Neda says if I lose this challenge that’s bullsh*t! Jon says oh yeah if you lose it’s rigged!

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HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: May 1st
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BBCAN2-2014-04-25 08-18-42-610

11:15am – 11:55am Adel, Heather and Sabrina are all on the living room couches with their babies. All of the babies start crying. Neda gets up and comes over to the couch. Neda starts changing her baby. Adel calls Neda a bad mother for re-using a dirty diaper. Neda says I probably will be a bad mother. Adel asks if they want to have a dance party with their babies? Neda says maybe later. Adel asks are we allowed to give our babies a bath? Neda says no. Neda’s baby keeps crying and she says I don’t know what to do different, I’m doing the best I can with the limited knowledge I have! Jon asks is this really what happens? Neda asks Jon can you just take my baby I don’t want it any more! Neda asks where does the noise come from?! Jon says the chest. Neda says if this was a cat I would take so much better care of it!! Cats are cuter! Jon comments on how he and Adel have already won this challenge. Neda says I worked at two daycares when I was in high school and I fell asleep at both of them! Jon says there might be lawsuits at those daycares right now. Neda says whoops .. I just spat on my baby. Jon says mine has little balls. Adel says no way?! I want to see! Neda leaves her baby on the couch. Jon laughs. Neda says you’re the god father go help it! Neda says when you guys were all napping I cried like 5 times. Neda asks will take my baby? I will accept anything, I will accept diamonds. Jon says we need child care services in here. Neda says if I lose this challenge that is bullsh*t! Jon says oh yeah if you lose it’s rigged!

BBCAN2- 2014-04-25 08-31-16-787

11:55am – 12pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds – when the live feeds return all the babies are in a basket in the storage room. Jon comes out and jokes that the worst mom award goes to Neda!! In the main bedroom – Heather says at least we know we didn’t lose the challenge. Sabrina says that she didn’t want to give up the baby.

BBCAN2-2014-04-25 08-54-54-895

12:15am – 12:30pm In the bathroom – Neda talks to Sabrina and tells her that it will be Sabrina & her going on the block with Heather going home. Sabrina asks does Heather know she’s going up? Neda says no. Neda tells Sabrina that she needs to pretend she doesn’t know anything. Neda tells Sabrina right now at this point I would want him (Adel) to leave before you did. Worst case if Heather wins the veto, Adel goes home. Neda says I already know what’s happening I just don’t know if he (Jon) wants to tell you first. Sabrina asks I wonder what our reward will be? Neda says oh my god I hope I don’t lose again. Some people just don’t have maternal instincts. Sabrina laughs. Neda asks what I didn’t drop it! Sabrina says you called your baby ciggy! Neda says what I think that’s a sick name. If my parents called me that I would love it. Big Brother calls Neda to the diary room. Sabrina says uh oh you’re getting punished. Neda says no I think if I was it would be in front of everyone.

12:40pm – 1pm In the HOH room – Jon talks to Adel about how Heather is going up on the block. Jon tells Adel that Heather was saying to put up Adel. Adel says f**k that, I already went up as a pawn for the sloppy seconds. Just tell her that I freaked out and how there is no trust left between you and I. Adel and Jon talk about how the backyard is already locked down for their reward. Adel says I don’t think it would be smart to punish one of us at this point. Jon agrees and says nope, they said we all passed our challenge. Adel leaves the HOH room. Jon listens to his music and then goes to take a shower. Sabrina asks Jon what his plan is. Jon says you are going up and whoever goes up against you is the target. Sabrina asks is it Adel, oh my god if it is I would love you! Jon says he isn’t going to say whot but I am going to lie to the other person that you are the target and they’re the pawn. Jon tells her to pretend like she doesn’t know anything. Sabrina tells Jon don’t tell anyone but when I go, you 100% have my vote. Don’t tell anyone but you have my vote, I love you.

BBCAN2-2014-04-25 09-58-22-009

BBCAN2-2014-04-25 10-04-21-075
1:05pm – 1:35pm Big Brother opens up the backyard and Adel and Jon find a hockey net, balls and hockey sticks, lacrosse and pool toys to play with. Big Brother tells them the house is now off limits. All the house guests head out into the backyard. Surprisingly Adel and Sabrina play game of badminton together. They end their game and Sabrina says she loves badminton because I’m good at it. Adel asks where he should kick the ball. Neda says Jon’s face. Adel then kicks the ball right at Jon and he catches it. Jon says its so funny that you actually called your baby Ciggy on national television. Neda commented on how he accidently hit her baby’s head .. how the hell else is it going to learn it did something bad. She compares it to hitting a dog to teach it not to do bad things.

1:40pm – 2:25pm All the house guests are sitting around talking about past events of the season. Jon says Paul was the least threatening person ever, I never understood getting him out. I would love to be in the final two with him. Neda questions how Sabrina gave Adel her baby. Adel says imagine if I had put it in the deep freeze. Adel asks Neda are you going to sh*t your pants if we get a good reward and you’re put on slop for the rest of the week? Neda says yes. Jon says I honestly think we could have come out into the backyard and tossed our babies around and you still would have lost that challenge. Neda tells Big Brother that they need to come up with more creative punishments than putting her on slop.

2:45pm – 2:55pmBig Brother isn’t letting them lay on the hammock. Jon lays in it and they turn on the alarm. Sabrina then tries and Big Brother turns on the alarm for her too. Jon says well you might as well take it away then. Neda defends herself as a good mother by saying that she didn’t kill it. It was still alive! Jon says you carried it to the diary room by the leg. Neda says I was still drunk, I was trying to figure it out. They start talking about the Big Brother house and Jon asks if they’re going to build a whole new house for the next season. Neda and Sabrina say no they’ll just design the inside but the layout will stay the same. Jon asks why did they build a new one this year? Sabrina says because the first one had a flood. Big Brother tells them to stop talking about production.

BBCAn2-2014-04-25 11-35-40-132

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i’d give heather a baby wink wink


I didn’t like how they portrayed Adel as the villain on last night’s episode. They didn’t show any of the bad things Sabrina did to him. Well….


They’ve been pretty equally shitty to each other, and Adel might have even been worse to be honest. I don’t like either of them. Whatever.


Totally, they never do. They showed the sugar I guess though, but the one part that made me sick was Ika saying the pimple thing about Heather, I felt like crying. I really hope she’s ashamed of herself, and just as bad was Sabrina’s phony attempt to say stop, while laughing her head off. I hate the word c*nt, but they are both two sick c*nts! I went back and watched a bunch of the clips from the beginning and it just reiterated what I’ve always felt about Sabrina. She was by far the worst. She bashed Heather and most of the house on a consistent basis in sick cruel ways. Now she plays victim. If she still had people in the house that would play her immature games she’d still be doing the same thing. She still does but behind people’s back. A couple of times I actually started to think maybe she’s not that bad lately, boy was I wrong. If there’s anyone that is starting to question how you thought about Sabrina, just go back and watch some of the clips from the feeds. You’ll feel like throwing up. I so hope she gets booted next so she’ll hear boos from the audience. I can’t believe people compare Neda as a person to Sabrina, Neda would never degrade, bash, and make make up total lies about anyone to intentionally hurt them and make other people dislike them. None of that had to do with game, thats just the way she is. To me Sabrina is worse than Evil dick as a human being, cause at least Dick wasn’t fake!


And to think these people are keeping HER over Heather. Everyone is stupid.


I didn’t catch a lot of the early shows when Ika was still in the house, so that was the first time I saw Ika make fun of Heather to her face like that. That was so awful. Who cares if you think someone’s double-crossing you? You don’t pick on them like that. Amazes me that people still continued to call Ika a queen in the threads after that. I realize she apologized to Heather, but still. Not cool.


To be fair, he did say in the DR that he is purposely acting like a douche.


Exactly, it’s not unfair to portray him that way because it’s what he wants to be shown as right now. If anything they are helping him out by trying to make it seem like he has a real plan/strategy going.


I’m totally conflicted. I always want the best gameplayer to win but I absolutely can’t stand Neda as a person. I was hoping that Heather would turn out to be a secret genius but this last week she has played shockingly bad. Not only did she come a very strong second in both mental and endurance competitions but was also caught spying on her final 3 alliance and also unbelievably tells the others that she wants to unveil a secret about herself at the final. Stupid women.


neda and heather are not stupid women. shut your sexist mouth.


Actually I just saw that I said ‘women’ instead of ‘woman’. Oh crap, maybe I’m subconsciously sexist.


I do not like at all that she was caught listening outside the door when Joneda are talking or whoever. At this point, it isn’t like anyone is really going to be talking about anything revealing, if you overhear it, you go to one of the people talking, they are obviously going to say ‘of course i said that to him/her, i have to get them believing our F3/F2 is real”

You don’t learn anything by overhearing, same with the feeds if you watch it, two people talking can be two people lying or telling the truth, we have no real way of knowing what they are really going to do. Diary room sessions are edited and shown to direct us in the wrong direction, 99% of the time. If Neda in DR on Thursdays show says 100% she is going to try to get Jon out, chances are she isn’t, but she looks like a ruthless player if the DR shows her saying that. and controversial, since the majority of viewers are going to thinks she’s evil because she’d take him out, just to win the game. maybe she will, maybe she won’t but chances are we aren’t really going to know until the game is over, and even then she or any one of them can spin what happened into what they wanted to happen.


People have been saying that neda actually hates heather and she’s faking the best friends things with her. Is this true? And how do people know this? If it is ill be disappointed because I actually like their friendship together


It’s been on the feeds on a couple occasions. Usually she and Jon alone talking and Neda says how she hates Heather to Jon. It’s definitely true. I still don’t get it as F2 with Heather and Neda wins 100K all day long. Frankly as far as HGs go other than that annoying as F baby voice she has been pretty nice with anyone that gave her a chance. Perfect no but far from the “evil geniuses” we had this season.


…unless Neda does want F2 with Heather (like she said in the session with Emmett & Jillian) but is trash-talking her to Jon so he doesn’t get suspicious. That’s my guess.


I wouldn’t take Neda hating Heather too literally. Dr. Will hated everyone, or said he did. I think her “I hate everyone” is strategy, it creates an emotional barrier that helps keep her focused on the prize and helps her to separate personal feelings from game decisions. After so many weeks in the house, every little annoying character trait, like Heather’s squeaky voice is magnified a hundred times and people will vent. Heather is a nice girl, but she is a bit of a snake, listening in on conversations and she got caught, so what is Neda supposed to do? Heather’s big mistake was telling Jon one thing and believing Neda telling her that her and Jon do not have a final 2 and that she doesn’t tell Jon everything. She doesn’t realize that they tell each other everything, and if one of them tells Heather something negative about the other one, they tell each other and see what comes back. Heather is definitely Jon and Neda’s biggest threat to win the next HOH, the most important one of the season. It is a smart move to take her out. Neda understands that getting Adel out is better for her, but she also is smart enough to realize that she needs to not push Jon too hard, he has already gotten a lot of blood on his hands for her. She is doing a good job reeling Sabs in, and the best case scenario for Jon and Neda is Sabs winning veto, because then Neda has no choice but to vote for either Adel or Heather.


Worked at two daycare and fell asleep at both? Suddenly not too comfortable about ever having my kids in daycare lol. This was a funny challenge.

Russ from Van

I just noticed on twitter that the girl Adel is dating is a dime piece stunner! He seems like a good guy and deserves to have a hot babe on his arm.


People who say they don’t think Neda should win because she’s mean bother me to the nth degree. People, the person who “deserves” to win is the person who played the best game. Not who’s nicest, not who’s sweetest, not who lies the least, not who talks the least smack. If you wanna watch a nice person win money for no other reason than being nice and likable, go watch BBUK. Neda is doing what she has to to win the game, and as far as I’m concerned, she’s the only one that should win the game, even if she is a little bit of a diva. BBCAN ain’t about making friends, or a popularity contest.



Jon's ye@ster


You want nice people winning money, watch Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune or…anything but BBCAN or BBUSA

You nailed it…it is a GAME and enter as a GAME PLAYER…alter ego…a created character…anything…and do ANYTHING to WIN!!

*scratches balls


People watch Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune to make them feel smart.


I have a hard time believing that the average person comes away from watching Jeopardy feeling smart. I certainly don’t, and I had a decent edumacation.


Thank you!


It is in Neda’s best interest 100% to get rid of Heather ( as sweet as she is ) because she is a competitor when it comes to comp’s. Jon can’t compete in HoH next week which means Neda has a great chance to take him out. If Jon was smart he would back door Neda but he is all about going to F2 with her. Neda wants Adele sitting beside her F2 because he did absolutely nothing all game and everyone knows it! She will be guaranteed a win with that scenario!


Jon’s ye@ster…………….with all that scratching your balls, you won’t have anything left for the ladies…………….put some calamine lotion on them. 🙂


Goooooooo Neda


Don’t get rid of Adel! If Jon really wants to win the game, he would take Neda or Heather out.

Adel SUCKS at comps. More reason to take him to F2.


That was the funniest challenge ever. Get them drunk and then make them babysitters. Much more entertaining than yet another year in the US of zingbot.

Nana Jo

I could totally picture Sabs as one of those bat-shit crazy ‘Toddlers and Tiaras’ mothers living vicariously through her own child, making its life all about her. As for Neda’s baby …. “A Child Called Ciggy”…by Cigarette Butt Kandalar – ‘My Mother loved the cat more than me, and other smoke-filled tales of neglect’.

I absolutely HATE Sabrina’s witchy laugh.


I’m going to wish for a miracle – that Heather wins veto. (although she could’ve won the last one and she’s decent in comps, so it’s in the realm of possibility) And I hope Jon & Neda make the mistake of telling her she’s the target before the veto comp so she gets riled up for it.


What’s with Emmett? One would think he’s a celebraty! Here’s the winner of BBC 1, ( Jillian ) sitting in the audience, while he is being interviewed! smh!!!


That’s because Jillian was already interviewed earlier in the season..


bullshit result………… neda is runner up for best parent my ass….. adel won challenge and jon is the worst parent….