Friday Night Diaper Dilemma – Jon “So sh1ty.. itchy and sh1t… I Don’t know where it is”

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 26th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 28th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: May 1st
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6:35pm Baby shower

Trying to figure out how long JOn has to wear the baby outfit.

Jon asks Neda if she can stick the soother in her mouth, She says “No it’s too big”.
Jon – “Thats what she said”

Jon jokes around says his crotch is itchy but he doesn’t know where it is beneath the diaper.


6:46pm Heather and Neda
Heather and Neda decide to head to the bedroom, Neda drinks the rest of the alcohol laying around the baby shower before they go.
Heather says Sabrina was talking to her trying to put thoughts in people heads trying to get her to stay. heather says she knows the plan is to get Sabrian out followed by Adel. “Thats the plan right”
Neda – “Ya”
Heather – “We’re going to have a real run for our money come final 3..
Neda – “we’re going to have to f*** fight”
Heather – “The only thing we can beat him is Endurance”
Neda – “If we get the right endurance”
Heather – “We both know we’re bringing each other”
Neda – “Yup”
Jon comes in ..

Heather starts talking about the challenge they just had, says it was strange very random.

Neda wonders if babies are usually the size of the fake ones they have. Heather says she was 9 pounds.
Neda says she would rather have a c section than a natural birth. Heather says there’s plastic surgery they can do to correct the c section scar.
Heather says if she knew she was going to come in third for the baby competition she would have done less with the babies.

Heather says they must have mixed the babies up because Neda just left hers alone. They agree Adel was very good to the baby but there seems to be questions around how the heck NEda won.

Jon says his pants are 100% soaked right now from the sweat. HE doesn’t think he’ll have to wear it 24 hours he’s thinking more like 2 hours.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-25 16-04-49-290

7:00pm Heather, Sabrina and Neda.

Sabrina thinks she’s getting an allergic reaction to something her hands/arms are reacting. She’s developing small white and red blotches.

Neda – “You have an allergic reaction to something crazy”
Heather wonders it might be the fabric detergent they are using.
Neda recommends she continues to run her hands under cold water and wear a cold towel around her affected areas.
Neda leaves and Heather helps Sabrian out getting her towels ready.
Sabrina – “It’s So weird.. it actually hurts”

Sabrina wraps her hand with toilet paper.. ‘EHHHHWWWW this smells like urine… this is the type of toilet paper we have”

Sabrian says the last two weeks she’s had this but it only started to hurt today.


Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-25 16-26-14-970

7:30pm Adel made dinner tonight, “I added a ton of veggies so we all get full”

(Shot of Jon’s socks)

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Has anyone else worn a diaper in the shower, than worn it outside of the shower?
I have, and it feels good…until the diaper ripped and gel was coming out.


Jon should do that, while he has the chance.


Lol..Jons outfit is so humiliating:)

Nana Jo

A few years ago my son had to take care of one of those ‘real life’ babies over a weekend for a grade 11 Life Studies class. He was graded on the quickness of his response to crying and cues that the baby needed a diaper change, feeding, burping and rocking. The baby has a built-in mechanism to record all those things. The marks don’t take into account how you talk to it, or any extras like dressing it up etc. Of course the instriuctor of my son’s course wasn’t aware that he put tattoos on his baby and also referred to it (at times) as a little bugger. However, BB really dropped the ball on this one. All the live feeds showed Neda’s treatment of her baby; the way she talked to it, put a sharp necklace around its neck, bling on its head, left it lying on a shelf while she did her make-up etc. It’s ridiculous that she actually got a higher mark than most of the others. Jon lost because he had a poor response to the baby’s cues. Neda obviously did well in that way, but how can they ignore what we could all see with our own eyes?! That said, Jon makes a very funny, and grumpy baby. I hope they make him wear it for 24 hours. Neda’s gloating is so annoying considering the facts, as she knows that she was the worse mother of them all.


Neda is not gloating … she’s admitted time and again that she wasn’t a good mom (still hungover from John’s celebration night). She’s just having fun with the results because the others kept telling her how awful she was. It’s all tongue-in-cheek humour. Don’t get upset with the fact that she’s having some fun with the results. LOL


neda really wants to keep heather over adel but jon is still wants to keep adel,,,,, from the convo with sabrina and neda earlier sabrina really wants adel gone over heather… so there is still a chance that if sabrina is given the veto by jon and neda , neda and sabrina can just vote out adel.. i hope neda votes out adel instead, gamewise this would be best for her game…. jon cant play next hoh so jon he has to basically win pov to stay in the game…..


I’m hoping that Neda secretly really wants Heather or Sabrina to win veto so that she can convince people to vote out Adel.


Nobody wants to see Neda in a baby outfit, whining and complaining more than she already does. BB did the right thing by rigging it.


oh for the love of game… pls wise up and vote out neda and adel already…just so sick of them. and ppl though Andrew was a problem… he wasn’t…


l love most of all these comments thanks you everyoneee!!