Neda plans to win HOH take out Heather/Adel “It’s only 2 votes.. we already pissed everyone else off”

POV Holder: Neda Next POV April 26th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony April 21st
HOH Winner: Adel Next HOH: April 24th
Original Nominations: Sabrina and Rachelle
Current Nominations: Sabrina and Rachelle
Have Nots Neda

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-23 16-35-20-859

7:46pm Gremlins

Sabrina – “If I could lose weight I would be a commercial model”
Rachelle says Sabrina doesn’t have to lose weight
Sabrina scoffs
Rachelle says Sabrina could be a face model

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-23 17-12-18-708

7:56pm JOn, Heather and Neda
Heather is surprised they were out of the house for so long today. Neda thinks it had something to do with tomorrow’s show.
Heather – “I can’t believe theres only 2 of everything left.. 2 vetoes 2 HOH’s”
Heather saying that Sabrina must know that they want her out next.
Neda leaves.

Heather is worried something “F***ed” is going to happen tomorrow. Neda suggests maybe Canada gets to pick the HOH again or Canada Is the HOH.
Heather doesn’t think Canada will pick Sabrina. Neda doesn’t know wonders if she has maybe redeemed herself. heather doesn’t think so.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-23 17-18-07-264

8:17pm Jon and Neda Bathroom

Jon says they have to stop telling Sabs they are not going to throw the HOH.
Neda – “I talked to her and told her”
Jon – “AHHH you went without ME “
Neda – “I told her I want to win HOH because i’m scared of the twist”
Neda says she hasn’t told Sabrina it’s Heather they want to get out not Adel.
Neda – “I’m not throwing this.. I Want to win it it’s stupid if we throw it.. it’s at that point in the game where we can’t throw competition anymore”
Neda – “If it ends up being that we piss off Adel and Heather f** it we have to do it because that’s only 2 votes in jury right.. we already pissed everyone else off” Neda thinks the risks outweigh the rewards if they throw the HOH, If they need to get Heather or Adel out they will do it themselves.
Neda – “We have to win HOH tomorrow and that ensures our safety 100% .. next week one of us has a chance to win and both of us can play for Veto”

Jon is pissed at Neda for going to Sabrina and talking to her without talking to him first.

Neda says she gave Sabrina no information other that they do not want her gone next week.

Jon – “what is heather saying to you“
Neda – “the same old sh1t”
Jon – “I think she should go”
Neda says she’s not convinced what is better sending Adel or Heather home, ‘You clearly want Adel to stay and that is because you think Heather will put you up”

Jon – “Do we stick with the final 4 thing and send sabs home”
Jon – “I don’t give 2 f*** about that final 4”
NEda feels the same.

Neda says if they f** over the final 4 deal they have it’s only 2 people mad at them.
Jon says Heather is sketchy as f*** and its driving him insane.

8:40pm Gremlins giggling
Rachelle impersonates Adel’s nomination speech.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-23 18-04-07-424

8:50pm Neda, Jon, Adel and Heather Kitchen
JOn – “Neda told me she saw Deli in his underwear he’s got a little t1ny h@mmer”
Adel – “Well She can just put it in her m*uth to find out”
Neda – “You are not allowed to hang out with JOn anymore he’s corrupted you”
Heather – “Jon corrupted Deli”

9:45pm Feeds been on hush hush for the past 30 minutes

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-23 19-41-30-638

10:40pm Feeds back everyone outside

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I’m worried Neda is starting to overthink things..and is going to start losing jury votes

jon's ye@ster

Neda is trying to implement the information she learned from Jemmett…”you are in the position of winning comps and you have to keep winning” that’s why she doesn’t want to throw the HOH and also reducing the number of jury members they/she pisses off as they told her to be nice as they depart etc.

*scratches balls


Neda cannot win this ! she’s not pretty enough for a winner, look at any jury from previous seasons they always base their vote on looks.. aside from BB8 &9 15… well they didnt have much choice

Jon or Heather will win this


BB2 Will .. BB3 hot chick won but we all know Reyes deserved it better, BB4 Jun won… BB5 Drew… why the hell did Will, Karen, Diane’s voted for him??? pretty looks thats why! BB6 Maggie was prettier than Yvette BB11 cutie Jordan vs stinky Natalie BB12 HOTden (look at Kathy and Ragan’s vote ughhh)

so yeah if you got good looks you will most likely win, and as of now.. Neda is ruining her chances by playing everyone, she’ll look like a “rat” on finale, sad but that’s how it goes


Wow, what a stupid way to look at it!


I bash Neda as much as anyone probably, what the F do looks have to do with any thing. I personally consider Neda the best looking of the 4 but that’s personal taste. I’d rather see her with 10 more lbs on put she is a good looking woman IMHO. The others all look fine too. But looks don’t make BB game. She’s out played all of them at this point. It might be changing though.

I just can’t get off Neda sitting beside Jon in the finale and losing. She really should be targeting him. Actually hearing her say she is going to get players out herself, I give her mad props for that. It’s been awhile since someone said I’m owning it in this house. She may grow on me yet! 😛 I was worried she was buying the get Heather out 1st sounds like she understands the Deli, Jon thing just fine. No idea what Sabby would do with an HOH. Neda’s game looked like it was in reverse with talk of throw a comp, ect. She has the game ramped up to 3rd gear going forward. Only other true game player other than Sabby in the house. Say what you want Sabby is playing hard. Doesn’t look pretty like slaughtering the cow but a good filet makes tasty eating.


OMG is that really you? …….i think this comment has shocked more than any other twist…


If you were to look at the threads the last 3 days I’ve said many nice things about Neda. I give her credit for thing she does well all the time. Your just missing them I guess. No big deal either way. 🙂

jon's ye@ster

I think Ned will take OUT Jon, not take Jon…she hinted in the strategy session she would take Heather to Final 2

*scratches balls


Jon is an absolute dunce if he doesn’t realize that Neda is trying to take Sabrina to F2.

I think Jon honestly wants to take Neda to F2. He’s gonna be in for a rude awakening.

jon's ye@ster

Jon is clearly being stunned by Neda’s pu$$y power

no guy straight guy wants to be ‘just friends’ with a good looking guy…and Neda knows this! …who do you think Jon is thinking about in the shower!

*scratches balls

jon's ye@ster

BAHAHA…*girl…meant GIRL

*scratches balls


Jon’s playing Neda as much as she is playing him. Who sets themselves up better within the next two weeks will be interesting.


Game is getting interesting now going come down to next hoh. Jon is actually playing smart in pushing for heather to get out next. Since heather is likely person neda would take f2. In getting her out jons odds are much better.

We will see all on next hoh.


Jon is starting to play smart in going after heather. Neda would 100% drop him for her f3 or f4.

He better go for next hoh.


That is his plan. He will also try o take POV.


Alright NEDS , I am a neutral person but saying on TV tonight that parents lie to their kids about easter bunnies on National Television was ruthless , wrong and obviously you don’t realize that all the little kids out there that happen to be by the TV watching , listening or hearing you’ve just crushed their little dreams…

You lost my vote girlfriend hundo!!! Keep the game in the game but to squash kids dreams and have them question or doubt their parents is wrong.


I’m sorry, but that’s ridiculous…

bbc fan

I would blame production, not Neda. They edit the show.


This is a girl that gloated about being in grade 4, and telling a girl that there’s no Santa Claus and making her cry.

It just boggles my mind how many supporters this girl has. I think she’s despicable. At least Andrew was funny at time. Sabrina is entertaining in an over the top way. I see absolutely nothing that’s likable with Neda.


I totally agree 100%. There is not one likable thing about her.


I can hardly even watch the feeds anymore. I just watch the gremlins, but come Thursday they’ll break up and everyone will probably hang out together. I can’t stand Neda’s bitchy tones, or that snaky smile of hers.

Earlier today, Heather joins Jon and Neda in the HOH room. They’re so annoyed that she shows up. Neda thinks she’s Jon’s girlfriend and that they should have more alone time. Anyway, Heather goes into the HOH bathroom and shouts out “Oh look, my slippers!”. Neda gives the biggest eye roll/disgusted face, and then Heather comes back into the room and Neda pretends to be her friend again. Always talking about how they’re gonna be best friends, and then saying how she can’t stand her behind her back. That’s worse than Sarah. Sarah never pretended to be her friend. When Heather gets out, she’s gonna cry when she sees what Neda has been saying; and I doubt that Neda will give a shit.

Also earlier today she was bitching like crazy, because someone put an apple in her chocolate basket?? Even Jon was like ‘whoa calm down Neda’. She’s like ‘well I apologized in advance that I was gonna be bitchy…’, with that snaky smile of hers. I honestly think that she likes being on slop; she thinks it gives her carte blanche to act as bitchy as possible and she loves it.

I honestly think it’s messed up how many fans a person like this will have when she leaves the house. I hate to sound self-righteous but I think it’s an indictment on society, just how many people love this girl and support the way that she behaves.


Sarah did pretend to be Heather’s friend after the Paul vote. sabrina pretended to be her friend Ika pretended to be her friend. Neda has been the least mean to Heather out of everyone in the house, except for Adel.
Neda will gain a lot of haters, the better she does at this game, and she has played the best so far.


One thing I will agree with is that Neda has played one of the best games. I’d give the slight edge to Arlie though.

You can say that she’s still there and he isn’t, but I liken BB to poker; it’s 50% how you play, and 50% the hands that you’re dealt. Sometimes the best players get dealt a bad hand. No matter what Arlie could have done, he was not getting closer to Jon than Neda was, and that’s what it came down to; a schoolboy crush with a girl that looks just like his girlfriend. That’s poker.

The rest I disagree with. Sabrina, Sarah and Ika were cordial with Heather, but only Neda has pretended to be her BFF, even after Heather has endured so much, and there’s really no one else for to hang out with. That’s worse IMO. Like she expects to hang out by herself like she used to when she was crying all the time.


Yeah, she endured so much from Ika and Sabrina, her two supposed best friends in the game, at the start, according to Heather’s own words. As far as Arlie goes, he ended up changing Alison and Sabrina’s mind, from keeping him, to getting rid of him, so there is no legitimate argument that Arlie played a better game than Neda.


Adel changed Allison’s mind, and perhaps the gremlins.


She is the only one on Slop….so she was bitchy…, since you are soooooooo perfect, I understand how that could be difficult for you to understand.
And…Heather was not leaving her side for a minute(good one on Heathers part, not letting Neda talk strategy) however that drove Neda mad…..big deal
When your precious gremlins where pushing for Neda to say something nasty about Heather, she kept it real ‘’ I didn’t like her voice at first, but now we get along very much, my friends will like her and I can be friends with her on the outside’’

I see her all the time in the live feeds and I see a nice girl(not perfect), who is here to win, yes lies and manipulate(shocking!) and crossed no personal lines….what is not to like is more my question….


Why do parents get such a kick out of lying to their kids. How does that breed a healthy relationship?
What boggles MY mind is how many supporters Santa has.


Easter hunts and presents from Santa are the greatest moments in kid’s lives who celebrate those holidays.

Plus when they learn it’s not real, it teaches them to question things and not believe everything that they’re told. It’s an important life lesson.


Well, that is beautifully put, unfortunately the life lesson that it provides is that parents can’t be trusted. Kids love presents for sure, but they don’t care where it comes from, plus the whole Santa thing started as a marketing ploy by toy stores in the late 1800’s. It is not an American tradition.

But, if you feel that lying to your kids is good for their development, it’s your choice.


Grade 4 is…10 or so year olds? By then, i hope to God my kid has the critical reasoning ability to know that Santa is fake….if not, i will help him/her realize it is fake..


I agree with you fancy…. in fact I don’t much like neda at all. if you really listen to her, she really isn’t all that nice of a person. and I am not talking about her game. so I agree with you.


I used to like Neda but not anymore. She’s way to over confident and cocky. My vote is with Heather now! Please take out Neda!!!
Btw, why does everything “sketch” her out?


If your child still believes in the Easter Bunny they’re far too young to be watching BB!!


especially since it airs on Slice, where they don’t edit it out for PG audience lol


Lol …boohoo …Santa isn’t real either ….teach your children the real meaning of Easter instead .
As if people let their children watch this…thats terrible


At the end of the day, BB chose to air that part about Neda and the Easter Bunny. That was something they could have edited and left out….


Take the best to the end. I would rather see a final showdown of the best players left in the game rather than seeing Sab as a mercy player at the end. Respectfully – Winning against someone who is just as good will mean more than bringing someone who isn’t worthy of being at the end game.


@Fancy Big Brother airs at 9 p.m., any child who still believes in the Easter bunny should be in bed by then. And if you PVR’d it and watched it with them, then you only have yourself and production to blame!! Get a grip.


Heather-Neda-Jon final three then Neda cutting Jon at the final HOH. That would be epic. I can’t believe how cut throat Neda is (and the house knows it too!) yet only adel seems to target her.


Neda and Jon really need to consider getting Sabrina out, I don’t care if they think Sabrina is entertainment, It’s at the point now where the entertainment comes from who wins hoh or pov and what they do with it. If they break their final 4 and keep Sabrina and Sabrina makes it to final 2 I am definitely voting for Sabrina to win cause someone as annoying as her definitely has game if they can make it that far.


I really hope heather wins hoh! Then hopefully sabrina will rat on Jon and neda.


That scenario may play out but Joneda are pretty skilled at damage control.


jon wants heather gone because its best for his game smart on his part…. keeping adel who he thinks will take him to f2 is a good game move on his part….. neda really need to question this and push for heather to stay because she will have f2 if its her jon and heather in f3…. adel also wants jon out and would rather take heather and neda to f3… adel wanting f2 with neda is a bad move for him because the votes would not be there for him…. i think adel should take heather to f2 he will win over heather but i doubt he will win against neda….. the sloppy really should take heather to the end each one would have their best shot at winnining with heather as their f2…..


I disagree, The only way Jon or Neda can win this game is if they’re sitting next to one another. Arlie won’t vote for either of them (assuming they’re against anyone but each other). Allison was evicted at Neda’s hands after being assured a spot in her F5, the Gremlins already threatened Jon and Neda that they won’t vote for either (though that was probably just an empty threat), and empty threat or not, you have to wonder. Rachelle is really young and probably fairly vindictive, though more so toward Adel than Jon/Neda, but I really think she would give it to Heather over those two, and Sabrina is such a god damn mess that she would definitely vote against them especially since they’ve been leading her on all week. Heather would vote Adel and Adel would vote Heather, so basically it appears to me that they kind of have to take each other, although it would make for great T.V (Neda cutting Jon) I don’t think it’s in her best interest. I think they’re both guilty by association at this point and have had a major hand in everyone’s eviction and at that point it would just come down to who the jury likes more, which again is a complete toss up in my opinion.


I agree but at this point I really think they all have a shot at winning. Its gonna come down to how screwed over people feel by Jon and neda. Sabrina also pretty much has two guaranteed votes in rachelle and Alison, so dragging her to the end I think would be a really bad decision. Its exciting this season because it really could go in any direction!


Jon is an idiot. In terms of game know-how he is an amoeba. However is really good at drinking, farting and being an insecure neanderthal.


What about the new twist? Did I miss anything?


I believe Neda would take Jon to the final 2. She won’t vote Sabrina out right away because she wants to manipulate her more. She knows that she can influence Allison and Rachelle. She will tell Sabrina how wrong it was for Adel to treat her that way and all the things that Sabrina wants to hear.I really dont believe she would take Sabrina to final 2. She would piss off Jon and Allison and Rachelle would most likely vote for Sabrina. That’s 3 votes already gone.

Play hard.

Omg! Neda, is planning on taking Sabrina to the end, and ridding Rochelle, heather and then Adel! Jon, won’t betray Neda, but Neda will cut him out! Ouch! Neda’s lipstick color is annoying.


I still love Neda, this house probably makes you insane… she’s got game, I don’t think we know anyones personality too well…because this is a GAME. GO NEDA!


Leaving Sabrina in is smart. I think any of the others would beat her in final two. Anyway , she seems to be more worried about her character or how she is being portrayed than game play right now.


Joh and Neda have easy ride production is licking there butts i didnt’ even watch the show tonight because i am tired of Joh and Neda show.
I like to see one of houseguests return for 24 hours and knock down Jon and Neda.


Hey neda, marylin manson called, he wants his mask back !


I disagree, The only way Jon or Neda can win this game is if they’re sitting next to one another. Arlie won’t vote for either of them (assuming they’re against anyone but each other). Allison was evicted at Neda’s hands after being assured a spot in her F5, the Gremlins already threatened Jon and Neda that they won’t vote for either (though that was probably just an empty threat), and empty threat or not, you have to wonder. Rachelle is really young and probably fairly vindictive, though more so toward Adel than Jon/Neda, but I really think she would give it to Heather over those two, and Sabrina is such a god damn mess that she would definitely vote against them especially since they’ve been leading her on all week. Heather would vote Adel and Adel would vote Heather, so basically it appears to me that they kind of have to take each other, although it would make for great T.V (Neda cutting Jon) I don’t think it’s in her best interest. I think they’re both guilty by association at this point and have had a major hand in everyone’s eviction and at that point it would just come down to who the jury likes more, which again is a complete toss up in my opinion.


Sorry but I disagree. The thing you have to look at is why vote for someone? This to me is anti vote/bitter jury stuff. Lets look at Deli 1st.

Adel has tortured the Gremlins that’s 2 votes for Neda or Jon right off the top. I could be wrong but I think Arlie likes Deli but he surely can’t like his game/lack of game. Lets say Deli gets Arlie 2-1. Heather would vote Neda for sure or Jon unless they dump her rather than Deli. If Neda sits F2 Jon votes her, Allison likely Adel vote and so on. Adel’s best bet is 3-3 and Canada. Neda needs Allison, Heather or Arlie if she has the 2 Gremlins and Jon then Canada does not matter. Jon gets Arlie and Neda off the top add the 2 Gremlins that’s 4 and enough. Adel cannot beat either 1 IMO.

Heather has 2 perceptions the one feeders have and the one inside the house. Don’t forget the 1st 3 weeks when she was shunned by the girls. You think RoRo gives her a vote or Sabby? Jon or Neda vote each other just like Adel F2 Heather needs the other 3 votes. Adel gives Jon vote 4 and Arlie 5. Allison might vote for Heather. Neda needs Allison, Adel or Arlie. On game play Arlie makes 4 and Deli makes 5. I just cannot see either winning versus Joneda.


neda is all about game & winning so she will take out jon when she’s ready & She will take Heather to the final 2 if she has the chance cuz she will lose against jon as he has wayyyyy more fans….Watch & see how Shes gonna start trying real hard to b nice to all & get on everyones good side for jury vote sake…Neda is in it to Win it & so far most of her plans manifested, only thing that will set her back is if Sabrina really does win HoH


i hope sabrina wins hoh & puts up adel & jon

The Truth

Neda has become quite snarky. I am all for a Sloppy Second member winning the game but Jon and Neda are becoming a bit unbearable. I’m sure Heather’s baby voice is annoying and she may very well be needy but why can’t they tell her (in as nice a way as possible) that it’s too much to handle on a daily basis instead of pretending to like her and rolling their eyes behind her back. That would be the adult thing to do. Nobody likes every single thing about their friends. But when you have a true friendship your honest about the good and the bad. Right now I am so put off buy their behavior that I want Heather or Adel to make it to final 2.


I don’t know if anyone mentioned this already but wow, did Sabrina get a golden edit or what last night???

jon's ye@ster

if I am Rachelle, I tell Sabrina she would be a perfect radio model!
“oh, sorry I ruined 5 seconds of your day”

*scratches balls


Hey hey hey now slow your turbulent rolls….

First my sons are 17 & 18 ,

second if NEDA wants to be a sore loser because she got slop and lost her less then ample performance at an easter egg hunt , and never went into it with enthusiasm because she doesn’t believe in it thats fine , but to state it in her diary room session like a little girl who is a sore loser than think about who outside the game you might effect…life goes on after big brother and I was stating a fact for ALL viewers defending the tradition and children… solo that said …

Get over it Neda fans … I am neutral …I look at the true colours of these characters to place my view … like MS.Cox said she really does like everyone as do I , I just will stand up for the weak…


neda is losing it. She started winning me over with her strategy and that she is never slacking- which always annoys me about the other players; but her CONSTANT analysis and flip-flopping is quickly becoming irritating; to the point that its actually making her voice and speech cadences grating. also, having zero loyalty to anyone- not even to jon as he is really a tool for her rather than a true ally- makes her character more unlikealble. she went from brainy and on top if it to obsessive phoney who is hard to root for.


The Gremlins Ate The Bestttt & I hope Sabrina Wins cuz the Rest Suckkkk!!!!!