HAVENOTS Picked! “I am telling you dude! We are f**ked!”

POV: Tyler Next POV: Aug 4th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 30th
HOH: Bayleigh Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Noms: Brett & Rachel Have Nots Fes, Tyler, Scottie

1:15pm Kitchen. Kaycee and Angela. Angela – everything just clicked in my head. Kaycee – just try and be cool with her (Rachel).. like really cool so that she doesn’t suspect anything. Angela – remember how I was so stuck on that comment? Now it makes perfect sense. She messed up her story. Kaycee – MMMhhh. Kaycee – I think she might have a little doubt that she did mess it up. Angela – yeah, that’s what she told Bayleigh. But what she told me, she told Bayleigh and she told me that by accident. Sam joins them and the conversation ends. Sam – I think I am going to celebrate Rachel. Who is having the hardest week? Angela says that Rachel was but seems better and that Brett is having a hard time. Sam – we will celebrate both of them.

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1:35pm Backyard couches. Brett and Scottie. Brett – what do you think is about to happen? Scottie – I haven’t talked to Tyler yet. I don’t see him using it. Brett – I don’t either. Scottie – tell him its not about making moves. Brett – I thought since I picked him. Scottie – did you tell him that? Brett – yeah. The only person I worked with was Winston. I’m a free ranger now.. free agent. Scottie – I am getting a lot of heat about being that rogue vote. Brett – I am literally on an island. Which was why I was surprised I got put up a second time. Scottie – just scared to get blood on their hands so it makes you easy picking. Brett – but I think I am also the target. Brett – it doesn’t really make sense ..once I’m gone.. I’m that battering ram. Who’s up next? Scottie – yup. From what I am hearing .. people are trying to get him to use it so that I could be the replacement nom. Brett – I don’t know. I’m really out of the loop. Scottie – I think people are trying to get me, you and Tyler picked off because we don’t really belong anywhere. Brett – I feel you. Scottie – if I had gotten HOH, I wouldn’t have gone after you, would have taken the shot at another pair.

1:35pm Kaycee and Angela. Angela – Rachel told me that Bayleigh said that Tyler said the only way he would use the veto is if I (Angela) went up. Kaycee – how the f**k does it make any sense?! Angela – that’s what I’m saying because Rachel f**ked her story up. She meant to say … Rachel told Bayleigh that… when me and Brett were in the bathroom .. Brett was like this is perfect he’s going to use the veto on me. We’re going to backdoor Scottie. Its going to be perfect. So before Tyler went up there Rachle said .. she told me The only way Tyler would use the veto is if Angela goes up. Those were her words, not Tyler’s words. She f**ked her story up and I called her out on it. She said she was confused. It makes no sense.

1:40pm Bayleigh comes out of the diary room and tells everyone to gather in the living room. Bayleigh reads a card. Bayleigh – This week the three havenots for the week are the three that were the furthest from winning the last HOH competition. This means that Fes, Tyler and Scottie are havenots for the week! Bay – I am so sorry considering Scottie was just a havenot. Let be real JC WAS going to be a havenot. This meeting is adjourned.

1:45pm Backyard. Brett and Tyler. Brett – she says the replacement nom is Angela. I am telling you dude! We are f**ked! I mean I am definitely f**ked. And you guys are targets next. Tyler – JC already told me that if its you two (Rachel & Brett) on the block he is keeping you. And Sam is going to do whatever. Brett – whatever.. I would feel more comfortable with two girls on the block. I know that Bay is in your head. Tyler – Bay isn’t in my head she just wants me to keep the noms the same. That whole side wants me to keep the noms the same. Brett – Even if Angela goes up we can still vote to keep her. Using it is a guarantee that we keep the guys in the house. Tyler – I am going to tell Sam and Kaycee that if I don’t use the veto it is saving them so they have to vote how I want them to vote. Brett – I don’t know what Kaycee and Sam would do. Tyler – we just talked all day yesterday about how Rachel is freaking them out. JC joins them. JC – are you okay? Brett – No I’m not, I’m on the block! JC – yeah being on the block sucks. You were just sitting there and about to cry. Brett – I’m not about to cry, I’m fine! It just sucks. I’m trying to not let it bother me. Let me sit on the block all f**king year! I’ll be the battering ram. I don’t give a sh*t. I’m okay, I’m not going to freak out. You guys can always trust me. I know you can count on that. I also don’t need your reassurance every five seconds. Saying why are we still good. I can go three days. I am just saying there are some people in the house that get paranoid and freak the F**k out! And they think because you haven’t talked to them in an hour that they can’t trust you. I don’t need your reassurance. I just don’t feel good about this and I genuinely think that if I stay on the block I am the next f**king one out. And then what is that 4 out of the 5 weeks guys have gone… then we lose the numbers to the girls. JC – do you think the girls are trying to get out the guys? Tyler and Brett – yes. Brett – how did no one see this coming?

2:27pm HOH room. Fes, Bay and Rockstar. Fes tells them about his conversation with Brett. Fes – Brett’s pitch was if he goes, then I am next and basically I could use him as a shield. Bay – Okay what are you thinking. Fes – that part makes sense but he’s a threat. Bay – its annoying like who are you to say that Fes is next .. he don’t know what you’ve got going on. And I know a lot of people in this house that are threatened before you. Fes – and then he was like we could work together because we’re both good at vetos. Bro you (Brett) haven’t won sh*t! Bay – and as you know coming into this house he wasn’t interested in working with you. He is going to keep Angela, Kaycee and Rachel safe before you. Bay – Kaycee is a girl but she is close to some guys. Fes – if Kaycee or Angela won, I know I would go up. Fes – I am not voting for Brett over Rachel. I am keeping Rachel.

3:05pm JC, FES and Bayleigh. JC – I really think that Tyler will not sure the veto. JC – also do you think there is an all girls alliance? Bay – no there isn’t one. Fes – keep an eye on him (Tyler) and Brett. Bay – you keep an eye on him.

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so is it sounding tyler’s not using veto and rachel is going home at this point?

#Save L6

Tyler needs to use the veto on Brett! Who cares if Angela goes up, it shows Bay’s cards (no girls alliance), and Rach freaks out telling everyone about Bays app.


We’re getting deeper in the game and you gotta start making some moves to get jury campaigners. How many “deserving” winners end up losing because their game was too good and they betrayed everybody?

So in addition to ensuring that Angela, Kaycee, and Sam don’t get seduced by Bayleigh (Tyler has to see post-Swagg they started hanging out, getting along) when Angela goes up, but Tyler can help lock down a juror, one who will win some comps before it’s all said and done.

Tyler’s gotta see that the girls in his alliance have been floating, not getting targeted, not making things happen, not taking any risks…and it’s time to test them and their metal now because he still has other options who might be better allies. He’ll have to stage manage Angela and Rachel, but Brett is a better ally that both.

Brette's Despair

Brette is actually the least worthy of saving of all of the remaining L5 members. He sucks at comps, he’s a hot head and his social game is nonexistant. Brette needs to be sacrificed.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Rock Star is a hot head. Winston was a hot head. Even Kaitlyn could be a hot head. Brett has kept is cool even when girls were screaming in his face. He gets pissed, but he has never blown his top.

War Daddy


Crazy T

Rachel just freaked out too much.. I get it, but she really hurt herself. Never understood why peopke on the block gravitate to aligning with her person that just put them at risk.


I don’t understand Fes being so loyal to Bay. Where has it got him? Chris is gone. Steve is gone. He has no kind of working deal with any male in the house. Kaitlyn is gone and she was probably the only one in the house that had his back. What has Bay done for him? Nothing. Now he has Haleigh. Wake up Fes, she’s not that in to you!

I think production decided this Have Not week in hopes of getting those three guys together, alone time all week, in hopes they will work together. Production doesn’t want an all girl ending.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Agree – Fez has been loyal to ALL the wrong people. His chance of survival would be to team up with the guys. He’s a sitting duck where he’s at now. That’s one thing Kaitlyn got right in her exit interview with Julie – Fez is horrible at BB.


JC why would you go to Queen Bay and ask her if she thinks there is an all girl alliance? Hello. She is a GIRL. If there is a secret all girl alliance, there is a good chance SHE IS IN IT and now you are on her radar as a potential threat.

Rigged Game

Yeah, that was weird and a mistake. he now expressed distrust, so he is an easy target for the gals. Rachel sprung a leak. Tyler is making enemies. Bay is coming off as a threat. Its getting interesting. Will hayleigh let Fes have his balls back or is he going to be one of the girls???

Bay's Delimma

It will be nice to see Bay blindsided AGAIN!!!

Team Bay

Bay is so well positioned that it would still work out for her. Tyler would expose his game (and put a HUGE target on his back) and JC would likely be nominated and evicted, still getting out another vote against her alliance. Tyler made big a mistake by winning the veto.

BB Addict

Bay needs to be knowcked down a notch or two. She was one of my favorites until she won HOH & she thinks she can talk to people however she chooses & they should do exactly as she wants even after her noms were made. He mean girl colors are shining thru. A lot of people let power go to their head but she is mean with it. The way she talked to Scottie was horrible.

Old face

That is a very unflattering picture of Angela looking down her bottoms.


I went back and listened to last nights conversation between Bay and Tyler. He never said the only way he would use the veto is if Angela was the replacement!


I have to laugh at myself when my emotions (as a viewer!) swing from happy, frustrated, annoyed, concerned, etc. Can’t imagine what it must feel like as a house guest actually playing the game. I need to remind myself to cut them a little slack when I think they’re making a dumb move.

BB Addict

That’s so true Palmb. I know it’s much harder than it looks on tv! I still don’t understand being mean for no reason tho.

Smitten By Haleigh

Great Job Bay, they (L6) are panicking like crazy and telling on each other.

BB Addict

Rachel has caused more chaos for level 6 than Bay

Smitten By Haleigh

Tyler is screwed this week. His game and lies are about to catch up with him.

Eyes Wide Shut


That sound you hear is the sound of the L5 alliance imploding.

(i) Tyler is playing them — he lied and said the reason he won the veto is because Bay hinted she would backdoor him — she stated quite the contrary) and (ii) the little twist about Angela as the replacement nom (I believe a savvy move by Bay) sent them into a tizzy.

They have coasted along for 5 weeks staying among themselves. When the misdirection came, they were ill-equipped to handle looking like they were thrown into the deep end without a life raft.

Salient results: (i) Tyler misted them (they bought the “I won’t use unless Scottie goes up 100%” line — not sure how he would even know before using), (ii) Tyler misted them again (“I won’t use because one of L5 might go up — JC would be an easy target), (iii) Rachel loses her mind and (iv) Angela turns on her #1 within the span of an hour.

I knew it was just a matter of time. That’s what happens when the popular/cool kids ally against the outcasts. L5 sucks at physical comps (Brette is a muscle head with no braun) and of course they are dumb as rocks so they won’t win a mental comp. I believe Tyler looked at the 2 sides and realized he did not want to be linked to the sinking ship that is L5 (Foutte is actually better balanced for comps). Smart move. He deserves more credit than I was willing to give him.

BB Addict

I thought it was an individual comp so nobody knew where they were in the middle of competing. They didn’t know how anyone else did until the end. So I’m just asking how Tyler knew he was winning? If he said he wanted to win then, Yes he created a mess for himself. I don’t think his side will be mad if he doesn’t use it. Although who knows! Ha! People say a lot of things they don’t mean when it comes down to it.


OMG JC is not bright. Asking Bay ‘do you think there is an all girls alliance’? seriously, what did he think Bay would say, yes JC is there but shhhh don’t tell anyone, its a secret. This guy just doesn’t shut up. They really need to get JC out of there. He really does believe that he is this genius player, when he is so dense he doesn’t get what he is doing wrong in the things he says and to who. I also love how Bay is trying to demand that everyone be loyal to Bay as she keeps repeating. Does she really think that this is going to work and everyone will keep her safe when and if they ever get HOH? She has to know that it doesn’t work that way.

BB Addict

I think this is going to backfire on bay bigtime. She was one of my favorites but I have been so disappointed by her game play since winning HOH. She has let the power go to her head as many people do.