“I’m going to give that Meatball mental warfare I’m going to break him down so he leaves the show. “

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2:14pm Elena, Mark and Cody
Chatting about how fierce the girls are this season.
Elena wishes she didn’t throw the one HOH to Alex because she wants to win a competition to be able to say she won one.
Cody and Mark are excited to watch the season because they are thinking it’s so exciting.

Elena – I wonder if every cast think their the greatest ..
Cody thinks they are.
They liked last season’s cast but not season 17.
Elena and Mark say Season 16 was the greatest. (ZOMG!)

They talk about nude pictures caught on the feeds.
Cody tries hard not to be exposed on camera.
Elena says she exposed Mark there’s d1ck pictures of him out there. Mark says his bum has been exposed a bunch.
Mark – if my di**s out F* my a$$
(They have a laugh at this)
Mark says nude images of them are to see on the internet he thinks they are copywritten and CBS actively tries to get them taken down.
Mark asks if they had live feeds on Caleb’s season. He doesn’t think CBS would let “Big Stars” like Caleb have nude images floating around.

2:30pm Paul, Alex and Jason
Talking about avoiding Mark.
Alex – Mark needs to go next he’s a little b1tch
Paul – Cody and Jessica first
Jason – YES
Alex – ohh right
Paul doesn’t think Cody is that good at competition compared to Jessica.
Paul says production wanted Cody back in the game, Calls the battle back billsh1t.

The group is talking about how Matt never gets called into the Diary room. He must not say anything.

Christmas asks Raven if she has a name for her disease.
Raven – Gastroparesis..

Christmas explains that she means “a name” (Like rachel, or lisa etc.. )
They all start suggesting names..

3:33pm Josh going back to calling Mark and Cody Meatballs.
josh – Cody … we got you out once buddy we’ll get you out again..
Josh – I’m not a bully but I’ll bully the bully.. if you want to act like you’re big and bad.. guess what baby..

Josh – I’m going to give that Meatball mental warfare I’m going to break him down so he leaves the show.
JOsh – nothing personal.. no drama.. just purely, just pure laughter..
Josh – Your boy needs the HOH bad.. I’m hungry I’m a lion..
Josh – we’re going to see this 6 foot 4 big muscle guy get mentally broken down.. I’m going to call him a meatball and torture..

Josh – you want to throw drinks you want to pick on Ramses you want to walk around big and tough because you got Cody protecting you.. guess what buddy I’ll be your biggest nightmare.

Josh explains he’s playing miserable, he’s moping around like he’s going home to fool Cody, Elena, Mark and Jessica.
Josh says he can persevere through anything.. no sh1t phases him.. says he attributes his “Latin Blood”

Josh starts singing… “you’re going home. you’re going home.. we’re sending you home”
Josh is now asking America for a care package.. (LOL)

4:11pm Matt and Paul
Matt – Mark is grasping at straws right now..
Paul – he’s blowing it
Paul says the house is wanting Cody out next, “we’ll talk later”

4:13pm Chess…

4:19pm Matt and Christmas
Matt says mark and Elena are playing both sides but not doing a good job at it.
xmas mentions how stupid Jessica was for leaving Ramses on the block thinking they would get Josh out.

Christmas is pissed there’s people in their group that feel too safe.
Matt – these comps are so f*ing random

4:50pm Christmas and Ramses
Christmas says she’s going to vote Ramses out but the rest of the house is voting otherwise, “it’ll be a sweep.. they’ve been trying to get JOsh out since week 1”
Christmas doesn’t think the temptation and curse will be a big deal, “it won’t be a change changer like everyone thinks”

5:35pm Breaking.. indoor lockdsown called

Paul is telling Kevin nobody knows the days like they do. Reminds him to keep the days to himself.

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I See Floaters Everywhere

Why the F%%K do these puppets do everything Paul says? Alex says she wants Mark out next, Paul says no Cody and Jessica have to go first and her and Jason agree. I can’t stand Paul and I would hate to see him win, but I’d rather he win over these floaters who are not playing the game at all.

Hi Its Production

Well we like these puppets…errr….I mean house guests because they do as we say and stay to the script. Come on now….you can’t really believe these house guests are this gullible do you….I mean we can fool most of our audience that this is “real”…..but shhhhhh don’t tell anyone else…..people still believe this is unscripted tv…….Muaaahhh haaaaa


Did you notice that Paul looks and moves like a bobbel head of himself in a car going over a bumpy road in his dr sessions?
Its hard for me to take anything he says seriously. 😀

Serious Called

Then don’t take it serious…its scripted tv….not to be taken serious…only gullible people waste emotions on scripted tv


Derek was the greatest production puppet of all time!

Matt's 2 Shirts

Yeah, some person I’ve never heard of or some person I’ve heard of a few times is going to be given $500,000 by the people, said person, has been hanging out with all summer.

Fierce at 50

In Paul’s DR sessions he reminds me of the fake Santa in The Santa Clause 2…. anyone else?? Lol ???


I think when he’s lying he looks through the top of his eyes. Watch for it. And he bobbles to cover the lies.


Soooooooo Jessica and Cody will get blindsided. Ugh Paul and his cult followers will gloat and come out on top again. Ohhhhh they think they are so smart (Ravens Mensa you know) they will steamroll the house cuz Paul’s in charge… Then BAM !!!!!! Cody wins HOH or even if One of the Cult followers win and they put Jessica up or Cody whatever,,,, BOOM!!!! The Halting Hex gets played. Then finally some sweet justice some revenge and They get knocked off their Pedistal. I cant wait for this game to turn around. I want Raven and Paul out next. Please!!!!!!


but we already knew all this Friday when they feeds came back on!



Not a rigged comment here just theory I have…maybe cbs could spot the lack of leadership or free thinking in these people bc they knew they were putting Paul in the house to make his path to winning at a higher percentage…and threw Cody and josh in there to add some drama to get people hooked. Just a thought


This is the same mistake you meatballs did with the last Canadian season with IKA,

Just because some fool is running their mouth constantly doesn’t mean they’re running the house!

Jody has isolated themselves from the house, They are obviously the targets for the house.

They are both huge comp beasts in a showmance, with Cody having already been evicted and returned (zombie),
Jess is even suspected of having the temptation.

Alex knows they need to go first, Paul isn’t misting anyone in that house, by running his hairy mouth constantly about what is OBVIOUS!!!!!

Plus Jody is safe next week, so chill


Imho I think Paul does have control of the house. Most all of them do exactly what he says. If he tells someone to act or go say something…they do it. It’s crazy to me. Alex has been a hugh disappointed and I hope she breaks free and starts seeing what’s really going on. I think she really believes she has the only “secretly” working with Paul. SMH something’s got to happen to wake the sheep up.


Also just another thought Paul is very smart he needs more targets to distract these fools from noticing there is a vet in the house. the very thing frank couldn’t do last year which was manufacture fake targets. Paul was smart enough and would not let anyone forget he was a vet. Cody tried that this year and they turned on him so fast. So Paul already created josh for Cody/Jess to go after. And I didn’t say mark/Elena bc they may hate josh but once Jess isn’t hoh they’ll jump ship. And now Paul will come out of this eviction having created matt/raven as targets for Cody/Jess to stew over all the while fading into background…matt has played no game yet but actually a day ago said something smart “that when josh stays if Cody wins hoh he will come after him and raven and not Paul”. Paul’s best bet is just to keep stirring the pot and not winning hoh’ s and let these fools eat each other alive. Bc it’s been a month and nobody except Cody/Jess realizes Paul is the puppet master. I mean Ramses is getting straight lied to and doesn’t even have the slightest clue or he would of at least told Jess to make a move. The majority of this cast is the facepalm emoji in real life.

Cuban Ra-Tard

Funny that this mental midget thinks he can out wit anyone. Shocked he was let out of his cage long enough to get on BB


I’m sorry Josh is an idiot.he is a man child I so hope he gets hoh so we get an epic case of hohitis.then a halting hex LMAO.also Paul has lost every comp he’s gone head to head against Cody in.as a matter of fact Paul only wins when the entire cast is throwing or helping him.i wish Paul had stayed home


Sounds like Elena/ Mark are on the same page as Jessica/ Cody… hopefully all 4 realize how fake Raven and Matt are now lol
Best case scenario Mark or Cody win HoH and nom Matt and Paul, replacement Raven.

Matt's 2 Shirts

Mark and Elena are on the same page as almost anyone they’re in a room with, which is probably why they’re Mark/Elena to begin with.

Biggest Meatball in BB History

Here’s looking at you kid (Josh) Only a meatball goes around starting stuff and then immediately cries when confronted. All you have to do is bring up Josh’s self worth and he folds like a cheap suit.

He really cried because Jessica (someone he hates but must not because he actually cares what she says) mentioned he didn’t deserve to be in the house and he cries.

Josh, you will get out of that house at some point, watch the episodes back and I bet will realize not one single person disrespected his family in that house except the reflection in the mirror when Josh stands in front of it.

Meatballs Over Easy

Josh cracks me up – talking to the cameras quietly on AD last night, he gets himself all riled up talking smack about Cody, who suddenly morphs into Mark in his rant, and then he ends up in tears because he can’t handle the pressure in his own head lol. It’s like a train wreck – I can’t stop watching. Also, “we’re going to see this 6 foot 4 big muscle guy get mentally broken down” … uh, isn’t that what we’re watching?


I have to fast forward thru anytime they show that idiot on BBAD. Can’t stand to listen to him anymore and can’t believe these people would seriously want to spend weeks more with him in jury. I really think he has some serious mental issues and CBS is just using him for some kind of comic relief for some. Shame on you he should not be in that house.

ChillTown 2.0

Why is Paul b*tching about the battle back? It has been a thing for how many seasons now? And if I am wrong let me know, but pretty sure his best bud last season Victor, who was the sole reason I liked Paul last year, is what really helped Paul get as far as he did.

Plus 3 weeks of safety… jeez if I was in the house I couldn’t stomach not telling Paul to stfu. I just dont understand newbies who cater to the vet. If they literally watched him at all last year on the feeds they would realize how much bull he spews. But that is on the sheep, not Paul i guess.

Let’s just get one week of genuine gameplay from Sunday-Thursday because since the Jillian eviction each vote is crystal clear.

Matt's 2 Shirts

You know Paul was just using Victor to get you to like him right?

I Love The Openness

I love the openness of the house guests this year…..I love the affection shown in the house, all the petting, cuddling…its like a polyamorous paradise in there. Sign me up!!!

Thumbs Down

If you bring up affection, this message board goes irate. People don’t understand unconditional love on this board, they just understand a love full of conditions!


You must love those tree-monkey films on public broadcasting.


You are not watching the right show!!! Their is something call the bachelor for that. And many others. BB is not about cuddling and affection.


Interesting, I could swear of all the 19 season there was cuddling and affection happening on most if not all of them, so please fill me in why so much distain comes of late from cuddles? These guests are locked in a house 24/7 with attractive people, who the hell wouldn’t hook up??

Josh fan

I think Josh is a power player. Perhaps in the same vein as Evil Dick.


Evil Dick Says

I’ve never laughed so hard in my life…..that cry baby would run to the corner and cower if I just looked at him!

Mental Midget

What is Josh talking about mental warfare? There is absolutely no mental warfare in someone who constantly balls when someone even remotely mentions him in a negative way. The only mental warfare happening right now is that in Josh’s own head because he is desperately trying to be accepted and liked.

Bunny Flop

I don’t think Baby Huey can break down a Marine Corps sniper. Cody was beaten down by the best and then rebuilt to serve one purpose. To kill the enemy. That’s why he has that stone cold stare.
He might be able to irritate Shrek enough to swat at him.
I feel bad for poor Ramses. But I don’t really care enough to be that upset. But, someone, anyone stop that camera from recording Baby Huey’s ranting. Our boy he’s not. And neither is GnomeBeard

Watch out loser

I want to make sure I understand – the 23 yr old who freaks out weekly and hasn’t been close to winning anything is going to wage “mental warfare” on a Marine who took all but 2 of the distractions in the last HoH.

Sound strategy.

Matt's 2 Shirts

Every once in a while someone chokes on a meatball.


Honestly, I’m getting tired of listening to Jason’s stories.


Matt gives baby bluey a shower!!


Where do hamburgers go to dance?

To the Meatball.

Bo Diddler

I wouldn’t lead with that one.

Mario Luigi

Are we sure Matt isn’t a CBS handyman who just doesn’t leave the house?

Backseat Driver

Good one……LOL


I don’t think Elena’s lips allow her to close them fully…air needs to be let out of them


The air is leaking from between her ears to her lips . It’s a bimbo overflow valve

Richie Rich

Josh is nothing but a big nothing Victim Baby.
He’s such a showboating crybaby. Can’t wait
to see him evicted!!!


Josh is annoying as fuck. He’s just idiotic. Sorry folks, my Two Cents.

Xmas isn't one of Pauls minions js.

It isn’t a done deal Ramses is gone. Xmas keeps giving you all hints….

Josh was obviously called “meatball” as a child. And can’t get over it. Mark and Josh were both bullied as kids so now is revenge time. A lot of therapy is needed for both. Mark got big only so he could bully others. Sad pathetic ape he is.

Matt's 2 Shirts

Speaking of hints:
4:19pm Matt and Christmas
Christmas is pissed there’s people in their group that feel too safe.
Matt – these comps are so f*ing random


Does anyone remember what temptation Christmas won? And if she can still use it? I completely forgot she has one.


She can take out a veto player and put herself in to play in any 1 veto comp this season…


That’s right. Thank you.


I can’t remember the goofy name they gave it but she can replace any one of the chosen veto players (with herself) in an upcoming veto competition.

Oh Big Brother

She can stop someone from playing in the veto


It would be neat if she used it to keep Cody or Jess from playing for POV so they can’t win it to pull themselves off the block in the same week that Jess uses the Halting Hex. Two temptations out in the same week.

So predictable

Mental warfare? Seriously? Josh will self-destruct. Better yet self-evict! No self control. Needs to self- regulate or at least a bar of soap shoved in his big @zz mouth. 😉


I’m enjoying this season so far and think there’s lots of potential left in it. Still a long way to go. I’m sure all you moaners think so too, otherwise why are you hanging around?


Every time Josh opens his mouth I feel like shooting myself in the face. Seriously, he is so cringe. I hope he goes home because I don’t know how much longer I can take it.

Anyone but Raven for AFP

Well I read so much about a GoFundMe Raven has so did some checking and she not only has one on the go but it started July 7. The name of the GoFundMe ïs under ”BB19 Raven Walton.” Funny how a campaign for someone ‘so sick” is perfectly set up to coincide with an extremely popular show. Strange how someone who could ‘die any minute’ can bounce around the house and eat like she does.
Oh BTW……the campaign is raising $200 K for medical bills. LOL
Anyone want to chip in on a banner? lol

Bunny Flop

Sure, I have a plug nickel.

No Banner Necessary

You don’t need a banner….this is scripted reality tv…. there is no way any one of those house guests are that blind and lack that awareness. You notice Kevin now questioning Raven’s sickness….that is because the “script” calls for it soon…so it is slowly being mentioned now.


There is a video her mom did thanking the people that set up the gofund me page and gave it to raven’s parenmts to run. There is also a video of Raven and her mom years ago asking for money on a news show. Seems like they are very familiar with asking for money. Raven apparently bought a $40,000 car recently and opened a second dance studio. Search for the debunk blog on Raven. Very interesting


Totally disappointed Jessica didn’t use the Veto on Ramses. But all isn’t a lost cause because Ramses is pretty much a floater anyways. Even though Josh is a loose cannon, I am sure once they figure out the others betrayed them, yet again, Jessica and Cody will use Josh to go off on the others – Like Matt and Raven.
I think if Josh is still in the House Jessica won’t tell anyone about the Halting Hex, because now she has been bitten twice by the same people.
Would be funny if Kevin won HoH next – I am not sure anyone knows who he would nominate. I don’t think he wants to be Paul’s puppet for very long, plus Kevin hates Christmas. I could see Kevin gravitate towards Cody and Jessica for a Week or two to flip the script on Paul.


I could handle Kevin and Jason moving towards Jess and Cody. Jessica really likes those two: “they’ve been really good to me”. I could handle that easily. Then pew pew pew (bullet sounds) pick off the whole lot of ’em starting with Gnomebeard. I’ve abandoned Alex as my #3 (disappointed, as many have said) and Jessica is in her spot.

Deanna McGregor

There all stupid but I keep watching ..Lol Doing everything Paul wants complete idiot’s .Was rooting for Cody and Jess but then there idiot’s what a waste of HOH Duhh They should of put someone else other then Ramsey up with annoying josh Omg he bugs so bad he needs to go!!! And what’s up with Jason and Kevin thought they were with Jess but what it changed when Cody came back? I liked Alex too.until she asked Paul for permission to do things .


Josh needs to be evicted just to save himself from his own insanity. People are going to make fun of him for his crazy personality.


I hope Josh stays.
Let them cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe cringe!!
He hehe bahaha he ha!
Anyway- they’ll change their minds a thousand times between now and Thursday. Probably won’t be any blindside which I’m looking forward to. Production will see to that.
Cringe cringed.


I cannot stand Josh.
Hoping somehow Kevin and Jason flip their vote and Josh is the one blindsided.
Cody, Jess and Ramses need to realize they’re all being played and start putting in some work if they want Josh evicted this week.


Didn’t Cody used to have a six pack? His gut looks almost as bad as Jasons Lol… and he’s talking about girls getting fat in the BB house? He needs to look in the mirror! Lol…


Creepy views of lady in production reflected off Paul and refrigerator at 10:07pm.


What happens when jessica plays her temptation? Does Hoh have to nominate 2 new replacements or does everything reset that night and no one leaves and they play for a new hoh?


If Jessica plays her temptation, there is no eviction. That’s it. No one goes home that time.

Fruit Loop Dingus

It is considered a non eviction week. Which means they have to play an all new HOH with new noms new POV for another eviction the next week. Something that was mentioned is that it has to be used on the live show!

Meatballs Over Easy

Caleb is a big star????

Halting Hex

Has the Halting Hex been thoroughly explained as to how it works? For example: Jessica & Cody are on the block next week and she uses it, do they both get saved or can only 1 person be saved by it?


An amusing thought…what if Josh actually knew what he is doing? For someone to have irritated so many people in the house and to still be in there is odd. What if Josh is really a diabolical genius or an idiot savant…maybe just an idiot but it would be fun to see him pull a Verbal and end up as Keyser Soze. Leaving Paul to stand around hoping someone buys his beard grease.

No more Meatballs please

I would love to see Meatball lover go home Thursday….now that would be the best blindside of all time.

No more Meatballs please

Does anyone think Josh is throwing out Meatball like Paul did friendship? It’s just so bizarre how many times the nut job said it.


It’s his magical word.

Suitcase sally

These houseguest remind me of the movie about Charles Manson and his followers, Helter Shelter….Paul being Charles of course. The women lay in bed with Paul rubbing all over him while their guys just watch. Who does that? Or they could pass for a jungle full of monkeys who sit around picking things off of each other….once again, Paul is the head monkey with his little apes picking at his back and grooming him. I don’t get it.


I think the problem may be many of them have the wrong motive–fame or showing off their body and not that they really want to play the game. That being said, it’s early and there are just too many of them to even do anything at this point. I’m annoyed at them saying “your side” because to me there are no sides. The nominations and votes are being cast based on seeds Paul has sewn rather than any strategy or deal making. But other casts have been more annoying. There have been some train wrecks in other seasons that were worse.


OMG!!!! Perfect visual!!!


Paul has these fools in a bubble…