Jessica “The guilt I will feel if I cost this kid the game because I gambled his game this week”

4:30pm Backyard. Cody & Jessica.
Jessica – Everything he did was absolutely disgusting. Once again attacking a female. Cody – that’s why it is so satisfying to see him go out the door this week. Jessica – I have tried to talk to him over and over again and the kid doesn’t mean a word that comes out of his mouth. Cody – I never want to see him interact with you again. He doesn’t deserve to talk to you. It just boils my blood. Its a damn pleasure to talk to you and he shouldn’t get to talk to you. Its a damn pleasure to have your time and he shouldn’t have it. Jessica – if he is crying this much and its all an act then he is a legitimate sociopath. (Josh is acting / playing it up) Jessica – if you and I get to the finals, we have earned it. Everyone has sh*t on us. If we get to the final 2 we should come up with a speech about what everyone has done to us. You do the boys and I’ll do the girls. And they have to vote for one of us. We’re a really good team. Cody – I have said multiple times that you are the best teammate I could have asked for. Jessica – you’ve taken care of me and I really appreciate it.

4:55pm Bedroom – Alex, Paul & Raven.
Alex – he said he wants to compete really hard for HOH next week. Paul – we just need Josh to piss him off. So Matt is 100% right?! Raven – yeah. Paul – you’re 100% (Raven), you’re 100% (Alex), I’m 100% for this week. Raven – what about Kevin? Paul – 100%. Paul – we just have to make sure they feel comfortable .. Ramses going home. Paul – I’ll go talk to them and feel them out. Paul leaves. Raven – why would be do that by himself? (Havenot temptation) Alex – he is playing the weirdest game.

5pm Bedroom – Matt, Raven and Christmas.
They talk about Mark doing the havenot temptation alone. Christmas – he is going to be gunning for HOH because that is going to get him off slop. Matt – god he is such a little… Raven – pu$$y! Alex is upset. Paul is pissed. What a little b***h! Matt – dude if he doesn’t win HOH, he is going home. Raven – yeah. Matt – and then he is really going to lose his mind. Raven – they said he wanted to do it as a private thing. Matt – my pu$$y hurts. Christmas – its f**king weird, why would he do that. He is going to be a nightmare. Raven – everyone is pissed off because we have been waiting for it all day. Christmas – if he get booted then Elena goes over with them. Matt – how is it possible that someone does something mind numbingly dumb every single week. Josh joins them. Josh – I am going crazy acting like I am down because all I want to do is… Christmas – if you do that you blow up everyone’s game. Mark is a flip flopper but I saw it. Moving forward I have your guys back. You don’t have to question me. I’m excited. You guys are going to be shocked on Thursday. Christmas – if you blow up our spot it f**Ks us all. You just pretend you won the Price is Right. You don’t know how it happened. Josh – okay. Josh leaves. Matt – Mark throwing that stuff (pickle juice and hot sauce) in Josh’s face was the dumbest thing I have ever seen on big brother. Christmas – it is the rudest thing I have ever witnessed. Raven – he (Mark) justified it saying he deserved it. Christmas – it doesn’t f**king matter .. you go from verbal to physical to assault. Like that’s hot sauce in his eyeball. I don’t care how rude someone is … to throw hot sauce in someone’s eyes is malicious. That is straight up bullying. And this is from someone that was apparently bullied as a child and all he has done is bully people to get what he wants.

5:35pm Bedroom. Elena and Ramses.
Ramses – she is always like you’re the pawn, pawn pawn… but pawns go home. I don’t want people to think that like keeping Josh is better because he is a direct threat to them. You know what I mean. Elena – she (Jessica) said that it was really really hard for he to put up Ramses. I have no intention of sending you home. Ramses – I haven’t done anything for people to want to send me home. Elena – the only thing was that veto but that was like 2 weeks ago which is like a year ago.

6:40pm Hammock. Jessica and Cody.
Jessica – do I put up two people that I flat out don’t want in the house and wouldn’t mind seeing leave. Or do I risk seeing someone that I actually like and want to see continue in this game. I just don’t want to look back at this and be like yeah I knew this was going to happen. I don’t know what to do. Cody – if it was me I would just keep Ramses up there. I think you’re being more paranoid than you need to be. Jessica – because I don’t trust anyone. Just because these people are saying what I want doesn’t mean they’re going to perform. And now is the opportunity to change it. I have to figure it out right now because if I wait another moment I could be blindsided. Cody – if you do it maybe you should bring in some people that you trust. Like Matt or whoever and ask him do you think it would be a good move. Jessica – no one is going to tell me. Do I put up two juicy options. This is such a big move. I don’t know if I am being paranoid or seeing something that is about to happen. If I am being paranoid, I should leave the noms the same which will build trust on both sides. If I am seeing something that is about to happen and I can stop it even if Alex stays and that side of the house hates us. Do we trust people or give them the option to f**k us. Cody – I don’t trust anyone. Or do we take charge and not give them the option to f**k us.Jessica – its really crazy that the people I am going to trust about this to tell me the truth are Paul and Christmas. Raven and Matt are not making me feel better. If I was on the other side of the house I would be rallying to evict Ramses and not Josh. And my whole HOH would be used against me. Cody – having Alex up there would be a pretty big target. Jessica – but in that situation I would not care who goes home.

7pm Matt lost a bet so he had to wear a bow in his hair and do a ballet session with Raven.

7pm Lounge room. Jessica and Elena.
Jessica – I need to ask you something and I need you to be honest. Am I going to be blindsided on the vote on Thursday. I don’t want to be blindsided again in this game. I don’t want to look back on this HOH and think that I was trying to gain back trust and loyalty out of respect for people that we’ve wronged. That is what the whole goal of my HOH was. I don’t want to turn around and be stabbed in the back. Elena – what vibe are you getting that its going to be off? Is it a paranoia thing or are you hearing something? Jessica – a little bit of paranoia and I’ve asked certain people do you know where you’re voting on Thursday and they’re like oh yeah, I’m thinking about it. Elena – Ramses pulled me aside today and asked do you know what you’re doing and I said I’m voting Josh out. Jessica – the guilt that I will feel if I cost this kid the game because I gambled his game this week.. I don’t want that. I would feel awful! Elena – Matt and Raven will vote how we vote and Mark too. We know why you and Cody want him out. Jessica – so you’re vote wont change? Elena – no and if I hear anything I will let you know. Jessica – I have the veto now and I don’t want to risk Ramses game. Elena – well maybe whoever you’re worried about you should use the veto and put them in his (Ramses) place. I can’t deal with Josh being in this house any more. I think he is disgusting.

7:30pm – 7:50pm HOH room. Cody and Jessica.
Cody – next week when you tell people about the hex are you going to tell them individually or all together. Jessica – I’m going to tell it to the HOH individually. Cody – if you don’t tell anyone then we could tell who would turn on us and it would be great tv to just drop it on the last second. Jessica – and if you win HOH next week we could make a deal with whoever is put up on the block. Cody – but then we could go up.

8:10pm Havenot room – Paul, Mark, Jason.
They talk about how Christmas went off on Ramses of using the washer when she was next in line to use it. Jason – if I win HOH, its got to be Christmas and I don’t care who goes up next to her. Mark – when it comes down to the HOH and none of you truly want it give it to me. I can’t do 2 weeks of this sh*t.

Meanwhile in the HOH room…

8:20pm Havenot room. Paul, Kevin,
Kevin – I’m going to go out and make my move on one of these s*xy ladies. You wanna f**k! Just touch it, touch it please! Paul laughs.

8:50pm Things have escalated in the HOH room.. Big Brother quickly turns the camera back to the kitchen.

Lounge room – Josh talking to the camera about his BB start kit .. sunglasses and a blanket used to trick people into thinking he is sad and going home.


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Smitten Kitten

Trust your instinct Jess, pull down Ramses & put up Raven/Alex… then she’ll see the scramble.

It shouldn’t matter if she pulls Ramses off if they were never going to vote Ramses out, right?

Jessica & Cody will see exactly how much it matters when Josh freaks the F out at the thought of being sent home & reveals EVERYTHING.


YES!!! That is the key! Please follow your instincts BAE. That is your heart and mind telling you it is the right move to make. I would put up Alex. I had hopes for her, but she is a waste.
Plus, she put you up, so returning the favor would be justified. In fact, I would put up Alex (or Paul) and tell them “You are just a pawn this week. The votes are locked to send Josh home.” I was surprised at Elena’s input, although I am not sure saying she will vote off Josh is genuine.

Jess Addict

YES!!! That is the key! Please follow your instincts BAE. That is your heart and mind telling you it is the right move to make. I would put up Alex. I had hopes for her, but she is a waste.
Plus, she put you up, so returning the favor would be justified. In fact, I would put up Alex (or Paul) and tell them “You are just a pawn this week. The votes are locked to send Josh home.” I was surprised at Elena’s input, although I am not sure saying she will vote off Josh is genuine?

Captain Crunch

You would think after how Cody’s 1st HOH went him and Jess would learn not to isolate themselves and try to have a social game but nope they’re doing the exact same thing expecting different results, isn’t that the definition of insanity?

Once this week is over its Cody vs the house b/c jess cant play in hoh and they have no allies or even attempted to get any. If Cody doesn’t win hoh next week jess will use her temptation to reset the week but it still will be the house vs Cody and if he doesn’t win on the reset both him and jess will go up b/c they refused to work with people.

Gail Lessard

Like who is receptive to working with them? Nobody. They’re not even going to vote what she wants. Let them follow the snake.


Cody has got to be the dumbest big brother player ever


For gods sake Jessica put Paul up and let them scramble please it would be so great to see josh defeated or Paul scrambling

bipolar holiday

I saw Joshua had his blanket…but shouldn’t he have a pacifier or a bottle with one of those nipples or something.


I really hope Jessica wakes up and takes Rameses off the block!!! Come on girl…. Open ur eyes and play smart!!

Finally We Have A Game

Come jess take ramses off and put jess or paul up

Big Jim

Jessica has good instincts or production is fucking around again and putting some doubt in her mind. I vote for the latter

This always happens

Definitely agree! That’s weird how Jess was certain on keeping the noms the same and now today she’s “paranoid” all of a sudden. I’m SURE when she went to the dr production put some doubt in her mind or implied something. I would have loved to see her HoH wasted if she replaces Ramses with Alex Josh is for sure going home. Josh is a little immature but everyone talked shit about him on week one and still do. He’s mentioned many times that his family is watching the feeds 24/7 so the houseguests probably know that and still disrespect him. I can’t believe all these houseguests are adults, game related thats fine but i could never talk about someone’s family member the way they do. Kevin is the only one who knows how to carry himself in the house which makes everyone seem immature for that matter.


Agree…these are the nastiest women (Jessica and elena). They all have said horrible things to josh…everyone in the house but he is the baby? Kevin is the only man in the house.


Josh. Brings drama so I don’t see why production would want him out its not like Ramses is popular or does much.


Girl…..listen to Elena! She just side told you to switch the votes! Jess follow your gut or face the regret!


I like it! Jessica is really playing this game. I’m changing my tune about her. I love her gut instinct! She is thinking things through. Jessica gets a higher ranking from me now!


She has good instincts but keeps deferring to Cody. He said that it would be “bad ass” to keep no secrets the same. Idiot.

Creepy Cody's got to go!

Jessica is a much better game player when Creepy Cody isn’t around. Stop listening to him Jessica and listen to your gut!!!


ya i dont mind jessica alone but i cant stand cody. hes such an assh01e. and i think jason is hating that hes back cause he was slowly gonna try and get with her while he was gone.. i hate his face so much. total dink

Wake up

No instinct it’s called production




What did I miss? Did Mark do something dumb during this week ‘s have-not competition?


Mark decided to take the have not temptation meaning he was given the key for the two boxes. When he came out of the DR the house asked him if he had the key and he said no they’re giving it to me later, then he quietly asked Elena to come into the have not room with him. When in the room he open the orange box and ended up getting another week as a have not. Clearly at this point the house has found out that he did it by himself and they’re really frustrated.


I hope she uses the veto and puts someone else up. I want josh gone, and want to see that side of the house have no control…just wish people besides jess Cody and Paul would actually play this game! I can’t get over these is no one playing!? Has to be the dumbest cast ever!


I completely agree dot dot dot dot. These cast members have the intellectual firepower of a doorknob. It’s cannon fodder for Paul that knows the game.

Gee, didn't see this coming

Aaaaaaaannnd the DR “questions” make their presence.
These people have given Jess ZERO reason to think they will vote out Ramses, yet here we go.
This is getting flat out ridiculous.

Team Jessica

Take down Rams. Put up Alex the snake and u are golden. Best case Alex goes home. Prolly won’t happen so Josh goes home. It’s a can’t lose Jess. You are the queen. Kill this HOH girl.

If anyone saw the look in Jessicas eyes during that HOH comp and thinks she is just a dumb pretty girl and not a bad ass is a hater.

Team Jess! She there for her dad. He looking down proud. I love that they watched BB together. Fk u if you make joke of that because you live a miserable life and hating Jess is on you not her. Good luck with that.


I’m not Team Jess, but she’s definitely ahead of 8 other HGs in my “liking”, and I agree with all you’ve said.


Omg tonight’s head of household competition may be the funniest thing I have ever seen truly truly hilarious Josh was off his rocker and it was so funny that was the weirdest competition hilarious though . I kinda want Josh to stay because he is insane and I love it .


do you like bullies? Josh is not funny, he is a spoiled kid who cries when his mama is not around

Daisey Dukes and Boots

I’m not sure which is more repulsive.
The beaver Paul is wearing – Or the one he has on his face?


OMG, Raven in soooooo fake.

Diaper Baby Josh

Cody is really screwing the pooch on this one. He even said he doesn’t trust anyone, if you don’t trust anyone, don’t leave it to chance! Put Paul or Raven up, ensuring josh goes home. Cody is gonna screw Jessica for the second time. They’re my 2 favorite players, but I mean come on, it is so freaking simple.


Oh you are correct on he’s “screwing the pooch”.


But it’s not his HOH and he’s respecting Jessica’s decision-making. She was in the house all last week; he wasn’t, so he trusts she has a better read. I do hope Cody applies more pressure around replacing Ramses because it’s the right thing to do! I’m going to be disappointed if she doesn’t use the POV because a) I’d really like to see the back of Josh and b) it will make the other side scramble…and they won’t be able to truly “blame” Jessica for not trusting them because she shouldn’t be.


Jessica is playing a terrible game, her “gut” is telling her to waste her HOH on JOSH? She, just like Cody the first week is making a rookie game move… Her delusions of grandeur is telling her this is a big move?

Big Move: Use veto to take Rameses down then use the power Production gave you to put Paul & Raven up to ensure Paul goes.

Anything less then that is not a big move & your house is wasted just like Cody’s.


Paul wouldn’t go, Josh would. The floaters like Paul but not Josh.

Cody Is. ARobot

Which is why she should have put up Ramses and Raven, used the PIc on Ramses, and put up Paul. I can’t believe they didnt target him this week.


The power doesn’t work like that all she could do is cancel the eviction. I know she won’t put up Paul I hope she’s smart enough to veto Ramses and put up Alex I mean Alex did use her as a pawn last week.


That’s not how the Hex works. She doesn’t take two down and put two new ones up. It ends the eviction, no one would be evicted that week.


Jessica and Cody are not isolating themselves. They are making an effort. They don’t go off alone anymore than the rest of them. Jessica has tried. The rest of the house are “Paul’s gang” with a gang mentality. Cody made a rogue move and paid for it. I have watched and listened to all the girls in the house. Jessica has been the most mature (and Christmas) Raven is a phony jealous liar. Josh is a spoiled man child that acts out like a 3 year old having a tantrum. Then runs to Mommy (DR) and cries. It’s ridiculous.


Did you see what’s going on in the hoh….I would say they have “isolated” themselves. Lol


Thank you and I agree. Elena and Shrek were constantly hugged up and alone somewhere and people thought that was fine. As soon as Cody and Jessica spend some time alone, people got all this hate or nasty comments. I rather watch Cody and Jess anytime, rather then Shrek and Fionna aka..( Mark and Elena). Haters in the house……


Driving home. What’s happening in the house now anything new. Did Jessica use her veto or didn’t she get to do that yet?

Dr seuss

What s going on now in the house. Traveling


I’m torn! On one hand I don’t want Ramses to be evicted on the other hand I want Jessica and Cody to be blindsided so they don’t tell anyone about the temptation so they blindside right back with the halting hex at an eviction!

Backseat Driver

After watching tonight’s show………Jessica dumb that creep Cody and YOU go for the win!


I think Jess is playing very smart this week. She has the hex that will help her the next 2 weeks. If she plays it save this week, then maybe she’s good next week and won’t have to play the halt. She can keep it for the final week if her and Cody go up. You may not like her, but she’s using her brain. Now she just needs to keep Cody under wrap then they could take the game. They are actually playing the game along with Paul, Alex and Jason. The rest are just floating by and Josh is a ticking time bomb!


why matt is wearing that ugly, dirty orange shirt everyday??????


Who doesn’t love potatoes?

604 Macho

Loving the scenes of Jessica getting hot and heavy with Cody! Keep it up Simon and Dawg!!


How do these people go into the house and f*** strangers knowing their family and friends are watching. You don’t know these people, they are playing a part and you don’t know the true person…..Raven! Im sure Jessica’s dad is not looking down on her and proud of her HOH actions with Cody.

For Real?

I thought all of this talk about people in the house actually having sex was just “talk”. I saw the screen grab of Jess and Cody in the HOH room and I now I do believe they are really playing “hide the hot dog”. Do they forget they are on tv,or,are they so horny that they throw their morals to the wind? Say it ain’t so! Has society become so liberal that this is accepted behavior?

Brother Utah

Texas Longhorns is requesting Matt to either wash his shirt or change another shirt. The shirt needs a day off.

If Jessica told Cody that she trusts Paul, she deserve to lose this game. To guarantee Josh going home, put up Paul or Alex. She even admit to Cody that she despises Alex.

Panda and the gnome

The BB God’s have spoken. And Mark and Elena have been chosen to flip the house with Cody and Jess. No matter what color box he picked, it was a week tacked on. This was A lot of HaveNot room scheming. Interesting to see if it works. Would be an epic comeback story for one couple. And the move of the game from the other, IF they could pull two more people in. And keep under wraps. Why were there punishments in the HOH competition?? Production knew they would all pick Cody and Jess!! It’s like they wanted each others disc to fall so they wouldn’t win and get sent home. This is despicable tampering and its a Josh crying shame…


Thus has got to be the worst season of BB players. I think production needs to remind them that in order to win $500k you need to get to the end, not to jury. Feels like Paul and Cody are the only ones actually playing. Everyone else is looking to making it to jury and doing nothing. I like how Matt says that Mark is horrible at comps… sorry Matt, which comp did you win? Raven the “terminally ill” girl with 30 annoying voices, why would you ever think America would give you the temptation? Paul you were annoying last season and you’re still annoying this season. Josh needs to shut up and Christmas is just dead weight. I can’t stand them… just hoping Jess uses the Veto so it ensures Josh is the one to get the boot!!!!!

Bunny Flop

You are forgetting McRanda and the season of the rats. Or how about the Austwits? There are always worse. And ickyer.


yeah, this season is definitely better than mcranda, but i liked the austwins season. vanessa was a halfway decent villain. it was just frustrating that she never owned up to her scheming in the dr, like she thought she was fooling the audience too, but part of me thinks she was kinda crazy and had to convince herself that she wasn’t playing as hard as she was in order to sell the house on her moves.


PLEASE PLEASE PULL OUT RAMESES YOU CAN USE HIM IN THE FUTURE. Also I just really want Josh gone, I can’t believe I’m saying this but he is a lot more annoying than Rachel.


Yes Cody… Please pull out……


What bad advice from Cody. Keep Ramses on the block? Yet, they’re already aware that Josh is easily manipulated by the other side, while Ramses has no one. From that, they should see how the numbers would really fall.

So really hope Jess uses veto. Best trust your gut and not chance it. Take Ramses off. Aside from Paul, Mark would also be a good option as the other side has some discord with him. Either way, it’s a win-win.

Team Andrew

It looks like The Blob is channeling Audrey.

Bunny Flop

Baby Huey is now our boy , too? I hate it when Paul GnomeBeard calls himself “your boy.” I hate it sooo much more from Josh. Meatball.

This always happens

Definitely agree! That’s weird how Jess was certain on keeping the noms the same and now today she’s “paranoid” all of a sudden. I’m SURE when she went to the dr production put some doubt in her mind or implied something. I would have loved to see her HoH wasted if she replaces Ramses with Alex Josh is for sure going home. Josh is a little immature but everyone talked shit about him on week one and still do. He’s mentioned many times that his family is watching the feeds 24/7 so the houseguests probably know that and still disrespect him. I can’t believe all these houseguests are adults, game related thats fine but i could never talk about someone’s family member the way they do. Kevin is the only one who knows how to carry himself in the house which makes everyone seem immature for that matter.


i swear to god
jess doesn’t have to make a big move (bc that could bite you in the ass) but ramses is a potential ally and you might be sending him home
put someone like raven up
tbh i wouldn’t mind raven or josh going home and it would split that group up which is best case scenario


Smh Cody why would you tell her shes being paranoid leave the noms the same. Think these dumb asses would have realized the house don’t care who their target is with the jillian vote. Please Jess trust that paranoia save Ramses


Cody has been more social in the game or at least trying. After seeing all the abuse he took during the HOH, I was highly disgusted. This man has put his life on the line to protect this country and these morons thought it was funny to see him disrespected like this. Paul, and definitely, Matt, Josh and Mark could and would never know the things Cody has endured to protect this country. Punk little pu@#$%!! Cody knows a snake when he sees one and the rest of them are Paul minions. Victor don’t even deal with Paul after seeing what type of person he truly was during his season. I wasn’t a Cody fan, but after this and because I have the deepest respect for the Military, I hope CODY wins it all!


I have respect for the military but no respect for anyone that said I don’t like you to a fellow military person without knowing them. Cody list all respect when he said that to Meghan!!! Cody is no man!

Jess Addict

Ramses is being a passive pu&&y. He needs to get his ass into gear and help himself. He should go to Jess and tell her that he is hearing that he will go home and the only way she can save him is to take him off and put up someone else.


I think Josh has to be one of my least favourite houseguests of all time.


Is Jessica the pooch he’s screwing?


Why couldn’t it be mark going! Talk about overgrown man babies.
He didn’t want to get teased. How fragile is that guys ego?

Who's Matt?

I laugh every time Matt and Raven talk trash about their so called friends. What have either of you done this entire season? What is that Matt and Raven? All I hear is the sound of crickets. Oh that’s right, you’ve done NOTHING but sit around and talk about how you just want to get to jury. Most of the time I have to remind myself who Matt is. He’s that much of a non player. It’s players like these two that ruin this game. I could take or leave Big Brother Over The Top, but the one thing I LOVED about that show is that it didn’t have a jury. Every one had to play from the very beginning.


Ramses being so sweet to Josh. And Josh eating it up. SMH! I get he’s trying to look pathetic. But why go out of your way to lie to the guy who you are sure is leaving. He didn’t even have to do that to Ramses.
But, that made me like Ramses more. I hope Jess puts up someone else, I hate it when a hamster gets too comfortable.

Judge Janie

I’ll be shocked if Josh keeps the vote flip under wraps. That kid can barely contain himself and the vote is still four days away.


I find it disgusting when someone with a child (Cody) at home has sex on national television. When she’s older she will definitely find out and will be mortified. But I guess when you’re planning on introducing her to such a low class female that will be the least of her worries. Nasty AF.


Josh is taking up space in some of these peoples heads. Heheheheh

BB manipulated the game this week. they wanted jessica to win hoh so they chose this comp which was hand made for her litterally. shes always in this position atleast 1hr a day every night.. the only difference is shes on her knees holding something else so her in that position is like so unfair. almost cheathing. for those of u that dont know what im getting at im saying shes holding a hotdog with that hand and eating it for over an hour everyday. what a bottle rat hoe