Neda says she’s 80% going to Throw the HOH to Sab’s She asks Rachelle her opinion

6:30pm Hot tub Rachelle, Sabrina nd Neda

Neda talking about throwing the HOH to Sabrina on Thursday and how she’s still “Sketched” out from it.

Sabrina – “I promise you you will not go up I promise you”
Neda – “I believe you.. I am leaning toward throwing it to you.. i’m 80% throwing it to you and 20% winning it and putting them both up”

Sabrina explains if she wins the HOH Neda’s hands will be clean she won’t have to put Heather and Adel, Sabrina will do the dirty work.

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Neda and Jon decide they can’t risk throwing the HOH to Sabrina. We’ll just tell her she’s safe..

5:25pm In the bathroom – Neda and Jon talk about what to do tomorrow. Jon says that Sabrina is driving him nuts .. its just her voice and how needy she is .. she just always has to be around people. Jon says we will just tell her that we are going to win it but that she will be safe. Neda says she will have to go up. Jon agrees. Jon says we just don’t know what will happen or if there will be a twist. Neda says I’m just scared of jury votes. Jon asks Adel what he’s doing standing right near the main door. Jon says that Adel said he saw people standing there. Sabrina and Rachelle join Neda in the bathroom. Sabrina says that Adel saw the camera point to the door and he was hearing noises outside the door. Sabrina heads to the bedroom and tells Jon to just tell her if they can’t do what they were talking about. Just don’t do that to me I can’t handle it. Jon says he promises he will tell her.

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Adel says Sabs is the most photogenic but total opposite in real life. Jon says Andrew looks like a perv*rt!

12:40pm Big Brother puts the house guests on a backyard lock down again. Neda comments on how Heather’s HG photo looks like she’s a wax figure. Jon says Ika looks stunning! Andrew is a dunce. Big Brother wakes up the Gremlins. Sabrina says if I hated poultry before I do now! Neda agrees and says when we get out lets go kill them. Jon says that’s pyscho. Neda says she just means to go help the farmers kill them. Adel says that he thinks Sabs is the most photogenic but total opposite in real life. Jon says Andrew looks like a tool. He looks like a pervert. Neda hates her own picture because he nose looks big. Jon and Neda say Paul looks exactly the same in real life. Adel says I don’t think I would be friends with Sab’s, Andrew or Allison. Jon says I don’t think I would be friends with Sarah or Kenny after. None of them think that Andrew is waiting for Allison and that he is out there sleeping with other people.

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Rachelle tells Sabrina you realize everyone is going to be like why the f**k did she not get Jon out?!

9am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Heather has already been awake for awhile. She tell Adel when he gets up that she woke up with a nose bleed and couldn’t go back to sleep. She says the others in the main bedroom were being super loud last night too. JOn says that he feel like he is going to die. If I can’t sleep outside I am going to throw up. All I can taste is chicken fingers and rye. Rachelle asks him if he remembers everything? Jon says yes. Jon says I can’t believe I smoked 3 cigars last night! Jon heads down stairs. Neda, Rachelle and Sabrina talk while they get ready. Sabrina asks Neda if Jon remembers what they talked about last night. Neda says yes. We’ll talk tonight when everyone goes to sleep. Big Brother tells them they have 3 minutes before they will be on a backyard lock down. Jon is laying in the hammock.

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Drunk Jon – ‘What’s our best bet for final 3.. should we throw it to f*** sabs”

Jon and Neda ask the gremlins to leave. (This is the bedroom where the gremlins were first)

The gremlins leave.. Neda and Jon talk about how perfect everything is for them they have Sabrina after Adel.
They agree they can’t stand Heather right now.
Jon Swears he’ll take Neda to Final 2. Jon says Adel has been telling him NEda is pitching Final 3 with NEda and him.
Neda say Adel is lying.
Jon – “He wants to take me to final 2″
Jon – ‘What’s our best bet for final 3.. should we throw it to f*** sabs”.
Neda – “I don’t know.. It’s so risky”

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Jon – “I can’t give you 6 inches I can give you 3 inches twice”

9:27pm Hot Tub
Jon Asks Sabrina knowing what she knows now would she have made up a 1st5 Alliance again. Sabrina says the alliances that are made in the beginning are risky but can pay off. Sabrina says the 1st5 were in the house for the first 25 minutes until the other players came into the game.

They start talking about what they thought of everyone based on their first impressions.

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Sabrina “It’s over for everyone they already know what’s happening their game is already figured out”

6:36pm HOH Adel Talking to his family photos… Adel – “I’m a boy version of my mother” Says he’s been using attributes from both his parents and family to get through the time in the house. Adel says he believes that Rachelle is going home this week and Sabrina next week. Says he’s got it all set especially if Jon wins the HOH. Adel explains that super fans will vote for him but people playing emotionally will not. Adel thinks Arlie will help him in the jury house because as a super fan he’ll understand what Adel

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The House Guests watched an episode of the new Alan Thicke series..

2:55pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds. When the live feeds return – Jon says guys that was huge to have that on the show! Neda comes out of the diary room and Adel jokes that Neda’s back with the letter. Jon tells Neda thank you for sharing that with us. Heather says I can’t believe we just finished watching that! Adel says I know. Heather says it felt like we were back in the real world. The house guests got to watch a episode of the new Alan Thicke series on the living room tv. Adel says you know what Jon its like we all won that Easter egg thing.. because everything you picked was for all of us. Jon says except Neda. Jon laughs. Sabrina says its funny because I met him.. my home served him in the airport and its a funny story.

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Rachelle says I don’t even know any more.. I forget that I have a v@g!n@!

1pm Big Brother puts the house guests on a backyard lock down. They’re all sitting around the pool talking and wonder why they’re on a lock down. Heather says that she thinks something big will happen today ..because Easter is something you do with your family. Sabrina says oh like a message from home? Heather says I don’t want to say because it might not happen. They start talking about the past events of the house and all really want to know why Allison came into the house late. Rachelle says we’ll find out in jury. Neda says there still might be things we can’t talked about. Rachelle says I don’t even know any more .. I forget that I have a v@g!n@! Neda asks what?! The house guests chat about random things and try to sleep until big brother tells them that nap time is over..

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Easter EGG HUNT “We have to clean the house now after it just got destroyed!”

10:20am – 10:35am When the live feeds return to all the house guests in the HOH room. They talk about how Rachelle was a hot god and how the only slop pass was never used. JOn says alright lets have sour keys for breakfast! Adel says straight up this was the best morning ever! Jon says oh yeah I am going to have an Easter egg hunt with my buddies when we get home with 26’ers. Sabrina bring up how Jon had said $1200 was way too much for a loptop. Jon says he would much rather have a kegger. Heather says it reminds me so much of home. Jon says he doesn’t like being cooped up after all that excitement. Sabrina says we have to clean the house now after it just got destroyed! Rachelle says oh my go so much chocolate! Jon says that was fun. Heather agrees.

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Neda asks Jon about throwing the HOH “1 Hundo.. I say we throw it and go for the veto”

10:40pm Hot Tub

Heather says she will be friends with Neda and Jon forever. Jon agrees says they will be close forever and would never have met if it wasn’t for this show.

Heather – “We worked really hard to get here”
Jon – “We did it really humbly”
Neda – “I never felt over confident”

Neda says Allison was on the cusp of being a great player but she wasn’t great.
Heather wonders if her and Rachelle will get along after the show. Heather doesn’t think they will be super close but they’ll still “Do events together”

Heather leaves to run. Neda always thought with less players they would get more alone time but that is not the case with Heather, “She’s sketched out”

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The House Agrees No Gremlin in Final 2 “100 percent 1 million it’s not happening”

8:55pm Living room Heather, Adel, Jon and Neda

They agree getting out Rachelle this week is the smart move. Heather – “I’ve never disliked someone as much in my life… thats a lie I dislike her a lot”

They start talking about the next twist. Neda says the twist seem to always help out the side that is struggling.

Adel says the Diary room is trying to shake them up so they hesitate getting her out. Neda says they would all be stupid to keep Sabrina in the end. Neda says they worked so hard to get here Sabrina doesn’t deserve to win the 20 grand

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