“Are you all going to be DUDS and let Paul run the show for Season 19, that’s your season”

9:17am HOLY SMOKES! Look who’s the first one up.

Never mind she’s back in bed… (For some reason Big BRother is pretty soft with enforcing the “Bedroom lights must be on” rule. Slap their ass on Slop as a punishment.)

9:19am Jason and Mark Storage room
Mark – why did you say you were surprised when I said nothing changes between us..
Jason – I wasn’t really surprised.. Err.. it was over. A done deal. f*ing.. The Cody thing.. Back.. I just didn’t know after he talked to you
Mark – that was me and him just starting over because he threw me under the bus.. That’s all it was
Jason – good
Mark – you silly f*
Jason – I know

9:30am Kitchen Jason and Cody
Cody – you and me should have been out of this game way f*ing early and we’re still here..
They laugh.
Cody – you know how much their shitting there pants right now..
Cody – holy sh1t Jessica won the HOH look at who can play next week, Alex, Jason, and I
Cody points out how poor the other side is at competitions.
Cody is worried if it’s a “chance” competition though.
Cody whispers to him he thought Josh was a outsider but now he’s realizing he’s just a puppet for the other side of the house
Cody – Kevin is still solid on your side?
Jason – yeah

Jason mentions how Christmas was close to winning the HOH he was really worried.
Cody – it lines up on the board, me you Alex and Kevin.

Cody says Mark and Elena are best buds in the game
Cody – I thought I could trust him. he doesn’t own any side loyalty Dom was his biggest ally
Cody – Alex was right about Dom.. i was happy when I saw her walk out on the stage.

Cody why do they think he’s such a good competitor
Jason – he’s done it before.. people just thought..
Cody – how many of these people are going to start playing their own damn games or are you all going to be DUDS and let Paul run the show for Season 19, that’s your season.
Cody – I don’e trust a gosh damn one of them.
Cody – I take everything they did and their disloyalty extremely personally
Cody – you mother f*ers

Cody – people on the outside want you, me Alex to win. Everyone else is dud city
Cody – Mark, people should expect more outta him
Jason – I Have a hard time with that guy
Jason says he’s seen Mark flip flop multiple times.

Jason – the guy has passion and I see it in his eyes.. he’s not a leader but he’s not a follower
Cody says Mark cowered to the house week 1 and because of that he lost a lot of respect for him.
Jason – I did not want to be doing everything that Paul said.
Points out that is what Mark is doing.
Jason thinks it’s because people don’t know what to do so Paul’s always the first one to Throw something out there.

Jason – as soon as Alex put her up she Flipped her Cookies. (LOL)
Jason brings up how he wanted Dominique and Matt up. But Alex put Jess up to keep the other side Calm. Dominique wen’t into a spiral and there wasn’t much they had to do. Everybody wanted her out.

Cody – from this point on are you like f* the house do it Jason’s way
Jason – I haven’t talked to Jess yet
Cody – She’ll tell you to take the safe route..
Cody goes on about how he wants to take the risky route, next week he wants HOH.

Cody brings up how Jason was really wanting to use the Veto on her last week.
Jason – they were going to put Mark up but he was sh1ting his pants..
Jason then wanted Raven up but Alex said the house would vote Raven out over dom.
Cody – what the devil..
Cody – I think it’s weird how Chummy they are with Josh (They = Mar, Matt, Raven, Elena, xmas, Paul)
Jason – the guy is a mental midget.. He’s like the wind, he’s a pot stiring son of a b1tch

Cody says he heard about the pool game from Jessica, doesn’t care it’s Josh.

Cody – the only people that have been loyal to me are you and Alex
Jason says the only attribute those people have is “S*ck1ng d1ck” (Those people are Paul’s posse)

Jason – seriously dude that Christmas is CRAZY, f*ing CRAZY, she’s a emotional wreck everyone thinks she’s solid she’s not.. sh’es not.. I don’t know why I’m the only one what sees it

Cody – She had an advantage in that competitions..
Jason agrees
Jason says everything Christmas says
Cody – we got a lot of weapons going into next week, they are sh1ting themselves.. I can compete you can compete
Cody says Paul was really trying during the battle back.

Jason wanted to get voted to compete in the battle back but everyone was saying PAUL PAUL PAUL
Cody – people just don’t want to compete
Jason mentions how when they found out someone was coming back Paul got up and told them all to vote them out.

Feed subscription lets you go back and re-watch everything we post here CBS All Access Live Feeds with a FREE 7 DAY trial.

10:08am HOH Cody and Jessica
Cody says Jason didn’t vote for him to stay it was Christmas.
Jessica – why would he tell you that
Cody says Jason is a idiot once he gets talking he lets it all out.

Jessica is surprised that Jason voted for him to leave..
Cody – Kevin said he was the one that voted for me to stay..
Jessica – I knew that.. I’ve been saying Kevin has been lying about his votes for awhile..

10:54am Alex, Paul and Jason
Jason brings up Ramses telling him he knew he was going up.
Jason says Cody told him this morning that they will take Ramses out next.
Paul – he’s just saying that.
Jason – he (ramses) may have made a deal with him.. that f*er needs to go anyways.
Paul says now is the time for them to take out Ramses, “Pull the plug”
Paul says if they keep Josh he’ll go after Cody, Jessica and Mark. Points out how good Josh did in the Head of house hold competition. Feeds flip..

When the feeds return.. Kevin is saying “There’s some boring f*ing people in here” (kitchen group is Cody, Matt, Xmas, Ramses)

If you plan on buying anything from Amazon. Use this link Amazon home Doesn’t cost you anything and we get a small cut.

10:39am Chit chat..

11:20am Kitchen Matt and Christmas
Fitness talk..
Matt says the biggest thing for his body has been no drinking, “I like to party”. Just cutting alcohol out has changed his body composition a lot.

11:23am Jason, Kevin, Paul and Alex
Jason explains his experience with chlamydia.

11:38am Jessica tells him if she hadn’t won HOH this week he would be going home.

12:12am Elena tells everyone how nice it is to not have Dominique in the ASPR room “isolating herself” and “reading the bib;e” making it uncomfortable for her.

12:30am Paul wonders what the curse is.

Kevin explains the Altamont Free Concert where the Rolling stones hired the hells angels for security. apparently they ended up killing someone.
Kevin – Everyone was on acid..

1:40pm Feeds have been on cats and rabbits.. POV players getting picked perhaps.

1:47pm Power of Veto players picked.
Jessica, Josh, Ramses, Christmas Cody, Jason

1:55pm Matt and Christmas
Agreeing that Mark and Elena are floating between them and Cody.
Christmas – Mark and Elena threw the comp..
Matt – mark was up there for a minute..
Xmas accuses Mark of bullying Ramses and Josh ..

Raven got her stitches out..

Don’t forget to lock your rankings in today!

Links to the ranking system

Rank your house guests here

For those of you that like Statistics here are some expanded reports.

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No fave yet

Welcome to the Jody show. Not happy?

Botox Pelosi

Does anyone else think this is the least likable cast in years?

Everything is New

I see every cast as different and unique, so not at all.

Bounce Banana Beard

Can someone please explain why Kevin is so popular? I don’t dislike him but I’m surprised that someone with zero game leads the ranking list. What gives?


Kevin has a wonderful sense of humor and he is able to connect with house guests that are 20-30+ years his junior. Great social game!

BB Lover

I think Kevin knows the game very well and he’s playing a helluva social game. I think he is playing so under the radar even we don’t know how good he’s playing!


No, I do think people say this every single year though.

Bounce Banana Beard

This season seems to have people who are more interested in being on television than trying to win the game.


This is the first cast in a solid decade that I have absolutely no favorites, am not rooting for anyone in particular to win. And it’s not because I like them all, it’s because I like none of them.

Jason's funky draws

Omg someone say’s this every Year! It’s simple DON’T WATCH!

The Coreys

Between all the meddling and the big brother fatigue of ott and Canada I’m finally done.

Wouldn’t be the first time I took 3 or 4 years off.

I can’t fucking believe here I am looking at a recap of cody being In the house as if this dude is a ratings superstar that just had to be fucking saved.



You took the words out of my mouth. When an absentee father PTSD raving lunatic who is as interested in having s-x with a random woman he just met than playing a game he gave up his only time with his daughter to play becomes the exalted hero and savior of the house, it makes you question things. People don’t like Paul bc he is loud and abrasive, but this guy is not only loud and abrasive but he has serious issues. Why are people ignoring that?
And side note, my husband is a marine with minor PTSD, so I know what it looks like.

Sir Loin of Beef

STFU Judge Judy!


Holy shit, this post made my head hurt.

Try throwing in some punctuation marks every now and then… a comma… a period… anything!


It is a season of duds. Paul ruined this season because he just made everyone roll over and die.


Say what you well good or bad about Cody but he has the best read of every houseguest. If there was another player similar to him in the house they would just run through the this thing. If him and Paul could secretly team up it would be a wrap on this season. And nobody would suspect it

JJtoWin (AKA Flipping Cookies)

I think Jessica has helped Cody get this current read, so there’s that, and please, no team up between Cody and Paul – I like them on opposing sides. I LOVED the conversation between Cody and Jason…until Cody called him an idiot later. But that aside, I like where this might be heading: seek and destroy the Gnomebeard first because I really don’t want him in jury.


They can’t trust each other and they both want to be top dog.


I like Cody too. I hope he plays a better social game this time.


not really. Cody has ideas and opinions just like the rest of em but a lot of them are just wrong. He’s just more stubborn about his.

Grodner Hearts Paul

I think you’re right. Cody went after Paul right away and Big Brother stepped in rescued Paul and crushed Cody. Everyone seemed to get the message that BB Production is in Paul’s corner so they all gave up and laid down for him. It seems that other than Cody & Jessica everyone else is just hoping Paul will take him to F2 with him. I guess they figure if they go after him, another twist will happen to flip it on them and destroy their game.

Cody & Jessica are the only players with the balls to oppose him, but the whole house is against them. Even Alex has become a Paul lackey at this point. If Cody & Jessica get eliminated the rest of the game will be Paul selecting the order of elimination like Derrick L and the rest of them executing his commands.

I think Production really just intended to keep Paul safe for a little while since he was the biggest target. I doubt they realized they the whole house would so easily become submissive followers to him.

Bounce Banana Beard

Well if Paul get voted out he can always play a dwarf in a Lord of the Rings sequel.


Paul didnt ruin this season, Production did!


I think of all the seasons, this one is the most rigged by production. Sad. Very Sad. It makes for a very boring show and loss of faith in humanity when these type of people are cast. It’s a game. Have fun and play it for crying out loud. At least do something!

Bounce Banana Beard

Floaters are ruining this season:



At this point, the only way I see the floaters Matt, Elena, Matt, Mark, Matt, Raven, etc. (did I say Matt) to at least pretend to play, if Gimli is sent packing. Thanks BB Production for your unrivaled creativity of bringing back yet another vet, but it’s time for some of the others to stop being star struck, perhaps start to play and something else they’re here for to begin with: ENTERTAIN. Not a Cody fan by any means, but at least the Marine is playing the game, in his not so subtle ways, he’s trying.


I agree that bringing Paul into the house has lessened what we might have seen in the others. Plus, Cameron would have not been evicted on the first night, and we might have seen what he brought into the mix.


I think your dead wrong. Paul’s been safe up til now. What are they suppose to have done. Now Jess is HOH, Alex, Cody and Jason are pretty solid plus enough floaters to get the votes to backdoor him this week if POV goes well. If not this week perhaps next. Lots of time to evict him.
I see a lot of complaining about the cast. I think collectively pretty good. Robin cast does this cookie cutter formula and add the number of recruited HG’s(50% reported) you’ll see year over year similarities. This season 2 decent and competitive groups and some floaters so getting votes should be doable. Add to this I have no fav but like folks on both sides it’s been fun so far.
Wish folks would embrace Cody. His HOH was blown up by AG and a swollen head. No the 1st HOH to look like a donkey early in the season. Cody is good for the house. I want entertainment and AG is giving it in spades. Who’d of thought? Can’t wait for the Hex to be used at some point, 3 weeks left. Loved the Temptations concept this year.


Well Well Well

Cody is back and is playing the game !! Campaigning, Calling out the entire House for being Pauls little minions

Please Get Paul OUT !!!


I’m glad he’s back but Jason will ruin everything. Every attempt Paul and Cody make at getting the other out he will snitch. Jason needs to prove that he’s not Paul’s b!tch and pick a side! I just hope Alex doesn’t go down bc of Paul.

JJtoWin (AKA Flipping Cookies)

I am certain that Jason is not “Paul’s b*tch”. He’s trying to play his own game too…which is FAR more than the Minions are doing.

JJtoWin (AKA Flipping Cookies)

And more to that, Jason HAS picked a side and it’s not Paul’s, but he’s had little opportunity to get something going against Paul’s side because Alex has been blocking him. And Jason needed Alex at that time, but seems to me he might need her less now (?) I’d still like to see Jason cut a knife through Alex’s support of Paul for good and keep working with her, but if he can’t, he should distance himself. If Alex remains tight with Paul, it doesn’t serve Jason’s game (or her own for that matter) and Jason knows this.


Alex is Paul’s b!itch. Jason is Alex’s b!tch. Therefore he’s Paul’s Ho? Whatever it is if he won’t do it bc Alex won’t let him same exact thing


Alex is drunk on Paul’s Mist. Jason has a big mouth and tells Alex everything in turn Alex will tell Paul. The key is to get Alex somehow to realize she’s not Paul’s ride or die to the end. Paul would never take her all the way. She needs a light bulb to go off in her brain and figure it out. She’s stuck on the Paul train and Jason listens way to much to her.


Alex is Paul’s left nut. She and him have an alliance.


neda allover again


Either Cody is just bullsh!tting, or production has filled him in on outside info. Which they’re not supposed to do. I’m hoping he’s just full of it.

JJtoWin (AKA Flipping Cookies)

Everything he said could easily have come from Jessica alone, or be smoke. I’m not necessarily counting Production info out though.


Don’t forget Dom gave Cody the 411 too


expected Cody to continue to try to make this season a bloodbath, ramses/ josh not exactly big moves. Last Summer was a complete waste because “I don’t want any blood on my hands” was all that ever came out of the HGs mouths! This season is shaping up to be that as well. Ramses/ Josh are easy targets that can be picked off later!


“Cody – She’ll tell you to take the safe route..
Cody goes on about how he wants to take the risky route, next week he wants HOH.”

It’s her HOH. He has influence BUT she has the final say just like he did on his HOH. Just wait, if he gets HOH! Fire!


yet look at last week hoh paul influecend alex~

JJtoWin (AKA Flipping Cookies)

Cody was talking about Alex here, not Jessica.


I think Cody will continue to play his own rouge game which I love. He will take into consideration what Jessica says but his final decisions will be his own. He’s that kind of independent thinker. It definitely makes things interesting not knowing what’s going to happen next.


Josh is a number as one of Paul’s group(ies ) and the math works to eliminate a vote before paul eventually decides to challenge cody. Paul is keeping blood off his hands by convincing his group to shelve Ramsey while leading jessica & cody on that the house is with them on evicting josh. Thus raven telling matt not to let mark & Elena in on it.


Silly to think that cody is playing this nom, it is jessicas hoh after all. Josh is a solid number for the other side and also if it so easy to get him out why the f is paul & group (ies) trying so hard to save him?

Double D

Jessica…I haven’t farted in over 24 hours !!!!!


You win the internet today!


Has Jessica told Cody that she has the Temptation?


Doesn’t sound like it. She said Cody could go up next week. If she’s smart, she keep it to herself and only use it when it’s best for her.


Waste of an HOH – not enough votes to back door Paul – should have put up Matt and Raven!

Jimmy 64

I’m glad she put up that cry baby Josh get that putz out!!!!!!!!!

Jimmys Fan

Hell yes Jimmy!! I hear what you’re saying!
They’ve given their 2 weeks of cushion, time to get the minorities outta this house!
Dom, see ya! Josh & Ramses, you two are next!!
Alex, your blonde hair earned you a couple extra weeks but once J & R are gone you’re gonna stand out like a sore thumb, at which point something will be made up to make you the target.
Production will continue to feed the Paul vs. Cody battle that everyone is already buying to cover it up, but those 2 aren’t going anywhere until the oddballs have hit the road Jack!

Sir Loin of Beef

“They’ve given their 2 weeks of cushion, time to get the minorities outta this house!”

“Dom, see ya! Josh & Ramses, you two are next!!
Alex, your blonde hair earned you a couple extra weeks but once J & R are gone you’re gonna stand out like a sore thumb, ”



It will be nice to see how many secrets and lies Josh exposes this Week if he thinks he is going home over Ramses. I can’t wait to see the shit storm go off again this Week. In the line of fire you will have – Christmas, Paul, Jason, Kevin and Alex. Sit back and grab your popcorn everyone !!!!


let hope xmas pov replacement cant tranferable to


Alex can not be trusted for sht. One she will never work with Jessica on any level. Two. She thinks working with Paul is her best bet to get far in game. Only time she will be down for taking him out is late in the game.

Cody seems to trust Cat Ears. And she will sell him out to Paul as fast as she talks. Hate her speed talking by the way. So annoying.

Go Jess!

Be smart Cody!


Will admit Kevins story last nite bragging about being a stud on Geraldo in 80’s was funny for a sec but he went on bragging for 20 minutes. I was like dude dnt be Paul.


I love Alex. Alex and Kevin are definitely my top two. She kind of needs someone “on the other side” to get anywhere. Paul does seem to think of her as a legitimate alliance, so I don’t necessarily see it as a bad thing for her. Would Paul cut her off toward the end? Most likely, but I think she would do the same.

Personally I think teaming up with him will get her farther than if she just relies on Jason as an ally. Just because you’re pissed that Paul is currently runnning the house doesn’t make it a bad move for her…..


i like alex, but her social game is so bad. when she made her deal with elena, elena told her six people not to put up (herself, mark, matt, raven, dom, and PAUL) that gave alex a ton of information of who elena’s working with. did alex do anything with it? no. she didn’t even confront paul on it. she puts up jessica, almost guaranteeing jess goes to the other side of the house. meanwhile alex has been on the block twice and jason ended up in a costume. that doesn’t happen to people that aren’t on the bottom. stop trying to appease them, they already think you’re expendable, get them OUT.


I get what you’re saying, but really, by that time, it was pretty clear to everyone who is working with who. You could tell by Alex’s convos before she won hoh, she already figured that much out. She just went the cautious route. And honestly, I think she really wanted both jess and Dom out.

JJtoWin (AKA Flipping Cookies)

I don’t know if Alex would “sell out” Cody to Paul. Her and Cody had their “thing” (mutual respect) before Paul lured her over to his way of thinking. She’s been loyal to Jason all along and I think she’d be loyal to Cody over Paul if it came down to brass tacks.


Alex will NEVER work with jess in any capacity. If you can’t see the hatred and jealousy Alex has for Jess then get a clue.

So unless Cody and Jess have a falling out Alex will never work with Cody. Alex has done jk sht in this game and jack just died. The fact anyone here thinks she is this master game player that has this genius plan you all talk about but can’t begin to explain what it is. Heres a hint it doesn’t exist. She runs around “dude paul has played this game before trust me we can’t go against him yet. We will destroy them all later”
Pffffffft! Give me a break she is a follower and hopes Paul’s “friendship” he can’t lie about will get her deep in game. Goid luck cat ears. Oh by the way Jason flushed your cat ears down the toilet. Cuz thats where your done with mirrors fake game is. In the shtter.


Sarcasm-not necessary. It’s just a tv show.


I want them to get rid of the easy targets. I want to see the strong ones endure and battle this thing out. No floaters. No weakness. I want the carnage. Now that’s a good season.


Simon I just want to say thank you for all your hard work keeping us updated on OBB. You and Dawg are the best.
Everyone remember to donate! Go to support this site.
I appreciate all you do Simon:)

Botox Pelosi

I love the ranking grid with all the houseguests photos too Simon! Seeing the day by day changes on one page is awesome.

Marlon 23

Someone left a comment before about Jason’s obsession with Dominic.I don’t remember her saying or doing anything to him.Its kind of weird and it makes him look real shady.I mean every time he says something about her and she isnt in the house anymore .


I noticed that toi.

Bolt Uprite.

It looks like Cody didn’t learn anything from his little timeout. Still the headstrong cementhead. He still has utter contempt for everybody else in the house except his little pincushion.

Marlon 23

What is Jason’s obsession with Dominic? Every other sentence he is trashing her.She’s not even in the house anymore.Im just saying


As you ask what is Jason’s obsession with Dom, what is your obsession with Jason? If you look in the mirror you will see the true source of the obsession.

Big Brother Production

I’m glad to see Cody back in, and like him or hate him, the dude knows everything that he can know about what’s going on in the house. That’s why it is a shame that he doesn’t know that his second closest ally has turned into a minion. He is right about everyone being Paul’s puppy dogs, and I can only hope Jason sees at some point that the only loyal group is in fact Jessica, Cody, and a hopefully changed Alex.

The only flaw Cody still has is that he is playing too hard. He has everyone sized up fully, but he has to know the only person he can trust is Jess. He knows what all is going on, so keep to yourself until you have to try to stay in the game. Either that, or wait till people finally turn on Paul (which may be never), otherwise, you’re against the entire house.

paul want xmas powers

the hjopw xmas powers arent transferable right know


Why are there so many Cody haters on this site??? He’s just trying to play the game, unlike Paul’s minions.
Pretty sad, they all picked him for the battle back. Thinking he is the best competitor. That alone should put a target on Paul’s back. But these sheep are either too stupid or scared to realize this.


cody’s personality is awful, that said he’s our best chance of getting out paul and saving the season (though cody won’t be too far behind, which is fine. i am rooting for him to last exactly one week more than paul and hoping paul leaves asap).

No fave yet

Agreed. I have not seen one redeeming quality in Cody, Jess, or Ilana. I do think Cody is a ramshod player and is a plus for him to tone his arrogant arse down. Without Cody, Jess is a minion. While I do think Cody might win, I cannot be happy about it.


Cody won’t win. His social game is so off, he’ll never make it to final 2.


My years have taught me this tried and true sentiment:

Never say never!


I think Cody is an a$$ – but he’s entertaining so I like him in the house. Also, even though he’s the complete opposite of me I would have aligned with him right away because I knew just looking at him that production was going to want him to go far in the game.


Why are you a Paul hater? He’s also just playing the game.


Okay, I HAVE to change my screen name after 6 (7?) years to “Flipping Cookies”…except someone’s probably already taken it!!! DAMN IT!


1:47pm Power of Veto players picked.
Xmas, Josh, Jessica, Ramses, Josh


Cody didn’t learn from the mistakes he made the first time. He’s still being a totally douche bag loser. Did you all notice when he was talking to Jason Cody said everyone on the outside wants me, you or Alex to win, everyone else is dud city (how does he know what the people in the outside want?) and then he went on to say the only people that have been loyal to him are Jason and Alex. Not one mention of Jessica lol. Then goes upstairs to Jessica and calls Jason an idiot. What an arsehole.


Congrats to Cody on his return to the game. Hope there is some big back door plan to get either Mark or Matt out …. these floaters need to go. He may be sneaky as hell, boastful, and brash but one thing about Paul, at least he is playing the game. Would love to see Cody, Paul and Jason battle it out in the final 3.


Why didn’t Jessica put up Paul? I think I missed that conversation


If Paul is Jessica’s target she wouldn’t want to expose that and give him the opportunity to play in the Veto comp or campaign. With a player like Paul, the backdoor option is best.

I think Ramses is just a decoy and Paul is her target because Cody is aggressively discussing Paul and his tactics with Jason and Alex.


Jessica can try but they won’t have the votes to get Paul out. If Jessica and Cody had better social games, maybe the could sway others to turn on Paul but they don’t.


Probably because Paul has numbers to stay. I don’t see a back door for Paul as Josh or Ramses will go before Paul. Jessica put up the wrong pawns if that was the case. She needed to put up 2 of Paul’s side to make that happen.


I haven’t heard Jess tell Cody about the Halting Hex yet. Have any of you?

Why Bother

So Jess put ramses and josh on the block? What a waste smh why not paul and Christmas to ensure one of them goes home


Paul has one more week of safety


No he doesn’t…he only had 3 weeks. Cody hoh, his hoh and Alex Hoh. He is fair game now.


It doesn’t surprise me that Jessica received the haulting hex and that Cody won his way back in the house. I’m pretty sure he had a lot of practice with that maze machine while he was sitting on the outs. I still have this conspiracy that Paul will win this game, but not by running the house, production had to throw a monkey wrench in his game so that it would look fair, since he is a returning house guest. Just my thoughts!!


Cody doesn’t add drama. He’s a douche.

online player

wheres Paul and Andrew Anonymous in your list of floaters and couples alex and jason couple like teammates not showmance


I kinda would like to see an unexpected secret alliance to form just to make it more interesting. Maybe an Alex and Mark or a Ramses and Cody. And I really hope that Kevin & Ramses make it far.


This is the most boring cast I can remember. My least favorite player from last year was Paul and he’s back. This year, Paul is just as bad but Josh is such a winy little bit*h, I want him gone, then Paul.

Marlon 23

Reflection(cute name) if Jason had real heat with Dom I could understand.But like I said before there were no reason.She is gone,yet is still talking about her.Like she gave bad stock advice or something. Well let me ask you oh wise Reflection(cute name) what do you think his reasons were?


I’ve got my Pickle Juice Martini in one hand watching the action play out today. – Boy, I can’t tell if it’s the drink giving me a sour look on my face or Christmas’ remarks about Mark being the biggest BULLY in the House towards Josh. ( Seriously Mark hardly talks, not to mention cries all the time ) That Witch is the first to throw the shit into the storm as I predicted. Mark is no Bully towards Josh and I don’t even like Mark. He just did what Elena told him to do. – Can’t bully a bully Christmas !!! Damn I wish Jess could get Christmas out – can’t stand that broken DUD.

Captain Caveman

Cody is short. 5’7. Paul is shorter 5’4. It’s funny watching these lawn Gnomes think they are bad asses.


Hey Simon or Dawg, you have Josh’s name twice in the list for VETO players. Who is the other player?


1:47pm Power of Veto players picked.
Xmas, Josh, Jessica, Ramses, Josh

Canuck Chick

Couldn’t find who was nominated in the updates so far…POV players listed show Josh’s name twice.
Can someone post the info please?


I think it would be interesting to have two big brother houses going on simultaneously, one all female and one all male. Don’t tell either house that there is another house. Have both houses run the exact same way…same competitions, same room set up, same “unexpected” happenings, etc. Have two separate shows that run on the same nights, back-to-back. That way America can see the differences or similarities in the way women and men strategize.


even better have another show after where the voted out contestants get put into another house and when the two houses are equal in the number of contestants they have a battle back between the two houses winners get the big brother house and continue with the game losers go home with zilch


Can someone remind me what Xmas’ temptation is that she received? I know it has to do with POV but don’t remember the specifics. And she can still use it right?

Bounce Banana Beard

She can play in any one veto comp she wants even if she is hot chosen.

Impractical Joker

yay I am so happy Josh is going home this thursday and Paul the follwing thursday
both cody and Jess are safe for at least 3 weeks!!

Fruit Loop Dingus

Xmas has the power to remove one of the players for veto and she will replace that person. But I think she can only replace the HoH or the two nominees.


I thought she could only replace one of the drawn names.


I don’t like raven she lies especially when she took Alex’s cat ears and blamed it on Jessica. The house has been against Jessica and Cody right from the start. Paul is the puppet master he lies deceives and blindsided everyone in the house. All the people in the house are pretty dumb. I remember when Rachael had to win all the comps when the house was against her but she was a great player compared to this season’s big brother. These house guests are really stupid by the time they realize Paul is playing them like a banjo it will be two l ate. He probably will win the game.