Big Brother Canada 2 – POST Finale Interviews, Photos, and MORE..

Last night on the finale of Big Brother Canada 2 the winner Jon Pardy was crowned by a vote of 6-1 and took home the grand prize of $100,000, $25,000 gift certificate to the brick and a $10,000 vacation sponsored by Twistos. Sabrina Abbate took second place and left with the second place prize of $20,000. The visually bitter Neda Kalantar walked away with only regrets and disappointment in not being the one to have been able to cut Jon had she beat him in the final part of the 3 part HOH competition.

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Heather asks Adel if she has anything to worry about “1 billion zillion zillios you don’t”

3:12pm HOH Jon and Adel
Adel walks in
Jon – “PLAYA”
Adel – “What’s up playa”
Jon – “Listening to some tunes”
Adel says Gonads (Neda) keeps mentioning who will win at the end who will have enough votes.. I don’t know if she is building up to it.. It’s the third time today.. Once in the main bedroom, once downstairs and once in the washroom.. I don’t know what it means yet I’m just trying to soak it all in ”
Adel – “she knows she has all the votes… her or Sabs”
Jon agrees says the only votes he’ll get two votes Allison and Canada.
Adel – “I’ll get Arlie and Canada”

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Jon tells Heather to stop packing her things “Sabrina goes this week, Adel next, we’re final 3”

12:25pm HOH Heather and Jon

Heather “You and I have been in an alliance since day one.. I don’t understand”

Jon says he never knew what he was going to do. He didn’t want to put up Adel because adel was the pawn last time. it was really between Ned And Heather and he picked heather at the last minute.

Jon – “Why are you packing your things”
Heather says she’s just packing some things she won’t be wearing anymore.
Heather – “I wish I had known before”
Jon says they pulled him into the Diary room to get the nominations and he didn’t know the nominations going in. He couldn’t get to talk to Heather once he was in the DR. “My intentions this morning was Adel going up.. But he had a good point. Whats your biggest fear”

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Lights flashing ON/OFF, Loud Screaming sounds. “Ika, she was looking right at me”

8:13pm Heather Living room

The lights starts flashing on and off.. Houseguests collect around the living room trying to figure it out

Big Brother Starts talking over the speakers.
Big Brother – “Paul please fix your microphone“
Big Brother -“IKA Please put on your microphone“
Sabrina – “OH MY GOD OH MY GOD”
Big Brother -“IKA Please put on your microphone“
Big Brother -“Paul please fix your microphone“
Sabrina says she’s going to have a heart attack.
Adel – “Someone’s coming.. I hear feet”
Neda – “What the f** is happening”

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Friday Night Diaper Dilemma – Jon “So sh1ty.. itchy and sh1t… I Don’t know where it is”

6:46pm Heather and Neda
Heather and Neda decide to head to the bedroom, Neda drinks the rest of the alcohol laying around the baby shower before they go.
Heather says sabrina was talking to her trying to put thoughts in people heads trying to get her to stay. heather says she knows the plan is to get Sabrian out followed by Adel. “Thats the plan right”
Neda – “Ya”

Heather says they are in for a real challenge with the final 3 to take Jon out.

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Heather asks if they would eat her cookies is she sent it to them? Adel says EAT THIS HEATHER!

3pm The house guests are still on a backyard lock down. The conversation turns to talking about how next weeks power of veto competition is the most important one of the season because you’re safe, you decide who goes home and you effectively decide who you want to go to the final 3 with. Jon says that the person that wins HOH next week is also automatically in the final 3 too. Heather is confused and wonder if the person that isn’t on the block wins the veto can they use it on one of the nominees. The others tell her no because you can’t go on the block if you have the veto. Adel argues that you can if you want. Jon says that would be the stupidest move ever. Jon talks about how bad Neda was as a mother again. Jon says you were really bad as a mom.. you exceeded every expectation I had about you being a mother. Neda says I wasn’t that bad.

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Neda says if I lose this challenge that’s bullsh*t! Jon says oh yeah if you lose it’s rigged!

11:15am Adel, Heather and Sabrina are all on the living room couches with their babies. All of the babies start crying. Neda gets up and comes over to the couch. Neda starts changing her baby. Adel calls Neda a bad mother for re-using a dirty diaper. Neda says I probably will be a bad mother. Adel asks if they want to have a dance party with their babies? Neda says maybe later. Adel asks are we allowed to give our babies a bath? Neda says no. Neda’s baby keeps crying and she says I don’t know what to do different, I’m doing the best I can with the limited knowledge I have! Jon asks is this really what happens? Neda asks Jon can you just take my baby I don’t want it any more! Neda asks where does the noise come from?! Jon says the chest. Neda says if this was a cat I would take so much better care of it!! Cats are cuter! Jon comments on how he and Adel have already won this challenge. Neda says I worked at two daycares when I was in high school and I fell asleep at both of them! Jon says there might be lawsuits at those daycares right now.

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Neda says I’ll call mine Cigarette Butt because cigarette butts and alcohol are what got me into this situation.

7am Big Brother wakes up the house guests with their babies. Heather asks what do I do with my baby when I have to pee? In the kitchen Jon says to Adel that if Janelle is pregnant when I go home I am going to be pissed! Adel heads to the bedroom. He lays his baby down and says hello booboo it’s me Dad! Adel goes to Sabrina’s bed and says let me meet your baby! Wake him up! Wake him up I want to meet your dad. Adel says lets convince Neda to put make-up on her baby so that she’s a bad mom. Neda joins them and Adel tells her to put make-up on her baby. Neda says that she’s name will either be patch or … Adel says call it cigarette. Adel sees Heather waking up with her baby and asks if she’s breast feeding.

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Big Brother Canada HOH And Eviction Results Gremlin Vs. Gremlin

The Big Brother Canada season is nearing it’s final leg. At this stage competition wins are paramount. Two big plays are possible one to get Jon/Neda out or Neda and Jon turning on Adel/Heather before Sabrina.

Jon and Neda continue to make deals with everyone in the house, All their bases are now covered (At least on paper). Heather and Adel seem to fine with their original final 4 plan but Jon/Neda fearing betrayal are going to try and use Sabrina to take them out. (Players doing the majority of the betraying are the ones always worried about being betrayed themselves).

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Big Brother Canada 2 – Rachelle tells Jon to go suck a popsicle!

9:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Adel is listening to his HOH music and dancing all over the HOH room. In the main bedroom – Rachelle says she thinks it’s going to be a double eviction tonight. Sabrina says well I’ll see you in 15 minutes then. Sabrina tries again to convince Neda to throw the HOH to her. Trust me, trust me I won’t put you up. Neda says I am just worried about there being a twist or something. Like Canada has the veto and takes Adel off and puts me up. Sabrina says even if that happened I’m the tie breaker. Neda says I will need to see what the competition is like. Sabrina says its way better for me to take out one of your alliance members than for you to. Sabrina asks Neda who she wants out. Neda says either one (Adel or Heather), it doesn’t matter to me.

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Neda plans to win HOH take out Heather/Adel “It’s only 2 votes.. we already pissed everyone else off”

8:17pm Jon and Neda Bathroom

Jon says they have to stop telling Sabs they are not going to throw the HOH.
Neda – “I talked to her and told her”
Jon – “AHHH you went without ME “
Neda – “I told her I want to win HOH because i’m scared of the twist”
Neda says she hasn’t told Sabrina it’s Heather they want to get out not Adel.
Neda – “I’m not throwing this.. I Want to win it it’s stupid if we throw it.. it’s at that point in the game where we can’t throw competition anymore”
Neda – “If it ends up being that we piss off Adel and Heather f** it we have to do it because that’s only 2 votes in jury right.. we already pissed everyone else off” Neda thinks the risks outweigh the rewards if they throw the HOH, If they need to get Heather or Adel out they will do it themselves.

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