Big Brother Canada 2 – Rachelle tells Jon to go suck a popsicle!

POV Holder: Neda Next POV April 26th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony April 21st
HOH Winner: Adel Next HOH: April 24th
Original Nominations: Sabrina and Rachelle
Current Nominations: Sabrina and Rachelle
Have Nots Neda

BBCAN2-2014-04-24 06-31-34-581
9:30am – 10:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Adel is listening to his HOH music and dancing all over the HOH room.
In the main bedroom – Rachelle says she thinks it’s going to be a double eviction tonight. Sabrina says well I’ll see you in 15 minutes then. Sabrina tries again to convince Neda to throw the HOH to her. Trust me, trust me I won’t put you up. Neda says I am just worried about there being a twist or something. Like Canada has the veto and takes Adel off and puts me up. Sabrina says even if that happened I’m the tie breaker. Neda says I will need to see what the competition is like. Sabrina says its way better for me to take out one of your alliance members than for you to. Sabrina asks Neda who she wants out. Neda says either one (Adel or Heather), it doesn’t matter to me. Sabrina questions why it doesn’t matter. Neda says I just need to sit down and think about it.

In the kitchen – Heather comments to Jon that as long as Sabrina follows right after Rachelle, that’s all that matters to me. Jon says we just need to win HOH. Sabrina joins then in the kitchen and asks Jon if he notices that she’s lost weight. Jon says no. Sabrina says but you noticed that Rachelle had. Jon says he wouldn’t notice it if it was a gradual loss. Jon and Sabrina head up to the bathroom. Rachelle and Sabrina talk to Jon about how they believe yoga helps in endurance competitions. Jon disagrees with them and leaves the room. Jon says just do yoga and your fine! Rachelle tells Jon to go suck a popsicle! Neda tells Rachelle and Sabrina that Jon is just messing with them. Jon returns and admits that yoga helps in endurance competitions. Rachelle comments that she could take 3 months off yoga and go back and still do everything she used to do. Jon disagrees and says wow I think that’s super human-y of you.
BBCAN2-2014-04-24 07-07-51-641

10:35am Sabrina gives Rachelle a spray tan..
BBCAN2-2014-04-24 07-32-14-325

BBCAN2-2014-04-24 07-55-20-178

11am Jon asks Neda in the storage room – did you decide who you would get out if its a double? Neda says I think we’ll vote out Heather. Jon says that’s what I think too. Neda says I would lose out on her jury vote though. Jon says me too. Neda says no you don’t, I’d lose it more than you do. Jon says we’ve been working on since day 1 me and Heather. Neda asks Jon did she ask you? Jon says that Heather said if Neda asks me for a final two I am just going to say yes. Neda asks did you ask her that? Jon says she came to me, she just brought it up. Jon and Neda start studying the dates/events of the house. They talk about how Jon has never been on the block and how both Neda and him have never had to pack their bags.

BBCAN2-2014-04-24 08-19-39-896
Jon tells Neda I think that because of Adel’s nomination speech .. Canada would not vote for him. Sabrina comes out of the diary room and Jon asks her if she is okay, are you sick? Sabrina stops at the stairs. Neda says its eviction day. Jon says oh sorry. Sabrina starts to cry and says she is so sad. I don’t even go to the bathroom without her (Rachelle). Sabrina asks them to be nice to her this week. Neda and Jon both say then will and that they like her. Sabrina starts crying and heads up the stairs saying these people are so evil I don’t want to be here without her. Sabrina says if Adel is mean to me one more time I am going to throw him down the stairs. At the top of the stairs Sabrina sees Adel and asks him to just please be nice to her. Adel doesn’t say a word and goes into the HOH room. Sabrina says that’s so rude, he’s a f**king a$$hole! In the living room – Jon tells Neda if its endurance and its just me and you I will step down .. because it will probably be physical next week.

11:45am In the main bedroom – Sabrina tells Neda that she asked Jon if it was a double eviction who would go and he told me to ask you. Neda says that she hasn’t decided who it would be – either Heather or Adel. Neda tells Sabrina that she would have to go on the block though. Sabrina says just please put up Adel. He is going to win this. Neda says that Adel isn’t going to win anything. They talk about different scenarios and what might happen if there’s a twist. Rachelle tells them that she was told not to wear a dress. Sabrina says she was told that too.

BBCAN2-2014-04-24 08-34-26-287

11:50am In the storage room – Adel says to the camera that his motion is in plan.. now I am going to go tell Neda that Sabrina is going to manipulate all the votes in the jury house against me. Here we go!

12:20pm In the living room – Neda tries to sleep on the couch and Big Brother wakes her up again. Jon looks at the camera and says What a TURD!

BBCAN2-2014-04-24 09-15-24-801

12:40pm Big Brother tells Neda that to answer her question she is on slop until after the eviction. Neda says okay thank you.

BBCAN2-2014-04-24 09-31-31-110

12:50pm – 1pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds..

1:55pm Still blocked..
BBCAN2-2014-04-24 11-03-05-580
2pm The live feeds are turned back on with Adel and Heather in the kitchen cooking. Adel heads up to the bedroom to tell Jon that food is ready. In the bathroom – Big Brother tells Rachelle that she can’t wear that necklace because it interferes with her microphone. Rachelle says I’ve worn it before, let me lengthen my microphone. Big Brother then blocks the live feeds again..

BBCAN2-2014-04-24 11-05-03-746

2:25pm – 3pmThe live feeds return again – Sabrina and Rachelle are sitting in the chairs on the landing talking. Rachelle says I want to go! I am so excited to go out there. She says she’s a little nervous about going out on the stage. Rachelle wonders if they will f**k sh*t up and bring back Arlie. Sabrina says they have done that more than once before. Rachelle heads downstairs and Sabrina practices her eviction speech.

BBCAN2-2014-04-24 11-26-33-882

Looks like from the leak that it isn’t going to be an endurance competition like the house guests were speculating. It’s weird that big brother has been building something in the backyard all morning but it doesn’t look like much to show for it. Also why did big brother tell the house guests to wear running shoes / no dresses?? Was all that just to throw the house guests off on what would be happening tonight? So another buzzer competition tonight? Where are all the endurance competitions?

6:20pm Feeds have been blocked all afternoon as usual on eviction night with no other live feeds leaks..

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double eviction, heres hoping both sabs and richelle go tonight if it is!

Pinocchio Obama


Love the screen name even though I am not a milk fan.


NOOO NEDA don’t throw the fuc*ing HoH to that cow … I can’t believe she’s throwing you a bone and you’re “thinking” to go grab it..fool


That’s totally rude to call someone a cow and a bone. I can see you would probably be an emotional game player in the big brother house. Thankfully your not!



All of a sudden I’m all team Neda. Lol. Strange!
I mean if these people are stupid enough to let Neda control them…
Then she totally deserves to win the whole thing


I don’t know how anyone can be team Neda. She is a complete bitch to everyone. I don’t know how anyone can like that alliance when all they are are bullies. I’m cheering for the gremlins now just to hope the other side will fall.


It’s not a Double though. I didn’t see it mentioned anywhere…usually Slice has a commercial.


What is it tho? There is nothing on slice that i can see allowing me to predict the next HOH and nominations and POV for this week. It stops at prediction for today’s eviction.


We had a double this week with RoRo being the 2nd eviction after Allison got the instant one. That’s why there is no eviction vote on the slice game. That’s how they handled doubles in the past. You vote on the 1st of 2 not the second in general. Because of the instant no POV choice thus they put in 2nd HOH as the 4th selection.


So strange that Heather makes absolutely no effort to interact outside of her alliance. And when she talks to Jon she uses her baby voice and to Neda she uses her gushy overly friendly voice. Jon/Neda are so on to her attempt to play them both! At the end of this game I think that she is the one person who I will forget first because she has shown us zero personality.


Neda is trying really hard to keep heather without letting on how tight they are… if Jon cuts Delamore she will win the game


Adel will take sabrina to the f2 only way he will win


heather basically has to make a comp run or she is done… f5 hoh f4 pov f3 hoh thats the only way i see her going to the end…. im hoping she wins f5 hoh and stab jon and neda in the back, heck they want her out anyways so its only fair she takes them out first…. this probably is not going to happen since production wants another showmance to get to the end…. big brother canada is all about showmance going far…..


Am I the only one who’s been rooting for Adel to leave. Never been a fan of him and constantly annoys me, he reminds me of Tony from this season of survivor, except that tony actually has game and adel thinks he has one but actually doesn’t. Somehow, if he gets to the end I wouldn’t be surprise if he takes credit for all of the evictions of the jury. :))


have u guys notice that every time jon talks about janelle , neda just sits there really silent and looks at jon weirdly…. big brother my ass, i really believe if jon made a move on her she would hook up with him….


Yeah he was patting her on the bum yesterday while telling her how pretty she is. You don’t do that to your sister.

It’s funny because I’ve seen Neda rant countless times about how she hates cheating. I guess it’s not as bad when she’s the other girl though…

I’ve heard girls call that ’emotional cheating’, and I think this qualifies. Not to mention the pats on the bum, kisses on the forehead, etc., One of these days they’re gonna get hammered and Jon’s gonna make a move and it’ll be dunzo for him and Janelle.


They’ve been together 24/7 for months! I think that they’ve behaved admirably considering that there is an attraction. Neda has made zero inappropriate moves on Jon so I don’t know where this “Neda is cheating” accusation comes from. If anyone is on the verge it’s Jon! I really like the guy but His constant playing with himself in front of the girls and us is nauseating …. Can you imagine if one of the girls would sit there with her hands in her pants – constantly fiddling with herself???? Everyone would be in an uproar! I’m sure every derogatory name in the book would make their way into this comment section!


Of all the dudes I’ve known that do that, they’re pretty much all hockey players. I don’t get it, but it’s something a lot of them do.


They hook up with all the puck slu!s and get STDs. You would be surprised how many girls willingly hook up with these guys just because they play hockey. Geez he’s 23 and already hooked up with close to 20 people. Yuck! My theory.


Oh god please stop complaininig like a jealous woman.anywhere I see an ignorant comment about neda, your name pops up right after.
You have got so much hate for her .stop f**king judge her who are you to judge anyway.


I’ve forgotten to add his name “Michael “


There are some good reasons why it wouldn’t be bad to let Sabs win HOH. If that happens, Sabs can’t play in the next HOH, which is the most important one of the season because it guarantees final 3. If Sabs takes out Adel or Heather, then Jon and Neda are competing against the one that is left, so they have a 2 out of three chances to win the HOH. Really though, that only means one of them are safe because anything can happen with the POV. Lets say Jon wins that HOH, he puts up Heather or Adel, depending on which one is left and Sabs. Adel or Heather wins POV and the only person he can put up is Neda. Neda probably goes home because Jon doesn’t have a vote and she is such a threat to win the game, so Heather or Adel will vote against her.and then final 3 is Jon, Sabs and Heather/Adel. If Neda and Jon throw it to Sabrina this week, they will buy some good will in case things don’t go their way next week. They will need her vote. I still think it’s risky to trust their lives with Sabrina because she runs on emotion and you never know what she is going to do. I’ll never forget when Boogie was HOH, he put up Janelle and Erika. Janelle won POV and the only person he could put up was Dr. Will. Janelle voted to evict him and Boogie lost his closest friend. final 4 HOH is the most dangerous one of the game. The only guarantee to your safety is holding HOH or POV, but you don’t have the power to keep an ally safe.


I think Adel is playing for second place. Not sure about his logic about wanting everyone to hate him for jury. Looks like Neda is taking Jill and Emmit’s advice in being nice to everyone. The eviction message for RoRo tonight will let us see if she has really changed, as Nedas past messages have not been too kind..

jon's ye@ster

as I am sure you know, he wants the “hate” so any house guest will take him to F2 and then during his speech he will “reveal his all along mastermind plan”
…don’t think any of t will work, or that anybody is buying it

*scratches balls


Maybe he will reveal it in his good-bye messages.


It is a great strategy IMO; especially if he can convince the jury that it was all just a brilliant strategic play.

Has that strategy ever been used before? Everyone wants to play Dr. Will’s game, but Deli seems to be playing his own game. That’s what I respect about his strategy. It’s uncommon if it’s ever been used before.


It’s kind of taking from Evel Dick’s strategy

mark anthony

of all the houseguest remaining im rooting for adel. is a smart game player…. lol absolutely not. but him winning would be comical and it would make sabrina lose her mind.


Not sure why Heather is closer to Adel for game there never talk about game lately.
You can forget about Sabrina because Sabrina is Sabrina.


Adel has bought into he and Jon F2 is why I think. He might make a move if he wins POV F4 assuming he doesn’t go this week coming. Given a chance most left might do something but if Joneda are true to each other they are going to be hard to beat.

team adel

Lol genius by adel haha


im going to miss roro, i was hoping rachelle would stay because she would have put up jon and adel…


So funny, just saw Kenny at my friendly neighborhood Provigo in Mtl …guess he lives in my neighborhood. Very, very cute in person …:)


Which Provigo? I’ve been stalking the village trying to find him 😉

Russ from Van

I bet Peter sprung a h*rd on while hosting that POV the other day, as he stared at Rachel the whole time. One hundo! He’s such a creep, lol.


It’s looking like a definite endurance comp. I think it will come down to Heather vs Neda. It should be very interesting.


go heather blow up the house… put jon and neda up and send one to jury house…..


did heather say she would put Jon and Neda up?


There’s no one in the house she could mention something like that to without getting in trouble, but she can’t possibly feel secure with all the Neda, Jon, Sab chatter.


just got a glimpse of hoh comp its looks like another q and a feed leak …


could the q and a from the feed leak possibly a DE hoh comp? Could be for the POV? If it is DE the endurance would be the second of the two HOH comps


If they throw it to sabs well I hope they F-themselves!


its another buzzer type comp what the frack…


I’m really hoping Heather wins this HOH and gets rid of Sabrina! Can’t stand her narcissistic personality and crying she’s driving me crazy!

A Name

Sabrina is DISGUSTING. How can anyone feel sorry for her and get mad about Adel?!? She literally threatened Adel that “she’ll kill him and throw him down the stairs” and then arrogantly tells Adel “I suggest that you be nice to me when she (Rachelle) leaves” he ignores her and she calls him the a-hole? She needs to be punched in the face

it's rigged

there is no endurance HOH because Sabrina wouldn’t stand a chance, this is productions way of tilting the odds in her favour so whe wont be the next to go.


Save Svetlana! If RoRo stays make her stay in character as Svetlana the rest of the season


That would be absolute torture.


lol —-my motion is in plan……(cute mistake) —–I really hope neda and jon f-themselves—–if they throw ANYTHING—to Sabrina!


if this is another q and a im gonna stop watching….. maybe its a physical comp where u hit the button at the end? what happened to all the endurance ? i want to see the wall that was a bad ass endurance….


Heather always does well at buzzer comps, so she could win this one. Neda has done well too, and they have all been studying. I don’t know if Heather will stick with the sloppies or make a big move. If she did win and put up Jon and Neda, she is a lame duck next week unless she wins POV, so I think her safest move is to put up Sabs and Adel, and vote out Sabs or Adel if veto is used. If she puts up Jon and Neda, she will officially be breaking ties with the sloppies. I don’t think its the best move for her game. Not until final 4 HOH.

Young Veto

I’m willing to bet a Hundo Jon’s girlfriend breaks up with him after this show


No way! This cannot be ANOTHER Q/A HOH competition! Seriously, this is ridiculous. They haven’t had a endurance/physical challenge in such a long time. Hmm production, what are they up to? Do they want Sabrina win this one to shake up the house? This is indeed very strange…


I bet jon and neda end up in bed together within the next two week if not in the house maybe in jury where there are no cameras around… poor Janelle I feel bad for her seing jon flirt with neda this much….


Name. Stop that.


For a LOT of reasons, Neda is not Jon’s type, regardless they are the only socalled couple in the house. It is slightly possible that Neda might have a small crush on him, but for another set of reasons, i doubt that she is attracted to him either. Most of Neda’s reactions are game related, as in normal paranoia about is Jon really only aligned with her, or is that a sign he is really aligned with Heather when he says hello to Heather lol

She isn’t called emo for nothing, far more likely to be attracted to a starving artist with tatoos and piercings than a big jock like Jon. Not to mention he has a girlfriend he talks about a lot, and the GF is voluptuous and pretty and sexy. Neda is pretty but she is girly cute or emo, not sexy like Janelle. And a jock beer drinking, over drinking bar going guy’s guy like Jon is going to go for voluptuous sexy over nerdy emo any day of the week.

She’s alternative, indy rock, and west coast. He is One Direction. Nuff said.


I’m trying to think of an endurance where you need to buzz at the end…Is the running back and forth trying to pour something into a jug considered endurance or physical? How about the one where you run back and forth and roll the ball over the ramp trying to not let it drop?


i think there are a number of these kinds of things, you have the right idea, a buzzer can still be physical comp


maybe the backyard buzzer comp is going to have something to do with the mugs that come into the house?

why doesn’t the slice site have options to predict the next HOH and noms, does anyone know, did i ask that 10 times already?? 🙂

another name

just guessing sunnydee, but last double eviction, it wouldn’t allow me to predict the next hoh until the second eviction was complete.


hi chloe… heather is a lame duck anyways ,,, jon and neda wants her out so why not take a big player out and make a deal with Sabrina and adel? you get jon out or neda out then work with the adel or Sabrina… no matter what happens heather has to win pov any way at f4,,,,, if jon or neda or even adel win f4 hoh heather will go up anyways…. heather has to win the next pov anyways to save her self….. jon and neda want Sabrina and adel for f4 because they believe sab and adel will go at each other at f4…


Competition wise, this season has been a huge let down.


How can you stick up for Adel with the way he has been speaking to Sabrina and Rachelle he has no right to speak to anyone the way he has this week. He is rude and mean and needs to leave




Adel & Neda both Evil…Adel bullying a girl is a disgrace & i hope Sabrina wins next hoh & puts him up! Im gonna miss the gremlins they made thhe show exciting it will be sooo boaring now The rest Are so Lame minus Jon


im going to miss Svetlana she was hot as hell…. bring Svetlana back…..


For season 3 i hope there find other reasons to get the public involve that don’t necessary change the game so much.
I don’t mind if public got pickout food for have nots besides slop.
What type of party should the houseguest have.
Something that does not affect the game.


So……………….. “if” BB told Rachelle NOT to wear a dress, then WHY does she come out all dolled up in one – a micro mini at that????? She even has to flash us on her way out??????????????????


Let me guess Jon will win HOH Tonight


i cried when rachelle left the gremlins were the best i love their bond its sooo real & one of a kind i swear the universe lined these two up for a reason. I can’t wait for them to re-unite…it will be interesting to see Sabrina without her…