Power Of Veto Results! “That’s the second power of veto comp you threw!”

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3:25pm – 5:17pm Big Brother blocked the live feeds for the Power of Veto Competition. The POV players were: Jessica, Josh, Ramses, Christmas. Cody & Jason


5:17pm The live feeds return. HOH room – Jessica is holding the power of veto. Jessica – that’s the second power of veto comp you threw.

In the kitchen – Paul you guys are lucky. Paul, Raven and Kevin head into the storage room. Paul – as long as she doesn’t use it, we’re golden.

Havenot room Josh talks to the cameras. Josh – I hope the house keeps their word with me. BB blindside baby!

5:25pm Storage room. Paul – Christmas said she (Jess) doesn’t want to use it. They don’t want to ruffle more feathers. Raven – That’s what Jessica said to Christmas in the bathroom. Paul – that means the plan is a go. As long as you and M are committed. Raven – we are. Ramses was like who do you want to see out of this house? And then he walked off and Matt said f**k that guys got to go. I was like yes baby. Paul – now that we have him pinned down, now we strike. And then Jessica and Cody can be as mad as they want to but that wasn’t a good game move. You guys came back but this is a better move. Don’t take any offense to it. Its a good move. Raven – Jessica just assumed we would vote Josh out. Paul – okay. Raven – that’s okay but you’re assuming. That’s not a good game move. Use your brain. Paul and Raven leave the storage room.

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Storage room – Mark and Paul.
Paul – I don’t think they’re using it. Mark – 1000% they’re not. They’re trying to do everything they can to mend fences. Mark – I just hope nothing changes between me and you. Paul – why would anything change between me and you. Mark – I just wanted to make sure. Paul – why would anything change? Don’t ask me that. Josh is done. He’s not going to roll over, he’s not coming out of this.

5:35pm – 5:40pm HOH room – Jessica and Cody.
Jessica – he thinks he’s so smarter game-wise than he is. I love Mark as a person but in this game he isn’t that smart. Cody – I don’t love him as a person. Anyone that is that disloyal right off the bat is no friend of mine. Everyone had a chance of being my friend outside of this but after the back stab .. Jessica – there is no coming back. We’re scaring the sh*t out of them. We’re putting a bigger target on our backs but we earned it. We legitimately earned it. Cody – target or not target. We’re good because of you. Jessica – I think Elena is a bit salty. I think she will go for this next HOH. I still don’t think she would put us up. Cody talks about his conversation with Mark. Cody laughs at how Mark was wanting to put everything in the past and move forward. Jessica – I had to calm him (Mark) down when he was worried you were coming back in.

6:45pm Paul, Josh, Alex, Kevin, Christmas and Jason.
Paul – they’ll probably have a conversation with you and you. Tell them anything. Josh is going home no matter what. Because the last thing we need is for them to switch the nominations. Leave everything the same. Don’t create any waves. Josh is done! He knows it. You just cry, keep crying. Maybe even have a conversation with them and be like I know I’m going home this week. Just keep it civil.

Josh is talking to the cameras again. Mark and I got heated. We threw sh*t on each other. I blew up his game, he blew up my game. But in reality everything that I called him out on… he is proving it right now. You’re a flip flopper. You’re shaddy and now you’re riding it with Cody. Bro I’m going to blow your game up when I stay too.. You’re a flip flopper eating meatball and you gotta go! Your word it KAKA! If I get past this week, you know I am going to put some respect on my name. Cody, Jess, Mark and Elena walking around like they own this place and they feel really safe when all I know the temptation will probably be a game changer and they shouldn’t be walking around here all safe.

Kitchen – The house guests are eating and chatting. In the storage room – Alex hides in a plastic bag and scares Kevin and Jason. Kevin – What the F**K! You little sh*t head! They scare Elena next and then Mark but it doesn’t even phase Mark. He just keeps talking.

7:40pm – 8pm Bedroom. Elena, Paul, Kevin, Christmas, Jason and Alex.

Paul – you don’t think anything weird? Christmas – if they backdoor anybody, Josh is going to go home. Paul – I don’t think they are going to backdoor anybody. They don’t have the numbers to do that. Christmas – then what’s the question? Paul – are they going to keep the nominations the same .. and put someone else up there? Backdooring doesn’t work unless everyone is on board. Christmas – if they put anyone else up there its not going to their way.

8pm Kitchen. Mark, Matt, Jessica, Cody and Ramses chatting about random things.

8:10pm Big Brother gives the house guests 6 beers and 2 bottles of wine. Ramses and Alex stash two and start drinking them. They feel bad and then bring them to the kitchen to share them. Paul wants to make sangria. Jessica and Cody head up to the HOH room to drink the HOH alcohol. Jessica – they’re basically celebrating Josh leaving and I’m so happy about it. This is the best case scenario .. the house unifying over one person to be eliminated. There’s no blood on our hands. Cody – and there shouldn’t be any stress but now Paul is down there snatching beers out of peoples hands. Jess – to make his crap sangria. They’re going to tell her (Christmas) that she can’t drink because she’s on meds. Cody – chug it down Jess I want to see you drunk. Jessica talks about her dad and how he always wanted to be on big brother. She holds up a photo of him and says that now he is on it.

Mark joins them. Mark – you have no idea how happy I am that this is back on. Cody – you can walk up to Josh and smack him in the face. Jessica – I thought it was hysterical until he started acting like a little b***h. Mark – I f**king love you guys. Mark – I took it like a man and let him put the ketchup and mustard on me .. and he wanted to blow up after. Jess – he is the child.

Cody – I don’t care if you walk up to him slap him in the face and make fun of his mom.. I would f**king back you up 100%. Mark – cheers to that. Jess – I think that Big Brother is celebrating that Josh is going and that’s why they gave us the alcohol. Mark – how do you do that when there is only 1 havenot in the house. Cody – I hate the guy (Josh) so much. I hope they boo him. Jess – do you think it will be unanimous? Mark – no just because people want to stir the pot. Mark – next week will be interesting. I want to win it so bad. I just want to ensure me and the people that I really like Jury.

8:55pm Paul, Kevin, Christmas, Alex, Raven and Matt.
Paul – and point proven. (Ramses just went up to the HOH room to hang out with Cody, Mark, Jess and Elena) You understand what I am saying now? We need continue to make her (Jess) feel like the week is done and then we do what we do. (That Josh is going home and then send Ramses home instead. 7 – 3! 7 -3! Matt – it couldn’t be. Paul – count the numbers right now bud. And then we’ll be like sorry dude that was just a better move. We didn’t want to upset you.

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Come on Jessica pull down Ramses and put up paul, either him or josh leaving is a win for you!

Capt. Obvious

Thanks for joining us this season!!
I can tell you haven’t watched this season yet because if you had, you would be well aware she wouldn’t have the votes to evict Paul.
But hey, some people’s only source of social engagement is to make majority-sided comments on message boards to feel accepted by all the artificial “thumb ups”.


Paul groupie ?


Paul Groupie ?

4 captain dork I mean obvious

Captain obvious you dork if she puts up Paul ya they don’t have the votes to get rid of him but that will 4sure mean Josh the person she wants out will leave. Think before you talk shit


That was exactly what I meant.
I know paul is unlikely to be evicted! But it’s better than Ramses getting evicted!


No but if Paul is the one rallying to keep Josh around, throw him up there next to him and see him flip his script. Not like Paul is ever going to be an ally. You don’t have to be an ass, you have a choice you know.


Would it be possible for you to simply disagree with someone without the insults?

No, I suppose not.

It’s obvious!

Summer Hobby

It would be a guarantee that Josh would be evicted.


hello Captain Judgmental Rude Obvious. The thumbs down for you are real.




I thought Paul had one more week of safety?


YOU need to watch the season and put on some glasses. If Jess nominated Mark and Elaine do you think Mark down after POV Paul up he has the votes to stay. Lets count…. Raven and Mark vote Paul plus you have Cody, Jason and Alex. OK now that’s 5 votes plus Jess breaking the tie and Paul’s gone. One scenario there starters.
Number 2 just put up Raven she never gets evicted versus Paul at this point. 3rd I think Kevin stays versus Paul as well. That’s 3 scenarios alone.
Truth is the problem is the noms, not enough votes to get out Paul versus Josh or Ramses. Josh is a vote and no one would miss him. Ramses is far from a house fav. Won’t be missed either. At this point Paul is likely safe but pre noms they definitely had scenarios to evict him this week.

13 to 11
Just pointing out the double likely comes when the jury forms. If we take 9(jury) plus F2 that’s 11. Thus 2 more eviction to go. Pretty clear Ramses in the worst spot at the moment. No POV used he likely goes. More reliable vote for Jody too. Bad nom in my opinion all round. Who goes on the bubble? Jody group would take a shot at Paul maybe with 12 left. Likely Josh goes. If the other side gets HOH they’ll target Jody(likely Cody) and the Hex gets played. That could be fun!
Social game I like Kevin and Jason at the moment. Frankly the HG’s don’t know about “go fund me” so I think Raven sits well inside the house also plus Alex IMHO.

PS… Paul haters I still don’t think he gets close to the money so relax and enjoy the season.


Pulling down Ramses and putting up Paul (if you have watched this season, you would be well aware) would ensure that Josh goes home. But hey, some people can’t see the big picture “thumbs up ” Bro .

That's so raven

She should have put up christmas and raven, used the veto on Christmas then put up Paul as replacement nominee. Boom Paul goes home (or gives the best odds of that happening). I don’t know if you guys knew this, but raven could literally die at any moment.


I think that if it was down to a vote between Paul and Raven the one going home would be Raven. I mean sure she has people’s sympathy but what good is she? What has she done? At least Paul is a strong competitor. Just salon’s…


Oh boy, am I seeing this right that a second back stabbing is in the works from Paul towards Cody/Jessica? Jody Jody Jody… shame on you for not seeing that he’s coming for you again to take a big bite out of your arses. Unless Matt and Raven will flip, looks like Matt might be considering it, jaws will be hitting the floor when Ramses go bye-bye Thursday live.
I also wonder, why did production dropped the goodbye messages?


They (the house guests)are still doing the messages, BB just isn’t showing them to the evicted folks because of the battle back.
Starting Thursday I bet we see them as soon as the evictee sits down with Julie.

Captain Crunch

I wonder if Cody gets put on the block in the next 3wks would Jessica use her temptation on him so he could stay in the game instead of saving it for herself which would be the smart move.


The answer is no! Actually the correct answer is 2 weeks. Last week 1, clearly no need week 2 as she has HOH and POv. She’ll have 2 weeks left not 3 she’d use it to save Cody in an instant.

Nacho Mama

Jess should save the power for herself. Cody will not win because he will not get any jury votes. Jess has a chance to win. She would be better off with cash in her account, not his.

BTW Jess and Cody have no chance to last on the outside IMHO- he will not want to stay in LA and she will not want to live in Texas or wherever he lives-she is city and he is country. Furthermore, she may not like him so much when she realizes how creepy he is and he may not like her lifestyle either.


the power Isn’t for the whole game its for 3 more evictions letting her closest ally go home so she can prevent her eviction for 1 more week would be a terrible move. If she uses it to save Cody she has him and her competing in hoh to keep them safe and the house would still vote Cody out over her if they didn’t win hoh.

Club H.O.H

Cody would easily move to Cali. He’s able to adapt and had to in the real world. He loves surfing and one of the bases are in San Diego. Here’s hoping Matt wakes up from Fraudven (who’s been looking like It with all that makeup lol) and Josh goes home. Does anyone else feel awkward watching Elena on Mark, Hop-a-long on Kevin and Alex on Jason?! Cody needs to wake up and tell Jess to pull off Ramses.


You forgot one major thing. Cody has a daughter, and he wouldn’t be able to see her as often as he does now. I think that would be the deciding factor.


I thought the halting hex is for cancelling the whole eviction for that night even including the other person on block like it never happened.


Yes, you are right. I thought it was for 4 evictions. So far, 1 down.


It is! But I’m sure she’ll keep for herself. She hasn’t even told Cody about it. But come week 4 and she isn’t on the block but Cody is, then I see her using it.

Polly Callowfury

Dear Jessica,

Congrats on winning veto! Please use it on Ramses and put someone else on the block that would force the house to evict Josh. I personally recommend Paul since he will be offended regardless if the renom is himself or one of his ignorant followers. Raven would also be a good choice as no one will vote out the girl with gastroparesis. Even though you’re still stuck to Cody like a fly on shit, you’ve made an impressive rebound overall. Keep up the good work!



Sorry Polly, but you don’t speak for everyone!

Someone that is not everyone!

Polly Callowfury

Lol sorry bruh, I was just being facetious. Trying to have some fun with a show as infuriating as BB


Jessica is a smoke bomb….She’s on fire this week….


Ew. I wish they had evicted Jess instead of Dom. Prob not going to watch for a while. Not interested in watching the Cody Jess love show.

Capt. Obvious

You’re about 3 days too early to make a comment like that. Come back on Tuesday when everyone here has turned on ‘whoever is in power’, just like every week on this board.


Why are you even here?

I don’t normally feed trolls, but seriously. Just stop!

Oh, right. You take joy in insulting others.

It’s obvious!

What a paradox.


Common Jessica. You knew you fked up when you put ramses on the block. Paul is safe regardless of what you do. You don’t have the votes.


so production allows Cody to go into the battle back comp with experience!

so production allows Jess to get her target out during her HoH, but they won’t let Paul get out his target during his HoH!

so production thinks we want to watch Jess and Cody isolate themselves again all week!

umm, ok ill eat eat up just like all you sheep


I agree, Cody played it off like he didn’t know what he was doing, but he did too well in the maze comp. The finale battle back comp should’ve been a new comp.


Bah bah black sheep have you wool?
Yes sir yes sir three bags full.

You mad bro?

How do you know Paul didn’t throw the battle back for 5 grand. He is the conduit from production to America after all. And America wanted Cody to have a fair chance. And production still has its saboteur for the season. Why you wanna kill yourself?


She should take Ramses off and put Paul up! Get rid of one of them please!


They don’t have the numbers to take Paul out believe it or not …. if he goes on the block they’ll vote Josh out .


Agreed they don’t have the number. But it would be normal for Jessica to say that she wants a solid pawn beside josh to ensure he goes home. Asking Paul to take the block and ensuring he’s not the target. They could argue that he evicted Cody so if they don’t want more blood on their hand Paul is the best candidate, blah blah blah and see from their what happens.

Play the game guys.

Smitten Kitten

Thats a win in my book.


Dawg. Do you know what the house plan is as of now?


I wonder if Big Brother will ever be Big Brother again… Just stick some people in the house and let them fight it out. No temptations, no curses, no come backs, no past players (unless it’s all stars when they are all past players)… just the game as it was originally intended. Just compete and come out on top. Do a brother a solid, CBS…


i don’t think you get the premise. from the dictionary:

“Big Broth·er
??bi? ?br?T?H?r/
a person or organization exercising total control over people’s lives.”

or do you imagine the name of the show is ironic.

Pin Monkey

And when a small group of dominate players knock people down/out like bowling pins, people will want the powers and crap back again.


I hope they’ll do a back to basics season again season 10 was one of my all time favs


I can’t stand Paul’s ego filled little troll face. He is the sneakiest, slimiest troll to ever hit BB. I dobt know if it’s just my perception, but he stirs up more shit than anyone, ever. It’s like he has an issue with anyone else being strategic, even if it benefits him. No matter what, he had to go against them, just to do it. I pray to all the Gods that this POS little, Eddie Munster clothes wearing, gnome walks out the door very, very soon.

Shelly's Chompers

How is Jessica winning everything?? Ugh!


Probably slept with-someone in production after Cody left. Three in a row den of temptation, HoH, and veto. Must have hoe’d it to them good.


I bet production tips Jessica off with their “questions” in the DR. This is why evel would never say his plan out loud, because they would tip people off.

Club H.O.H

Because she is fit! And is not a groupie or a floater!


Alex needs to keep her cleavage in her shirt!! She’s hanging out more and more every day! She’s getting worse than Elana even!! Sheesh!


Exactly! Didn’t she say she makes clothes? She needs to make some bras that actually fit.

Otto Titzling

Not that I am counting (well, yeah, I actually am) but all of the girls still in the house, except Jessica, have admitted to breast implants (Alex, Christmas, Raven Elena). Not that it’s a bad thing. I mean, to each her own, I say.

The most I heard from Jessica on the subject is that she plans to get them post BB, and I had assumed she’d had them done already (they are pretty perfect, but a bit large for her frame). Maybe she’s following in my footsteps and getting a reduction.

I’m sure all these ladies looked just fine pre-surgery, but I’m just thrilled I get to stay in business.

Die Hahd

Life long big bro fan. Just gotta say that Kevin and cowboy are a fucking dime a dozen. For once they found an older guy(s) that can hang and actually make the show interesting.. no HILARIOUS. I love every second they’re on the feeds. Real people who don’t shy away from how they feel and aren’t always sucking Paul’s you know what. God bless America.

Smitten Kitten

I think you mean that Kevin’s NOT a dime a dozen, right?

Saying guys like Kevin are a dime a dozen implies that there are a million other older guys out there just like Kevin, who also could’ve played the game with as much finesse, style & insight as Kevin does.

Saying he’s a dime a dozen basically implies there’s nothing special about him & they could’ve simply replaced him with any other older guy & nobody would’ve even noticed or cared.

Btw, I definitely agree with you that Kevin is NOT a dime a dozen player.
They made a really great choice in casting him this year for all of the great reasons you mentioned, but mostly because he’s not always sucking Paul’s you know what. 😉


lol I really don’t unerstand the Kevin worship from all the fans. Yes he is funny but he is not insightful or a good player he’s kissing Pauls ass just like the majority of the house. He immediately told Paul he won the 25k which I’m sure Paul will use against him eventually. Also voted out Jillian and Ramses simply because Paul told him to.

Old People Rock

I LOVE Kevin! Only watching After Dark & not the feeds but he’s so stinking funny and they usually boot the oldest person out asap. He’s melding well and thoroughly entertaining. I love that Cody served in the military but maybe he needs counselling? He acts like he’s still in battle and ready to cut everyone’s throats. And he’s just mean.


Jessica and Cody are stupid!… Why go after Josh? Instead of Paul.. Josh is annoying, yes but he does not win any competitions…. Paul on the other hand will make sure he sends home Jessica and Cody the first chance he gets!


Cody’s a complete psycho. Damn. He’s unbearable to watch. I Fast forward every time he’s on ’cause the man makes me cringe.


Gotta say, I’m impressed. Jessica is not a Cody ornament and can get ‘er done on her own. Well done!


Josh really a good person. Too bad he gets shot on all the time.


He does it to himself. He needs to think before he speaks or throws a tantrum. I’ve never seen a grown man act like him. A little disturbing actually. Can’t image how he acts when someone says no to his hair product!


Finally worth watching, hard to watch with these Paul worshipers, that clearly never saw his season. If these people dont wise up soon, I swear I will quit watching. Dont care who wins, just dont like the cult in the house.

Bunny Flop

If she truly wants Baby Huey out. She needs to take Ramses off the block. Her best option would to put up anyone but Alex and Jason. I think the minions would vote either of them out. If it’s Josh and anyone but Ramses, Alex or Jason, Josh is going home.

Brother Utah

This is assuming they stop liplocking each other (making out) and start mingling to the houseguests. Cody and Jessica should realize that with Paul (the vet) still in the house, he is up to no good.


Thank you, thank you, thank you Bunny Flop for referring to Josh as “Baby Huey!” I have been calling him that since Week One but hesitated putting it out there cuz I didn’t think anyone would get the reference! Hilarious!

Big Dummy

Take ramses down put christmas uo

Jess cam junkie

No put up raven. Just for thinking she is more of a bad bia than my BB queen Jessica

Jess Addict

With you, but they won’t. It looks like Jess and Cody will be screwed. At least it will show them who their friends are and set them up for the next HOH.

Marlon 23

She can put Paul up but these people are not going vote out that Paul.Under his power.


Well, I’m disappointed and shocked that Josh truly is Jessica’s target. What a waste. I really thought Jessica would do more.

I have no words. BUT… I’m sure Josh will have plenty.


I think Jess was smart not to rock the boat this week because see still has the next 2 evictions where her and Cody are vulnerable to save them. If she took a shot at paul this week it would guarantee she’ll need it next week.
Maybe by not rocking the boat she can wait until the 4th eviction to use the halting hex.
Also paul is gonna blow up his game if he changes the vote to get out Ramses. It will just make Jess and Cody fight so much harder to evict paul, why isn’t he using his head!!!!

Guy From Canada

Did Jessica make deals with the couples and Paul to keep them safe in exchange for other weeks of safety when they are hoh? Or is Jessica dumb enough to think they will magically repay the favour if they keep the Paul possy safe?


This doesn’t feel like BB. I think it’s the Paul Show. It sucks!


Watching Elana stroking Paul everytime she’s near him makes me want to throw up!!! It’s like watching one of those old classic movies with the pharoh with the maidens around him feeding and fanning him. Yuk!!!!


I can’t figure that out doesn’t Mark get jealous. She is just gross. Does she only eat ice cream?

Paul has never had a gf

Put Alex up. Anything to see that jealous bitter wanna be hot girl(epic fail) get another slap from Jess would make the week a success. Plus Josh goes home and Paul’s skid marked boxer briefs get in a bunch and he runs around playing the victim telling his minions he has a plan. Stfu lawn gnome. You have zero chance of winning this season. And oh New Flash you have NEVER won the game. We know you mad. Never cared. Bye bye soon ugly tatts midget boy. Oh well you still have your room at mommies house.


You’re a flip flopper eating meatball?????

buhbye gnome

For some odd reason it works for me


If the house convinces Jessica they are voting out Josh and then vote out Ramses on eviction night, I’m going to laugh so hard.


Just hand Paul the money this season. Just like last year, a returning vet will win. So basically one of these idiots will return next year and win that one, and so on, and so on… Big Brother is done! What we fell in love with this game, has turned into a predictable joke. Were just the idiots buying this kool-Aide.


You’re a flip flopper eating meatball?????


While I realize this is a reality show & production will, occasionally, steer some things for drama…..

1) Jessica is saved from eviction. 2) Jessica “wins” Hex Temptation. 3) Cody “wins” battle back by playing the maze game twice. 4) Jessica wins HOH. 5) Jessica wins POV.

I’m not usually a conspiracy theorist but is her father’s name Les Moonvies?



I kind of get the idea of Josh being the target. Sort of like Dom was last week, she’s a number for the big group, so this knocks them down one more, but no one is going to retaliate next week since no one really cares for Josh.
I just hope Jess is smart enough to know she’s going to have to put up another Paul groupie beside Josh, cuz Ramses would def go home.


Raven is not going to die any minute, they wouldn’t have her on this show if she was that sick. How would it look for bb if she died on the kitchen floor? Josh needs to go home because if I hear him call one more person a meatball I’ll scream! Other seasons of bb have been better, this one seams so scripted.

Smitten Kitten

The lies NEVER end with Raven.

When Jessica told Alex that Raven dumped out her coke & hid her ears, Alex went up to Jason & called Jessica a “psychotic liar” (she probably meant pathological liar).

Now Raven’s told Paul that both her AND her mother are members of MENSA, however former BB alumni Matt Hoffman (a legitimate MENSA member) shut that sh!t down.

Raven is the definition of a con artist & probably can’t differentiate truth from lies any longer.



Matt is doing his best to convince Paul and Raven to vote Josh out to stay in Jessica and Cody’s good graces. Paul is spinning his web with them and is making them vote out Ramses. I want to puke!! When will these sheep grow a pair??!!!!


Hope Josh stays.

Duck Site Critique

Swear to god during one of Elenas disgusting rub downs of Paul she stuck her whole hand down his shorts and tugged a bit then she started kissing his shoulder as if to say let’s go alone and take this further. Mark is such chump not to be like enough of that rubbing stuff or our fake “showmance” over

Judge Janie

Oooh that’s nasty!!! Sometimes Elena just grosses me out.






Mark’s a dumb, dork doofus being played. He’s a desperate man. Ready to eat the crumbs that some silly woman is pretending to offer him.
Pathetic really. They should give this whack cat the boot.

Judge Janie

Jessica gets the temptation, gets her boyfriend back, then gets HOH and the POV? Give me a break! I know it’s a reality show and there’s some manipulation by production that probably goes along with that. But c’mon, really??? At least try to make it seem a little bit realistic. Sheesh!


Why are none of my posts showing up??? I feel like ripping my hair out!!!




What would happen next week, if Cody is on the block and Jessica is not? Would she use the Halting Hex to save Cody, or save it to use when she’s on the block (likely the following week, if they vote off Cody)? Interesting. . .


Come on Jessica……Please take down Ramses and put up Raven. Guarantee that Josh goes home.

That's not friendship

As much as people are flip flopping, if a few of them target Paul and bring the idea to the rest, I’m sure Paul will not be untouchable once proven they have the numbers. That’s what they’re waiting for. …the numbers

Baebee Gyrl2

Jessica said she only want people she like to make it to jury and beyond. She will target them later. So I’m thinking she’s playing on feeling and not game play. Yes, Josh may be annoying, but what have he done that was so bad to be so disliked by her and Cody? Jessica getting the temptation, Cody back, HOH and now POV all in one week, wow….okay!!! SMDH I’m honestly feeling some type of way of how some people are being treated.


Am I the only one that hits the mute button every time Paul is giving one of his dorky speeches.. he literally makes my skin crawl!! And tonight I hit the mute button during Joshes taunts at the POV.. I’ve heard better burns from a five year old, the crybaby gotta go waaaaa

Ted Green

I think the POV was rigged so Jess would win. Electromagnets can be turned off and by remote control. A wire on the inside of each post that held the traffic signals could be run to a switch somewhere away from the competitors. As long as the switch was one, the red disk stayed in place. Those playing were duped into thinking their flimsy rod was the only thing holding up the disk. Notice how quickly some of them fell in the first few minutes and how you could see the rods not moving at all then all of the sudden, without warning, the disks fell. I think production wanted Jess to win. And may sure it happened.