Josh “If I go out in that HOH its going to be a meatball dance off!”

10:15am Backyard. Matt and Josh.
Matt – just make sure you’re quiet and act like you’re going home. Matt – and then win HOH and put those two (Jessica and Cody) up. Josh – oh you have no idea, on Thursday I’m going to say its blindside meatball! Josh – I called out Mark. It wasn’t a good idea but you saw how fast he flipped right when Cody walked back in. Matt – I can’t believe it how fast he forgave him. Josh – and this girl went from being friends with everyone and then when he came back in she went back to how she used to be. When he walks out that door she better keep that same attitude. I think I was fine going up because I knew I was going up. If I stay on Thursday I said in the DR you better give me five minutes so I can go off on Mark. I’m literally going to be like lets talk about it. I’m not going to talk game. I’m going to throw him off. And if I go out in that HOH its going to be a meatball dance off! MEATBALL! It’s going to be 8 against 4. We have 2 more till jury? So Ramses goes and then 3 of them go to jury. (Jess, Mark, Elena) And then we can play fair and whoever wins, wins. This hostility and fake a$$… fool you can’t. How can you be working with… I don’t respect that. If anything I have respect for Cody. Mark I don’t respect. He was trying to hide under somebody. Matt – I told him you cannot do what you did to Josh … to another grown man. Its just not cool. If my friends saw me do that, if my dad saw me do that .. they would be like dude you’re a pu$$y! That sh*t is just wack! Josh – I know I lost it but he made it personal. He had people around and they hear that, they will buy into that sh*t. Matt – everyone saw that and it was just at a different level. Josh – My family saw that I got blatantly disrespected and I was like now I’m about to go off! Matt – I think you handled it pretty good. Josh – yeah laid him out. I would have gotten my a$$ beat but I would have clocked him one first. I talk a lot of sh*t but he’s not like that. DOn’t run your mouth and expect me not to dish it right back. When the votes come in on Thursday, I’m jumping up on the sofa and being like BABABABABA what happened meatball!?! Lets talk about it! If I go out in the HOH and he is up there i will probably go back on the block. I don’t care at that point. I like everyone in here besides those 3, we are just going to have fun. I am just going to f**k with him.

10:35am – 11am HOH room. Cody and Jessica.
Jessica – everyone that is left in the game after Josh leaves has a pair. From here on out chances are pairs will be going up next week. Cody – I mean if I could get it (HOH) what I would do is backdoor Paul. That’s just what I would do. That would be my only goal. And I would maybe even put up a nice sweet pawn. I would think about putting up Raven. Jessica – if you won HOH we would need to solidify a deal with one side of the house so that if you were going to go ahead and pull the trigger on Paul. If that’s what you decided to do… in order for us to do that we would have to join the other side of the house and have to solidify an alliance. Otherwise if you strong arm them and tell them you’ll put up two people on their side of the house. Cody – there is no more solidifying alliances. Me and you are the only alliances. Jessica – I’m sick and tired… agreed but I don’t want someone from that side of the house coming after us. Cody – they will regardless. Jessica – I want to strong arm them saying you either work with us or we will put two of you up prior to nominations. Cody – you’re going to have to do the strong arming because I don’t think it will be convincing from me. Jessica – that’s who you are, you’re the muscle babe! Cody – its fear through competition, its not like fear through go if you don’t do..

Cody talks about Jessica revealing her temptation so that no one will waste their HOH. The only one that will try and convince them to do it is Paul. Let him do it and then we’ll reset. And that person will be like yeah no. Jessica – that’s exactly why I don’t plan on telling anyone what the stipulations are to the temptation. Cody – you could lie about it. Jessica – I’m going to imply that my temptation is better than Paul’s and not only can I control one nomination, I control both. And the only person that is going to suffer for it is the HOH. That is exactly how I am going to present it to them. Wouldn’t the punishment be that everyone would just have to reset? Cody – yeah. Cody – then they are going to say its a rewind week. Jessica – I’m not going to say that. I will control nominations. I will not let them realize its a rewind week. I want people to want to work with us. I still can’t believe I got that. Its so cool!

11:10am Big Brother calls everyone up to the HOH room. Then big brother blocks the feeds.
11:35am The live feeds return with the house guests coming down to kitchen for the Havenots. Jessica reads the card that says havenots are the first 3 house guests that dropped their red lights during the “what’s the hold up HOH”. Kevin, Mark and Paul are the havenots for the week. Josh you took last weeks havenot temptation but received the havenot extension chip so you will be a havenot again this week. And remember the havenot temptation is in play again this week. Josh since you took the temptation last week you are not eligible for it this week. Mark decides to take the havenot temptation.

HAVENOTS: Kevin, Mark, Paul, plus Josh

12:35pm Kitchen – Raven – if Mark gets 2 weeks (on slop from the havenot temptation) it would be hilarious. Matt – it would be the funniest thing that has happened in this house.

1:15pm HOH room. Cody & Jessica.
Cody – Raven has been yelling a lot. Jessica – they fight like brother and sister but then then bang. Cody – its a really weird relationship. Mark and Elena are more natural but she is tugging him along. Jessica – in her DSR she said that she likes someone that can put her in her place and he does not do that. That should have been a sign that they’re not good together. She has told me that they’ve got at it a couple of times right up until the point when they would be having s*x.. and then she would stop and he keeps going to the bathroom. He’s done it like 5 times. When I told her that Matt and Raven literally went at it when I was in bed next to them and it was disgusting when I told her.. she was like f**k if all y’all are doing it, I’m going to do it. That conversation only happened a couple days ago. Cody – I don’t know what she’s holding on to she was walking around with her top off a couple days ago.

2:27pm In the kitchen. Alex and Mark.
Mark – my body is accustomed to actual protein. This sh*t (slop) is not protein.

3:30pm Christmas – Jason I need you to come rub me. I need to start cashing in on these rubs. Jason – what part of your anatomy do you want rubbed? Alex – Jason! Christmas – lets start with the legs.

3:55pm Cody – girls get f**king fat in here. Jessica – don’t know why? Cody – snacking. Jessica – I’m not a snack’er. Cody – that’s good. Paul how much did Nicole gain during your season? Paul – I don’t know, I didn’t weigh her.

3:56pm Mark comes out of the diary room. They ask him if he got the key to open the havenot temptation box? Mark – no, later. Mark grabs Elena and they head to the havenot room. He tells her he doesn’t want the other house guests around because some of them annoy him. He opens up the orange box and get the havenot curse. He has to be a havenot for 2 weeks. Mark – I need to win HOH.

4pm Backyard. Paul & Christmas.
Christmas – Mark is back to ignoring anyone he doesn’t want to talk to. But if he gets that key… if he gets slop for two weeks.. Paul – that’s perfect! One less competitor on next Thursday. Christmas – no one is looking forward to him being on slop for two weeks. He is going to be more erratic than ever. It just gives us a real good reason to be like he is making the house a nightmare. Paul – but we also need to assess them two. the longer we let them slide the more the acclimate. Christmas – he is smart. Paul – who? Christmas – Cody. Paul – not really. Christmas – I hope people dont forget how much fear he played into everybody. And all they’re doing now is taking out the pawns. Paul – just to make everyone happy.

4:15pm Havenot room. Elena & Mark
Mark – if i were to put up Ramses, I dont know who I would put up with him. Elena – okay so what was your idea? Mark – I don’t know. Who would you put up? Elena – I don’t know, I’m not going to win HOH. Mark – I don’t think many people want HOH this week. Elena – Raven wants it because she wants a letter from her mom. Mark – this one better be a rope one. Cody wants it. Paul wants it. I just want to be off slop.

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Kudos on the still of Josh, and my sympathies for you having to transcribe him.


I’m not sure if Josh or Paul is the biggest ahole in the game. I hope they take Ramses off the block and put
Paul up. That way an ahole goes home no matter what happens with the vote.

Dumb move

I agree on the previous post people were arguing with me about why jess didn’t put Paul up because he was safe but he’s not. It was foolish to put ramses up unless she’s going to pull him down and put up Alex or Paul.


I can’t believe you got that temptation either, Jess. From America, anyway.


no one believes it, seems pretty fishy to me…


I agree. I checked ratings all the time and she was never top vote. Very fishy! Cody is very worrisome to me. His PTSD appears to show it self frequently. He really believes he is the greatest. How can anyone vote for either of them.


Me either i didn’t vote for her i voted for Kevin . Production had a hand in this temptation just like Paul’s they wanna keep the game interesting and keep the Paul vs Cody battle going for ratings .

Voted for Jess

I voted for Jess daily. Tired of Paul and his minions running this house. It is sooooooo boring. Ugh.


yes, judging by jess’s nominations, she really is going after paul just like you hoped. what a great idea to vote for her. (eyes rolling).


She was leading so many polls guys….Do you guys not check those things before making stupid assertions or just want to believe production is rigging everything?


all the poles i have seen she was NO where near the fav… alex and kevin on the other hand were .. TOTAL BS from BB .. and i dont usually say that … but too much almost seems scripted


Russia rigged it. They are attacking our reality shows now says MSNBC.


I would believe Pravda before MSNBC.

Munchkin Paul

I’m not a Cody fan but I am glad that Jessica has the Temptation. This is a house full of bullies that were all laughing while Josh was losing his mind during the HOH competition. I hope Jess uses the veto on Ramses and bounces either Josh or Paul.


I so agree! I think it was terrible they all dumped on Cody! then that ugly josh goes and cries because he is on the block! I hope he goes home!


YOu should blame big brother for that. They’re the ones that made that part of the comp. Did you expect the houseguest to give the punishment to the people they’re actually working with??


I so agree, and did yall notice Paul whispering to the others to tell Josh to yell to the those left in the comp not to take the deals! Was Paul (the big man he thinks he is) just to cowardly to tell them himself? As much as I am not a Cody/Jess fan, to see the way they were all laughing and egging Josh on, was painful for me to watch! Paul is beyond a bully, fist he condemned anyone who spoke to Dom, now this, how sad and pathetic this little man truly is!


But why would Paul, or anyone else for that matter, say it themselves and put the spotlight on themselves when there are other people sitting there that will do it for them and that are the ones in the argument to begin with? Besides Cody actually started the whole thing by making comments to josh when he dropped his disc.


U don’t have to be a fan of Jess to want to stop the Paul show.i never believe the votes it’s a hoax but I bet she would’ve won anyway


This show was way more fun to watch when Cody was actually playing the game and not living in fear of upsetting everyone. Pauls biggest move was getting the target off of the vet and onto Cody and Jessica.

not you again

Paul has done squat in this game, besides get a free ride to jury


Free ride to a win.


I completely Agree. BB love the show hate this Crap with Paul back. Ruined the game. These pplr enough drama.


Hahahaha Cody and Jessica hood winked again! If she wants josh out the best way would be to put Paul up bc she knows everyone worships him and if she told him that ahead of time it could soften the blow maybe. But who am I kidding she won’t realize that she’ll have nobody but herself to blame come eviction night when josh stays


And she’s a fool if she thinks telling people she has any temptation is a good idea

smoke and mirrors

Jess is smart. If anybody calls her bluff… Then we know production sang like a bird.


Does Matt, Mark, Raven and Elena do anything? They are beyond floaters. Boring. Yawn!


I think the term floater has been twisted a little. Floaters can be excellent gamers. Those 4 are coasters.


Your comment is spot on. Generally floaters go from side to side depending on who is in power as HOH. Generally seen as a reliable vote for the HOH and none threatening in general. Floating can be a very good game. Perhaps Kevin is closest to a floater. And yes Kevin is playing the game. He spends time with Paul and Jason for example..


I wouldn’t even set my drink them. I turn around and its gone!!


Elena does display her flotation devices regularly so…


right now i want someone other than paul to win hoh so they can puyt up two people who are in jess alliance uses the halting hex on them and then takes her out the weeek before jury that would be a game changer for cody being all alone again.

Bunny Flop

They have to take Ramses off. Otherwise, Baby Huey is gonna do his meatball sing a long. They have to know that. Their read on the house isn’t bad. They need to put up one of the minions.


Baby Huey. Best name ever.

Munchkin Paul

Tazmanian Josh. Cut him a break he has never been away from his teletubbie for this long.


I actually don’t think Jess should tell anyone about the temptation for right now. I think Paul could EASILY convince someone feeble minded like Alex or Josh (maybe even Jason or Maven or Kevin) to waste their HOH on getting rid of that temptation next week. Then what happens? The week after Jody is on the block.
I think later into the weeks and especially on her last (fourth) week she should reveal it. If she reveals it on her last week she could say I’m cancelling these nominations if I don’t like them that way the HOH would have to work with her because they definitely don’t want to waste their HOH at that point. Earlier in the weeks it makes sense to get rid of the temptation so Jody is a target next week and not the HOH.


It is looking more as if the house is divided into three core groups:
Paul, Alex, and the Boremances (Mark, Elena, Matt, Raven)
The Lovebirds: Jess and Cody
The Middles/Outsiders: Christmas, Ramses, Jason, Josh, and Kevin

It would behoove Jess and Cody to follow their own advice and not trust Paul’s group….why they think that group is actually going to work with them when their puppet Josh is on the block is beyond me. Jess needs to take Ramses down (he would gladly work with Cody and Jess as he is all alone in the game) and throw Mark up. Mark is a liability to the entire house, and whichever houseguest goes home, Paul’s side still loses a number.

Cody needs to stop looking at folks as idiots and work on building their numbers. They can save Ramses, pull in Jason (I would do Jason secretly so he can be the ears of the operation as he is friendly with everyone and the target on his back has diminished somewhat), and Christmas. She is on the outside of the cool kid gang and knows it.

Kevin is going to play both sides and do what is beneficial to him, so no one can really claim him.

I understand Jessica wanting to integrate her and Cody into the game socially, but at the expense of losing a number and ally, is not the way to go.


Paul’s group doesn’t trust Mark anymore (and by extension, Elena. Which kind of sucks for Elena, but . . .!). Paul, Alex, Matt and Raven are tight; that’s a given. If Jason wants to go far, he needs to get on board and stop trying to go rogue. Christmas, I’m not sure about. I know she and Paul spoke very early in the game and said they would work together without ever talking about it, they would just make eye contact to know they were on the same page. Josh, Kevin and Ramses are still outsiders.

I don’t think Jason would go against Alex and work with Jess and Cody (he still doesn’t know she’s working with Paul). So, if Ramses does go home this week, Jess and Cody could pull in Kevin, Mark and Elena, but that’s about it.


I love the fact that Cody doesn’t care who he pisses off, and is telling Jessica what he wants to do now if he wins HoH next Week, BUT when is he going to realize he and Jess still need to work with someone else to get the VOTES they need to EVICT someone either this Week or next Week ?! – Furthermore Jessica coming up with a lie for her Temptation Power to get Votes, or for her and Cody to stay in the House will probably backfire. Paul will smell a lie from a mile away and throw either Jason and Alex under the bus and find a way to send them packing – thus one less number for Jess and Cody.
The whole point of Jessica getting this power was for protection in case Cody came back. What they should be doing is trying to hang out with the others. But instead they are isolated once again in the HoH room and have no idea what is going on in the House. – You can go around telling everyone you have a certain POWER ( even if it’s a LIE ) but what good is a half truth if you are sitting in NO MAN’S LAND with no clue what’s going on ????
Playing the game the same way a second time and hoping for a different outcome is just ludicrous. They better change their game plan or Cody may be going home again sooner rather than later !!!


I hope Alex and Kevin make it to the end. Jason is horrible! He bought a couple of bunnies, let them bread, the killed them and at them. He is disgusting.


I bet you cant even change a tire, or set a nail. Humans are at the top of the food chain… rabbit haunch is delicious. Stop setting humanity back. If the tough choices were left to people like you, mankind would go extinct.


What is wrong with Jason eating bunnies? Do you eat meat? If so, then youre in no position to judge what other people choose to make into meals.


Alex and Jason’s game went to hell when they aligned with Paul. Thanks to Alex believing she’s the only one in a secret deal with Paul. Not smart


If he didn’t do it in the house – it does not matter. Breaded rabbit is delicious btw.


Can anyone tell me where I can get a list of comps that have been done? I am watching big brother canada and us at the same time, and I am in an internet fight. I might be wrong in the internet fight, since I may be confusing bbcan with the current season. Stacking stars comp, was that bbcan, or us? It would be great if there was a list of all seasons comps. My argument is that paul has done most, if not all these comps before, just themes and details get changed, but the mechanics are similar. Everyone is all pissy cause Cody won back, when he played the comp before, and my argument is that Paul has done all comps like these before, not just balance ball. My memory is fuzzy, but I am pretty damn sure he was very good at tossing the ball last year, and he won an hoh on that… I just cant find “proof” of my suspicions, so maybe I am wrong? Any help would be appreciated.


I think Stacking Stars was the veto comp Cody threw to Alex. But, my memory is fuzzy, so I could be wrong.


I just goggled “Big Brother Competitions” and they came up. I looked at the Wikia/Fandom page and they were all listed in order (even BBCan). The one I was thinking of as Stacking Stars was called Fin to Win, so I don’t know if it’s the one you meant. Hope this helps!


Jessica does make a good point about telling them her temptation is worth more than it is. I’m sure the DR will tip someone off, but it’s a good idea none the less.


You can’t use production as a strategy

Big Jim

Paul did why shouldn’t she?

oy vey

What the F*k are you talking about?
Paul didnt reveal his temptation until Cody tried to nominate him!

Hello McFly!


I don’t think that Jess should be allowed to lie about / embellish the facts of The Halting Hex Temptation.

If Jess’ Temptation was a tangible prize (i.e., a trip, cash), Jess would not have to tell the HGs if she did not want to.

However, Temptations that are Big Brother Game Related (not a tangible prize such as a trip/cash that the Temptation Winner individually receives – having no affect on The Big Brother Game) should be told to the other HGs in a truthful manner.

Paul did not stand up and state “I have the Pendant Of Protection. This Pendant Of Protection keeps me safe from being nominated – for 5 weeks due to the Pendant of Protection I cannot be nominated for eviction at Nomination Ceremonies nor after The POV Ceremonies. . In addition, for 5 weeks the HOH must nominate a HG of my choice.”

Ramses did not stand up and state “I was cursed – as a result of my curse I was forced to nominate a 3rd Nominee at The Nomination Ceremony. This curse is much like the MVP Prize – with the exception that the Cursed HG can nominate themselves if they so choose. Instead of putting up a HG, I chose to nominate myself as the 3rd Nominee. Since I was unable to reveal anything about the curse until this Nomination Ceremony, I chose to nominate myself in the hopes that The Curse does not adversely affect the HOH’s Nominations.”

Christmas did not stand up and state “I received The Ring of Replacement. With this power, I can replace Veto Players including but not limited to Nominated HGs for 4 weeks – also the person that has The Ring of Replacement, me, is protected from being “back doored.” For example, if The HOH has nominated Cody & Jess – The Ring of Replacement allows me to not allow Cody & Jess (The HOH’s Nominees) to play in the Veto – with this I can choose 5 people that I am confident will not use the POV on Cody & Jess to play in The Veto Comp. Jess, you will probably want to use your Halting Hex. Still, The Ring of Replacement will allow me to keep you and Cody on the block ensuring that one of you will go home. If you, Jess, do not use your Halting Hex “The House” will vote Cody out – and you can keep your Halting Hex to stop an eviction when you know that you will be voted out of the house.”

One rule of The Den of Temptation should be that HGS that have accepted Temptations directly affecting The Game (of Big Brother) cannot be embellished by Temptation Prize Holders. Temptation Prize Holders cannot add extra untrue details or in any manner exaggerate a Temptation power.

Otherwise, what prevented Paul from embellishing the power associated with The Pendant of Protection – Christmas embellishing the power of The Ring of Replacement – Ramses from inventing a fictitious story about his curse that was not in accordance with the facts of volunteering to be the Third Nominee within 3 weeks of receiving the curse?


She has to use it in three evictions anyways. If she waits five weeks its null and void. I worry about some of you


I disagree.

Players are encouraged to lie, cheat, and steal on this show. Punishments and powers that are assigned are usually something the recipient may or may not tell the other HGs (their choice). Requiring them to tell or to reveal ALL the details should never be a requirement. If it was, then many may simply turn down offers.

In my opinion, this is no different than everyday game play in the house. Being misleading, lying, and blatant deception is the name of the game.

Now, would I play that way? No, which is why I would never even try something like BB. The mind games, deception, lying, and such is just not me.

I believe a totally clean game is not impossible, just very unlikely.


Remember in the OG days when floating was considered a good thing? When exactly did this change?


Yes floating can get you far. But there is no loyalty involved. If your like that in the house… then you are most likely a slimeball in your daily life


That’s simply false. Who cares about loyalty in the house, bb isn’t the real world


Why doesn’t Jess tell people her Brazilian background- (mom) I would I’d be proud of it!

racially charged

I’m sure she is proud. But it doesn’t make or break her. I respect that more in a person than someone constantly nagging and making race relations in America worst than ever before


She has said her mom is Brazilian and her dad was Italian


She also doesn’t tell people her father is German, she says she is Italian. Maybe her father were a small part Italian (idk) but her father is at least 50% German with a German surname and a relative of Stefi Graf – why not mention it then? Why Italian – which is probably not even true. I have noticed she lies about a lot of things (completely irrelevant to the game, like about her hair being cute and short, her boobs being real, dating NFL players that she probably only slept with), so I am starting to wonder if there’s a pathology there.

Team Andrew

Josh isn’t playing with a full deck.


Josh doesn’t even know where the deck went

Sir Loin of Beef

No, just a full diaper!


I think basically it’s the entire house against Cody and Jess. No matter how you slice it. I want something major to happen to blow up in their confident cocky faces. Cody and Jess have been at a disadvantage the entire game. Paul has been king with his servants doing EVERYTHING he says. Like Cody or not..he’s the only one that can and will knock Paul off his pedestal. I’m looking forward to it. Enough already ugh . They all talk tough and Just worship Paul.


Not even true. He got one temptation, same as Jessica. Cody not only got a second chance, he basically has a third chance with Jessica’s temptation. So to say they’re at a disadvantage over everyone else is just false. Not to mention the fact that Cody is the one that put himself in that position and Jessica chose to side with him. No ones fault but their own.

And it’s not Paul’s fault the rest of the house follow him around like puppies. He can’t even believe it himself. At least Paul is entertaining on the feeds. If I had to chose between watching soft porn between Jessica and Cody all summer on feeds or Cody’s boring, drab personality, and Paul. I’d chose Paul all day long.


I am not a fan of Paul. I hope karma bites him in the ass in the following way. He is working hard to save Josh by evicting Ramses. Josh will be saved this week, but hopefully he becomes the first member of the jury. If karma does me a favor, Paul will be the second member of the jury. Then Paul will have to listen to that petulant man child spewing nonsensical drivel until finale night. A guy can dream.


It’s just disturbing to me watching and listening to Christmas coddling and comforting Josh like he’s a special needs child playing with kids on a playground. She’s clearly his Mommy on the show. He is a spoiled man-child that throws temper tantrums. Get him out. His rants make me cringe.


Most of you are probably too young but Paul reminds me of a Loony Tunes cartoon character Little Chickenhawk on Foghorn Leghorn.. running around acting tough and in charge….Paul “I’m a Chickenhawk!” Foghorn “I say…I say boy…shut your mouth boy “


That is PERFECT!!!


Anonymous was it in the same decade as Tom and Jerry


Yes lol I’m anonymous and old I forgot to type name. I loved Tom and Jerry too. Do you remember Foghorn?


The chickenhawk! Lol! Great analogy!


Although I’m not happy with the idea of josh staying. What I am enjoying is how there no solid alliances, lines in the sand are being drawn differently each week.
It’s interesting how mark and Elena have gone back to Cody and Jessica, whilst raven and matt are gonna turn their back on mark and Elena! Plus I have no idea who alex and Jason are aligned with at this point.
It’s kind of like survivor, with the whole different voting blocks each tribal,
Plus I’m excited to see the blow up for another HOH Cody and Jessica wasted and their pawn goes home

is survivor still a thing?

BB invented voting blocks.

SURVIVOR airs in September

You might want to do some research… Survivor came up with voting blocks.

that's a big fat negative

They came up with a cute name to call it. I know you know this. Survivor- started just last year where the vote is up in the air, until at tribal council everyone starts whispering and blahblahblah. Big Brother- does this every second of every summer going on twenty years or some ish…

Raven died twice in june

I cannot believe that no one has called out Raven on her, um, illness. She claims that she barfs several times a day and can’t poop when she needs to despite the implant which by the way is for human use despite what she says; look it up). She is constantly eating. Looked up her “condition,” no nuts, no dairy, no whateverthefuckshe’sshovinginherpieholedaily. That girl is not Mensa either. Remember when she thought “emaciated” was the same as “emancipated?” More like Densa. This chick’s whole act is false. She’s gaining weight like shit gains flies. More to her story than she is letting on. Oh wait, she just died.


id still bang her

smash or pass

She could get it. But I’d be afraid to press up against that pacemaker, she might throw up on your boi. I know some of y’all are probably into

online player

have you seen Raven topless?


honestly I could see the guys saying this about the other women in the house – any of the other women. But Raven? She is gross, a real libido-killer, nothing attractive about her.

Jess Vivette

But her GPA is dance.

604 Macho

I love hearing Jess and all the sex talk about her and Cody! I’d love to hear more and see any clips or pics if any more happens!




It’s time for Josh to go home. Jessica and Cody need to spend more time with the group if her plan is going to work.

Spaghetti & Meatballs

I couldn’t stand Josh in the beginning, especially when he flipped out on Megan (that was bully behavior). But I agree now that he’s spoiled, maybe a little slow, and getting in an argument with him is foolish (“Don’t answer the foolish arguments of fools, or you will become as foolish as they are.”). He’s emotionally all over the map (like a little kid). Hope he stays in the house – it’s so easy to get Jessica and Mark riled up with him in there. It throws off their game.


FLASHBACK time for when Matt and Raven banged please

Cody is dead inside

Looking at,and listening to cody makes me cringe. He has the personality of a dead fish. He sucks all the fun out of every situation and he barely covers being human. I don’t think the dude is comfortable in his own skin. But this is the dude wanted back for entertainment… Really?

southern skies

Your dead fish argument is falling on deaf ears… I think your jelly… you want his skin cz your uncomfortable in yours


Wish it was Mark being sent packing.


Cody is a piece of…”girls get f***ing fat in here” you shallow prick.


Yeah, very interesting that he pointed out “girls” as getting fat, when I see quite a few love handles hanging around that pool table. The girls all look just fine to me.

I think it goes without saying that when people are locked in a house and bored, eating becomes a form of entertainment. But, both men and women are affected by junk food snacking.

Backseat Driver

For crap sakes why do these people think it’s okay to f**k on television??
Come on……your parents….grandparents…aunties are watching!!


Who cares


Josh really looks and speaks like a Special Child.

No fave yet

All kidding aside-I agree. There is something a bit off with him. His perception is off. Maybe because of sheltering and coddling. But not sure. He behaves a bit “slow”.


All God’s children are special!

Not one of them

And I only gave you thumbs up because I thought it was funny…I don’t think God has children….and if he does, he ain’t talking!


They are banking on the curse being a reset? If she is dumb enough to reveal that she got this particular temptation, at least 3 HGs will revolve their strategy around it


Did anyone notice Jessica’s stop sign? It seemed that the red circle was stuck even after she removed her hand. Her piping even appeared to be much stiffer than anyone elses.


Weird seeing Cody have conversation on the show. I almost didn’t recognize him without his toothbrush.


Question: If an episode airs and Josh does NOT cry in it, did it really air at all?

Peeping Tom

Cody and Jess are going to kick, scream, cry, and throw a tantrum when Ramses is voted out next week.
Mark-Alex, what can I eat while on slop.
Alex-we should ask Paul, he will know
Charles Manson is doing a fantastic job leading the family.


The first two weeks in the house is literally repeating itself all over again. And Jess and Cody are isolating themselves once again, which was their undoing. If they would just mingle instead of holing in a love shack, maybe they could piece together that the other HGs are planning to blindside them AGAIN. Let me see? Doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results (despite getting the same results)…yep it’s insanity all right. So what now, Jess is going to have another expletive-laced outburst on national television? Classy.

Duck Site Critique

Dude said Jessica’s piping was stiffer than anyone elses

Lmmfao. I’m dead.

the Jess effect

Piping gets awfully stiff


Josh, you’re going home. You forgot about the curse. Who’s the meatball now?


BB Fan

OMG what the F is Josh still doing there? Do you people really want to live with him in jury? Gonna win every comp so far won nothing. Just vote him out and give us viewers a break.

Impractical Joker

Wait Paul on tonights episode said his saftey is up so why dont Jess and Cody put paul up against Josh?

Brother Utah

Mark picking the wrong key and is now on slop for two whole weeks. Look on the bright side Mark, slop might actually make you look better and toner.

By the way, Jason did slop for two whole weeks and he survive with flying colors. You can do it Mark.


The behavior of the houseguests during that HOH was deplorable, Josh especially. I see why Jess and Cody choose to isolate.
I need those two to get smart about the VETO and take Ramses down. Ramses has already approached Jessica saying he trusts her but not the house. Yet, it seems they are going to use Ramses as some sort of litmus test to gauge who they can trust in the house.
*sad face*


Please bring back the level of talent you brought on BB during the fist seven seasons. Or if you are going g to continue to bring back Vets atleast make sure they are quality level of Dan or Derek. Heck even Mike Boogey


Oh how I miss Dr Will and Boogey !!! I could watch their seasons 100 times and never get bored. Also Evel Dick’s. And I never understood that. He was AWFUL !! But I loved him. There has never been another Evel Dick or even close that I can recall. But with everything going on with this group, I can honestly say that I have been entertained so far. Hate that Jessica is still there with Cody. I wanted to see him go against Paul without Jessica. Maybe if she wasn’t there, he would do like she did and even if it is fake, try to be more social and get a few of them on his side. But we won’t know that now.


These loose confederations known as alliances don’t even have any names this year. That’s just how lacking cohesion any of these groups are. The couples are loyal to each other and after that to Paul.