Jon tells Heather to stop packing her things “Sabrina goes this week, Adel next, we’re final 3”

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 26th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 28th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: May 1st
Original Nominations: Heather and Sabrina
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-26 08-30-03-342

11:24AM Adel and Jon Living room

Jon telling him he has to win the Veto to make sure it doesn’t get used. Adel tells him they have to make sure Neda doesn’t get wind of what they have.

11:24am HOH
Neda I just wanted to give you some alone time before I bugged you

Neda says she doesn’t like the game she doesn’t like seeing people upset
Heather- “It just sucks.. some warning would have been nice.. I feel like the conversation I had with him this morning was a lie he knew at that point”

Heather – “We always say final 3 final 3 so why didn’t you tell me”
heather- “If it’s supposed to be final 3 why not pout DEli on the block”
Heather – “He hasn’t come to talk to me ONCE not ONCE”
Neda – “I don’t know why”
Heather all he says is sorry Heather
Neda – “I wish I knew what to say.. I really don’t.. he’s just being a idiot”
Heather – “Has your ideas changed”
Neda – “No”
Heather – “that’s good.. I still want us to be the final 3 people… I just don’t know what this means.”
Heather – “I’m so pissed off.. I was so close to beating him in the competition and then he puts me in the block”

Heather points out that nobody has come up to her and asked her how she’s doing, ‘What great friends I have”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-26 08-36-55-091

11:35AM Bathroom Jon and Neda
Neda goes over her conversation with Heather. Saying how upset Heather is that Jon never told her. Heather is also onto Jon lying to her earlier today. They go over the plan agreeing Heather will go home unless she wins the POV.
Neda says Heather will be less bitter if Heather goes home beside Adel than Sabrina


11:48am bedroom Sabrina and Heather
Heather says she’s upset because she thought when you are in an alliance with someone they will tell her if she’s going up. Sabrina doesn’t think her alliance will screw her over this week.

Sabrina says she has to win the veto to stay in tha game. Heather isn’t sure about it, she doesn’t know what is going on anymore.

Sabrina says it all comes down to who wins the veto.
Heather – “Ya.. against two strong guys you and Neda”
Sabrina says HEather did great in the HOH competition why does she think she cannot compete physically. .
Heather – “Adel wasn’t playing”
Sabrina – “Adel has asthma”

Sabrina says she’s not trying to stress Heather out but this is not a good week to be on the block. Heather knows they both are expecting some HUGE twist to drop.

Sabrina asks her who she thinks the final 3 will be. Neda /Jon walk in Heather leave.

THey start talking abut how Heather is reacting to being nominated. One thing that Heather is doing which is bugging them is packing her clothes.
Jon says he doesn’t give a sh1t about Heather anymore if she wants to be acting like she is, She needs to get over it.
Jon – “She’s packing her stuff… that makes no f*** sense”

Jon says heather is being a “d1ck” right now, Sabrina is on the block to and she’s not being a d1ck. Jon adds that Rachelle and Sabrina were d1cks last week but only early on and it died down quickly. Sabrina fingers him (See image above)

Sabrina warns them Heather is going to be very bitter person. Neda thinks Heather is just hurt right now. Jon says he never told Heather she was going to be nominated this morning because “He didn’t know”. Jon – “Well I did know but I did”

They start going through scenarios where Sabrina goes home. Jon tells her Sabrina stays in the game as long as Adel doesn’t win anything.
Sabrina – “You are keeping Adel over me.. “
Jon – “No offense I don’t think you know sh1t”
Sabrina asks them if Heather wins the Veto does she go home. Jon – “We don’t know”
Adel rolls in asks Sabrina why she’s unpacking then leaves. Sabrina points out to Jon and Neda that Adel wasn’t supposed to be mean anymore.
Jon – “Ohh put the pacifier in your mouth”
Sabrina – “I can put it in your a$$ if you like no problem”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-26 09-26-29-019

12:25pm HOH Heather and Jon

Heather “You and I have been in an alliance since day one.. I don’t understand”

Jon says he never knew what he was going to do. He didn’t want to put up Adel because adel was the pawn last time. it was really between Ned And Heather and he picked heather at the last minute.

Jon – “Why are you packing your things”
Heather says she’s just packing some things she won’t be wearing anymore.
Heather – “I wish I had known before”
Jon says they pulled him into the Diary room to get the nominations and he didn’t know the nominations going in. He couldn’t get to talk to Heather once he was in the DR. “My intentions this morning was Adel going up.. But he had a good point. Whats your biggest fear”

Heather says she’s scared she starts to cry, “I don’t know.. we are supposed to have a final 2.. this is a bad week to be on the block some f***d up thing can happen what If I go home over Sabrina”
Jon says there’s no twist he can see that Sabrina stays over Heather.

Jon – “If I knew who I was going to nominate before going in I would have told you”
Jon – “Where’s your head at.. obviously you are second guessing.. not even Adel and Neds knew what was going on”

Jon says Sabrina is going home they are all going to final 4 to battle it out.
Jon – “Stop packing your stuff.. Promise”
Heather – “Nothing has changed with the three”
Jon says they are still final 3 the plan has always been to take out Sabrina this week followed by Adel.

(Video Coming)

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-26 09-40-58-613

1:11pm everyone sleeping in the bedroom

Adel – “We got like 5 more hours until the comp”

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why the f do ppl wanna go to f3 with two strong players jon/neda emmett/jillian. so stupid.

adel needs to win veto and screw neda.


It’s interesting as this is one scenario JonNeda have not considered. Adel taking Heather off the block. I don’t see it happening though.


adel wont do that… adel is to much of a pussy to use veto on heather…. adel is jon and nedas lap dog,,,,


its all on Adel and he is trusting jon/neda. He is a real idiot, he doesnt mind going to final 3 with them because he is playing for 20,000. This guy played no game at all just coasted this far and now he is settling for 20,000.


Which isn’t a terrible plan – if you know you can’t win, $20K is better than no money.

But really hope it’s Neda and anyone in the finale. She’s played the best game and I hope she wins.


Unfortunately I don’t see any scenario where Neda goes home…

Heather wins POV – takes herself off, Adel goes up and Adel goes home
Sabrina wins POV – takes herself off, Adel goes up and Heather (or Adel) goes home
Jon wins POV – leaves noms the same
Adel wins POV – leaves noms the same.

What WOULD be amazing is if
Adel wins POV, takes Sabrina off the block, Jon is forced to put up Neda then Adel and Sabrina vote off Neda. That’s the only scenario I see Neda going anywhere but I don’t see Adel being that smart if he wins. He is playing Jon and Neda’s game all the way.


Let’s ask Gary why he wanted to go to final 3 with Jemmet. The answer is that the final HOH can be won by anyone.


Jon is joking a lot about back dooring Neda. I would be shocked if he actually did it.


im sure outside bb house neda would enjoy a back door from jon ……


its not a backdoor everyone plays veto….. its just a replacement nom….. a true backdoor is defined as someone going without even getting to play for veto…. arlie was also not a true backdoor because arlie got to play veto…. bb 14 when jannelle got evicted that was a backdoor…. she was not put up as original nom and she did not get to play veto… when danille m won pov she took down will and replaced him with janelle janelle got voted out……


Kenny’s eviction this season was also a true backdoor.


kyle also


Jon is being such a douchebag to Heather. I can’t wait till Neda drops his arrogant ass. Heather can act however she pleases especially when she is on the block. Jon has a sever case of HOHitis. Also does he not care about jury votes?!
Adel is a hopeless idiot as well who has gotten this far by pure luck.
I hope Heather wins POV and Sabrina leaves and Heather and Adel work together but hey….


I like Neda but not gonna lie if Adel won veto and used it on Heather that would be hilarious. Jon would have to win veto next week or he’d be gone too


That would be SO EPIC and the icing on the cake for the season.

I think Neda is a fierce competitor and does deserve to stay but her going on on JON’S HOH!?!??! There is nothing more crazy than that.


I would love for that to happen,but Adel is such an idiot. I doubt he would use it if he won. I don’t understand why he and Heather rarely talk game. If they teamed up they could easily go all the way at this point.


Heather does not seem receptive to other options. She is to tied into believing/seeing only her with Neda F2. Heather has a relationship with Adel but she is not talking game with him. Seems like she is waiting for him to speak with her….so everything is filtered through Neda or Jon.


Heather insinuated to Sabrina that if she’d won HOH she would have put up Adel and Jon – so don’t get too soppy about final 2,3 or 4 – or her getting back stabbed! THE GAME IS ON! And they are all playing!


not difficoult to understand. Adel never ever considered the girls. He never really talks to Neda either. you can tell he’s bias towards men … either cause he has a sense of superiority and/or he’s a closet case (or both of them)!


Yes, he’s middle-eastern, and was brought up to think of women as second class, even though he might not consider it that way. Chances are he holds a lot of non-western, non-modern beliefs.

Either way, he is arrogant as f**k.

Play The Game

I do not think Adel has a problem with woman….. he was very close with Ika. I’m hoping if he does win the veto…. he will realize the best move for his game is to save Heather and also convince her that they need to vote Neda out.


I’m sure Adel loves women, he just doesn’t believe they are his equal, in the modern sense. For example, his mother wears a traditional burka type headdress which covers much of her head and face, and I’m sure that he would expect his wife to do the same.

Does that mean he doesn’t love women, absolutely not, in fact, muslims think they are protecting their women by doing that. It’s a different mindset.
It seems to many westerners that they treat women like property, but they don’t see it that way.


Adel winning pov and using it on Heather is my favorate scenario but I’m not convinced he will do that, so I’m still rooting on Heather to win it, then hopefully Sabrina spills the beans to Heather about what the real plan was!


She can’t, Sabrina spilling the beans to Heather would just mean she’s going against Joneda and that would bring back the target back to her. At this point Heather staying is dependent on her winning the veto. Hopefully that happens and adel is sent home this week.


if heather gets herself off the block, then sabs coming to her and telling her the plan makes sense. That would mean heather would vote out adel, however since neda is going to tell her to do that anyway, there would be no point in sabs putting herself out there to tell her about the original plan. Not until after the evictions and adel goes home. i can’t see any situation where adel wants to go further with Heather rather than with Jon.


jon youre busted, u cant even look heather in the eyes…. heather is going after u hardcore, better pray she does not win veto….


jon is scared lmao look at jon and heather alone in hoh room….. jon is pissing his pants and sweating bullets…..jon afraid of a little girl….. lmao..


Heather or Sabrina have to win the veto so that Adel gets on the block. Neda can then decide to do whatever she wants because technically Jon has no say.


Jon needs to WAKE UP and be wary of Neda from here on. She is so fixated on covering her bases; especially since her talk with Emmett she has been immersed in jury votes. Before she was concerned with final 3 and 2 so she was pro-Heather. Then she was teetering towards adel, i think largely to indulge Jon and not seem SO one-sided towards her game; but it finally became secured when Sabrina candidly offered that for Neda it was “obvious that she would prefer to take Adel…cuz she would have more jury votes.” One could see it click in her eyes and her balance from then on was pro-Adel. This is why she pushed to blind side Heather, contrary to giving her a heads up- as they’ve been doing throughout the ENTIRE game! Neda planted a red flag on jon’s bonnet! Jon planned to tell her, the LEAST suspicious option; but Neda foiled the plan arguing that she did not want Heather to be able to “prepare” so to hinder her chances at pov. This lame reason worked on Jon which, and Neda benefits for even though they will ALL vote Heather out, the blame and responsibility for her distress will land solely on him! The HOH takes the brunt of the blame for the noms; and now he looks like a disloyal liar to Heather. If he had simply told her, then eventually in the end when she was blindsided at eviction, then the blame falls more on EVERYONE. But now Neda gets to comfort Heather and reap all the rewards. I gotta give it up to Neda for this one!


Neda is doing a great job with taking all sides of the game into consideration. No one else is even thinking about jury votes, as it relates to their game in the house – she’s the only one actively trying to improve / maintain her relationships with people (i.e. comforting Sabrina after evicting Rachelle even though she really doesn’t care) because she knows that 3 of them won’t be in the finale. I think she was there before the strat session, but it really solidified her plan to focus on the relationships too.


Jon is going to try and say that it was Adel and Neda who decided to vote her out (In his DR) and act surprised. I hope Neda screws him over and votes to evict Sabrina, then his jerk ass will have to break the tie. That will expose him.


Please Heather, win the POV!!!!!!! Good god, I hope she wins!!!!


I hope neda will expose Jon’s decision and go after sabrina the wacho!!


So, Jon is pissed that Heather is not believing his lies? Why does he care if she packs? His true colors have sure come out.
His outfit suits him perfectly.