will make sure everyone in the jury except Paulie and Z don’t vote for them to not let them win. James – if both of them make it, you’ll have to vote someway. Nat – I would vote for Nicole. She’s a good girl. She’s the one that lead him and taught him. She’s played a good game. James – she has, she hasn’t been nominated once. You know a lot of this game is luck, right? Nat – Yeah and I don’t have it. I’m calling everyone out in my speech. Never cared. James – call me out too. I’ll put everyone on blast on live tv. Nicole and Corey I heard you making fun of me in the beginning and it hurt my feelings. James, Paul and Victor you have my vote in the end.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-07 04-29-49-873

12:20am – 12:48am Big Brother blocks the feeds. When the feeds return – James is talking to Paul, Corey, Victor and Nicole. Paul – she put us on the block there’s no hiding that. You can’t blame one person or the other. It was a team effort. Nicole – you just wanted to cuddle her and she said not. James – its been like that the last couple days. We’ve just been on and off, on and off. Vic – it was a good move and it could have worked if there wasn’t a buy back or if I hadn’t come back. James – she’s holding that conversation when I said you (Nicole) and me go cuddle in the bumper cars. And when I said I would come to Dallas to see you (Corey). Paul – you’re not married bro! James – I keep telling her those are innocent conversations. Paul – being in this house is stressful. We’re all clocked out but we’re in the home stretch. Dude I’m sorry you have to go through this but its your team. James – its not the game. Personally I put so much emotion into her. Paul – I hope that in the long run I hope it pays off. James – if we can’t make it in here, ain’t no way we can make it out there. Paul – you have two weeks and you’re out. There a plenty of fish in the sea but if that’s the one you want to try an catch.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-07 04-00-06-655

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James – the straw that broke the camels back. I’ve had enough. James – I hope it was worth it for her. I said to her that its a little convenient for her that things didn’t work out with her and Victor, you flirted with Corey, you held a lot of information with Paulie. Like supposedly he was doing all this but you didn’t tell me till you got pissed at him. And now you’ve got James that wants to ride it out with you. I said but your actions play along with your intentions and I said Nat now that we have 2 days lift your true colours are coming out. Paul – laughs you said that?! Nicole asks what’s with you boys saying true colours. Big Brother blocks the feeds again.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-07 04-26-45-899

1:10pm – 1:25am Bedroom – James – I think she really wants to go farther in this game than she lets us know. I guess she is fine with going but doesn’t want to give up the game. Paul asks if she doesn’t want to give up the game, why would she campaign to go? James – that’s what I’m saying! Her thing is I hate being on the block next to you because I can’t campaign. I’m not going to take it any more. I asked her what her end game is?! Like with me. What are you trying to do? I said a lot of sh*t. Paul – if you had things on your chest I’m glad you got it out. You have 1 day left its up to you how you want to be.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-07 04-33-45-878

2:20am London room – James tells Nat – I’m sorry and if you don’t want to be friends with me I get it. I still care about you even though you probably hate my guts. Its been an emotional game. Nat – I just want to go to sleep. James – I’m sorry again. No matter how you feel, I still care about you. If you never want to talk to me again, I understand. Nat – there’s no hard feelings. I almost left the game. I need to make my decision tomorrow. James – Don’t leave the game. If you’re 100% that you’re leaving on Thursday don’t leave. Nat – I threw you under the bus right!? I had a fling with Paulie right!? I can’t wait for you to watch this show. I’m done fighting. James – I came in here to apologize. I definitely want you to stay, don’t quit.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-07 04-47-17-591

4am – 5am Nat – I am going to be happy for you to stay. I genuinely would be happy for you and I campaigned for you to stay. I didn’t throw you under the bus. Nat is crying. Of course I want to stay. I want to change my life but I would never never never throw you under the bus. I told Nicole you were a great guy. I never threw you under the freaking bus. I literally went to Paul and Vic and campaigned for you to stay and made me look like the a$$hole. Nat – I wasn’t even going to talk to you. I was just going to get evicted and keep to myself tomorrow. I’m so tired of fighting. I’m so tired of this game. If I did throw you under the bus I am sorry but I don’t think those words would come out of my mouth. James – but you said those things to me. When you went up there it sounded like in both of their minds you threw me under the bus. You said your got bad information. Nat – I didn’t say any ones name. I got bad information from NICOLE! I trusted the wrong people. Nat – honestly just go be with them and be their friends. I’m over it. James – I came in here to apologize to you. Nat – I accept your apology and I’m sorry for hurting you. James – just don’t quit. Nat – I’m not going to. I will try my best. I got hurt. This is why I don’t like to like people. James – learning about each other made it 50 x harder. I am really really really sorry for hurting your feelings. Nat – its okay. If they’re scared of me .. that’s really sad over everyone else left in the house. I give zero cares about Paulie or what he thinks as long as his family is happy and healthy. Did they say anything else about me? James – no. Nat – tells James she is going to keep her speech really nice. I’m going to say something nice about everyone. I will keep it super sweet. I’m never going to let people walk all over me again.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-07 04-53-43-517

5:10am James and Nat go to eat ice cream.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-07 05-03-51-576

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After reading this update, I can’t help but feel like a whole lot of this story is missing…..:(

Big brither

Apparently James called out Natalie for using him, because now that she is going to jury she doesn’t want anything to do with James and being distant.

Ian's Lament

Someone with a bullhorn loudly called out ” James and Nicole preshow alliance!” 5 times. Natalie heard it and went crazy and called into tge DR. That explains alot of the tension.

Ian's Lament

Im not big into the whole twitter thing but Evil Dicks is absolute gold. That is where I found out and I think the person who actually did the bullhorn tweets with him.


Everyone at this point has lied, back stabbed, and schemed to vote others out. That being said, I do hope that neither Nicole or James wins any of the three big prizes. (550K, 50K, 25K) They did have a pre-show alliance, and production told Nat to work with Corey and Nicole. That is absolutely not fair to people who have dedicated an entire summer for this TV show to win a half mill. NOT FAIR CBS!!!

Another Hillary Lie

You know it is a slow week when the bullhorn story grts this much attention.

Andy the Red Rat

He should of yelled “Corey has an engagement ring for Nicole.”


Nicole and James maded a deal early on when they were a lone in a room several weeks ago for F2 as well. That is why Nicole is telling Corey she want to be in a F3 with James and also telling Corey she can’t bet him. Nicole knew all the time F2 with James. Nicole have played the game very dirty when she did play. I guess you Can call playing under the covers too.


I don’t understand the thumbs down. When on Tv BB showed Nicole and James in a room making a deal for F2. As far as Nicole playing dirty oh yes and some of the other HG too. Nicole keep saying she did nothing wrong. Hope that Nicola get sent home TRUE FLOATER.

Pinocchio Obama

If Nat were to leave would anyone miss her……….besides Simon?

Pelican Tastes Like Chicken

James loves Nicole would of set Natalie over the edge.


Natalie has been using James all along. She threw him under the bus in a heartbeat, and as soon as he was of no use, treated him with disdain and contempt. Talk about dirty, she’s been playing the innocent and cuddling James while all along using him, defaming everyone else for the same things she is doing. Saying I won’t campaign against you, James, I’d use the veto on you…such a transparent trick to get simple James to see how fake selfless she is so if it had played out that way, James would use veto on her, and he never campaigned against her. She’s got to go. No respect.


I read on a different site that a bull horn was heard by the house guests saying “James and Nicole, Pre-game alliance”. Is that what started everything?


I hope there are bull horn messages every day up till finale.
I watched a ton on the live feeds this past weekend. They are gross, wasteful pigs, they don’t wash their hands before preparing food – EVER! Except for Victor. He cleaned something every day. I hope he wins.

Justin beaver

If Paul would go to Corey and say: while you were sleeping, a guy with a bullhorn was yelling “James and Nicole have a pre-show alliance.” And I believe it. We should vote James out and put Nic and Nat on the block. Corey would go for it. He would love an F3 bromance with Paul and Vic.


Why the heck does all the fun happen after 3 hours of super boring BBAD? Disappointing.


Im sure production would “step in” ans help Nicole and James wins crucial comp or get a power that ensures their saftey, like they did n seasons 13 and 14. James should go after tht megaphone incident frfr.


Does anyone know if Nivole and Corey are aware of what was said over the Bullhorn ?


At 12:19am someone on a bullhorn said “James and Nicole, pre-game alliance” several times. Of course, Nicole and Corey were sleeping at the time, but the rest were in the BY and heard it. That’s when the feeds went to fish. It was during that 20 minutes of fish that we missed James going off on Nat pushing her to say whether she was truly interested in him outside the house.(again!!) The bullhorn statement may have upset her too.


So when James called Nat out what did she say? Or did she just avoid his question on whether she really liked him and wanted to see him outside of the house?


“At 12:19am someone on a bullhorn said “James and Nicole, pre-game alliance” several times. Of course, Nicole and Corey were sleeping at the time, but the rest were in the BY and heard it. That’s when the feeds went to fish. It was during that 20 minutes of fish that we missed James going off on Nat pushing her to say whether she was truly interested in him outside the house.(again!!) The bullhorn statement may have upset her too.”

Why the Houseguests are not jumping on the pre-game alliance announcement, I will never know. Vic and Paul could use this to get Corey to vote James out and possibly break up Nicorey. (Nic has already said she is not taking Corey to Final 2 and that James is best for their game)
Game changing moves can be made here and they are all too busy watching the Jatalie Show (convenient James chose that moment to call Nat out….)

Guy With Megaphone

Maybe they don’t pay me much attention because HEY!! I’m just a guy with a megaphone!! Not exactly top-notch Intel!!


As all big brother fans know, the megaphones are always right. Too bad Paul and Vic aren’t real fans of the show. They would take that info and use it to their advantage.


Maybe…. but I think they are most likely following script.

Tolerance on Spelling

Wouldn’t this have been awesome if the bull horn came out BEFORE power of VETO was played? Can you imagine – Cory uses it to pull down Nat and puts up Nicole.

Nicole and James on the BLOCK together?? I would order the feeds for that.


Too bad Corey would never actually play the game and do that. Would have been good TV, though.


Maybe it’s the megaphone part? That explains a lot and justifies Nat’s current distancing.


She has told the dude 50 times over the course of the season that the house is not reality and that she’ll have to see how they mesh and what kind of person James is outside of the game.

I’ve also heard Nat say numerous times that she just likes to be alone and sleep when she is in a bad mood….. yet James can’t seem to accept any of this. He’s always pressuring her to talk when she obviously doesn’t feel like it and seems to always want some kind of assurance for the future — something she can’t give him.

Dude, just friggin’ leave her alone and she’ll feel better in a little while.

sunny dee

not just that, and something she doesn ‘t even know, but he runs off to corey/nicole, whoever and blabs about what just happened, throwing nat’s name out there in very negative ways, then he gets over it and goes to apologize for what the two of them were arguing about. in the meantime the rest of the house get their info about how unreasonable she is directly from him

I can’t help but think he started doing this ever since corey ‘hinted’ that james wasn’t actually going to be voted out. I see no reason for him to pile on natalie tho, she is still going to be voted out he doesn’t have to give up more reasons for himself to stay.

i just don’t think highly of him blabbing their personal bizness to people who have been trashing them both all this time, then makes up with her anyway. and in the meantime they are all looking at her in snarky ways because of how james has been discussing


sunny dee, once again you’re in my brain. James has been driving me nuts with this. I noticed it started up around that hint-dropping time from Corey as well and it kept on going. It’s partly why I don’t feel that bad for him right now.

Nasty Nicole

Exactly Sunny shame on James. After Nat is evicted, Nicole needs to be next to go. Nicole has played the dirty game from all angles. Sleeping and having sex with Corey…flirting with Vic..proclaims to be so sweet and innocent while trashing every single girl in the house. Nat does complain I think she has just been overwhelmed with the deception (and working thru it) however Nicole has been the most whiney the nastiest and disgusting throughout the game. Nicole is the epitome of Jealousy. Best move for Vic is to get her OUT.


I agree 100% sunny dee. I’m getting turned off of James because he keeps whining to the others about Natalie. I could be wrong but I can’t recall Nat bad mouthing James to anyone. I realize she is moody and bitchy to James himself but I don’t hear her talking bad about him to the others. James on the other had runs to them and gives them a sob story of how horrible she is. Nat has been clear from the start she doesn’t like to show affection on camera but James won’t let it go. If he doesn’t like it shut up and move on. Makes me laugh how people on here say shit, Nat won’t hook up with James so that makes her cold and a user, Nicole and Z hook up with their guys (which both have no intention of being with Nicole and Z after the show) and they’re sluts and nasty. A girl can’t win either way lol. Good luck James trying to get with Nat after the show now. You might have had a chance before but after she sees how you talked about her behind her back to them I’m thinking you have no chance.


I think he just needs someone to talk to and it isn’t him being malicious. He’s hurting and needs a shoulder. Not a fan of his but I understand that.

James' tank tops

Exactly!! But he’s such a great guyyayyyyyy! ????????


James needs to stop being so needy. You haven’t even been on a real date with this girl. When she wants to be in a b*tchy mood, let her be for a bit before you try to talk to her. As much as I liked the showmance early on, it’s just annoying seeing how she treats him, how he accepts it, and how needy he is with her. James needs to man up win this money and find a gal who will truly appreciate his ways


Yet all the while asking playing on James like for her.”Jamsie give me a backrub, wash my clothes, cook me a hamburger, watch my fashion show and tell me how great I am”. It’s sickening. She doesn’t even appreciate or respect anyone. Not a nice person in my book. Then making him miserable and guilty, for what?

Ditch the Dependocrats

Schizophrania explains Natalie better.

Another Hillary Lie

After reading this update:

I vote to evict Natalie.

Never cared

I vote to evict anyone with a username based on politics or the upcoming presidential election.


HAHAHAHAHA! Only no game lame James didn’t know this was all going to happen. She is even pushing him out of the friend-zone. Good thing he hasn’t bought any tickets to New York yet. Nat has been picking the scab all week and dropping hints. When James still couldn’t get the hint she needed to drop the hammer. Paul and Vic really need to get rid of James this week to keep him from working with Nicole. Natalie has nobody to work with and they can use her as a vote against Nicole and Corey who she hates the most.

Another Hillary Lie

Well it is up to Nicole and Corey who goes home this week. They control the vote and Vic can’t compete in the next HOH. Things might change depending on the next HOH winner.

Reality Check

So unfair to the remaining houseguest that Nicole and James made a preseason alliance with each other. Rumors is that they will split the money should one win. Kinda strange that James never voted Corey out when Meech and Nat Nat pressure him into doing that. Kinda strange that James kept on saying that Nicole and Corey had their back, went the entire week not talking game with Meech on the line. The kicker is the HOH competition where James let Nicole win. Saw the hug between those two when they fell into the water? They were so happy for each other. I may sound like a conspiracy theorist, but it is slowly making sense.

Corey is so dumb, he has no idea what is going on.


I was also in the preseason alliance with them. We all met up with Derrick and Cody before the season


And my dad sealed the deal by frenching everybody.


Really made me laugh. (Never gets old.)


James is what, 32? Hard to find a guy his age so clueless and so inexperienced with girls. And so desperate. He follows her around like a puppy. He misses all the clues she keeps giving him that she’s not interested. I’m surprised she hasn’t drop-kicked him in the head yet. I started off a James fan and now I feel he’s nothing short of pathetic, regardless of what Natalie is or isn’t doing. Dude needs to get his life in order first before he looks for a girl, in any case. And what does he expect, that Natalie will move to Texas and ride around in a beat up truck with a guy who’s only attribute is a bag of immature pranks, more suited for an 8 year old? Hell, he’s not even funny this year. He has basically spent his year on his back more than on his feat, and I thought last year was bad. He’s not even playing the game or talking strategy with anyone. His only interest is Natalie. I am so disappointed with him. This year is a copy of last year, only worse.


Hopefully get to see the live eviction tomorrow. Been in my new place for a month and strangely today just CBS wasn’t working. Hoping a neighbor isn’t “borrowing” my signal

Look out guys

Nats head is more messed up than I realized. She might need a nice white jacket and padded room when she gets out. Either way, when she gets out hopefully all the guys she dates can see this and know what a mind f*ck and emotional roller coaster ride they are about to have.


Being locked in that house for 70+ days at this point would make anyone crazy. Do I think Natalie has some issues? Yes but not bat sh!T crazy like everyone is making it out to be. I think being locked up for that long has affected everyone except for Corey. He has dead eyes. Nothing there.

Bat Sh!t Crazy

By the constant cruel and hateful comments posted about the HGs, I think the HGs are handling me much better than 90% of the posters here.

Let's get real

I really really don’t understand where this Natalie hate is coming from. James is a love-sick puppy. Last season, he pursued Meg so desperately after being rejected by her over and over again. I really felt bad for him because he looked pathetic. This season, Natalie was nicer to him, and showed him emotional affection, which doesn’t mean that she want to call him her boyfriend outside of this house. The problem is HIM, not her.

I do think that everyone needs at least 1 person in the house to get emotionally attached to, otherwise they would be taken out in a straightjacket (Paulie got close to that point, by the way). James was Natalie emotional attachment, just as Vic is Paul’s, Corey is Nicole’s, etc. Natalie has done wrong in this game. If I have one person to blame for this entire situation, it’s James. He is not a smart player and he is very quick to betray people. He’s more interested in a non-existent showmance than in gameplay. Natalie was collateral damage. I would be slapping him if I were Nat.

George Castanza

Its me, not you.


I don’t think a person can make an informed opinion on someone’s character based on someone’s actions while living in a house while sequestered the entire summer. Add the fact that they can’t talk to their family and their housemates are all scheming to get them out of the house and you can’t trust anyone’s word……I think most of us would act a little different than we would if we were on the outside, living our regular lives.

The season is getting boring

What is going on with the megaphone? What did I miss?


Tried listening around 12:18 this morning, cam 3. Sounds like “James Nicole preseason alliance.” Went to fish then Jeff for around half hour. Whatever was said precipitated James and Nat’s breakup, probably confirming Nat’s suspicion that James was protecting Nicole. Don’t see it had any impact on Vaul or Nicorey’s attitude. Maybe Paul’s loaded family hired someone.

The season is getting boring

Thanks for the info! I knew I missed something LOL. What does everyone think– production or outside sources?


By looking at the tweets on EvelDick twitter account he knew the message was coming beforehand and was waiting for it. The person who told Dick it was coming evidently got his twitter account shutdown and is blaming CBS for the shutdown. Think it was the same person that did it last year, it was said then that this person is on property across the river from the studio.


Since when does CBS control Twitter? Just more BS. Who cares anyway?


CBS is very protective of Live feed video clips. Posting them anywhere is a copyright infringement.


Yes, Simon / Dawg – why didn’t you post anything about the megaphone announcement when Paul, Victor, James and Natalie were in the backyard?

I think it was “James and Nicole are in a preshow alliance” or “James and Nicole have a preshow final 2”.

PLEASE, VICTOR AND PAUL – TAKE THIS TO HEART! Get Corey to understand what this means and VOTE JAMES OUT!!!

Leopold Stotch

Apparently it was the owner of the @BBTooms Twitter account. He used the bullhorn to say:

“James and Nicole are in a pregame alliance”, and said it 5 times.

L.L. Beandip

This sight is so amateurish. Whith the constant misspelling of words and the wrong people quoted saying the wrong things. And now all of that left out about the bullhorn , it may be time to jump ship.


I was going to delete your message but I’ll leave it up to teach you something.

Sight = the faculty or power of seeing. for example “Joseph lost his sight as a baby”
Site = a website. “the site has no ads and is not being promoted with banners”

Time for you to jump ship cause I’ve blacklisted your IP no more misspelled comments for you.


Lolololol why are people so pressed about such trivial things? Idiots.


Yay!!! Love when the hammer drops!

An Apple a Day

LMBO Well played, Simon, well played 🙂

Tolerance on Spelling

I think everyone can agree misspellings happen when writing comments post-haste – even by the most astute and well educated people. Any normal person can look past that understanding they too have done that exact same thing and just read the f***ing point of the listing.

Good for you Simon!


I’m not sure why people get their under roos in a bunch because some thing they get for free isn’t perfect. This is a spoiler site and the info comes fast and sometimes there’s a lot of it. If we want a polished article, we’d have to wait for proof reading, fact checks, and final review. The people who complain typically have never done any serious writing and don’t understand that just because they pissed out a five paragraph essay about My Little Pony that they understand the writing process.


Yay Simon:) I just love you!!!

Never cared

Frickin A Simon! You just b*tchslapped that fool! Hilarious!!!



Misty Beethoven

By all means, please do. We all appreciate what Simon and Dawg do with this website, all the hours they put in, and if a typo or two is going to get your knickers in a twist, by all means go ahead and jump ship.

The Crew of the Titanic

Come on aboard L.L. Bandit.

sunny dee

firstly, this is the recap page that covers the time period of the bull horn. I can see the very first entry is talking about the bullhorn announcement.

I can’t imagine why anyone would come along in the comments section of this recap page to complain about something not being done when it is in fact already done, and has been discussed in a lot of other comment posts.

and yeah, let’s not complain about spelling mistakes when sight is not site.




Ah, LLBeandip… you’ve been served! BTW, what does “whith” mean?


Sorry It was missed.. the feeds were choppy last night it was hard to get a clear report of what’s happening. I looked at Dicks twitter and found out about the blow horn incident.

The season is getting boring

You do and Dawg do and AWESOME job Simon! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Heck, most of the time I just skip the TV version and just read your updates. It is more entertaining and truthful than the CBS edits on TV. Keep up the great work! FRIENDSHIP!


Thanks! After reading some complaints it’s always nice to have some of the opposite I appreciate it. 🙂 🙂


Simon & Dawg! You guys are TRULY the best website for BB yo! I really don’t like it when peeps decide to “dis” your “sight” (lol) because you both have jobs and your own families and KINDLY give us all the goings on in the house … I’m sure you leaving LL Beandip comment up will definitely help LL realize what an idiot they are! Because “whith” this website…. The regulars are going to dip their beans!!
Thank you again to the both of you for keeping us entertained through out the season. I’m going on to your website and donating some more $$$ again for yous!!! And we use your link to Amazon as well…. Anything to help yous guys!!


Thanks JerseyGirl can always count on you 😉

Never cared

That goes ditto for me all day long. Simon and Dawg you guys are awesome!

Mister pickles

I can’t stand any more Nat and James. Wish they could leave together. Too bad the double eviction is already gone. What a waste of space these 2 are.

Expect the expected

Don’t just blame the players. Blame production!

We have so many floaters now because in prior big brother seasons the floaters have won. So more and more HGs use it because it’s a strategy that works. Obviously as you have seen the strong players are lucky to make it to jury.

Blame production. BB was better in the beginning because the HGS didn’t know what comps were coming next and couldn’t plan on when eviction or double evictions would happen. No one was throwing comps and floaters were real floaters. And they rarely voted as a group with the house.

Production has to at least mix up all the comps and add some new ones. Keep the HG and audience wondering whats going to happen next.
The HG shouldn’t be able to figure out when the evictions are always going to happen and if the next comp is mental endurance or chance. Occationally Do the same type twice in a row. The HOH that won it before won’t be able to play in the next one. They have to have a reason to win. Maybe an extra surprise prize for a random hoh win to prevent HGs from throwing them.
What if the during one week (Pandoras Box?) the HOH did noms but the audience determined who would go home.
Or change the ending and have 3 HG being voted on for the win by the jury. The audience as tiebreaker vote if needed.

Go back to the original BB “Expect the Unexpected ” and mean it!

sunny dee

they’ve gotten really lazy about the Have Not stuff too. What happened to all the HN comps, to choose what foods that everyone can eat. What happened to battling it out to not be a HN, what is it now always going to be first to drop out? What for, that’s not even interesting.

they have absolutely nothing going on between Sunday and Thursday, why not have a HN comp for a change, at least once. I do appreciate them coming up with the extra HN foods, tho no idea why america can’t be involved with choosing them. they spend more time on the decor of the HN room and what fun things to sleep in than they do in what gets people into the HN room in the first place. Viewers don’t care that much about what they are sleeping in, up to a point, why not have one week where viewers get to vote on all the HNs?

Stop saying "never cared"

Ice cream always makes everything better.

Never Cared

Never cared


Never ever did I care.


Natalie stop acting exactly how Paulie did before he got evicted. Go out with some dignity and stop blaming jamesey for everything. You took a shot it backfired now get over it! She is making all ya’ll jersey girls look bad. Lol


She will definitely get it together before her “pageant” entrance onto the stage with Julie. It will be her magical debut. Girl is certainly playing Lames to the core and he is fool enough to feed into it.

Quit whining!!

Ugghh. Natalie just self evict please.

Ian's Bedside Tissue Box

News flash: Ian “self evicted” three times last night watching Natalie on the feeds….


James is a douche. Bragging to the We Hate Nat Fan Club about unloading on her and giving details of their private conversations just to get sympathy because Nat won’t declare undying love for him. Just sitting there while they trash her. Not a quality you would want in a friend much less a boyfriend,

Nat's Mood Swings

She’s a raging nutjob. And James is pathetic. I’ve been James before–when I was in my early 20s. It’s horrifying to watch him and see myself all those years ago.

when I fell in love

Me too, especially when the girl is heavy set like Natalie is now, they can really beat you down.


I think Natalie’s true colors were coming out when she told Zackiyah about Paulie. It was to get back at Paulie and not because she was trying to protect her from Paulie and to get the house to go against him. Zackiyah needed to be told about Paulie but not that way. Just found that was cruel, the way she handled that situation for the benefit of the game. I really liked her in the beginning but now my opinion of her has changed. People lie in this game but she is willing to use people’s emotions and said Paulie came on to her to her to benefit her game. That is just crossing the line on so many levels.

Only can wish

I agree… the more she keeps bringing the situation up, the more i see she was spiteful about it. It is a way to handle a situation. Like James said why did she had to wait to say something with the Paulie situation. She wants to always justify her actions playing victim. SMH


To all the haters who bitched about Austin, Vanessa, Steve, etc. Last year because there was too much drama at F6. I guess you got what you wanted. Hope you are enjoying this crap.


Nastin and the twits deserved all the bitchin last year. They were sickening.


Meh, I liked Julia. It was just Liz and Austin that were cringy.


Ugh just stop w/ the blamefest. James dropped & Nicole picked off an enemy. Natalie needs to chill and get over it already. If it ain’t fries, it’s pity pouty party. The past two weeks have been beyond boring, both show & feeds.


The most annoying part to me is that if she wants to blame James, then really dig into it and stop acting like one thing buried them:

Nat can blame him for not stage-managing her and the construction of the Nicole/Corey alliance. He should have made her sweat them a little bit, then wait for them to come calling after he prods them, like he controls her and is really with them. He could have made her make it clear to them that Michelle was just as expendable as the Paul/Vic survivor, since James should have know Nicole would never be at ease with Michelle around. Most importantly he should have stopped her flip flop, where Nat throws Nicole under the bus post-nomination and Paul confronts her. Then once she not seen as unreliable, James could have helped her set the stage for Nicole’s HOH, where James feeds her lines that Michelle going is fine, then once Nicole and Corey show they want Michelle out, they take advantage of Paul playing dumb, trying to make friends and tell him stuff he would want to hear.

But because James didn’t know what to do and therefore could not tell Nat, she was left to her normal game strategy without Bridgette or James telling her what to do, which is hide and whine.

Nat is horrible, James is an idiot

Nat is a typical hot chick that manipulates guys to do whatever she wants. Paul and Paulie are from big cities (La and Ny), they know exactly how these girls are. James, please take a hint bro. You are making us Asians look bad.


Had to laugh last night on BBAD, when Nicole said something about making “Strategic Moves”… Little late for that Nicole, you idiot! On another note, I stopped watching the feeds and only watch BBAD and come here for the updates. It’s kind of a no brainer as to who is going to win at this point, I suspect Victor or Paul will make it to the end, possibly not both, but one or the other. With my own personal feelings set aside, I think Victor should win based on his endurance wins. I don’t like Paul, though I know he is favored on the feeds, I just see him (and I’ve said this a million times on the boards, etc), that he played Andy’s game, with a more attractive outward appearance (tats and beard), but other than that, I personally can’t stomach him or his vulgar mouth. I’m sure though, in the end, it will be him or Victor standing.

If miracles can happen

I’d like to see Paul and Natalie as final two, they are the only ones who deserve to win the game to be honest. Paul played really good considering he was always a target from the beginning. Natalie had to lay low from the beginning too as her name was talked about each eviction week. Plus, she had to latch on to James or she would have been gone much earlier. Poor Natalie, she needs to win the 500k or at least 50k just for that alone, what a torture having to know James that closely.

Huckleberry Hillary

I’d like to see a unicorn in a Celtics jersey. The odds are about the same as a Paul & Natalie final.

Justin beaver

Try EBay or Etsy.


Natalie self evict and magically take Nicole, James and Corey with you.


I will say it again, Natalie is doing the same thing as Corey! When does his bashing begin. He will drop Nicole so fast, less than a second – once they separate from this game. James is clueless- on both seasons. Nice guy, but not the brightest bulb.


Corey gets bashed constantly on here. No clue what you are talking about. Almost nothing positive is ever said about Corey.

Corey's slippers

I agree. No one should be bashing Corey! Except for maybe Vic! Holla!!!


NO, Nat is not doing the same as Corey. Last night Corey complaining in bed to Nicole that his wrist was hurting. Guess he is getting carpal tunnel from all that undercover activity.

Corey is no better than Nat

Why so much hate for Nat – she is doing the same thing as Corey only he is worst.


What happened with the fries? I must have missed that.


a couple weeks ago Natalie went on and on about Paul lying about making fries. It was the cornerstone of that Natalie-Meech-Paul hate.


And then……………Munch and Gnat went on and on and on and on………….


No real man would lie about making fries!


I heard someone was on a megaphone yelling over the wall at the houseguests. James and Nicole have a pre-show alliance. Is that true??

Conspiracy Theorist

Wouldn’t that be a shock. Now that I’m thinking about it, I could see it happening. From day one James and Nicole have been working together, the two vets, planning the showmances, never talking game to each other. That would be a shock and a true blindside to everyone in the house. It would be brilliant!


Not only that, maybe James is playing Nat…. and we have it all wrong!

The Truth

Wow, this is about five days in a row that Natalie has laid the guilt trip on heavy.


Bad idea on her part. At some point, people become immune to guilt.

Just saying

She said in the very beginning she was going to use a guy to get far in the game. I was starting to think she had a change in heart but not so much.


Natalie is setting up all this pretend fighting so she can say the magic words “We need space”. James and Nichole are going to end up looking like lovesick fools and I don’t feel sorry for either of them.

It is interesting to watch James not see what is right in front of his eyes: Everything she does to offend or hurt him results in HIS apology to her. Nicole is just breezing through completely oblivious to her pending breakup. This stuff is all that’s interesting in the house which why I don’t even do BBAD anymore.


Hey Simon/Dawg…………got a question………..

Did the Final 4 come to talk to James or did he go to talk with them?

I find it verrrry interesting that they are now vying to be James’ best friends. Oh Paul…….you’re so understanding (transparent) & Nicole…you’re so sympathetic (fakie fakie). If nothing else, this should convince James that he’s staying. Hope if he wins HOH, he puts up Paul & Vic. Then only Paul or Vic would pull themselves off (hopefully) & he could put up Corey.

I think next week could be good with the schedule & extra eviction.


IF James wins next HOH id like him to put up one person from each side (dosn’t matter who). Its a game move but not sure if he’d do it. Get the 2 sides campaigning against each other. It will set him up nice for the remaining weeks.


James winning the next HOH would actually be great for Nicole’s game … he’d do her dirty work, and she’d have no blood on her hands in evicting someone from her sham final four “alliance.”


If true what megaphone man was saying (something that many here, as well as Nat, have thought), and James was gunning hard for action from Nat, then who is using who? I say it’s mutual. But with this information, Nat is right to kick him to the curb.


wow so much hate for Nat. She is still better than that little Asian rat.


Nat: “I’ll put everyone on blast on live tv. Nicole and Corey I heard you making fun of me in the beginning and it hurt my feelings.”
WHOAAA!!!! Someone hold her back! This girl has got vinegar running thru her veins!!


My pecking order ( imo)
James ( a Paul HOH )
Corey&paul& victor final 3
Paul& victor
Victor wins bb 18 🙂
Buts that’s just wishful thinking
What I think is really going to happen
Nicole&corey&James the snozze fest
James wins BB18 worst case scenario 🙁 or nicole


I would be so happy with the first scenario.

Nicole Rocks!

Nicole for the Win!

POTUS Donald

From the podium: Lames and Nicoinslots have a pre-game alliance of final two. All while Paul is in the kitchen making another batch of fries. And to top it all off, another file dump exposing Hillary’s pay to play. She’s a darling, becoming an enabler for her husband’s flings (rapes). That’s the true definition of a feminist.

Trump For the Win

We will see this week if Nicole and James really have an alliance.

BTW Hilliary may be about the only woman that Bill hasn’t slept with.

AnyoneBUTJamesfor AFP

Yes Nat is causing emotional turmoil, no question there, however James is using a pity party to try and get AFP. I hope this is his ‘last rodeo’ on BB.


Latching on to a pretty girl and being pathetically “in love” is James strategy for the AFP. I have felt that all along. It work in his season with Meg, and he is doing it again. Except this time, Nat was playing just as hard for AFP so he has to make her look bad.

Backseat Driver

Clearly it’s not fair to newbies coming into the house when vets are brought in……it changes the playing field….in this case Nicole and James setting up an alliance before the game officially began. It’s apparent that’s what has happened and looks like Production is helping them move it along.

Nicole Rocks!

It actually changed the playing field by giving a possible 4-eviction safety advantage to the Newbies with 4 obvious targets, 12 to 4 advantage Newbies. And the Nicole/James alliance (if they had one, and which is fine with me) is 2 against 14, so good job to those two.


Nicole fans (all 6 of you) are delusional. Nicole simply slept and cuddled all season long. Coasted all the way to final 5. That’s it. No real gameplay or scheming. Just coasting and latching onto Corey. She’s horrible at this game. And it’s pure luck she’s gotten this far. Especially with it being her 3rd time and all.

At least Victor actually earned and fought his way back for his 3rd chance. Nicole has done absolutely nothing to deserve so many chances. Hopefully big brother will give it a rest aftet this. If they like Nicole so much they need to throw her on bachelor. Seems the only thing she cares about is finding a guy, so let her go find one on there. I’m sure Corey will have that uber waiting for her at the finale.


James is kinda being a turkey too. He’s just more subtle.
Natalie moans and groans to James and James makes sure to moan and groan to the rest of the house. He knows at this point he has the sympathy from the remaining guest and he’s using that for all it’s worth.
James also knows he’s staying and he’s not telling the truth about a pre- game alliance with Nicole.
Natalie is no angel but neither is James. Natalie and James are both using emotional blackmail and it’s getting stale.
I’m aggravated with the both of them.


FINALLY James wakes up to Bratlie using him and his puppylove showmance hopes, after Paulie, Corey and Victor turned down her advances. Her true colors are shining bright after she can no longer use James.


Of course Paul and Vic are showing sympathy towards James. They need him as a number next week. Same as Nicole and Corey. Yes, if James doesn’t win HOH he will go on the block, but will bet the farm that he will not go home. Both sides will want him as their “best friend” and it will look like a “toffee pulling contest”. Natalie has shown she is only out for herself, and shown that to Vic/Paul up in HOH a few days ago, and threw James out as a sacrificial lamb. They didn’t like it, hence Paul’s interrogation of James about things, and letting James know what she said. They all know she is a poison at this point for any of them to work with, so she will be going home. Noone likes to see someone USED, and that is the opinion they all have of her, especially with her behavior towards James since the POV. She is acting like a spoiled brat who needs to be put in her place, and am surprised if Paul/Vic don’t do so before eviction, especially from Paul.

Not a Nat Fan But...

That is just their take on it because Nat is a girl. James is playing the same game acting like he is all honorable and appearing to be willing to throw himself on the sword for her all the while talking out the side of his mouth about her. He pulls the bros against Hos string by being all hang dog and down because an evil woman has used him and Paul and Vic (especially Paul) eat it all up with a spoon. Even a mega horn announcement that James and Nic have a pre show alliance can’t shake those two dummies out of the delight they are having at Nat’s expense because she is the epitome of a fake using female to them. I will be laughing next week when James helps lying snake Nicole evict one of their dumb a$$es. I sincerely hope it is Paul.


Natalie with all the passive aggressive comments towards James. Is she serious? What a joke. She used him and now she’s upset it didn’t work out with her being the winner. Cmon. She thinks way too much of herself, like James you were the target until I talked to them and made myself the target, but I want to stay, because I’m a newbie and I had to learn the game on the fly and also because I’m a fighter. I guess she can keep telling herself all of that, but to me she plays the victim card and hopefully we only have 36 more hours of her in the game.


I miss the good ol’ days when Nat and James were a likeable couple.

Justin beaver

I don’t remember that part.


Da told James we gotta get rid of these showmance. James said I’m in a showmance. I know Da wanted to say no you are not. James bought everything on himself. Natalie has been playing him for a long time. He needs to wake up and come to reality real quick. Passive aggressive Natalie is showing him I hope he sees it.

These people

I can’t take James and Natalie anymore. They are both annoying James is so needy and mean and manipulate to her and she is such a user and mind freak. I’d rather watch Paul and Vic sleep than anymore of this. Thank god one of them is leaving.


if paulie not with zak…nat will try with him in jury no doubt…shes crushed on him all along..
shes some f-d up bitch

Misty Beethoven

I’m looking forward to Natalie’s eviction almost as much as I looked forward to Paulie’s. Hope Julie can do her post-eviction interview with a straight face.


James and Nat are soooo bad at this game and communication in general wow. Nat flirted with Vic, Corey, Paulie and James to further her game but gets mad when people call her out for it and plays the victim come on get over it! Own what you are doing and move on! Then there’s James the lost puppy dog “I don’t know if you like me” “If you never want to talk to me again I understand” is he serious?? James needs to get that book “Shes not that into you” I don’t know how many times she can say “we can be friends after this” aka I don’t want to date you take a hint James! This is not high school and you are not on a dating show! It’s painful to watch! I think they have forgotten they are playing for a half million dollars…Please Nat self evict and then James can get evicted also so we don’t have to hear it anymore. I can’t believe this season has come down to me rooting for Vic, Nicole or Paul to win wow!


The only guy I see Nicole having real chemistry with is Paul. They use to be close with their tea talk. But drifted apart after the whole Paulie debacle. They have a lot in common. Cory not so much. She has told Cory looks don’t last forever and she goes for personality. Paul and Nicoles conversations are long in depth and intriguing unlike blank face. Nicole has mentioned to Paul that her college boyfriend was just like him personality wise. Paul was really flirting with her last night and gave no fucks if Cory was there. Throwing compliments left and right telling her he loved her and saying he would beat the shit out of guy who treats her like shit (Cory). Paul might be short but the fool use to legitimately box. Anyways he invited himself to go to a festival with Nicole. Immediately after Cory asked if she would go to this Texas festival with him…… Crickets no response from Nicole or even even a glance at him lmao she continued talking to Paul without hesitation lmao. So awkward lol I think Nicole might be playing Cory.




Just my opinion but I think that Nicole LOVES making Corey jealous, every opportunity she gets. She talks with the guys and then complains about them later.


I was in the preseason alliance with them. We all met up with Derrick and Cody before the season.


So if true, what difference does it make having a pre-show alliance, cause it clearly didn’t help YOU!


I think perhaps the best thing about Natalie going next is that Paulie will see yet another female come into the jury house. He must be going crazy.

Charlotte 89

Can not wait for the same friends convo to go on between Borey and Ratcole. It’s just too bad it won’t be on the live feeds! That girl is gonna need some serious counseling.

Would like to see James make it through just one more week so someone from this lame final 4 can be sent to jury, preferably one of the grossmance.


Someone posted earlier that Gnat would do her best beauty pageant walk as she leaves the house. If only the hgs had access to paper//pens, they could make a Miss BB banner for her to wear. I am sure she would not see the sarcasm in it.


The #bullhorn message started this whole fight thing between James and Nat. We didn’t see the start of the fight due to feeds being cut immediately after the message was delivered but not surprised Nat would be mad and question James about it. I think the main reason James went on and on about his and Nat’s fight to all the others was to keep them from discussing and theorizing about that bullhorn message.

Also wondering since we know only V/ P/N/J were in the BY when the message was delivered has anyone seen or heard any evidence that Nicole and Corey know about it.

Processed Cheese

How many times does someone have to say “Sorry for hurting your feelings”. Get tougher skin ffs.
Awww life is hard and people are mean.

George Castanza

I say bring back Pandora’s Box………