Tyler “If you don’t vote Rachel out then I am pissed at you because I am saving you”

POV: Tyler Next POV: Aug 4th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 30th
HOH: Bayleigh Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Noms: Brett & Rachel Have Nots Fes, Tyler, Scottie

3:40pm Lounge room. JC and Tyler. JC – that was crazy this morning. There is no girls alliance. Tyler – Its not a real thing. Haleigh, Rockstar, Kaitlyn and Bayleigh all think its a solid thing. But Angela, Rachel and Kaycee are not really apart of it.. or Sam. JC – I hope you don’t use the veto. Real game I don’t talk game with anyone but you. I will do whatever you want me to. Tyler – promise me, if I don’t use the veto .. you will keep Brett. JC – once noms are locked just let me know. Tyler – I am not going to use the veto because it would put you in jeopardy. Whatever we do we need to keep Brett. No matter what they say the girls alliance is a real thing. JC – I 100% trust you. The only thing with Brett is I don’t trust him 100%. Tyler – I think I can get Angela and Kaycee. Tyler – if you don’t vote Rachel out then I am pissed at you because I am saving you this week. Rachel talked herself on the block .. she kept going up there throwing every persons name out. Brett needs to stay. JC – he will. I think that Fes and Haleigh are about to get in a showmance. JC – Sam at some point needs to go. But there is a lot of people ahead of her and we need her to clean the bathroom and kitchen. (lol) I do feel that Brett is being extra paranoid. Tyler – that’s because he believes in the all girls alliance.
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3:55pm Angela tells Brett – we need to have a long conversation later.

4pm Sam has made a kite to fly in the backyard. Brett – if she gets that high enough that the wind takes it .. they (BB) is totally going to shut it down.

4:20pm Storage room. Scottie – Rachel volunteered to be a pawn. Tyler – I know so f**king dumb. Scottie – and she wants me to take her place. I don’t even know where the f**k that came from. I think that’s even more evidence that she was the vote and trying to pin it on me. Tyler – she tried to pin it on me and that didn’t work so she tries to pin it on you. Tyler – I don’t want to use the veto because I don’t want Bayleigh even for a split second .. I don’t want you to go up. Then we need to decide between Brett and Rachel .. both of them have done something to you. Scottie – I think the house will vote out Brett because its the easier thing. Tyler – I’m worried about this girls thing. Have you heard about that? Scottie – what’s that? Tyler – there’s an all girls alliance apparently. Like they’re f**king running everything. Seven girls after Brett leaves. Scottie – well the plan is next week, I want to win it and two girls go up. Obviously Rachel and the one person that would vote to keep Rachel no matter what. That should be the universal plan. Tyler – I think so too. Everyone is freaking out that I will use the veto even though I told Bay I wouldn’t use it. Tyler – are you in good with all of them? Scottie – kind of but they still blame me for the whole Swaggy thing. Tyler – I want to do what Bay wants me to do because I trust her. Scottie – I do too. I agree we should keep it the same. Tyler – we’re good .. there is no way I can use it.

4:30pm Pool. Haleigh and Fes. Haleigh – if I vote him out .. his pitch to me was that its going to be a feeding frenzy for the next target. And it could possibly be me.

Tyler – JC promised if I keep the noms the same he will keep Brett. Are you okay with that too? Kaycee – yes. He has been more level headed.
5:20pm – 5:50pm All the house guests are lounging around chatting.

6pm The girls (Haleigh, Kaycee, Angela, Bayleigh) and JC are working out together in the backyard. Meanwhile over on the hammock. Fes is telling Rockstar about Big Brother 19. The conversation turn to wondering what the episodes are like and screen time. Fes – The first week I got least trending but since then I think I’ve gotten a lot of screen time. He recounts all he drama he’s been involved in. Rockstar – I think Tyler needs to be backdoored. I think he would win any veto. Fes – I think before that.. Rockstar – Who would JC put up if he won? Fes – I asked him the other day.. He is cool with everyone .. I asked him who he would put up and he said he would tell me when he wins. It was kind of off putting.

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Brutally Honest

Oh Rachel… you had so much potential.

But, um

Will definitely be said to see her go over Brett. I don’t like that dude.


Ew. No.

Rigged Game

Girl gotta start campaigning. Hay has to get off her ass and force some votes in this spot.

Sam's only good for cleaning

This is fantastic. I can’t wait to see their faces when Brett stays.

Kevin Souser

tyler can save rachel. use the veto bayleigh would put up scottie. Its about numbers. You already lost winston. Its just dumb.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

No, if he were to put himself on the line by using the veto on ANY one, it should be Brett. Rachel has been a mess since going on the block, and she’s talked WAY too much with all the wrong people. Also it will unnerve the other side if/when Brett stays. Rachel is being easily manipulated. I HATE these stupid HOH comps that are “literally” just rolling the dice.

Double Ds

Sam is the McGyver of the BB house

Botox Pelosi

Now jC needs to keep his mouth shut.


I think Tyler made a mistake telling JC the plan so early. He should of waited until closer to voting. JC can’t control his pie hole:)

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

He’s kind of screwed with JC – they need his vote but his mouth runs a million miles a minute and he runs to Bay and tells her to watch Brett and Tyler. He and Bay are playing a similar game in telling everyone opposite stories and keeping people confused, she’s just more controlled about it. And then that little fart votes Rockstar out last week? I think Tyler knows JC steamrolled them into getting rid of Kaitlyn and for the numbers, they really should have kept her another week or two. They would all be gunning for Kaitlyn this week instead of Brett. I think Tyler is trying to be straight with JC and stronger than usual with him, if he screws this up and votes to keep Rachel, they are all done with JC. And then BOTH sides will be done with JC. It’s catching up to him, those loose lips.

Botox Pelosi

Good points but I worry about JC jumping ship and joining Fes. Kaitlyn was a nightmare but she might of voted with Level 5, Rocks will always be against them.


I honestly don’t think JC knows how to shut, only saving grace is much of the time the HGs have no idea what he is saying..thankfully. I think JC will screw this up, I just hope he does it before Tyler decides not to use the veto. Then maybe JC will be the replacement if he forces Tyler to use it because of him running his mouth.

Miss Conception

If Sam gets on the block,I think that she will use her Macgyver abilities to get herself off. Her mind must be going constantly,like she cannot sit still.


Hey Simon or Dawg, can you tell me or link me to the post of when Rockstar was in Baylegih’s HOH room listening to her music and dancing and twerking. Thanks :).


What the hell, why am I getting thumbs down when I’m just asking for a link? Lol I swear people just thumbs down for the heck of it. Simon or Dawg can you help me out? Or anyone else?? I remember seeing it as a GIF on one of your posts but I went back through all of them from when Bayleigh won HOH and I can’t find it.


Don’t take the thumbs down personally, it’s just that you offered up the mental image of Rockstar twerking……. and that sure as hell ain’t gonna set any thumbs-up records.

I’d be in favor of a monetary fine, myself.

Double Ds

Bayleigh has turned into Queen B#*th.

To Tyler, Scottie, JC…”From now on YOU will be loyal to me from here on out”


angela admitting in dr that she threw the hoh tells me she sucks at this game.


I was so put off by that also. It’s time she start trying and help her team who has been protecting her.


Someone on that side needs to get control again. Also those interviews are generally after the fact. Lots of people who didn’t win, “intentionally” threw it. Much like I decided not to join the NBA.


Brett is a smug a hole…I wish they would

Eyes Wide Shut


That sound you hear is the sound of the L5 alliance imploding.

(i) Tyler is playing them — he lied and said the reason he won the veto is because Bay hinted she would backdoor him — she stated quite the contrary) and (ii) the little twist about Angela as the replacement nom (I believe a savvy move by Bay) sent them into a tizzy.

They have coasted along for 5 weeks staying among themselves. When the misdirection came, they were ill-equipped to handle looking like they were thrown into the deep end without a life raft.

Salient results: (i) Tyler misted them (they bought the “I won’t use unless Scottie goes up 100%” line — not sure how he would even know before using), (ii) Tyler misted them again (“I won’t use because one of L5 might go up — JC would be an easy target), (iii) Rachel loses her mind and (iv) Angela turns on her #1 within the span of an hour.

I knew it was just a matter of time. That’s what happens when the popular/cool kids ally against the outcasts. L5 sucks at physical comps (Brette is a muscle head with no braun) and of course they are dumb as rocks so they won’t win a mental comp. I believe Tyler looked at the 2 sides and realized he did not want to be linked to the sinking ship that is L5 (Foutte is actually better balanced for comps). Smart move. He deserves more credit than I was willing to give him.


You are so wrong. First, Tyler has NOT switched sides. If you don’t know that then you are either blind or dumb. Second, you bring up the fact that Tyler lied…whether he did or not, that is the name of this game. Perhaps you aren’t as familiar with it as you think. Third, you claim L5 are worthless at comps. Tyler certainly isn’t and he is in L5. Frankly, hardly anyone aside from Tyler and Fessie of ALL the people in the house have proven their worth. As far as all of L5 being dumb as rocks, Tyler has played the smartest and best game to date. Explain that. He is L5. If you think that they are all so dumb, watch and see!


I really don’t know how Brett does it?


I’ll be impressed if Tyler can get out Rachel over Brent this week. This week is the week we see how much pull Tyler has over the houseguests. Tyler love or hate him is pretty good at this game he wins when he has too, has a good social game, lies when he has too. The life guard for the win! Lol


this season is insane… so hard to pick a favorite!

first, everyone is sticking to their game… but at the same time, they’re all get along as people, no major animosity and personal issues in the house!

people are hatin’ on the level 6 crew, but it wasn’t their fault they were good and in the end of it all, they played a clean game especially when compared to underserving winners like Josh and Rachel.

Byaleigh's Big EGO

So Rockstar, Angela and Hayleigh all have fake boobs?!? Rockstar sags and Ang and Hayleigh are so small.


I wish Angela or Kaycee would spill the beans to Tyler about Bay’s Identity app. Or before Rachel goes…she tells the whole house about Bay’s app. If everyone in the house knows about it….it loses it’s power. If the noms change, the HOH will know it (can’t say anything) but they could make a plan beforehand to give a signal that the noms aren’t theirs or they just tell the entire house their noms before the ceremony….then Bay goes up as the replacement nom after the veto. Bingo….bye bye Bay.

I was glad to see they portrayed her attitude accurately on tonite’s show. That bit with Fessie & Hayleigh in the HOH bedroom was an eye opener. Wow…can you spell power happy?????
If I was Fessie, right after the veto is played….I’d make an announcement to the house that I’m a free agent & then tell them about Bay’s power app. Then become Rachel’s replacement with L5.

Bay’s gone bonkers with power.


I think that when Bayleigh decides to use her power app it will be announced that another power app is in play. Why do they think that it wouldn’t be announced just like the first one was?


I don;t think Tyler is jumping ship. He knows Rachel is going to Foutte side. She has become a loose Cannon..and can;t even grasp simple logic. She is a fun lovely woman..but not a good game player.
Tyler..whether one likes him or not is playing a fantastic game. Why shoudn’t he win?
He knows he has to somehow keep himself safe because double eviction is coming up and he needs his power then. He is the only one on his side who has won anything..so he knows the other side will win when he can;t compete. (if he wins an HOH he is out the following week. He knows there are luck comps and can;t count on winning vetos all the time.
He is in danger from Fez, Scottie, Hayleigh, Rock and Bay. Scottie is a HUGE threat both mentally and physically.
Fez physically. Bay mentally. I noticed she was talking about days and had them spot on.
I hope Brett stays. I prefer him now over Rachel who has shown bad game play and her inability to change gears is bad for her group. IMO of course.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I like Rachel, but she’s turned into Winston spazzing out and screwed them all. Watching the live show now (it’s not live, it’s on TV thought). They are showing aLOT of Bay’s power tripping. Not a good look. She’s a smart girl, but pride comes before a fall. I can admire the lies she is telling everyone, different stories. She has to stir things up for self preservation. That’s good game play. But she’s calling people up to the HOH like the boss getting ready to fire someone. And to her own alliance! Get over yourself. Also Tyler shedding a tear putting his “heart in her hands” – had to share with my husband about sweet wounded baby bird.


She’s turned into Swaggy B…LOL!

Rigged Game

Fes seemed very catty with bay and hay in the HoH room. He was real b@tchy. Whats up, is he on his period? He didnt help his game there. He came off as team jc.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I think Bay has been a b#?!% all week and Hay jumped on him with her. He saved Hay’s butt last week and he’s sick of her shutting him down and both of them talking to him like he’s their servant. Granted, he is far from the brains on that side, but seriously, they are being very bossy.

Rigged Game

JC points out the whole girls alliance deal. This could actually push bay hay more in that direction and to focus on taking out the dudes more. Bay has the power. She can pocket that app for later or break it out next week if she is targeted. Very interesting to see if Brett survives. This could be a wasted hoh for bay if she does not have the votes.


She does not have the votes.