“in my mind no questions about Tyler I trust you completely like we’re so good.. you have no idea.”

POV: Tyler Next POV: Aug 4th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony July 30th
HOH: Bayleigh Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Noms: Brett & Rachel Have Nots Fes, Tyler, Scottie

Big Brother Spoilers Tyler did not use the power of Veto. The nominations stay the same with Brett and Rachel eligible for eviction on Thursday.

10:06am Angela and Sam
Sam – you had a talk with Bayleigh
Angela – me and bayleigh have so much in common it just sucks that whole Swaggy thing happened we would have been BFF I think she realizes that now..
Angela and Sam agree Bayleigh could never have branched out with Swaggy in the house.

Sam brings up the Bee that stung ROCKS last night.
Angela – quick update the girls alliance is all bullsh1t
Sam – ohh.. OKay..
Angela – surprise surprise
Angela – I don’t trust anyone again.. I thought I could trust everyone that is with us.
Angela says there’s one person that is behind it and she thought she was closest to her in the house.

Angela lists off all the things Rachel has done
1_ talked herself onto the block “told Bayleigh put me up .. .Basically”
2_ Told Bayleigh to put Angela and Kaycee instead.. said “they are skating by” added that she’s a bigger target than them and could go home
Angela – She said put Angela and Kaycee up.. basically throwing me and Kaycee under the bus after Bayleigh was NO.. I have a good relationship with them .
3_ went through every single person to go up on the block over her.. Throwing everyone under the bus
Angela – Shes pissed Bayleigh off so Bayleigh is made at rachel I’m not going to talk Rachel out of this one..
Angela – Rachel starts getting paranoid and starts freaking out..
Angela says Bayleigh told Rachel that SCottie was the replacement..

Angela says she was forced to get involved because Rachel started crying Angela says she was able to talk Rachel off the ledge..

10:38am Scottie and Bay
Scottie says he talked a little bit of Game with Angela.
Scottie asks ed her where her head is at. She told him that Sam and her had a conversation about how Rachel is losing her mind.
Scottie – and then they talked about.. how.. She didn’t feel left out with the whole yoga thing

12:01pm Bro
Bro on the block

12:03pm Tyler and Bayleigh
Bay – thank you
T – I told you bay…
Bay – how do you feel
T – I feel good.. I told you that’s what I want to do
Bay – and you did and now I have no doubt in my mind no questions about Tyler I trust you completely like we’re so good.. you have no idea.. . it’s done now we can chill for 4 days

B – now you have to win HOH
Tyler says whoever stays this week will be coming for him
B – if Rachel stays she can try to cvom for you is it really going to work
T – no.. probably not
B – and with BRett .. if Brett stays he’s got a lot of people to go for he doesn’t like ROCKS he probably doesn’t like me now

B – hopefully nobody hates me this is a game..
T – it’s fair Brett is obvious and Rachel talked herself onto it..
B – exactly.. and IO feel bad because Brett was like why Am I the Target..
Bayleigh goes on about never really talking to BRett and never talking Game with him.

Bayleigh says next week they have moves to do “You know what I’m saying”
Bayleigh tells Tyler he’ll be sticking around don’t worry “I’m telling you you have no idea I am so ready it’s about to get so real.. ”


12:19pm Tyler and Brett
Brett says Rachel was with him earlier wanting to talk to him and he was like get the f* away from me she created they are in this situation because of something she created.
Tyler says before the meeting he told Rachel that he thought Angela would be the replacement and Rachel has a better chance to stay over her.
Brett – Those were fake tears when you said you weren’t using the veto
t – pretty much.. just gotta keep her calm.
B – whats up with Kaycee
T – she’ll vote with me .. with us, why?
B – I talked to her this morning she seemed kinda weird and Rachel was mouthing something to her on the couch.,.
B – any update with the Scottie convo?
T – I didn’t talk to FEs but Scottie pretty much says he doesn’t think the votes are there to keep you he really didn’t say either way
T – just keep doing your thing with them.. I’ll talk to Kaycee

Brett – you think she has an idea..
T – I dunno..
Tyler says Rachel doesn’t deserve to stay if someone on the other side talked her into going up.

12:19pm HOH bay and Rachel
Bayleigh – Tyler is a very sweet sweet baby I think he always usually likes to do what the HOH wants
(Bayleigh continues to tell Rachel the person probably going home the details of her power)
Rachel – say Kaycee wins HOH and she put up Fes would you change the nominations
B – probably
Rachel – do you change it after
bay – no
Rachel – you change it before
Bay – mmmhmmm
R – like if somebody wins like I’m worried about who they would put up
B – yeah, Like if somebody I question their loyalty at all
Rachel – you don’t wait until after they place their nominations..
Bay no

Bay – they place their nominations and they think they going to get them and I just change them
Rachel – so what would they do would they show their nominations

Bay – STOP ASKING QUESTIONS .. even though I trust you I don’t want to put you in a position where you know too much.

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angelo gottago

YAY angelo and rachel cat fight is getting closer and closer to happen. Get ready your popcorn people LOL
It would be delicious if B and her team of minions backdoor Tyler next week LOL
Bay – I told you T…
Bay – how do you feel
T – Sweet bird……..little bird……..

double D

If they have a cat fight I hope we get to see them kiss and make up.

Fezzy's Gay Life Partner

The cat fights must happen!

Like literally

what yoga thing? was she bullied ?

double D

Sam would have made her own yoga mat


Mat?! She’s working on the studio right now and training the spiders to do the massages.


Bay, you mean you don’t want to tell Rachel everything ? Too bad she told Angela who told Tyler who told Brett. Guessing some told Kaycee too.
Go ahead Bay. Use that app next week. You will likely be the replacement.



Let’s hear it for the foutte alliance… the most inept alliance in big brother history. Every week they miss their target when THEY have the power. Some weeks they miss the target and the wrong person on the other side goes home, and some weeks one of their own goes home. Bay admits she does not even like most of the people in her alliance and was dragged into it by Braggy C. She does not hesitate to point out to the likes of Fessy and RockTar that they are idiots. She wonders what Scottie is even doing in their alliance and threatens to gut him and lay out his intestines. Foutte was celebrating Bay’s HOH win in the food storage closet, jumping up and down…and then she turns and asks us the viewers: what the hell was Scottie doing celebrating with us? (LOL). I think Hayleigh is the only one that actually considers Scottie part of the alliance. Bayleigh and Fessy think JC may be in the alliance but he never seems to vote with them. This is the greatest laughing stock alliance in Big Brother history.


Bay telling Rachel, then Rachel squealing gave Bay enormous leverage this week.
-It made Rachel seem dishonest and untrustworthy to her own alliance.
-It made Bay seem more like a free agent that didn’t have an alliance.
-It made L6 think she was aiming to take out Scottie/JC, but Rachel messed it up
-It gives Rachel a false sense of security that Bay wants her to stay
-Bay was likely going to be a backdoor target any week that she changed the noms since she’s kind of annoying anyways.

double D

Bayleigh tells Tyler he’ll be sticking around don’t worry …

Sounds like she’s willing to use her power to save Tyler…wouldn’t that be funny.


That would be AWESOME. Would make my season!


I have to laugh. Tyler’s so good at this.

Sakura Haruno

I hope Tyler wont have a target on his back. He didn’t use the veto so he’s probably fine but its still 5 people that can win comps after him. I don’t care of he likes Scooby Doo and has a tree tatt I’m still rooting for him and he’s NOT production’s pet. He still has 5 people after him and production pets usually have no one but 2-3 after them.


Bayleigh is half right. Tyler is sooo good. I swear how do these people not see it. I get we are on the outside looking in. But seriously. And Bay thinks just because she’s the HOH that people from the other side are now going to stay loyal to her. She puts someone from the other side on the block and tells them about her power. Treating her own alliance like garbage. She’s just a mess. But I don’t think Tyler will get away with keeping Brett. His plan to frame Scottie might work if Rachel doesn’t blow everything up on her way out. But I’m seeing massive fireworks and bay using her power and putting Tyler up. Hopefully he will know she blames him and uses his app before noms. Then she tries to nominate him and can’t. That would be fun.


I feel like scottie might vote for bret to stay for real.
And by not using the veto , bailey might put someone else(like j.c) on the block with her power ..not tyler


Hope so. Just don’t know what Rachel will do on her way out. She scares me.


so Bay was telling Rock and Haliegh how her and Angela were kickin it day 1. Angela slept with Bay last night, and now Angela saying how her and Bay have a lot in common. But Tyler didnt use veto because he was afraid Angela would go on the block?

Finally a good season

Omg…Tyler is good. Almost like Dan Gheesling with that mist affect


i can’t believe she told anyone, and rachel of all people. rachel!?!

double D

Isn’t she protected by the power also if she uses it?

Bay's Power

All is not lost. If L5 loses another member next week (which, given L5’s comp history, is a distinct possibility), then there won’t be enough votes to backdoor her.

double D

Sam and JC both have been an L5 +1

Bay's Power

Doesn’t matter. With 4 votes (Hay, Scottie, Fez, Rock) the other side won’t have enough votes (one scenario: Tyler, KC, Angela with JC on block, Sam HOH and Brette out). It’s math. Next week she’s exposed because it could be a tie with an adverse HOH breaking the tie.


ya its math, so add a +1 for Rachel, which would make it a 4 vs 4 tie, and the hoh breaks tie and sends Bay out the door

Hypothetical Scenario:
(rachel stays, brett leaves)

Sam hoh
Bay uses app and noms Tyler and KC
Tyler wins veto
Sam noms Bay as replacement

Hay, Scottie, Fez, Rock vote to evict KC
Rachel, Angela, Tyler, JC vote to evict Bay

Sam breaks tie, Bay leaves!


I’ll probably be crucified for this, but Bay talks A LOT. Seriously, she complains about being “the last person in the house to know anything” but it’s because she doesn’t close her mouth long enough to listen. I think it’s also why she just spat out the secret of her power app to the same person she was about to put on the block. It’ll be her downfall in this game.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

No, Kelli, you are right on the money. Bay got a late start in the game of her own choosing for becoming Swaggy’s girlfriend. Tyler’s greatest asset is listening WAY more than he talks. He’s not once revealed his power. She’s completely outed herself and p#ssed people off for being a brat towards them. She’s completely vulnerable now because her power is useless when her enemies know how it works. She’ll leave the house it being her own fault.


I think Tyler is going to regret not trying harder to save level 6. If fes hayleaigh rocks or scottie win next hoh and then week after bayleigh has her power the numbers can easily swing in thats 5 favor


i’m not sure what tyler could have done. scottie was a poor choice of target. throwing jc or sam under the bus would have worked better, but i think he realizes they’re better numbers for him than L6.


Jc is super wishy washy they would have been better off pushing for him to go up if foutte wins next hoh they wont even have the numbers to stop bays power the week after .

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

He wanted to keep Kaitlyn instead of Rockstar – they lost a potential vote in Kaitlyn and she was a big target. He is the only L6 who has won a single comp (three actually). He has Sam voting with them and usually JC. He put up with Kaitlyn for pete sakes – what more can the baby bird do???


Wasn’t it Bay, when talking to Fessie, said: You hold your friends close, but your enemies closer.

She’s trying to mist Tyler. Sweet Bird, baby bird. She wants him gone so bad she can taste it. How many times this week have you heard Bay say nice things about anyone in the house? She’s been vicious with her own allies! Cutting throats, gutting people so their intestines fall out…..sweet bird, baby bird my azz.

Soooo glad Tyler knows about Bay’s power. Sincerely hopes he outs her to the rest of the house (I think JC, Hayleigh, Sam & Scotty are the only ones that don’t know). He should tell them all before eviction votes. That might turn Scotty so he votes Rachel out. It would negate her power….& she would go up as replacement nom.

Best season in a longgg time!


i think scottie may realize he should be voting rachel regardless. a 6-3 vote should out tyler and do wonders for his game.


Simon! With your intimate knowledge of all the mind(less) changing going on, as of right now, before the minds are changed again, how do you think the vote will go?

It looks to me like the beautiful Rachel needs to pack her bags and be ready for the drive up to Sin City.

Fezzy's Gay Life Partner

Gotta give Brett credit. When someone is imploding, just sit back and keep your mouth shut. And now the arrows may be aimed elsewhere next week.


Tyler is playing Pauls game…just nicer.

Fezzy's Gay Life Partner

Which Paul?

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Ridiculous. Not even close. Paul was all about Mob Rule and intimidation. Not one single comparison matches up. Thumbs down, dude.


Angela really is the key player for Team Chaos this week. She’s gotta keep up the mad s**t-talking behind Rachel’s back and absolutely cannot discuss the issues…this way Rachel will pick up the bad vibes, get paranoid, and serve her purpose…which is to blow up everybody’s spot.

She blows up her alliance, blows up Bay’s power, call’s Scottie a floating weasel, tells Fes to just make out with JC already, and just loses her mind…Team Chaos..

another name

It’s about 24 hours later, and Kaycee has been told about Bay’s power ap. In terms of loop inclusion, Kaycee is the Scottie of that side.
When i looked at the voting week one, i didn’t really understand the facial expression Bayleigh was making when she voted to evict Sam. I wonder if their deal not to go after each other was made pre-feeds.


OMG…. Rockstar missed seeing herself naked?

Fezzy's Gay Life Partner

Did JC get tossed from BB after that pimp slap he delivered?

Fezzy's Gay Life Partner

Bay getting a case of the Paulie. There is gonna be a snap back on her a$$ coming soon.


She was born for this


Kaitlyn live on insta better than this feeds check out

another name

I’m not sure if someone with a toenail infection should be chewing off their toenails. At the same time, I’d prefer if someone with a toenail infection didn’t soak said toe in a food container and then put it in the sink with the other dishes. Just my opinion.



another name



Tyler is putting in WORK!

Botox Pelosi

You’re right. I know it is early in the game but so far Tyler is killing it.