“I’m going to give that Meatball mental warfare I’m going to break him down so he leaves the show. “

Big Brother Spoilers 3:33pm Josh going back to calling Mark and Cody Meatballs.
josh – Cody … we got you out once buddy we’ll get you out again..
Josh – I’m not a bully but I’ll bully the bully.. if you want to act like you’re big and bad.. guess what baby..

Josh – I’m going to give that Meatball mental warfare I’m going to break him down so he leaves the show.
JOsh – nothing personal.. no drama.. just purely, just pure laughter..
Josh – Your boy needs the HOH bad.. I’m hungry I’m a lion..
Josh – we’re going to see this 6 foot 4 big muscle guy get mentally broken down.. I’m going to call him a meatball and torture..

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Jessica “The guilt I will feel if I cost this kid the game because I gambled his game this week”

Jessica – Everything he did was absolutely disgusting. Once again attacking a female. Cody – that’s why it is so satisfying to see him go out the door this week. Jessica – I have tried to talk to him over and over again and the kid doesn’t mean a word that comes out of his mouth. Cody – I never want to see him interact with you again. He doesn’t deserve to talk to you. It just boils my blood. Its a damn pleasure to talk to you and he shouldn’t get to talk to you. Its a damn pleasure to have your time and he shouldn’t have it. Jessica – if he is crying this much and its all an act then he is a legitimate sociopath.

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Josh “If I go out in that HOH its going to be a meatball dance off!”

Matt – just make sure you’re quiet and act like you’re going home. Matt – and then win HOH and put those two (Jessica and Cody) up. Josh – oh you have no idea, on Thursday I’m going to say its blindside meatball! Josh – I called out Mark. It wasn’t a good idea but you saw how fast he flipped right when Cody walked back in. Matt – I can’t believe it how fast he forgave him. Josh – and this girl went from being friends with everyone and then when he came back in she went back to how she used to be. When he walks out that door she better keep that same attitude. I think I was fine going up because I knew I was going up.

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Power Of Veto Results! “That’s the second power of veto comp you threw!”

The live feeds return. HOH room – Jessica is holding the power of veto. Jessica – that’s the second power of veto comp you threw.

In the kitchen – Paul you guys are lucky. Paul, Raven and Kevin head into the storage room. Paul – as long as she doesn’t use it, we’re golden.

Havenot room Josh talks to the cameras. Josh – I hope the house keeps their word with me. BB blindside baby!

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Jessica “I know that there are bigger targets in the house but I need him out first so that I can pursue them.”

Jessica – I don’t know this but I am going to go off a hunch … are you not exactly thrilled with nominations? Alex – No. Jessica – you’re not happy with them? Alex – no. Jessica – I had a feeling you weren’t and so I want to explain why I did what I did. You feel like you can manipulate Josh’s vote but from experience I know he is too much of a wild card to be controlled. The problem with Josh being in the house is that he distracts me. He distracts me from competitions, he distracts me from ceremonies that we have in the house. He is a constant distraction and he’s throwing off my game. He might not be a huge target because he’s not a big competitor.

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“Are you all going to be DUDS and let Paul run the show for Season 19, that’s your season”

Big Brother Spoilers 9:30am Kitchen Jason and Cody
Cody – you and me should have been out of this game way f*ing early and we’re still here..
They laugh.
Cody – you know how much their shitting there pants right now..
Cody – holy sh1t Jessica won the HOH look at who can play next week, Alex, Jason, and I
Cody points out how poor the other side is at competitions.
Cody is worried if it’s a “chance” competition though.
Cody whispers to him he thought Josh was a outsider but now he’s realizing he’s just a puppet for the other side of the house
Cody – Kevin is still solid on your side?
Jason – yeah

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Jessica “If you want to see me n@k*d the burping and farting won’t be happening”

Cody – I’m just happy to see you. Jessica – I want to watch Kevin’s show and then come up here and go to sleep. Cody – when’s that? Jessica – 9pm. Jessica – lets go downstairs for a little bit, be social and do our due diligence. Cody – okay. Jessica – and then I’ll be yours for the rest of the night. Cody – f**k DEAL! Cody burps. Jessica – you realize when we’re in the outside world the romance comes back and this (his mouth) gets sown up. You’re getting a pass just because you’re on slop. Jessica – if you want to see me naked the burping and farting won’t be happening.

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Big Brother 19 Week 3 Summary and Live Eviction Results

Cody was evicted as predicted but unlike the prediction the the vote was a little off. There was 3 votes thrown at Ramses and they were Christmas, Kevin and Jessica. The Big Surprise was Christmas, as we already knew Kevin was going to as he promised Paul on the feeds. For the houseguests having these 2 unknown votes caused all sorts of drama in the house as they houseguests work themselves in a knot trying to figure out the rogue votes.  The Head of Household Competition was a Spaceship themed wall endurance. Final 3 standing was Jason, Elena and Alex. Jason eventually falls off. It was amazing how well Jason did considering his size, historically the wall competition favours small light people. With Jason out is leaves Elena and Alex to make some deals. Elena offers a deal to Alex where Elena would drop if Alex would promise Elena protection for Elena and “Whoever else she wants safe” . Alex agrees, but later mentions how the “whoever else she wants Safe” is a bit vague and needs to be explained.

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