Josh “I am losing my s**t after those votes come in. You’re a meatball! You got blindsided!”

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9:15pm Bedroom. Matt & Raven.
Raven – When Jessica and Cody ask why did we vote out Ramses instead of Josh, Josh is not our target. Ramses was. Sorry its our best game interest. We’re thinking about our own game and not your game. And Josh is really not a big competitor so he is not ,, doesn’t matter. He is not a threat. Matt – but this is what’s going to happen, okay. Jess and Cody are going to ask us who we’re going to vote out and we’re going to lie to their faces. Raven – are they ever going to ask us though? Matt – I don’t know. I am assuming they will. Raven – I don’t think they will. Matt – We’ll see. If we vote Ramses to go home and one of the three of them win HOH. One of us are going home .. 100%. When we are already going to be sending Ramses home next week even if he doesn’t f**king go this week. I am 100% down for this plan, I just want you to realize that if we do this it increases our chances of going home next week. Raven – I really don’t think it matters because Jessica and Cody are just trying to appease the house. They’re going to do whatever they have to do to get on everyones good graces and backstab later. They are that type of people. I don’t think it really matters what we do. If we follow them or don’t follow them. Or not follow them but do what they want. Matt – so you think that if we vote to keep Ramses and Cody wins HOH, that he is putting us up? Raven – one of us. Well not one of us but someone else. Matt – so you think it will be the same result regardless if we vote Josh or Rmases out. Raven – yes. Matt – I disagree with that. I’m down to do it but its a much riskier play especially a week before jury. For the group this is the best move. For me and you this might not be the best move for us as individuals. Raven – Ramses threw my name under the bus to Alex and he won the 25K.. I think. (Kevin won the 25K)

9:20pm Paul joins them. Matt – I am obviously voting how ever the group wants but you realize the if we do this it increases the chances of every single of us going home next week. Probably at least triples it. Paul – yes, but Cody is the only one that competes. Mark sucks at competitions and Elena wouldn’t make that move. Matt – what would she do? Paul – Elena wouldn’t even want that HOH. Raven – Elena looked at me and said I don’t want to win HOH because I don’t want to have to put them up. Paul – Mark is not a good competitor. Matt – agreed, he sucks. Paul – Cody is the only one that we have to out compete and we know that Cody is good but not that good. Matt – if we do this it 1000% increases the chance of one of the three of us going home next week. Paul – its probably me and I am willing to take that heat because if we get steamrolled its f**ked. I’ll take that heat, I don’t give a sh*t. Matt – I don’t want you to go home. Paul – I can beat Cody in competition. Ramses has been on everyone’s radar for weeks. Josh can go any time. Matt – you think we can swing that to Jess and Cody afterwards. Paul – I don’t give a sh*t. Paul – as long as we always keep someone who is bigger target than us they will always go after his over us. I could win HOH next week and put up Cody and Jessica and say f**k you and f**k you. Matt – we get passed next week I would put my middle fingers up and say f**k you. Paul – Jess said something to Christmas – he (Josh) throws off my game. Ramses joins them. Paul – you aren’t on peoples radar. You haven’t done anything to piss everyone off. Ramses – I really haven’t. Paul – we just had noms last week the temptation. They wouldn’t have another nomination one. Ramses joins them. Paul says they were talking about a coup d’etat. And asks Ramses to explain it.

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10:22pm Big Brother opens up the backyard.

10:24pm Bathroom. Josh and Jessica.
Big Brother switched the feeds to Jess and Josh mid conversation. Jessica – I’m not starting anything with you but that’s on you to uphold that. You know what I mean. So if that’s what you want great. I am not planning on starting any arguments with you. But if that’s what you want, I would respect that. I want you to enjoy your last few days here. This is a great experience and I don’t want you to go out regretting anything. So if you can go out like that then I support it. Josh – thank you.

10:40pm Bathroom. Christmas and Josh.
Christmas – the vote should be 7 – 3. Josh – does Kevin know? Christmas – yes. Josh – do you think he will keep me over Ramses? Christmas – yeah. All we’re waiting for is to make sure Jessica doesn’t change the seats. But you have to keep doing what you’re doing. Did you talk to them? Josh – I told them that I just wanted to leave in peace because I knew this was my last few days. Christmas – I don’t think she will change the noms. I am going to tell her that I want to vote for you to stay. I don’t want it to be a landslide because you’ve had my back. Josh – I will hide. And on Thursday, I am losing my sh*t after those votes come in. I’m a be like you’re a meatball! You’re a meatball! You got blindsided! Its game on! Christmas – we’ll talk about it afterwards and come up with a strategy. Josh – okay.


11:15pm Kitchen. Elena asks Josh are you okay? Josh – I’m trying to be. Elena hugs him.

11:35pm Hammock. Matt and Raven.
Matt – can you imagine if he came into the kitchen tomorrow and said Mark you’re a little b***h?! Raven – I feel like Mark would be the type of person to punch someone. Matt – oh easily, easily! He legitimately to this second does not think he did anything wrong. I’m like are you even serious right now dude! Raven – he thinks Josh deserved it. Matt – are you serious guy?! Matt – what planet are you living on?! My god he is so delusional! If that was me and my dad saw that he would be like you’re such a pu$$y! Such a b***h move.

11:55pm Matt and Raven talking about their lives outside the house / parents. Jason and Kevin playing pool.

12:15am Jessica and Cody Hammock

Jessica saying that her and Josh were the only people that talked to Dominique near the end of last week.
Jessica brings up that Paul was telling her not to have conversations with Dom. HE had brought up to her that people have noticed her talking to dominique and it’s not a good look for her game. Jessica now knows that is what Paul was doing to them when Cody was on the block. Paul was telling everyone to not talk to them.
Cody says he doesn’t trust Mark, if Mark was HOH Cody thinks Mark would backdoor him. Cody says Mark will always go with the majority of the house he’ll always make the safest move.
Jessica – he’ll let the power go to his head

Cody says he might take a shot at Paul next week. Jessica says this week she wants Josh gone, She wants a unanimous vote.
Jessica – Alex needs to fall in line and do what she said she would.
Jessica – if she votes for Ramses’s to go I’ll f*ing take a shot at her
Jessica bring sup Alex telling her she will keep her safe after Cody was evicted, “So putting me on the block is keeping me safe”
Cody – that bugs the sh1t outta me. There’s nothing safe about a pawn situation.
Cody – she (Alex) owed me a lot more loyalty than that.
Jessica – she absolutely did..
Jessica says her game was in jeopardy because she rallied to help Alex
Jessica – I wanted to give her a kick in the a$$ that’s so hard
Cody says Alex knows she f*ed up she’s been avoiding him since he’s been back.
Jessica says she could have gone home last week they didn’t have the numbers. Jessica mention how Alex could never have anticipated Dom blowing up the way she did. There was a real danger Jess going home. Jessica now wishing she had put Alex up this week.
Jessica – if I didn’t gain so much respect fort Jason last week I probably would have.
Jessica- I would have put up Alex if it wasn’t for Jason… she was saved by Jason and she doesn’t even know.
Cody – they are partners in this game.. which is kinda funny.. Ramses is a great Pawn to utilize
Jessica- he’s got no alliance member in the house no nobody is mad
Cody – Kevin always give me intel heads up
Jessica- he’s great.. love him
COdy now saying that Jason and Alex are on his radar now. Jason, because this morning he told him he voted to evict him.
Cody says he risked everything to save Jason.
Jessica – he’s lucky he told yo that this morning and not before noms.. cause I would have put them both up
Cody – what a idiot..
Jessica – I wold have thrown up Alex and Jason and nobody would have blinked
Cody – it’s a target rich environment..

Cody says he’s glad Alex and Jason did what they did because now he knows it’s just him and Jessica to take out the house.
Jessica – Alex controls Jason .. I’m telling you, you were wrong about her. She was not happy about you coming back into this house, Zero!
Jessica brings up last week when Alex was HOH she would talk to her and Jason saying “HOw sick would it be if the’res a battle back and Cody stepped back in” Alex would shoot the idea down saying it would never happen.
Jessica – she was completely negative about it and when the battle back was announced she would say I don’t want anyone back unless it’s Jillian.
They agree Raven isn’t the America’s sweetheart they thought she was.
Jessica says throughout the course of a day she hears raven speak with 6 or 7 different voices.
Jessica – tells me to not trust her.. my gut says to not trust her there’s something off about her
Jessica – I honestly don’t don’t don’t trust Raven
Cody says Raven is very gossipy
Jessica – she feeds off drama

Cody impersonates Mark, “Cody, I’m so glad you’re back in the house.. Jess is like my little sister”
Jessica says Mark threatened her in front of the entire house
Cody – don’t think i’ll ever forget that

Jessica points out how so many people in this house have had safety blankets on, they’ve never been on the block, they’ve never been in danger yet they still try and give advice.
Cody – you know what’s going to be funny.. how much they are going to sh1t themselves when they find out you got hat third temptation

1:30am Josh and Jason

Josh saying how the house is united they want to get rid of Cody, Jess, Mark and Elena.
Josh – Mark is f*ing shady.. He’s flip flopping..
JOsh – I can’t believe Alex gort wasted..

Josh wants to “Go Ham” on cody after the vote.
Jason says Cody performs well with “rage” behind him so best way for them to beat Cody in a HOH is not to talk sh1t to him
JOsh – that’s so true.. But I’m still doing some sh1t

Jason says Cody makes everyone act weird
Josh – he’s arrogant egotistical personality

1:53am Jessica and Cody HOH
Jessica telling him he’s wearing girls pants.
Cody doesn’t think they are “there’s nothing girly about these pants.. “
Jessica – not even the material is made for d1ck.. I see your d1ck outline
Jessica – I thought they were Alex;s and they were left here from her HOH
Cody – what is girly about these pants..
Jessica- do you wear boxers
Cody – no all I wear is silkys..


7:00am Sleep yo.

932am Everyone still sleeping.

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This Kool Aid Tastes Funny

Oh my! Is someone actually questioning Paul’s advice. Don’t worry Matt, I’m sure Paul only has your best interest in mind. He wouldn’t be trying to paint a target on your back for next week.

rigged for Xmas or raven

My final 3 Cody, Jason, and Jess… use the veto on rams and put up Alex, xmas, or raven

the jigg is up

Put the gnome next to diaper closet baby Josh. Then have Cody campaign heavily in front of Paul’s face to bounce his lame a$$ back to his mommies house.


My F3 (very boring) Paul, Kevin, Josh


You Meatball!!! You Meatball!!! You Meatball!!! You Meatball!!!

i cant wait for this blind side!!


I find it quite contrary how Cody and Jessica are smack talking the entire house when in fact he tried to take shots at Alex and his own allies and then throw their names up to stir the pot. Oh, they can do know wrong it’s just them against the world!!


So it’s ok for all of them to trash talk Jessica and Cody but they aren’t supposed to talk about their behavior? Makes no sense. This is BB and also it sounds like Jessica has a pretty accurate read about the dynamics in the house. The main thing she’s off on is Josh and how they want him there. Jess has picked up on Ravens fake personality by saying something is off with her. Spot On


Production feeding her clues?


I hope they stick to that plan and vote Ramses out, that way they can FINALLY open their eyes and see everyone is against them. Jessica has that safe, so it should get interesting next few weeks.


This is the most logical reply I have read in months strictly game play no personal attacks brilliant!


I wonder what Mark is going to do when he finds chunks of Paul’s beard between Elena’s pendulous shirt biscuits.


Thank you!!!! That’s some chit I just don’t understand. Disgusts me actually. She reminds me of a whore, sucking up to a wanna-be gangster while her coward of a boyfriend watches. The three of them make me want to vomit!


well it looks like next week will all be for nothing, because Jess will use her temptaion

Big Butt

What is his fascination with meatballs?

Swedish Meatball

Once you try me, there is no going back!


I believe that Jessica will use the veto. I think she and Cody want to put Mark up. Cody definitely wants him gone and I think he’s going to talk her into back dooring him. I really don’t care who goes home at this point. I think she has wasted her HOH by putting two players up that don’t really make any difference and that no one cares about. Poor choices just to appease the majority of the house. What a waste!


I really, really hope she uses the veto, taking down Ramses and putting up Mark or Raven. Then, for sure Josh goes home. Still stuck with Mark or Raven I guess, but I’d like to the shenanigans following that. Or, maybe, just maybe there would be enough votes to get rid of Mark. Raven would likely stay *sigh*. Do it, Jess!


Please I can’t take much more of Josh and Raven…..I can’t even read the words they speak. Next is Paul. Help lol


Is there something wrong with Josh? He just seems slow minded. Does anyone else dislike Raven? Elena I can’t figure out because she said she doesn’t like going to restaurants for a date, maybe because they don’t serve ice cream. They are all floaters!


It seems like Josh is bipolar.

Bunny Flop

Idk, he might just be your typical spoiled baby boy. One who has never, not gotten his own way.

Smitten Kitten

Poor Josh, bless his heart.

He’s not doing himself any favors by rehearsing & rehearsing his speeches & building himself up into an agitated mess, because he gets INCREDIBLY flustered when he tries to deliver those speeches comes game time & once the fluster sets in, he starts stuttering & God forbid someone interrupts him in the middle, he gets discombobulated & agitated and totally lost. He then tries to start over & eventually goes into some hysterical tirade that makes absolutely no sense to anyone with ears.

Sadly for Josh, his rehearsed speeches never come across as off the cuff, genuine & certainly not intimidating.

He just comes off looking like a ranting, raving neurotic lunatic.


Josh comes off that way because he is that way! Unbalanced and lack of self control


Whatever’s up with Josh makes me like him.
He’s real. His silliness is due to nerves and pent up energy. He’s harmless. Everyone deals with pressure DIFFERENTLY. People who react to him negatively are like old people who react to (omg) THE NOISE! I get a kick out of him and he makes me laugh. The house would be pretty damn boring if they didn’t have Josh to react to. Keeps those people on their toes. I’m hoping he stays.


Me too. I want Josh to stay. Is he annoying? Yes. Does he act like a child? Yes. AND still I want him stay because Lord knows Christmas, Ramsey, Matt, Raven and Elena add nothing. Heaven forbid any of these people start playing the game.


Finally Matt is speaking his mind about what he feels about Mark.


Anyone else think the pic of Elena with her mouth open looks a little like Nicole without her glasses??

High waisted jeans look good on no one

I’m so torn!! I really like Ramses and want him to stay but I also would LOVE to see Josh jump up and do his meatball call-out..
And can they please just this once bring back the shopping thing they did many years ago so that Matt can have a nice new third shirt??


Me too. Two blindsides in a few weeks span? Yes, that I want to see.


It’s time for Josh to go home. The Big Brother house is too stressful for him.


Does Elena secretly like Paul and playing Mark? Does Xmas like Kevin or is she just really horny?


What WAS that gif with Xmas rubbing Kevin’s arm? With the dark glasses, she looked like a blind nurse looking for a vein. It was an odd way to touch someone, I thought.


Ahahaaaa A blind nurse trying to find a vein ahahggggaaaaa that was hilarious. I sit my coffee out


That’s exactly what I was thinking! Wow!!


So it looks like Alex did go and tell Paul about the talk her and Jessica had up in the HoH room about Jessica wanting Josh to go this Week ( because Josh throws her game off ). – Paul said to Matt and Raven, that Jess said it to Christmas as apposed to Alex. Keeping Paul’s alliance to Alex a secret.
I sure hope the 30 second Ramses ( going from room to room ), can get a scent of him being sent home over Josh and then let Jess know. Would love to see either Mark or Matt sitting next to Josh and have Ramses saved this Week.

Cameron's 2 hrs

It’s interesting to see this week play out. I don’t see Paul going home as they don’t have the votes but something is brewing between the ‘sides’. Please boil over soon !!


Yep. Totally still going to laugh if Jess and Cody get blindsided again. It’ll be like the Groundhog Day of hell in that house, lol. Josh isn’t my favorite person in the house, but at this point I’m literally just here for the blindsides and drama, no matter who is involved. Kevin slays the hell out of me and is the only one there that doesn’t make me want to slap them about the face every time they come on camera. I’ll be bummed when/if he gets evicted. The other HGs, not so much.


I’ll laugh too, except I’d rather laugh at Paul’s plan being foiled. Right now, I’m for anything that Paul doesn’t want, so would prefer Josh to go, which won’t happen unless Jess uses the POV to put up one of the Minions.

Bunny Flop

Josh needs to realize, sometime you go home. Even if your friends tell you, you won’t.
If Jess puts up someone else, say Mark, Raven, Matt, or Paul, Joshy is out the door.


Don’t bet on it. If Jess actually did put Raven up beside Josh, I think majority would vote her out. I think others have finally realized that they no longer want to drag her to F2 so that she wins from playing off all their sympathy. Many of them lately have been noticing things and saying it to others, so maybe all their eyes will open to what has been said. She also hasn’t won anything so, not a real threat to anyone – where josh would remain a bigger target in the house. Paul knows this and would rally the troops and get them to vote to evict her and ruin the summer vacation her and Matt want in the jury house..LOL.

Anyone but Raven for AFP

I can’t stand Raven and I’m hoping for a banner that will tip the house off about her. She is playing up her illness (eyes rolling) thinking the house will vote for her to win at the end. What a travesty if that happens.

Juliana from New York

I’m waiting for that bannet also. Her and her scam artist mother need to go to jail. There honestly is something off about her.

Jessica completely wasted her HOH on Josh and Mr “Im not black, im Dominican” she should’ve put up Raven and Mark, or Elena and Matt


We need the bullhorn guy


there are many different race mixes in the Dominican people . Some don’t consider themselves black , white or latino in some instances . WHO THE F R U TO TELL RAMSES WHAT RACE HE CAN IDENTIFY AS ??? when I saw him I thought he was a Latino guy .


A black Latino guy. I’m sure if Ramsey ask the police they “ll Let him know he is black. Problem solved.


There is no way Raven can win it all, is there? Who would she have to be sitting beside at the end to get the win? Ramses or Josh. If she makes it to F2, she will have been brought there by a stronger player and that stronger player will surely win, no? I’ll have a hard time stomaching it if she is even in the running for AFP. Yeech.

Watch out loser

“Stomaching” – I see what you did there. Nice one


THAT one was unintentional, but I’ll take it, thanks!


They have to notice that the majority of what Raven said about her illness is phony. She claims to throw up 14 times a day and it’s impossible for her to gain weight. It’s pretty apparent she’s packing on some pounds. (Not saying she’s fat by any means) some people from other sites have made a point to monitor the best they can her bathroom visits. Evidently it’s infrequent and in and out quickly. Usually doesn’t even wash her hands. Never rinses her mouth. No sign of someone that is nauseous.. She scarfs food down like a little piggy.

Jess Vivette

Did anyone catch her talking to Paul about how smart she is? She said that she and her mom are both members of MENSA. Pual asked her what her GPA was, and Raven answered “dance”.


You have GOT to be kidding on this, yes? If not: O….M….Gaaaawwwwd, that girl!!!!! I just want to smack her, or hand her a trophy (maybe a bronzed stomach pump?) for the Most Ridiculous HG ever.


Oh please for my entertainment could you please tell me about the time the Mensa conversation was between Raven and Paul. I want to see his reaction in the feed. They must notice all the red flags that point to her pathetic lies. Appreciate it if you post the timeThanks!!!

BB Fan

Haha I thought the same. She’s so smart but she doesn’t know what GPA stands for.


It would be EPIC if Zingbot called her out on the Mensa comment. !!!!! Let’s then see what other lies she comes up with…too funny

Plane Banner

No Banner necessary because…

1) If Raven is in the house saying she throws up so many times a day and no one has yet seen her throw up…then the other house guests must be the most gullible people in history or the house guests have the most lack of self awareness of any human on this planet.

2)The house guests would have to be once again gullible to believe CBS is going to put a terminally dying person on the show.

3) Because no house guest has questioned Raven yet, Im led to believe “the script” for the show doesn’t contain anyone questioning Raven. Im not saying Big Bro is completely scripted but I really question why I have not yet heard 1 houseguest question Raven about her illness…..maybe it isn’t in the script….


The thing is they’re probably afraid to say it out loud or talk about it for fear of looking like @ssholes to the outside world. Because if they’re wrong, then they would look like the idiot bashing the terminally ill girl.

There are a couple observant players, I’m sure at least one of them has noticed her contradictions.

Plane Banner

I understand that fear of looking like an asshole mentality, but there are many ways to question someone without being an asshole. Obviously Raven has been through life struggles, her scars are proof….she isn’t lying completely about her condition.This is why it further leaves me wondering because there are many out spoken house guests in that house not afraid of being themselves.

This is why i never waste a single emotion watching this show….in the end its just a reality show and every reality is scripted to a degree


TRUTH right there!


Nicely thought out – you might be right. But, surely there’d be at least some eye-rolling caught by now from Matt at least…unless he’s in on it. But that would mean everyone was in on it, ’cause from what we know so far, Matt ain’t no Mensa candidate.

Anyone but Raven for AFP

Good points. I’m thinking the houseguests would know how much the public loves an underdog and have soft hearts for a touching story and must be wondering why Raven never got a temptation. I’m betting they’ll soon realize we know something they don’t know yet…….


Jess needs to wise up & put a monkey wrench in the minions plans to evict R
Good god they are beyond annoying. Pre-game I was rooting for these people
But just for the mere sight of Raven & her kewpie doll energy makes me want to vomit.
Hopefully Jess will use the veto, take Rameses down & put up Matt. BAM bye bye Josh
and Paul you are NEXT!!!!!


Is it me or did Raven sound completely different when she was speaking to Matt last night? Her tone was so different and she was talking so fast, I couldn’t understand her. What was that about? Certainly didn’t sound like the “Disney” character voice, I normally hear.

Dream Weaver

Vanessa was on Rx drugs while in the house, who knows what the heck Dr. Jim Bobby Feelgood prescribes to hillbillies in Arkansas.


Vanessa was one of the highest people to play Big brother..


Say it ain’t so! She was like a squirrel on meth, especially during her HoH’s.


If you’re using the term “highest” to mean one of the best, then yes. Vanessa was a beast. Loved her. The crying I could do without, but a beast none the less.


No, highest meaning drugs!!


Raven is not who she appears to be. She is constantly performing. She’s twisted. She reveals her true self every now and then. Spiteful, fake, jealous and craves attention. Multiple personalities


I truly wish Jessica had kept her Halting Hex a secret from Cody. I feel that it gives him too much freedom to become careless. *sigh

Bunny Flop

When did she tell him? Although, if it was pillow talk, i don’t want to know.


Not sure when she told him, but he said “and no one knows you got the temptation” so at some point she told him. Which I also believe was stupid after the way he was the first week.


I think if Jessica had said Ramses was her target then Paul would be trying to save him instead. He got his ego bruised a little by losing to Cody in battle back and then to her in HOH. Typical alpha behavior but this time I hope he gets his way (even though I wish it wasn’t at Ramses expense). It is clear she is still the brat she was when she almost quit (when Paul got his HOH room) by saying she wants a unanimous vote. Power Trip much? And on top of that she now thinks America voted for her.. no you can thank production for that hunny. Smh.
As it looks now it will be a 7-3 vote for Ramses but if for some reason Matt & Raven decide to vote for Josh it will be a tie and then she would send him out.. After the way she has treated him that would be a huge slap in the face.

The Blob

Josh is kinda like Sloth from Goonies.


Of course that makes Xmas, Chunk.


Baaaaabyyyy ruuuuuth


Paul is funny. He “can” beat Cody in competitions. He just hasn’t yet in anything they’ve competed in together.

I don't mind Cody

If he can then Matt should have asked him, if you can beat him are you saying you just threw the battleback and hoh just now?

Watch out loser

Is it just me or did anyone else catch the delusion in the Paul/Boyz conversation. Paul’s only wins have been an HoH where the other players were helping by giving him their tickets (while Cody watched from the sidelines) and the PoV where only Ramses (allegedly) was trying (again while Cody watched from the sidelines.)
Head to head – Cody 2 Paul 0
Then for Boyz 2 Shirts to say that anyone “sucks at competition” drips with hypocrisy… even though Mark is not really that good.

Fruit Loop Dingus

I think it is funny. Every year about this time we start to hate the cast cause they are not playing the game we want even if they did. But we all keep watching & reading ( thanks Simon & Dawg) waiting for that big game changing blowup. Yes, thanks to production we have had some interesting ones so far. I’m waiting to see who is going to let the cat out of the bag first. Josh himself cause he is like an 8 yr old with a secret and will let it out. Jason who will let it slip in conversation cause he does not know when to shut up. Still my favorite though. Or Jody will continue with their victim noises that we have to hear from their constant parinoia that makes them isolate themselves in the house. Maybe Paul will panic and overplay this week due to his inability to be the Alpha male when Cody Is in the house. Not that bad of a season and I look forward to see what twists production comes up with to help keep it interesting. At this point everyone needs to accept that production has a job to keep rating so we can have these chats. It’s not personal it’s just business!!!


Ok. Back up. “Vanessa was one of the highest people ever to play Big Brother”

The Vanessa haters peak their heads out their holes. Please enlighten us all on what you meant by that? And no don’t say “it was and is known she took/takes a lot of pills” Tell me your direct evidence of this other than watching feeds and seeing what was said in house and on this board. That is what you are going off? Name one person in production of the show that informed you what Vanessa Rousso was taking in the house.

Again show me where you know what meds were given to Vanessa. Yes some are given meds for pre existing things pre show. But please again tell what she took with concrete proof from the producers and medical staff that handle any medications. You tell me other than the crap you heard houseguests say in the house. Or lies said here. Tell us one concrete answer to any of it. Tell us. Oh. Are you going to say Vanessa said what she took. Nope. More hater speak. And the reason I take such offense to this is because you speak of crap you KNOW NOTHING about.

Tell us the concrete info that “Vanessa was high”
Because that is at worst Slander and at a best a ignorant comment that I may add should not be a topic you throw out on this board if you want to keep said site alive.

Adderall Dingus

I recall Vanessa saying she was prescribed Strattera. I’m not prescribed anything so my recollection is probably incorrect.


If Vanessa said she took Adderral does that mean she “highest person ever”? And anything said in house can be game play correct? Do you think everytime Vanessa cried it was also real? They playing a game.


Do you have direct evidence that she WASN’T high all the time, oh wise one who can’t take a joke?

Just sayin....

You might need some medication yourself just to calm down.

Fruit Loop Dingus

Vanessa herself admitted it because she would use them as a professional gambler. Dude come on or is this really Vanessa Rousso?
I bet you are her cause your argument sounds just like something she said when she was in the house!!!
Hey everyone we have a real big brother star among us!!!!!
Sweet so are you high right now????


Good Lord, this sounds like Vanessa is writing this post. My memory is fuzzy on details too, but there were multiple times Vanessa herself spoke of “ADHD/ADD” or “Anxiety”-like symptoms and medications. She wasn’t the first (the whole cast of BB15 seemed to be taking Adderall!) and she won’t be the last HG who is prescribed – and take – such medications during the show. Furthermore, it’s not a big stretch to think maybe – just maybe – someone who’s livelihood depends on an awesome memory (i.e., a pro poker player) would be able to get a prescription for “cognitive enhancing” drugs that they may not really need for symptoms of ADHD/ADD and if you don’t need ’em and take too much, you end up behaving like Vanessa did on multiple occasions: irrational, paranoid, angry-crying, etc. This class of drugs is pretty well known to be erroneously and over-prescribed (to put in mildly).


I for one can not wait for Vanessa to be on All Stars to watch all these Vanessa haters heads explode. LOL.

dear jjtownin

Stop stealing everybodies material. You do it every post


You ever think we might be like-minded? We were likely posting at the same time; some of us on here actually do share similar opinions and sets of knowledge. I don’t need to “steal anybody’s material”, I have plenty.

Bunny Flop

Vanessa, is that you? How ya been?


How’s the wedding planning going?


Why was your sister such a bust?


Where’s Jason at this week? Has he picked a side? I think he’s the only one that might blab to Cody and Jess that the real plan is to evict Josh so they need to replace Ramses. Or is he fully on Paul’s side now?


It’s still a little early in the week. Hopefully Jason can get Alex back on track and both of them can convince Jess to pull off Ramses, and replace him with elena, raven, mark, or matt. House sends Josh home. The following week anybody can win and put up xmas and paul.


I don’t think so. Alex basically disregards everything Jason says gamewise. Lol. She nods her head but never listens. I think she sees him as a “recruit”, and somewhat ignorant about the game.

Obb og

The best idea for Jess is to Backdoor Paul then everyone can start playing the game for themselves instead of for Paul. What kind of cast did they choose this season! There’s only a couple of people actually playing the game I thought Alex would step up and her and Jason would work with Ramses and Jessica but all Paul had to do was say ” I wanna work with you” and she turned into an idiot that can’t think for herself. I wish Kevin wouldn’t have taken the temptation cuz then Paul wouldn’t be there this is like the Paul show. If he don’t go soon I’m gonna have to stop watching. They are soooo annoying!!!


I am certain the Jess and Cody would LOVE to backdoor Paul, but they can’t – they simply wouldn’t have the votes to evict him. Even if they were liked well enough by the Minions (and they aren’t), they wouldn’t be able to muster the votes. Would it be a good idea? Of course. But who could they convince? Mark (too scared), Elena (too enamoured). If they took Ramses down? (Yes, absolutely). Jason (possibly). Alex (no way, she believes she’s in a real F2 with Paul), Matt (are you kidding me?) Raven (say no more). Kevin (doubtful, as he might be in a “real” F2 with Paul). Xmas (too enamoured). Cody (yes), and Jess and Josh can’t vote. So, give up the dream…for now 🙂

Obb og

You know ewhat you are absolutely Right! Lol


If this is production keeping it interesting, then I must be missing something. I was hoping Cody would bring a little life back into the game. The only thing he has done is confirm what we thought we knew. Asswipe.


I would love to see Jess use Veto on R and put up Alex, just to see what Paul would do then, does he save Josh or Alex. That would make for some good BB feed.


I was in stitches last night with Kevin’s talk to Jason in the bedroom discussing Jessica. When he mentioned that they haven’t seen her since Cody came back, and that at least she isn’t sticking her finger up their butts now, I couldn’t contain myself. He was saying that the worst thing is if Cody gets evicted, she’ll be back to exploring their orifices. So funny, but so true. This girl is one “horn dog” for sure. Can’t keep her hands (or should I say fingers) to herself.


these sarcastic comments on Ramses saying he not is black but Dominican are showing the lack of intelligence by the poster . Dominicans come in many different racial make ups . if Ramses does not identify as black . then that is his choice and he knows his racial make up . not all people with brown skin are from African descent .

Juliana from New York

You honestly nees to get laid or go take a walk. When did i ever say ANYTHING about what he can or cannpt identity as. He said he’s not black he’s Dominican, so thats what im calling him. Seriously lighten the F up.

And im Moroccan and Brazilian and my husband is Dominican.We have every skin tone in my family, and my husband family always say what Ramses did. Lighten up people


Ok, you’re stupid. I am married to a Puerto Rican man. Many Hispanics from the islands have A LOT of African dNA because the slave trade was heavy on the Caribbean. Do you not understand that you don’t have to be African american to be black? There are black people in Cuba, DR, PR, Panama, and even Mexico due to the Transatlantic slave trade. Ramses is Afro-Latino. He clearly is in denial of this and unable to separate his culture from his DNA. He is most likely a mix of African, Spanish, and Indigenous people of the island. How do you not understand that you can be black AND Latino? This is not a difficult concept to understand. If you have ever been to the Northeast then you would see black Dominicans that look exactly like Ramses or even darker. Some don’t like to identify as black because of the racism and colorism engrained in their culture. Dark skinned people are treated awfully in the DR by the government and the people. Google it. Education time over.


Ok, you’re stupid. I am married to a Puerto Rican man. Many Hispanics from the islands have A LOT of African dNA because the slave trade was heavy on the Caribbean. Do you not understand that you don’t have to be African american to be black? There are black people in Cuba, DR, PR, Panama, and even Mexico due to the Transatlantic slave trade. Ramses is Afro-Latino. He clearly is in denial of this and unable to separate his culture from his DNA. He is most likely a mix of African, Spanish, and Indigenous people of the island. How do you not understand that you can be black AND Latino? This is not a difficult concept to understand. If you have ever been to the Northeast then you would see black Dominicans that look exactly like Ramses or even darker. Some don’t like to identify as black because of the racism and colorism engrained in their culture. Dark skinned people are treated awfully in the DR by the government and the people. Google it. Education time over.

Lou Skunt

This season is the best.


Is there anyway to make the rankings 10 star instead of 5 for future season polls? Sometimes it’s difficult to give a boring person a 3, then give someone who is a real jerk@ff a 2 or a 1. The gap, I think, should be bigger. (That’s not what he said.)


Raven is historonic and attention seeking. I can’t believe her GoFundMe page has increased, since the BB onset. That fact that some one has diet restrictions, but always cooks is interesting. I think Paul and Alex need to be on the block together somehow….this would be the mind blowing to her.


Raven, STFU pleaaaaaaaase. You’re so stupid, and you think you’re smart. Agh???????


Voting for the last temptation was way too long. Voting started while Cody was on the block. Reading comments on here from the period where voting started, there was a push for Jessica to get the temptation because they believed she would vengefully target Paul.
Grodner in interviews says the theme is temptation this season, so other things will be brought in as temptations in the game, just not under the temptation format. Gee, I wonder who production will be aiding with ‘temptations’ that aren’t voted and can only be rewarded to each houseguest once.
Paul in conversation with Matt said he isn’t worried about Cody because he can beat him in competitions, and because of other factors that he can’t disclose. That other reasons he can’t disclose part raises my radar.
The voting house guests this week are missing something in their logic argument. In making Josh the house pawn, do they realize that keeping a big mouth whiner hothead in the house means they have to tolerate him in jury, or that keeping him means next week it could be one of them on the block versus him. What changes if they maintain the logic of keep the big perpetual target in the house against one of them? Their alliance loyalty? Paul, last week, told them the alliance was over. Everyone in the house has flipped sides at least once. There is no way to depend on loyalty when everyone in the house has been disloyal.
Jessica and Cody have no actual clue about the dynamics of the house. They think there are two sides still. There actually isn’t. There’s just two wings of the same group.
After Jessica’s discussion with Cody this morning in regard to Jason and Alex, I think we can firmly put to rest any idea that Alex and Jason should join with Cody and Jessica. Alex doesn’t trust Jessica after week one’s jealousy issue, and Jessica is holding on to her week one dislike of Alex. That alliance idea was never going to be viable.


I see the fun has officially started now.

Once the Nessa arguments resurface from over 2 yrs ago you know the summer is in full swing:)

Can we keep more current and btch about Alex and the fact I hope Jess personally escorts her out the door. Trust me you will be on my hate Alex bandwagon soon. It took many of you a long time to realize James ruined 2 seasons as well.

Ok. Carry on. “Vanessa is the devil and all her success in life makes me so angry because I failed at life”

Haha Haters. Jk well kinda:)



Loch Nessa Monster

Who is this Nessa of whom you speak?


House Guests Smack talk each other all the time, get used to it! This is Big Brother, not fun Summer Camp, just glad the game has started