Lights flashing ON/OFF, Loud Screaming sounds. “Ika, she was looking right at me”

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 26th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 28th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: May 1st
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-25 16-42-55-156

7:40pm HOH JOn and Neda

Neda says Heather is so worried about going up, Neda thinks it’s very important that they don;t let Heather know she’s not the pawn. If Heather think she’s the target she’ll have more fire in her belly.

Neda – “Is this the best plan for us to take Adel over Heather”
JOn thinks it is says if Adel had won the HOH they would have been safe but if Heather had won there was real chance of them going up

Jon – “Adel will take us to final three Heather will not”
Neda – “You think Adel will choose you over sabrian.. look at how easy it was for him to turn on HEather.

Neda says she’s worried about Adel’s abilities being greater in competitions than Heathers. Jon doesn’t think so says that

Heather rolls in “Is everything OK”

JOn and Neda says yes, Jon starts complaining about his diaper.

Adel joins them.. It’s obvious that heather knows something is up, Check out the picture below. (Is turning on Heather a smart thing for JOn and Neda?)

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-25 16-57-18-899


8:13pm Heather Living room

The lights starts flashing on and off.. Houseguests collect around the living room trying to figure it out

Big Brother Starts talking over the speakers.
Big Brother – “Paul please fix your microphone“
Big Brother -“IKA Please put on your microphone“
Sabrina – “OH MY GOD OH MY GOD”
Big Brother -“IKA Please put on your microphone“
Big Brother -“Paul please fix your microphone“
Sabrina says she’s going to have a heart attack.
Adel – “Someone’s coming.. I hear feet”
Neda – “What the f** is happening”
Sabrina – “I TOLD YOU I SAW HER”
Neda – “She saw IKA”
Heather – “I Hear footsteps again”
They start freaking out Adel screams that Paul is coming back. Neda wonders if IKA is coming back. Sabrina had thought she saw IKA in the mirror earlier today says she was looking right at her. Jon thinks it’s crazy to suggest Big Brother had all the evicted houseguests sequestered for the last 9 weeks.

Adel – “If it’s high heels it’s a girl if it’s thumps it’s Paul”
Sabrina – “I hope it’s Paul”
Jon laughs at the idea of Paul coming back into the game.
Adel – “I would fall down the stairs”
Neda says maybe someone is coming back for the weekend not to play the game but to talk to them.

Jon says he was in the Diary room at the time and everything had shut off.
Neda – “I think a lot of things happen to f** with us but that seems a little extreme”

Adel wonders if Canada got a chance to vote a past evicted houseguest into the house.
Neda wonders maybe nothing is going to happen.
Sabrina says Big Brother Never does anything for nothing.
Jon points out how they have to pack all their clothes up and that turned out to be nothing.

Lights flash off again and we hear a loud screeching sound. Sabrina – “Oh my god”

(Watch the videos)

8:47pm Feeds off

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-25 17-53-23-423

8:55pm Feeds come back

Jon is out of the diaper. Everyone but Adel say a video clip that showed footage from Andrew’s nominations ceremony. Adel was in the bathtub at the time. Sounds like they were visited by “ghosts” and a “Ninja”

Big Brother Calls Sabrina to the Diary room. Sabrina says she’s too scared.
Jon – “Just expect them to bang on the windows”
Sabrina – “I’m so scared”

Sabrina comes out says it was about the rash on her hands.
Neda wonders if it’s over.
Heather doesn’t think it’s over says they are waiting for them to get relaxed.

All sorts of different theories start going around about what the video they saw was all about. They agree a old houseguest is not coming back. Other than that they are just randomly guessing. Neda thinks the evicted houseguests will get to decide who the nominees are.

Neda – “There’s two weeks left someone has to get out of here soon”
Sabrina – “Why Andrew though.. Why that week over any other.. there was one before and 8 after”
Adel – “Who cares.. it’s a whole bunch of nothing”

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Wth? Is production just messing with them?


They gotta keep the feeds busy, going, and interesting somehow. haha


I’m sure Paul isn’t going into the house since he is tweeting right now. Maybe the brought in Ika to mess with the houseguests. Remember when Rachel Reily went back into the Big Brother house to mess with Ragan and them? Maybe something similar is happening.
That screaming/screeching sound was so creepy omg I was scared.


John comes out of DR
Neda calls out John
Shit(Fire alarm) hits the fan
Sabrina drops a duece
John didn’t even fucking flinch
Feeds are down
What’s up Canada!


Maybe the POV comp is “Ghosts of BB Past”


Did they even do nominations?


I am writing to say I have watched every big brother US and Canada episode but have decided to stop watching BB Canada now because of all the “twists” and manipulation!! Stop manipulating and affecting the game!! The show is great without having stupid twist that players can not prepare for!! We love the strategy social side of the game but BB Canada has ruined, RUINED the game by implementing “Canada as HOH” and hidden vetos and instant evictions!! ENOUGH TWISTS AND MANIPULATION. The winner will never have “EARNED” it, it’s all luck now and outside influence. You ruined the game!! And you SCREWED the HOH when the buzzer FAILED and you skipped the question when it was CLEARLY visible who rang in first!! AFFECTING THE ENTIRE COMP!!! Big Brother producers have FAILED US!!! I’VE STOPPED WATCHING AND CHECK FORUMS, MANY ARE!!




I couldn’t agree more. Only reason Neda and Jon are in control is because of Canada. Congratulations?


Completely disagree, IF production helped anyone it was Alison but she didn’t use either opportunity well.

bb Canada is Awesome

@jay : its OK if you’re not watching bb Canada. We still love the show, we love the twist and we’ll keep watching it. BTW are you Andrew or Kenny or sarah or someone related to Alison? Lmfao


Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. No need to bash anyone else for saying what they want to say. If you like the show great if you don’t then great. I love reading everyone’s opinions! But let’s not bash what other people are saying!! To each their own.


Take a deep breath and relax. It’s BB Canada and it’s different than BB US. I’m sure the houseguests have signed some sort of contract that allows production to interfere/manipulate/twist the show any way they want. If you don’t like, feel free to wait for the summer and the boring BB US where all they did for the last few weeks was lay in bed all day and bash former hgs. Give me a twist and a task any day over that. Either way there’s only two more weeks for you to be tortured


So, MVP, the stupid coaches twist, and that BS Pandora to save Rachel and Jordan? Those weren’t enough to put you off BB, but Canada’s HOH is the final straw? Good for you if you mean it, unfortunately most of us don’t seem able to stop following regardless of the interference. I actually thought bringing back the Gary straight from Jury last year is worse than Can HOH.


Great post!

What I believe your referring to is basically AG(Allison Grodner/producer). Her touch is different than the production up here but she does make the hamsters run the wheel. She tends to let emotion play out like the bigotry issue during BB 15. I guarantee you there were plenty of chats in the DR privately with HGs. It appears hands off but don’t believe it for a second.

I also agree that Gary returning after jury was far worse than a Canada HOH. The thing is if folks think about noms were pretty over whelming on the two who went up. If you remember wasn’t it Topaz who had 5 minutes to discuss with herself noms as Neda did on the instant eviction. Production let the HGs watch and hear the whole thing. Basically cost her any chance at the game. As voters we saw Andrew/Sabby in the game in a similar way. Oh and lets not forget save Suzette and so on. 😛

Yeh both season have had there far share of interference. What makes 2 a lot tougher for me is the social game crapper this season. I see none of these HGs as all star caliber players. Wait Neda fans…… the good news is she and Sabby are the only ones who played hard. I’m still deciding if Jon did enough without Neda’s influence for consideration. He’s had the best social of those left but as a drunk he is far from loveable IMO. With Sabby being hated I’d say Neda and her fans should be pleased to this point she has played better than the rest except Sabby. No booing…. I’m fair with you folks be fair with Sabby and forget the character issues. She’s on a bus with no brakes(BB) and it’s going down hill. She has made every turn 1/2 way down. If they take her F2 she has played 1 hell of a game in that regard. No chance to win IMO

Perhaps after BB 3 and worse Kasting than this group we’ll actually appreciate these HGs more. I highly doubt it personally.


So you watched every season from the get go? And you are confused as to why production interferes? So “Boogie” having the Coup D’Etat or Elissa having the MVP is NOT manipulation/favoritism ? Emmett cheating and no repercussions? BigBrother is for Entertainment nothing more 🙂 No bars hold is their motto. But you know that being a SuperFan 🙂


“No bars hold is their motto”


Canada as HOH: Mere twist that is common in plenty of Big Brother international versions. By this point, likeability has been a part of this game, and Big Brother 1’s Alec described it best on finale night. Canada’s influence is a challenge of it’s own. As it has in the American version.
Hidden Veto: Ineffective. The plan was to eliminate Arlie prior to the Hidden Veto and it continued to happen.
Instant Eviction: As if Allison could have defended herself, normal week or not. Even then, if I do recall correctly once upon a time, there was Big Brother 2 US. That didn’t even use Vetos. Everyone seemed to be fine without it then, considering I’ve met people who adore BB2.


So you’d rather watch Andrew n Sabrina picking their noses all day?
Not to mention all the remarks they make.
What part of expect the unexpected do u not get? It is part of the game.
It’s no different than watching sports … Sports are rigged also.
After being caught red handed, the League was sued for fixing games.
The courts ruled that the leagues have no legal obligation to provide a “fair game”, Their only obligation is to provide “entertainment”.
To much money involved to not know the outcome.
(I’ve known this since I was about 8 years old … had a neighbor who was a bookie
… he knew the outcome of every fight and game before hand)
So do as I do … If u do not enjoy it …don’t watch it!


Sports aren’t rigged to that extent. Fighters aren’t gonna willingly let themselves get knocked out cold while making it look believable every time. I think you’re neighbor was pulling your leg.


no Bookie knows the outcome of every fight before it even starts, if that was the case, he must own a mansion next to yours, nice to be rich


“Canada as HOH” is not really that different from the US Version where the US voted a third nominee on the block for three weeks last year. In fact, doing it just one week was probably less intrusive, I don’t think it’s that big a deal. Andrew needed to go.



I too have not checked into the forums very often. I have watched the feeds maybe three or four times this season. I looked forward to BBUS every year. When BBCAN was announced I was overjoyed. But then as I watched the first season and seen all the manipulation that did go on my overjoy turned to let down. Week after week we seen Jillian win and then Emmett and then Jillian again etc. To change things up every once in awhile they would “let” someone else win but only after a very public outcry that Emmett cheated. And were we really surprised when Jillian won? I wasn’t. But this year I don’t really care if I see the show or not and I really can’t figure out why. Is it because of all the twists or the lack of personalities with the house guests? Maybe it is I am getting tired of seeing the drunk feast every other night? There are too many things to list. So I can agree with some of your comments. One other reason that I don’t come into the forums often is well the name calling and bashing people get for posting their own opinions. Gets to be to much. So I know I will get a lot of feedback on this post. Let’s see if the new season for BBUS brings something different for us to watch again.


Heather should know Jon will want her out at this point. But besides winning the veto, there’s nothing really she can do at this point. Adel is too stupid to work with and Sabrina is too untrustworthy. If they can get Adel on the block with Heather, Neda could just get with Sabrina and vote Adel out. It really wouldn’t hurt her any. What’s Jon going to do about it? Nothing. Neda could easily convince him she felt Adel was the bigger threat to them so she decided to vote against what he wanted because it was for their own good and he might not like it, but he would buy it. She could make a very convincing argument for doing what she did.


I love this season of BB I to have watched every season of bbus and Canada’s but I have to disagree with you. Can you imagine how boring the show and feeds would be without surprises along the way. I find this season one of the best. So nice no showmances . But I have to ask you don’t u find it boring when even the contestants know which competition it is. Love that Canada mixes things up. I say keep up the good work BB Canada


Hey relax dude, they said the theme of this season is Canada, so Canada is acting like a player in the game. It had one HOH and will have one vote in the end. It’s hardly the only reason Jon and Neda are on top. If every season of bb was the same it would be boring. So if you don’t like this season wait for another.


I don’t recall who the buzzer failed for in the live hoh competition. The manipulation can be seen objectively in 1 of 2 ways

1) Unfair biased production pushing forward their favourites
2) The producers just trying to keep the game interesting

That being said, I wonder what the ratings would look like without the manipulation. And in many ways, if the manipulation is coming from Canada who is watching is this really that bad?

I can see both sides of the argument, some fan favourites like dr. will were actually widely disliked by the audience in the early stages of the game. That being said if the houseguest were left to their own devices this season it would have been a very boring season. No one would make a move against andrew. For all of Jon’s big man talk, and as much as i like hime, had he won and andrew and kenny were still in the house, he wouldn’t have nominated them both either because it would be too easy for one of them to win and both be left in the house next week.

I really don’t know what the season would have turned out like but I suspect it would be less itneresting. Hopefully they bring Andrew back to at least give him another chance as it was kind of unfair he left the house like that. Allison was the beneficiary of a huge amount of twist and whined and complained every week about how it was such a disadvantage to avoid 2 evictions and be immuned from a 3rd one and get a subsequent secret veto she used to screw over her allies in favour of arlie, who she then screwed over and went out behind, I feel no sorrow for her she was the abslute worst player. Mumsie just played a shtty game and stayed on a sinking ship. Sabrina has had a good run and has probably benefitted from the twist as if andrew and kenny were running the house she would have been discarded for being too dangerous and having too much influence.

Alot of Adrews miss fortune was his own fault, calling everyone a dumb btch didnt help his image. I liked him as a player of the game who made moves and an alliance and ran through the house. But if he was a little nicer about things and more subtle he probably wouldn’t be so hated. He also had a chance to play veto and came close to winning but blew it.


i do think heather knows that jon and neda are turning on her and planning to keep sabrina instead…. she been sketched out the last few hours now…… i want her to win pov so bad and f4 hoh and send put up jon and neda…..


Her recent behaviour has actually made me now want her out for the first time. she seems to be sneaking around, paranoid, and pouting over not winning. It is these kinds of things that are leading JoNeda to want her gone, lol. Had she just puttered along pretending to be trying to win and failing badly, my guess is they wouldn’t even have her on their radar.

She’s gotten sketchy lol


I am not a fan of Heather’s non-gameplay either. Her pretending to be 6yrs. old voice is stupid! She wants to do Voice over for Anime and is using BB for her platform. Whining that the other HG don’t like her totally lies in her lap. She acted this way and the cards fell where they may. Her choice as to how she played the game. She got a good edit on last nights show, which live feeders know the difference, but the viewing audience doesn’t. She has been cruel with her swear words as well as the rest, but not shown on TV. She is no angel by anymeans 🙂


Heather’s probably the most perceptive person in the house. They’re dummies for not realizing that she already knows.

She really needs to start talking to Deli at this point though. Even though he probably won’t win POV, she can at least try to hedge her bets a little bit.


I get the sense that they know she knows, you know?


Yeah I know that you know, that they know that she knows.


neda is so funny with that frying pan


Haha. She looks like Evil Smurfette


it really does not matter when they tell her tonight or tomorrow ,,, she already knows and she will be fighting hard for that veto…… the person thats going to get screwed over hard is going to be adel…… why is adel so up jon and nedas ass… hey bud youre going home if heather wins veto…..


I could only think that he is up on their butt THIS WEEK is because Jon is HOH. If it isn’t Heather on the block, it would be Adel. So obviously better her than him right?


Can’t stand this final 4. Dislike everyone left in the house besides Jon. Rooting for him to win the game at this point!


I don’t know if this is a probable situation but I think it would be fantastic if Neda won POV and took Heather off the block. From what I can tell she doesn’t really want Heather to go because Heather will take her to F2.


I think Heather will go home not because of game play, but because Adel is more entertaining. He obviously got a lot of good advice from Talla. The rest will be up to production.


you’re an idiot


Jon and Neda have become “entitled” players that think the others shouldn’t even try to win themselves and if they do try, they have to be gotten out.

Everyone came into the game to win so why shouldn’t they put some effort into competitions and challenges?

I don’t care for any of the players left but I would like to see any of them really try to win and not lay down, hoping that they are not being lied to and relying on others to keep their word.

The only person you can trust in the house is yourself, especially when everyone has been exposed with all the lies. Play to win, not believe a liar.


don’t think neda will go against what jon wants…. I think neda will go along with what jon wants if she wins veto she will keep it the same and just lie to heather ..


Then she just lost $100.000
Adel will take Jon, and Sabrina won’t win shits
Sure Jon will take her but Jon will win
If she wins final HoH and take Sabrina, Sabrina might win…and I think she will
If she wins final HoH and take Adel, it’s really a toss up. She will lose Canada’s vote


ok I just remembered something… when adel woke up early last week he was talking to us….. his plan for the next following weeks,,,, I recall him saying that if he had a choice for f2 It would be neda… … the reason I mentioned this is I now believe that if adel wins pov his just going to keep it the same…

Nana Jo

Absolutely Heather knows, and not because she’s sneaky. She is a very intuitive, astute girl. I think Heather should just come out and ask Jon and Neda directly if she is the real target, and do so in a way which implies that Adel let something slip. She should also emphasize to Neda that Adel has said he will definitely take Jon to final 2 and not her, and then reiterate her promise to go to final 2 with Neda alone. She needs to approach Adel as well and tell him she knows that she’s not the pawn, and that she is sure he is the next target because both Jon and Neda want to take Sabs to final 3 to boost their chances of a win.

Please, please God let Heather win PoV!


I think Heather is on to the fact she is not the pawn. I hope she can win pov. Production seems to be keeping them busy so there is not a lot of game talk. Heather knows that Jon and Neda do not care about loyalty.

A Name

What the heck? Production didn’t wait for Adel to finish praying before they played the video?! If this is for a Veto competition or something important and they let him miss it, Big Brother is TOTAL BS


if i’m not mistaken, late last night, adel, talking to himself (or the camera) said he was behind the prank. i think he said it was a bb mission he created. he and jon talked about it this morning; jon is supposed to pull one too. adel wished him luck.