Sam “I’m going to fight like a motherf**ker to win it so she won’t have to put up a replacement”

POV: ? Next POV: July 28th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 30th
HOH: Bayleigh Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Noms: Brett & Rachel Have Nots ?

8:30pm Havenot room. Rachel – I find it really interesting that some people aren’t coming up to me. JC hasn’t come up to me once. He is being extremely awkward around me. Extremely awkward. Angela – what could be his logic with that? Sam – because he hid all day. I haven’t even seen him. Rachel – he has been avoiding me all day. It was going to be me or him. Angela – OHHh.. I bet it was going to be him and he was in her ear and it was flipped it to you. Brett joins them. They question whether or not there will be a battle back.
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8:40pm HOH room. Bay and JC. JC – thank you for not putting me up. I am very grateful. Fes is squeezing my balls. His game play is very very weak. If I need to talk to someone I will wait for the perfect time to talk. But Fes asked me in front of everyone to help him with something from the storage room. Then we came out without anything in our hands. I don’t need that target on my back. His confidence is through the roof. JC – I want to make it clear that if I am working with you .. I do not want to be a pawn. Bay – if someone competes in the veto that was going to be the replacement nom.. and takes someone down.. then what do we do?! JC – you don’t want more blood on your hands. I’m safe of course and you don’t want to put me up as the replacement. We don’t want me to be a target either. Bay – lets try and keep it the same. Its in everyone’s best interest to keep it the same. JC – if I won it, I would keep it the same. Bay – Fes said he would keep it the same.

9pm Havenot room. Kaycee and Sam. Sam – I am going to fight like a motherf**ker to win it and then if I do win it I will say I just did this so that she won’t have to put up a replacement. It sucks! And then how am I going to vote if they’re the same. Sam wonders if the replacement would be her. Kaycee – I really don’t think so.

9pm HOH room Tyler and Bayleigh. Bay – do you think I should pick someone else or what? Tyler – I would definitely like to get picked. Bay – really? Tyler – yeah. I’m not a backdoor option am I? Bay – no. Tyler – I would like this week to go out just how you want it to. Bay – worst case scenario is Brett and Rachel win veto and I have to put someone else up. Bay talks about how Rachel keeps freaking out about being on the block. Asking what will happen if Brett wins the veto and someone else goes up that has a power and then she goes home. And I’m like how did we get this far. Tyler – those people are hard to work with you know. If anything crazy happens and you need me to do anything just let me know. Bay – I don’t consider you to be a threat. Even if you went out and smoked all the comps. If we made it to final 2 I would have my reasons to win just like you would. Bay – I am still considering you having the power.. you were HOH, all the drama with Kaitlyn, then she became the HOH, you knew about the flip vote, she confessed her love to you.. you were in the spotlight. Tyler – I was thinking I was going to get the crap app. There’s a possibility that one of them walked out with one.

Bay – Kaityn was an evil genius and we caught her a$$. Tyler – I wouldn’t say an evil genius. Bay – you were caught in that for so long. Tyler – I’m just glad I’m not anymore because then I would be going probably this week. Bay – now you look like a little home wrecker. Tyler – I changed my GBM (goodbye message) so fast! Its going to be a great episode. Bay – where do you stand with Scottie. Tyler – good. I asked him straight up if it was him (rogue vote). All I know is that someone is lying but I have no facts or proof.

9pm – 9:30pm Havenot room. Rachel & Kaycee. Rachel – I feel like I f**ked this up. I don’t want Brett thinking I volunteered to go up as a pawn so that he would go home. Kaycee – he would never think that. Rachel – I f**ked up! Kaycee – no you didn’t. Tomorrow is a new day and you just need to go out and win that veto.

Rachel – If she is okay with it I want to pick you for the veto and I want you to try and win it. Kaycee – yeah I want to talk to her. Rachel – if we don’t take advantage of our… like then what good is it. I know I probably stay. She will not put up Angela because apparently she said she wouldn’t. She won’t put up Tyler because she said. She won’t put up Fes because of the week she had. The only two replacements are JC and Scottie. Rachel – she talked about JC and Scottie. She says that she wants to backdoor Scottie. Does she know what a backdoor is? It means that person goes home.

9:35pm HOH room. Bay and Haleigh. Bay – I need to figure out if I am going to talk to Fes because JC came up here and told me that Fes was like come to the storage room. He told JC you’re welcome Bayleigh was convinced to put you up as a pawn and I’m the one who talked her out of it. Literally like I am the only reason why you’re still here. JC just came and talk to me about it. Number 1 and now number 2 – Tyler just came in here and said Fes was saying that you said I was a free agent this week and if I do what you want me to do then possibly moving forward I would be good with you. Haleigh – what!? Bay – two in a row, back to back! Haleigh – The Tyler thing doesn’t even concern me to the extent that the JC thing does. Bay – JC also said that Fes said he was the one that convinced all the girls to flip on the kaitlyn vote. And Rachel told me the reason why she flipped and did not mention Fes at all. Angela told me the reason why she flipped. Haleigh – what is going on with him (Fes). Bay – he is out of control! You can’t be running around flapping your mouth like that. That was my secret. That actually pisses me off. Going behind my back saying its not a good idea to people and telling JC that if it weren’t for him he wouldn’t be safe. Haleigh – wow!

9:50pm Havenot room. Tyler and Rachel. Tyler – I don’t think she wants the noms to stay. Rachel – she promised she would use the veto on me. Tyler – if she doesn’t want the noms to change.. then if I convince her that Scottie is my best friend and then I get the veto and I use it. Maybe she would be like use the veto and I will put up your best friend. Rachel – she already told me that Scottie would go up as the replacement. Tyler – okay good. Rachel – this motherf**ker (Scottie) threw my name out as the wonky vote. Tyler – he said he though it was me too. Rachel – That little motherf**ker! I am going to come for him!! Rachel – Scottie or JC have the second power. Tyler – You just need to go out and win the veto. We have to keep both of you this week. Rachel – I feel like she is not going to put him (Scottie) up.

10:07pm HOH room. Kaycee and Bay. Kaycee – I am gunning for that f**king sh*t (HOH). Now that veto you do want to keep it the same. Do you have plan if he (Brett) wins? Bay – yes, I would put up Scottie. Here is the problem if I put up Scottie and Rachel goes home.. then I am screwed. Kaycee and Bay chat about what Bay and Swaggy will do after the show. Bay – I would like to try … unless when I get out and find out he is a totally different person.

10:25pm – 10:45pm Havenot room. Rachel and Angela. Rachel – I have already put my life on the line.. she’s thrown me up as a pawn. If you or Kaycee are in the veto .. you need to gun for it. Angela – I think Bayleigh is going to throw it. She told Tyler she wants to keep the noms the same. Rachel – so she (Bay) basically lied to me.. that’s cool! Angela – I am so f**king done with Scottie. Rachel – he told Bay and Tyler that he thinks it was me. I’m going to ask him who he thinks it is. Angela explains how in a previous season someone said they had a power when really didn’t and BB made that person to back and tell that person they lied. Rachel – I’m going to go ask in the dairy room.

11pm Sam makes an ant trap..

11:13pm Sam tending to her pet spiders…

11:25pm Havenot room. Scottie and Kaycee. Kaycee – who made the rogue vote? Scottie – no I wasn’t I voted to get rid of Kaitlyn. Kaycee – then who was? Scottie – why would I want to keep her when she put my a$$ on the block and she blew up during my HOH. All she did was make me the target. Kaycee – who do you think it was. Scottie – I don’t think it was Tyler. Definitely wasn’t Haleigh or Fes. Don’t think it was Bay. I know there are a lot of Brett theories. Kaycee – are you sure it wasn’t you? Scottie – I didn’t do it. Why would I. I would even put my hand on a bible and swear I didn’t do it. Whoever did it, I don’t think it was done in malice. I think it was a sympathy vote. Tyler and I talked before hand and we both said we were voting her out.

11:50pm – 12am All the house guests are sleeping except for JC who is up eating ice cream while trying to hide from the cameras. Bayleigh joins him. JC says that Fes was snoring so he couldn’t sleep. Bay – I kind of want to talk to him. JC – about what? About what I talk to you? Bay – yeah but it wasn’t just you. Haleigh came and said that he was saying some weird things from me to her. JC – I think he is just over excited. Bay – he needs to calm down. JC – we do have to be careful with the words we use with him. Bay – I don’t want him to be saying things for me or people be asking me if he is making decision for me. He is trying to be the controller of everything. JC – he is trying to be the boss of things. Personally he did not get any of those votes to flip. Bay – I know. JC – I don’t think he is really too smart at the game. Bay – I don’t want people to have my name in their mouth. JC – why did you pick those two? Bay – because everyone else promised me loyalty. JC – that makes sense.

12- 1:00am Bayleig and Fes (this is a long conversation theres no way I could catch the magic of it in words.. LOL)
Bayleigh is giving him a lecture on how he needs to slow down and stop freaking out. around the house. they chat about opportunities outside the hose and who they don’t want to be seen as snakes. Bayleigh is going to play as herself. Fes – stupid a$$ game is stressful. Bayleigh says what better week for them to make mistake and learn than this week.
Bay – at the end of the day I know you have my back..

1:28am Sam has built a ant trap..

2:43am Haleigh giving Fes sh1t for sleeping all day. at 3:20am fes start talking about Kailtyn. Haleigh tells him she’s done talking about Kailtyn.
Haleigh says if Kaitlyn comes back she’s goign to self evict.

5:28am Scottie was up for a but roaming around..

7:46am Sleeping

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Sakura Haruno

I watch Kaitlyn’s interview and I was wondering if anyone hear Tyler talk about his dad on the feeds? I kind of find it bizarre how much Kaitlyn is talking about him.

Team Tyler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I guess she hasn’t watched the feed where he calls her a dumbass.


I’d love to see that interview between Julie and Kaitlyn. Can’t find anywhere to access it here in Canada. Can anyone help? Thanks.


I’ll see if I can copy it over for us Canadians.

Here’s the one for the Ross interview



Gigi Tomasa

I found it on the CBS web site


you need a vpn if you are in Canada.. 🙁


Hey never mind, I finally found a Julie/Kaitlyn interview I could access in Canada. Thanks anyway!


LOL I shouuld read the entire thread .. lol. Can you post a link?

Gigi Tomasa

Julie and Kaityln interview on You Tube


LOL! Same


Found the interview you can watch in canada.


The veto has to be used!!!!

Carolina girl



Y does the veto have to be used, theirs no power player on the block, u have 2 floaters on the block, that # for Tyler, not # for the HOH.


The commenter wants the veto used to protect level 5/6. I also wouldn’t call them floaters. They are playing the game, just because they aren’t winning comps doesn’t mean much. Now that they are taking a few shots, they may need to start winning. That’s one reason I believe Bayleigh woke up. She was totally a floater until Chris got tossed and she realized she was always on the wrong end of every vote. She had to step it up and participate. She started talking to folks besides Fez, Haleigh and Angie. Now that there is no dominant side, I think more people will be proactive in the game.


Thay have one alliance from the begining.
Brett even had fights!


Time to haul out the BRO SHrine again people!


I’m watching AD right now & Sam is intensely working on things she’s got in a glass jar. What the heck is she doing????? She’s got feathers, a bone & all what not in there & she’s staring at it. Weird!!! Spooky!!!



No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Sam is one of those people who could be trapped on an island by herself for a couple years; when you find her, she’s built a house, has indoor plumbing, a zoo out back, filtered water, a ton of fish and meat, a vegetable garden… a removable shower head….

Tina Shaw-Waldorf

That is so funny but so true! Lol

My Take

So true! She’s like a female MacGyver. She’s unique. Hilarious about the removable showerhead!


Someone will win the veto. If it isn’t used I hope that Rachel tells the whole house about Bay’s power before the eviction. She can be put up next week…or use the power to change the noms and take herself off. But then, can she be put back up if the veto is used since she was not one of the new noms?
I want her gone A.S.A.P.

Please go away bay

Agree 1000000% Bayleigh comes off as an entitled, rude, spoiled child and everyone needs to bow down to here. How dare any of the houseguests have a different way of thinking. It’s her way or the highway.


Bay’s power lets her switch the HOH’s nominees with her noms, but the HOH still chooses the replacement nom if the veto is used.

Crazy T

So was watching the Tyler / Bey conversation this evening and they were talking about Rachel. Did Bey really promise she would is veto on Rachel if she won it?


I was Upset at first, with bay being too open with her info, to Rachel & Tyler, but I’m guess she’s playing Tyler game, she not fulling telling on her alliance and Tyler is not fulling telling on his, by the looks of the noms, bay is sticking to her 5 ppl alliance (Foutee)


she never told rachel that. she wants to keep noms the same.

another name

maybe i’m a little judgmental.
In addition to the who deserves it financial need charity thing souring me to a house guest, the whole okay i volunteer use me as a pawn thing makes me think fine, go home. The whole i want to work with you, mind being a pawn? request: the answer should always be i’d love to work with you, as a sign of trust and loyalty between us, don’t put my ass on the block. If the answer is ever any variable of yes, just pack and go wait by the door, because you should go home, you just agreed to be expendable.
Is that too judgmental?
I still get the sense things are going to get messier than they need to be this week, which in terms of feeds, could be fun.


If the HoH is asking if you mind being a pawn, you are expendable to that HoH. Now if you say no, you better have a solid, articulate argument about why not and who is a better choice to fill the pawn role. Also make sure that alternate is more expendable and/or dangerous to the HoH than you are.


I like Bay and I felt like she was becoming one of the better players this season, but she is saying and doing a lot of idiotic things this week and promising people things that she cannot fulfill. Like revealing her power to someone who has no true loyalty to her who would obviously tell other people and telling everyone she plans to do one thing with the veto when she doesn’t plan too. Get it to together B! To much more of this Hoh-itis and things may not be looking to hot for her in the weeks to come!


After watching B.B. from day one it still amazes and baffles me how people freak out so bad after they are nominated. Personally I would just lay low and keep my mouth shut. I’d campaign but not in a “omg I’m on the block, I don’t deserve this, there’s so many other people that could have been put up” kind of way like so many house guests do. I sometimes wonder if some of these house guests have ever seen an episode of B.B. Another thing that always surprises me is how power happy the person who win HOH becomes. Like last week with Sam and now with Bayleigh. They become so cocky and demanding, it’s like they don’t realize their power only lasts a week.


I always think this exact thing!


I really think Bayleigh has already made some huge mistakes as HOH. Her approach has been brash, and I really dislike the way she talks to the other HGs. It really does seem that HOHs suffer from that interim amnesia I mentioned before. I wanted Bayleigh to shine during her HOH, but her arrogance is overflowing.

Faysal has dropped to last place on my list. Yep, he is even under Rockstar. He is too fixed in his mindset. He was so demanding with Bayleigh’s HOH noms and placed the crown of contention on his block-head. Bay needed to have that talk with him, and I’m glad she told him that it’s her HOH and he needs to chill. His pissing contest with JC is absolutely ridiculous. Faysal has been entirely ignorant in this game. I can’t see Haleigh romantically interested in Faysal.

Rockstar may end floating through a lot further than even she expects. If she lays low and keeps her mouth shut, the HGs could forget she’s even there.

Bayleigh has dropped from my #1 spot to #10. I’m so disappointed in her haughty demeanor, and all of the physical threats she makes in conversation are disgusting. The way she talks about JC is vile. I know they are just words, but her connotation is alarming. Telling Rachel about her power app was a huge mistake. Rachel was already going up, so that was entirely unnecessary. Bay has encouraged her exit from this game via the backdoor. Stupid play, Bay! I wanted her to do well.

Haleigh is my #9. I like Haleigh, but she aligned with the wrong people, IMHO. She needs an intellectual match in her partner, and Faysal does not fill that role. Her opportunity to solidify a working relationship with Tyler was ruined by Kaitlyn. It’s a shame because I want her to do really well.

Scottie is my #8. There isn’t much going on with him, but I like how he is realizing that his awkwardness is making him sketchy, so he’s trying to blend in.

Sam is my #7. I really like Sam a lot and want to see her make to the finals. She needs to get back on course after her HOH fiasco.

Angela is #6. She can’t stay in the background forever (which is why she has dropped). But, as long as she isn’t a target, she is likely going to stay in that foxhole. I like Angela, but so far she has been too forgettable.

Rachel dropped to #5 because she basically offered herself up as a nom. She then immediately regretted it. I understand why she told Angela about Bay’s power app….they have a F2. I hope Rachel is able to survive the week. I really like Rachel and want her to do well.

#4 is Brett. I do not like this guy, but he has played the game. He will be evicted this week if he doesn’t win today’s veto. Ideally, I’d like to see Brett win veto and Scottie put on the block.

While I do not like him at all for his repulsiveness, my #3 is JC for his gameplay thus far. I’m not sure how he has been able to avoid the block, but his covert actions have balanced out his wide open mouth nicely. He is in everyone’s ear, but has yet to promise allegiance to anyone. I’ve never seen this type of play before and it impresses me. It’s my opinion that JC is solely responsible for Kaitlyn’s eviction. Sure, she was a huge target for most, but it was JC’s unwavering vote to evict Kaitlyn is what made the remaining L6 players flip. He left them little choice (but I wish they would have stuck to their plan).

Kaycee is my #2 mostly for her social game. We haven’t seen her turn out a win in any comp, but she made a great show on the tree-wall and is aligned with the right people. Kaycee has a F2 with Tyler and one with Bayleigh. She is a member of L6 and the Maneaters (LOL)… lots of safety with protection from the majority of HGs. If she comes out with a strong win, she makes herself a target. I want to see her win the next HOH and play it as well as Tyler did. I think she would put up Rockstar and Scottie.

Tyler is my #1…my Point Break player. His HOH was beautifully played. His agility throughout the game has been masterful. He is definitely on the path to winning this game and should be everyone’s biggest target. I imagine all of the houseguests will be shocked to discover how he has skillfully conducted his game. I think the FBI/CIA would want a guy like Tyler…secret agent. Tyler has simply played the best of all these HGs so far.

I can’t wait to see who will play in the POV and who wins. I’m hoping Scottie gets backdoored, but the HG I want out most is Faysal. He is taking the fun out things for me this week.


What’s your take on Bayleigh’s goal with nominating Brett and Rachel? She says she wants noms kept the same. So either she wants Brett gone, or, she plans to use her power to replace both of them? And why tell Rachel about her power? She really has me confused.


Her target is clearly Brett this week. I’d like to think she put Rachel up because she wanted a female there to hide her girls’ alliance and that she wants to keep the girls safe. But, she’s talking out of both sides of her mouth. Her conversations have been too ratchet for me to confidently gauge her true intentions. I think she is sinking her game and doubt her power will save her long term.

team fair

I really don’t understand why houseguests can’t keep a secret! I like Bailey but that was such a dumb move telling Rachel about her power. She’s been watching her side get blindsided week after week…she was should have relished in the fact that she could have blinded the whole house with her power app…urghh


Yes! That’s what makes her snide advice to Faysal and others so ridiculous. She isn’t following her own advice. She had such potential, too. Bayleigh has such pride in herself

BBTime: 9:27 – BB reruns…I think it’s time for the POV competition!


POV player picks maybe?


Ooops! Yep, that’s what I meant.




LOL ya she’s gonna use her power to replace her own noms….my god


I know! it’s ridiculous! But, in all fairness, Bayleigh has had some conversations that are likely what made “What?” ask about it. It’s what I mean when I say her conversations have been ratchet.

I don’t think she wants Rachel gone, but the way she is handling things with Rachel could easily make Bay Rachel’s next target. Bay is trying (rather, I HOPE she is trying) to be forthcoming with Rachel and provide some insurance to help Rachel feel safe, but it’s coming off as quite shady, IMHO.

Rachel is talking with Bay again right now. She hadn’t made it clear to Bay that she would be the pawn IF Bay takes Scottie out as the backdoor eviction. I hope she does that now!


ummm why shoud bayleigh backdoor scottie if he is on her side? her biggest mistake is revealing her power and telling them she will put up scottie. she needs to talk to scottie and stop listening to people. scottie did not put her up. he is after the other side with numbers. if she puts up scottie. he goes home. she should have kept her mouth shut. put up tyler and bret. tell tyler he is a pawn. tyler wins veto. rachel goes up as the pawn to ensure bret goes home. she played herself. i wanted her to go far. smart girl but she made huge mistakes this week. tyler wants to make sure he is not backdoored so he wants to play veto. tyler will end up convincing her like he convinced Kaitlyn. scottie will go up and go home. i hope to god she does not put up scottie who is a number for her. i am fine with jc or bret going


Yeah, but Scottie flipped his vote on Swaggy C. Even though he admitted that to Bayleigh, it makes him a target.

I’m fine with Brett going.


Spot on, as usual, Granny! Question….If you were Tyler & had your choice….who out of these hgs would you pick to bring to the F2? I think it used to be Kaitlyn for him but that’s gone (thanks JC!). My guess would now be Rockstar. Weakest player. Maybe Scottie…no social game.

Who do you think?


Thanks and that’s a great question. Tyler is there to win, but if it comes down to him having the chance to take Kaycee, I think he would stick with that F2. Tylers play is one of the best features of the season….keeps things unpredictable for me. I do think Rockstar could become anyone’s decoy if they are smart enough to see that value in her. If it were me, I’d want to take her.

As this game moves forward, things will change. And this season, things change by the hour. LOL



1. She tells JC that she is considering putting him up but won’t do it. She thinks that moves her lower on JC’s hit list. She then proceeds to refer to JC in conversations with other house guests as “that llittle thing” and threatens to “step on him” if he says one more offensive thing to her.

2. Speaking of saying offensive things. Bayleigh told Scottie:
“If I find out you flipped tonight, I will find you and cut you into pieces, gut you, and lay your intestines out.” It must have been something Scottie said just before that. Here’s the exchange:

Scottie- Anything you need.
Bayleigh- If I find out you flipped tonight, I will find you and cut you into pieces, gut you, and lay your intestines out.

3. She enjoys yelling at Fessy, getting him out of bed to yell at him, cursing and shouting at him, accusing Fessy of cursing at her to other guests (she’s the victim of abuse rather than the one dishing it out), she loves pointing out everything that Fessy is doing wrong in the game and blaming Fessy for everything she is doing wrong. She was upset that Fessy took credit for keeping JC off the block or the mere notion that somebody can come out of her HOH looking better than she does (reality check: EVERYBODY will come out of her HOH looking better than she does).

4. After Hayleigh was slut shamed by last week’s HOH Samantha, Bayleigh now approaches Hayleigh and tells her she is supposed to suck up to Fessy and be more grateful that he saved her.

5. Bayleigh tells Rockstar that she sucks at this game and confesses that Kaitlyn told her that Hayleigh knew Swaggy was leaving in advance. (Why create chaos for the other side, when you can create chaos among your own side).

6. Bayleigh has been gifted a HUGE power and she has the potential to emerge as an all-star dumbass if she uses it now that people know she has the power. If she changes the nominations and does not win veto that week (highly unlikely), the HOH would probably put BAYLEIGH up if somebody is taken off the block with the veto (her “reward” for changing the HOH’s nominations and telling somebody from the other side about her special power).


Yep! THat just about sums it up!

Person Guy

Can someone tell me if this season is wack? I haven’t watched a second of it because I’ve been busy, but now that I have time I’ve been wondering how the feeds have been going. Is this season typical, below average, above average, or what?


This season has been the best since season 13, IMO. It’s been annoying in that my favorite houseguests are playing a terrible game, while my least favorite houseguests are playing beautifully, but that’s just based on personality. There is some fantastic gameplay happening, and I’m finally starting to come around with who I’m rooting for. For example, I just adore Fessy but he SUUUUUUCKS at the game. Scottie is my number one, but he keeps allowing people to frame him because he admitted to his wonky vote. I can’t stand Brett but he’s doing a lot right. Tyler is playing a brilliant game but I really get the feeling he ENJOYS his extreme manipulation. But if I liked him better as a person, I would be ecstatic about his high level of gameplay. So I’m starting to come around to him as a person, which will help me root for him as a player.


This season is AWESOME and i’ll keep saying until it goes Kraken …


See the producers are geniuses! They made season after season worse and worse, lowering expectations and then gift us with a season the way it should be and it’s amazing. Like avoiding one of you favorite things and then indulging and it’s ten times better=)

Please producer people, let’s look to ramp things up and not burn it to the ground.


I agree with you. I am also rooting for the losing side. Tyler has not been a favorite. I am not sure what it is, but he rubs me the wrong way. That said he has played the best game so far , but I just can’t find it in me to root for him. He alone is pretty much carrying his team and I think they realize it and are trying to protect him at all cost. I’m not sure why he’s worrying about being on the block because I even think Angela would vote our Rachel over Tyler if they were on the block together right now. (maybe not later in the game) I do give him props because if he wasn’t in the game his side would either be gone, or they would actually have to do some work.

Person Guy

It looks like I’ve been missing out! Better get the feeds and hit the flashback feature!

(8 thumbs down for a simple question? Wow!)


I miss the crazy a bit

Like literally

completely ! thats what i said now lets just have the boring people party back specially if Sam gets in power again with the well behave bs if she gets the hoh you might well said the kraken arrived


Everyone who hasn’t yet.. check out the ranking system


If the veto is won /used and bayleigh puts Scottie on the block it will have been one of the dumbest moves yet.


i agree. jc needs to up if there is a replacement. he has no allegiance. he is expendable. she puts up scottie she will regret it


I don’t think she would regret it at all. But, I agree with you as far as JC needs to go. I find him to be annoying. There isn’t anything funny or entertaining about him at all. He basically called Tyler stupid when Tyler had no clue what he was saying because JC can’t pronounce ‘hiatus’, so that means as he said Tyler has a little brain. There have been many times the HGs have all looked at each-other wondering what the hell JC is talking about. I consider myself intelligent, I graduated from University and there are many times I can’t understand JC at all.LOL JC is another one I will happy to see walk out of the house, almost as much as I was when scaggy walked out the door. The one I will be most happy to see walk out the door though is rocky, just because of all the ignorant things she has said about Winston and Brett. I don’t care that she doesn’t like them, but talk about their game play not make up things in your little head about them as people and then say it to others as if it is fact. She seemed to really get off on calling Brett ‘disgusting’ over and over, I wonder if she will realize just how ‘disgusting’ she came across on the show with the things she claimed about Brett/Winston on a personal level.


The Bro Shrine is being called up


I don’t want Rachel to go home She’s a fave..


EPIC!!! #Kraken


I hope it works 🙂


I’m liking Rachel a lot and I don’t know why.. also a question for my Bros.. If Brett goes who do we rally behind?


Maybe Fez could be bro-lite