Mark “No one wants him in this F***ing house” Cody “I want him to get f***ing BOO’d when he walks out”

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9:10pm Havenot room. Ramses and Josh.
Ramses – don’t get your head in a bad head space. This is something we’re all going to have to do. We signed up for this. This is something we knew was going to happen to each and everyone of us. Josh – yeah. (Josh is acting. Paul told him to talk to Ramses about how he knows he is going home.) My whole thing is .. I know that I’m going and I know that everybody has been waiting for this moment. I don’t want to walk around and be miserable. I literally didn’t want to get out of bed. I want to leave here being happy and enjoy my last few days here. Its hard and it f**king sucks. I am not going to say anything bad about you. I don’t have anything bad to say about you and there is nothing bad I could say about you. I would rather go out with my head held high than sh*t on somebody that is considered a friend. You get me? They’re not going to get that out of me. I’ve been crying and I’ve been miserable. I want my family to see me walk out with my head held high. When people are distancing themselves from you, stay strong in this house. Keep doing what you’re doing, you’re doing great. Be careful of who you trust. Kevin is a stud. Kevin is the f**king man.

Ramses – I like Kevin. Josh – stay close to Kevin and you’ll be fine. People are going to try and use you. I feel like there is this fog over me and I can’t get rid of it. Ramses – I’m sorry dude. Josh – At this point I feel like I am ready to go. I am not going to give them that. I told you and two other people. I cried my a$$ off in this room, the bathroom … I’m not going to give them what they want. They don’t even look at me or talk to me. I am just drained at this point and I’m f**king over it. Ramses – I know its hard. The experience is the best part of it. Go shower and go outside and get some air. Just chill and enjoy the experience. Don’t let it get to you. Rest all ways helps too. Josh – I don’t want my family to see me depressed. I will be rooting for you. Ramses – you don’t know. The veto hasn’t even happened yet. Josh – she isn’t going to use it on me. I’m her target. Don’t give nobody what they want. It sucks that they’re so cold hearted. He (Mark) disrespected me. He called me names. And he still hasn’t apologized to me. At this point I’m numb to it. It sucks dude! Cody went through this same thing but he hasn’t even said anything .. that just shows what kind of person he is. Ramses hugs him and Ramses leaves the room.

9:15pm Backyard – Alex, Jason and Kevin.
Alex is helping Jason and Kevin study the days/events.

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10:24pm Lounge room. Josh talking to himself.
Josh – I love this house. This is such a mad house. And if I go … then F**K IT! But I am 85% sure I am staying. Anything can happen in the big brother house. I know the people that I can trust in this house. A word of advice to all the big brother players that are coming after me.. you don’t have to be the strongest competitor, the strongest man or the most conniving best liar. Loyalty and letting people know that when you give your word you stick by it and you don’t flip flop and back stab the person that you gave your loyalty to your alliance member … you’ll make it. But guess what Mark you played yourself. You big meatball. You linguine! You’re a f**king meatball! You suck! You’re going home because when I stay this week, I’m targeting your big a$$!

You big block head meatball! I’m going to hit the cha cha slide when I stay on Thursday. Guys I am going crazy. I am talking to a camera. I am going bananas. For those of you that are just tuning in the whole house has a plan to get your boy out of here in Jessica and Cody’s mind. But what they don’t know is that the majority of the house is keeping your boy this week. And your boy is going to have a meatball fiesta all f**king week when we blindside them. And they think that I am going home but I just need to play my part so f**king hard. I just want to say F**K you meatballs I’m staying!! F**K YOU MEATBALLS I’M STAYING ANOTHER WEEK!!! I do not want to play nice with Mark! F**K him! I do not want to play nice with Cody! F**K you! I will have to play nice with Jessica. Cody and Mark F**K you!!

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11:25pm – 12am Backyard – Mark and Cody playing pool.
Cody – I am not going to lie, I was banking on coming back with playing high risk in the beginning. Mark – I was so happy that you came back. Cody – I do not want Josh in jury. Mark – he is gone. No one wants him in this F**King house. Cody – I want him to get f**king BOO’d when he walks out of this house. The things that he has said to Jessica f**king boils my blood. If he shows that much disrespect to a woman openly that many times .. there is no way they (America) can’t see that out there. Mark – I am twice his size … he just says sh*t because we’re in this environment. IF I threw a drink in your face .. and I got as pissed as Josh did. I would at least push you back. He looked at me and did nothing! Cody – he’s a damn coward. That’s why he berates women. Did you hear what he called Jess .. everyone out there knows about her history.. it is the anniversary of her fathers death.. he said you need to beat that thing. He called Jess a f**king thing! DUDE! Mark – he is going to be out of this house! There is no way he is going to jury. Next week Ramses. Cody – I want to get HOH and then re-evaluate. I want the couples to be safe. Cody – people probably thought that she (Jess) jumped on me for safety but she is the one that saved me.

Kevin – do you love her? Jason – No, I want her the f**k out of here. Kevin – they’re all going nuts aren’t they. Jason – I told her that I have a really hard time controlling myself around her because she’s so pretty. Kevin – no you didn’t?! That’s a good one! Jason – yeah. Kevin – is it true? Jason – no. I mean she’s a nice girl. Kevin – that has to be the healthiest sick girl (Raven) I have ever met in my life. She just jumped over that couch and then tomorrow she will be walking around deformed. Kevin – if they pull Ramses off the block we’re just going to have to get rid of whoever they put up .. unless its one of us. Josh is the one that should be worried. If its one of us, he’s gone. The biggest mistake they could make is put Matt or Mark, Raven or Elena and then take them out. They would fall to pieces. Jason – I feel bad about the whole Christmas situation. Kevin – why she is still going to jury. Jason – because of the cast.

12:50am HOH room Cody and Jessica.
Cody – its day 34 and people have officially gone crazy. Jessica – we just need someone else to make themselves a really big target before next week. Jessica – when I talked to Elena she pretty much said that people will vote the way she tells them to vote because she has a good relationship in the house.

1:30am – 1:50am HOH room. Cody and Jessica head to bed. Jessica – I don’t think I ever want to see your ex-girlfriends. Cody – you won’t. You are the most attractive girl I have ever met. Way more attractive than the dogs I dated before. (Nice thing to say about the mother of your child?!) Jessica – okay now you’re over selling it.

2:05am Matt is awake. He does some laundry and then stares at the memory wall before heading back to bed.

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“Cody – you won’t. You are the most attractive girl I have ever met. Way more attractive than the dogs I dated before.”

So earlier today, Cody was talking about women getting fat in the BB house, later rages to Mark about how disrespectful Josh is towards women and how that’s not okay, and ends his day referring to women as dogs. How nice.


And I thought Paulie from BB 18 was bad. Cody is a bona fide psychotic asshole!!

Sir Loin of Beef

You’re so right! “Damn that Cody (and all those other white male HGs) and their “toxic masculinity” and
“inherent racism!”

Oh please – spare me b*tch! You people (“yes I said it – you people”) all need to get a GD life and leave the rest of us normal, hard-working, tax-paying folks alone!

Its a shame that this, and other great BB forums have become magnets for these pathetic SWJs and HuffPo/MSNBC’s “fruity race nazis!”


Right on, let’s go back to a time when only white men could express their opinion.


strawman, and red herring


Rack off, you insignificant loser!


But Josh is such a stand up guy. He took the Golden Apple to screw his whole team when he wasn’t even a target. That is a bit psychotic. He flips out on people for NO reason. He was so nice to Meagan and she did NOTHING to him. He is a flip flop who doesn’t know how to play, he just lets everyone play him. I can’t believe everyone already forgot how selfish and mentally unstable he is. The rest of them are stupid to let James run the show. He already made the big moves and is entitled to take the top prize if these fools don’t vote them up. He is right, they are his puppets. When will a newbie smarten up?


Not to mention he shags Jess on TV which I don’t believe is showing respect for her or her family but hey I am old so what do I know? She is not doing herself any favors either. He and Elena Kardashian are pretty crude


Not to mention he “shags Jess on TV” – well there are two of them in that Shagging. She is as much to blame. BB is couples haven recently and getting old. How about putting people in this situation that wouldn’t be attracted to each other. I’m getting tired of the couples crap BB.


Exactly which is why I said she is not doing herself any favors. She is as you said just as much if not more to blame as she throws herself at him and hell one pic had her crawling across the bed to him she looked like she was auditioning for a porno. My main comment there was only to say he was talking about Josh not being respectful and how Jess deserves that respect? I agree the couples and showmance crap has gone way past it’s sell by date. BB is so trying to recreate that “magic” and ratings of Jeff and Jordan/ Brendon and Rachael. Now we have to watch “hard core soft porn”

Liza w

The past couples had more class in private than there two pornos, they have no respects for their selves and Cody screams Jess deserves respect, well he needs to stop treating her like a porn whore in the HOH room for all the world to see and her carrying on and wait till there private just don’t register with her so that shows me and the world she is a first class trashy slit and he is a pig, hell people should be paying to watch their trashy porn show. Wonder if her mom is proud of the way she does while the world is watching, probably not. And Cocky Cody disrespects women with his mouth so he will soon so that with his own daughter, if she don’t see his nasty mouth on tv and make her on conclusion…Cody your a pig and Jess you have no respect for yourselve or other women so how could you have respect and be a role model for Codys daughter, you have and still continue to paint this bomb shell picture of how you really are a trashy Slut…..


Dont forget liz & austin under the covers….yuck!


Dont forget liz & austin under the covers…yuck!


Since it seems SOME young people can’t go 3 weeks without sex, even if it’s with a stranger. How about one bedroom for the guys, one for the girls, and of course the other two. Maybe it would get their heads back to the reason they came there for. HALF A MILLION DOLLARS.

Nazi Germany

What is with this fascination that all BB players have to be squares. Just like the real world out there, there are many representations of people. Just because you don’t like people touching, kissing and romancing doesn’t mean BB should further segregate the house.

My god where does all this segregating end with people…’re a fucking human….interact with others and stop trying to label and segregate everyone just because something doesn’t suit your liking….You realize there was a place that ruled like that once before right….all these people want to go right back to Nazi Germany.

Nazi America

Coming to a city near you because people just want to live in a bubble of their own Ego.

Why Go

Why go without sex for 3 weeks if you can hook up on Big Brother and go for 500K. Why limit yourself?


@ LillyStark – But no mention of what Josh was doing during the HOH Competition? After that HOH competition behavior towards Jess and Cody, I wouldn’t want to be in the same airspace as anyone in that house. That was 100% adult bullying, what a Jack A$$, tool, Josh is, and I hope he goes home soon. The fact that everyone sat there and laughed, was even worse.


100% agreed! Josh is absolutely responsible for his actions but the others don’t get a free pass. He is their puppet doing exactly what they tell him and that’s why they are all snickering. Unbelievable not one person stood up and at the very least picked someone else for a punishment. I was hoping at least Ramses might 🙁
In the real world, josh would have been knocked out by somebody by now. Not saying it’s right but he is an instigator and I don’t think people would keep their cool around him in the real world!

BB hall of fame

The only reason I still watch the show is b/c of Cody and Jess. The only reason I continue with this forum is to defend them. I don’t even know those two but I’m invested in supporting them. I’m a little jealous I can’t find a girl as loyal as Jess. She could have done thrown dude to the wolves. They seem to really like each other and all they’ve been through has created one hell of a bond between them. The ungarnered hate they receive from you all, only elevates them to celebrity status and assures me that I’ve made the proper choice. I relate to the struggle and only wish I was in that house to help them in this journey.


“All they’ve been through”??? What the hell you on about? 30 days on a scripted TV show is “all they’ve been through” most of that time was spent shagging in the HOH and the have not room. Two frogs F’in like rabbits in heat. You must be joking because that was funny. And it is the only reason you watch? The only reason you comment? I think you went through too many boxes of tissues thinking about your Jess. (or Cody or both?)

Bolt Uprite.

Exactly. Between them they have 2 HOH’s, a couple of Vetos. and the Hex, plus, Cody was allowed to come back into the game. Oh,
the humanity.

Bolt Uprite.

Third wheel. I don’t think even Jess is up for that.


I love Jessica and Cody too,,,they are my favorite.


My thoughts exactly! My daughter was watching it on TV and the first thing she did was turn around and say, “Wow, that man is really bullying them, but why isn’t anyone sticking up for them?”. This coming from a kid speaks volumes.

BB Facepalm

welcome to the GAME of BB, This isnt real life , its a GAME, where what Josh did is perfectly acceptable and he isnt the first or the last to do it!

BB Facepalm

welcome to the GAME of BB, This isnt real life , its a GAME, where what Josh did is perfectly acceptable and he isnt the first or the last to do it!


I thought it was a house full of bullies! Disgraceful. Josh really needs to go! He’s not all there.


@getrealpeople Not saying anything at length about Josh wasn’t me condoning his behavior. Josh is an idiot and has said a lot of incredibly stupid things, as has every single person in that house. My comment in regards to Cody was honestly because his comment about the dogs he’s dated was the last thing I read in this post and stuck with me, especially as this was right after reading about how disrespecting women was not cool. I had originally typed up a longer post talking about both of those dumbasses but deleted most of it because honestly, I thought most of my opinion would be met with more “f*ck your feelings, snowflake” than “thank you for the lengthy and incredibly opinionated blog post on this entertainment forum, random internet person, you’ve given me something to think about.” The internet was never really an overly nice place but the influx here of some really bored trolls doing their best to be generally disgusting toward a lot of the more thoughtful people/posts here is tiring and a lot of the time I just want to avoid it. I’ll post here and there and I’ll pick out one or two things or people to comment on and call it a day, being utterly aware of the fact that leaving some things out isn’t always going to sound like I’m being fair with my opinion. That sucks because I consider myself to be a fair, open minded person that isn’t easily offended while also trying not to offend others, but hey, it’s the internet.
I totally get what you’re saying and I appreciate you bringing up the point. It’s not my intention to be a douchecanoe to you and if this rant feels that way, my apologies.
And, for the record, nearly everyone in that damn BB house is infuriating on some level. If I feel some type of way about things that are said by an HG while in the house, I really try to not let that become my opinion of who they are outside the house. I don’t know these people so they all get the benefit of the doubt, even if I find their in-house behavior repulsive. I don’t know if that has much to do with anything but hey, it’s already a lengthy rant so what’s a few more lines.
I’m going outside now.

BB Facepalm

did Cody call them fat or dogs to their face? NO
did Josh call Jess a “thing” to her face? YES

Here’s a sing a long that may help you since you seemed to have missed learning this concept as a child!

One of these things is not like the others,
One of these things just doesn’t belong,
Can you tell which thing is not like the others
By the time I finish my song?

Did you guess which thing was not like the others?
Did you guess which thing just doesn’t belong?


Yup….. You!

Bolt Uprite.

Yeah, what’s worse, calling a woman a “thing”, or a dog?


God I hope Josh goes this week!!!

Mark's Hot Sauce

Sadly, these idiots are still under Paul’s spell and he wants Ramses gone this week so they can keep Josh as someone else to go after Cody & Jessica next week. Paul skates by another week. Even if Jessica were to change noms by taking Ramses down and putting up Paul as a replacement, they would vote out Josh and keep Paul in the house.


@Mark’s Hot Sauce, yes, but it would guarantee that Josh goes home.

sunny dee

most want ramses gone. Alex and Jason number one on the list of people who want ramses gone since they thought he voted against them. even when they found out he didn’t they still kept him at least #3 after cody and jess


I feel like she should put Paul up in place of Ramses. Then either way someone that needs to go home goes.


Jessica needs to use her POV and take down Ramses and put someone else up from the other side like Raven to assure that Josh goes home! His meatball act is getting old already.


If Jessica leaves the noms as they are, she deserves to be blindsided for being so clueless. BB requires a social game and some grasp of what’s going on in the house, where people are in their game. Watch her and Cody scream about being blindsided. But recall that Cody told no one about the Paul or Xmas noms. They’re playing a very self-absorbed game.


Yep, I totally agree. I wish she had put two from that side up anyway so she could at least diminish his numbers. But the way Josh acted during the competition, that buffoon had to go up. And then he had the nerve to go running up to the HOH room. I am glad Cody ran him off, but I kind of wish he had let him stay so I could hear what he had to say. And then crying because Jess said he didn’t deserve to be there. She wasn’t crying when he was berating her.


Josh is the funny man, rude but you cant take him serious
All the HG’s are rude in the diary room. We see it and the other HG’s will see it after the show ends.
Cody is downright cold-hearted to the HG’s(Meghan, Christmas and Josh) and as time goes by we will likely see others bullied too.
So I say keep Josh, he’ll probably cry more but he will choke Cody’s and Jessica’s game
Josh’s meatball HOH scenes was hilarious.
meatball, meatball,meatball


The whole house is full of bullies and Josh is as big a bully as the rest of them so why should he get a pass? His age is no excuse. He tore down Meghan simply because he knew she was not liked. In fact that seems to be his MO, whenever the house turns on someone he sees that as a free pass to torment them so he is a cowardly bully but a bully none the less.


Hope his Momma slaps him upside his head when he gets home.


doubt it….I believe his momma is majority of his problems.

Black Lives Matter

I said the exact same thing two days ago! Didn’t get many like though, I wonder why…

Wonder No More

Are you on here fishing for likes Black Lives Matter? Does it really bother you that much someone else mentions what you did and gets more likes?….the funny thing is you know why you don’t get likes…..

Sorros funded BLM

Guess you even need to protest on a BB site . Is Sorros funding you guys to post comments here as well ? Lol BLM funny

BB Facepalm

welcome to the GAME of BB, This isnt real life , its a GAME, where what Josh did is perfectly acceptable and he isnt the first or the last to do it!


Josh is hilarious & says what others are thinking but are too pansy to say. Cody? Control freak, woman’s worst nightmare, whatever you want to call it, that boy ain’t right. He’ll probably make a headline one day & it won’t be pretty. Production: Get this obviously disturbed creature out of there!


Josh is just as disturbed as Cody. Nothing right about either one. You can not say Josh is better than Cody. They are both bullies and horrible people that should not have tv time, but more therapy time.


Nothing funny about it. He has stoop to Cody’s level and is no better and is not hilarious.

Cuban pillow biter

It’s clear Josh is gay and cant come to grips withi it, or is afraid of ridicule at home from people finding out. Shocking that in the age of the MTV snowflake generation where homosexuality is encouraged he won’t come out . But deeper than that he is truly mentally disturbed and if he is not medicated he damn well should be.


I agree, he is gay and not ready to come out or he is fighting it, It is sad that he is afraid. I wish his family and friends would accept him when he feels is the time to come out. I think this is why he blows up at any given minute. Hopefully his family can see he is hurting and need to tell him no matter what they will accept him and help him through it. But his behavior is disgusting and needs to change.

Grammy Janie

I think the animosity between Mark and Josh is they are both attracted to each other. Yes, I’m saying I believe Mark is in the closet. All his touchy feely on all the females is an act. Josh is really into Mark


LOL “the MTV snowflake generation where homosexuality is encouraged”
Bill Nye the idiot guy video about some sex junk! It is now trendy to be transgender but that is a subject/debate for another place but I agree, I get the feeling Josh is struggling with himself. Much of his antics are harmless but the way he treated that Megan in the beginning was unacceptable and rude. I hate to use the word bully as it is so overused and as you said this snowflake generation. Kids are no longer taught sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Everyone gets a trophy! Everyone is a winner! This is what happens, they get out in the real world and they can’t cope. Someone said earlier on another post today’s 25-30 y/o act like 12-17 y/o or something like that. Very immature.


Christmas is like his mommy in the house. Saying he was assaulted? Give me a break. Josh is twisted and behaves with outbursts like a spoiled child. He deserves NO passes or excuses in this game. Clearly he gets away with his behavior outside the house by running to his mommy crying. It’s twisted.


You sound like a sad person, MTV snowflake generation? really….you dont have to like the guy but you dont get to attack him or his sexuality. For goodness sake..learn to love a little.


And once again folks there you have it. Where was the ATTACK? The OP stated an opinion which I and others agree with and others do not which is fine. Opinions are like as*holes, everyone has one. Even if you want to say “MTV” or “Snowflake generation” is a dig or insult fine, but where was the ATTACK on him or the ATTACK on his sexuality?

SJW hunter

Dan you are my hero!

Liberal tears gun lube

Clearly you are the above mentioned snowflake ! Here is your participation trophy. You are special go ding your safe space it comes with a safety pin and blankie.

Safe spaces

Clearly you are the above mentioned snowflake ! Here is your participation trophy. You are special go ding your safe space it comes with a safety pin and blankie.


I have watched Big Brother from Day 1, love the show. I can’t understand why the people in the house are so blind and Letting Paul run the show, I was not a Paul fan from last season, I respect that he is playing the game, I’m just so sick of his arrogance.

As for Josh, I am hoping and praying that Jessica will use the power of veto and take Rames off the block. Put up Paul, the look on Josh’s face will be priceless, Jessica please follow your gut feeling and don’t trust these people in the house to vote Josh out. Put Paul, Raven, Matt or Alex on the block.

These people are so damn annoying, I love big brother, but this late in the game, I still don’t have a favorite, but I do know that I want Paul and his followers out of the house. I’m so sick of these idiots who just want to make it to Jury, I don’t understand why some of them are on the show, if they did not come to win the $$$.

Yes paul is playing the game, but he is an annoying LITTLE man who thinks he is loved by everyone watching. I can’t speak for everyone, but nothing would make me happier than to see Paul evicted ASAP.

Then please let his little followers start fighting amongst each other, I’m enjoying the show, I just hope that Paul gets put in his place and these people wake up and see, they need to play the game, stop being idiots following Paul, play they game, plot, think for yourself, stop looking to Paul for your next move.

Please stop giving g Paul and Josh the meatball as he says, so much camera time. When Josh is back at home and he see’s just how stupid he has looked on this show, he needs to try and grow up. I really do wonder if he is all there upstairs? His family needs to pull his coat tail and tell him he came across as being very unstable, he is a strange person,

Please Jessica, take Rames off the block, follow your gut, do t trust these people, they showed you during the HOH competition exactly where they stand. Please don’t let they play you during your HOH, put up a strong person from the other side, Paul.

I want to see Josh flip out, I want to see his face when they stop talking to him, I think it is so stupid how when you are on the block, people are not suppose to talk with you, why do you have to Isolate people, it’s a game, do you have to do as Paul says, don’t talk with anyone on the block ? Grow a pair people, stop following Paul, play the game, do your best to win the $$$


i mean, paul did win america’s favorite player and has tons of followers on social media so it isn’t surprising that he comes in thinking people love him – they do. just because you don’t agree doesn’t mean that is the end-all, be-all (i mean you and cody share an opinion, i wouldn’t be so proud). if paul could make it as far as he did last season, why not try to align with him? he was loyal to vic and he could be just as loyal to others. if you have to fake be friends with people (aka play big brother) to make it to the end, do it! show your strengths towards the end by winning comps and people will vote for you.


Paul did not win Americas Favourite player, that was Victor!!!!


*Victor won america’s favorite player.


Paul did not win America’s Favorite Player. He was runner up so he got the 50k second place money. Victor was AFP.


yes, all this.


Mark is such an idiot, I liked him when the game first started, but I have no respect for him. He is a big wimp, he is being played by Elena, yes he has a heck of a body, but when you watch him on the show, he is a big follower.

The man has no balls, he will most likely fall apart the first time he goes on the block, I thought he was a genuine person at first, but the way he lets Paul and Elena lead him around.

I won’t even start on Christmas, I don’t even know why she is still in the house, oh right, I forgot, they all want to go to Jury !!!!!

Judge Janie

Honestly, I was glad to see Cody come back so Paul would have some competition. The Cody/Jessica showmance is really starting to turn my stomach, though.

Capt. Obvious

It was such a beautiful moment to see Jess honor her father on the anniversary of his death, by ‘banging’ a dude live across the entire World Wide Web. Miss ya Pops!!




That is a pretty low blow to say something like that. There are somethings you just don’t do and making a comment about a person who lost her dad and honored him by fighting her heart out for the HOH is a great way to show how much he meant to her. Having sex has nothing to do with honoring or not honoring her Dad. And it could have even been as a comfort measure.


Matt is looking a bit blue here! He is waiting for orange to come out of the wash. Kevin and Alex by far the ones I am pulling for. I am hoping those two are the ones that give the shiv to the garden gnome. Tonight’s show with Mark going down on Cody was tough to watch. Cody sees right through it. If Jess really wants Josh to go she needs to put up a sure bet that everyone would save. Alex, Paul, Kevin or Jason (hell even Raven or Boyz-2-shirt) and Josh is headed home to mommy. Not a fan of Cody at all except for him bringing the drama and someone who is not team Paul. I respect Alex playing the game for herself for the most part. She could have done more last week but I do get her trying to play the middle for a while longer and now she is not on either sides radar. Jess and Cody need Ramses and he would be a loyal servant to them or anyone who gives him safety. Why play it safe when the comp showed it was them against everyone? Matt, Mark, Raven, Elena all gave them the distractions. With the power for next week if needed and the HOH this week she should have put up some PLAYERS. I wonder why Cody is still talking about keeping the couples after that? Josh and Ramses??? Weak move and a waste of HOH. They have no clue how to play the game and Jess just wants to play house.


Matt doing laundry?! What a waste of a load to wash only two shirts…


I can’t stop laughing!


Maybe Matt uses his shirts as a secret code for communicating with his family. Two shirts/two moods – happy or sad. 🙂


OMG! I hope if Cody is still in the house come zingbot time that it has something to do with his baby mama. That is so F’d up of him to say. She and their daughter were supporting him in the beginning (and she definitely doesn’t like Jess) wearing matching t-shirts with his picture etc.
I feel sooo bad for them. And then this B*** wants to say I never want to meet your exes?! Does she honestly think she would never have to meet his daughter’s mother?!
I don’t like to comment on hearsay but someone implied on the mother’s Twitter account that Cody doesn’t see his daughter very much and no one disagreed.. If that’s true that’s very sad.
But it is a huge red flag that he did not speak up and say anything about her meeting the mother of his child… Wow. I really cannot stand either of them and it is just gross that that is who production is trying to make a comeback story out off. WTF.


I completely agree. Anyone that supports these 2 self-absorbed, ego maniacs is obviously equally shallow. There are plenty of idiots watching, that truly believe Jessica isn’t getting any help from production.

Yup yup yup

Can someone please , PLEASE explain to me where this ” meatball ” shit came from? I must have blinked when this was created.


I want to know too, this is a name many Italians (at least in my family), use, but it’s used as a fun name, not a slanderous one. I’m curious as to when he started using it and why he thinks it’s such a “slanderous” word to use against Cody and Jess…


I think when Josh was on the block, at the POV meeting when Paul was taking Josh down and putting Cody up – Josh’s speech was all about Jess and Cody and what a looser they are. Then when the meeting was over and Cody was on the block Josh said he was going to make Meatballs and said something like I know Cody would want one because he is a meatball. It was sooooo stupid but I guess it just stuck.


Josh to Cody/Jess…..You are such a meatball….fuck you Cody/Jess

Jess/Cody to Josh…Josh fuck off get out of here……Josh runs and cries and contemplates his inner child with no self awareness or confidence.

This is the whole play by play with Josh. Many say he has mental issues but he doesn’t….he is just trying to be accepted and his behaviour is of a child that has no self awareness. He attacks people and wonders why people attack him……He is still in the early stages of learning that you attract what you are….so Josh is the only meatball around.

Bunny Flop

Don’t listen to Blowffish Barbie! Put someone else in Ramses’ spot!
Does Josh actually know what a meatball is? Because I’m not sure he does. Someone might need to explain that it’s not that big of an insult. I know he has a potty mouth, so he must think it means something nasty.

Matt's 2 Shirts

I don’t think he means anything nasty by it, but it’s become seriously obvious that it gets under a few peoples skin.

It’s like a younger sibling taunting you with some stupid phrase.


Blowfish Kartrashian more like it. From the way she acts to the way she looks to me screams fake, fake, fake! She wants to be a radio or TV gal? Hmmmmmmmm I think they have some openings at CNN!!


Mark is now the one I actually dislike the most. He’s always crying, flip flops minute to minute. Also sucks at comps. Throws hot sauce in someone’s face then calls them a p*ssy behind their back because they did the right thing by not knocking him out and getting thrown off the show. I wish Jessica would throw him up otb so he can go.


I know many have disagreed with me on this, but I seriously feel that Jess should put Paul on the block.

Once Paul is on the block the shift in power is on the line. Jody has every reason to validate putting him on the block (Paul took out Cody; Paul is everyone’s biggest competition; Paul is a vet and should not even be there).

All it takes is one loud mouth to reveal Paul’s manipulations of the votes and something could happen.

Still, even if the votes aren’t there for Paul and Josh is gone, Jess has eliminated a target. We did hear her say that she really wanted to make a big move but knew she didn’t have the votes. Putting him up and stating that she doesn’t want to waste her HOH by taking an easy route (or looking afraid to make a move) would gain her more respect while also mentioning that she knows she doesn’t have the votes then quietly remind the HG’s that no one will win against Paul, could begin to shift the tide. Cody had already made some progress with Mark, Elena, and even Matt, somewhat.

Seriously, there isn’t anything she could do to keep the house from targeting her and Cody so making a strong move now, while she has a safety, is her best course. There is no “playing it safe” at this point.

Paul in jury will just continue the cult mentality (I do not blame Paul for this, I blame his followers), which is just truly shocking and sad.

Regardless of production’s influences, it’s up to these players to act for themselves.


Putting Paul up makes the most sense. They don’t have the votes to take him out because everyone is so far up Paul’s @$$, but if they don’t want Ramses to go, put someone on the block that you wouldn’t care if they went home over Josh. If she doesn’t use veto, shut the game down and give this game to Paul already. None of these other players deserves to win at this point.


It does make the most sense but 1) I think Jessica was thinking personally instead of strategically and 2) I think Christmas is for Paul this season what Victor was for him last season

Jess Addict

She should tell Paul she wants him to be a pawn as a show of his loyalty. “No worries Paul. The plan is to eliminate Josh –right?”


If Paul went on the block, then we’d see the scramble. People would compare some notes and realize how much everyone’s been played. The problem is production seems to want a Paul vs. Cody showdown, which Cody has won every time. Paul can have a great social game as proven last season but he’s not a comp beast.


I hope the unannounced den of temptation curse is that there is no vote and both noms get eliminated. It doesn’t look like Jess is going to use the veto.

Jimmy 64

I am hoping the same thing I hope they send them both home
Just say it’s a double eviction. Why does Paul want to keep that
asshole Josh in the house. He is such a crybaby mamas boy.


But he will do whatever Paul tells him too…..

Jess Addict

Because Josh is his lackey and does everything Paul tells him to. Most importantly, Josh continues to badger Jess and Cody, making himself a bigger target than Paul. I thought he had come to his senses when he said he did not want to continue to badger Cody. Guess not.


Good to hear Kevin throwing shade on Raven. Who is the girl Jason lied to about being attracted to? Xmas? I hope Jess figures out she CAN put somebody else up against Josh as a pawn to ensure Josh’s exit. The other side wanting Josh out too should be okay with this, right? She should float this idea to a few people to test their reactions. Plus, Josh might lose it if there’s even a hint she might replace Ramses and the jig will be up. I just don’t want Paul’s side to win this one because they only want to keep Josh to take out Mark next week.

Raven's fake illness

Keep hoping ravens “second heart” will malfunction and start shocking the shit out of her. Literally I hope she gets explosive diarrhea . Her BS makes me vomit.

The Mirror Says

Be careful what you wish on other people, it has a tendency to fall back onto you!


May you get the explosive diarrhea as well for your stupid comment. Go protest somewhere SJW


For all you people focusing on a few things that Cody has said, there are a million more absurd and disgusting comments that other’ s have said. It’s so easy to hate Cody, but he is the only one that had the ba!!s to take on Paul. As you know, leave a strong social or physical person in the house, and the longer they are in, the harder it is to get them out. Watching that HOH competition was to say the least, disgusting. Every single one sitting there, laughing at what was said to Cody and Jess, yet people are focusing on what Cody said afterwards in a conversation… Seriously? Josh is a despicable hand puppet, that Paul has fed nurtured and encouraged. Something needs to happen, otherwise you can just give The Paul show a wrap…


If Kevin said what he said about Raven to the whole house instead of just Jason, would the house turn on Kevin or start to piece together her lies?


Josh isn’t the brightest bulb in the house,but you can see that he is trying to be useful to his mates by throwing off Cody and Jessica’s game.., his tactics may be silly but it’s probably the only way he can play his own game. Keeping josh is perfect for everyone because he puts a huge target on himself while the houseguest slip underneath the cracks.


There is nothing silly about Josh. He put himself in this position by not keeping his trap shut. He is immature and his behavior is disgusting. Flipping the camera off, calling the guys meatballs, saying they disrespected him. He is being just as disrespectful. The house is wanting to keep him because they think he is a bigger target, but do they not see, Josh will blow up on anyone at anytime. By the end of the show, everyone will have disrespected him. ALL parents please watch this behavior and see what happens when you say you child can do no wrong and give them trophies when they don’t earn it. It’s disgusting and you are not doing you child any favors. Raised your children to be strong and think skin as the world is not going to be kind.


What about Kevin always calling josh the blob?? is that okay with you? No one ever seems to mention what Kevin calls him or is only what josh calls others wrong? What about everything mark has said to josh? he has ‘bullied’ him from almost the beginning. this house is basically full of mean boys and girls. Even Raven has made comments about others. they all have so can’t really say one persons insults and name calling are worse than anyone elses.

Team Andrew

Kevin calling Josh “The Blob” is very fitting.


You are correct…If you see I responded to the person talking about Josh, not Kevin. So Cassi, that is why I didn’t mention Kevin. But thanks for your input.


100% Agree! If this was the, “real” world, we would all be in shock that anyone allowed him to talk that way to anyone. He’s a big f’ing baby, that was coddled way to long.

Fruit Loop Dingus

I know Jessica was talking to Elana & Cody about using the POV but was there more serious talk that she is planning on using it on Ramses and put up a better target rather than the lone wolf in the house?
If she does not pull Ramses down we are going to be subjected to a week of taunting by Josh. Josh is not loyal he is a puppet for the side of the house that chooses to use him.
Don’t get me wrong it made for hilarious tv with Josh trying to effectively taunt Jody. But he only did it because Paul told him to. Which was great for Paul’s game! It seems this weekend people in the house are starting to catch on to Raven and starting to ask more questions amongst themselves about her back story about how sick she “really” is.
I hope Jess uses the POV because it will make the live feeds so much better as Josh will go into panic mode and possibly blowup some other people’s games like Paul’s!!!!!!!


Josh needs to learn, you get respect when you give respect. Flipping the cameras off and calling mark and Cody F***ing Meatballs will never get you respect. You don’t deserve it when you act like a big baby. Josh’s parents should be so proud that they raised a man child that will not make it to far in life when you get your feelings hurt by some words. It’s called life, you’re not going to agree or get along with everyone.


I completely agree, respect isn’t given, its earned. And if you aren’t going to give a little bit of respect, don’t expect any back.
I thought it was pathetic how he was crying in the diary room because Jess said she didn’t think he deserved to be in the house. Thats Jessica’s opinion, and one persons opinion means nothing!!!! He should have just been like she doesn’t think I deserve to be here, well I’ll prove her wrong and win that Veto.
Cant deal with the tears, he’s like the new Vanessa but without a brain


Unbelievable!!!! Is there no limit to Paul’s power over these people?? Did I really witness Paul issuing commands from the sidelines during the HOH competition? He actually sent one of his flunkies, Elena, to deliver a message to Josh (another flunky) to tell Christmas (flunky add-on) not to make any deals with Jessica and/or Cody. With the exception of Paul, Kevin, Jessica and Cody, is there anyone left in the house who still wants to win the game????

Good grief!!! I wish Jess and Cody would do some real game-play and wake the sleeping dogs. Maybe do some tutorials b/c this group has to be led to freedom. They don’t even know their minds are being held captive. When Paul says, “we,” he means, “me.” When he says, “you should…,” he means, “leave my name out of it, but do my bidding, any way.” Paul has been playing victim for so long that they actually identify with him, as a VICTIM!! Paul’s CULT is unwavering in their goal to PROTECT PAUL, at all costs. That’s great… FOR PAUL!! But how could the rest of them so readily forget why they auditioned for the show?? This has got to stop!!!! Paul is nobody’s victim!!!!!!!


I agree with you 100%. Well said.


@Talker – Yup, I saw that too. He is a manipulative person, very evil and spiteful. That doesn’t come from this game, that is embedded. So all those people that are friends with Paul on the outside, take notes. This house doesn’t make you into these things, it just brings it out in you for everyone to see.


I can’t believe that Cody and Jess don’t realize that no matter how much damage control they do the whole house is still against them. The HOH comp should of told them that. I really hope that Jess uses the POV to take Ramses down and puts up either Alex or Raven, maybe even Paul. Not for one of them to go home (Even though that would be a good thing if it were to happen) but to make sure that Josh goes home.

Also, I think when there is someone as hated as Cody and Jess then everything that they do or says is going to be judged and spun in a light that makes them look bad BUT I really don’t think what Cody said was as bad as all his haters are making it out to be. I don’t think he was disrespecting women or shitting on his daughter and her Mom…..I think he was like any other guy when the girl you are into asks about your ex’s you aren’t going to say “OMG they are all so beautiful” your going to say that they aren’t even pretty or in this case “dogs”, and even Jess said he was laying in on a bit thick.


I just found out that Jessica actually DOES work for an escort service! Just Google it. I am shocked BB has sunk to a new low.. And Cody has no idea I’m sure so that’s kinda messed up… But he did choose to sleep with someone on TV so….


So I guess then Dad isn’t looking down and disappointed in his little girl….he did that a long time ago.

Your swj tears are delicious

Wait! Let me guess!
You heard/read it on MSNBC! The #1 Commie Fake News Source!
Where’s your link/proof hypocrite!


Hypocrite? Wtf are you even talking about?? And proof.. it is all over the internet so find your way to Google and look it up moron!


Its not all over the Internet. This supposed source is just some dumb article that makes concierge service sound like an escort business but that doesn’t necessarily mean they all are. She actually works at a dayclub in LA that has the girls “party” with the patrons. It is not an escort service.


Commie Fake News Source..seriously..maybe you should take your rose colored glasses off so you can see for yourself!

BB Facepalm

this was already known, Julie has talked about it herself.
did you just now decide to join us? Welcome!

Um Hello

Um Hello, prostitution is one of the oldest professions….have you been living in a cave? So you believe another human being making their own choices in life is somehow below you because “you” don’t approve of “them”….yup sounds about the right mentality for a judgemental ignorant person.


Hands down, the dumbest cast of Big brother. I thought BB16 & BB17 were bad. Derek was smart and wasn’t so obvious running the house. And people were able to figure out Vanessa and clip her. Everyone knows Paul is running the house and nobody wants to do anything about it. I didn’t like Cody but i was hoping with him in there at least someone would be going after Paul. But here we are, Paul isn’t safe and Jess can do whatever she likes with the veto. But she’s trusting the house that wants her and Cody out bad to take out Josh who is clearly coming after them instead of Ramses who doesn’t have an allies or a clear target.


I agree! I don’t like Paul, but when you have people dumb in the house then yes I will root for Paul. He’s playing the game and playing the people, so he is the best gamer.

Ian's Lament

Is no one else bothered by Josh being mentally handicapped and BB putting him in the house anyway? I dont like him but the kind of stuff Paul is using him for makes me truly hate Paul. The way Josh lashes out and then shuts down are classic signs of a serious mental and emotional issue. BB and his family are exploiting him and it feels so dirty.


you should feel dirty posting sh*t like this

Ian's Lament

I’m not making fun of him. I think he has mild mental disabilities that are amplified by the stresses of the house and the need to ” perform”. I know in his bio his favorite player was Evil Dick so he is obviously playing a part but his dramatic mood swings are a bit much. I think that Paul encouraging and emboldening his behaviors for Paul’s benefit is despicable.


making statements on someone’s actions or behavior is one thing but making a diagnosis of someone’s mental state is incompetent.


Cody is such a hypocrite.


Production loves Jess and Cody!!! They are the Jeff and Jordan / Rachel and Brendan. Production loves this. That’s why they paint Jess as a sweet girl on tv. She is not if you watch the live feeds. Most foul mouthed female in the house – and puts her finger up people’s assholes. Why was she not called out for misconduct??? Jess and crazy eyed Cody will have some messed up children.


ATTENTION: Paul and Josh
Stop referring to yourselves as, “Your boy.”. It is presumptuous. Neither of you is “my boy,” and I’m not the only one who feels that way. Besides, Josh, you just borrowed the expression from your “brain trust,” Paul.


Does anyone know whether Cody has the consent of his daughter’s mother to discuss her on the show? She would have to have signed a release.

'Talker' errrrrrr Stalker

Please don’t concern yourself with other peoples children. I’m sure if the childs mother has an issue she will let you know first ‘talker’


Just asking… it could explain why we don’t hear him mention her. Calm down… : – )


The question related to the mother (an adult), not the child (a minor who can neither give, nor deny consent).


I’ve heard people in that house called worse than meatball. So friggin stupid.
Boo hoo. So you got called a meatball.


Exactly! Let’s just have sex the first few days we meet and have no regard for the way our family will view us on nationally tv. We are such great role models but yet we can pick on others until they cry and throw drinks in their faces. Upside down world we are living in!!


Cody started that shit at the veto comp.
Josh wasn’t going to say anything until cody started talking smack. Cody was pretty smug when Josh lost out. Said some crap to Josh and Josh returned the favor.
I’ve seen a few of the HGs cry. No one is calling them out as babies. There is no shame in crying.
Poor Josh can’t win for losing.

Mister Tips

JOsh cannot win, period. He sux as a game player and a roommate. Xmas is the only reason JOsh is tolerable to the rest of the house.


Actually……. Josh started it when he told Jess minutes before the live eviction that she was going home next and he wasn’t all that nice. Josh is being egged on by his alliance to get Cody and Jess worked up. Obviously it didn’t work though, as now Jess is HOH.

My point being is that they BOTH need to grow up…..They BOTH have said some pretty nasty things. Josh is NOT a victim!!


Anonymous you want to see a big meatball party when Josh wins HOH and see Raven topless seems like Kevin is questioning whether Raven has any sickness




About time people started questioning Ravens supposed illness.

Productions Retort.

Production meddling again. The ants are throwing everyone off their game while Jess and Cody can concentrate up in the HOH room. So rigged!

Obvious Jess was the pre determined winner. This show sucks. The girls are prettier than me. Well at least I have this board to cut on them. Because as we all know when someone tries to cut on another they are really speaking about themselves.


“Productions Retort” Please put the crack pipe down, you are going in circles. One of my biggest fears is breaking an arm. I had a dream and I was just going in circles in my wheelchair, one arm in a cast and nobody was there to help. I had the same feeling reading your post!


if u keep on the block they going be split vote watch


Can I just say how everyone was uncultured and downright rude during that HOH competition. I just saw the episode and my fucking god… How no one even stood up and said that it’s enough is beyond me. Jessica and Cody didn’t deserve that, other HGs just lost respect from me. This was worse than the whole season 15, it was disturbing how they showed the bullying on TV.


That’s on production. They’re the ones that made the comp. What are the players supposed to do? Refuse to to play that part of the comp?


I’m talking about Josh’s behavior and how everyone kept fueling the fire. Especially that snake Paul.

Production needs checked!

I really wish for one year production wouldn’t mess with things and let the show play out. We all know america did not vote for Jessica. Kevin, Alex, or Jason should have received it. Jessica is not this nice girl..she is a mean girl with no morals and her boo Cody is a psychopath! Good grief they are not Jordan and Jeff. They had class Jessica and cody dont have an ounce of that. And yes josh is not perfect but come on!

Everyone is different

Of course Cody/Jess are not Jordan/Jeff….they are completely 4 different people. In your mind if you just go around comparing everyone then your going to live a miserable life. You call Jess/Cody mean and a psychopath and yet here you are on a message board judging Jess/Cody….sounds like you fit right into your description of mean and no morals…..look in a mirror sometime and see your own judgements


Screw cody and Jessica.


ramses get taking down for alex know

online player

Simon, why did Jessica pick Paul for the Battleback vs Cody to play for the house if she wanted Cody to come back as a evictee instead of Christmas who Cody would surely beat?


I think we can all agree that the biggest coward we all saw on Sunday was Theon Greyjoy.


He lives to fight and save sister Yara later.


Can someone tell me who the girl is that Kevin and Jason were talking about when Kevin was asking him if he loved her and Jason was saying he was finding it hard to control himself around her because she’s so pretty?