Brett “I want to watch them all sweat! Watch the f**king ants scurry!”

POV: Tyler Next POV: July 28th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 30th
HOH: Bayleigh Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Noms: Brett & Rachel Have Nots ?

7:10pm Bay and Tyler. Tyler – I don’t want the sides to think you and me are jumping back and forth. Bay – this is going to be nuts!! I’m excited! Can you even believe it!? Like you just saved my life.. I’m forever indebted. Bay – even this week I told you I was not going to put you up and I sincerely meant that. Tyler – people were freaking me out though. People were freaking me out. Bay – why?! Tyler – I don’t know .. I know what you said and I know what other people said. Bay – well people can get over it. I’m happy that I chose that. Tyler – I feel good. Bay – I am proud of you for not being corrupted this week. You could have been recruited to do all sorts of evil things. And you are sticking up for yourself. Tyler – my boy Scottie. He said our types don’t usually match up like in past seasons. But he and I are real good .. he’s my dude! Bay – do you want to win HOH next week? Tyler – yeah. Should I? Bay – yeah, you want to make sure you’re safe.

7:08pm Bathroom. Brett & Rachel. Brett – Tyler is with us, that’s all that matters. This is why you do an alliance. Trust in the numbers. And then we take it to the final five. At the end of the day who do you want to spend time in the jury with? Rachel – NOT Scottie!!! Brett – 55 more days in jury .. we haven’t even been here that long. Rachel – JC, why is he acting so strange?! Brett – you’ve been acting strange with me. Rachel – I feel like everyone on that side is worried. Brett – she’s (Bay) not HOH next week .. who gives a f**k! Rachel – I can just see her being a b***h. Brett – but guess who started day 1 with us. If he doesn’t use it, one of us is going home. That ruins his (Tyler) alliance. And the numbers matter more now than ever. Brett – I am a little worried too because at any point he could just decide to not use it. At this point he has nothing but to be 100% loyal to us. NO reason to freak yourself out. If he takes one of us off .. we’ve got the numbers’re GUCCI! GUCCI! I want to watch them all sweat! I want to watch the ants scurry. Watch the f**king ants scurry. Rachel – but why would they be so scared of Tyler using it. Brett – just because he could. I just have a feeling that I am going to win the next HOH.

7:50pm Bathroom. Rockstar and Scottie. Rockstar – I literally have PTSD from his last elimination speech. So I am making sure I have buddy system. Scottie – there is no way he would do that twice. Rockstar – I know but people won’t believe me. Scottie – that’s what I’m experiencing this week. Apparently people are still doubting I have some deal with Brett. Which would be evil genius awesome but no. Scottie – I think its that girl right there (rogue vote). Rachel – Angela? Scottie – yeah. Rockstar – I want to know who did vote to keep Brett. Socttie – I still think it was Kaitlyn and Tyler. Scottie who would you put up if you won HOH? Rockstar – Angela and Tyler. Scottie – I was thinking Angela and Rachel. I don’t think he will use it this week. If he does then that would mean JC would go up right? Rockstar – theoretically. I really need Brett to go.

8:15pm HOH room. Scottie and Bayleigh. Scottie – Tyler and I talked yesterday and he pretty much told me the same thing that you did that people are saying my name. He would not tell me who. Bay – everybody… everybody but Tyler has said your name. I did talk to Tyler and he said Tyler is my boy. And I feel like he is the only one that has been real with me. If he says he didn’t do it then he didn’t do it. And I honestly think it was Rachel… I think she was giving my a pity vote. Scottie – You’re cleaning up. I talked to Rockstar and she said that if she wins HOH she would put up .. Angela and Tyler.. I said Angela and Rachel. Then she entertained the idea of backdooring Tyler. Bay – how do you feel about that? Scottie – obviously I want him to stay around as long as possible but the five of us take priority. Bay – I like to hear that. Tyler is a lone wolf. Tyler is a beast. Tyler knows that she (Rockstar) is after him.

8:35pm HOH room. Scottie and Bayleigh. Bay – he (Tyler) said that he would not use it. He asked if he did would I put up Angela? And I was like I don’t know. So I was like please don’t use it. He said I will not use it. Scottie – I will talk to him too. Bay – do not repeat this to anyone .. but Rachel was like if the veto is use will you put Scottie up? I do not know what that is about. You and Rachel have this love hate thing.. now theres this weird thing. Zip your lip .. throw away the key. Scottie – oh yeah.

8:50pm HOH room. Bay, Haleigh and Angela. Haleigh – do you think they know that we’re taking shifts on them. Bay – they have no clue.. they literally have no clue. Angela – they’re all so dumb. Haleigh – I think they’re more paranoid of us than they ever would be of us. Right now Brett is trying to buddy up with Tyler. Bay – let me say this I have not even thought about a replacement.. but that thing should not be used. Haleigh – if he does after he said he wouldn’t.. when you were nervous about him in the first place. Bay – I don’t think he would do that. I trust that he wont .. he was just paired with kaitlyn .. she is gone now. You wouldn’t jump out on a limb to be paired with Brett…. Y’all two are going up. Haleigh – we need to watch Tyler and Brett. We have to find out if Sam is on board. Haleigh – she is too emotional. Angela – she put two girls up and didn’t even think twice about it.

9pm HOH room. Rachel and Bay. They hug for a long time. (awkward) Bay – its going to be okay. We’ll get the votes to keep you. Hopefully it will be unanimous. Rachel starts crying. Bay – I feel terrible for even having put you through that. Its emotional I know. Rachel – I felt bad this morning and I am sorry. Bay – I was going to kill you for a second .. but I couldn’t even be mad. Rachel – what’s the plan? Bay – when it comes to Fes and JC .. I think I can get them to vote.. I know I can get them to vote my way. Rachel – is Tyler using it? Bay – I don’t think so. Him and Brett have been getting close but I really don’t think he would use it on Brett. That would put everyone is a really bad situation. Bay – are you friends with Tyler at all? Rachel – in passing.. Bay – maybe if you see him and Brett talking .. you should just sit there but I don’t think he will use it. Which would be best. He said that the only way he would use it is if I put Angela up as the replacement. Rachel – he said that? Bay puts her finger over her mouth. Everyone has been like I like Rachel. Rachel – but what if he does use it? And if he does we will put his a$$ on the block next week. Bay – four guys left and seven girls. Even if a girl gets put up she is never going home. Rachel – he wants a girl out of the house. Be prepared because he might use it. Bay – he doesn’t have to promise me anything. No matter what he isn’t going to get his way. I am not putting up a girl Kaycee and Angela have been worried sick about you. Rachel – I will be loyal to you and you can count on me. I have your back. I want you to know how much trusting me and telling me information means to me. Rachel – in the event he does use it .. then a.. Bay – a guy goes on the block.

9:19pm Bedroom. JC and Brett. JC – You’re going to be okay. Brett – what do you think? JC – I don’t think he is going to use it. Brett – why do you say that? I’m a lone ranger. JC – you’re not a lone ranger. I claimed you. Brett – remember when we thought it would be me and you on the block. I got you and you’ve got me. Rachel joins them. Bay – he said if you don’t want me to use it then I won’t use it. We locked it in. If he does use it then that is him going against his word.

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Houka Inumuta

In light of Tyler winning the POV. The Tyler eviction party is going to be reschedule for August 9.

There’s no way Scottie is going on the block.
Scottie is the winner of bb20.

Tyler’s plan is dumb because it just make Scottie more safe this week and makes him a target for next week. What do you expect from a Scooby Doo fanboy. On Monday Tyler is going to be public enemy number 1.

What other dumb things that Tyler likes to add to the list? I want to broadcast his stupidity with all of his childish, classless things.


What’s wrong with Scooby Doo? 🙁

Houka Inumuta

it’s the 2002 movie. Tyler is 23. That movie is for 8 years old


Spoken like a true precocious 13-year-old.

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

Bayleigh said she put up a guy if he used it, so that would be jc or Scottie. Plus Tyler will get wind of him possibly going up and use the cloud. Sorry but Scottie won’t win with these girls.


I agree, Scottie is NOT going to win BB20, not a chance. I want Rachel to tell Tyler that Bay wont put up a girl, so that way Tyler can use it to take Brett down and we know that Bay wont put little fessie boy up so that would mean either JC or Scottie would go up, which would be great. As much as I want Scottie out, I hope it’s JC that is the replacement because you know he would be a mess and probably crying before he even makes it to that chair..LOL. I also would love to see it because I think little rocky would lose her mind if Brett didn’t go home for the 2nd week in a row. The look on her face will be priceless and you know she will start whining/yelling/name calling again, probably even before Tyler would have the chance to hang the veto around Bretts neck. I just want to see who would be worse, rocky or JC..LOL The drama that would cause would be amazing.


kaycee is loyal to L6 to a fault. that will be her demise.

Botox Pelosi

If the veto is used I bet she puts JC up as the replacement. Too bad I would of loved to see Scottie go.


Is her goal to make sure everyone else has a target other than her? Every person that comes up there “so and so said this about you”. Does she not know people talk and compare notes?

Carolina girl

Agree, she went from a great spot a few days ago to practically begging to be a giant target..


If Tyler takes anybody off the block his bestfriend goes up, that’s it


Does Tyler have a best friend? Didn’t she just go home?


So far if that is what Bay does, she would have to put Scottie up since Tyler keeps talking about how close he is to there goes that idea ..LOL


Shocked Tyler didn’t throw veto winning puts him in a bad spot he’ll now have to show which sides he’s really with. Bay is so dumb for telling Rachel about the power now if he saves Brett and she puts up jc not scottie Rachel is obviously going to tell the whole house.


I hope he does use it on Brett, no biggie if JC goes home, he’s annoying anyways and him being on the block will make for a very entertaining few days IMO.


If Tyler uses the veto on Brett………..

Bay has already signed onto the “girls club” so she can’t put up a girl & still keep her word. That leaves only the guys from her side. Fessie, JC or Scottie. Not Fessie right now, so JC or Scottie. She’s said that JC will go crazy & she doesn’t want to deal with that sooooooo… Step Up Scottie! IMHO, I would love to see JC as the replacement nominee.

As far as votes go…..girls will not vote to evict Rachel. So bye, bye Scottie! And Foutte has done it to themselves once again!


After 20 years of Big Brother, it still amazes me the power trip most HOH’s go on. It’s like they forget that they are not always going to be HOH and I was starting to really like Bay……

Carolina girl

Tyler now has two options. Get her to think it’s her idea and BD Scottie or have the girls stay close to her and save Brett so she will put up JC or Scottie. I think Tyler is way too smart not to save one of them with or without approval.
I miss the days of old BB when ppl weren’t afraid to openly claim a side. Janelle, Boogie etc. There were no “what the house wants” and trying to play the middle. Those were the targets and it left mostly competitors at the end.


Openly claiming a side isn’t always a great thing. For instance, if Tyler had claimed Level 6, Sam would have been evicted week 1 and used her power to return. So Steve is still in the house. Kaitlyn would not have flipped so Chris wouldn’t have been backdoored. Scottie’s HoH would have had the numbers to get out Brett or they may have taken a shot at Tyler. By not being open Tyler has kept himself and his alliance safe by being covert. What may happen in a season when sides are declared is boredom. You know who’s voting where so there is no back and forth and people trying to flip the middle guys. Welcome to Season 16!


tler isnt using the veto


Oooh. tyler is really screwed now. Rachel and L5 are pisssed with Tyler rn if he doesn’t use that veto.

Haleigh's Melanoma

Rachel is so stupid. She’s had 3 hours of sleep in the last 3 days and now she’s trying to blow up the whole alliance just because she’s been freaking out. She’s questioning Tyler’s loyalty when he’s just trying to maneuvre a suitable target like Scottie into position for when he uses the veto. One of these other girls needs to grab her and shake her.


Yes, but she’s getting the feel if it’s not benefitting Tyler, he’s not using it. Tyler’s trying like mad to save his alliance but he’s also trying to stay on Bayleigh’s good side. He may not make it out of this week without getting a little messy from one side or the other.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I’m still Team L5, sort of – but the problem with that alliance is Tyler is the ONLY one of the original L6 that can win a stinking competition. It only works if one of the other 5 (now 4) can win a freaking comp. One guy can’t save every one. They are putting a big fat target on his back after he’s had to save his own butt over and over again. I thought Brett, KC and Angela would perform better than they have.


I think the idea is to let Tyler hang himself so that the other members of the alliance progress. They’ll go on there run of comp wins to pad their resumes later in the game.


They don’t have to win every comp but they are at the point where they need to start winning something. People are taking shots at them so they need the weapons to fire back. It wasn’t a big deal when Sam and Kaitlyn were HoH because they could be controlled.


huh?? no one controlled Sams HOH, she did exactly what she wanted. Even with saying early on that she will only listen to Tyler, he didn’t have a say at all on who she put up. Her mind was already made up but he did control kaitlyns HOH.


no kidding, that alliance sucks at comps. If not for Tyler they would have nothing under their belts. Scary to think that even Kaitlyn out played them all, she won an HOH, they can’t win anything. LOL They all have claimed they are gonna lay low but win when they have to, yeah okay, your alliance members need one of you to win something, where is that win now? Most of them need to just say, I suck at comps but I can get along with everyone and get them to trust me, that is how I can be valuable. Enough of this I will win later on or I will win when I have to. L6/5 seem as bad as Cassandra from BBCan5, who kept saying she will win later on but for most of the season she wanted to lay low, she got HOH but that was only because her dad won it for her..she sucked at everything. lol. I would love to see any from L6 actually win something and not just rely on Tyler to win and keep them safe.


Tyler is in a no win situation if he uses the veto. For HIS game he cannot use the veto. But he will go hard for HOH and wreak havoc with the other side.
He is no one’s fool and has studied the game.
Kaycee is the best partner Taylor could have.
Now…I am HOPING Angela or Rchel tell Kaycee or Tyler about Bay’s app.
Bayleigh can still be nominated if she doesn’t win the veto and someone on level 5 does.
She is not completely safe.
Rachel is annoying AF.


Tyler’s plan is stupid because Tyler was pushing pretty hard for bayleigh to put Scottie on the block. Now out of the blue Tyler and Scottie are best friends. Yeah right! Lol.
Tyler was also pushing Scottie on Sam’s HOH.
Bayleigh won’t put Scottie on the block because if she did… Stupid… Dumb…and will deserve being played for a fool.


If he takes Brett down (and I hope he does, only for the Bay wont put a girl up so she would have to put up JC or scotty. Don’t think anyone really cares which one of them goes. I am truly hoping that Tyler just shows his hand and takes Brett down. I would say Rachel but I don’t think anyone will vote her out over any of the guys left in there. Rachel just needs to settle down before she pi$$es everyone off and they all just decide to get rid of her.


Bayleigh is playing and i love it. i was mad she told rachel her secret but she is lying her ass off. now Tyler’s own alliance is doubting him. tyler asked if she would put up angela and she said yes. but then she told Rachel tyler wanted angela up. now those 3 girls are sweating, jc is scared too. i love that they all are scurrying. even tyler was scared that is why he won the veto, so he wouldn’t be backdoored. lmao. i have never seen level 5 and jc so scared. ?? My girl Bayleigh came to play.

Rigged Game

I miss the days when they didn’t have these secret powers. Now they have multiple powers in the game. They should have to win the power in the open. In a competition. I am sick of grodner giving powers out that aren’t known at the beginning and aren’t in an open competition. Good players have their strategy messed with and it introduces too much random luck.


A good player can cope with the random luck or the disaster of a secret. You have to play a little smarter with more thought on defense. It’s the difference between chess and checkers. As long as there aren’t too many powers or unbalanced powers like last season. There was just so much suck in that season it ranks up there with the Star Wars Christmas Special.

Rigged Game

Nah. It’s like poker with wild cards. You can’t strategize when luck takes over. Plus you have grodner trying to setup teams in the diary room. last year may have been the worse. Less grodner and more game.


I agree, I have never liked when they get the viewers to involved. Want to include the viewers, give them a vote on eviction night or something like that, something that wont mess with someones game who is actually playing it and not sitting in the comfort of their home. I like your idea, have a comp, tell them there are 3 secret powers up for grabs, top three get to pick. That way everyone knows who has a power but they don’t know exactly what that power is and the winner can chose to tell people or not tell anyone, even lie about their power. I just think if you’re not playing the game you shouldn’t have a say in it. We don’t even know what the real out come was for the powers, we have to trust that the show is being honest that Sam/Tyler/Bay were actually voted by majority to get those powers. To many of us viewers do NOT trust production to be honest and not just give some sort of upper hand to their favorite instead of the fans favorites.