Corey – next week I can’t play in the HOH and I don’t want Nicole playing against y’all (Paul/Vic)

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Sept 12th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 12th
HOH ? Next HOH Sept 15th
Original Nominations: Paul AND Victor
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-18 2016-09-09 15-54-05-441
10:30pm Corey and Nicole
Corey says if they had taken out James he would have had to put Natalie up.
Corey – they gave us James
Nicole – which is good
Corey – they were dumb
Nicole feels really bad about it.
Corey – they could have kept Natalie on their side
Nicole – don’t tell them that they don’t know she was on their side
Corey – how do we know and they don’t know
Nicole says that James is working with them because Paul and Victor are smart.
Corey says he had thought about that but he thinks they realized that they didn’t have the votes and they knew Corey and Nicole wanted Natalie out so they backed it.
Corey teases Nicole that he’ll put her up
Nicole – anyone will beat me final 2 you would be a idiot to get rid of my right now
Corey lists off another reason for putting both Vic and paul up. He doesn’t want one of them to win POV pull the other down than he’ll have to put Nicole up.
Corey – next week I can’t play in the HOH and I don’t want Nicole playing against y’all (Paul/Vic)
Corey – this had to happen it would be crazy not to.. this had to happen meeting adjourned
They both want Victor to leave this week.
Nicole- he’s good.. you’re better but he’s good he doesn’t care he has nothing to lose he’s already been evicted twice.
Nicole says she would take Paul and Victor over Michelle and Natalie though.

Nicole says if he lays it all out in the open vic and paul can’t sway James.
Nicole says “throwing Comps is tough” she threw the HOH last night
Corey – you think you could have beaten me
Nicole – yes .. I said it in my DR sessh
Corey is planning on nominating Victor and Paul he’ll tell them that they would be doing the same if the rolls were reversed.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-09 15-56-05-356

They think Natalie may have pranked them putting salt into the coffee grounds.
Nicole says it tastes like “Butt Crack” Corey asks her why she knows how that tastes.

3:00pm kitchen Nicole, Paul and Corey
Paul – I just really hope we win that Veto.. if it’s a puzzle i’ll do really good.
Corey teases Nicole calls her snakcole.
Nicole says she doesn’t like snakes, “snakes are gross”

Paul asks Corey is he’s going to use Victor or Paul as the Pawn to get James out. Corey claims to not know. Paul reiterates what he’s been saying since yesterday that he’ll be the pawn. Paul says if James wins the Veto he’ll be on the block.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-09 16-03-17-855

4:00pm Paul and Victor Safari room
Talking about james swaying Nicole and Corey
Paul – dude james is a mother f***8er
Vicotr doesn’t think they will trust James after everything he’s done
Paul says what if they both go up
Victor – they will be stuck with one of us

Paul wonders who they want James or Paul/Victor “Depends if they want to f**k us over or not”
Paul and Victor don’t think they are both going on the block .
Victor – they will get sh1t on so hard (No they won’t CBS will give them the golden edit and you 2 will end up gettign shit on)
Paul – they will get MOOCHO shit on
Victor – and I don’t wan to have to do that

Victor has noticed Corey and Nicole don’t hang out with them anymore they spend all the time in the HOH.
Victor says he wasn’t like that last week he hung out with them, “You’ll see them switch real fast”
Victor does not think they are going to both be put up because Corey and Nicole won’t want a stressful week.

Victor understand if they get f****d over it’s part of the game
Victor – I would not do it to them.. 100% I would not do it to them.. I wouldn’t betray my friend.. I’ll legit be very sour after this show.. after we agreed to that Final 4 thing..
Victor – they don’t have a reason.. literally don’t have a reason..
Vic – the downfall in this game is trusting people.. if it happens again shame on us

Vic – I’ll be stirring the pot if that happens.. never gave a f*** and I don’t want it to end like that.
Paul – if you go on the block I’ll know something is up
Vic – I can see the argument either way
Paul – imagine he put us both on the block and said he doesn’t want to chance Nicole going on the block
Vic – then James wins and leaves it the same.. that’s some f*** up sh1t I wouldn’t be happy at all.. I could have done that to them.

Paul thinks Corey and Nicole would tell them before if they were both going up.
Vic – if they did that and tried to explain after I wouldn’t entertain that conversation

Victor says he could have choose a route last week that made him look better but he stuck with their Final 4 plan.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-09 16-16-53-925

4:15pm Corey going on about his Nominations speech. listing off the same things he said earlier this morning.
Corey – James had my back.. should I say that or no
Nic – they are going to say he did not have your back he was after you
Corey – strategically you’re not good for my game.. keep it short and sweet

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-09 16-30-29-171

4:30pm Paul and Victor

Paul – 90% done
Victor – crazy someone can leave in a couple days
Paul – hopefully it’s not us

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-09 16-45-41-454

4:45pm Kitchen Paul, Victor and James
Paul is claiming to “work in the music industry”
they get in a argument about how musicians are “invited to the VMA’s”

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-09 17-01-08-451

4:49pm Nicole slithers upstairs tells COreeeeeeeeey that Paul and Victor nearly got in a legit argument downstairs over the VMA’s
Nicole says that Victor is in a really bad mood
Corey adds that Victor said he wanted to Punch something today.
Corey – i’m trying to make it to final 3

Corey going on about his nomination speech “As much as i love the final 4 deal it’s the best play.. ”
Nicole says she’s proud of Corey this is such a smart move.
Nicole says she’s not even going to try and hug them post nominations because Victor is already mad.
Nicole – I don’t want it to be awkward.
She’s planning on running up to the HOH and hiding.
Corey – Hopefully James comes up here and hangs out.. hopefully they all come up here and hang out.
Feeds cut.. time for Nominations

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Yet Another Hillary Lie

Whichever one survives will have a good shot at HOH next time since Corey can’t compete. It will be neat to see Paul and Victor campaign against each other.

Next week there is only one vote so the veto holder can take out anyone but the HOH. That veto comp will be amazing.

sunny dee

either way, it looks like james did the right thing by losing the HOH and slithering alongside nicole there. if vic wins veto, and paul gets evicted, and we know vic usually wins the HOH, vic is for sure f3, and will no longer be interested in nicorey, but he won’t have a choice because if nicorey win veto, then take themselves off the block, that makes them the deciding vote, voting out replacement nom james. if vic or james win veto of course it will be fine, and i would imagine that james will evict corey and keep nicole. either way, if everyone is single at the end, only james is laughing all the way to F2


Victor should have listened to Paul and took a shot at Corey and Ratcole, now they will be kicking themselves about it now….loyalty is Victor’s downfall….and…….
I miss Nat Nat’s booty


Is Carling Lager good enough?

Simon…any word if CBS gonna open up AllAcess to Canadians ?


Dam thanks…didnt do the tricks…been just ur site and the odd youtube vid…so i might hit you up on directions soon..and of course make a donation for all this $hit you do for us!


Wanted to jump in here before winter fell and the other CBS employees take lover the page and say thanx, guys. You have waded through some awful crap this season (particularly the endless James and Nat stuff) and kept your good humor. .Who among us out here could’ve? Not me! Good job!


Aw, gee, I get a personal shout out. Glad to see that I made an impression. Seems you felt that your space was usurped b/c a good number of people agreed with me, even though there were also plenty that disagreed. Not everyone has to agree, you know. It doesn’t mean that we have ulterior motives or are part of a conspiracy.


if this POV is a physical, Vic is gonna win it. everyone is physically sore from the HOH comp from yesterday.

Hillary Coughs Up A Lung

Great point. Vic was lounging on the couch while they were slipping and falling.

In That Order

Original post September 7, 2016 at 6:37 pm

Tomorrow: Natalie
Next: Victor
Then: Corey…

Final Three: Paul, James, Nicole

James wins final competition, and takes Nicole..

Final two: James and Nicole.
**Remember this post when it happens**

β€” In That Order

Pendulum Swings

Interesting Predictions (ITO)…
As the game approaches its final stages..the players will emerge and those that flopped will flip and vice versa..

Production will add its finishing touches, as if adding seasonings to a slow cooking meal..

Those that did not care for Vic/Paul will find empathy for them, as once again, they find themselves betrayed and at the bottom…Those who had harsh words for James will now tolerate him, as their disdain and disgust for NiCorey grows…

The Pendulum will swing and swing once more…


Nicole slithers up the stairs cooooorrreeeyyyy. Lmao. I will never get that image out of my head.

Franks fumes

Slithering up the stairs leaving remnants of her shedded snake skin.

Seriously though

I can’t believe how nervous/sick I feel, waiting for the feeds to come back on, and the explosions that are sure to happen! I never feel like this about this stuff!
Simon – I laughed out loud at Nicole slithering up the stairs – thanks for that!


Why the hell are people voting for James for AFP? Makes no sense. I’d love to hear your argument as to why he should win it. Because of pranks? Lmao. Because of his gameplay? What gameplay Hahaha.

Victor is the best choice for AFP.

Big Sister

Now is the time to start lining up ALL of your friends and relations to be ready to vote for Victor to get America’s Favorite Player as often as possible on the off-chance he is not in the Finals. James does not deserve it this year.


And remember to help support our hosts. Like many of you, at times I can’t bring myself to watch until after I’ve read Simon and Dawg’s updates. Thank you guys for another great job.
p.s. I’m still hoping my contribution will find me in a showmance with one of you!

Pablo Pissed

Paul made the mistake rallying for Natalie to go up. What pisses me off more is that James is top of the survey for AFP wtf?


so glad vic and paul are nominated. They’re both so loud and aggressive, especially Paul.

Hillary Wipes the Server

Paul and Vic would of done the same thing that Nicole and Corey are doing. The object is to win the game.

trump has tiny hands and a tiny brain

they would, but they wouldnt hide like corey is

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Your right Corey and Nicole are going to hide out in the HOH room. That will just piss off Vic and Paul and give them fuel for the veto comp.





Grandma G

America is already great.


Thank you, Grandma G.

Lying Hillary Left Our Troops To Die In Benghazi

The G must stand for gullible.

Katie Girl

I disagree. Victor is loyal to a fault. He would have honored the Final Four.

sunny dee

i agree. I haven’t once seen vic or paul or vic/paul change their minds, and every time they get screwed over. this time is no different,


That’s why they suck at this game. Evict their asses!


When they were going to vote Nat to stay, they said they would keep Nat for if she won , she would put Nic and Corey up. They then said , if they got HOH , they would need to put Nic and Corey up and bring Nat with them to insure they got to the F2. So each twosome was going to do it to each other. Paul and Vic have talked about this, just like they were planing on breaking up Nat and James before Nat won HOH and put them up. Everyone acts betrayed , when they all are just trying to get to the end. So everyone needs to stop acting like victims and play the game.

No no...

The only reason Paul has not gone against his deals, is because it was in his best interests not to up till this point. Vic and Paul have proven they are a strong team together (brains and brawn). If either of them were sitting in the final two, they both would have a strong fighting chance to win the game. If Paul was in Coreys shoes, I have no doubt that he would be contemplating having Corey go, as Corey is a strong physical player next to Vic. If Vic was not a competition beast, I could see him playing a more strategic game and re-evaluate his loyalty. Paul and Vic are a powerhouse team, but bust them up and they are vulnerable.

Anoher Liberal Loser

Paul would not of let Vic do that.

Reality Check

I wish Paul and Victor do something about their situation. They are not in a good spot. Yet instead of going to the HOH room to talk to Nicole and Corey, they sit in the London room, like two pylons and crying foul. This is Big Brother and like James said (I could not believe I am using one of his quotes), all cheques are bounced.

Paul should stop swearing and start playing for his life.


Talking about Kraken my wife just brought me home a bottle

Hillary Accepting Bribes 24/7

They had better get to it soon because this is a short week. Don’t pull a Meech.


This is Big Brother, you can bounce checks! This was first said by Boogie to Ian in S14. Nothing James has done or said is original, including his lame pranks.

Pinocchio Obama

Nine of the house guests in our AFP poll have less than 3% in the voting. That does not speak well for the casting this season.


If you don’t think Production rigs things then look at the evidence:
-The vets and past houseguest connection: This is a big one. James’ manager is Derrick’s dad. Paulie is close with Derrick because of Cody. Nicole knows Cody, Derrick, Paulie, and James. Paulie received coaching from Derrick (he said it himself). James got coaching from Derrick (he said it himself). Nicole had a month to prepare. Derrick probably set all of them up to be in an alliance. And even if you think he didn’t, Nicole is still siding with James through everything, and even tried to do a money “gift” for each other, which production made them retract.

-Many of the comps were favorable to only certain houseguests. Endurance-James. Slip and slide comp-Corey (Corey was lapping everybody last night!). Maguiver comp-Corey (how convenient he knew exactly what to do, and Nicole got production help as well-she said it herself) Roadkill comps could have been completely rigged because we do not even know the exact results!

-Diary room sessions: Natalie said twice that production wants her, James,and Nicorey to work together!

-Editing: Last night’s eviction was a prime example. James was made into a victim and Natalie the evil Jersey girl who threw him under the bus. Yes Natalie did, but it was manipulated and made it seem like James was an innocent victim. But everyone forgets that James has thrown Nat under the bus multiple times! Telling Corey Nat wants him out!
Also the president of CBS aka Julie Chen’s husband said last year and again this year that James is his favorite.
Nicole is also getting a golden edit, and made to appear like a fantastic game player, when in fact she is 90% in bed with Corey doing questionable things under the covers. Also Cbs’s twitter said that Nicole has the best hair! Are you kidding me?!
Now Vic and Paul are getting s*** on, and Nicorey will get the golden edit. Just great.


Comps are not geared towards certain houseguests! They have the same comps year after year, except the MacGyver one. Production helped Nicole in that challenge? Then why did she get blown out of the challenge without finishing? I don’t have time to respond to the rest of your claims, but you are definitely over thinking every little thing. It’s almost funny. If you think all of that, why do you still watch or invest time into the show? Find something else that won’t consume every negative thought in your brain.


Yes they have the same comps with different themes but they are not done in the same order. Easy to decide who would do better at what comp.

Running Your Mouth

A fact….Nicole told Corey that DR told her where the key was… she said DR helped her out and she would of never found the key.


If that’s true then production waited till it was too late for her to win anyways. So why would they wait if they wanted Nicole to win pov?

You Know It All

Mel..I feel the same way about you….you are so negative with no facts. Go back and read what Nicole told Corey about the comp. Nicole said DR helped her with comp and she would not have found the key on her own. Last but not least people can invest time in what they want…I call that being my own person and grown too. Worry about what your negative brain…don’t be mad at me be mad at the game. Now go take a firm seat.


I agree that this season was catered to Nicole and James. production has been actively involved in screwing with Vic and Paul. Nat blaming James is interesting to me, because production was the one who forced Nat to place Vic and Paul on the block in the first place. even though this move is the right move to make with Corey placing Paul and Vic on the block, production also got in Corey’s ears to place Vic and Paul on the block. Corey block scenarios were laughable last night and a few trips to the DR, he comes out with rehearsed reason of why Vic and Paul are on the block. this season has been about really bad actors trying to act like very good players.

AnyoneBUTJames for AFP

Why does James need a manager? omg….he shouldn’t have even been on this show. He is not entertaining at all, his whole time has been spent chasing a girl not interested in him and campaigning to America for AFP. Pathetic.

AnyoneBUTVic for AFP


BB Rocks

I 100% agree with you, Corey knew exactly what to do, he didn’t even look at the manhole cover when the challenge started, he went straight for the pipe on the wall!

Flip Floppers

Vic & Paul literally just had the chance to do it and they didn’t. They could have easily teamed up with James & Natalie and evicted Nicole or Corey.


Simon: I thought I heard Julie say that there would be 2 HOH and two evictions this week? The 13th and 14th. Is that right?


Cory is stupid as hell to put up Vic and Paul! They gonna blow there shit up!

Not So Fast

Really…. So he should put up James and Paul, then vote James out leaving Nicole to face Paul and Vic in next HOH, the loss of which would mean he and Nicole on the block together? Corey has no other reasonable option to Paul and Vic.


If James wins the veto and Paul and Vic get to him he could put Nicole up. Paul and Vic are gonna go ape shit crazy on Corey and Nicole tonight. They have been to flip floppy and this could back fire on Corey’s game.


Who the fuck is voting James on the afp poll! I for one thinks Vic deserves it.

Yet Another Hillary Lie


Lying Huckleberry Hillary

It is not that Justin


Sure…Vic who will have been evicted 3x deserves it..ok gotcha.


What does someone being evicted have to do with Americas favorite player????? It’s always someone that was evicted….is there a secret rule they can only be evicted once to be voted AFP?


How does Vic deserve it over James then? America picks James as their favorite player…then James deserves it. I like to vote based on game play. No one left has played that great of a game. So it’s a popularity contest. If Vic dosn’the get the votes…then he dosnt deserve it.


How does it even matter who goes on the block before the veto comp?! Heck, Nicole could end up the block theoretically.

Hillary Dresses Like Kim Jung-un

It matters because if Vic or Paul take each other off the block they can vote Nicole out.


I hate Corey so hard not for anything specific, just on general principle.


No sh*t when I read that I was thinking man I hope the do break out the pots and pans and make them two miserable and don’t forget to let ole no game James know what a loser he as while you are at it.

As much as I disliked Nat from the start she got screwed out of that VETO. Damn Vic and Paul screwed up and didn’t push harder to get rid of James to test Nicole’s loyalty last week. They know James is a POS loser who has not won sh*t and they all would win dragging his dumb azz to F2. But he can’t be trusted and his Texas code means nothing. Nat would have been better when they had her upstairs they should have drilled her for more info on Jamesy and Nicole’s tightness and reeled her right in. She would have turned on Nicole, Corey and James in a minute. And that would have been smarter for her games as well, 500K on the line

Rage on BB

OMG I can’t wait to watch Vic and Paul freak out when they’re nominated! This is going to be epic BB drama.
Be afraid Nicorey, be very afraid :O


Why are people whining about “Well, Corey/Nicole are just playing a strategic game and Paul/Victor for not trying to keep Nat….”?!?! We don’t hate Corey/Nicole because they are not playing “strategically,” we hate them because they are boring and Paul/Victor are the heroes of this season!!!! Big Brother isn’t chess, basketball, or even rock, paper, scissors…it’s an entertainment “reality” show. The outcomes have been heavily determined by production since Big Brother 2! We don’t watch it to see who is the most “strategic” player (that would assume there’s some sort of fairness to begin with lol) – we watch it for the same reason we watch Game of Thrones…because it’s entertaining! And it’s for that reason why we hate Nicole/Corey this week and liked them last week, and hated James/Nat last week but loved them the week before that…and so forth leading back to when we hated Paul and Victor at the beginning of the season! So all you elitists out there, stop pretending like “strategy” has anything to do with it!


Can’t believe James s till leads AFP!!! Puke


Looks like BB is heading for the last round up on CBS…they are experimenting with the new format on internet to see if people want to keep tuning in…otherwise, the ratings are lowest ever with this boring bunch and lazy producers pulling the strings…not much of a real contest like the old days.(Remember when viewers actually voted each week to remove contestants?) So, Julie’s hubby who runs CBS programming let it keep going for as long as he could. NOW he’s letting her try out this new format before ending it all together. BUT, doesn’t look like viewers are running to sign on to it. SO…this may be the end for BB on Summer CBS. I’ll be checking out the new show, but won’t be the same…which, in this case, might be a good thing!


I thought they renewed it for 2 more years? I’m not signing up for the fall BB.

Just here for the entertainment

I understand leading the houseguests in different directions and making suggestions on game play in DR.
Ratings and money are on the line and production has a final say on where they want the show to go.I can evan accept a gearing a comp to favor certain players, but blatantly fixing comps crosses the line of “reality show”
We always have that hope that the player you’re rooting for can pull off a comp win and survive the block.
Corey’s veto win has set a new standard.
There is no game, there is no hope, there is no entertainment.


What do you mean by this?

Dark ops

Will all conspiricy theorists please return to the grassy knoll and wait for a genuine moon landing…..


Paul and Vic are two goats about to be lit on fire.

The problem is Paul and Vic should have been preparing for this week last week and failed to. They spent all their time trying to play mind games with Natalie and James and turn them against each other when they should have been feeding them misinformation about Nicole and Corey and fed their already palpable sense of betrayal.

They of course would have considered the move Nicole and Corey pulled this week. Paul said as much and Victor may have been less self-righteous if the power was actually in his hands right now. That is part of the reason Paul and Victor tried to cozy up to James. But that of course backfired because they could not resist playing head games. They told him Natalie had thrown him under the bus and when he relayed that to Natalie her crusade to stop James from aligning with Nicole stopped.

They should have known Natalie was their best bet. They were just too much into their stupid head games and revenge fantasies to find out. Or put a different way Nicole and Corey may have spent too much time screwing each other, but that was better than Paul and Victor spending it screwing themselves.

What I expect this week is to see Paul and Victor trying to see if they can destroy Corey and Nicole’s relationship to their own advantage. Telling Corey that Nicole cheated on him. Telling Nicole that Corey plans to dump her once the show ends. The main target being Nicole since she has thinner skin and is easier to rattle. Should be entertaining viewing!

Yet Another Hillary Lie

You know Paul will come up with some master plan to try and turn things around.


They seriously need to borrow some of dans mist right about now.


Well the only dream scenario I can think of:

– James wins Veto
– Paul does his magic and convinces him to pull one of them off the block to get rid of Nicole
– Nicole gets evicted

Extremely unlikely. James has picked a side and it’s not gonna change despite all the sh!t Paul’s gonna try to sell him.


Corey – you think you could have beaten me HOH
Nicole – yes .. I said it in my DR sessh

If the above is true why didn’t Nicole go ahead and win this weeks HOH since it was a sure thing. That way Corey would be in play for the next HOH. She may regret her decision to ‘let’ Coey have it this time around.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

She let him win so the blood from Vic/Paul will be on Corey’s hands and he will be their target.


Paul is the one that didn’t win HOH.
Victor did his job and won last week’s HOH. So why is victor getting all the blame? That’s why Vic is pissed. He couldn’t count on Paul.


Victor told Paul the night before the eviction that he needed to win the next HOH but Paul’s response was as long as James doesn’t win, we’re good. So yes, Paul should definitely get the blame for Victor and himself going OTB and possibly to jury. I got the impression that Victor knew deep down that Nicorey might turn on them and knew the safest thing was to just get control of the house so there was no opportunity to get backstabbed. I was very disappointed that he wasn’t more insistent with Paul regarding the urgency of that HOH and I am very disappointed that the 2 of them have been way too trusting of Nicorey…..Victor I can believe but I thought Paul would still maintain some distrust. As much as I wanted them to go to the final 2, they blew it so badly these last 2 weeks and it is going to cost them the game. Bummer πŸ™


Maybe, just maybe, once Paul and Victor are nominated and it comes down to the veto where the only people left are James and Vic/Paul… Maybe, just maybe, Natalies wishes will come back to James and he makes a deal with Vic/Paul for safety. The logic is there. James can argue the only way both Victor and Paul can both survive is if he (James) wins the veto and pulls one of them off. Nicole goes up and James and Vic/Paul vote her out.
Crap, I’m dreaming again.


Too funny!!

You Know It All

MelB…. believe what you want okay. We all have a right to express our own opinions. Food for thought…If one would go back and read up on the MacGyver comp and all that was said by Nicole concerning this comp you will learn some facts. am just saying!


All I can say is whomever is left of the Paul and Vic duo, will be out for blood next HOH and Corey can’t play. You’re going to be next Corey. Enjoy your reign while it lasts.


Vic better call out Corey and expose him to Nicole about wanting nothing to do with her romantically after the show


I’m counting on Paul for that! He’s gonna be able to get under her skin.


I have never wanted to slap someone across the face as much as I wanted to slap Nicole today. And I’m someone who never spanked their kid.


You need to take a deep breath and walk away. This is a game not life or death. Lying is part of the game. Sorry if that’s to much to take but some of you are just down right scary! Like those who sent Shelly death threats. Crazy!

BB fan for life

Well for one if Corey had 1/2 a brain he would nominate James and Paul, tell them its strategic and then back door Paul, then victor and James are both thanking him. Planting seeds of doubt with each of them about Paul. I just wish this season was more interesting, and it would be so awesome if he BD Nicole and they could have a sausage festival which seems to be the theme!! Lol…I think they picked some whiney arse people this year, the only interesting ones are victor and Paul, other than that I’d rather watch a pile of bricks outside. GO VIC for the VETO!!


Those nominations sure are long….


Thank you!


Well this is interesting. Looks like Paul & Victor have split strategies. Paul thinks he can talk to Nicole & Corey. Victor wants to try something with James. We’ll see who has better luck


Vic and Paul are pissed right now. Never trust anyone but your wing man.


Nicole claiming she threw that HOH is BS she was tryna win like everybody else, but Corey was beastin that comp… I hope Nicole don’t win, but it’s looking like it could happen with production looking out for vets..


I hooked up with Victor the night before he left for BB. He’s the sexiest latin man alive i tell ya


Not surprised they’re nominated. My picks for Final 2. Guess floaters do slither their way to the top. *sigh*

James = Waste of Space

Lol Vic is PISSED! Good for him keeping it 100 it was a bitch move blindsiding them. Vic for AFP!


It’s official! Vac and Paul are on the block. Vic is piiiiiisssed but Paul is oddly being calm. Probably trying to make sure he stays and figuring out how to still get James out.


I have to laugh at all of the comps that Nicole and Corey threw!!! Yeah right Sparky!! It is a lot easier to win a comp when the house has thinned. {Remember Paulie said he could beat Vic any time he wanted…he needed to beat Vic twice, it did not happened} I am so sick of hearing that!!
Production has been helping Nicole, and Corey all along….go back and listen to the tapes. No way Corey would of won the veto………how do he know that you are suppose to get the key out of the sewer without going over to the sewer and looking to see if a key is there??? Everyone needed the gadget to get the key except Corey…….hmmm
James has his golden edits to give him AFP…….Has anyone thought Nat was so angry, when she realized she was made to look like a fool by the DR…… clearly hear her say after coming out of the DR…. ” America loves the “showmances”, “they want us to work together”………..hence Vic and Paul go up…..Nat did not realize that CBS has its favorites and everyone else that goes on the show gets screwed. When you realize you have been made to look a fool on national TV, it can make you a little bitter. James better kiss his friendship goodbye with Nat when she finds out all he had done to her……..not for her.
Hopefully Vic and Paul win the veto………..then I would tell Nicole how much Corey “loves” and “adores her”, she always brings up her brother………let her know that is why her brother was so angry………..”
girl is too stupid to realize her brother is mad over her antics in bed with a guy who is dumping her as soon as he leaves the house”.
Finally I want CBS to pull a “Rachel and Jordan”……………I want Vic and Paul to win and Nicole and James goes up……..if CBS can do all of this scripting for Nicole and James lets do it for everyone…….I believe in a level playing field.
I am sorry for the long post, but I am so sick of CBS screwing up my “guilty summer show”. It didn’t used to be so biased.


I thought about that also. Natalie may have been in such a terrible, bitter mood after realizing Nicole and Corey were getting help from production. First, they influenced her to target Vic/Paul rather than Nic/Corey, against her better judgment. Then she saw the same thing we all saw in the veto competition when Corey inexplicably knew exactly what to do the moment he entered the room. She shouldn’t have taken it out on James, but I couldn’t help but wonder if she finally realized she was on a show that was being manipulated.

Problem solved

James wins veto. James team up with Vic and Paul. James takes down Vic and Paul. Nic goes up as a replacement and leaves! #girlbye

It's a F*cking Pelican!

I saw a poster today that said, “Sometimes you’re the pigeon. Sometimes you’re the statue” with a picture of a pigeon sitting on a crap-covered statue. It made me think of Paul.


On BB website there is a montage talking about how Nicole rocks the best hairdos of the summer. They play her up as being a trendsetting fashionista. That obviously isn’t for anyone who has been paying attention to Nicole’s rat nest that is on top of her head. They didn’t mention that she found a bug in that mess.


I am only stating what Nicole told Corey and one of the other HG. She said DR told her where to find the key. I never said they wanted her to win the POV. Go back and read up.