Neda says I’ll call mine Cigarette Butt because cigarette butts and alcohol are what got me into this situation.

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 26th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 28th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: May 1st
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?

BBCAN2-2014-04-25 05-18-48-630

7amBig Brother wakes up the house guests with their babies. Heather asks what do I do with my baby when I have to pee? In the kitchen Jon says to Adel that if Janelle is pregnant when I go home I am going to be pissed! Adel heads to the bedroom. He lays his baby down and says hello booboo it’s me Dad! Adel goes to Sabrina’s bed and says let me meet your baby! Wake him up! Wake him up I want to meet your dad. Adel says lets convince Neda to put make-up on her baby so that she’s a bad mom. Neda joins them and Adel tells her to put make-up on her baby. Neda says that she’s name will either be patch or … Adel says call it cigarette. Adel sees Heather waking up with her baby and asks if she’s breast feeding.

BBCAN2- 2014-04-25 05-18-58-244

Heather heads down stairs and her baby starts crying she asks how do I stop her from crying? Her baby won’t stop crying and Heather looks mad. Neda says I’ll call mine cigarette butt because that’s what got us into this situation. Neda says that cigarette butts and alcohol are what got me into this situation. The house guests get a reward if they properly take care of their babies. Heather looks at Adel and tells him that he is really surprising her right now. Do you really want kids? Adel says yes, I want a whole soccer team and subs too. Jon says that if anyone does something to get us punished I am going to be pissed. Jon says this while leaving his baby on the couch while he gets a drink. (The reward will likely be something to do with their families)

BBCAN2-2014-04-25 05-33-29-915

9pm The house guests comment on how they’re only allowed to sleep if their baby is sleeping. Neda heads out to the backyard with her baby and lays on the ground and then lays in the hammock. Her baby starts crying and it looks like she’s going to lose it.

Neda named her baby: Cigarette Butt
Adel named his baby: Yaffa
Jon named his baby: Little Jon
Heather named her baby: Sebastian
Sabrina named her baby: Arisa

BBCAN2-2014-04-25 06-25-18-752

9:30am Jon tries to go to the bathroom in the main bathroom but says f**k when he puts his baby down because he doesn’t know what to do with the baby. He heads over to the HOH room. Jon hears Neda’s baby cry and he says that makes me so happy. He then puts little Jon down and makes a barrier for him so that he can go to the bathroom. Jon heads out to the backyard and asks Neda if parenthood is giving her a hard time. Neda says that she had to plug her ears it was crying so much. Neda complains that her baby wouldn’t stop crying and they all got to nap. Jon says you want big Jon to take care of your baby so you can nap.
BBCAN2-2014-04-25 06-24-01-452

10:10am – 10:55am In the HOH room Jon asks Heather how long do you think we will have to do this for? I want to take a shower. Heather says she isn’t sure but says that the thing didn’t say 24 hours so I don’t know. Jon says I think the reward is going to be cool. Heather agrees. Jon says the worst parent would be rewarded. They wonder if everyone will get rewarded or just one person. Jon says I am pretty sure Neda will be back on slop again. Jon and Heather head to the living room and sit on the couches. Jon comments on how Adel’s baby never cries. Jon and Sabrina’s babies are timed to cry together. Jon asks how are you doing auntie Neda?! She’s dead, her baby’s probably dead too.
BBCAN2-2014-04-25 07-06-11-852

11:10am Adel asks Heather if she will take care of his baby while he prays. Heather says sure. Sabrina comes by and ask Heather once she’s done taking care of Adel’s baby can she take care of hers while she goes to the bathroom? Heather says sure. Both Heather & Adel’s babies are crying. Heather says this baby stuff is hard?!

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neda is going to call her baby janelle…..



Just thought I’d sneak this in here. Deli needs to win POV 1st off. Second he needs to take off either HG, we presume that’s not Sabby, then Neda goes up. That’s a whole lot of maybes to that point alone. Then Deli and Heather need a 2-0 vote to send Neda to jury.

1st lets remember Heather does not know Neda actually hates her and the friends for life is a giant lie. Is Heather even going to believe that she is the target and not Sabby? Barring something unforeseen I cannot see Heather voting out Neda even if she goes up and veto saves her. Also what about Deli targeting Neda? Unless the plan is Jon’s and I don’t see that happening Deli cuts loose his F2 deal with Jon. Jon would need F4 POV to stay in the game at that point.

I give the whole Neda on the block and actually getting evicted about 1 in 20 chance. Basically a 5% chance at best.

Jon's ye@ster

this ‘sneak post’ was already posted last night by ‘team adel’

*scratches balls


I post only my own thoughts on a topic. I’ll have to find this post you mention but I copied no ones thoughts those are strictly my own period.


TeamAdel poster

“Best scenario ever is, adel wins pov takes heather off jons forced to put neda up adel and Heather vote out neda, at the hands of Jon. =) evil but I love it.”

How in the heck is that me copying him/her. My post above went into detail on the scenario this did not. Any BB expert knows the F5 break down long before teamadel posted it last night genius! I watched it happen to Dr. Will in All Stars moron. Start suggesting I stole someone thoughts your not getting kind treatment from me. Your comment is completely disingenuine at minimum. I watched every season you don’t think I knew this scenario long ago. I even added a comment below teamadel where I pointed out the BB USA All Star results with Boogie HOH and he had to put Dr. Will up after veto was played last night after Simons comment. Serious smear in my opinion of myself. Maybe your posting under multiple tags because I don’t see why you’d write what you wrote in this thread.

Well were on the subject I’ve seen several post were you tag on to a others comments/ideas. I’ve never once suggested you should not do it. Your tag lets everyone know who’s posting so fair ball from me.

Jon's ye@ster

that’s it, I am not taking you to Final 2…when I win HOH I am nominating you for eviction!!

LOL…I simply put that comment b/c I did the exact same thing about the exact same topic…wasn’t to be an attack

*scratches balls


Not sure why you got all those thumbs downs.
That would have been epic.
Obviously lots of bonehead Sloppy Second fans that want Neda and Jon to the end.

Team Heather, Team Neda, Team Sabrina!

Get Adel out !!!!!!!!!!!!


guess this task wouldn’t have worked if kenny was still in the house

Jon's ye@ster

and why is that?!? …oh…because he is gay…and gay guys can’t get girls pregnant….

what year is it!?!?

*scratches balls


Adel would be the cutest dad, he actually seems really happy about this challenge.


Easy task if the preprogrammed baby is programmed to rarely cry!


Why does jon have ika’s kid?


ahahahah i #ikafied him


jon and ika did not use protection ….. lmao


neda just killed her baby lmao… neda is not ready to become a mom …


well adel just killed his baby also bad parents lmao…..


sab is doing good


NEDA should neverrr have kids! She’s Got Not even one nurturing Bone in Her Body…plugging her ears & her baby has A hazardous chain around her neck lol She would literally kill her baby omg She’s The Worst Out of everyone Sabrina Would Make A Greattttttt Mother Adel Would Make A Good Father!


It’s a doll.


This is so set up for Neda to fail and Adel to win! These dolls are all preprogrammed …. His to rarely cry! So it’s easy to coo and smile with your baby when it doesn’t cry …. I noticed that when the baby started to cry it didn’t take long for Adel’s baby to be foisted off to Heather. He’ll probably come back when it stops crying.
Where as poor Neda has been on slop all week, has hardly eaten anything, had some celebration drinks with Jon and is now sooo sick.
I would be the last to judge these people on a personal level …. THIS IS A DOLL for goodness sake!!!


Sabrina is the bestttt mother & makes sense she’s sooo naturally nurturing always catering to people has lots of love to give & show…She should win hands downnnn…For once a challenge thats right up her ally!!


Sabrina acts like an infant most of the time. Cries, complains, needs constant attention. The task should have been taking care of Sabs for 24hrs.


Narcissists make lousy parents. Sabrina played with a doll for a few hours without dumping it on her long-suffering Mother. Lets not get carried away praising her. BB probably gave them the challenge so punish Sabrina for making them listen to her wail over nothing every day for the past 2 months.

Dr. Will

What the fuck planet are you from? Sabs, dug her own grave…..This, my friend, did certainly not occur because she has been nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is the funniest challenge


did heather just adopt nedas baby? hahahahah


ooppps its adels baby


that was funny so nedas baby is still alive …..


Why is Neda so blatently asking for punishment?


I usually like Neda and rooted for her all season. I think she is fully capable of doing a good job but I think she is trying too hard to be edgy for lack of a better term, here.


Neda is just a poor sport. Same MO for most task/challenges.


She seems to miss the point of these challenges. I think she has small nieces? No reason why any reasonable person couldn’t figure out the basics of what to fix when a baby cries. Diaper, burping, food, not necessarily in that order, but at least do all 3 before just not doing anything.


Neda is sick!


I mean, truly sick … From drinking with Jon last night.


Adel is so good with his baby!!


Haha I love this challenge! Neda is going to lose for sure! You. Can’t put a necklace on a baby!!

Nana Jo

This challenge is pure genius. So hilarious to watch! It’s funny how each baby reflects facets of the HG’s personalities:

Adel: Caring, funny, loving. He will be a great Dad one day and will be involved in every aspect of his children’s lives.

Jon: Typical jock type of Dad. He loves the idea of a little Jon, will love and offer his kid protection, but most of the childcare will be done by the mother while he looks on and has a beer.

Heather: Will be a thorough, conscientious, loving, happy mother, and a little overly nervous and anxious at the beginning (like most of us).

Sabrina: Maybe having a child will actually be the one thing that will overide some of her innate selfishness. She will be loving but also overly obsessed with her child being the most perfect, best dressed, talented etc.

Neda: Will remain childness, hopefully! Not the maternal type, and that’s okay. Or she’ll be the ‘edgy’ Mom on the block … the one who dresses her toddler in black and sequins, and sends her into the house to fetch Mommy’s ciggies. Her eight year old will know how to mix a cocktail ready for when Mom comes home from work.


I guess BB is tired of all of us FEEDERS complaining and bitching so now they are going to make us listen to screaming babies. They don’t want us to watch anymore 🙁


Haha this task is funny!

Its like 9th grade Health class all over again!!!!!!!

BB Health 101

A Name

This challenge is hilarious! Adel is so cute with his baby. Heather too! Neda’s baby name is sooo funny, good one Adel


im just annoyed at adel thinking tnat pissing people off Is a good game bud youre going to lose jury vote this way……. I bet he gets cut at f4 and jon and neda take Sabrina f3


Does anyone else find it funny that the babies crying sounds just like Sabrina? I can’t tell the difference.


Listening to Adel talk to his ‘baby’ is painful. He’s like a child playing dolls in the most annoying way possible.
I love babies, I plan on becoming a midwife and having my own little hockey team, but If given this challenge I’d probably act just like Neda…