Sabrina tells Jon/Neda she knows they’re lying to her but she still won’t put them up

POV Holder: Neda Next POV April 26th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony April 21st
HOH Winner: Adel Next HOH: April 24th
Original Nominations: Sabrina and Rachelle
Current Nominations: Sabrina and Rachelle
Have Nots Neda

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-23 19-51-14-079

10:47pm Outside lockdown

Gremlins curled up in the corner saying how much they Hate the other side. Heather, Adell, Jon and NEda are talking about being a fish. Rachelle butts in says jokingly.
Rachelle – “You know what kinda fish I’m going to be a swordfish to stab you all”


11:10pm Sabrina and Jon

Sabrina says she thinks Jon is lying to her. She believes he is screwing her over, “It sucks.. I think you are lying to me” .
Jon says he’s told her everything he can say theres nothing else for him to say, “It is what it is”.

Sabrina and Neda

Sabrina – “I told JOn I am really giving you my word and you guys are lying to me”
Sabrina – “I don’t believe you guys.. I feel like you guys are not telling the truth”
Rachelle joins them.
Neda – “Why would we lie to you”
Sabrina – “You guys are a legit foursome” (Heather,Adel,jon and Neda)
Neda – “I’m considering how I can get further in the game’
Sabrina brings up how Neda and Jon always say their “Swears” mean nothing and last night they were swearing up and down to Sabrina. Sabrina asks Neda how is she going to trust them.

Rachelle says they think NEda and JOn are trying to cover all their bases in the case that Sabrina wins HOH.
Neda – “Fine you can believe that if you want, I told you and I was honest with you today my two considerations is to throw it to you or winning it myself and you are not going home”

Sabrina – “I don’t want to look stupid trusting you guys again’
Jon joins them and Rachelle leaves. They tell Sabrina they are playing the game for the game not trying to make people look stupid.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-23 20-27-15-095

11:26pm Hot Tub Jon and Neda
Jon says if tomorrow is a double and he wins HOH he’ll put up Heather and Sabrina.
Neda says Sabrina and Adel will be her targets
Jon thinks they should take Adel and Sabrina to final 4 and get rid of Heather.
Neda thinks Adel will bring heather or Sabrina to the end not them. Neda says Adel will have a better chance to win the final HOH than Heather. She points out that the “Mental” question isn’t really mental its more testing your knowledge of the other houseguests. She thinks Adel will excel at this because he’s talked to everyone.
JOn doesn’t think Heather will take both of them but Adel will.
Neda agrees, is still worried about keeping Adel in the game.

Neda asks him what happens if he puts up Sabrina and Heather and Heather wins Veto.
Jon – “Adel goes home”
Neda says Adel would rather die than take Sabrina to the final 2.

NEda says Heather loves when they fight, “Did you see her face”
Neda thinks Heather’s knee is going to hold her back.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-23 20-37-39-698

11:38pm Rachelle gets her hair coloured

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-23 20-50-16-456

11:49pm Bedroom Jon and Heather

Heather tells JOn that she’s getting nervous they don’t want to stick to their final 3 plan. Jon says there’s been nothing going on, “You have nothing to worry about”
They both think a twist is coming up this week and it’s causing them a lot of anxiety.
Heather says Adel has only told her the plan is to get out the gremlins. She thinks Deli knows his game is done once the Gremlins go home.

Heather – “If Neda asks we have a final 2 I’ll just say yes”
Jon – “And I’ll say yes to”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-23 21-41-53-419

12:42AM Sleeping or getting ready for bed..
Of course the gremlins are up spray tanning.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-23 23-00-12-612

1:24am Gremlins Sabrina tells her a story about her romantic boyfriend in Mexico.
Gremlins say their goodbyes “I can’t believe it’s coming to an end”

(Video coming)

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Jon has turned into a right bastard. Currently want Adel to win if they get out Heather.


Yeah he’s a real douche. Always acting like such a tough guy but comes across as really insecure.

One time he was talking to Heather about Arlie’s exit; how he jumped over the railing and Jon thought he was gonna attack him. He said “I wouldn’t even care if he was crying, I was gonna fill his face in (with punches)”. Yeah real impressive Jon, you’re like 60 lbs heavier than the guy.

And last night he was using his hockey fights as an analogy for miscommunication: “Sometimes on the ice someone would say I need a haircut, and then I start throwing bombs on him, and he turtles on the ice, and then someone says ‘whoa Jon he didn’t mean it like that!'”.

Such a tough guy, but where was all of that when Andrew was around? He never said anything to his face, even when Andrew was going home, Jon was acting like a little lamb around him. You could see Andrew was hurt by Jon’s eviction message because of what a surprise it was; he never once had the guts to tell Andrew to his face what he really thought.

Say what you want about Adel, but the guy is half his size and has twice the balls.


Very true about the insecurities! Especially grabbing his penis and always bringing up ‘size’ to the girls—HUNDO times! Also the need to be centre of attention! Every convoe he interrupts somehow (and that’s not game)—also he very jealous of Arlie on that date night thing! (that was so evident!)

Russ from Van

The Sheyld are such b*tt plugs.

Why couldn’t they have brought in Andrew or Tom or even AJ to host tonight, instead of Peter 🙁


Agreed. I’m from Vancouver too, and as much as I’d love to root for fellow vancouverites, I was not and will not ever be a fan of the Sheyld, particularly Peter. I guess they had him host because he does the side show and was readily available. But if for that reason, I would’ve preferred Gary. I guess they could’ve had Jillian or Emmett host, but that could’ve gave a away the secret strategy session.


i like to think that Gary was the Easter Bunny 🙂


Peter is actually from Fredericton, NB. Alec is born and raised Vancouver. They’re just awkward guys.


Aww, I miss Andrew and AJ! I was over Peter by week 2 last year.


I want to see Joneda break up!


Why do so many of the girls do their hair and/or makeup before bed? Seems so strange to me lol.

A Name

They’re doing their hair the night before cuz it’ll take less time to do it the next day. Plus in general, it’s good to do your hair (braid, moisturize, brush etc) in general. Also, they’re not doing their makeup, they’re removing it cuz it’s gross to leave it on; it can damage your skin


we all knew it… the emmett and jillian twist was unnecessary interference

one thing we were really interested in seeing was what would happen if neda made it to F2 and tried to rally votes after her nasty eviction messages…. and it although it’s pretty standard BB knowledge that you don’t piss off jury, this seemed to be one of the only major flaw in neda’s game… HOWEVER thanks to smartass emmett, she’s basically told (from a viewer’s point of view mind you) that this strategy isn’t going to work

i was okay with her winning up until this point, but this changes the fact that it’s 100% her strategy that gets her where she goes
production getting way too involved again, I’m over it….. but it still doesn’t make it any less wrong


The more I think about it and as much as it pains me to say it, I think Sabrina could beat Jon or Neda if they drag her to final 2. You gotta think she has Rachelle and Allison’s vote, so she would just need 2 more. If Jon/Neda drag her to the end they would have screwed over Heather, Adel, and arlie. I think there’s a chance of any 2 of them voting Sabrina just because of that.


I know, I’ve been thinking about this today too! As much as I – and most of the houseguests – despite Sabrina on a personal level, she /could/ win if Jon & Neda anger enough people. And I can imagine her final 2 speech being mostly about being a super loyal person and that could be a very solid point against Jon/Neda, who will have screwed their entire Sloppy Seconds alliance to get to the finals with her. Arlie, Adel, and Heather might still be bitter and with Rachelle as vote #4, she’s got the win. Even Allison said multiple times that “her heart was with Sabrina and Rachelle in the game.” She wouldn’t even need Canada’s vote. And if Jon or Neda won final HOH and dropped the other for Sabrina, that person probably won’t vote for the one left.


There is NO WAY Adel or Heather will vote for Sabrina to win the big prize even if they get screwed over by Jon/Neda.

Same for Jon/Neda they will ultimately vote for each other regardless of whether they end up 3rd b/c of the other. So (in my opinion) it will come down to Arlie voting as a SUPER FAN recognizing that Neda played the best game and Jon the second best game as well as Canada’s vote which hopefully will be based on who played the best OVERALL game which (once again: just my opinion) is Neda hands down.

The Gremlins will vote personally no matter what happens and as much as Alison says she is a super fan I’m not sure she would vote that way so I’d say 2 votes could go to Sabrina should she make it there but I think that’s all she’ll get.


Neda is only now, over the past few weeks, starting to play a good game. She did NOTHING to get herself this far in the game except ride Jon’s coat tails. I will admit that since she has made it this far, she is playing a good game, but definitely did nothing to deserve her spot up to this point.


Did you ever think that laying low during the beginning of the game was a part of her strategy. Everyone else who wanted to be a “boss” in the beginning got voted out.


lmao what happened too all of your neda vs heather finals told you it’s gonna be Neda vs JON in the finals


so over JONEDA jon & neda


I don’t understand why everybody hates on Neda and Jon, they obviously think ahead of the game and they are a pretty powerful team so far!


Big Brother Canada seems more and more i will not say rigged or fix but planning things for Jon and Neda the show has never been fair but its still bs when you got to work against production. If someone were to putup Jon or Neda tell me this whats to stop production from to take there hoh away from them or to tell out a twist to save Jon/Neda – nothing bb can do anything there want to save you over. Jon and Neda are 99% of the tv shows.


I would just like to say that I like to watch Big Brother when there is a power shift. If one side of the house can grab the power back from another and they go back and forth, that’s good game play and good TV. It gets boring when you see only one side in control for a long time and there are a few weeks left in the game.




How was it such a “done deal” from Adel’s very first nominations that poor l’il Sabs was “going to be alone in the BB house”??? Despite her pleas to evict her and save her very very best friend, she never once even gave it a passing thought that maybe it would be Rachelle left alone in the house. I wish there was a way they could BOTH go……


I love how now that Jon and Neda are playing the game well (not like Neda hasn’t been the whole time even tho BB keeps interrupting her HOH’s) everyone now is saying “Sabrina should be at the end blah blah blah….Ummm WUT? Everyone is sad Try Hard Arlie is gone “shoulda kept Allison” YAWN. Im sorry but hells no to all of it. They are playing very well. I bet the same people saying “break them up” (jon&Neds) are the same people who said it about Emmet and Jillian. (not 2 of my favorites either) but at some point you have to start liking, voting for someone. Some of the comments I have read are soooo wishy washy.

They should keep rachelle and get rid of Sabrina. At least do Adel that much of a favor since that’s actually who he wants out and I don’t blame him. I also think some people are forgetting that since week 2 people have been gunning for Jon. Don’t forget now, they were ALL GUNNING FOR HIM! Adel and Jon two people who everyone wanted out so bad are still there. Love it.(no I don’t agree with Jon’s sloppy ways but hes 23 and hopefully he will grow out of it 😉 )

As for the Andrew comment. I disagree dude. I have no doubt that Jon could knock him out. I just don’t see him as a fighter like that but dont count that as being some sort of pansy (sort to speak ) I dont think he would have a problem saying anything to that jerk*ff Andrews face. I just get the feeling that Jon is non confrontational and would rather say “we’re good bud” instead of throwing his fists , IMO of course 🙂 .

If they vote on gaming play…

I think Neda would win against Jon and I think she would take him out before he would take her out.

Sabrina might be able to win over a couple people but in gaming mode, Sorry Sabrina, your game ended when Arlie went to the other side. (you know , the alliance he is convinced he made YET it had already existed, ) Sabrina’s social game blew up in her face. Her alliance ran the house the first half and now the other alliance is running the second half.

She (sabs) also needs to STHU about how “Mean” these people are. It really irritates me when she thinks its okay to take the piss out of someone else but she cant take it when its returned. “when you go home, you will see” Ohhh they will see alright 😛

Heather did make a good game move. She was also hated in the house (poor girl)

I would love to see someone who actually needs the money, win the money. Anyone who says “its so nice to not have to shop for food at the dollar store”, is someone who is struggling and could use some money.

People left in the house, I actually don’t dislike any of them.I just have my favs to win but it is a miracle that all but rachelle is still there. All of them at one time were called “a threat” or some sort and have managed to still be there. Should be interesting to see how it all plays out.

When Bully becomes the Victim……As Tony Soprano would say “Poor You”!!!!


Who came up with the name “gremlins” by the way? lol funny $h!t


im sooo sad the gremlins are parting the show will be sooo biaring without those two together…i love them they have the best bonddd xo


biaring??? do you mean boring? turn your spell check on. that’s not even close.


they do their hair & stuff alot even b4 bed cuz they never know when they r gonna get called to the dr & sometimes its as early as 6am & they r on national tv 24-7 so naturally they wanna stay fresh looking at all times especially girls


sabrina could still win hoh & she could also win pov imagine if she wins the hole game!


sabrina has alot of fans in jury where Adel Neda & Heather Do Not! She played the game but her strong outgoing social skills & bubbly personality made her some real friends while she was at it….Neda is bad spirited & was fake with all she cant even stand heather she likes noboby so she’s all game & she may not get too many votes….JON PARDY or SABRINA ABATTE would get the most votes they are the nicest…I hope one of the two wins…If not Jon & Neda Or Jon & Heather & as Badddddddy as Neda wants it & as hungry as she isss for the Win i hope Jon wins


its a terrible mistake for neda to take heather out at if she wins hoh, heather will take neda to f2.. i have some doubt about adel taking neda f2….. heather really need this hoh or she is toast, jon wanting adel f3 is smart for him but not for neda….. why neda is not pushing for heather to stay is stupid… so what if adel and sabrina will go after each other at f4, sabrina and heather will alsoo target each other af f4…taking adel f3 only benefits jons game not neda…..


They need to shake this house up. Jon and Neda need to be split up. Nobody should ever feel safe or comfortable in the Big Brother house. It cracks me up how houseguests forget that they have to play for themselves. NEVER volunteer to be the pawn, and get the strong players out! If Sabrina makes it to final two, as much as I do not care for her, she will win. Crazy how the people left in the house don’t get that. It does not matter she won nothing – she would of still made it until the end.

jon's ye@ster

why all of the “shake up the house” comments?!? …it’s a game and it’s players have ‘let’ it get to this situation (twists included)…as it does every season.

someone else commented how BB is partly like poker and how you play the cards you are dealt…

for a LONG time everyone has known Jon and Neda are working together, but they have been able to manipulate the houseguests because they are liked as friends…part of the game…and in doing such have played other houseguests EMOTIONAL aspect…and have been able t avoid being nominated because the HOH “likes them” instead of realizing they are a power couple and working together to get rid of them/break the up – as Jon and Neda did to Arlie

take the ‘personal’ aspect out and do what you need to do to WIN no matter what.

It is a GAME and you should just enter the house as a CHARACTER

I think Heather actually has…doesn’t talk about home life, and I think her persona and voice is completely made up in the house (not too many “Barbie dolls” with neck tattoos and nipple piercings)

*scratches balls


i think heather is going to jury if she doe not win hoh….. neda and jon want to keep adel, im hoping if somehow sabrina win hoh she will put up jon and neda but i doubt it…. sabrina is playing emotionally and is targeting adel which is dumb for her game…. jon and neda should be the focus of the other 3… why cant they just think logically and stop playing emotionally,,,,,


Maybe it’s just me, but I have never heard so many blantant lies, being told by Jon and Neda…in all of BB history. Yes, I know you have to lie at times, But somewhere along the line, you have to have trust in someone! They seem to lie, just for the sake of lying. Take a look at all the other BB past shows…there is always trust with someone! MHO
While I’m at it…Allison never had a chance going in late. ( not an Allison fan. ) NO ONE ever trusted her, and she was too trusting. That was a bad Twist!


Is anyone else getting tired of Emmett thinking HE won BBCAN1? He always grandstands Jillian and hardly ever let’s her get a word in. I find him annoying and Jillian even more annoying for letting it happen. Mark my words – this will happen again tonight on the Sideshow.


At this point I want everyone else to Win but Neda.
The girl looks sick she needs a few burgers and her nose is deformed.
This production interference has gone way out of hand.
Allison’s eviction was the most dumbest eviction I’ve ever seen.


Allison is just dumb. I’m glad she was evicted. Waste of a space for someone who really wanted to play in BB

another name

i’ve been watching the production maneuvers (sometimes in awe, sometimes in disgust), and I’m needing a little help reconciling what I see:
when one secret alliance is dominating the early part of the season, throw a monkey wrench into the bad for ratings plotline by taking the power out of the players’ hands and putting it into the hands of the public that has all of the knowledge the players don’t. heightens viewer interest and increases ratings.
announce on the sideshow that the decimation of that alliance isn’t done yet. keep the public interested.
now that the alliance has been revealed, and the numbers work against the alliance, have two elimination trivia challenges in a row (the closest comparison is one elimination trivia followed by one first to five points trivia hoh in a row). make sure that the first two people ‘randomly’ picked are on the same side in one of them. in the other one, have a technical difficulty that doesn’t require a technician to fix it because its back up and running within 20 seconds of a live broadcast when the lesser or equal number side you want to lose buzzes in first.
call the next player on the block into the dr for an hour to convince them to push hard to sway votes on the first of three nights after nomination (as opposed to calling in said player to ask them to fight to stay on the second day like with Ika and Andrew).
reveal to the sequestered player whose usual mode of operation is to want to use pawns, then blindside the real target, that it is an instant eviction before the nominations are made (check back to the topaz debacle of season one, she wasn’t told it was instant until after she made the nominations).
for the first time in bbcan history, have a puzzle challenge hoh where all of the players can see each other’s puzzles while they are competing so that the player that admits to not understanding riddles can look over at the competitors and compare his results to theirs and change accordingly. since this houseguest has been productions underdog everyman in post production edits, it gives the fans the chance to see their hero rise to the top.
give a houseguest a coaching session to throw in the idea of breaking an alliance to keep the player designated by public opinion and behavior as evil in the game longer. keeps the dramatic tension of good vs. evil going for one more week.
i’ve had a hard time choosing someone to root for, because my head follows the pattern and thinks things have been predetermined in a sense for a while (like since the beginning of week five). with a public opinion poll vote in jury looming… I’m having a really hard time considering anyone actually getting a cash reward.
have I read too much into this?


Have to say, Another Name, it is a bit cynical.