Heather asks if they would eat her cookies is she sent it to them? Adel says EAT THIS HEATHER!

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 26th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 28th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: May 1st
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?

BBCAN2-2014-04-25 12-13-29-640
3pm The house guests are still on a backyard lock down. The conversation turns to talking about how next weeks power of veto competition is the most important one of the season because you’re safe, you decide who goes home and you effectively decide who you want to go to the final 3 with. Jon says that the person that wins HOH next week is also automatically in the final 3 too. Heather is confused and wonder if the person that isn’t on the block wins the veto can they use it on one of the nominees. The others tell her no because you can’t go on the block if you have the veto. Adel argues that you can if you want. Jon says that would be the stupidest move ever. Jon talks about how bad Neda was as a mother again. Jon says you were really bad as a mom.. you exceeded every expectation I had about you being a mother. Neda says I wasn’t that bad.

adel and heather 13423
3:30pm – 3:55pm Big Brother lets the house guests back inside for a bathroom / food break and then puts them back on a backyard lock down. In the kitchen Adel asks Neda if she feels okay with everything? Neda says yeah. Adel says I didn’t think she (Heather) was that physical but she’s smart as f**k. Neda says she did so well! Adel says I think she might be smarter than Jon too. Neda says she thinks so too. They all grab food and head back outside. The conversation turns to talking about Harry Potter. They start talking about food. Heather asks them if they would eat her cookies if she sent it to them?! Jon says no. Neda says yes! Jon whispers to Adel. Then Adel throws his pelvic up in the air and grabs his junk and says “Eat this HEATHER!” Heather says oh my god!

BBCAN2-2014-04-25 13-13-58-643

4:20pm – 4:30pm Big Brother gets the house guests to sing oh Canada. After the house guests lay back down and Jon starts to fall asleep. Big Brother tells them to wake up or face the consequences. They get up and start playing with the sports equipment.

BBCAN2-2014-04-25 13-33-27-924
5pm – 5:40pm Jon Adel and Heather head out to the hot tub room. Heather tells Jon that she always used to think that everything magical happens when it rains. Meanwhile inside Sabrina asks Neda if they’re going to blindside everyone? Neda says no he’s going to tell Heather. Sabrina asks so he’s going to blindside Adel and not tell him? Neda says I think Jon is telling him too, I don’t know what this blind side is that he’s talking about. Neda says I would prefer Adel to go this week. Sabrina says because it’s better for you? Neda says yeah. Sabrina asks if Jon is thinking because he can’t play next week. Neda says after seeing how well Heather did in the competition last night makes her think its better for her to go. Neda talks about how her feet are so stinky right now. She then picks up her boot and smells it.
neda smells her boots

Jon asks do you think they will buzz me if I try and get in the hammock? Adel says try it no ones even watching us right now. Jon gets up to run and Big Brother immediately turns the alarm on. They all laugh. Jon says touché!

5:45pm – 6:10pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds.. Neda tells Sabrina if there were some house guest to come back I feel that they would be like able to watch us on tvs and stuff. Big Brother had told them they would be let inside in 14 minutes. After 30 minutes Big Brother still hasn’t opened the door. Jon comments on how he can’t believe Arlie told Big Brother to “S his D!” Neda says that was the real Arlie coming out. Sabrina says he didn’t tell them he screamed it.
BBCAN2-2014-04-25 15-15-33-408
6:15pm – 6:30pm Big Brother opens the back door to let the house guests back into the house. All the house guests rush inside.. The house guest see that in the living room is a baby shower for the house guests. Jon says uh oh Janelle is pregnant! Neda reads the card. The person with the least amount of infractions is Adel who gets to enjoy the reward with everyone else. The person with person with the most infractions is Jon who will receive a punishment by big brother. Big Brother has an extra special something planned for the loser Jon. Neda reads off all of Jon’s infractions = missed a feeding, missed a feeding, missed a burp, missed a changing.. etc. Neda says I was the person with the second least amount of infractions. Jon says worst dad award goes to me! Neda says I’m not that bad of a mom! Jon says no, that’s not real results! Neda says awww. this is adorable .. still never having a kid. Heather says I still don’t understand the whole point in all of this. Neda says I don’t think this was the whole reason why the house was locked. I still like it though. Neda says everyone just wants to see Jon in a diaper. Sabrina says I am a very nurturing mother what that hell!! We stayed outside for 25 hours for this?!?!! This took 3 minutes!
BBCAN2-2014-04-25 15-16-48-000

Jon comes out of the diary room in his punishment…
BBCAN2-2014-04-25 15-27-50-243

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What a horrible cast of people… from this whole season who is there to like?..way to many people in there 20s..they are all just a bunch of spoilt brats!!!

oh pls

horrible cast? get over yourself.. im sure youd be so much better in there.. *yawn*


Watch BB15 and then you won’t complain about this group of people being too young and are brats.


I still have nightmares about that rat Andy.


Yea bb15 was the worst ever bb out of all.the bbs I’ve seen! Man I hope it’s a good cast this year! I couldn’t even watch all of last yr


BB16 premieres exactly 2 months from tonight !!!!


disgusting, Adel where are your manners ??


Oh please, he’s only joking around.


I think Sabrina has become lonely- she does not even talk anymore, kinda sad
here’s what i think:

Neda: she is planning to take Sabrina to the final 2 after she had the emmet and jillian session, it is smart for her to take sabrina since sabrina did not do anything the entire game. I also think that she will eliminate Jon if she gets the chance even though they are good friends, however, i think she is here to play the game and will do anything to get the $100000. I am all Team Neda and am hoping she wins!!!!!

Jon: he is in the best position in terms of who he takes to the final 2 – he can beat all of them so he has nothing to worry about, however, whoever wins next weeks HOH – Jon maybe in big trouble since everyone wants him gone!

Sabrina: such a lonely person, i do not think she has any chance of winning this game with any of the other house guests – maybe beside adel but its a long shot – she may have a chance to get the $20000 though.

Heather: she should win the Veto this week to save herself or else she is going home. She has a chance of winning against Sabrina and Adel. If she stays this week, i think next week if she wins HOH she is going to put up Jon and Neda for sure – guaranteed!

Adel: I do not think he is going up, unless Heather wins the Veto and takes herself off. But this week would be so interesting if Heather is on the block and Adel wins Veto and takes off Heather and Jon has to nominate Neda and Neda ends up going home. That would be insane!!!!!!!! However, i am rooting for Neda so im hoping this does not happen


another name

opinion from the pov to give jemmet session.
hoh previous week was supposed to get it: neda.
happened to be a holiday weekend. postponed.
both adel and heather throw the competition (for whatever reason).
the person that was supposed to get the jemmet session for hoh but didn’t still gets the jemmet session.
not so shocked in my opinion.
opinion on false pawning heather:
good for jon. bad for neda. vote wise.
opinion on breaking word to Sabrina again and sending out heather instead of adel:
bad for jon. good for neda. vote wise.
opinion on keeping adel:
good for jon. bad for neda. game wise.


Jon is the one who told him to do it. Calm down.

mark anthony

im almost 100 percent certain if jon didn’t have a girlfriend there would be no way she would ever think of sending him home. she’s got a huge crush on him whether she admits it or not.


next year the amount should increase, 100,000 is good but BBC can do way better.


I could see them moving it to 200k or 250k. It’s tax free in Canada (except for Quebec I think) so 250k plus The Brick etc would actually be a larger prize than BBUS.


I want to move to Canada. I would actually try out for BBCA not BBUS.


Canada is great 🙂


It’s tax free in quebec too


It would be awesome to watch if Adel won veto and used it on Heather, however, I highly doubt that he’ll try to win it in the first place and on the offchance that he does, he doesn’t seem like the person who would want to make a big move, despite the fact that it’d be easier for him to win against Heather or Sabrina in the finals.


If Adel was to do a big move such as this he would need to use it on Sabrina. I don’t think Heather would vote out Neda but Sabrina could be convinced. Then they would need to convince Heather that they need to go after Jon. So basically Adel needs to form a F3 with Heather and Sabrina or F2 with them.

I don’t see it happening unless Sabrina can convince him of this. He needs to know Neda wants to take Sabrina ‘Far’, possibly to the end. Adel would rat out Sabrina as he doesn’t trust her. (we have already seen Heather rat out Sabrina to Neda about fishing for Heather’s target).

Adel will again throw the POV.


sabrina is really pissed that she was the second worst at this challenge….

Mother Fcker

….to be fair Neda was a really horrible mother and she go 2nd best.


this was rigged so we can see the biggest baby in history ,jon in diapers….


This task was like stress test for them lol. Neda was the most stressed one so she proved still can Handel it but Jon… 🙂


This season is so fricken boring! These stupid twists have made it so boring and I can hardly watch anymore episodes. Can’t wait for bbus because they make it more entertaining. Canada juat ruined bb!


Must have been like the babies from the parenting classes that record all of the feedings and all of that, they must have just judged it based on the results from that and not from actually watching the house guests lol.

A Name

“Yeah ok good one. Why don’t you go get some bathing suits?” HAHAHAAH I swear Adel never fails to crack me up!!!! Looooooooool


Can anyone tell me in which video and at what time jon tries to run to the hammock and gets buzzed? I can’t seem to find it.