“in my mind no questions about Tyler I trust you completely like we’re so good.. you have no idea.”

**updated*** Big Brother Spoilers Tyler did not use the power of Veto. The nominations stay the same with Brett and Rachel eligible for eviction ON Thursday.
12:03pm Tyler and Bayleigh
Bay – thank you
T – I told you bay…
Bay – how do you feel
T – I feel good.. I told you that’s what I want to do
Bay – and you did and now I have no doubt in my mind no questions about Tyler I trust you completely like we’re so good.. you have no idea.. . it’s done now we can chill for 4 days

B – now you have to win HOH
Tyler sys whoever stays this week will be coming for him
B – if Rachel stays she can try to cvom for you is it really going to work
T – no.. probably not
B – and with BRett .. if Brett stays he’s got a lot of people to go for he doesn’t like ROCKS he probably doesn’t like me now

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Bayleigh “Here’s my timeline. When I was 17 I was a v!*g!n and I got

Big Brother Spoilers 9:33pm HOH room. Kaycee and Bayleigh. Bay – All I want is a family and a simple life. And now I’m on a reality tv show. Like how does this happen. Everything in my life is spot light, spot light.. Bayleigh what are you doing? Leave me alone! Kaycee – this is all happening for a reason. You just have to embrace it and take it in. Just think of the positives. Bayleigh – I am just worn out. Bayleigh – its like not even this.. When you find out my situation. When you find out my secrets you’ll understand that this is like.. Kaycee – I don’t

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Big Brother 20 POTS & PANS! Rockstar – “YOU F***ING Ho*ker!!”

6:30pm Bathroom. Fes and Haleigh. Fes – you had a little buzz going last night. Fes comes over closer to the shower because Haleigh can’t hear him. Haleigh – no. You can see me? Fes – no, I don’t want to see that.. Not like this. I was like I need to walk away from this conversation (last night). Haleigh – it was just never have I ever. Fes – don’t get me wrong I like freaky girls but… hearing y’all talk about it openly I was like … I don’t know. It was not really my .. as much as I like a freaky girl. I don’t like an openly freaky girl. haleigh – if you don’t like the way I was talking… I am not going to apologize.

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Tyler “If you don’t vote Rachel out then I am pissed at you because I am saving you”

3:40pm Lounge room. JC and Tyler. JC – that was crazy this morning. There is no girls alliance. Tyler – Its not a real thing. Haleigh, Rockstar, Kaitlyn and Bayleigh all think its a solid thing. But Angela, Rachel and Kaycee are not really apart of it.. or Sam. JC – I hope you don’t use the veto. Real game I don’t talk game with anyone but you. I will do whatever you want me to. Tyler – promise me, if I don’t use the veto .. you will keep Brett. JC – once noms are locked just let me know. Tyler – I am not going to use the veto because it would put you in jeopardy. Whatever we do we need to keep Brett.

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HAVENOTS Picked! “I am telling you dude! We are f**ked!”

1:15pm Kitchen. Kaycee and Angela. Angela – everything just clicked in my head. Kaycee – just try and be cool with her (Rachel).. like really cool so that she doesn’t suspect anything. Angela – remember how I was so stuck on that comment? Now it makes perfect sense. She messed up her story. Kaycee – MMMhhh. Kaycee – I think she might have a little doubt that she did mess it up. Angela – yeah, that’s what she told Bayleigh. But what she told me, she told Bayleigh and she told me that by accident. Sam joins them and the conversation ends. Sam – I think I am going to celebrate Rachel. Who is having the hardest week?

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Rachel “Are you f**king kidding me!? WOW! He better f**king use that veto!! F**KING SNAKE!”

Bedroom. JC and Brett. JC – She (Rachel) is going to go crazy now. Brett – if she stays on the block? JC – yeah. I’m nervous man, its going to be a big mess. Brett – I just want to know what the f**k is going on. I’m like dude I am literally like a loner. Why are you coming after me .. but like whatever. JC – Tyler? Brett – no I am .. once Winston left… yeah I am friend with everyone in the house but.. I told her that I am not coming for her (Bay). JC – wait until the veto ceremony. I know he is not going to use it. Brett – why do you think he isn’t going to use it? JC – Because it would be very stupid for him to use it.

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Brett “I want to watch them all sweat! Watch the f**king ants scurry!”

7:10pm Bay and Tyler. Tyler – I don’t want the sides to think you and me are jumping back and forth. Bay – this is going to be nuts!! I’m excited! Can you even believe it!? Like you just saved my life.. I’m forever indebted. Bay – even this week I told you I was not going to put you up and I sincerely meant that. Tyler – people were freaking me out though. People were freaking me out. Bay – why?! Tyler – I don’t know .. I know what you said and I know what other people said. Bay – well people can get over it. I’m happy that I chose that. Tyler – I feel good.

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Power Of Veto Competition Results! “I hope he sticks to his word and doesn’t use it.”

*** UPDATED ***
HOH room – Haleigh and Bay. Haleigh – that went well. Bay – I had a talk with Tyler before so I hope he sticks to his word and doesn’t use it. Brett is already trying to get close to him. But I really don’t think Tyler will stick his neck out on the line for Brett. Haleigh – Because you’re the HOH. I think he will do what you tell him to do. He’s done that before with Kaitlyn.

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Pre Veto Jitters.. “Who knows.. I’m just going to try.. whatever happens we’ll figure it out after that”

Big Brother Spoilers
11:50am Angela, Sam and Kaycee
They try to talk Sam into not winning the veto otherwise she will look like a power house
Sam – i don’t know what to do.. honestly we could go out there. and it’s something I’m not naturally y good at..
Sam – Who knows.. I’m just going to try.. whatever happens we’ll figure it out after that
Kaycee – yeah do you best.,.
they change their tune.. “yeah have fun… ”
Angela – I feel like it’s going to be really soon.. .
Angela says she’s heard things from people that’s makes her question things.. “Honestly have fun… don’e win don’t lose.. deal
Sam – deal ..
Angela – don’t win or lose..

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“Like all that negative energy you just had is now on me .. now the pressure is on me to do something “

Big Brother Spoilers We got the best season since forever.. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I.. :) :)
Power of Veto players are JC,  Brett, Bayleigh, Rachel, Sam and Tyler
The ROCKS is Host unless their is a guest

8:45am Bayleigh and Rachel HOH

Rachel is nervous about what bay does if Brett wins the Veto.
Bayleigh tells her she’s already told her who she is putting up. (Scottie)
Rachel is nervous because of the power says if JC goes up and has a power she could be going home.

Bayleigh says JC and Scottie are most likely the ones with the power.

Rachel – the day the power was given out after Steve was evicted I originally thought it was Scottie or JC.. Scottie came down that day and was acting.. he was skirting around really excited.. it was a very strange thing to me.. Like he was really excited. I remember that day and remember thinking why is he so excited he’s on the block.

Rachel brings up how JC acted between the two power ups was different almost like he one it the first time and didn’t care about it teh second because he knew he already had one.

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Sam “I’m going to fight like a motherf**ker to win it so she won’t have to put up a replacement”

8:40pm HOH room. Bay and JC. JC – thank you for not putting me up. I am very grateful. Fes is squeezing my balls. His game play is very very weak. If I need to talk to someone I will wait for the perfect time to talk. But Fes asked me in front of everyone to help him with something from the storage room. Then we came out without anything in our hands. I don’t need that target on my back. His confidence is through the roof. JC – I want to make it clear that if I am working with you .. I do not want to be a pawn. Bay – if someone competes in the veto that was going to be the replacement nom..

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Nomination Ceremony Results! “She promised me she would use the veto on me.”

5pm Havenot room. Rachel and Brett. Brett – I would have put up Bayleigh and Scottie. Never repeat that. Right now she is still willing to take you. She won’t use the veto if I am genuinely her target. Rachel – she looked the me in the eye and said she would take me off. If she doesn’t then my trust with her is broken. She will probable throw it. Brett – if she throws me and Scottie up as the replacement and you have one of us staying that would probably go for her. Rachel – the way she explained it was she thinks she is the lowest on your chopping block.. the lowest on your totem pole.

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