Big Brother 20 POTS & PANS! Rockstar – “YOU F***ING Ho*ker!!”

POV: Tyler Next POV: Aug 4th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 30th
HOH: Bayleigh Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Noms: Brett & Rachel Have Nots Fes, Tyler, Scottie

6:30pm Bathroom. Fes and Haleigh. Fes – you had a little buzz going last night. Fes comes over closer to the shower because Haleigh can’t hear him. Haleigh – no. You can see me? Fes – no, I don’t want to see that.. Not like this. I was like I need to walk away from this conversation (last night). Haleigh – it was just never have I ever. Fes – don’t get me wrong I like freaky girls but… hearing y’all talk about it openly I was like … I don’t know. It was not really my .. as much as I like a freaky girl. I don’t like an openly freaky girl. haleigh – if you don’t like the way I was talking… I am not going to apologize. Fes – it was funny. It was entertaining. Haleigh – if you didn’t like that .. you should probably not hag out with me. Is that why you were annoyed last night? Fes comes close again and then walks away saying – I forgot I was that talk .. I need to walk away.

6:35pm Havenot room. Brett and Angela. Angela – so Rachel never wanted the veto used. She was afraid that if the veto was used on you Scottie would be the replacement and he would use his power and send Rachel home. She is worried about her game to the point where she is going to throw us all under the bus to make sure the veto was not used. Last night she came to me and said Tyler just went up stairs and said the only way he (Tyler) is going to use the veto is if you (Angela) get put up. I was like what?! She said Tyler went up there and said he wants me and you on the block and he doesn’t care who goes. But Bayleigh doesn’t want the veto used so why would Tyler go up there and say that. Rachel f**Ked up her story … she ran to Bayleigh before Tyler and said the only way Tyler is going to use the veto is if Angela is the replacement. She told Bayleigh that then told me the same thing. She didn’t realize that Bay doesn’t want the veto used so why would she say that. She f**ked up her story and I called her out on it. That makes no sense! Rachel is so worried about Scottie going up next to her. Basically Tyler went to Bayleigh to ask if he use the veto who would go up. Rachel had already gone up there and prefaced Bayleigh to tell Tyler that I am the replacement. Brett – that doesn’t make sense the only f**king person she said was safe was you. Angela – after Rachel volunteered she freaked out and ran back up and said that she should put up me or Kaycee. Now Kaycee and Tyler know what she did.. she’s f**ked. Shes come to me for a final two. I’m sure she went to Kaycee too. Brett – you have to say yes. I really don’t think you were the replacement nom. That’s why I want Tyler to use the veto. Angela – well you’re not going home if its used or not. I want Rachel to go home and I’m going to make sure of it. Angela – I need to find the right time to talk to JC. Brett – By using it the only person he is pissing off is Bay and Rockstar. If any of the guys were upset he could explain how this is been 4 f**king guys going home. Angela – he could then out the all girls alliance. Brett – I’ll out it during my f**King speech! I don’t give a f**k! Angela – I want Fes to turn on Bay. I want all the girls to turn on who they’re aligned with.

6:47pm Backyard JC notices Rockstar sleeping on the hammock. He runs inside to get a pot and a metal utensil. He runs back out and bangs them over top of Rockstar. She wakes up and says “You f**king Hooker!!” JC – you’re going to be on the episode now.
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7:22pm Bedroom. Rachel, Kaycee and Angela. Rachel – you do see that someone is lying here. Angela – clearly! There are three people in this argument. You, Tyler and Bayleigh. Someone is lying. Rachel – I’m not lying! Angela – I hope to god you aren’t! Rachel – WHAT?! No! Angela – three people are telling exactly different things and right now I don’t know who to believe. Rachel – you can believe me. Angela – I want to believe you. Rachel – you can believe me because I’m telling the truth. Angela – ok. Rachel – I promise you I am telling truth. I wanted Tyler to use the veto and Scottie to go up. But he is protecting his personal game. If he uses that veto, that whole side is going after him. Angela – so why don’t we just tell Tyler if he uses the veto Scottie is going up. Rachel – I am I’ll say that Bayleigh said Scottie is the replacement. Angela – then why did someone tell Tyler that I was the replacement? Rachel – he is saying that to all of us because he doesn’t want to use it. Bay said Angela would go up .. oh can’t use it! Kaycee – I see what you’re saying. Angela – it doesn’t make sense. Rachel – I get its frustrating because now you feel like you can’t trust someone that you’ve been trusting in this game. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is going around advocating for me to go home on Thursday at this point. He sees all us girls getting bigger in numbers.

7:25pm Havenot room. Rachel talks to Tyler. Rachel – so when I talked to Bay she didn’t tell me she was going to put up Angela. So I don’t understand why you’re saying she’s going to put up Angela. Tyler – because she told me. Rachel – she told you she would put up Angela? Can you explain your conversation with her? Tyler tells Rachel his conversation with Bay. He tells her about how he planted the seed that Scottie was his best friend so that if he used the veto she would put Scottie up as the replacement as retaliation. Rachel – she told me that YOU wanted Angela to go up. Tyler – that’s bullsh*t. Lay low on it .. she has a lot of pull on these people and if she is pissed at you she will make sure you go. Rachel – I trust us. Tyler – she really doesn’t want me to use the veto. Rachel – that’s why she is threatening you? Tyler – yes.

7:53pm Backyard. Scottie, Rachel and JC are laying on a blanket in the backyard. Rachel starts smacking JC’s stomach. He then reaches up and hits her in the face. Rachel – dude you just hurt me! You gave me a bloody lip! Its bleeding! Big Brother blocks the feeds.

7:54pm – 8:17pm Big Brother blocks the feeds

8:23pm Tyler tells Kaycee about how Rachel was confused and apologized to him. Kaycee – do you think you will use it? Tyler – I really don’t think I can. I would have the whole house mad at me. Kaycee – what are you thinking Fes, Rockstar, Haleigh and Bayleigh would be coming after you. Tyler – I don’t want to risk Angela going up. Kaycee – I don’t think she would put her up.

8:50pm – 9pm Tyler and Angela. Angela – I don’t trust Rachel. She is always the one to branch out. Tyler – I just have to make sure Sam will vote out Rachel. She is the hardest person to talk to. There are always people around her. Tyler – we need to have a three person talk tonight in the havenot room. Angela – who do you think Fes would put up? Tyler – if he won HOH he would put up you and Rachel. I don’t want to use the veto because I’m sure you would go up. Bay has to go. Angela – we have to win HOH next week. If we don’t we’re f**ked! Its a good thing that Brett and Scottie are hanging out so much so that JC can blame the vote on Scottie and maybe they believe it. And then maybe they go after Scottie.

9:05pm Backyard. Rachel and Fes talk about the power apps. Rachel thinks certain people aren’t being touched because people are scared they have a power. Fes thinks people will start targeting people they think have the powers to flush them out.

9:23pm Backyard couches. Bay – hopefully I won’t have any more decisions to make. All everything in the world will be good.

9:25pm Hammock. Brett – that’s even worse if she is a pawn .. because then this girl thing could be true. Scottie – either way if I get HOH next week and she is still here.. she is going on the block. No f**king doubt! Very sketch. Makes you think how long has it been going on for?

9:30pm Sam is making a dream catcher.

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Haleigh is getting annoying. Fes should just give up at this point.


I think she thinks she’s calculated and can flirt with whomever she pleases.
She’s using Fes because she knows he can’t think clearly since he caught feelings.
Eventually, she’ll be exposed as knowing that Swaggy was getting evicted and hopefully
Fes can snap out of it.

She, like Rock lobster, Kaycee Angela and Rachel have done Zippo all season.
Some girls alliance!


Fez needs to quit thinking with his zipper and get in the game.
The girls haven’t had to do much, things have been going their way just fine until now. 4 evictions, 3 guys to 1 crazy kait. Biding their time. I hope to see some competition from them soon.


Rachel has been more exhausting than Kaitlyn and it’s only Sunday


That was a stupid hoh comp.


uUMMm, it was bracket racing at its finest. The one closest to their index of 8 seconds won. Though, there was no skill to this type of bracket racing, it was alllllllll LUCK!!!


That’s the only way a whole bunch of people in the house can win anything…what did you expect? Didn’t surprise me in the least.

Guy From Canada

They should have done elimination rounds.


7:53pm JC slapped Rachel & gave her a bloody lip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don’t think Brett or Rachel have to worry about being evicted. Somethings very wrong if JC doesn’t get thrown out for this!!!!!!


What is going on in this house…JC slapping Rachel and Bayleigh threatening to cut people


Really! Production are sure dragging their feet this whole game. From JC with his crude remarks and his inappropriate touching to now this. Ridiculous. The bad thing is that this season has been so good, but these hgs need to know that they must have respect for each other.


I agree. JC has pushed the envelope several times already. Hitting a woman, or for that matter, anyone in the face should get him ousted.


It looks like they were playing around in the little clip.


That was my thought too when I watched it. I think she was being playful smacking his stomach just as I think he was being playful when he reached up to smack her cheek. I honestly doubt that he intended to hurt her at all. JC is many things, but I don’t think he is someone who would intentionally want to hurt a woman or anyone else for that matter. I talked to my friends about this when it happened and sad thing is, they felt like JC should have been evicted right away for hitting a woman BUT here is my way of thinking on hitting. Wasn’t she the one that was hitting him first? Granted it was playfully on his stomach but that isn’t the point, she still put her hands on him first, so, I said if he is to be evicted for hitting her, then she needs to be evicted as well. I asked my friends what if it was the other way around and she smacked him and made him bleed? They laughed and thought nothing of it. “She’s a girl, what can a girl do to a guy really”? seriously, that was the response from 2 of them. Sorry, but he is what, 5 foot nothing? she is much taller than he is, probably weighs more (not saying anything negative about weight, she is a skinny girl) than he does. You would have thought that BB would have learned from the horseplay that caused Christmas to break her foot and changed their rules. No touching anyone, playfully or otherwise, no carrying anyone, etc etc, hands off period. I don’t even like JC I find him to be the most annoying person in the house, so I don’t like defending him, I just think some people are making more of this than it should be.

Man to Man

Fes – no, I don’t want to see that.. Not like this.
Fes – don’t get me wrong I like freaky girls but…
Fes- hearing y’all talk about it openly I was like … I don’t know. It was not really my ..
Fes- as much as I like a freaky girl. I don’t like an openly freaky girl.

Fes Please stop! You dont like freaky girls. And you dont like girls. We all know you are gay. stop fronting and pretending. No one is judging you. If you like Brett, then go for it!

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Stop lol. He’s not gay. I think he’s actually a pretty traditional guy and has very traditional views on who his “little woman” is suppose to be. Not gay, and his freak numbers is probably a -1.

Man to Man

No longer, I disagree. Fes seems to be in the closet. i think he is more interested in Scottie or Brett. No reason to hide it. He is who he is. Not that there is anything wrong with that.


Piss off…he is so far from gay and if he was standing in front of you, man to man, you would not only know it…you would feel it! You only WISH he was gay. Sorry about your luck!

Man to Man

You sound like a homophobe. If he were standing in front of me he would probably bite down on his pillow. And my luck is just fine sailor!


Fez wants a girl to be a freak and entertain his fantasies but he doesn’t want to be confronted with the fact the ladies also have fantasies. He’s one of those that put blinders on and pretends he’s the only one his girl rides like a rodeo clown on meth.

Man to Man

Fez wants a woman to be a man. I think he is struggling. He wants to play the role of ladies man and stud. But the bottom line is that he is just not attracted to women. That is the struggle being played out every week. He has zero interest in connecting with Hay physically. He is rock hudson struggling in his role. I think he needs to be himself and get real.

Man to Man

trey1, no, he is gay because he is attracted to men and not girls.


I have a prediction that Rockstar is going to win big brother.


Funny! Love it…even if you are only trying for the most down votes!

another name

oh look, a week and a half later someone finally told Scottie about the possibility of a women’s alliance. i don’t think he’s even in the same room as the loop half the time.
oh look, insecure sam having emotional ‘i’m over it’ time. Last seen to JC after veto last week. Now being seen by Haleigh and Rockstar (the person she “almost” nominated and the two people she did nominate). and as of the time i write this nobody is noticing it’s strategy. oh. okay.
oh look, rachel sort of got a clue. pre-emptively going nuts on the block when you volunteer to be a pawn, and freaking out about the person with the veto that could still technically save you…. is silly.


Just finished watching the Sunday night show on regular TV. There is no amount of “bad editing” that can explain away the way that Bayleigh talks to people. HOH-itis or not, this houseguest is a B#%&H. She was winning me over last week. That’s now over.

Byaleigh's Big EGO

Watcing Bayleigh on the live feeds is an eye opener. She was downright nasty when doing her 1:1. She became such a b^%tch – not that it wasn’t seen before her HOH throne, but she could not contain herself. She had zero respect for all the houseguests – except seemed nice to Hayleigh. And Hayleigh just kissed up to her like she did when Kailtyn was HOH.
So disappointed in her.


I loved Bayliegh’s play the last couple of weeks. Then she won HoH and thinks she’s untouchable and everyone needs to start bowing down. I think because it happened with Tyler to some extent but he wasn’t nearly so haughty. He was much more persuasive and people trusted him because he wasn’t trying to force them. She’s not nearly on the level of Paul but if she gets another dose of power she might go for that crown.

L5's Finest

“Angela – I want Fes to turn on Bay. I want all the girls to turn on who they’re aligned with.”

Yea, kind of like you did with Rachel.

“Rachel – she told me that YOU wanted Angela to go up. Tyler – that’s bullsh*t. Lay low on it .. she has a lot of pull on these people and if she is pissed at you she will make sure you go. Rachel – I trust us.”

This was a silver platter opportunity to expose Tyler’s game and maybe salvage her own. An alliance comprised of this kind of stupidity is doomed to fail.


I haven’t watched any live timing since Thursday because real life is the priority. Tonight I watched Bayleigh’s power trip. She was OUT OF LINE when it came to the way she talked it Scotty. She went full getto and threatened to gut him and lay his intestines out…….that is NOT game play, it is a death threat. I have completely enjoyed the game play up until now. I think this has been the best full cast in years. Her words to Scotty were criminal and I hope she goes down like a ton of bricks next week.

FYI: I am happy Kaitlyn is GONE……she paused to have a pitty party and lost. She gave up. I guess she didn’t take her own advice as a life coach and she gave up.


I agree with you wholeheartedly. But, please refrain from using the word ghetto to explain her actions. That’s really offensive.

Guy From Canada

Please refrain from using the word wholeheartedly. I know people on the transplant list because their heart only works at 30%. I find that word offensive and you should refrain from using that….

Awkward x 2

Awkward… Full ghetto? Interesting. She is actually from a predominately white suburb. So what do you mean by full getto (actually spelled ghetto)? Im asking for a friend.

She said some terrible things, I agree. She is on a power trip…… not the first and wont be the last. However I remember Brett and Winston saying some terrible things about Rockstar.. punching her in the face.. spitting on her etc. They weren’t even HOH… Did they go “FULL GHETTO” too? Her words are criminal?? That’s a stretch. I guess you would have to prove that she means it..(has a plan) kind like did Brett really mean he would punch Rockstar. The only real criminal acts that is happening is coming from JC. Again what she said was not great and showed that she is bossy and a bit of a B!@#$ but full ghetto? Really? people say ” I will kill you” all the time. Like ,, if you do that that.. I will kill you!!.. If you lie to me “I will kill you” I”ll knock your head off..etc. I mean punching someone in the face sounds more realistic than gutting someone and laying their guts out on the ground. LOL!! Thats just silly!

Fyi..Just in case you think I am, I am NOT a Bayleigh fan.. Right now I am rooting for the can of paint, “KAYCEE” and maybe Scottie.


Her making fun of JC was not okay as well.

BB Fanatic

I agree, she kept calling JC something like “that little one.” Don’t remember her exact words but she said it like three times. What would happen if he called her the dark one…Just another example of the hypocracy of racism. Whether you like it or not “ghetto” is synonymous with bad. No one ever says “I wish I lived in the ghetto.” And just an FYI, white people live in the ghetto too.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I agree – in a PC culture where everyone is ready to crucify people for their use of words, especially her, all the cutting, gutting and killing talk is STUPID and ought to be called out by production since they are so quick to intervene when anyone says something CBS thinks will come back on them. (i.e. that stupid announcement before the show the other night when Bay and JC had their drawn out discussions about the “n” and “m” words). Bay need to dial it back.


Rachel, thank you so much for replacing Kaitlyn as the resident nut case. If it wasn’t for you freaking out, BBAD would be a bigger sleeper than it is. And it IS boring. BB Gods, don’t let Rachel get evicted this week, even though she deserves it.

T & A = F2
(For those who have their minds in the gutter, it’s Tyler and Angel)


And why is it ok for Bayleigh to threaten to cut someone into pieces?


All you people complaining about how bitchy Bay is during her HOH and how “Up until this point I can’t watch BB anymore” can have several seats!!!!!!!! I guarantee if it was Whack Angela, Idiot Brett or God Almighty Tyler as HOH you people would be cheering them on and letting their behavior slide! Keep that SAME energy when/if it happens!!! Gee Whiz….this society! TYLER playing=GOD BAY playing=SNAKE


If any of them acted like Bayleigh, I would say they were wallowing in the power trip. Kaitlyn had a power trippy HoH but she had Tyler as a calming influence. I’m positive people would call them out as well. Tyler never threatened anyone for their loyalty but he did manipulate them all. He lied to almost everyone. His actions towards Kaitlyn were sketchy because she seems to be emotionally attached to him. Now everyone is mostly on Tyler’s side because of his style of play. He’s been the friendly guy with most of them. Bayleigh has thrown a gauntlet down and threatened everyone who might not be 100% team Bay. She’s made it all or nothing and burned her bridges.

Angela has mostly gotten a pass because she hasn’t done much in the game so there’s not much to talk about.


Jazzyfoxx3000, I agree with you for the most part, but Bay is tripping. I thought she did go a bit extra on Scottie, but know she was kidding.

However she is power tripping no more than Sam did during her reign. They seem to forget they only have the throne for one week.