Paul – “well Nicole that’s 2 girls in a row that F*****g hate you”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Sept 12th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 12th
HOH ? Next HOH Sept 15th
Original Nominations: ? AND ?
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-18 2016-09-08 20-20-27-275

Corey is excited

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-08 20-29-18-701

8:20pm Kitchen
You hear Paul saying “theres crisco in my a$$hole”
Victor – I need carbs just from watching you guys.. I was just trying to not get Butter on me

Nic asks James who won his seasons slip n slide.
James says it was Becky
Nicole isn’t surprised say Becky was very athletic.
James – she was a little horse.. She got the 5 thousand the never not pass and the HOH

Nicole says she’s the last girl
Corey – last and the next
They start to tease Nicole that the “execs” guys alliance is back.
Corey – Executives unite

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-08 20-54-16-871

8:52pm London room Paul and James
Paul says James was the better person says she took advantage of his kindness
James- she did say soulmate.. I didn’t even realize she said soulmate.. That’s crazy, pretty deep words

9:05pm bathroom Nicole and James
Nicole says she wishes she knew what that blow horn was all about
Feeds cut..

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-08 21-17-59-567

9:18pm Paul, Victor and Corey
Paul is stretching. Victor comes up behind him teasing around saying he’s helping him stretch
Paul – why do you have a boner

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-08 21-58-53-215
10:00pm Tokyo room
Wondering what Natalie’s secret was.
Corey says Natalie went to Seton Hall University
Paul – She was a smart cookie

Nicole says the scooper was “4 times the amount”
Corey – that thing was massive
Paul – dude I was so pissed i couldn’t
Feeds cut..

Nicole tells them how much more extreme the slip n slide was her season. mentions a steeper incline.

paul – why was Natalie sop confident she was leaving because none of us told her
Corey – right
Jame’s lists of some reasons says Natalie thought that Maybe because she was targeting Nicole earlier in the season so Nicole wanted her out.
Corey – did you know that
Nicole laughing “NO”
Nicole – she sore up and down she would never put me up she would never put a girls up
James says Natalie had checked out.
Paul – well Nicole that’s 2 girls in a row that F****G hate you.. Not hate you but you know what I mean
Nicole – yup… I literally don’t do anything wrong
Corey says the way Michelle out was liker a storm..
Nicole says Michelle doesn’t like her because she’s from Michigan and she knows Nicole will beat her. Natalie doesn’t like Nicole because of the “Bumper car” thing..

10:22pm They can’t find the playing cards. Speculation that it was Natalie or Production.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-08 22-45-47-097

10:36pm Chit chat in the Tokyo room
Victor – Swamp in the summer time sucks d1ck..
James and Victor share stories about the humidity in the south.
Victor – Summertime humidity $ucks m@ssive d1ck

James says he could have picked up 2 girls at the wrap party last year. Nicole doesn’t believe it she didn’t think the wrap party was like that.
Paul is going on about how he can’t wait to bone someone when he gets out.
Victor – I went 14 years without boning this is nothing
they all laugh

(they are just joking around)
James says Paul was racist when he said his eyes opened real fast like a caucasian
Paul laughs that’s not racist “you went Caucasian fast”
Paul – Natalie said Ching chong ching bro..
James laughing.. “Yeah she did say that.. I told her not to say that not because it hurt my feelings”
James- I was like Natalie the president of CBS’ wife .. ..
Paul – she shit her pants..

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-08 22-58-20-025

10:58pm Paul and Nicole
Paul – you guys using me.. I literally don’t care.. you saved me.
Nicole doesn’t know what is going on.
Paul again says he can be used as the pawn.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-08 23-11-06-578

Corey gets his HOH room. Nicole is excited she wants to see a picture of his friends.
His HOH letter is from his sister. She called him COMAN

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-08 23-11-16-638

11:30pmHOH Taylor swift is the CD

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-08 23-54-09-810
11:48pm Corey and Nicole
Corey – he knows I’m not putting him up
Nicole – Paul and Vic are crapping themselves.. they know
they agree to tell James the target is Victor this week.
Corey says they’ll both take James if the other get’s knocked out “If you win you’ll take James final 2 id I win i’ll take James final 2”
Nicole is a bit worried JAmes might use the veto on one of them.
Corey – OK put up PAul and Vic.. James would be crazy to pull one of them down.
Nic – what if they have a final 3 .. You need to have a bro to bro talk with him.

Corey – we need to win out we need to win teh veto
Nic – I know I need to win

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Best case scenario:

James and Paul OTB
Vic wins POV
Takes down Paul
Nicole is obviously the replacement
Paul & Vic vote her ass out!!



Don’t think he’ll do that because he knows if one of them wins, they’ll pull the other one off and his girl will go up.

Ian's Lament

Exactly. It’s an easy sell because all that matters if they are keeping final 4 is not letting James get POV.

Interesting scenario is if James gets POV and takes one of them down forcing Nicole on the block. Won’t happen but we can dream.

Literally a fantasy

Just maybe we will see James’ Asian Texas code, strength and honor surface. To demonstrate his profound love for his soulmate and relieve his guilt for his part in her leaving, he will screw production and grant Nat’s last wish. He’ll win veto, pull down Victor and send Nicole to Jury.

Nicole and James final two!!

Put V & P otb! Vote James AFP again!

AnyoneBUTJamesfor AFP

I didn’t enjoy James last year or this year. His begging for AFP is pathetic and I hope it’s his ‘last rodeo’ on BB.


Seriously. Anyone that begs for it is definitely not getting my vote. I’ll vote for glen before I’ll vote for James.


Nicole also said she hates Cats . So Michigan sucks and she hates cats BOOO. By the edit tonight Nicole wins. I have never seen BB this scripted!! All that true colors that Paul, Corey and James used scripted Nicole winning Sucks .

it's TOO Blatantly obvious..

This season is heavily rigged for Nicole to attain top 2.

Corey was a supporting role, hence the need to save him at all costs.

I’ve watched this show wayyyyy too many years to know the ways n strategies how production steers towards certain players to reach the top. No if’s or but’s.


Exactly! They want a female winner, and it needs to be someone politically correct. Nicole and Corey’s sex all over the Internet does not apply. Lol!
She hasn’t made any racist or homophobic comments, so she wins!



most likely production will lead them to put up P & V (to keep both of their vets safe). It will be some veto comp that C or N will have an advantage in or production provide enuf intel so that C or N win… noms are locked. Vic gets booted.

(Honestly… we’ve got u figured out, CBS.)


It’s not like their is a whole lot of options out there! Lmao!


So it looks like the entire season Corey was throwing competitions. This season sucks, only one that deserves to win is Victor!

Corey's Butt

Corey thinks he’s swift trying the “Dr. Will” strategy. It’s going to blow up in his face.

Marvin Gaye

Production helped him in the last Veto Comp…. No way the guy they edit to be Dumb n Dingy wins that comp….. Corey went straight to the pipe on the wall without even looking around the room first….. They cheated Nat out of that Veto… Nicole or Corey would have went home


Ugh have a huge feeling corey is going to put up paul and vic.

James is confirmed...

A bloody JERK!

Natalie is barely outta the door, he’s already eyeing on Corey’s sister, and claiming his judgement was pretty much “clouded” by Natalie.


Kiss Victor Goodbye

Sadly, he needs to win the next veto or he’ll be taken out. Noms: Paul/Victor

Corey puts Nicole at risk doing it any other way.


cory gives no shits for nicole @ 8:55 vic and cory are joking about james jumping into the shower with nic – vicc says cory don’t mind — cory says take her take her —- vic and cory start talking about the wrap party and how cory’s gonna get nic so wasted so he can take off with the boys to meet other chicks

yup, he’s quite the catch way to go nic


Wow! I wish Victor would tell Nicole. This guy is a disgusting human and gets the “boy next door, nicest guy on the planet who loves animals” edit. Nicole really knows how to pick em.


I don’t believe anyone left is smart enough to take out Victor. Yet, clearly he is the biggest threat left. I don’t love Victor, but I do believe that he deserves to win the show. He has been a fierce competitor.

biased much?

I like Victor, but he made an idiotic move last week and his only way to win this season is to win out… Nicorey &James always wanted to work together only thing in their way was Natalie, so Vic wasted his HOH on taking out the only person that could stop the Nicorey+James alliance…it s like he got blind with comfyness, he nad Paul both. Corey and James worked the whole season together, they had a small falling out for a week and Victor really thought that they d not link back up? CRAZY!! Now he or Paul are gone and I m not even mad coz after the mistake they made they deserve it


I prefer Vic over Paul with all his stupid antics, calling girls the C word, and his other gossip and name-calling. I cringe every time he says ‘your boy’ because he couldn’t be further from the truth. What trashy girl would want to ‘bone’ that piece of crap?


Paul and victor biggest mistake is not making a deal with natalie. James wont sude with victor and paul since they evicted natalie. In a few words victir or paul woukd be backstabbed again by james the geisha rat.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Like it or not James will win AFP.

In the other universe full of unicorns and rainbows

Now that the season is over for me, I can post how this season should have gone.

Week 1
Paul/Victor/Natalie/Bridgette/Bronte Alliance solidifies to fight the VETS but they don’t broadcast their targets like they did. Frank puts up his own allies as Road Kill instead of telling James he won and wanted all his so called “alliance” to love him for doing their bidding. Jozea gets evicted

Week 2
Sourpuss Da’Vonne is evicted, how she got invited back is a massive mystery to me. Natalie makes Victor her boyfriend instead of James.

Week 3
Frank and Tiffany form final two and evict James

Week 4
Paulie romances Michelle instead of Zakiya and evicts Zakiya

Week 5
Paul convinces Corey Nicole is coming after him and Nicole evicts Corey

Week 6
James earns his way back into the game but immediately gets evicted by the hand of Paul/Victor or Paulie
(good riddens)

Week 7
Paulie realizes Michelle has a crush on Frank rather then him and starts to romance the spy girls while Nicole, fearing she’s next starts to warm up to Paulie. The spy girls evict Nicole

Week 8
Paulie gets inside Frank and Victor’s head saying Paul is their enemy and Paulie evicts Paul
Paul miraculously has the return ticket and since he didn’t tell anybody else about the Paris room, nobody else even has a ticket.

Week 9
Tiffany evicts Paulie he goes out crying like a baby

Week 10
The spy girls mad that their boyfriend is gone evict Tiffany, then right after Frank on double eviction

Week 11
Paul and Victor are not as close as they’d like to be because of Paulie’s coercion weeks prior and evict one of the spy girls (Natalie) by accident

Week 12
The remaining spy girls both latch on to Victor, Michelle latches on to Paul

Week 13
Final two Paul/Victor Paul wins BB18 America’s Favorite Player is Victor


Runnerup cannot get AFP.

Fine Then

James wins AFP for 2nd time in a row, serves you right for inviting him back in the first place 😛


It’s great to read all these fantasy posts about the stars aligning and getting Nicole out. I can taste the salty tears from here.


Oh well if slutcole wins. We all know it’s only because production made it so. The best part is she also gets the consolation prize of best bb porno. I bet her family must be beaming with pride. Lol


Indeed. I’m clutching my pearls just thinking about it.


It would be stupid for Corey to put James/Victor or James/Paul on the block…..

let’s say, it was James/Paul…. Victor won POV; he would use it — wouldn’t be stupid like Paulie was…. so that would force Nicole to get put up… not going to happen…..

Paul/Victor will go on the block, if one comes off james will go up as replacement….. Corey will break the tie and send either Paul or Victor home; Not James…..

Final 3 will likely be Corey, Nicole & James…..


I really don’t understand why CBS is rigging the game for this to happen when next to no viewer wants that.


Only the people who watch the feeds or reads updates like these don’t want that to happen. The bulk of the viewers only have the CBS edit to go by and will buy the princess story. Nicole wins, James gets AFP, Corey is runner up, as much as it sucks.

Who Cares

Hmm…it seems a lot of theorists are saying the same thing you are. If that does happen, this will be my last year watching BB.


I’m not saying I like Nicole. I’m team Paul and Victor based on game BUT …. I am really curious as to why Nicole is deemed the BB18 “Snake”. I’m not sure what’s she done that others haven’t done?? The only thing I can think of is that she did not tell day or Michelle the day was going home. Is there something major I missed? It’s been bothering me for a while I’m just now asking Since I love my big brother fandom group I know they’ll be an ass and answer my question. Please. 🙂


*they”ll be nice not ass. (Talk texting error). ????????


I think one of the interesting things about BB is that the longer a houseguest stays the more and more people dislike him or her. They have more time in the house to do things that fans don’t like to further their game. In the case of Nicole, I think she made decisions early on that made people not like her. She is very well hated by most of the jury, but no one ever nominated her, which was good game play on her part. I mean how many jury members actually dislike her? Most of them, but NONE put her up, even the ones evcited pre-jury. I am still team Nicole despite her game play and annoying Corey habits. She has set herself and gotten herself out of some bad situations and was never put on the block (even by Michelle who really really wanted to).


No one put Nicole up because Frank and Paulie were running the house in the beginning. Since most of them sided with Paulie they knew they couldn’t go after Nicole and survive, especially since she hooked up with Paulie’s ride or die Brah and because his brother loved Nicole from their season together. If Michelle had any brains she should have convinced Natalie to put her OTB and get her out, especially when Paul and Vic were still siding with them at that time. Unfortunately, Michelle was too weak minded to play her own game and was easily manipulated to not go after her. Jozea was the first to call her a snake but I think over time the girls started agreeing because Nicole was always with the boys, whispering and flirting with them so the girls got jealous and started hating her. Also, when there was supposed to be an all girl alliance, I think she relayed any information she got to the guys.


I dislike Nicole because it’s obvious production has sheltered her. Natalie’s HoH started out with Nicole and Corey as the targets and Natalie is told by production she should work with Nicole and Corey. Michelle get’s co-HoH and she hates Nicole and has 2 shots at putting her on the block but does as she’s told. It seems Victor may have ignored productions plans and targeted first Paulie and then the other showmance. Paul and Vic will be on the block. Even if one of them wins the veto the other will go because Corey is the tie breaker. The only thing that could save them is if James wins the veto and uses it forcing Nicole on the block. That won’t happen because my tinfoil hat is saying James and Nicole have seriously protected each other and they don’t really talk game. This leads me to think they had a chat before the season and decided to be secret final 2 buddies.

Franks fumes

I think the reason people think she’s a snake is she strikes when you least expect it and she sheds her skin.


Nicole is a snake because she back stabbed and threw people who are not gunning for her and acts as if she is her friend in front of them and does not know anything. She did it to Day, Zakiyah, Bridgette (after creating an alliance with Frank and her), Jatalie and now Paul and Victor. She is playing a good game but definitely not a “loyal” and “innocent” as she portrays.

Love Nic BB16, Can't Stand Nic BB18

Here’s a few things:

Made a vet’s alliance Day 1 (turned on Day/Frank & has called James untrustworthy/shady all season)
Made F2 with Da, Frank & Zakiyah (other than Z orchestrated & pushed for their evictions)
Made F5 with ladies
Continuously talked bad about Natalie hitting on Corey (of note: a hello sufficed as Nat being in love with Corey)
Cajoled Zakiyah into conversations about Paulie & then would go to him complaining about Zakiyah and using that information.
Approached Frank/Bridge for F4 … key person orchestrating both of their evictions
Approached James/Nat for F4: denied the F4 and went to ducks
Approached ducks for F4: will be key in one of their ousts this week
DENIED all F4’s while Corey admitted them
Would ignore players (females especially with the exceptions being when they held power or it was eviction day… meaning would crawl out of bed & act fake to ensure NiCorey’s safety.
Multiple lies about others (often her own thoughts but presented as if from someone else).
While constantly slut shaming Natalie was quite clearly determined to take out all the women as Nicole flirted with all the men.
Called all the women negative things (often followed by her actually committing said infraction).

I guess that’s a good start!

They Play the game

All of that seems like awesome, genius, game play to me. If you ask me her and Victor have been the only ones playing all along. Finally Corey has begun.After floating for most of the season. Face it. There’s 500 grand as a prize… win that you have to PLAY. If I DON’T love the players….gotta love the GAME.


Seriously Nicobra is just like Crustine from BB16. She was so proud to tell Nat that she was the last girl standing, ugh! Crustine was the same way. Whinecole needs to be evicted, but sadly not possible this week. 🙁


Did anyone else notice that druing the Macgyver comp, Corey went IMMEDIATELY to the pipes with the shapes at the end? He didn’t even have time to listen to/process the clue through the earpiece. He didn’t even know what to look for, yet he went straight for the pipes with the shapes? Puh-leez! I think production set it up for Corey to win that comp. I don’t know why.

Such a setup

too obvious, yep


I just reviewed the POV comp and Corey went straight to the pipe without knowing how to get out of the room and Nicole made a ugh sound as soon as she saw him go for the pipes which makes me think she was mad he was making it so obvious he had inside info.


Natalie winning would have upset the script to have Nic and James in final 2 or 3.

production rigged it

Yeah it was sooooooo obvious, whether you like Natalie or not she should have won the veto. If i was her i would look into that after the show and see if i had any options because everybody is supposed to have an equal chance at winning and that was way too obvious by CBS. He must have been psychic since he didn’t even look at the floor to see what he needed and went straight for the pipes when he came thru the door. Total bullshit!!

Ear piece prolly told him..

GO Directly TO the Pipes Nowwwww!!!


My thoughts exactly. They can not even blame that on editing since he open the door and went straight for it. Weird AF!


I’m not one of these Conspiracy theorists that believe everything is rigged but i do think production drops hints and helps guide certain players. I think they should get rid or alter comps that leaves it to production to tell them who wins (ALL of the roadkill comps!) On the individual timed comps sometimes they don’t show the times in the backyard leaving it to production to tell them what their time was. Literally anyone can win those and they edit it to look like they were faster. In the last veto i didn’t understand why they had to wear an earpiece, seems suspicious. If it was just a prop for they should have left it out. The one that bothered me has The HOH Natalie won in the dark. there was no way of telling if she actually beat Corey. It also didn’t show a time limit anywhere. They could have waited until Nat had the same amount as Corey and say Natalie beat his time.


Let the cannibalizing begin!!! i’ll bring the Chianti …..

One way or the other … Either Paul or Vic will be leaving this Tuesday. James is an extra vote for Ichcorey. They will then be three against one.

Both sides were short-sighted and didn’t number crunch. Now both duos are scrambling to make sure James is their 3rd. muhahahaaaa

They should have not shunned James and Nat when they were on the block. karrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrma is coming round!!!!


Hey I like that Ichcorey! Ichcorey- dickery dock her hand is always on his c**k. She got to the stroke of ten he yells I am coming again! Ichcorey dickery dock.

she will be so sad when he gets her drunk at the wrap party and ditches her. Oh and the knowing looks she will get back in Ubly!! Priceless 🙂


Corey needs to put up Vic and Paul or his and Nicole’s game could be over. I hope he has the ba*ls to do so!

About to upset people

Thank the good lord Nat is finally out. I can finally stop watching this train wreck of a season. Who at CBS sat back and thought, you know what we should do make a contestant need to be eliminated 3x so we can say third times a charm.

Nothing against Vic but good lord this season was ridiculous.


Are you crazy cat ladies seriously voting for James as AFP again? The dude was pathetic this time around, give your heads a shake.


James just said that production played “Bad Blood””, from Taylor Swift, and thought it was for him. Yes, I think they did.


It doesn’t matter who Nicole is sitting by in the end. She’ll win.
The girls talked about wanting a girl to win this season.
votes for Nicole from the jury.
1. Da’- NIC. She out lasted her and she’s a girl.
2. Zakiyah- nic- following DA’S lead and she’s a girl.
3. Bridgette- wants a girl to win.
4. Natalie- unless James is there, she’ll vote for the last girl standing.
5. Michelle- nic- the girl thing.
6. Paulie- Nicole or if Corey is there , most likely him.
Nicole will win by a landslide.
I was just hoping a vet wouldn’t win
Too many advantages.


I don’t see Natalie and Michelle voting for Nicole just because she is a girl. I think they would vote for one of the guys more. In fact, Nicole helped vote out all of the other girls, even the ones she was supposedly in an alliance with. As a female, I would like to see a girl win this game, but not just because she is a girl or someone who hid behind all of the strong guys to get to the end, but because she was smart and strong and played the game 100% from day 1 (which does not include laying in bed with her showmance 90% of the season) I didn’t like Vanessa from the previous season, but I do give her credit for her ability to manipulate the other HG’s (male and female) through most of the game, which is what BB is about.

Moonshine in the cottonwood

The jury house is stacked with girls.
Nicole if, and when she gets to the end will most certainly win.
Either the guys are just stupid or they are playing stupid. Taking Nicole w/ any one of them insures that guy second place.

Franks fumes

Nah the guys are just following the script.


How fake was natalie on her way out the house?????? Lol “omg jamesy your my soulmate!!!! Yayyyy lovee you all!!!! Yayy my voice is super fake and so is everything about me 🙂

Pizza delivery

I remember when I only wached the CBS BB TV version. I didn’t give any thought as to the advantages of vets over the newbies. I didn’t think about the fan following and the extra experience they brought with them. Even if they did poorly on their season.
Now that I’m more aware of these things. I hope that in the future they would stick to an all vets or all newbies. Seems more fair that way. At least to me anyway.


Well, I guess I am done watching BB for the season. It makes me sick watching Nicole gloating and acting like she is such a great player. I doubt most of the jury will vote for her even if she is in the final 2. I would love for the guys to get her out but Corey would never do it and we know James is more loyal to her than he ever was to Nat! What a disappointment!

James makes me want to vomit

I can’t stand looking at James.. He talks like he is some stud. Talking about all the girls he gets and his threesome. GAG!! In his dreams. And making us watch him eat ice cream out of the container and double dipping has spoon back in the container is making me want to vomit. He is a nasty ass pig. Talks like a pig, eats like a pig …. And big brother will give him Americas favorite player! That will prove to me that this show us rigged. Come on CBS you can do better than this!!


Oh man, Nicole and Corey are in the HOH room talking about nominating Vic and Paul right now and Nicole is saying she’s terrified of ticking those 2 off by putting them both up. Corey asked her if he should put one of them up next to James because of that fear and she wavered, doing the classic Nicole ‘I don’t knowwww, Coreyyyyyy’ and then began her special brand of strategizing.

On what to do:
Nicole – Well it depends what you’re trying to do. Are you trying to win, orrrrr…
Corey – No, im trying to lose.

lol god help me, I’m not a fan of Corey’s in the slightest but that deadpan delivery made me snort laugh.


Until they cast a brighter, more exciting cast together that can put together more intelligent sentences than ” throw me under the bus I think I’ll throw this whole show under the bus

Taylor Swift



So is there anyone who is surprised to hear that Zakiyah ran back to Paulie?? What a pathetic girl! It kills me when a pretty girl like that has such low self esteem that she puts up with a**holes like Paulie.


I voted for Paulie for America’s Favorite Player. Why? First it’s a ridiculous award. It’s a game of backstabbing and lying. If anyone is actually all that likable in the end chances are they were playing the game wrong. Second none of the players left are all that terribly likable to start with. And most importantly third it would be funny as hell to have CBS forced to market someone as thoroughly repulsive as Paulie as being somehow America’s sweetheart. It would be a great laugh as it blows up in their face.

It is an award thoroughly deserving of being mocked and Paulie is just the man to do it.

cory noms vic and paul

With cory putting up vic and paul with vic as his target. I can finally say I AM OUT. I now remember why i don’t like survivor or bb – the best player never wins. It’s ALWAYS a piece of scripted shit who wins.


Could Corey upset the apple cart and use this as an opportunity to get Nicole an Uber?! Does Corey want an all guys final 4? Well Nicole/James final 2 just like everyone who is not a viewer planned.

Eric wenb

So I guess that is the end of the “FINAL 4”!?!? #SAD


I am soo disgusted by production rigging for nat’s hoh to work with nic n borey, same for vic’s hoh final 4 bs, and corey’s amazing knows exactl to go to pipes without even looking at the room miracle veto win in miracle time so there precious nicole dsnt touch the block, to saving james n now set up for corey to win hoh so we can have the worst final 3 ever!!!!! 2 lame duck vets, and leerch from adam’s family with the creepiest eyes in a final 3… obviously they want nicole to win this season with james either2nd place or afp with that sh!t edit of natalie going out… Not that nat didnt leave a sour taste in ppls mouths these last two weeks, james was no better with his stage 5 clinger status most the season and lame duck game play a well as the complete bs of him n nicole planning an alliance n final 2 with advice from derreck previous to coming in the game… Neither of these two nor da should of ever been invited back… How anyone can even root for nicole and corey is beyond me unless you love there bed game most the season n production rigging… Go back to regular big brother without production rigging n fav’s or completly re-invent the game cuz you just ruined another season of big brother!!!


Nicole winning is a good reason to kill yourself.

Marvin Gaye

I said it the last few days that I did not understand how Paul n Vic was cool with keeping James ….. Those guys are wayyyyy smarter than that! Something just didn’t sit right with me listening to them agree to get rid of NAT FOR EMOTIONAL REASONS…… Not one time did they explain keeping James strategically for their game….


If James is in the final 2, most likely he would win over Nicole or Corey

Franks fumes

Its confirmed Corey is definitely a gay man…….his CD was Taylor Swift.


ugh… I just hate Corey. He’s the phony tall b!tch that had the guts to talk about karma in relation to Natalie and the ONLY one that help Paulie clap when Paulie acted as a chauvinist ass in the HOH room towards Natalie. Please leave in 3rd, Corey…

How can be anyone surprised?

This is common sense to put up Paul and Victor in f5 and pull in James, no rigging no mastermind gameplay…total basics of BB…Vic and Paul were idiots for not pushing to evict James, James worked the whole game w Corey and most of the game w Nicole …ofc he s link up back again with Nicorey. They had a little falling out, but it was all coz NATALIE didnt trust Nicorey adn Nicorey didnt trust Natalie, nw that she s gone they can work together as they always wanted


Let’s be fair, Nicole is playing Dan’s game. Remember when Dan was supposed to go out and production had to step in? Well Nicole emulated it this season when production stepped in to influence Natalie’s HOH.


I think Corey has been waiting to get revenge on Victor. This whole season Victor has been trying to steal Nicole. Corey has been bitting his tongue for a long time. But says it’s a game and he’s not confrontational. He’s playing he doesn’t care about Nicole card so Vic can lay off on the insults. Vic is very competitive and Corey is doing reverse psychology on Nicole but I thinks it’s actually backfired because Vic has since come onto Nicole even stronger. The day Corey wanted to break things off with Nicole he was being really lovely with Nicole and wanted to hangout with her. Up until Vic kissed Nicole on the forehead and from Corey’s view it looked like they kissed. Vic said to Nicole we could kiss under the umbrella and nobody would notice. Corey overheard and went on a rant about Nicole. Nicole acted really weird while Vic and Corey were In the Jacuzzi so he became more angry. Vic asked is there something wrong with you and Nic. Corey said no but finally Corey let out some of his frustrations with Nicole. Corey confides in Victor but doesn’t bring up the kiss convo. That conversation Vic was egging Corey on about being single and being free. After talking to Vic, Corey talks to Nicole right after and ask Nicole why are you acting so weird. She’s says she’s not acting weird. Corey asks why are you acting guilty and being shady. She brings up the kiss joke Vic made and she didn’t mean to laugh at his joke about kissing. Corey repeatedly with attitude if you didn’t do anything I believe you. He’s been very passive aggressive with her ever since. He’s called her shady more than once because she flirts back with Vic.


I can’t see Nicole winning at all in the F2. First of all, she’s a Vet. Second of all, most of the females hate her. I believe the only votes she would get would be James and Corey( in case they’re in jury) and Paulie


Ok I’m ready for thumbs down ok I hope Nicole wins because if she wins none of us (the viewers) will see her again and CBS can’t invite her again lord know if she comes back again …..speaking of not inviting people againJames and da really CBS those are the players you think are vets a person who left week 2 and a guy who is only here again in hopes of being AFP again ….. I know they only brought da was brought was because her dr’s James I will never understand the only true vet was frank 🙁 who I think didn’t get a fair chance to come back in the house maybe if he did things would be different James and Nicole would be gone Paulie would still be here a lot of different variables . I wished they’d got Jason,Becky,or Johnny Mac from bb17 or zack or Donny from bb16 keep frank there maybe it would be better we all know if Nicole wins it because of production not GAMEPLAY right , right !!!

AnyoneBUTJames for AFP

I can’t believe James is leading the poll for AFP. I didn’t find him entertaining the first time and certainly not this time around either. Childish pranks and lusting after Natalie although it was so clear she had no interest in him.
I also found it so pathetic when James commented to Victor that he would probably get AFP again.
He’s in there for a popularity contest, not the game. Hoping BB makes this show the ‘last rodeo’ for James.


Come on u people james is your favorite player again, stop it, this kid doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground he broke up the guys alliance for a girl Pissed off another alliance for another girl and then will get used by Nicole again to further her game only to get dropped in third place. What is favorite about that?


I called it weeks ago nicole will win like pre jury and u people gave me a thumbs down because I just had a feeling the boys were gonna start cannabalising themselves even though the numbers r there they don’t trust each other so nicole will be put on back burner untill final 3 she will first one and last hoh picks Corey game over ,nicole wins because Corey did nothing for 6 weeks while nicole took all the heat


Darn Bridgette is lower on the poll then No Game Lame James, Nicky-Hole and Nat the Brat. I knew it was just a dream but by far the best woman on the cast this year (IMO) She was the one who spearheaded the making butterfly boy cry and for that I love her 🙂

She was also the least hateful and catty of the women and it looked like she can make one hell of a pie. Her and Da looked great in the jury house unlike Max-Z who looked like a stripper. And if I heard Da correctly she is all up in butterfly boy’s arms and bed again ignoring the others? I guess it is true you can’t fix stupid.


You mean Frank’s cabbage patch doll?

I liked Meech best. She has a tonne of issues, but hey, she was funny, and miserable. I liked that.


Man I wish I paid more attention, I see someone posted that Major Tom’s isle had less Crisco on it then the others? The VETO was clear but I didn’t notice last night. Simon nailed it. Around season 12-13 is when it really became noticeable how much production had their hands in the pie and it has only gotten worse and worse. Predictable challenges and cheesy edits. This year even able to hear them talking about production wanted this or said to do this. I think all above are correct, they have it for Nicky-hole, No Game Lame James, and the tall dude for F3. At least Simon, Dawg, and the gang on here made it fun as always 🙂


Dude, I’m sorry but James sucks man Personalities aside, in 18 seasons I can’t remember a worse player. Even making the Natalie situation a non factor, he is simply bad at this . Dude you were in the military, how are you so lazy ? My main point is the comps . I’m aware he throws a bunch, besides the wall he has no shot ever winning any of these . The McGyver room ? Are you serious bro ? His effort sucks – worst casting I’ve ever scene . Nice kid… Embarrassing physical and mental prowess . He looks like a sad little boy .. I just don’t get it . That last HOH man … Be a friggen man and try at least ! Cmon man! Wake up ! I’m vexed. There is simply something wrong with him, it’s like .. Sad

Just curious...

After the megaphone blast about James and Nicole F2 preshow, I can totally understand Natalie and her DOUBT about James, and understand her attitude!! Of course the show didn’t explain the situation! My question is: did Corey question Nicole or James? Did Paul and Vic ever question the megaphone info?
The show made Natalie look crazy, but I can empathize with her emotional ways as she felt 1 million percent betrayed and confused by the megaphone!