Big Brother 19 Week 4 Power of Veto Ceremony Results

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12:00pm Jessica did not use the Power of Veto. The nominations Stand at Josh and Ramses.

12:10pm Josh and Kevin
Josh – you know I have your back..
Josh says he doesn’t like being on the block he’s sick.
Kevin says Cody and Ramses are going to sh1t themselves when the vote comes out and Ramses goes home. kevin says the vote will be 6-4 or 7-3, Josh is staying.

Josh – we got to get those 4 outta here.. Mark, Elena, Jessica and Cody.
Josh says once he wins HOH he’s going to “CracK” Mark because he’s on slop.

12:14pm JOsh..

Josh – you f*ed up Jessica.. You linguine.. You f*ed up I’m coming for all you beat balls on thursday..

Josh – I gave the most depressing speech in my life and they eat it up like LInguine and Meatballs.. They ate it up like Stromboli..

Josh – Fools.. You should have used the veto Jessica.. You f*ed yourself and now you are screwed..

Josh – I’m going to torment Mark and Cody.. calling them Stromboli, meatballs and Linguine..
Josh says he’s going to throw Jessica and Cody on the block…

JOsh – these meatballs just got played.. You f*ed up Jessica… you bought that bull sht..

Josh – they tried to get rid of Christmas and they got Blindsided.., they should know better than to work with that Side again..

1:02pm Jessica and Cody HOH
Jessica going on about how she was a unanimous vote, she wants Josh gone.
Jessica brings up that Christmas told her she’s voting out Ramses.

1:21pm Paul and Kevin
Paul says Ramses is going on a 7 to 3 vote.
Paul says this is a perfect time to get rid of Ramses because “he’s a sneaky f*”
Paul highlights how bad of a game move Jessica made by not using the veto.
Paul warns that Christmas is playing both sides which isn’t good.
Paul says they have to win the HOH next week.
Kevin says everyone is pissed at mark but they have to get Cody and Jessica next week.
Christmas joins them.

Paul – Mark is a a$$hole.. did you hear what he said to Alex today..

1:24pm Does Cody have a hickey?

1:30pm Alex tells Jason that “they” are asking everyone who they are voting for.
Alex – just say you’re voting out Josh

1:35pm Alex, Kevin, Paul, Christmas
Alex reports that Elena, Mark, Jessica and Cody are on the living room couch so they can watch where everyone is.
Alex tells them that she told Jason to tell anyone if asked who he’s voting for to just say Josh.

Ramses joins them.

1:40pm Paul telling Matt and Raven that Jessica f*ed up and now they are starting to panic.

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Jess Vivette


Josh is kind of funny?

Makes for an entertaining Thursday meatball show though. Hope we get a live HOH comp.

Fruit Loop Dingus

He’s grown on me, too. He can’t win anything, though. Not even a meatball eating contest.


Ramses listens. Hello! Talk to Ramses. Talk game to Ramses… !!! Ramses is the biggest free agent ally in bb history!! … Hes young. But he understands th winner has an ally. Hes open. He sees the winner has their hand in multiple camps… Kevin is the pick. But in the next 2 days, all Ramses needs to do, is prove he’s more valuable than josh, to the people that are voting to keep josh. Ramses, at the same time, can prove himself valuable, to the people that don’t like josh. Ramses, himself, is irrelevant. But, by making him a part of this weeks decision, he is… he is so much more maliable than josh. This is an ally someone needs to grab. Let him be a shield at the least, mentor him to go to the end at the best…


Ramses also had a chance at convincing Jessica to use POV on him for those exact same reasons before the ceremony. But he didn’t take that chance.


Guess the Paul and the minions show runs on. I knew getting Paul out wasn’t an option this week to many worshippers but at least putting Paul on the block would got josh out. Boy is that knife that matt/raven is putting cody/Jess back again going to piss them off lol

Tony The Tiger

They’re grrrrrrrrreat!

Bye Bye Josh

If people could put their own Egos in check for a moment, Jessica I would say is playing one of the best games. She is aware of the house situations, she has a great intuition about others and I believe she is about to pull off one of the best lies this season telling the other house guests her temptation is far greater then what it is.

Funny how Big Bro goes…..was against Jess/Cody right from the get go and here I am routing for both of them because I just could take that Sunday night episode script….its like CBS and Big Brother condone bullying behaviour and actually thrive off of it. What a paradoxical society where the “media” of today promotes the very issues it believes it tries to stop.


She is aware of the house situations? LMAO


Matt and Raven are gonna flip.

I am



Jess can’t lie about what the Halting Hex temptation does or BB will call her out for it.

Last I heard from her discussion with Cody she only plans on telling the HOH. Their plan is to initially offer the HOH safety if they keep the pair off the block. Next she will tell the HOH she won the power & then lie saying it is stronger than Paul’s power was. She’ll tell the HOH she has the power to replace both nominees & select the renoms. BUT the minute she says that BB will come on the main speaker & say “Jessica you are not allowed to use production as strategy” followed by requesting her in the Diary Room after which she will have to tell the HOH (& possibly the house) what she said was a lie about what the power does. They’ve done this in previous seasons when the hamsters tried to lie about production.

Principal Paul

What bullying? You mean Josh calling them meatballs in the veto comp? OR Cody calling Josh a cry baby? Such unbelievable bullying!! Do you think they should be aloud to call their parents to make them feel better? I don’t think name calling at this age is considered bullying. They aren’t 10 years old. Are 20 somethings really this pathetic these days? LOL

Poor Jessica

And when she finally gets evicted she will look back and regret this move.


If Jessica is so foolish to trust Mark, Elena, Raven and Matt, she deserves to waste this week.

Fruit Loops

You left off a key word “again”


I love Jessica but I have to agree.. OMG why cant you put Paul on the block and get ride of him?/ Please get Paul out


Why is it a bad move to trust Marlena? They want Josh out and WILL DEFINITELY want to work with them when they realize they were blindsided. (Although I hope Elena realizes Mark is on her side and not Paul so Paul can lose one of his minions).
I think this will be the turning point of the season because if Jody and Marlena team up they can finally be a formidable force against Paul and his minions.
We’ve had different people who are alone in wanting to target Paul which never ends well (Ramses and Dom), but I hope we will finally have a united alliance realizing they have to go for the snake’s head.


im not suprised thank goodnes masterchef is on


Will you sheet your pants if Masterchef highlights meatballs & linguine?


it is cow challenge anyways!

Fruit Loops

I missed it the first time I read it. Got it on the second read. Which makes it the Best Post of the summer!!!!


Jessica stupid, weak move, wasted HOH. She could’ve used pov & her power(production gave her) to put up Paul & Raven to take Paul out before he could strike twice.. They gone be pissed when crybaby Josh is still in the house Thursday. ????

Matt's 2 Shirts

Maybe, she’ll use her halting hex to reset her nominations.


She can’t. Her hex only resets the week. Nobody goes home for the week and they all play for HOH again.


it doesnt reset the nominations


waiyt untyil paul get hoh and halting hex

Bunny Flop

@&$!!!!!, @&$!!! Now we have to continue seeing that meatball? Dumbasses, pure dumbass!

Matt's 2 Shirts

Nice move Meatballs!

The veto comp sounds like it was a message that what you’re trying to do is probably going to blow up in your face.

Now you’re going to be covered in meatballs on live t.v. again.


Still laughing over your “But what do I know? I can’t even make a pile of shirts” comment.

Matt's 2 Shirts

Thanks, like Matt’s wardrobe, I try to keep it light.


These players are reaching BB16 levels of stupidity.

Expect Ramses to expect that he’s staying and do no campaigning. Also expect Cody and Jessica to stay up in the HOH room doing nothing while Paul and his minions plan their demise.


Im sure Jessica and Cody will be “doing something” in the HOH as they did last night.


Paul, Kevin, Alex, Jason & JOSH are total entertainment package ~ the rest YAWN!


Nice job on your HOH, Jessica.



My sentiments exactly.


finally a setback for Jody.
Still cant believe America gave Jessica that power… seems rigged, shes not very liked, is she?


Paul isn’t like either, but America gave him a power. Go figure?


Paul does have a lot of fans, Im one and he was robbed last season. Team Friendship!


Guess there really is no accounting for taste huh! lol (take it as a joke)

Tinfoil Hat

Fans hate it when the house unifies against anyone, even if the person(s) were not well liked to begin with. Look at last year: Everyone hated the ass-slapping loudmouth douche that was Frank Eudy until the whole house got together to evict him. Then it finally came through and everyone was butthurt about it.

I do believe that Jessica at least had a high vote percentage, as her and Cody’s popularity picked up some steam after that blow-up with Dominique’s talk show. It’s possible that Alex or Dominique could have polled higher than Jess, but production figured it would make “better TV” to have the Halting Hex in Jessica’s hands.


She is my favorite and I voted a lot for her to win the power


Damn it

Club H.O.H

Ugh Jessica! Why didn’t you listen to your gut?!!!!

Matt's 2 Shirts

It’s hard when it’s got a craving for meatballs.


she is fruitloop dingbat extrodinaire !


Her gut was whispering but her snapper was screaming ” more meatballs”


She did, Cody has been all in her guts!!!

Down with OBB

Sigh. A HOH wasted.

Juliana from New York

I LOVE your username lol


When EXACTLY are you gonna win HOH….or ANYTHING for that matter….youre not winning crap….what a dink!!!


What a bad game move by jessica leaving noms the same. How can jessica and cody not think ram is gonna be the one getting evicted.


Love the drama…hate the bullying tho.


I love it!!! Not a fan of Paul but I cant stand Cody and Jessica was tolerable when he was out of the house now hes back and again they are making the same mistake. Such a waste of a battle back and Temptation that clearly production helped them with. Cody complains about Josh but says thing very demeaning about women as well. Who cares how much any of the women have ever gained in the Big Brother House you Douche’ Bag!!! Id rather see Paul Mist everyone than watch those two ding bats!!!


Can someone plz tell me who the girl is that Kevin and Jason were talking about when Kevin asked Jason is he loved her and Kevin said he told her he found it hard to control himself around because she’s so beautiful?





House mother


Fruit Loops

The one that could drop dead at any moment! RAVEN

So predictable

Josh is such a meatball. Grow up already! 😉


I hope Josh blows it and the group of pathetics get pissed off and vote him out!


I wish they would say goodbye to that stromboli, linguini looking meatball! yo, you know what I mean?


Oh Jessica…….How I wish you would of used the Veto. Now we have to listen to Josh for the week talking about how he is going to get them out…… This sucks. I wanted Josh to go home this week – I am tired of his outbursts.

Ugg….oh well, maybe it’s time to take a few days off from all things Big Brother…….


Although funny scenario is josh winning HOH putting up jess and cody and then She halts the evictions


You KNOW that’s what’s gonna happen. Production’s hands will be all over this scenario. ~sigh~


Sooooooo bets on how long it takes for Mark or Cody to punch Josh in the face, or who will be the first to do so? I’m all for getting in people’s heads and all that but we might be seeing the physical manifestation of that soon when someone’s fist is literally in Josh’s face.


Mark, maybe, but Cody seems to be able to contain his anger. He can tune things out.

Jessica, on the other hand, may throw something at him. As she said, she needs to get rid of Josh because he distracts her from her game.

This is a very exciting week. I’m afraid to look away. LOL


lol, I’m with you, Granny.

Matt's 2 Shirts

I don’t know. The Jess/Cody and Josh relationship kind of reminds me of the Simpsons episode with Frank Grimes.

Fruit Loops

My vote is Jess or Elana will take the first swing at Josh kinda in this order
1-Elana- it will give her great material for her other gig as a radio personality.
2-Jess- just cause she has been on an emotional roller coaster although partially earned coaster ride
3- Mark- he has already been warned and will show some reserve.
4- Cody- he will see that Josh is all mouth & instantly know that Josh in no way could have orchestrated it and Cody will have ammo to throw right back into Josh’s face that he is a puppet for that side of the house

James Gandolfini

Why is he calling everyone variations of Italian cuisine ? They aren’t Italian.

Matt's 2 Shirts

It would be hilarious if Josh won HOH and in his HOH basket was Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

ChillTown 2.0

Hey Jessica,
The whole house wants Cody out and you by association….. So you throw up Ramses and Josh while not taking a big shot before Paul and his sheep win again and take you out.

Nice! At least the #KevFather is looking sweet for the next couple weeks when the shots between Paul and Jody start.


Is the only reason they’re voting out Ramses to spite Jessica? What benefit do they get from keeping the pile of insecure human waste like Josh, if not just petty assholesry?


They think Ramses is shady and want him out. Josh is still a vote for their side. Ramses is not. And ticking off Cody and Jess is just icing on the cake!


They also think Josh is a bigger threat. If they keep him then Jessica and Cody will always go after him first. But I think after this week, the floaters are in trouble.


Guess I’m the only one that agrees Jessica is making what she thinks is the right move for now. She is trying to continue to repair relationships and she sees that Ramses and josh on the block didn’t affect that in any way. I’m not a fan of her or Cody by any means but I do think it was the right thing for her. No one cares really but if she put anyone else there would be backlash from other parts of the house. She’s trying to hold on to her advantage as long as she can. I don’t know. I get it tho. She most likely will regret it if the house sticks with keeping josh but there are basically 4 more days that anything can happen. And I personally would love to see them vote Ramses out and the drama that will come from it. I personally am not entertained by anyone in that house except Kevin and Jason. Then the Paul vs Cody / Jessica drama. I am enjoying the back and forth between them. Everyone else in the house are just supporting actors to me.


Her main problem will come if & when she tells people about her temptation before she uses it


Production will make sure Josh stays because of all the fighting between Josh,Mark,Cody and Jessica. It’s good for there ratings. Paul won’t be evicated for awhile because production likes the fighting between Cody and Paul. It’s all a set up with production just like all the other years. It’s not hard to figure that out . Kevin said why can’t we just play our own game why do we have to listen to production.


Yeah production wants that temptation used asap. That’s why there were punishments in the HOH comp. Use em all on Jess and Cody so the chances of them losing are greater. They get nominated and have to use the hex immediately. Instead my girl Jess won. And karma is laughing at all you haters. Keep blowing smoke up Paul’s behind you weirdo hipsters.

I like It

I like reading thought out comments and ones that are not emotional attacks on the house guests…..very well said and I couldn’t agree more that production is highly influencing the game….

I was not aware of that comment from Kevin…. I’ve been watching BB since day one and each year it becomes more and more obvious of how production is shaping this “reality show”. So funny how “reality” is no longer random but scripted.

Jess Addict

Jess could have sold this easily by asking Paul, Alex, Matt or Raven to go up as a pawn as a sign of trust and mended relationships. “After all, the plan is to evict Josh — right?” No one would have been offended and this would have been an excellent way to see who their enemies are. You are my BAE Jess, but this shows a lack of true BB strategy skills.


good grief they are keeping BABY HUEY ! JESSICA is a fruitloop dingbat 3.0 !


WTF!!!!! Jessica why didnt you use the veto on Ramses ? I don’t like Jody but I don’t understand how you still think Josh is going home when he’s mopping around being upset when he’s usually loud and obnoxious , and Elena kinda gave you a clue that maybe Ramses is going home and you still didn’t use the veto . Jessica should’ve followed her gut and Took Ramses down now they lose a number this week . Well at least we get to see a blindside this week and Josh routine this week unless someone tells someone at the last minute like James used to do which I pray doesn’t happen but we’ll see.


You Meatballs


im ok with because jess know paul get hoh next he going screwed over hard by halting hex!


Yes, it was very stupid for Jess not to use the Veto. She will definitely regret this move for a long time BUT I love it!! I do not like Josh or want him to win but I think he is freaking funny with his blow ups. He keeps it entertaining. It would be boring without his antics. I know I will get a lot of thumbs down but without his outbursts it would be a bore. I hope he gets HOH and puts Cody/jess up and she users her halt power. We will really see craziness from him for sure.


Kevin and Jason were talking about Raven when Jason said he told her he was finding it hard to control himself around her because she’s so beautiful??? Was Jason joking around?? Cause I wouldn’t say Raven was ugly but I don’t find her irresistible beautiful lol


I read it as Jason “strategy” and he told Kevin he didn’t mean it – just flattering her for strategy I guess.


And I thought Jason was married.


Yeah, that “strategy” could work against him, that’s for sure. Let’s hope he’s reading Raven correctly and the flattery outweighs the eeewww factor. Maybe he’s testing her, but for what gainful purpose? Kevin seemed to be agreeing with it, saying “that’s a good one”. I dunno.


If Ramses go on Thursday, I am finished for this season.


Please!! Don’t lie to yourself. We’ve all said we’d stop watching, but, we never do. BB is like a car wreck. U don’t wanna look, but, damn, u just can’t help yourself. I think you’ll stick around.

Male .::. preferred pronoun, it

Really??? #notmyhouseguest


What a waste of an HOH!


The thing I can’t figure out why Josh keeps giving the finger into the camera. Is he telling us the views to eff off?


Shrek is such a immature cry baby, and I’m willing to bet his family is embarrassed.


Jesica!!! Why? why? why did you listen to Cody? He failed with his HOH and now you just set yourself up to fail. Paul wins again.


My read is that Cody WAS trying to convince Jess to put a minion up and to not trust “them”. But Jessica’s rebuttal was that she wants to show a sign of trust to the “other side” and give them what everybody said they wanted last week: Josh and Ramses on the block. Jessica has (unfortunately) been played.


Jessica really? I love you girl but HOW STUPID> Dont you know Paul wants you and Cody out as well? She should put Paul up …..I still cant believe.

House of Idiots

As annoying as Josh is, Ramses has it coming to be voted out. I like him enough, but he has literally done nothing in the house. Josh has at least been involved in the game even though it is not necessarily in a good way. To he honest, I just want Josh in jury because he would have an interesting vote, but he needs to go after that for obvious reasons. Also I hope Cody and Jessica leave soon because I don’t want anyone with that kind of behavior winning money. But then again, I also don’t want floaters like Matt, Raven, and Elena winning undeserved money. I just don’t know about this season anymore


Shrek is seriously annoying…… vote that big cry baby out…..when he speaks all I hear is DUHHHH DUHHH DUHHH


I can’t tell if you’re talking about Mark or Josh…


Shrek is seriously annoying…… vote that melon head cry baby out…..when he speaks all I hear is DUHHHH DUHHH DUHHH

I don't mind Cody

The next time he has one of his tantrums Cody should just say: aww did somebody forget to feed the baby cause him just getting so cranky and then walk away. I don’t believe in arguing especially with immature people i so I just say what I’m going to say and let them vent believe me it pisses people off more.


The smart move, not just this week but any week, would be to put both Paul and Raven on the block! They have all stated, none of them could vote out Raven so Paul would walk! But they are just handing Paul the cash!


THIS – THIS is exactly what I want to happen sooner rather than later. Let’s see them put their money where their pie-holes are. Raven would probably take to the fainting couch without even the energy to campaign (the poor dear) and I would love to see what Paul would do. So, YES! Either one gone would be the BB highlight for me.

Its Not In The Script

That isn’t in the script and CBS is sticking to their script. Of course many on this message board think the game at a high level and say many obvious moves……but this is exactly why it tells me it is scripted because many house guests don’t make obvious moves…..


Not sure about this Season, but it sure has made me want some Meatballs!


So over josh. I get people find him funny, but it’s way too’s annoying. How those people can live in that house with him I have no clue! Was really hoping to see him leave. Now we get stuck listening to him go on and on about how HE blindsided them. Paul though has created the perfect shield for himself. It was a good game move to get him to be in jess and codys face, so they forget about Paul.

I wish Josh would shutup

Although i cannot stand to watch Josh open his mouth, i actually think Jess not using the veto could help her game in the long run because when Ramses goes home Thursday, she will have confirmation of what she suspects as far as who is lying to her face and it only cost her getting rid of Ramses who nobody really cares abouy anyways.

Bob Cobb

If Jess doesn’t see this by now, she’s dumber than a box of rocks.


Not only did Jessica waste her HOH, she is WASTING her entire experience on BB with some guy she met 4 weeks ago! I believe she would be WAY better off if she made an alliance with Alex, Christmas and Paul from day one. Instead, she is talking about having babies and meeting this guy’s family – Wasn’t the point to come on here to try to win some $$ and play a smart game? If she was my daughter, I would be screaming at the tv.


A guy that she met 4 weeks ago that said the girls are getting fat and he only dated dogs before her. Sounds like a keeper to me. I really feel sorry for his daughter. Let hope she is never over weight because daddy is all about looks. SO SAD!!!


His baby mama is a dog (he called all girls he dated before Jess Dogs). Hope his daughter never sees this. What a disrespectful man showing his daughter what she has to look forward to.

TV Screamer

You really scream at a TV that can’t speak/scream back? Thats interesting…..really interesting

Meatballs With a Side of Linguini

Josh is a fool but he’s living rent free in Jessica’s head.

Matt the grey doofus

Why is Matt always plucking his nose hairs and trying to pick greys out his stache. Dude you look 55 and are grey as fuck. A darker stache is not helpin ya. Also invest in a electric nose hair trimmer idiot. Raven is 23 and Matt is 33. No one has said one word about that. But I remember on 17 everyone going ape shit over Shelli and Clay who also were 33 and 23. Shelli was a pedo basically to most of you. Wonder why.

Meatball Soup

Who the heck cares if he has grey hair or not, you judgmental ass. Personal appearance is something most people can’t help, TROLL.


I can’t believe Jessica and Cody having sex openly! I’m sure her mother loves seeing that! OMG! She is such a pig, like the week Cody was gone and all she seemed to talk about was taking it in the ass, or bleaching her ass or trying to stick her finger in Paul’s ass??? Disgusting. I can’t wait for those two to be gone! I’m hoping for an Alex, Kevin, Jason final 3, they are hilarious! They need Paul to help them get rid of all the other boneheads and then they can get rid of him, Jason and Alex are good at comps and have been studying the days etc. so should do well in later comps.

Closet Monster

Some people openly have sex because they don’t give a crap about what others are doing and living their own life… people really care about others lives more then their own life?….. Very odd


I dont get some people. Why would you want josh paul cody out of this house. When those 3 are gone then there will be no drama and its the drama that makes good tv. For me i want out all the boring people like ram elena mark matt ravan. Every year you get fans who want all the drama people out and then you same fans say this show is boring well ya it will be when you have no fights going on. Get out all the floaters and deadbeats and we can watch all the drama.