Paul tells Nicole – “You and me in final 2.. pick a snake or an a$$hole.”

POV Holder: Corey POV Competition Sept 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 5th
HOH Victor Next HOH Sept 8th
Original Nominations: James AND Nat
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots None

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-06 03-42-58-007
12am – Corey and Nicole moving around under the covers… Corey pops up to see if the cameras are watching.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-06 03-39-44-867

12am – 12:30am London bedroom – James and Nat. Nat – If you’re in the final 2 with Corey you would definitely win. People didn’t like Corey. James – if Corey and Nicole get evicted, I probably have everybodies vote. Then its like me and Paul or me and Victor. I would have to have a freaking good speech. I know what he’s going to say. I battled my way back into this house two times and you evicted me James. That sounds good and all Victor but the object of the game is to not get evicted. And you did twice. The battle back was pretty cool but I didn’t get evicted for 80 days. I was flying under the radar. Nat – that’s strategic. James – yeah well I have over 10 comp wins. Yeah, I used you to do all my dirty work. You’re my work horse. He would be pissed. He might kill me right there. That’s what I would say if I was final 2. Paul joins them and asks if they want the light off. James – why not. James start massaging Nat’s arm. He moves to her back and she says it tickles her. James gets called to the diary room.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-06 04-01-05-487

1am Nicole and Corey having an apple and a PB & J sandwich in bed after their exercise. James comes back from the diary room and talks to Nicole & Corey. James thinks there will be an eviction on Wednesday. Corey and Nicole disagree and think it will be normal this week. James asks and then an eviction on Wednesday next week. Corey and Nicole – yeah. James heads into the London room. Corey asks Nicole do you think if you tried to kiss me the cameras would see it? Big Brother blocks the feeds. Paul joins them. Corey does “his presentation” on the days left in the season. Corey – on Thursday, 5 people, HOH comp, noms, then veto. On Sunday we’re down to 4 people but they’re not planning that till Wednesday. Paul – so in a perfect world .. this Sunday we’re cruisin. Corey – or we’re in jury. Nicole – they’re all talking sh*t about us in jury. Paul – Michelle isn’t good for any of our games. She’s talking sh*t about all of us. Nicole – except for him (Corey). Paul – you (Nicole) and me in final 2 … pick a snake or an a$$hole. Nicole – that’s our final 2 speech ..pick a snake or an a$$hole. Paul – making Victor mad is the funniest thing in the world. I dare you Nicole to tell him.. I’ve been throwing all the physical comps. He would be pissed! Just wait until I try! They laugh.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-06 04-09-20-707

1:35pm – 2:50am Paul asks I wonder if they trade comps with the UK season? Nicole says no but they do have someone from Canada working on the comps this season. Nicole – what’s weird to me is that she (Nat) says she is very out going, very out there, very wild but why doesn’t she doesn’t have a facebook. Paul – and she only has 8 followers on instagram and she has a million best friends and she works for this big company. Corey – and Paulie knows her. Paul – he said he knows her friends. Nicole – you know what they do some times. They put on someone that might know each other and be able to expose each others secrets. Vanessa was a famous poker player and Da was a poker dealer. And they both lied about their occupations. That was obvious what they wanted there. Paul – she (Nat) is something. Nicole – how did she get on the show? Paul – she said her friend applied for her. Nicole – that’s a lie. Paul – I think she is some kind of business owner. Nicole – I never took her seriously because she was so boy crazy in the beginning. Paul – her strategy was to latch on to a strong guy. I’m sure Paulie and her flirted around and it just didn’t work. Nat joins them. They tell her they think she has a secret .. like she’s a secret genius. Nat – no I am not. I barely passed high school. Nat heads to bed. Paul – I know dancers. She is not a dancer. I haven’t seen her dance 1 time in here. Nicole – she spins.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-06 04-38-27-206

3am All the house guests are sleeping..

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is the game over yet?

just a headsup peeps… Nicole wins

google bb fix


Why are you here then? Don’t come here to read up on what’s happening in the game, then act bored or annoyed if you read something you don’t like. After Nicole is evicted, come back & we’ll chat about your “theory”.


Oh Bull Sh*t, people need to get over the fact that this is a produced reality show, only real rule is someone needs to win the $$’s, other than that production can and will manipulate the show as much as they can and no they can’t be sued for it.
This year they had 4 vets returning and a couple of siblings that were “featured” and were most probably productions choices to win, why is another question, Paulie looked like he was “the guy” until his ego couldn’t be hid anymore. Day was given a chance and again failed miserably after all sh*t talking is her only game ect.
CBS also isn’t stupid and they read this site and others to see how their “cast” is being portrayed and how the viewers are responding to the cast. Go back and look at when Victor started becoming a favorite on OBB and then he gets a great edit on the live show with that clip with his parents showing how great of a guy he is. I’m not saying CBS doesn’t want Nicole or James to win h*ll they came in as front runners but as the season progresses and Big Brother gets a bright new shiny star (Victor) it gives BB another option.
They know that Nic and James act entitled and James has been too vocal in what BB would or would not give him so now they have another option (Vic) who is really liked.
Who is going to win? I don’t know but if I had to bet Vic, Corey and either Nic or Paul final 3
I would put money on it that James has ZERO chance, maybe if he could keep his mouth shut.


Take it from someone who know’s the “in’s”, the winner is not pre-determined or is the show “fixed” in any way.
Yes, it is edited in a fashion to seem that way, and yes, the diary room DOES push the cast to say things they don’t really want to.
The cast, however, is favored to be chosen by those who had connections to the show. The cast IS mixed,but unfortunately only half are chosen off of audition and or application.


The cast is not mixed. The demographic is askew…only 20/30 year olds, one 50 year old who went out first. BB used to have a better blend of people both young and older. Made for better conversations, dynamics of personality and alliances. But I do think Production presses people to keep one guest over another, favors some which is totally unfair.

Hillary Left Our Men to Die at Benghazi

For Nicole to win either her or Corey would need to win this weeks HOH and evict Paul or Victor this week. I’m guessing the odds of her making this aggressive move are at about zero per cent.


Hands down for your Name. No need to bring your politics into this site.

If politics are silenced, manipulators win no?

I agree this isn’t the appropriate site for political discussions but I do believe that political talk should never be hidden or discouraged.

Min O'Pause

AMEN! Or is that too religious a statement?
And I agree. She did.




Sad fact that you are more upset with the posters name then Hillary’s actions leaving them to die.
I also noticed you don’t complain with the multiple others using Hillarys name in a negative way or complaing about people taking shots at Trump either.

Hillary Reminds Ramona...

“If you just admit going in you are a low-life rat–they can’t take anything else away from you.”

Anoher Liberal Loser

The truth hurts huh?

Team Victor

George Bush got us into an ego war from which the world will never recover.

Try to pay attention to the game on the tube.


LOVE your name. To those that don’t—- the truth hurts doesn’t it?


Gotta say Victor and Paul gave a good show and kept the game afloat, but the rest of them STUNK n SUNK!!!


I don’t like Paul let me get that out there first. I do think he has played the best game though. Paul has managed to manipulate and bully the whole cast. He knows a lot about branding and has a sharp mind. He used things Michelle joked about to make her look like a theif heck he was in her bag anf could have put James sweatshirt in there so James would not like Michelle and not care if she went. With no proof anywhere I can find he mind f half the boards with that but I try to find anything couldn’t. I actually thought that would be wrong if she did but its all hearsay from houseguest that wanted her out like Nicole, clean your dirty self maybe you would find your stuff.CBS probably should fix that for her in the end . This week he know that everyone thinks Nat is using James and is pushing that hard reminding everyone of anything she has done in the past. Nicole is down for this ride and Paul knows it. Victor is from a close family and friends so he is use to people being genuine I don’t think he is a lap dog he just has not been exposed to someone like Paul. Paul can see those things about Vicor so he takes advantage of his trust. Corey is to afraid and wants to be liked so Paul can roll over him too. James has got a slight ego now and Paul plays that as well. I knew Paul would want to Nicole to the end because she would be the best player for him to go against. I think he really wanted Michelle knowing she would not have the guys or Nicole’s vote but he could not get over the fact that she called his clothes booshie.That has been his only emotional lapse in this game and it why he hates her. That is a good game but he maybe so hated now it might not be good enough. He’s a smart guy but I don’t believe he’s a nice guy.


Paul is the snake. He has bullied the whole cast. Can’t believe he’s still there. And he doesn’t need the cash.


I don’t like Paul let me get that out there first. I do think he has played the best game though. Paul has managed to manipulate and bully the whole cast. He knows a lot about branding and has a sharp mind. He used things Michelle joked about to make her look like a theif heck he was in her bag anf could have put James sweatshirt in there so James would not like Michelle and not care if she went. With no proof anywhere I can find he mind f half the boards with that but I try to find anything couldn’t. I actually thought that would be wrong if she did but its all hearsay from houseguest that wanted her out like Nicole, clean your dirty self maybe you would find your stuff.CBS probably should fix that for her in the end . This week he know that everyone thinks Nat is using James and is pushing that hard reminding everyone of anything she has done in the past. Nicole is down for this ride and Paul knows it. Victor is from a close family and friends so he is use to people being genuine I don’t think he is a lap dog he just has not been exposed to someone like Paul. Paul can see those things about Vicor so he takes advantage of his trust. Corey is to afraid and wants to be liked so Paul can roll over him too. James has got a slight ego now and Paul plays that as well. I knew Paul would want to Nicole to the end because she would be the best player for him to go against. I think he really wanted Michelle knowing she would not have the guys or Nicole’s vote but he could not get over the fact that she called his clothes booshie.That has been his only emotional lapse in this game and it why he hates her. That is a good game but he maybe so hated now it might not be good enough. He’s a smart guy but I don’t believe he’s a nice guy.

Handjob Under the Sheets

Ummm…is everyone aware that i am being filmed in Corey and Nicole bed?

When i first came…*pause*….they didnt tell me these cameras work!!

I have a right to privacy!


It wouldn’t be a fix. She is smart, has aligned herself well. Nicole gets a bad rap. She has been on to Paul, Natalie, Miichelle’s games for awhile She’s sharp. And she could use the money, unlike Paul who’s rich, and Victor’s family has two houses, a BMW, a maid, etc. from what he said in BBAD.


Dawg! Please check in on Simon for me. I made what I thought was a funny jab at his love and obsession over Nat yesterday and some people thought it was rude, disgusting and even disrespectful!!!! All meant in good fun and I am sure if offended he would not have posted it but being Nat’s last days (most likely) make sure he is stocked up on his Kraken and pics of his true love to get him through. Another great job this season. I love the side notes like above (after their exercise!!!) definitely better then the show most times.

Pinocchio Obama

Word on the street is that Simon was last seen scaling the wall at the compound holding a Coup d’ etat for Natalie.

The Roach Coach

These liars on the polls…


i know it’s unrelated , i just want to say Corey is the most boring houstguest that i’ve ever watched. No hate, maybe he’s funny outside the house but not so much in the bb house, what’s he’s doing is what nicole want to do..

You cant fix stupid

Someone–for the love of everything great– please evict Nicole!!!!!!!

How are they all placing blame on Nat to being fake when every single person in the house is fake. It is part of the game. Putting up wall’s and not showing your cards until the time is right. Hello… pot calling the kettle black. Nicole you have done the same thing and more sneakingly. Paul butt kissed his way through the game. James has done both. So, what is the difference?


I will be so pissed if Nicole wins. I can’t stand her this season. I don’t know how Corey puts up with her whining and constant game talk 24/7, can’t stand him either but I’d have pity on anyone that has to put up with her. The nerve of her calling Natalie boy crazy haha. She’s the one that has had two showmances, sat there and rubbed Paulies hair in front of Z (yet Natalie is such a bitch for saying Corey is sexy) and now is rubbing Vic’s hair and getting close. Can you imagine if Natalie had done all that. They’d be calling her a slut and whore for sure. I don’t get the huge hate for Natalie now. Like I know she annoys them but they are going way over board with the hate behind her back. Like she’s going home, you guys have the power, so why be so hateful for no reason?? They are just so mean. I’m not a big Nat fan I just think its unnecessary.


Natalie wanted Corey …didnt happen
Natalie wanted Victor …didnt happen
only one left was James
so Natalie settled for James and has been using him and playing with his heart ever since week 2.
we all knew this would eventually end and its Appearing more that it will…she knew full well that James would fall for her…
shes not the good person that she daily proclaims


I agree 100%! I feel sorry for James on a personal level. She knows how to work a mans emotions and then beats him down with nonsense. At this point he is willing to fall on the knife for her and she knows it. I can’t stand the manipulation! He is very down and emotionally spent by the mood swings she is subjecting him to. Nat is a master of her craft! Maybe, Paulie wasn’t so wrong about what he said about her…….


Its Paul he knows how to turn everyone even the boards against people. I have never seen anyone as good as him except for Dr will and Dan. I think he also has a great following he is like a little Rasputin and looks like it to boot. He was like dude its just a game but he really doesn’t mint ruining people and starting rumors He is smart but I think he is much like Vanessa; in real life he is this conceited ,arrogant and manipulative but smart.


Natalie doesn’t own up to her fake persona and actions. She’s used James like a yo yo and then makes him feel terrible. She’s bad mouthed everyone in the house, yet she has done many of the same maneuvers that others she detests. She also went after every jock in the house, no one bit, so she hates Paulie, Corey for rejecting her, still wants Victor. Now she’s playing the altruistic I’ll sacrifice myself for James crap, knowing she is going home and using this reverse psychology on James., who truly is a nice guy who cares about her. She’s cunning.




If Ratcole is in final 2, I will eat my shoe.


prepare to eat shoe. not that i’m rooting for it, but i don’t see how she does worse than third at this point.

Forked Tongue Hillary

The only person that Nicole could beat in the final would be Corey and maybe Natalie. The only way I see her surviving is if Vic/Paul/Corey take each other out leaving Nicole in the final three and she gets to the final by winning the part three question comp.

Boys vs the last girl in the house

During BB After Dark (Monday night), the boys (minus James) were chatting with Nicole in the HOH room about the final comps. I think Nicole suddenly realized that the last girl in the house usually gets voted out before F3. It has happened several times in BB history. She looked nervous.

Bored With Political Satire

Just on a side, can we either not discuss politics, or just be respectful to agree to disagree?…this isn’t even the forum for it.. but since it has been introduced into convo..why can’t ALL of you…regardless of political party, just exercise intelligence and be respectful…if not then let’s stick to the topic at hand…which is Big Brother

Morgan LaFay

Would you like it sauteed or broiled? Asparagus or baked potato?


With fries?


“James – yeah well I have over 10 comp wins. Yeah, I used you to do all my dirty work. You’re my work horse. He would be pissed. He might kill me right there. That’s what I would say if I was final 2.”

BIG IF, the object of the game isn’t to get evicted, but aloso not letting showmance ruin your game… The object of the game is WIN at ANY cause, how you get there doesn’t matter. Victor can also say “Yea,I got evicted twice and faught my way back, but I did more this season than most of the HGs.. What did James do? Break deals and latch onto a girl that’s flirted with every guy before him and they all turned her down.” Yea I think a final 2 for Victor will be 8-1


Unfortunately for Vic fans, I cant see him winning. His name was called out every week. He was a puppet. When he did win, he never made a strategic move that would advance him in the game, he made moves his alliances wanted. His loyalty toward nic and corey this week will be looked upon as week.
He got booted, then came back to go rright back to the group that voted him out!
Then, he got out Z – Big threat? Or Paulie idea? I pick the latter.
Then he got out Paulie – Big threat!!! But that is on bridg, nat, and paul… I wouldnt say that was his move.
Then he got evicted by the same group he alligned with…
He comes back to an f4, and is LOYAL to nicorey??? Ummm, they voted him out twice too.
Paul throws out some other strategies, but he shuts em down, talking about loyalty to nicory.
Its all great and all, he is a physical beast, a comeback kid, but I cant see anybody, other than a bitter jury to vote for him. The only reason why he had to fight harder, was becaause his social game was so weak.

Should Have........

James blew his season with giving Nicole the wall win…….really James? Is this your first BB experience?
I know they were supposed to be in an alliance with Nicole/Corey but come on, this close to the end of the season and the one comp he could win……and he throws it away.
Everyone talks about the Nicole’s whining which is so difficult to hear although, Natalie saying the same thing over and over again makes you want to beat your head against the wall……..that James should have won.
Love coming to this site for many years, other peoples comments do bring a new perspective to what I see/hear.


“James – yeah well I have over 10 comp wins. Yeah, I used you to do all my dirty work. You’re my work horse. He would be pissed. He might kill me right there. That’s what I would say if I was final 2.”

BIG IF, the object of the game isn’t to get evicted, but aloso not letting showmance ruin your game… The object of the game is WIN at ANY cause, how you get there doesn’t matter. Victor can also say “Yea,I got evicted twice and faught my way back, but I did more this season than most of the HGs.. What did James do? Break deals and latch onto a girl that’s flirted with every guy before him and they all turned her down.” Yea I think a final 2 for Victor and James will be 8-1 for Victor to win…

Tiny Trump Hands

If you make it to F2 I don’t think anyone can say you let a showmance ruin your game. At that point you get to say that getting into a showmance was strategy


Hope its neither the snake, a$$hole or the rodeo clown.
”This ain’t my first rodeo” but definitely ur last, James.
J’Mac and Zach Rance for sure weren’t good BB players but they would have been so much fun to watch than the rodeo clown.
btw eVICted all the way for this season !!

Instead of Doing Actual Work Im Here

Can we just do a fast forward to end this season so we can all put it behind us and never speak of it again?

Black Olives Matter

Do you need a safe place?

Dependocrat Purge

That was good.

Final 4 A-lie-ance

If Corey and Nicole turn their backs on Vic and Paul I will be so mad. I get so sick of this James crap. He has played a horrible game. He has acted like a D_ck when he has had a little power and tried to act like he knows big brother like the back of his hand. He SUCKS! He has ruined the season more than once and thankfully Paul and Victor have helped revive it again. If CBS thinks that the viewers want to see everyone twiddle each other in bed all day and night then they r crazy. I want to watch ppl play the game not play with each other. If it is only Corey, Nicole, and James in the end then the viewers are going to be bored as f$ck!!!! Production better start working on figuring out how Paul and Victor stay there til the end so ppl will remember it and want to watch it next summer or on the one this fall.


If Corey and Nicole are smart they will bone Vic and Paul.





Did Nicole REALLY just call Natalie boy crazy…


Ya, is Nicole just crazy? She is the boy crazy biotch! This is her second season of doing this and she just clings to a man. The other thing is she claims she lives in this 10 man town( just exaggerating!) How did she get on this show? I wish they could make her mute.

Nonon Jakuzure

Corey has zero game, and I’m annoyed that he’s still in the game. And it’s easy to dislike Nicole. I could have named a bunch of old houseguests I would have liked to see return…she wasn’t one of them

Very disappointed in James this season!!! He forgot he was playing for his family (daughter) after the Jersey chick batted an eyelash at him!!! What a shame!!.

Paul says some very hateful and cruel things to women and about women. And all this knowing it’s being recorded and aired on television. Imagine how truly chauvinistic he is when in real life there are no cameras around. I have zero respect for him anymore.

Anyone saying Victor doesn’t deserve to win is a joke. Vote him out? He’ll battle back TWICE plus comp wins plus aligning himself with a strong social player in Paul. Just like Derrick did with Cody.


Agree, except for the part about Paul. I like Paul. Paul is funny. You don’t cut funny. Could it be that Paul just has a knack for hyperbole? After all, how many times has he threatened to glue his balls to his forehead? Lighten up.

Jake K.

This scenario Paul wins 7-2 losing votes to only James and Corey; maybe James will vote for Paul if Nat tells him to…but not likely since the #Ja-colepregameallianceruinedeverything

Ian's Bedside Tissue Box

If Paul & Vic don’t convince Nicole & Corey that the best move for Final 4 is to evict James this week, they very likely will be handing the game to Nicole.


yup, but this is why nicole and corey played the game this way last week. last week was all about getting michelle out so she doesn’t become a swing vote. this week, they’re better not inside the hoh room because that way they control the vote and can get out natalie (which is better for their game) instead of james (which is better for paul/vic’s game).

Ian's Bedside Tissue Box

With it being Vic’s HoH, he should follow through on the plan to evict James as retribution for evicting him AND the opportunity to own Natalie. No way James sides with Vic & Paul, even if they give him amnesty. Would be an uncharacteristically ballsy move by Nicole and Corey to blatantly go against Vic’s wishes if he says he wants James to go.

Also, if Paul is dumb enough to let Natalie get evicted this week, he deserves to lose to Nicole.


It’s better for Nicole and Corey to keep James though and they control the vote. So Natalie will go. Paul and Vic can’t make too big a fuss or Nicole and Corey may decide next week to completely screw them if Paul doesn’t win HoH. Vic can’t play so it’s Paul against James/Nicole/and Corey. Safer to play along and try to make it past this next HoH as “allies” and adjust from there. They know someone has to take a shot soon.


Corey already stated that he and Nicole are voting Natalie out even if Victor doesn’t like it.

Ian's Bedside Tissue Box

But that is precisely why Paul needs to convince them to show loyalty and vote out Vic’s target this week. Paul was a pawn last week and showed trust and loyalty to take out Meech. If Corey and Nicole do not do the same this week, Paul needs to tell them that they will be his target next week if he wins HoH. Nicole will not want any risk to go on the block because Vic has a good shot at winning the veto and securing her fate. Paul would absolutely vote her out.

So least risky move for Nicole (Corey will do what she says) is to sacrifice James this week, let Nat go next week, and battle it out in Final 4.


You have to be careful and pick your battles. If Vic and Paul make too much of an issue it could shift the target to them sooner rather than later. Vic can’t play so they have to prepare for a week when Paul and Vic are at the mercy of Nicole and Corey. It’s smarter to pretend to not mind right now so Nicole/Corey don’t have another reason to target Vic or Paul.


I hope they do too so Victor will start getting over his loyalty notion

Just Sayin'

The camera’s see everything Corey… even your disgusting acts.

Reality Check

James keeps on saying that he will miss Natalie. Dude it is only 16 days to the finale. The other thing that is sketchy with James comments, two seasons and you barely mention about missing Baleigh, your own daughter. James you are up to Nat’s butt so much, that you cannot even comprehend what is reality or not.

Monophobia is an acute fear of being alone and having to cope without a specific person, or perhaps any person, in close proximity. This ‘closeness’ might mean in the same house or flat or even in the same room.

Krakenphobia is where a person is scared to drink kraken rum after witnessing a man desperately wanting a girl to fall in love with him, only to be rejected because she wanted friendship instead of a boyfriend.

Another Hillary Lie

The problem for James is that Natalie will not miss him.


James has said he won’t use his daughter as a ploy to win the game, and doesn’t like talking about her on the show..I respect him for that (Devin anyone) That doesn’t mean he doesn’t love her…sheesh…I hated Derrick using that in his season (take the food out of his daughter’s mouth)


Ha ha you Kraken me up!


Yes Corey the cameras see everything and you and Nicole are disgusting and should be ashamed of yourselves. Your families have to watch you as well.

This summer is the least I have watched. I would like to watch something other than people in bed all day.

Michelle's cousin-in-law

Michelle was right – Nicole doesn’t like girls. She never really talked to any of the girls in the house, but talked a lot about them.


I actually noticed that in BB16, Nicole was never close to any of the girls. She surrounded herself by (and hid behind) Cody, Hayden, Derrick, etc. She’s doing the same thing in BB18 with these new guys. I know girls like that in my life, and it’s a deeply rooted psychological thing. To sum it up, girls like Nicole are threatened by other girls, they want to be the center of attraction for the group of guys, and they are extremely competitive (they exclude other girls for the sake of not competing with them). It’s a real thing!


Don’t say all girls who hangout with guys dislike other girls cause their boy crazy or threatened by them. It’s probably the attitude that keeps women as second class citizens.
Sometimes other girls don’t like the girl click mentality or the cattiness or their approach to solving problems. Nor their hormonal way of reacting to situations.
I’d rather hang out with my brothers friends because I can understand their way of thinking. But I’d never date someone I’d have to see daily after a breakup either.
I feel bad for Nicole for the choices she’s made on this show that will follow her for years. But I don’t get any satisfaction from it or hate her for it.


Yes, I was thinking the same thing. I always thought it odd that she didn’t seem to talk much or bond with Michelle(michigan) or Bridgette(nursing) over the things they have in common.


This has seriously has to be the unlikable group of houseguests we’ve had on in awhile, i can’t think of a time where i had trouble rooting for a houseguest since the winter season back in season 9, it’s like i’m in high school or something.

I think there was not one houseguest out of all 16 playing this season that we couldn’t stand at one point of the show, it’s crazy.

At this point i’m voting for Glenn to win AFP, and send a message to CBS.

Post Op James

I understand how you feel but a vote for Glenn is a wasted vote.


Glenn is annoying as well, did you not watch his interview on Rob Has a Podcast, he’s delusional. He’s saying how he would of owned that house and take names in the house if it wasn’t for him losing that coconut comp, like gtfo…

It’s easy to say that when you’re back home watching the show and you’re seeing all the dynamics in the house, i honestly didn’t see him going far even if that comp didn’t screw him over, based on his interview he was going to be as if not more annoying then the other people in the house (if that’s even possible) and was going to get himself out because of it.

Also let’s not forget that he couldn’t even get on top of the rocket in the first challenge, he obviously wasn’t going to win much comps (which is a part of winning BB) from a fan like him he should know to be more psychically more prepared to play in this show when winning comp is also a huge part of doing well on big brother, he sucked.


On the rocket thing, he was the last one to get up and he had to get between two people in a small space. It’s not easy even for an athletic person. However, it’s easy to see how a person can manipulate everyone in the house when you have access to all the information on the internet and don’t have to actually interact with them. In my head I’ve won BB every season. I’m as good at Big Brother as I am at coaching yesterday’s football game.


So if nichole wins will that be worse than Jordans BB11 win?


Almost as bad as Rachel’s win

Rachel Rulessss

Rachel as a human being is loud and self-centered and annoying. I’m sure I would despise her as a neighborhood or coworker. BUT she was absolutely fantastic at Big Brother. Comp best, loyal, created alliances and a ride-or-die; she had nothing in common with Jordan at all but the two of them knew they needed each other and played the game. Rachel didn’t come for summer camp. I don’t watch Big Brother because I’m looking for a vicarious new best friend or a behavioral role model for my children–I have real life for best friends and role models. Rachel, however, is one of the five best BB players ever, and she has a win to prove it. Only a handful of people have redefined the game around them: Dr. Will, Dan G, and Rachel being three. I think all three of them are pretty nasty human beings, but damn they’re good at BB! It’s a game of deception among other things, after all, so if you like BB, you can’t have a problem with good deceivers, strategists, and manipulators. Rachel remains my favorite player ever. But oh God please don’t ever let her move in next door to me!


The season she won she got more help from production than anyone EVER including Jeff, when it was a for sure she was going out production gave her the banana Veto the first time there was an endurance for a veto and a repeat of an earlier HOH she had one, then bring in Dr. Will to convince the jury to give it to her..
I know I’m wasting breath here because with your cat litter bills and constantly cleaning your Brenchel Jeff and Jordan shrine you are left with little time for reality.


If Vic gets to the end, he definitely deserves to win. I just hope he doesn’t throw all his eggs in Paul’s basket. I could see Paul back stabbing him, because if they go to the end together, I don’t see Paul winning the $500, so he’d cut Vic loose to go up against a weaker player. I hope they stick with the plan to get Nat out. She used James to get her to the end and now that their game together is over, he’s of no use to her anymore. James screwed up his game because he was blinded by the fact that a cute girl was paying attention to him (that’s after of course everyone else she flirted with shut her down). This screwed up his whole game. Nat from the beginning was for “girl power” and she was riding James’ coat tails to get to the end and cut him loose. I believe when she was HOH she really thought her and Meech had a great chance to get to the end together, when they were talking in the hot tub about all the comps they were going to win. Maybe Nat should have gone on the Bachelor. How many times are we going to hear that????????

Another Anonymous

If Victor and Paul are in the final 2, then I have no idea who to support for AFP. Given the ridiculously biased edit that CBS is giving to James and Natalie, I fear that America will vote for one of them, which would be a terrible injustice. They don’t deserve it. So who else could we rally around? Bridgette?

Another Hillary Lie

I hate this but the Vic/Paul fans will split the vote and James is going to win America’s Favorite again which is a real shame because with 25K Nicole could get her nose fixed.


I have seen the rediculous edit too. Watching BBAD and reading the updates here provide an insight to the real money hungry, user Natalie is. James is just too sad. If she keeps telling him about their dilapidated car, maybe James will buy her one.


BB is broken and probably unfixable..Apparently it is not possible to find more than1 or 2 people each season who are capable of playing this game, and are also able to take 3 months out of their lives to do so. So you end up with a houseful of young people who are just glad to be on TV. I know we can’t have 16 former Jeopardy contestants, because typically those folks have lives. On the other hand, Survivor usually finds at least 7 or 8 interesting people who are capable of thinking. BB casting crew seems to have given up. For me, Simon and Dawg’s forum has been far more interesting than the game itself for at least the last 4 seasons. Oh well.!?!?

Backseat Driver



They need less model/actor wannabes and more everyday people….not ones that use this show as catapult to something else

sunny dee

if they want to recruit HGs, they need to stop recruiting from failed casting for Survivor and the Bachelor shows, or male model finalists. Recruit from BB fan twitter or whatever, the fans and superfans are always more entertaining than the bachelor rejects if you ask me. Mostly because they’ve been watching, commenting, and figure they know it all best and would never make fatal mistakes, then half the time they do. I’d rather see a fan at the end of the show, like Ian or Steve or Sarah from BBCAN or even Phil, half the brothers from BBCAN who was also a big watcher of the show, win any day of the week even if i didn’t want them to be the winner.

What i do not want is someone like Nicole, who just hooks up with a guy to the end, or Corey who is more interested in winning than the game itself. I think this kind of thought process is why many want Vic to win, he is a big fan of watching the show, he has survived some evictions which are as valid as anything, most viewers and participants on BB expected there to be a comeback out of jury, they wanted certain people evicted before jury because that was assumed. They strategize based on that, that is why the ‘oh he got evicted that isn’t winning’ does not fly with me. Eviction comebacks ARE a basic in BB now, winning a comeback is just as valid as winning a veto or safety suit, and definitely part of the game, not outside of the game. had frank survived another week or two, he too would have had the battle back. none of the HGs knew about battle back, they all figured those people were gone for good. then the round trip ticket, another reason to consider that evictions are not to be considered the final or ending of playing the game, it continues to be part of the game that evictions are not to be considered the end of playing.

we’ll all have to factor it into viewing just as they will have to factor in, who to evict, a good competitor or a bad one, who is least likely, or most likely to win any kind of battle back.

Min O'Pause

Don’t know why this popped into my head but……what in the hell is that spastic little gyration that Palsy does in the show opener? Is he wavin’ his hands casting juju spells on the viewers or what?


You’re so right. It seems these people are more interested in the number of followers they will have at the end of this instead of playing the game. The players sit around and predict what comps are next and how they want to be portrayed. It appears that if CBS doesn’t want BB to get stale, they should change up the game a little bit so the houseguests have no idea what will happen next.


The a$$hole better watch out because the snake s already slithering up him ready to deliver the deadly bite that sends him and his buddy Vic out. All with the help of James. The a$$hole has allowed his misogynistic thinking cloud his judgement. I hope all the slut shaming and cr@pping on Nat is worth half a mil.


BB18 = 2 real players & 4 people that spent the summer in bed.
BB18 = 2 real players & 2 whiney females & 2 men in heat.


Is everyone ignoring the fact that Nicole might have given Corey, the man who said he’s not that into her, a under the covers bj?


We are trying to. If we wanted to watch porn we would be able to find much better then those two. Besides I can’t imagine their “exercise” as Dawg put it is any better then their game. Poor at best. I at least give them credit for covering up so we do not have to see their exercise unlike Max-Z who was full on dog in heat. Being from such a small town (less then 850 people I think) Nicole’s actions must be the talk of the town. But at least she is not boy crazy right?

About to upset people

Is it just this season or do all BB contestants justify getting rid of people by going stupid and pretending things that any of them have said or done is worse than what any of them have done.

Nat treated Paul like crap based on what Nic and production told her. James walked into the house with a relationship with Nicole.

Paul and Vic blame Nat for his eviction based on James evicting Vic despite Nat’s and Meech’s wishes. Lames is so arrogant that he even admitted it. However Victor and Paul have decided that Nat is the scum of the earth.

I turned on Nat for doing what production told her to do. Makes me question this whole “game”.

CBS wants Nicole to be there new Jordan. So she has to win and this whole season has been a CBS march to make that happen.



I’m sad Nat is leaving, she is really underrated by BB fans.

Hopefully James sides with Nicorey and they take Paul/Vic out. That would be golden.

Huckleberry Hillary

I’m betting Victor is going to win it all. It is going to take a blindside to get rid of him unless he makes it to the final three and does not win part three of the final HOH comp. I have to think that nobody would take Victor with them to the final.


For the most part i was a Nat fan, she was good socially with the others for the first two months and mostly likeable up until this point and she was also able turn the house to take Paulie out and i like her for that.

…That being said, as soon as she got Paulie out she became very arrogant and whiny afterwards it is her own fault that she is leaving and she needs to accept that and stop putting most of the blame on James. But for the most part i did like Nat and did make a good game move to advance herself, but right now she screwed up her own HOH and is kind of overstaying her welcome and i think this is the right time for her to go.


James is an IDIOT and needs to GO !!!!!! Enough said !!!

Dependocrat purge

You tell em Wilbur. James needs to go party with Pablo in the Jury house.


When they were talking the other day about how expensive Disney world was I thought for sure they were going to ask America for a go-fund-me! Nat was asking for America help a cousin I believe get through med school.
I can’t stand them talking to the cameras America this and America that but now to be panhandling to America really takes the cake as they say. No game, lame James needs to go this week so he doesn’t team up with Nicole. Plus I want to see what Nat does besides pout in the bedroom. I am hoping Paul and Vic use her as a number and target Nicole and that tall dude.


If James stays, Vic or Paul will be evicted after Nat. Can’t envision any other realistic scenario. : (

Dependocrat Purge

If James stays the only hope for Paul and Victor is if Paul wins HOH or one of them wins veto. James will get to Nicole.


Paul has made the mistake of aligning with Snakole…he will be next mhahahahaha He is stupidly telling her everything haha


Yeah, just end this shit already. Sick of watching the blowmances. Hump and BITCH their way to the end. Total turn off. I’m trying hard not to regurgitate after last night’s yuck fest.


As predicted!

Bring Back the Keys

Does anyone else wish they would bring the keys back? I hate the way that come out and turn two of them and reveal nominees. I like it when they all pull a key and reveal who is safe leaving the two without keys on the block. Also, I wish they would stop bringing back vets with new guests and that they recruit ppl to be on the show. Why do u offer an application to ppl who wan to be on the show knowing u won’t even look at the applications or videos? It is irritating knowing ppl who have never watched the show r playing the game!


Sorry Nicole you won’t end up with the guy after BB ends. Corey was just on a mission to prove something. He actively searches for the cameras to make sure they caught his sexual performances. He’ll have some good story’s for his bros back at home.
“Dude did you tap that?”
Corey, “was there ever any doubt?”
” I rode her to the end.” Laughing all the way to the bank.




who he really going backstab first cory or victor?


Are they seriously thinking of keeping James over Nat? WTF? James is a pretty bad at comps but Nat is worse! If Vic doesn’t win its gonna be the worst! Is Nicole actually willing to cut Corey or is she just talking!


Haven’t heard from Simon lately, was he the one that rented the last drone that flew over the BB house with a “will you marry me Nat-Nat?”

Hillary-a GROWN ASS woman who lies and kills americans and wants to be President?!

I hope that James gets evicted this week, doesn’t look like it, though. Hey Natalie, work the HGs! Campaign, get off your toosh, don’t be a Meech!

We do NOT want to see your ignorant political posts!!!

The Michigan board of Nursing says

These user names are hilarious

Anoher Liberal Loser

The Hillary names are funny and true.

Vic for the win!

The people have spoken

Hillary for prison 2016 !!!

Thumbs down for your name brah!

Charlotte 89

I hope James stays, wins HOH, then puts up one douche from each side.
Would just love to see this ridiculous final four turn on eachother even for just one week.
Literally all they do is hang out together crapping on James and Nat. The arrogance of this bunch is just beyond.
Come on production shake things up with this boring group.


I am sorry but Day, James, Nicole and Frank really cannot be classified as Vets. With the exception of Frank, none of them were good enough to class themselves as “vets”. Day was there like two weeks, James didn’t know where the hell he was. Nicole was voted out twice and lasted to #7. So please, to me Vets are people who played well the first time around, and Day, James and Nicole (in my opinion) are not in that boat. As far as Vic DESERVING to win, I agree with you. He has won lots of comps. and appears to be a genuine nice guy. BUT, how many seasons has the most deserving person made it up to about the final 4 or 5 and been shown the door. Deserving and winning are two different things. Anyone who has played the type of game Vic has, just becomes a bigger target, and even Paul doesn’t want to sit next to him. You can bet your life when James stays this week (if he stays) both sides will be trying to pull him in. Vic and Paul were talking about pulling in whoever stayed between James and Natalie. Their final 4 will only last to the end of this week, and if James stays he will be in the best spot in the house. He will go on the block, but will not be the target. Nicole hopes and is probably planning to take James to final 2. He is the only one she can beat, plus he is also a returning “Vet”. She knows her chances against anyone else are awful, and at least with James beside her, it becomes a question of who do you hate least.


James is going to win HOH. He’s already acting pretty cocky. He’ll be rewarding handsomely for having to put up with Natalie. The fool will be pitied. Natalie just handed James the cash. He should thank her.

Christine's glasses

The only reason Nic-hole was “friends”with christine is because christine was married. Nic-hole thought christine was safe to have around – her being married she would not be competition for nic-hole with
the boys. After watching a season of christine head rubbing cody and acting as if she wasn’t married, then turning
on nic-hole before nic-hole turned on
her, nic-hole still hasn’t gotten over it.
Nic-hole and hayden had been doing meet and greets with Jeff and Jordan.
Did you see the way nic-hole ran to
Corey after her hoh win? When he
picked her up and spun her around,
she looked right at the camera and
said “did you get that? ” She believes,
in her “gonna run off and get married
and have babies” delusions that she and corey are the next Jeff and Jordan. Big brother sweet hearts! Hardly.

Then there’s hayden. First it was his hair – “changed him”. Then she tells everyone that he wasn’t ready to get married and have kids. Then she alluded to him cheating. But truth be told in the middle of the night, when playing 10th grade relationship scenarios with Corey, she spills some odd info about going to a Christmas party with a Facebook obsessed fellow employee of hayden’s. She’s always accusing. Nic-hole is so very insecure of any female. She’s obsessed and jealous of any other woman in every situation of her life. She admitted hayden was clueless that this other girl was hitting on him. That’s why they broke up.

It’s all very creepy. Nic-hole will sabotage every relationship she has. She’s a child. Men don’t like that. Whining about everything.

She’s so obsessed with christine – that she brought christine’s signature move to bed with her. Rubbing his head as he “finishes”. Yuck!

I think hayden called big brother. It was his only way out! Stage 5 is ALWAYS a stage 5. The guys are replaceable with clingers. Could be hayden, Corey, or the next guy. She will always be accusing him of doing something – meanwhile she busy bouncing on her next d*ck.


they blame me long paragraphes!


What I also found pretty interesting is that Cory was a ‘last minute’ replacement to the show. Maybe, Hayden was scheduled to appear with Nicole because they were dating almost all the way up to the start of the show. I was completely shocked that they broke up. So, maybe just maybe because Hayden could not be the showmance for Nichole, they found this crazy eyed Corey to fill in. Hmm…


I met Nicole after the bb18 finale because I stayed at the same hotel as the cast. I wasn’t really dressed up because we just arrived from a long trip. We arrive at the hotel and I see Hayden and Caleb chilling in the lobby, they were approachable and playfully sarcastic. Caleb tried convincing me he was a country singer lol I see Nicole and Jocasta and take a picture with them. Nicole asked me a few questions about the game and seemed very friendly. The next day my family and I go to universal studios and when we got back the cast was chilling in the front of the hotel drinking. I see Cody and I ask for a picture he seemed very reserved but open to take a picture. Hayden offered to take a picture for me. When we finshed taking a picture Hayden said beautiful. I would say I’m above average in looks and I was really dressed up. Cody is really handsome in person and I didn’t think he was on tv. Anyways, after taking a picture I see with my peripheral vision a tiny blonde. It’s Nicole, and she gave me a look. It wasn’t like a dirty look but its more of a back off please. At the time I didn’t think anything of it until now and seeing how she reacts with jealousy. I don’t know if the show changed her, Hayden changed her or she’s always been that way. All i know is Hayden’s attention wasn’t on her and he was very flirtatious. I got the vibe that Cody was more interested in her than Hayden was.

405 by 505 SD

Victor you broke your back for nothing. You should have stayed in bed, thrown comps and whined and cried your way to the finish line.

sept 14

will be battle on the shows with AGT AND BB AND masterchef

Fed up....

If James isn’t evicted this week……NOTHING would convince me this show isn’t “fixed” by the producers.


Nicole can’t take a hint, Corey has called her his best friend so many times. He then said what if we were friends with benefits. She laughed it off. He described the about the movie and the characters falling in love. I don’t see how she’s so oblivious to all the hints he’s been giving her. If a guy ever joked or said something alongside those lines I would dump him in a heartbeat.


And then…….he f$@ks her every nite at 12:01 when BBAD is over……pretty slimey of both of them….


Wake those fools up!

Vic and Paul are Boned

Keeping James is the dumbest move Paul and Vic can make. Nicole is hell bent on not voting James out until it is absolutely necessary (final 3). If they just blindsided Vic that would bone their alliance so what do they do? Paint Natalie as this unstoppable force of a player and S**t talker, which is actually a good play on their part because 100% Natalie would call them out on their BS and its 3-2 to get the worst showmance in BB history out next week. This ensures a number for her in final five as well, because guess who can’t play in the HOH this week VICTOR! So rather than Natalie who is PISSED at Nicole and Corey and would align with Vic and Paul to break up the showmance that screwed her over, Nicole wants James in the house, someone she knows she can manipulate and probably had an outside deal with. So this week it’s 3 against 1 for the HOH and the 1 is Paul who, honestly isn’t great at physical comps. Vic gets boned and used again, he allowed the people in his alliance to get in his head and go against what he really wants, which was to evict James, the person who evicted him. Either Vic or Paul are going home next week and we, the TV audience, are left with the worst Final in history, with Corrrrreeeeeey, Nicole, Jamesy and Vic/Paul.