Jessica “If you want to see me n@k*d the burping and farting won’t be happening”


9:05pm HOH room – Jessica and Cody.
Cody – I’m just happy to see you. Jessica – I want to watch Kevin’s show and then come up here and go to sleep. Cody – when’s that? Jessica – 9pm. Jessica – lets go downstairs for a little bit, be social and do our due diligence. Cody – okay. Jessica – and then I’ll be yours for the rest of the night. Cody – f**k DEAL! Cody burps. Jessica – you realize when we’re in the outside world the romance comes back and this (his mouth) gets sown up. You’re getting a pass just because you’re on slop. Jessica – if you want to see me naked the burping and farting won’t be happening. Cody – I’ll ditch the farting but the burping stays. Jessica – no. Cody – then no deal. Jessica – fine they I won’t ever get naked. Cody – then well stay celibate till we’re married then. Jessica – so you’re saying we’re going to get married?

9:05pm Bedroom. Paul, Jason
Paul – this is our chance to steamroll this sh*t dude. Jason – she’s a f**king dingbat. Paul – replace Jillian with Christmas. I knew, but you have to get the right pieces. Jillian wasn’t going to do sh*t. Jason – she’s f**king dumb dumb! Paul – Christmas almost won yesterday. You get what I’m saying. We have a pit bull on a leash. Jason – but she’s sparatic. She’s emotional as F**k! Paul – to me she will be the first to go out of all of us. When she has a vengeance for something she will not let it go. And now she has a vengeance for Mark.

See what they can’t show you on TV Try the live feeds for FREE!

9:10pm In the kitchen – Paul, Christmas, Elena, Kevin.
Paul is putting the girls in hold.

9:20pm Havenot room – Josh.
Josh – this is the definition of being loyal. People see your character. They see that you’re a man of your word. Loyalty will take you real far in life. Remember that. Give loyalty to the right people. Give your word to the right people and sh*t on everyone else. You never know what will happen in this game but I do know that I will move forward in this game if I stick with the same people. Guys will you call my mom because I am pretty sure she has has like five heart attacks. This experience is crazy but I’m done being nice to people that disrespect me, that don’t want to hear my word, that hold a grudge. I have a good heart. You do me wrong and apologize, I will forgive you. Guess what Cody, F**K YOU! Mark you’re shady as hell. You switched up as soon as Cody walked through the door. YOU’RE GOING HOME!! Mark sucks as a competitor! Ramses is a floater. He is not loyal. I’m winning the veto tomorrow so I don’t care.

9:25pm Bathroom – Matt, Raven and Christmas.
Christmas – are you guys interested in keeping Josh? He will be a number for us and chill the F**k out. Also Ramses is the triple f**king threat. Much better at competitions than people think. Stronger. Matt – I’m on board with that but lets revisit it after the veto.

10:10pm – 10:20pm Lounge room. Paul, Jason, Kevin, Christmas and Alex.
They’re all hanging out chatting about random things. In the kitchen – Jessica, Cody, Matt, Raven, Ramses, Paul, Elena, Mark and Kevin are chatting asking each other questions. Paul – Kevin what do you like to do for Deb? Kevin – who?! Paul – your wife!

10:30pm – 10:50pm Kitchen. Raven – do you think we should keep him (Ramses?)? Matt – not at all. Right now I feel pretty good. Even if Cody gets HOH, I think we’ll be good. Raven – MMMmmmHHHmmm. Matt – i feel pretty good about everyone else too. So worst case scenario, Ramses stays. Raven – Ramses knew he was going up.

10:50pm HOH room. Cody – not saying they would follow through.. but next week if I don’t get HOH .. they would definitely consider not splitting us up. It would be a consideration. Jessica – as long as we don’t isolate ourselves.

11:30pm Havenot room. Josh and Jason.
Josh – do you know how proud he is of you?! Jason – yeah I know. Josh – You know how much America f**King loves you?! I f**king love you! Jason – I know it sucks but you can’t play the we shouldn’t have told you. But it sucks, we feel bad about not telling you. Just pretend that that was the plan and it went south. Now you’re on the block and you’re f**ked because we don’t want anyone sniffing a rat. Josh – I’m going to mope around.

12am All of the house guests are eating including the havenots that finished their time this week.

2am Bathroom. Mark & Ramses
Mark – if it means anything to you, you’re safe in my book. I think you are with the house gii. Ramses – thank you. I just need to take it one day at a time, week by week,

3qm All the house guests are sleeping..

5:00am sleeping..

7:23am sleeping

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BB lover



Just need to see Cody’s Dr sessions to make sure he’s not drinking the Kool aid, I want chaos, this kumbaya is boring

Curse Paul

It is great to see Paul’s ranking going down and Cody and Jessica moving up. I hope the plan is for Paul to be backdoored but i’m worried the house is going to vote to save Paul. I would of put Raven up instead of Ramses.

Jimmy 64

Hey Cody is safe a least 2 weeks
Jessica has both HOH & the temptation.
I hope they vote out Josh next week he is on my last nerve !


If Jessica has any sense at all, she will save the halting hex for herself. We are talking about a chance at a half million dollars.


Judging by other things Cody has said, he’d probably refuse she use it on him.


Saving Cody helps her game too, Cz he’s the only ? guaranteed to protect her

Diaper Baby Josh

Let’s go Jessica! I do not understand the noms, but I am glad this house flipped on it’s head in a matter of 24 hours. Crazy how this game changes on a dime at moment’s notice. I’m glad to see the unnecessarily hated duo of Cody and Jessica back in power.

sunny dee

probably think they are going to backdoor paul which won’t happen, people will vote whoever he is next to no matter who they are. this way they can actually be ok with many other HGs, because ramses is on the top of their lists. josh is close to the top., all josh needs to do is win pov if he wants to stay, but even if \noms stay the same he is pretty safe no one is going to vote out who jessody picks so probably the best choice she has. of course whoever puts them up next week it goes nowhere, no difference, then they literally would have to win to not be up and out the door the following week, either way both are safe for this week and next so boring.


She is probably backdooring

Elena's Swollen Left Boob

Then she should have put up Raven, Matt or Kevin . If she tries to backdoor Paul against either of these two, he stays. Dumb to put up two unpopular players if you have a backdoor plan.


I miss Janelle.


My guess is she’s trying to build a bridge with someone who’d be able to work with Cody. She’s got a lot effort tied into him at this point and he’s not a social sort. Both Josh and Ramses are on the bottom so she’s not threatening anyone else at this point. She’s able to start to work some deals and lay some groundwork for future allies.

Or it’s just so people will leave her alone so she can bang Cody all week.


So now Jess and Cody are safe next week with the Hex

Double D

May I say Jessica, that there are millions of us holding in our farts right now.


Thanks for replacing Megans face with Camerons

Bean dipping

Wait!!!! They did noms already?

Andrew's Sister

This should be a fun week!

Andrew's Sister

This should be a fun week.


You can say that again!!


Jessica and Cody were actually great when they’re not together. But then again….


I’m so glad Cody is back!


I’m so glad it was Paul that lost the game and brought Cody back into the house. If it had been any other person Paul would have turned the house against them saying they threw the game on purpose to bring back Cody.

Polly Callowfury

I fully expect everyone who was cheering for Cody pre-BattleBack will end up dead silent and disappointed by the end of this week.


Cody reminds me of someone that is two arguments away from going postal. He is not funny, has zero personality, has black beady little eyes like a serial killer, and is absolutely awkward in his own skin. Give him a mental challenge and he’ll fail. You saw him trying to build those silly starfish. And, is anyone going to state the obvious, that the challenges are a dead-ringer to those on Survivor? Really CBS? Have some originality. Lastly, who forgot how Jessica is a complete mean girl, sitting there letting Megan get attacked knowing damn well she called Alex Pau Pau. Panda/Pau Pau is still an underhanded slight to an Asian. And yet, she sat there with her big fake-ass, botoxed lips closed so that Megan could be drilled. Right on- what an awesome beauty. Hmm. Let’s see a potential serial killer and a hood rat, mean girl getting married after knowing each other for 10 episodes, sounds like an awesome upcoming 48 Hours episode to me! Coincidentally, also on CBS.


ur so wrong


Keep personal attacks out of the game! This people you are insulting have a family show some respect and keep your personal opinions to yourself.


What makes Jessica, “hood”?
Her race. Get out of here with your own racist comments. You’re a hypocrite.

Power of Veto Corleone

You sound like the mean girl to me.
Lighten up. It’s a game


The “potential serial killer” and the “hood rat, mean girl” could get married, have a daughter, and name her VALERIE after you.


Josh and Ramses?!?! Wtf you can’t even backdoor anybody


May be that she’s learned a lesson playing with Cody. She’s not going to alienate the whole house like he did. No matter how alpha you are, you can’t steamroll through the house, making everybody an enemy . . . unless you’re Rachel. Jessica is no Rachel.

Black Lives Matter

These people are a waste of space! They are bullies with numbers but cowards on their own! Those nominations come from A Cowards mind…

Black Olives Matter

Are you talking about the game or the group you chose for your name?

A cowards mind

A cowards mind is a low IQ mind, it believes in conspiracy theories and believe it is a victim. Basically a cowards mind is limited and can’t see the bigger picture so it focuses on how it can be a victim.

If you take the “black” off your name then it makes sense….no life is more important then another and if you buy into on life is more then another… have a cowards mind.


That made no sense.

Makes sense to me

When it makes sense to you, you will wake up!

Rotten Tomato Rankings for BB19 HG's

Jess HOH, Ramsey and Josh up for eviction. Mixed feelings, seems like a missed opportunity. Also, feel like I’m about to get major Austin and Liz flashbacks with Jess being HOH and Cody being back…whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhy???


I dont think they could get out the big target, he has all the votes in the house. They would be setting themselves back socially again by trying.


They could if he was put up next to Raven. Then the minions would have no one to follow once Paul left so maybe they’d latch back on to Cody and Jess. Missed opportunity.


It would be interesting to see how the house would vote if Raven was up next to Paul.


Cowards like I said


Jess HOH. That means at least two more weeks of Cody + Jessica. And with the halting power, make that likely three.

I can only hope those two get in a fight. One thing is clearly for sure, they’re going to bang in the HOH tonight guaranteed. They could care less if cameras are on or not.

Sir Loin of Beef

I bet you can’t wait to watch, huh you PERV!
Your “spank bank” needs a huge deposit after all those large withdrawals you made last week for Elena and Jessica!

Bunny Flop

And so the romance ( eyes rolling really hard) begins.
On the plus side, there is some scrambling going on.
On the super plus side, GnomeBeard can feel his game slippin away. Like slime through an hourglass.
On the super, super, plus side, Maybe Raven n Matt will have to move around.


GnomeBeard, really lol, best nickname ever!!!


Officer and a Gentleman Twilight Zone style. Debra Winger she is not.


I really appreciate the updates but it feels like torture having to read about Boyz2Men and the scammer talking game. They have literally done nothing! I wish they would back door Boyz and then scam next week. They make Corey and Nicole look good! Still pulling for Alex and Kevin F2.

Queen Cersei

I get the feeling Jody vs. Paul will be dragged out like how Amanda and Helen were scared to take a shot at each other for the longest in their season. I can’t really see nominations changing since both on the block are expendable to both sides.

Capt. Obvious

Paul’s afraid to take a shot??
Are people on these boards really as stupid as they seem?
Are facts just forgotten so you can make your point?
Paul already took his shot at Cody, and blew him the f up.
For Christ’s sakes, the selective memory in the world is so ridiculous now-a-days.


Dude paul was all but gone production gave him safety for three weeks. House had to vote his way because they knew they didnt want on his bad side for three weeks.


Plus, production gave Paul 8 friendship bracelets to pass around and give half the house safety. He had 3 weeks of safety and a 8 HG group to worship him.


All but gone?? Just because Cody tried to put him up doesn’t mean they would’ve voted him out. In fact, pretty much all of them said in the DR they would not have because of the way Cody did it and Paul was a member of their “group”.


Too bad there aren’t any alpha males or females in the house to challenge Cody. Unlike the earlier seasons of big brother, there’s just too many ‘characters’ being cast instead of strong competitors. (like Jeff vs Russell vs Jesse in BB 11). Why not substitute Jillian, Raven, Matt, Don types for some strong competitors? Wouldn’t that be more entertaining?


They r planning to backdoor Paul


They wouldn’t have the votes. They would be making the same exact mistake as they did in the first week. I don’t care much for Jessica, but I don’t think she’s completely stupid either. She knows they won’t have the votes.


Do you think Jess was trying to play it safe with her HOH like Alex was with hers? Or do you think they have a plan to backdoor Paul? Not the noms I would’ve thought of right off the bat. It’ll be interesting to see who wins POV and what they decide to do with it. I still say they’re getting rid of the “uncool” kids so they can have a “cool kids” jury house all to themselves. They are getting rid of the nerds and geeks first, then it’s jury time by then.

Body Double

What if Jess has realized she really doesn’t like Cody and his farting/burping? I don’t know many women who find that attractive in a mate.

Personally I think she has a thing for Kevin….is he the “bad boy” she has been looking for?

Maybe she will backdoor Cody….now that would be quite the twist.

Farting Female

Its a body function, get over yourself. Some people can see past a silly little fart. Also if you are gauging mental/physical attraction with a fart……you are going to be a single female/male for life.


What if the darts really really bad. Like marks. There was a body builder in my gym that would clear out the gym. I bet he’s still single


This guys clearly eats too much protein and if he is a body builder, he probably would rather look at himself in the mirror then complete with a significant other for looks.

Oscar P.

ah suh dude


I was good with the idea of Cody coming back just for the chaos it could create but I’m already rolling my eyes into the back of my head listening to Jess and Cody talk about romance and marriage. Good GOD. It might be in vain, but I’m holding out hope they’ll reign it in and focus more attention on the game while they are there. They have the rest of their lives to be f*ckbunnies.
I truly can’t stand showmances. Woof.

Romance Called

Why put me on hold? I’m open 24/7 and can be talked about anytime. Don’t set boundaries for what other people can do…..just because you hate romance doesn’t mean everyone does!


I don’t like showmances either ur…. They are young and impulsive . I do want them blown up but they aren’t anymore annoying than Raven and Matt. I actually find Jessica less aggravating and disgusting than Raven and Elana. Of the 3 she seems the most genuine. The bar is set low. I hope Cody and Jess go further than the other couples. As for Paul and Josh I want them out. I’m still holding out hope that Alex sees through Paul’s manipulation. Interesting to see what Cody figures out.

congrats Cody

Paul’s already tryna get Jason to protect The noms aren’t that bad. Josh, rams, xmas, Kevin and Paul all have to go b4 the couples can start to target one another.

Cody's Crazy Eyes

This is exactly what everyone wants to see…. are you kidding me. America’s sweethearts going at it for a week, and honestly, they’ve got the class where they won’t be holding back .. so much so they’ll give the austwins a run for their money.
The house CLEARLY didn’t think this through sending Dom out. I realize Dom and Paul (and Dom with most of the house) were at odds with each other, but if he just bit the bullet and put their differences aside, pulled her in, and then worked on getting Jess out (cause he WAS anticipating a battle back with Cody as the winner) he could’ve tried to spin things with Cody. Sure, we know Jess would’ve pulled herself off (that production lovingly gave to her), but then at least Cody Cruise and Pretty Woman wouldn’t get any more chances after that – it’s absolutely their game now, and if Cody wins the POV, he’s just going to backdoor backdoor backdoor.

Oh and I really wish he’d stop referring to himself as an alpha….he comes across as a complete LUNATIC, and it’s crazy enough that jessica is into that LOL (where did they find these two)… As much as Paul is annoying, I could bear him so much more than amanda and mcrae 2.0.

Cody & jess are farthest thing from classy

Lol funniest thing I’ve heard in a while saying jess and Cody have class. This is the guy who turned his back on his whole alliance. Threw two of them under the bus for no reason and the girl whose been sexual harassing everyone. And that doesn’t include the way they talk down and treat people. Class is not engaging in sexual acts on tv. They’re the worse and for those saying she’s backdooring Paul they wouldn’t have the votes. Paul or Ramses would go home. She’s smarter than that. Maybe she’ll improve codys game. It was hilarious that Julie Chen kept saying Cody needs to work on his social game and he didn’t get it. So messed up


I’m not 100% but I think it was sarcasm. I hope.

Porn Star

So im not classy because I have sex in the open for all to see? I would say your definition of classy only suits your ego….how about you lighten up a bit, you will enjoy life more! Now go have sex in public….its so fun!


A Backdoor is Coming GUYS ….. My guess of course it would be Paul Ugh …..Now I regret my decision of wanting cody back Because that means more Jody time and me wanting to barf more than ever again. I think even if Paul is on the block these people won’t vote him out they’ll vote out the person that’s next to him and he can easily flip it back to the next person also .


Can’t believe this show still exists. Showmances are the biggest insult to the competition. They’re obviously allowed because a big chunk of tabloid audience likes to watch (barf!) romance, hookups and all the drama that may ensue… BUT WE’VE GOT A GAME TO PLAY PEOPLE!! These love smitten kittens lose total interest in the game and force themselves to act like they care. Jessica is as pathetic as it gets… she thinks she’s on the Bachelorette! Besides the obvious ignorance/arrogance combination, she’s a phony and a narcissist in every way.

Then there are the immature morons who don’t understand that this is a game and grants you… A LICENSE TO LIE AND DECEIVE AND TO BE DISLOYAL. The mushbrains that throw a hissy fit when someone gets caught being a snake (Dominique was UNBEARABLE!!) or being disloyal, all the while taking a victory lap for their RIGHTEOUS WAYS AND GAME… are the BIGGEST FOOLS!! Maintaining loyalty and honesty… IS NOT A REQUIREMENT IN A GAME OF DECEPTION AND MANIPULATION YOU NIMRODS… so… STOP IT!

Seriously, how is this show still on the….? oh, wait… darn it…!! I can’t stop watching!

Love Called

Wow with that rant, looks like you need a little love in your life! CAPS LOCK ALSO….you really need some love!


Jess and Creepy Cody may be thinking about jury votes. If they evict Paul before convincing everyone that it would be a good idea, they risk losing jury votes, and they become larger targets. I think this time they are going to try a different strategy- like actually have a social game and become likeable.

Will it work? Maybe, with this group of goons- they fall for anything. However, Cody likeable? He seems to be a boy only a mother (and Jess?) could love and even that’s hard.


CBS rigged it. There is no way that America voted for Jessica to have the special power. It was getting boring.


As much as I don’t trust production, I do believe Jessica won the temptation. Taran Armstrong’s twitter poll had her winning it easily, and his polls are usually right. I think America felt sorry for her and Cody.


You are just figuring this out ! CBS scripts it out every year. They don’t like how it is going, they spin it around for better ratings.


Cody comes back.
Jessica wins hex.
Either one j/c win HOG
Josh/Ramses on block.
Not a damn thing changed.
It’s groundhog day. (Movie)
Over and over again.


True, Anonymous. And, they had to block the feeds for 30 hours because they wanted us to be surprised that Cody won the Battle Back. (Yawn)

Cindy Withanesse

“Same shit different year, a lot of rednecks and a queer….”


So disappointing to see Alex totally embroiled in Paul’s game. I had hoped she would be smarter. She rejected Cody as a ally and he really wanted to “respectfully” bond with her. Instead, she puts her TRUST in the slime master, Paul, who has no regard for her except as a pawn in his own game. What happened to Miss Independence who wasn’t going to let any man lead her around by the nose? And why is it that none of the women look to each other for comraderie? Both Alex and Christmas vowed to avoid showmances, yet both are depending on men for loyalty and support. And, as usual, the men (except for Josh) manage to “play nice” with all of the children.


I’m so disappointed in Alex. She claims she knew there would be a battle back but still didn’t target Jessica. She completely wasted her HOH because I am not convinced she will work with Jessica.


As it stands now, the only HGs to make big moves are Cody and Paul, leaving this a Cody vs. Paul season (nothing has changed since Day 1) unless some other HGs step up their game.

If Jess wants to make a big move, she will backdoor Paul. Otherwise, evicting Josh or Ramses will be another wasted HOH, and Jess needs a power move in order to build a supportive jury. Cody already has a solid winning argument should he make it to the finals. He wasn’t afraid to target Paul while everyone else was rubbing his feet and feeding him grapes. Cody was evicted, but battled back….and now he is safe for at least two weeks since Jess has HOH and the Halting Hex; but, he’s possibly safe for the next 4 weeks if the hex isn’t needed.

Jess and Cody’s best play: backdoor Paul; pull in both Ramses and Josh since they “saved” them from eviction; Cody win next HOH and take out Matt or Raven. Jess and Cody will be able to pull in Mark & Elena so from there they just need to eliminate the other possible contenders: Kevin, Jason, and Alex to seal the deal.

I feel like we all already know what this season will be: Paul vs. Cody volleyball…UNLESS…

The consequence for Halting Hex is a double eviction with the house voting to eliminate Cody and Jess forced to use the Halting Hex to save him.


Jason, Kevin, and Alex step up and take over by winning the next HOH and shift the power to “annihilate from within”.

Next Thursday can’t come soon enough.


No one will vote out Paul, it is pointless at this point of the game and will set them back socially.


I have to go with Clo on this – backdooring Paul will take Herculean persuasion that neither Cody or Jess have the social “cred” to pull off. Plus, I doubt that “Jody” will be able to – or more importantly WANT to – pull in Josh. They truly don’t like him and vice versa. Ramses maybe.


I see what you are saying, but I have a strong feeling Jody knows how to “use” people effectively.

Watch out loser

Josh will never work with Cody and Jess, because they have real personal dislike between them.


Paul can’t get backdoored he’s still safe this week




Depends on how long it’s been. Time flies by fast. Paul’s temptation was being safe for 3 evictions. Should mean right now he is not safe. However, remember this is Jessica’s HOH and she has had animosity towards Alex. She could be planning to backdoor Alex this week

My name is name with an n.

Uhhh… No, Cindy with a C, his safety power is officially over.


Let’s see…

Paul won the first DOT, saving him from being put on the block for 3 weeks.

Week 1: Cody tried, Paul won. Bye Jillian

Week 2: Bye Cody

Week 3: Bye Dom

DOT power has ended. This leaves Paul vulnerable and the prime target until prosucktion alters things back in Paul’s favor (Oceania, anyone?) , which won’t be long if somehow Paul is backdoored. Likely, BB will change the HH punishment to something that favors Paul’s safety. Let’s not forget, “Big Brother” basically means abuse of power.

Considering Orwell’s novel and the many ministries of Oceania, Paul is undoubtedly serving as the Ministry of Love (or in his case, friendship) for all his brainwashing and Cody is serving as Ministry of Peace (to make sure things don’t remain one-sided) for what will surely be his personal perpetual war.


Make no mistake. Kevin is the “Ministry of Love.”

Paul's Going Down

Paul’s “official” safety is over, but you are kinda right. Even if Jessica tries to backdoor Paul, those morons won’t vote him out unless Paul tells them to do so. So yeah he’s probably safe this week.

Cranston, Jessica birthplace

Wasting no time getting the minorities out of the house…Dom, for no reason; now Rameses, scapegoated, Josh(well, he should probably go)…but little do they know that Jessica is a minority too…can you say Mulatto….

Biff Tannen

Simon/Dawg, can we save this for posterity? ^^^^^

It has everything.

Sir Loin of Beef

Hypocrite! Such ignorant, and unfounded raycisst generalizations about Jason who yes happens to be white and from the South! Your self-hatred and lack of decency has you made you both paranoid and delusional!

“I feel like he wasnt comfortable being around a black woman. He’s a small minded hick. And Jessica is most definetly not fully white. She’s mixed, you can tell by her hair texture.”

REALLY SIGMUND FREUD? You can see all that about Jason?

If anyone is racist sweet cheeks it is you! Yes, POC are also very racist! You are judging Jason based on his white skin – “not the contents of his character!”

Go back to Cape Verdean – where you obviously belong and would be a much happier bigot!


You need to calm down and take your meds. And look up a bigot in the dictionary while ur at it!

Sir Loin of Beef

Just did LibTARD! – It mentioned you by name “Valeria!”


Last time I checked, Iowa was in the north, and that’s where Jason is from…


You calling him a hick makes you better how? Funny how racists always call everyone else racists or inject race into everything. I don’t know if Jason is or is not as I do not know the man, and your comment about Jess trying to “pass” you assume she is ashamed of who she is or that she should be?


I have to defend Jason here too. There has been no hint of Jason being racist – his BFF (other than Kevin) is a young Asian woman for cryin’ in the night. He might not be overly chummy with Josh and Ramses, but that might be because they are so much younger than him with little in common.


Yea I didn’t see it and for him/her to then call him a hick and that Jess is or should be trying to pass herself off as something else, is a couple of assumptions revealing his/her own prejudices.


Yes, thought I was the only one that noticed that about Jessica. I noticed it in her intro video she looked to me like she had some black mixed in her. not that it matters to me, just sayin I noticed.


Well, as Cody put it, he’s “a mutt…an American.”

*Granny still waits for ignorant people to realize there is no point in judging people based on their looks…substance is what fills you up. The body is just a vessel.


You can thank Cody for that. Along with Dom’s poor gameplay. Isolating herself, then cornering people and talking craziness about tempters and snakes only added to her demise.


Just in case you’re not aware, “mulatto” is not a respectful word to use for African/Caucasian mixed race. It’s rarely heard anymore for good reason. Google it please.


Why on this earth should Jessica “try to pass”? I’m not a fan, but she is very pretty girl period, no matter what her DNA looks like.


I strongly disagree with you, just because you’re southern and you target a threat that happens not to be the same race as you that doesn’t mean you’re racist, actually you are the one discriminating against southerners, Does that make you racist. And when Dominique called Paul a snake, does that make her racist. No. But by your book if you target someone that’s not your skin color your racist. So I guess everybody in BB is racist (Sarcasm).


Hey Guliana from New York. I love me some Cape Verdean women. With the Brazilian mix I am sure you must be smoking HOT! Can you send your IG?


The psychology behind Jessica’s noms: put up the people that most of the house has mentioned as a target. Reason: getting rid of of a number is getting rid of a number. The more they play in to the hive mentality, the less people are gunning for them.
Is this mentality accurate? not really, unless they form actual bonds. Chances of them forming actual bonds when they are locking the door to the hoh creating a barrier? not great.
Chances that they can successfully get out their target without actual bonds? not great.
Effect: instead of getting rid of someone that would directly target them, they will end up getting rid of someone that doesn’t play into Paul’s game.

Sir Loin of Beef

Hypocrite! Such ignorant, and unfounded raycisst generalizations about Jason who yes happens to be white and from the South! Your self-hatred and lack of decency has you made you both paranoid and delusional!

“I feel like he wasnt comfortable being around a black woman. He’s a small minded hick. And Jessica is most definetly not fully white. She’s mixed, you can tell by her hair texture.”

REALLY SIGMUND FREUD? You can see all that about Jason?

If anyone is racist sweet cheeks it is you! Yes, POC are also very racist! You are judging Jason based on his white skin – “not the contents of his character!”

Go back to Cape Verdean – where you obviously belong and would be a much happier bigot!


let me guess…. you’re replying to a different comment?


I have a question: the Halting Hex would really only benefit the Cody/Jess team if they are both on the block at the same time, right? For instance if Cody is on the block with someone other than Jess, and Jess uses the Hex to save him, the then HOH needs to nominate another two right away and he/she can nominate Jess with someone else, right? Or is Jess immune because of the Hex? Same situation if Jess is on the block during a Thursday live show with someone else, she saves herself but Cody can be put up right away and voted off (this is not for this week obviously.)
Am I missing something?


Actually, if the Paul plan takes effect, and Jess and Cody learn that they have been betrayed by the house yet again, the halting hex could be useful not just for Jess and Cody as targets on the block. They are going to need to have someone in their corner. At present, Mark and Elena are being left out of the plan. That would put them into the Jess and Cody side I guess. still not enough numbers for control. So, if she used the halting hex in order to stop the next eviction whether she or Cody are on the block or not, they are gaining another number. The person on the block that has become the target is going to be grateful after being backstabbed by the majority. Since most of the house is paired in some way, there is a chance to increase the number by two. So, used strategically in order to create an alliance bond, the halting hex could help them to amass numbers after this week, when, if all goes according to the paul plan, Cody and Jessica will be isolated, Mark and Elena will be deceived.


The Halting Hex would make that particular eviction night null and void, just like the coup d’etat from Season 11. It saved Jeff and drove Chima right over the edge.
I would love for her to use it on Cody under a Paul or Mark HOH.

Power of Veto Corleone

If Jess uses the HH on only one person on the block, the HOH will only have to replace one person, not both.
Yes, Jess would be immune.
But, if Jess is on the block with someone other than Cody and uses the HH to pull herself down then Cody could be put up.
That would be interesting to see what she would do.


So, let me get this straight. Now Raven says she has two terminal illnesses, has evaded a kidnapping attempt, and she and her mother are members of MENSA?
Okay… ummmmm……. how long before she’s secretly a member of the monagasque monarchy?


She’s probably a Kardashian too.


If she’s MENSA, I’m a super MENSA.

What’s this kidnapping story??


Have a question here: technically the Halting Hex can only save the Cody/Jess team if they should be both on the block together, correct? If only one of them is on the block with someone else and Jess uses the Hex to either save herself or Cody, the other one could be a replacement nominee right away, put up by the then HOH and voted out immediately if the house wants to do so? My understanding was that the Hex could only be used immediately before Thursday’s live eviction.
Am I missing something?


My understanding is that if she uses the hex, the eviction for the week is stopped, period. No replacement noms; it will be like a “rewind” week.

Baebee Gyrl2

Funny how they seen Dominique as a threat over Jessica, which was bull. Now Jessica is HOH, Cody is back in the house with her and when they find out she has the temptation, their heads are going to explode, especially Paul and Alex. Now Josh is on the block because of personal feelings over a vote and Ramses is now seen as a strong competitor because he came in 2nd place in one competition, when there is Alex, Paul, Jason, and Cody, who are competition beasts (each have won HOH, POV or both). I’m about ready to throw in the towel with this show ( i watched BB since season 1 ). I honestly don’t like the way it’s going.


This cody character has zero social game.

production rigged it

So disappointed in Jessica this week she had a shot to take out Alex or Paul and she blew it, what a moron. Whoever goes out this week and next week are not coming back because the next buyback won’t be until after jury so i don’t know why they were afraid because they didn’t have to worry about whoever left coming back for revenge. What a missed opportunity, now Paul will get his wish and Ramses will be gone because they can’t backdoor him because if they try his minions will vote to keep him. Jessica just wasted her hoh on either somebody who wasn’t after her and Cody in Ramses or on Josh somebody who wasn’t gonna win anything. So now in a couple weeks when her or Cody get voted out she will be thinking oh shit i guess i should’ve took out either Alex or Paul instead of Ramses or Josh.


NO! Not Josh.
Damn it.
They take away all the fun.


Around 1:15 am BB time Jess and Cody pretty much confirmed Josh is their target…
Why does nobody see the HUGE target that is PAUL?!??!?


This is the most important question I can think of – does Matt EVER change his damn shirt? Every time I see him, he’s in that nasty a$$ orange shirt. I know they let him bring more than that one shirt in there. He’s about as bad as Dan with the ugly black and white shorts.


Simon might be able to answer this. I am sure he has more than just 1 shirt of this making it seem like he is wearing the same thing all the time. I think I remember in previous seasons production taking away clothing from HGs that they didn’t want them to wear


I think he got some of his clothes taken away when entering the house because he didn’t follow the rules. They can only wear certain colors, no logos etc. It’s happened to other players in the past as well.


Matt mentioned at the onset of the feeds that BB took most of his clothes because they were logos/brands that could not be broadcast.

It seems he is left with just those two shirts and little hope of adding to his wardrobe since he rarely competes in anything (outfits for comps). It’s weird that Matt, a guy from Virginia, is wearing a Longhorns shirt. I wonder if Cody gave it to him. I suppose it is possible that it’s his. I have no idea where he went to school.

Coincidentally, I’ve been cleaning out the closets and badly want to send a care package to Matt just so I don’t have to see his armpits anymore.

Power of Veto Corleone

While you’re at it send Mark some shorts too.
I’m sick of watching that dimwit wearing the same shorts everyday that make him look like he has short little legs. Don’t he realize how stupid he looks?
That look went out in the 90’s


He does have little blue his sometimes forgotten blue T WITH sleeves even. Besides like the schools logos we see I don’t think they can have any clothes with logos or brands of course for advertising rights. He may have like someone said, had a bunch of stuff removed. One time he was playing pool (on AD) Raven came and asked him for the orange shirt I assume she was doing wash. He throws it to her and she throws back baby blue! It was as fast as a Nascar pitstop.


Ramses is a nice kid but I forget he’s there half the time. SAME with Matt and Raven.
Mark is the one who really betrayed Cody and Paul is the one who kicked him on the backside out the damn door.
But Jessica goes after Josh because he raised his voice and mouthed off. Go figure.
She is so petty and takes things personally.
I’d have a little respect for the girl if she actually took a shot at those who really betrayed her.


Anonymous are you happy Cody is back you said you would quit watching if Cody didnt come back


Anonymous even if they do put paul on the block i dont think hell be voted out and Paul will get Cody out again this is a safe move for codys first week back and Jessica doesnt have to use the hex so early


funny Anonymous now Raven will say her mother had five heart attacks

Team Andrew

Damn Jessica! This would have been a perfect opportunity to kick BananaBeard out of the house. I’m hoping this is a backdoor plan.


But Jessica has always been the HOH. Hoe of Household.


I don’t understand Paul’s hate for Ramses. I’ve liked him from the beginning. he seems like a nice funny guy. I find him way more entertaining and interesting than elena, matt, raven, mark. Really hope he doesn’t get out this week.


Raven would be my #1 enemy because if I heard even one person say they wouldn’t want to vote her out it tells me she has the best chance of winning – and so far Cody, Matt, and Paul have said they are protecting her. To me the biggest threats are the ones that are not causing controversy, and not getting their names thrown out and that is Matt and Raven 100%. It looks to me like Matt is going to say he laid low in the beginning and started winning when he had to and brought Raven with him to the end – gag Out of everyone I can’t stand Matt and Raven the most, and don’t want to see either of them in Final 2. There are a lot of people I find annoying – such as Josh, but at least he is entertaining.


What’s hilarious is that if you look back at the initial interviews with Jeff, most HG’s said they were undoubtedly there to win the $ no matter what.


Let the battle of the bitches begin!! The next few weeks are gonna be drama to your mama!!
Woo hoo, expect more f-works in the form of another Josh meltdown, more tears coming from Mark! Juicy sensual lust in the HOH room unedited and uncensored! Witness more lies & delusions frothing out of Raven’s mouth “I ate cancer for breakfast and now I have ebola”…Stare at the horors of the patio furniture people aka Raven and Matt! Be subjected to more skidmark infused underwear model of the year and carnival barker by night Paul….. try to figure out which is bigger – Elena’s fake boobs or her fake lips…all this and many more!!

Yup yup yup

No joke. I actually like your analysis.


Let the battle of the bitches begin!! The next few weeks are gonna be drama to your mama!!
Woo hoo, expect more f-works in the form of another Josh meltdown, more tears coming from Mark! Juicy sensual lust in the HOH room unedited and uncensored! Witness more lies & delusions frothing out of Raven’s mouth “I ate cancer for breakfast and now I have ebola”…Stare at the horors of the patio furniture people aka Raven and Matt! Be subjected to more skidmark infused underwear model of the year and carnival barker by night Paul….. try to figure out which is bigger – Elena’s fake boobs or her fake lips…all this and many more!!