Jessica “I know that there are bigger targets in the house but I need him out first so that I can pursue them.”

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2:15pm Lounge room. Jessica and Alex
Jessica – I don’t know this but I am going to go off a hunch … are you not exactly thrilled with nominations? Alex – No. Jessica – you’re not happy with them? Alex – no. Jessica – I had a feeling you weren’t and so I want to explain why I did what I did. You feel like you can manipulate Josh’s vote but from experience I know he is too much of a wild card to be controlled. The problem with Josh being in the house is that he distracts me. He distracts me from competitions, he distracts me from ceremonies that we have in the house. He is a constant distraction and he’s throwing off my game. He might not be a huge target because he’s not a big competitor. He is still throwing off my game and my equilibrium. I need him out of this house so that I can proceed with a clear mind. I know that there are bigger targets in the house but I need him out first so that I can pursue them. Alex – I want them both out of the house .. because they’re both on my list. I just have to weight out which one angers me more. I understand. I just have to look at because they have both broken a pair of my glasses now. I am not happy with either of them. I understand where you’re coming from and I’ll think about it. I will talk to Jason too. Jessica – I want to keep the numbers as balanced as possible but I still want Josh out of this house. And I know that might affect your side of the house because you think you can manipulate his vote. I just wanted to make sure you didn’t think I was back on that side of the house. Cody can compete for HOH next week and we can still take out a number. For my game, I need my focus back. This kid is ruining it for me so I need him out of the house. I need him out of this game. Alex – I was more unset think about which one. Alex – you can talk to Jason too. Jessica – as long as if he wins the veto, he doesn’t use it. Alex – No he won’t use it. I already talked to him. I can promise you that.
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2:30pm Kitchen – Mark and Cody.
Cody – now what happened in the house I am happy.. I could have had a better experience. And the feeling I got outside the house was good. Mark – my word. Clean slate. If you want to give me a punch. Cody – no, no, no. Mark – but as far as game play … I’m not going to throw you up as a pawn, as a target or anything. You are completely safe in my book till the rest of the game. Obviously final 4, 3 then its just competitions. Cody – we’ll figure it out. Yup. Mark – I would not back door you. Trust me dude! I am happy you’re back. Cody – you know what’s great too. Its kind of a target rich environment for both of us. You know what I mean. We’ll figure out who and when, but like now its like I really trust this person. You know what I mean. Mark – pieces are going to keep shifting and moving forward. I told you and Jess that now that you’re back you guys have nothing to worry about with me. And her and Elena are getting closer, which is good. Cody – I am surprised at how well the 25K, temptations and curses have been kept from us. Mark – the last thing we heard was that the temptation was accepted and the curse was yet to come. Cody – Christmas got the second one and I bet the third one went to Paul’s third closest person. Its Paul’s following. You don’t think it was Dom? Mark – no, because her demeanor never changed. It could be Alex.

2:50pm Jessica, Christmas and Raven doing their makeup in the bathroom.

3:25pm Big Brother blocks the feeds… The Power of Veto competition is happening now.
The POV players are: Jessica, Josh, Ramses, Christmas Cody, Jason

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How come Andrew never gets picked to play POV?

BB Lover

Talk about flying under the radar…. LOL


Because he is to ugly


That cow done be milked dry.


Who’s Andrew? Do you mean Mathew!


I’m glad that Josh messes with Jessicas
mind. What did think this was going to be a cakewalk? She has all the power right now. Along with Cody. I need them a little bit uncomfortable.


annnnnddddd….. Cody wasn’t a distraction? gimmee a break.


Christmas playing AGAIN. WOW production wants to keep the game on Cody/Jessica side for a week or 2.


Josh is a royal pain, besides who would want to be stuck with him in jury?


Your mother.


Boring season!!




Agreed. Snoozefest. Its early in the season and we are already being tortured with constant BORING pool games that normally come much later.

I generally don’t find any of them interesting enough to rally for. For the first time in years, I’m even skipping BBAD episodes.


If you don’t take a swing at Paul not only are you a skank but also stupid.


Oh my… don’t you just love Mark’s “You’re completely safe in my book Bro… clean slate Bro…trust me dude I am happy you’re back Bro, and blah blah…” Yeah Mark, you really look thrilled last night practically begging Paul to win at the maze. Don’t you get it fool, now that he’s back he’s got your number and probably WILL COME AFTER YOU in due time, so grow a pair finally, act a little less pathetic and shush.


What is Alex’s deal with Jessica? She is clearly jealous or something of her bc she talks about her all the time.

Smitten Kitten

It’s almost like obsessive compulsive disorder.
If nobody else is talking about Jessica, Alex finds a way to bring up Jessica’s name in every conversation she has with Jason. She keeps saying the same things over & over again.

Let me start by saying that I am no Jessica fan, I’ve been team Jason/Alex all the way, but I have to call it like I see it (and I’m obviously not the only one who sees it).

Unfortunately, Alex comes across catty & insecure & that’s a side of her that I don’t find attractive at all. Women that are confident never feel the need to drag each other down, it’s the definition of insecurity… I really thought Alex was better than that.

Every time I hear her say that Jessica is a “psychopath” or a “lying bitch” I cringe.

Someone brought up that Jessica called Alex Pau-Pau, so that’s why she doesn’t like her.
She DOES look very similar to Pau Pau (which I’d personally take as a compliment, Pau Pau is gorgeous!).
Jessica obviously didn’t say it with racist intentions, shee said it in a joking (but jealous) manner.
Regardless of any of that, it was said in week one… week ONE! Alex & Jessica talked about it right after & Alex said she was fine & Jessica hasn’t said anything negative since then.
So that whole “Pau” theory doesn’t hold water, since she said she didn’t believe Megan in the first place.

Other than calling her Pau, I’ve never heard Jessica say one bad thing about Alex, not even behind Alex’s back to Cody.

I’m shocked to be even writing a comment in defense of Jessica, but Alex really needs to cut the petty BS because her personal feelings of disdain are clouding her judgment & will end up costing her the game.

Bunny Flop

The only hope for josh to leave, is for Ramses to win veto. I’m surprised that Codicca didn’t get a better read on that situation. (I refuse to call them Jody, because they picked that name)


Now Alex (AKA Paul’s left nut), is going to run to Paul and tell him everything Jessica said. They are most likely going to tell Jess they are voting Josh out when Infact, Ramses will go home.


please, please, please let ramses win veto, and jess put up xmas as the replacement.


Or Raven, or Matt, or Mark, or Elena. In that order. Xmas irritates me the least right now, mostly because she’s not been featured too much 🙂

Peeping Tom

I really believe Alex likes Cody. I think they have some type of sexual connection. Unlike Jessica, Alex can control her feelings and stay focused on winning the money. Alex thinks she can outsmart Paul and use him for now. That’s very risky.
The mind frame of just getting to jury is so stupid. I wish CBS would surprise everyone and make the jury the last 7 BB winners. Shock the hell out these dumbed a$$e$.


Please please please let Josh win veto.
I need cody/Jessica to be paranoid.
Unbalanced! Uncomfortable!
Can’t make this too easy for them.


*Ahem* to all the naysayers: that was a very respectful and fruitful discussion between Jessica and Alex on both sides. Both gave, both were honest, and both walked away “winning”. I know this isn’t locked, but maybe Alex and Jessica can work together. Just don’t send home the one Paul wants to keep: Josh, who happens to be who Jessica wants gone. Let’s see if Alex shares with Paul. If she does, I feel sorry for Ramses because he’ll take the brunt. I think it’ll be okay either way, because POV depending, if the “outsiders” take it, noms stay the same and Josh goes home. If Despicable 4 – the BB version – gets it, they may need to suggest one of their own as a pawn (who’s left?) and the pawn could very well go home, even against Ramses. Surely, a win for the “outsiders” if it’s someone who’s a “loyal vote”.

Michelle's Double Chins

Stupid stupid Jessica…

Letting Alex know that Josh distracts and antagonizes you is only giving her more reason to keep him. It is to her advantage that you remain unfocused in the game.


PLEASE let Josh win veto!


Can’t stand Jessica or Cody . She must have screwed somebody in production after Cody got evicted to make sure she won Den of Temptation , HOH, and the veto.

Yup yup yup

Yeah , I’m sure that’s it. You nailed it. Mad props. Sarcasm……


I have a feeling that Ramses is going to win this veto.


I just don’t understand how Paul isn’t a back door target. The time to act is NOW bc if Paul gets evicted early jury, there is a 99% chance he’ll get to come back, and if he makes it past early jury, he wins, so don’t be dumb

Grodner Hearts Paul

I think Paul is not a backdoor target because the votes wouldn’t be there to evict him. He runs the house and most of the HGs do whatever he says.


They are handing he 500k to Paul the way this idiots are playing right now. My only hope is either Cody or Alex take him out.

The Tinfoil Hat

As we speak, Gorilla Groddner and her cronies are working to ensure that Ramses gets his walking papers this week 🙁


Does anyone know if Jessica told anyone about the temptation she has?

BB Production

We are at a loss.

We brought back a popular vet and of course set him up to have 4 weeks of safety since we knew he’d be a target. But damn, we didn’t mean to scare the whole house into giving up and becoming his sheep!

So we did the only thing we could do, we brought back the guy we’d screwed over earlier since he’s one of the only two people still putting up a fight, and gave the other the halting hex. And Jessica got HOH so she can knock Paul’s numbers down a little…

Damn, she put up that vote magnet Ramses next to her target. That was stupid!

What can we do to get an actual competitive BB game going? Any ideas??

BB Production

Pissed Off Pete

Hey Production,

You could have just let things be without your anti-Midas touch for once, as this cast had magnificent potential before you brought in a veteran. Alternatively, you could have brought Paul back in with a whole cast of all-stars instead of being cheap, lazy bastards. Even better, put Paul on the next OTT season and you could have his check ready after Thanksgiving.

We fans would be a lot nicer if you weren’t so profoundly stupid. It’s not hard to see what fans love and loathe, yet you continue to troll us with seemingly sadistic pleasure. Why not just help us help you so most of us can go home happy?

A frustrated fan

PS, go fuck yourselves.


BB Production,
Only bring vets in the All Star games. It’s becoming kind of old.


BB Production,
Only bring vets in the All Star games. It’s becoming kind of old.

Polly Callowfury

Dear Jessica,

Congrats on winning veto! Please use it on Ramses and nominate someone that will force the house to send Josh home. I recommend Paul only because he will be offended regardless if you put him up as a renom or one of his ignorant followers instead. Raven would be a good choice too, as nobody will vote out the girl with gastroparesis. Even though you’re still stuck to Cody like a fly on shit, you’ve still made an impressive re-bound. Keep up the good work.



I wonder if Big Brother will ever be Big Brother again… Just stick some people in the house and let them fight it out. No temptations, no curses, no come backs, no past players (unless it’s all stars when they are all past players)… just the game as it was originally intended. Just compete and come out on top. Do a brother a solid, CBS…

Die Hahd

Life long watcher and reader of big bro. Just gotta say I have never seen a relationship like cowboy and Kevin. Sure I’m from Boston so I’m a bit biased but I’ve never laughed out loud so much in a season ever. EVery season the older guy is out week 1 week 2 whatever. Loving every second they’re on the feeds! oh and if the rest of the house could get off Paul’s dick for two days that’d be greatttttt.


I don’t know if I’m alone to think a lot of viewers/fans wouldn’t like to see Paul win this show with the advantage he was given from the go over the other houseguests.


I don’t know if I’m alone to think a lot of viewers/fans wouldn’t like to see Paul win this show with the advantage he was given by the producers from the go over the other houseguests.