Power Of Veto Competition Results! “I hope he sticks to his word and doesn’t use it.”

POV: Tyler Next POV: July 28th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 30th
HOH: Bayleigh Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Noms: Brett & Rachel Have Nots ?

POV Players: JC, Brett, Bayleigh, Rachel, Sam and Tyler


6:28pm When the live feeds return – all the house are sitting around the living room

HOH room – Haleigh and Bay. Haleigh – that went well. Bay – I had a talk with Tyler before so I hope he sticks to his word and doesn’t use it. Brett is already trying to get close to him. But I really don’t think Tyler will stick his neck out on the line for Brett. Haleigh – Because you’re the HOH. I think he will do what you tell him to do. He’s done that before with Kaitlyn.

6:40pm Havenot room. Rachel and Brett. Brett – there is no way in hell Bayleigh puts Angela up. Rachel – the person she should put up is Scottie. Do we think he has the power at all? Who has the second power? Brett – I don’t know. Rachel – I think JC has to have it. Brett – I told Tyler this is honestly the best case scenario .. you win and take one of us off. It would look better to because I picked him to play. Unless he has a tight relationship with Bayleigh. Rachel – we have an alliance for a reason. Brett – he is definitely going to use it. I hope he uses it on me. It makes sense. If he uses it on you, why would he use it on you. It just shows our cards. Rachel – he should use it on you. The only thing I am worried about is that second power if it has something to do with the eviction. You can’t go around saying you have a power if you don’t have one and he’s (JC) been going around saying he has one.

Tyler joins them and tells them that he thinks he was going to be backdoored. I am going to see what she actually wants me to do because she is telling everyone different stories. Everything she was telling me was lining up with me being backdoored. She was saying stuff about lying to her face and that rogue vote .. Like she knows and the whole time she was looking at me in the eyes. Like I don’t know how people can just lie to my face. She was telling you (Brett) she wanted it to be used and me that she didn’t want it to be used. She said you five were a side and she wants to break that up. I am going to make sure she knows Scottie is my best friend and tell her that Scottie told me I was going to be backdoored. Tyler leaves. Rachel, Brett and Kaycee talk. Brett this is better that Tyler won because she was going to backdoor him.

6:46pm Bedroom. JC and Tyler. Tyler – I thought you should have won. I wanted you to win it. JC – I wanted to win. Tyler – I will see what she wants.. if theres a backdoor. I was going to get backdoored. JC – I don’t think you were. Tyler – the other day she was telling me hints that I was going to be backdoored. JC – are you crazy. She wasn’t going to put you up. She wants Brett to go. She thinks you’re a wildcard.

6:50pm – 7pm HOH room. Tyler and Bay. Bay congratulates Tyler on winning. Tyler – I told you I could win it for you Bay. Bay – Tyler! 6 minutes and fifty seconds… They talk about they’re strategy in the comp. Bay – I am freaking out. Tyler – you tell me if you want me to use it? Bay – I don’t want you to use it. Tyler – If you change your mind please tell me. Bay – lets lock it in. I just did not want Brett or Rachel to pull themselves down. I was worried when Brett did better than me by two minutes. Sam timed out .. that was surprising.

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Queen Catia

Tyler will be painting a huge bullseye on his forehead if he uses the veto. It is in Tyler’s best interest for his game to keep the nominations the same.


Or he throws his middle finger up in the face of l5… I think he has to use it on Brett. And rachel needs to tell him about Bays power app. Hell have enough time to do damage control, and if not, he has the cloud. Otherwise he puts his faith in haleigh, rs, or fes winning hoh. Not a horse I’d put money on


Tyler’s in a spot. If he uses it, Bayleigh, Fez, Haleigh and Angie know he’s not their buddy. If he doesn’t then level 5/6 is pointless and he’ll probably lose Brett, Rachel, and Angela. If he uses it on Brett, he’s drawing a line in the sand with Bayleigh but if he uses it on Rachel he can spin it. He just needs to know that Scottie would go up. I think the renom choices are pretty slim. I don’t see Bayliegh putting up another woman and she may put either JC or Scottie up.


U r so right NathanR, I’m a Foutee fan, and even I know That Tyler need to use his veto to save his alliance, what’s the purpose of having those ppl have your back, if u don’t have theirs, .. and I see How Tyler telling everyone that Bay was going to BD him(lies for what), good thing JC put him in check for saying such lies on Bay.

Queen Catia

I think the horse he needs to put money on is himself…he has been playing a terrific game and he is doing so by trusting his gut!



I think it would be easy to over-estimate the intelligence of the people Tyler is playing against. He seems able to convince players to go against their own alliance or their own interests. It would be funny if Bayleigh actually put up Scottie if Tyler uses his veto.

Tyler you fool

Why would Tyler win this veto? He just made his target bigger. If he does use it I hope Bayleigh opens her eyes and puts Angela or Kaycee up. There is no “women’s alliance” with them. Scottie is actually on Bayleigh’s side. Don’t put Scottie up.


Tyler winning the veto insures he won’t go up as a replacement nominee & keeps his cloud app in play. Bay has shown this week that she’s a wild card. Now he doesn’t need to worry.


Not using the veto is definitely Tyler’s best option. Why on earth did he even try to win it??!!


Maybe he didn’t and everybody else was either trying to throw it too or just sucked? Or he’s afraid Bay will put him up?

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

Tyler would have been backdoored. Bayleigh is smart and was making him feel safe by telling everyone he was a wounded bird. Before she won HOH she was saying she didn’t trust Tyler and he had the power app.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I don’t think Bay or Scottie can be trusted. They seem to flip from person to person. I don’t buy Bay’s allegiance to the Girl’s alliance; and I don’t buy Scottie’s allegiance to anyone. Tyler’s STILL in a spot, though; none of the original L6 have one a dang thing except for him. It’s a problem. And GOOD that he has told NO one about his power. Only person so far to keep his lip sealed.

Botox Pelosi

I hope Tyler uses the veto because I want both Rachel and Brett to stay,


Tyler is going to arrive to the Jury house really soon if he keeps winning comps he doesnt need to win. He should have thrown this POV.
I think Scottie, Bayleigh and even JC are going to target him really soon. Watch out Tyler!

Btw, I’m impressed with Angela, Kaycee and even Rachel, they are playing great games and I’m sure they will start winning when they need to. Smart move girls!


He was afraid of getting backdoored.


But your missing the point, he can’t be backdoored. He has the cloud app. He can’t prevent himself from being placed on the block. This is greedy gameplay by Tyler. He wants to keep his app, AND not be backdoored. But he’s put himself in a pickle here.


But he has to put it in play before the veto meeting & then everyone will know he had the power app & Bay will know he dont trust her.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Brett’s been in a bad spot since the beginning. He LOOKS like a power player but hasn’t won a darn thing. So he’s had a target on his back and won nothing. I hate to say it, but keeping Kaitlyn would have been L6’s best move. Rockofgibralter is a number for the other side, set in …. well, stone.


Tyler had better not come for my boy Scottie! But if Bay is so stupid as to put Scottie up, she will deserve whatever hell that rains down on her game. She doesn’t seem to think that the people who vote with her are her Alliance even if they never made it official.


Well damn. Wounded Baby Bird has no choice but to pick a side. Sweet Sweet Baby Bird has to put the mist on Queen HOHitis till she realizes it is her idea to remove someone and put up Scottie. Then, Poor Sweet Wounded Baby Bird will fly in and save L5 on Her Majesty’s orders.

War Daddy

Da fook you saying???????? Lay off the weed.


Tyler will have to pick a side. Chances are, he will convince Bay she wants to take one down to backdoor Scottie or get out JC and then he will use it and she will think its her idea.


i have feeds. tyler is not using it. he lied to his alliance and told them that he will tell her that bayleigh told scottie she will backdoor tyler. he never told bay any of that. he knows that scottie wont go up. bay bluffed him and said angela will go up if he usea it. in Tyler’s head he was like abort mission. abort. lmao


I literally laughed outloud reading this


Dont know about all the nicknames, but I’m in agreement. He’s forced his own hand. That’s gotta be his play


Bay referred to him as a sweet sweet wounded bird over and over when Kaitlyn was evicted. The Queen HOHitis is just my take on her reign

Carolina girl

I think that is exactly what is gonna happen. And if it does…. then bye bye Scottie!!


she will not put up scottie. she told him angela will go up if he uses it


Tyler is gonna manipulate Bayleigh into taking down Brett and put up Scottie in his place. Bayleigh, do not listen to Tyler! Tell him to keep the nominations the same and if he sleazes his way out of it, then use your power to nominate his ass before he get the chance to use his power app!!!


Probably won’t work because 1) he would play in the veto and is liked by half the house so would likely come off the block and 2) if she tries to hijack someone’s HOH, Angela and Rachel know about her power so she would likely end up the replacement nominee

Carolina girl

It’s too late, she has to use hers before nominations and cannot use it for replacement noms. She screwed herself now since ppl on both sides know she has it. I think if she ever does use it she will be out the following week. One of the dumbest moves ever imho.


Hers was the power that should never have been spoken of until afterwards with her closest ally.

Darrell G Irick

the hoh can still put up replacement nominee…. so if she uses it next week or later…. they will just back door her.


Time for Tyler to take Brett off the block and tell Bay, I trust him more than Scottie the FLIPPER. LOL And if she doesn’t put him on the block oh well, another girl goes home and at least the 2 BROS are still here.

Rigged Game

Wow! I thought Tyler was one of the smarter players. winning a competition you did not need was dumb. Now he will be dealing with drama, other players get info on him, he has to pick sides and he has a nice big target on his back for being a competitor. The girls are gonna turn on him soon.

Botox Pelosi

I think Tyler was protecting himself by winning that veto. Bayleigh might of been setting him up for a backdoor.


Tyler did the best thing he could for his game. He was not buying Bay’s little baby bird crap and knows she wants to backdoor him. She is the only one in the house that has kinda caught on to him. Now that he’s won POV she can’t touch him. He secured his safety this week. And he still has his power app to add even more protection! Go, Tyler!!!

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

Bayleigh would have backdoored him. She knows everyone talks and in the back of her mind, if Brett or Rachael got off the block up Tyler would go. Go back a week or so and bay is saying she would back door him.

Sakura Haruno

Tyler plan is very stupid and has zero chances of working. Tyler should tell level 6 that bay said she would use Angela and Kaycee if he removed one of them. Then he should keep the noms the same to not annoy the other side.

Team Tyler

Sea horse

Bayleigh said she would put Angela up if he tyler uses the veto.

Botox Pelosi

Bayleigh also told Rachel she would put Scottie up as a replacement so she has a different story for everyone. She can’t be trusted.

At least Tyler is safe as the veto winner.


She telling the other side Scottie, too deflect, of course she’s not putting up one of her Foutee alliance members, y’all need to get that thru y’all head. She sees what side of the house she’s on. Now I dont Like her spilling her truth to Rachel and Tyler, not sure what her agenda is with that dumb move.

Botox Pelosi


Thanks for the Amazon link above. That is a great way to help you guys out for all your hard work. We really appreciate it.


Hoping BBAD is good tonight!