Heather asks Adel if she has anything to worry about “1 billion zillion zillios you don’t”

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 26th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 28th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: May 1st
Original Nominations: Heather and Sabrina
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-26 10-14-54-920

1:15pm HOH Neda and Jon

Jon going over his conversation with Heather earlier in the day.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-26 10-27-46-013

1:27pm HOH Neda and Heather Heather says she was packing earlier because there’s clothes she doesn’t plan to wear anymore.

Sabrina joins them and they start speculating what the competition is going to be. Sabrina thinks it’s a buzzer based one because there isn’t much construction going on outside. Heather thinks it might be the reward/penalty POV.

Heather goes to the washroom. Sabrina asks her if they are going to tell Heather or if it’s going to be a blindside. Neda says thy’ll have to see after the POV, it’s up to JOn because she didn’t want Heather to go.
Sabrina – “Who did you want to go.. the other one” (Adel)
Neda – “Yes”

Heather and Jon join them..

Random speculation about what the next competitions will be like.

2:12pm Nothing going on random screencaps

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-26 11-23-37-795

2:30pm Heather in the HOH listening to music JOn and Neda in the kitchen. Adel joins them in the kitchen says “It’s 3 o’clock we still have 5 hours”

2:40pm Kitchen House is collected around eating pizza and salad. Jon presses the point that Sabrina ran RAchelle’s game. Rachelle would do whatever the f*** Sabrina said. Sabrina tells them it was the night before Arlie went home that Allison decided to vote out Arlie.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-26 11-46-06-186

Big Brother Gives them a Big Brother “Hoodie” and “tank”. Jon can’t wear anything he’s not allowed he’s Baby Jon.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-26 11-52-30-921

I’m really hoping that the POV is a cupcake eating contest

3:00pm Heather and Adel in the bedroom
Heather asks him if there is anything she should be worried about. Adel says no, “1 billion zillion zillios you don’t”
Heather – “Well you and Neda are the only ones voting”
Adel – “You have nothing to worry about cause.. literally.. you or Sab wins POV i’m in the same situation”
Heather says she will never vote for Adel to leave.
Sabrina joins them.
heather- “I f*** love this hoodie this is my favorite hoodie of all time now”

3:12pm HOH Jon and Adel
Adel walks in
Jon – “PLAYA”
Adel – “What’s up playa”
Jon – “Listening to some tunes”
Adel says Gonads (Neda) keeps mentioning who will win at the end who will have enough votes.. I don’t know if she is building up to it.. It’s the third time today.. Once in the main bedroom, once downstairs and once in the washroom.. I don’t know what it means yet I’m just trying to soak it all in ”
Adel – “she knows she has all the votes… her or Sabs”
Jon agrees says the only votes he’ll get two votes Allison and Canada.
Adel – “I’ll get Arlie and Canada”
Adel – “She thinks she’s so fu***g smart eh”
Jon – ‘Ya i know”
Adel – “Pisses me off”
Jon – “She the least physical competitor”
Adel says she’s trying to get them to turn on each other.
Adel – “She’s been campaigning for everyone’s Jury votes since they left”
Adel – “F*** Sh1t tard pi$$es me off”
Jon – “She’s f***d”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-26 12-24-54-418

3:30pm Adel in the hot tub messing around with the doll heads

Jon comes in says he’s in the baby outfit until Thursday night.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-26 12-26-58-437

3:58pm Jon fills the giant soother with water and starts spraying Heather and Neda.

The girls fill jugs up with water and corner Jon in the bathroom. A water fight starts.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-26 13-11-22-540

4:41pm nothing much going on.
Jon moans and groans about missing Janelle.
Heather – “Janelle’s v@g1na is only two weeks away”

4:48pm Storage room Adel and Neda Adel tells her if they win POV they have to keep the nominations the same.

5:30pm random chat waiting for the POV

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-26 14-44-25-226

5:45pm nothing changed

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I want Heather to win POV soooooooooo bad!!!!


Neda’s acting like she’s so smart? Maybe that’s cause she’s the smartest person left lol
She’s made more moves and put herself in the best position – no one hates her she convinced Jon to get Arlie out and now even has a deal with Sabrina. Jon you’re not getting Allison’s or Canada’s vote as we and Allison see how Neda is playing you, you’re just the meat head who can untie knots 🙂


Why is Adel talking shit about Neda to Jon? Is he that much of a moron to see how close they are?


Yup. Adel is a lot of great things but he is not the smartest. So sad that Heather is fighting this POV alone. I wish she would talk to Adel more and open his eyes but oh well


No adel doesn’t have any qualities in him which we believed he had .he was desperate and tried to act/fool everone including viewers. So gamewise I don’t have any respect or sympathy for him .he needs to go


Jon knows he walks a win in F2 against Deli, Jon will protect him and place Neda on the block if either win POV and Sabs/Heather go home.

Pooper Scooper

I hope Heather wins the Veto.

just an opinion

Actually I hope Sab wins and takes herself down, then Adel will go up (we hope) and Saba and Neda can vote Adel out. Best scenario I can think of. But then it plays to my favorites.


I hope Sabrina wins veto …. Takes herself off … Adel goes up … Neda and Sabrina vote out Adel the snake!


Sorry … Just noticed someone posted the same scenario just a dead of me …. Great minds think alike!

Just an opinion

LOL, I just came and thought the same thing right before I read your second comment. LOL


heather will be a bitter jury. at this point she will blame jon because jon put her in this situation and the lied to her about not wanting her out….. neda and adel did not put her on the block so she really cant blame them that much…. its jon that put her in this position…


The Jury house believe Neda is the brains, she will turn her attention to Neda as the mastermind.


I know Heather won’t win veto i just praying to the bb gods this is one of those vetos involve prizes and one of the prizes is 15 thousand dollars and Heather gets the money.


Didn’t eather already win $10,000?
$5,000 from the first HOH competition
another $5,000 from the Veto competition Allison won




Heather won $1000 in first HOH. She “won” the 10,000 steps per day in the POV Allison won.


Adel pissing me off! He is one of majority muslims who feels superiority over woman. He had no game and all floating up till
Now and talking shit about Neda … you just got f**king lucky to be here Bud! Please make him leave!!!

team adel

What’s your problem, I’m not protecting Adel but seriously u need to think before you comment your actually a small minded person for you to comment like that.


Heather doing a Judd by absolutely assuring her exit from the game by whining so much. The more she complains about being on the block, the even more they’ll want rid of her.


I really do like Adel. He is playing the game. In the end, you must put it into the other houseguest’s head who will get the most votes. Adel is trying to get Jon to take him to final two by pointing out that Neda will beat him. He has planted the seed. I seriously do believe if it is Jon and Neda in the end, she will win. Jon against Adel, Jon may win. I don’t know, I am just amazed that Adel has come to this point and however intelligent he may be, he is playing and overcame the Paul and Kyle stigma that he had early on in this game. Heather was okay with Adel leaving too. At this point you are trying to be the last three, and will say what you have to say to be kept in the game. I think it would actually be cool if Adel teamed up with Sabrina and got either Jon or Neda out, but I don’t see that happening. Adel and Sabrina just don’t click, and it is what it is.


I think she will win, but am not convinced that Jon believes that. he will see that he won more HOH and if he can pull off winning this POV as well, and not being a superfan won’t realize that won’t be what the jury sees, they see neda pulling the strings to get herself to the end. plus has done enough wins and moves to defend that idea as well.

game changer will be getting Neda out, but i don’t want any one other than Jon winning the game at the end so would just prefer Neda is there and Jon is there.

I am not convinced that either Jon or Adel care if they get 2nd place, as long as they are F2, it doesn’t seem to matter as much unless it is only because they are competitive in a general way. I get the impression Jon would take Neda simply because he wants her to win. If he gets out by her at F3, or someone else gets rid of him, either way, he would prefer to see her win over anyone else, including himself. as he mentioned before 20K would make a difference in his life based on where he lives. In vancouver, 100K is needed to make a difference, just the price of stuff lol


I really!!! want neda to go, followed by adel. Neda just plain bugs me. just her as a person, from wht you see and what she says or portrays herself. Yes big brother picks and choses what to show… but they are showing what she is putting out there. AND Adel, is just a moron, with the shiat he says and does. can’t stand to look at him anymore. with his stooped smile and wake up Canada. Wake up adel…. and don’t let that door hit you to hard as you take ur walk of shame up those stairs.

At this point jon would be smart to make a new final 3 deal… with heather, Sabrina and himself. non of these guys have rocked to many waves, they all have equal chances. Make the moves… the big ones Jon… get neda OUT!!! and then adel.


I hate Adel so much, I want him gone so badly!!!


I’m holding down 3 part time jobs right now so may be missing something but going over the feeds these past 2 weeks here’s my rant/thoughts. I believe it’s a smart move to put Heather up and to vote her out. She’s far more dangerous to Jon and Neda than Adel and Sabrina. Also, if Heather had won HOH she would have put Jon and/or Neda up herself. She’s all about making big moves. Why should they honor final 2/3/4 with her when she wouldn’t have. It’s the BB game.
Perhaps, she’s just getting on my nerves. She can’t do anything about her voice pitch but that baby talk. Oh my God. I’m just not buying the poor me/sweet little girl act. She’s 25 years old. Someone do her a favor and tell her to quit the baby act.
I recall watching her, Sabs and Neda in the bdroom and her head was going from Neda to Sabrina and back and forth. Then out of the blue she looks at Neda and says ‘You’re so pretty.’ WTF They are sure patient with her. I’d be telling her to stop with the baby talk and the fake ‘you’re so pretty’ shit.
I know I felt sorry for her in the beginning because I thought she was being bullied but if anyone followed me around like she has with jon and neda, I’d go bat shit too. She must have drove Ika insane with the same shit. Ok she’s polite and cleans more than most of them but that’s about it.
Granted I may be just exhausted and cranky but I hope heather gone this week and Sabs next week. Jon and Neda would have Sabs vote. I think Heather would be bitter and she really shouldn’t be.
Sure hope I get one full time job by next BB Season. It’s was tough playing catch up and trying to make sense out of these past 2 weeks. Okay gang…your thoughts.


Heather is 23, and she’s been bullied for her voice her whole life. I’m pretty sure if she could change it she would. Just like if you could change being so cranky you probably would too.


Oh come on! I’ve heard her have lots of lengthy, normal conversations without her phoney baby voice! It is an act! I don’t believe the “being bullied” for it. It’s all a ploy!


Heather’s baby voice seems to be activated by stress and nerves. So perhaps she can’t control her pitch as much as you assert.


Up until now. I haven’t noticed any of “the final four” spreading lies about anyone’s actions. Looks like Adel has crossed the line and is starting to play dirty.

Heather Fan

This is a time a would love for production to get in Adels ear about getting Neda out. I just can’t stand duo’s that think they run the whole house. I prefer Neda over Jon, shame he had to win HOH. This would have been a perfect time to get him out. Go Heather!


LOL to be fair, Jon and Neda are running the whole house and have been for weeks.


if adel wins pov he should take sab off, then jon would have to put neda up…..interesting!!


that won’t happen!!! please that makes too much sense. Plus she is too head strong and he is too much of an idiot.


I hope Heather wins veto and Jon has to nominate Adel and have it be a tie between Sabrina and him and have Jon break it LIVE! Whomever leaves would not give their vote to Jon. Adel leaving benefits the girls (and me can’t stand him anymore) Come on girl fight!

I like Jon and all, but I want Sabrina, Neda, and Heather final 3. Who would Neda choose if she had the choice?


When Sabrina, Jon and Neda were talking you can hear Adel in the background talking about the Veto. Does anyone know what he was saying exactly it sounded like ‘use the veto’?


Adel come on WIN pov!!!!!!! Take heather offf!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If Jon screws over Neda, as he is doing now by keeping Adel. Bad move for all of them.
I hope Adel and Sabrina go to final 2 and Sabrina wins.

another name

not surprised jon won the last hoh. despite production calling that endurance… it clearly wasn’t. endurance is all about just that… enduring for the longest. being done the fastest is not endurance, its speed and stamina. those qualities are clearly strength competition qualities.
cold water doesn’t mean endurance in a speed competition. if the comp had been who could stay in the freezing water longest, that would be endurance.
the nominations are no surprise. adel and jon spoke of their fear of girls vs. guys before arlie’s departure. jon’s paranoia of all the girls turning on him is evident. jon’s argument that heather would knock him out? diversion. adel has a final two with jon, not with neda. heather has a final two with jon and neda. jon and neda both know they each have a final two with heather.
there is still the outside shot that production’s goal of having good vs. evil in the finale could happen. jon can’t play for hoh for the final four. whoever wins decides to wreck his perfect streak of never being nominated. or put up as replacement nominee. jon voted out by anyone but adel. final three, let’s for argument sake say it is adel, neda, sabrina. adel fears neda has votes. adel fears Sabrina would influence jury. neda would take Sabrina over adel for the easy (?) win considering the Canada’s vote. sabrina as final hoh is not likely. adel would knock out neda, thinking Canada’s vote would save him.
complete speculation: but unless sabrina , heather or outside shot neda win the pov for this week, production could get its ultimate good vs. evil showdown.
I don’t subscribe to any of them actually being the good one…. but given the editing of the season…


The perfect move would be if adel won pov and took heather off the block and jon replaces her with neda, and she gets evicted. Lol doubt this will happen, since theyre letting neda and jon go further.


Why are people hating on Adel….it was clear since week 3 that he doesn’t know how to play the game, n now people are expecting him to miraculously become Dan Gheesling, that my friends aight gonna happen. Jst take him for what he is and reduce your expectation.Therefore you will feel less disappointed when he does met your expectation.


u dont have to be a dan ghessling to come up with if I win veto I take heather down and we vote out neda breaking up a power couple… then its me heather and Sabrina vs jon for f4 pov…. 3 on 1 is better than 1 vs 1 vs 2….


adel is saying to keep the noms the same, how stupid can he be, doesnt realize he has a better chance of winning if he takes out neda, LAME

another name

imo, he’s saying keep nominations the same because he’s afraid of going on the block himself. he isn’t thinking who’s best to leave, he’s thinking how to save his own skin only.

A Name

You guys are so pathetic. First y’all complain that Adel isn’t playing the game or that he’s being stupid and now that he’s hatching a plan to take people out, he’s terrible?? Get OVER YOURSELVES.
He didn’t come in that house to make sure YOUR faves are the ones to get further. Go Adel!

another name

I’m not asking to be argumentative, just asking for explanation so that I understand what you are saying
what plan is he hatching? it appeared to me that getting rid of heather was jon’s idea.
are you talking about the attempt to break apart the neda/jon pair?