Big Brother Canada HOH And Eviction Results Gremlin Vs. Gremlin


The Big Brother Canada season is nearing it’s final leg. At this stage competition wins are paramount. Two big plays are possible one to get Jon/Neda out or Neda and Jon turning on Adel/Heather before Sabrina.

Jon and Neda continue to make deals with everyone in the house, All their bases are now covered (At least on paper). Heather and Adel seem to fine with their original final 4 plan but Jon/Neda fearing betrayal are going to try and use Sabrina to take them out. (Players doing the majority of the betraying are the ones always worried about being betrayed themselves).

Sabrina is just along for the ride at this point She needs to win some BIG competitions to make it to the end and have any chance of winning.

Itโ€™s Jon/Nedaโ€™s game to lose they just need to win a couple more comps and they are 100K richer. A pair in a game of 5 people has a HUGE number advantage. Why the house doesn’t deal with theses couples early in the season is beyond me.

Adel is in much the same boat as Sabrina, Heโ€™s really playing for 20K unless he pulls together some major competition wins.

Heather needs to win a handful of competitions but could still pull off a win, surviving this coming week will be her biggest challenge.


My Predictions

Rachelle goes home Sabrina wins HOH

Social networking spoilers

No credible spoilers tonight ๐Ÿ™

Actual results

Jon Votes to evict Rachelle
Heather Votes to Evict Rachelle
Neda vote to evict Rachelle
Rachelle Is evicted from the Big Brother Canada house

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-24 19-12-26-957

New HOH is Jon

Finale is 2 weeks away.


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I want more info! I can’t watch the episode from work!


Oh God I hope Heather wins this HOH. Go girl.

Jon's ye@ster


*scratches balls


Is it me,or does the BBCAN 2 have the worse editing team ever! Thankfully this website shows whats really going on!


i hope someone makes a big move maybe heather, adel and
sabrina can all work together to get out jon and neda
cause right im preety sure jon and neda are gunna make finale 2


Heather was flying through this HOH comp. Only question is will she tucker herself out ?


lalaala…. I have said the same thing all season. Worst editing ever. Love this site. ๐Ÿ™‚ First thing I check every morning and last thing I check at night.

Adel is smart though

I got addiction too !!


Looks like its built for man to win and jon was in lead before it cut.


Where are the endurance comps???


This one seems endurance based.


Has a guy ever lost a rope challenge against women? I can’t recall one.
Looks like hoh comp made for Jon.
BBCA threw out any chance of throwing it to Sabrina
Since Neda wears the pants …. I predict Adel voted out next


I think Erika did, I don’t remember if it was season 4 or all stars.


Lat years rope challenge was more brutal than this one since the ropes were substantially bigger. This one seemed more fair to smaller people…Jon is just not that small.


But the water was freezing apparently, so that added a whole other dimension to the challenge.

Jon's ye@ster

Seems the HOH competition is designed to favour Neda…small frame and more agile tonget throufh the smaller loops and not have to bring the rope up, down, and around as much as Sabrina and Jon

*scratches balls

Jon's ye@ster

Wunh-wunh-wunh…jon HOH

*scratches balls


Not with the icy cold water – she has no body fat to keep the cold out.


fuck heather is screwed jon won hoh…..


Wikipedia is showing Jon as head of household


Looks like Jon is the new HOH. Now let’s see if he is smart to eliminate Sabrina first as she is a backstabbing irritant. Once she is gone then the final four should duke it out. As far as I am concerned the game is Jon and Neda’s to lose. If those two stick together they can be the final two.


Sabrina won’t be winning any physical comps. The point of the game isn’t to vote out who annoys you the most. Jon should target either Adel or Heather. Whoever is left will team up with Sabrina. It’s better to go up against a team that has one weak person than a team of two athletic people.


Just heard Jon won hoh. So happy !


Bye Adel or Heather! ๐Ÿ™ Jon said he’s definitely getting rid of one of them next week if he won HoH I love Jon but I just wish he’d stay true to his alliance and just get rid of Slobrina. She doesn’t deserve to be final 4.


JON won hoh, RoRo was evicted


Can you imagine if they tried to throw this comp to Sabrina? it would run into next month!! ๐Ÿ˜€


neda bashing janellle pictiure, jealous much neda lmao….


Team Jon/ Neda all the way unless there is a big twist!


If Neda was smart she would get rid of Adel this week. Adel is to much a wild card.
Then it would be … Neda, Heather, and Sabrina competing for the HOH
Sabs won’t win … Then vote out Sabs
Both Heather and Jon would take Neda to F2
Neda for the Win!


I love how you guys choose the most unattractive screencaps of Slobrina. I really do.

Adel is smart though

it is not we choose the bad pics of hers, it is just what her true apprence. She is such a nagetive person and twist so many facts to backstabing people. Dramaqueen !


I love Sob’s gob when she is about to lose it because she looks like she has taken a bite of a shit sandwich.


I have a feeling Jon is going to win and Neda is going to tell him who to put on the block, and from the back of my eyes I know he might put Adele and Sabrina up or Heather and Adele if he makes deal with sabrina which will likely not happen, I just want Jon or anyone to find out Neda is planning to backdoor Jon. Jon and Neda need to go on the block to see how the real game is. Sorry Neda and Jon fans.


Uhmm why are you using my name? Lol


I disagree; the DR is getting her to say she should take out Jon, but the fact she is on board to take out Heather instead of Adel says she really is comfortable taking Jon. Granted, there is still a POV to play and she may throw it to Heather or win it and remove Heather after confirming her F2.

What spooked Neda is she knows how intelligent Heather is and evidently she almost beat Jon tonight in the strength endurance. This combined competition ability is scaring Neds who also knows Heather knows the house the best and would be the odds on favorite to win the POV at the pivotal F4.

The thing that changed this week was (for the first time) Jon got his way since Neda wanted Heather to go farther and Jon wanted Adel since they both knew they were the 2nd option for F2 with Adel/Heather. However, when Jon informed Neda that he had a F2 with Heather it caused Neda to question Heather’s sincerity to take her to F2 and it proved she had F2 with everyone except Sabrina in the house.

Finally, on the feeds tonight Neda commented on how freaked out Heather was immediately following Jon’s win which pointed to the fact she didn’t trust their F3 & was looking to take out Jon or Neda had she won. The 1 thing Neda has had a good read on all season is who is firmly committed to deals & who she could trust. She knew Alison’s deal wasn’t real so she had to go. As soon as she knew Heather would try to break them up (despite her constant affirmations of a F3 with Jon/Neda) she agreed to let her go.

Neda wisely told Jon/Adel to say Heather is just a pawn to keep her options open & so Heather won’t be freaked should she win POV and go guns blazing to win the pivotal F4 HOH & split them up next week.

So, presently Sabrina is now utilizing her time to plant seeds of doubt in the other 4 house members though I doubt Adel will EVER listen to her. Jon, Neda & Adel have confirmed their F3 with Adel but they’ll also do 1 with Sabs to cover their bases.

I won’t be surprised if next week’s HOH is the chicken coop challenge which Neda will prob win and a POV geared for Jon or Neda to win. Question is will Neda have the balls (ha ha, no pun intended NedBalls) to take out Jon if she has the chance & take Sabs with Adel to F3. For some reason I believe she’s decided to go the distance with Jon and although she currently thinks Jon will win I actually think Arlie/Allison’s jury house video were telling this evening b/c they know Neda is really the one calling the shots. Being super fans they’ll respect her strategy above comps (where Neda has also been no sloutch) and give her the votes. If Heather isn’t bitter she’ll also vote for Neda. I think Adel & the Gremlins make vote for Jon unless the house can convince them otherwise and it will be Canada who becomes the deciding vote! IMO, Neda has had the most complete, overall game so I hope she wins the $$$$


I hope Jon won Hoh and wakes up and puts up Adel and Neda, and hopefully either heather, Jon or Sabrina will win Pov, then either one of those two can go to jury house. The reason for it… is Neda has no problem blindsiding Jon. so why don’t… if its good enough for her to do then it should be plenty good for it to be done to her.

Can’t believe she had to be given a tip.. on to be nice in her good bye messages what is she 3.. clearly she has mentality of one. :” haha I never would have thought of that.. to be nice in my good by messages.. Jillian had to tell you really neda… so stooped.

so yes… any scenario ending in adel leaving or neda is good..


Peter is such a douche!


The irony of the game is that Sabrina did manage to get to the final five, which was basically her goal from the beginning….


everyone jon wants heather gone so does neda… i think heather is going to jury thursday….


so sick of the jon and neda show. if they make it to final 2 i will laugh at these dumbass houseguests for leaving them in the game so long.


There are no competitors left. Jon is going to steamroll through. Jon and Neda will be final 2.


Damn, was hoping for Heather to win. ๐Ÿ™

Now that they’ve been split up, this is sort of off topic I know but who came up with “The Gremlins?” I’ve never been able to figure this out. It’s pretty funny I think. If there is a vid showing this that would be a bonus. Please someone tell me, thanks in advance!


It was definitely Kenny and I think it was week 2. He called them gremlins because they were up giggling all night.


This comp was made for guy to win so Jon won it.
So tired of it.


Didn’t Arissa say during her Hangout today that comps are preselected MONTHS in advance??


… and I was referring to the game/comp selection, not the winner etc.


Love that Jon won. Bye Sabs. Your time is up. BUT, if she wins POV, Jon should back door Neda because she’d do the exact same thing if situation reversed.


Jon should make a big move & put up neda before she puts him up first!!! JON SABRINA HEATHER for the Final 3!!!

I Love BB!!

I hope Jon reliazes Neda’s change of attitude towards him lately and back doors her ! Before she does it to him !
Really hoping Jon wins BBC2 , but as along as Sabrina doesn’t win I’ll be happy . I use to like Neda but shes just behind Sabrina now ..


Jon is lining his F2 options up.

Russ from Van

I guarantee Arlie is having a good ol time in the jury house now that Allison is there! Better time than Andrew had. A hundo!

Big Jon's time

now’s jon’s time,,, put up heather and sabs , heather, sabs or jon win veto then make a dea lwith adel and backdoor Neda (she’s wanted backdoored by jon all season if ya know what I mean) heather and adel want sab out and you’re on easy street


looks like heather is going if she does not win pov fuck ……. jon neda and adel all agreed to vote her out this sucks come on heather win pov…..


Would of loved to watch Neda and Jon on the block it would of made things more interesting.Also curious to see how they would of campaigned against each other.Now its going to be pretty predictable.


jon is not going to turn his back on neda come on….. rewind the feeds hot tub convo neda jon and adel all agree to vote heather out…. heather is jury bound unless she wins pov which i hope happens…..


Peter is sunburnt. He just returned from Reality Rally in California.


I find Peter totally annoying, but your comment is just gross.