Nomination Ceremony Results! “She promised me she would use the veto on me.”

POV: ? Next POV: July 28th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 30th
HOH: Bayleigh Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Noms: Brett & Rachel Have Nots ?

5pm Havenot room. Rachel and Brett. Brett – I would have put up Bayleigh and Scottie. Never repeat that. Right now she is still willing to take you. She won’t use the veto if I am genuinely her target. Rachel – she looked the me in the eye and said she would take me off. If she doesn’t then my trust with her is broken. She will probable throw it. Brett – if she throws me and Scottie up as the replacement and you have one of us staying that would probably go for her. Rachel – the way she explained it was she thinks she is the lowest on your chopping block.. the lowest on your totem pole. Brett – That’s what I need her to think if she is going to put me up. That’s fine. I told kaycee that too. She said you wouldn’t go after her (Bay) if she used you as a pawn, right? I was like no. … NOW, yeah. Rachel – she is aligned with Fes so she probably thinks you would go after Fes or Rockstar. I just can’t fight it any more. I would be perfect if JC had a power. Rachel – I know. Brett – I think kaycee has a big influence on her. They do their daily one on one’s all the time. That’s why I want to lean on her (Kaycee) and be like help us out. Rachel – there is only so much people can do because they’re looking after their own game as well.

Brett – I get that but what is the point of having an alliance. Rachel – she just keeps saying you guys have had the numbers for weeks. You guys, you guys, you guys. She wants to break us up. Brett – not much we can do, one of us will win the veto. The only reason I keep getting targeted is because I am physically in shape. That’s it. Well what comp did that help me in other than the tree comp. The other thing that blows my mind is this girls alliance. We’re getting down to the comps were they’ll do better. If you really want to get out a threat, take out some of the girls. Brett – my biggest mistake was aligning with Winston. Which I wouldn’t take back, like he is my homie. Rachel – I feel like part of is is my fault. How did I get in this position. What pisses me off no matter how much I talk to people on one ever changes their mind. I lay out 10 perfect examples of why that is a bad idea and no one changes their mind.

5:19pm – 6:07pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the nomination ceremony.

Bayleigh Nominated: BRETT & RACHEL

Everyone is hugging Brett and Rachel. Rachel heads to the havenot room. She then comes back out and says she’s fine .. its just awkward.

Back in the Havenot room. Rachel – I just don’t like the whole hugging thing. I hope that didn’t look bad. Rachel starts to cry. Kaycee – its fine, no one is thinking weird sh*t about that. You walking away worked out perfect. You just need to focus on winning this veto. She promised me she would use the veto on me. She (Bay) seems pretty adamant about Brett going home. Where is this coming from? Someone is hammering it home. I hope no ones gotten to her. We have got to work together with Angela to get the target off Brett. Kaycee – I wouldn’t push too hard. One of you have to win the veto. Rachel – F**king this pick (veto player pick) better be f**King perfect! I better be you, Angela and Tyler. I would sh*t my pants! Not really that’s disgusting. Rachel starts crying again. Its not even that I’m on the block its that I can’t save everyone. I f**king hate Scottie!! Scottie opens the door and closes it. Rachel – I just rolled my eyes at him. I’m sorry I can’t even hide it. I hate him.

6:19pm HOH room. Bay and Fes. Bay – the noms just have to stay the same or there’s a whole other problem. Fes – hopefully whoever wins it knows that they’ve got to keep the noms the same. Bay – yeah but what if one of them win it? Fes – what did you tell Rachel. Bay – that she is a pawn. She asked why can’t you put up JC? I talked her through it and she was okay with it. I said that JC wasn’t against me. If Brett stays then y’all keep your numbers. She asked why not put up Scottie and I said because he would take himself down. And JC would go home next to Brett so you guys would keep all your numbers. Rachel did say something that makes me nervous .. I don’t want her to go home for it but she said Bay I know you have the power. It just makes sense that you would have it. If you don’t have it, I don’t know who does. And Kaycee asked me too.. if I had the power. Fes – what did you say? Bay – no! More time that goes by people will figure it out. Fes – or we make it to top 8 and don’t need to use it. Best case Rachel stays.

6:30pm HOH room. Bay – with Tyler we are trying to see if we can work with him .. this would be his chance to prove himself. I don’t want you to play and win it because it would make you an even bigger target. Rachel joins them and tells them that she didn’t mean to run off she just needed to collect her thoughts. Bay – I will tell everyone when they ask .. that Rachel is my pawn. I won’t say that I don’t care (who goes). Fes leaves. Rachel – the speech wasn’t geared towards me right? Bay – yes, I didn’t want everyone to know we had a conversation before. We’ve had talks about game and we are really getting to know each other and I don’t want anyone else to know that. Bay – I just wanted you to know that I am not coming after you. Rachel – your hit list is.. Bay – JC, Scottie, .. Rachel – Scottie has to leave this week. Bay – hopefully it will be Brett and if not it will be one of the boys. Rachel – are you planing on putting up Scottie? Bay – Scottie. And if anything were to dramatically change it would be JC but I would prefer Scottie.

6:40pm Storage room. Fes and JC. Fes – told you! Told you I got you. Don’t be ungrateful now! JC – I am not ungrateful. Fes – you were going on the block motherf**ker. JC is worried about Rachel. Fes – Rachel will be fine.

6:50pm Havenot room. Rachel and Brett. Rachel – she is just so focuses on you being the target even if Scottie is on the block. That’s what I am so confused by. Brett – I’m not.. they all got in her head and they’re all wearing Swaggy C shirts. And now its a Swaggy C memorial and he’s not even on the show any more. If I end up going home because of this .. that’s fine because I made a dumb game move .. and I hope one of you guys win. Its fine, they f**ked themselves. Rachel – it sucks because I want to keep Kaitlyn. I need JC to tell me if he has the power or not. Brett – good luck. Rachel – I would feel comfortable sitting on the block next to him them. Brett – so now I’m the target? Is that what she just told you? Rachel – basically.

6:50pm HOH room. Kaycee and Bay. Kaycee – who would you pick? Bay – I would probably pick you or Tyler. I know if Tyler would win it he would keep it the same if he wanted me to. Would it put you in an awkward position if I picked you and you won it? Kaycee – I would do whatever you wanted me to do with it. Bay – does it put you in an awkward position? Kaycee – yeah kind of.

7pm Havenot room. Rachel and Haleigh. I don’t know who has the second power app. Haleigh – no one does. Rachel – I know its Tyler or JC .. someone needs to man up.. Haleigh – Or its Scottie and JC .. two and three (power number 2 and 3). We don’t know who has the third one. No one wants you to leave. Rachel – I know no one wants me to leave but what if one of them has the power app and I am up against them. I am very, very concerned right now. I should have f**king thought about that. I need JC to man up and f**king tell me if he has it. Haleigh – you’re going to be fine. Rachel – but the replacement nominee would have to be someone I wouldn’t go home next to either. This is a big f**king week to go out on.. now I am regretting saying I was fine to go up. Haleigh – you know we all have your back. There is not one person that I could see winning it and not using it on you. You’re going to be okay. Everyone here likes you.

7:18pm Bedroom. Bay, Haleigh and Rachel. Rachel – its a conflicting feeling what I should be doing. Haleigh – my only advice would be to not pop off. Bay – noms aren’t locked in.. no one knows what’s going to happen in the veto. Haleigh – you don’t even know who is going to get picked. You could have nothing but warriors on your side.

7:25pm – 8:12pm HOH room Bay, Rockstar and Haleigh. Bay – people think you made a deal with Brett. Haleigh – me? Rockstar – no me .. which is f**king crazy!!! I want him gone. Haleigh – well we’re in a position to take him out .. he just can’t win tomorrow. Haleigh – in the event I play in the veto and win it .. I am not telling her I am taking her down until you say what you want done with it. Bay – I want the noms to stay the same. Haleigh – JC dressed up like me and ran around saying where’s fessie?! Rockstar – I didn’t think that was cool. Haleigh – I didn’t either. I don’t act like that. The conversation turn to talking about relationships and babies that are colicky. Rockstar – when a baby is colicky the nurses tell you to just put them down. Bay – wait what?! Haleigh – not put them down (euthanize) but put them down in the crib. Bay if your baby is going to give you a zombie disease would you kill it? Rockstar – I would give it to someone else to deal with. Haleigh – I would give it to a zombie family to raise.

8:20pm The talk turns to who the rogue votes were. Angela – it was selfish. Haleigh – we know its not us three. We have a suspicion that its not Rachel or Kaycee. Bay – there’s no reason for them to flip. Haleigh – we know its not Tyler or Brett. Fes was infuriated when I asked him so that leaves two boys.. JC and Scottie. JC was campaigning against her all week. Angela – that’s right, is he that smart to sit there and campaign. I heard him (Scottie) say I’m ready to stir things up this week. Bay – why would he do that? Haleigh – he wants to be the evil genius. Angela – he is jealous of Tyler. who do you think is more threatening? Bay – Brett. He has made it clear who is will not work with and he will not vote in my favor. Haliegh – you can’t trust him. Rockstar – he lies.

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Crybaby Rachel

Let Rachel suffer.

Carolina girl

Ugh. Still holding out hope L6 stays intact. They have got to start winning these comps!!


Intact? L6 ended when Winston left the house. I’m still disappointed they didn’t work harder to get an L6 off the block.

Carolina girl

As am I. I’m disappointed in them but not giving up on em yet. Guess it’s just the athlete in me that knows it’s in them but are failing to accomplish anything much yet. Tyler and Kaycee have been my 2 favs since day 1. Plus losing a number along the way doesn’t end an alliance unless they weren’t really committed to each other in the first place. All of L6 that are left seem to still put it before any other allegiances. Which is admirable imho.


You still think that after the noms? There going to do the same as they did with Winston and Brett.
I’m sure someone will say soon enough….
‘It sucks having one of my L6 team on the block, but we will be fine as L4.’
No real loyalty in the house from L6.
Tyler would vote all of the other L6 out. Without hesitation.

Carolina girl

I responded once and it disappeared after posting so I’ll try again….
I’m disappointed as well but not giving up on em yet. Being an athlete I can’t help but recognize their potential and they all seem to be committed to L6 first. It’s frustrating that they have sucked so bad at these comps but they can turn it around. Tyler and Kaycee have been my 2 favs since Day 1. And I’d love to see the remaining L6 stick together for as long as possible but only if they fight for it and start winning.


Tyler shouldn’t have thrown the HOH to Sam. If he’d have won it, they would have had control.


As soon as I heard Bayleigh won I knew it would be a boring and predictable week. It is sad that she has to resort to constant name-calling on the feeds but at least she’s being herself this week. Brett or Rachel gone won’t change the game either way.


Oh what a tangled web we weave……Bay told Rachael she had the power, then concocted a lie that Rachael “might” know about the power when speaking to Fes? tsk tsk tsk


So dumb and she knows it. She’s just trying to cover her mistake.


How can Baleighs power not allow the HOH to say they didn’t nom the 2 people. Wouldn’t the house be notify that the power has been played? That would tell me that is the power because it would be obvious if day Angela won HOH and the Nona end up Tyler and Rachael…that would be a dead give away that is the power.


At this point, she doesn’t know Angela knows. If Rachel happens to go this week and Bay tries to use it next week, Angela will blow that out of the water.


Not sure where this question is coming from. Surely you’re not basing anything off of what the hg say to each other. The power is known to us, the viewers, and Bayleigh. Watch the episode again or reread the post from that episode…


She told Fes right away and so far he hasn’t blabbed. So, it’s known to those two. I didn’t see her telling Rachel myself.


Did it actually say it will be anonymous if Bay uses her power? If so, she screwed herself. Fez knows, but Rachel knows and now Angela. So even if she waited until Rachel is gone to use it, Angela knows. So if she uses it, Angela just needs to share this info with that HOH and Bay will be on that block as the replacement quick.
Should have kept her mouth shut.

But, um

Rachel just needs to Brett go and not push too hard for L5. The 3 girls are still in a good spot if they lose Brett, imo. If she hates Scottie so much then she can win HOH and put him up yourself. He is not a threat to Bay’s game at this point. It makes no sense for Bay to put up Scottie. The best thing would be to put up Tyler (though she may not know that he is in L5)…Hayleigh did name all of L5, so hope Bay pays attention. Putting up Tyler would assure that Brett leaves.


I was rooting for L6. But now. Only because I want Tyler and Kaycee safe. Whoever helps them I don’t want them to go really. But I just can’t be a Brett fan. I actually liked him better with Winston. At least they made me laugh. And I would be perfectly fine with Scottie leaving. I was hoping once he won HOH and started really playing the game that I would like him. But no. Not so much. Rachel is a little more interesting to me than those 2. But … then there’s the girl thing. That I can’t stand !! So. Any of the 3 can go. No preference really. Probably going to be the first boring week. Maybe we need a break from drama. But. I miss Kaitlyn !!

Sakura Haruno

Sending Tyler good luck vibes to avoid the BD and have one of his ally win HOH next week. Tyler FTW!!!!!

Team Tyler

Roll Tide

Tyler is not going out the backdrop, he has a power that saves him from eviction.

Roll Tide

Whoops! Auto correct…backdoor.


It’s a good thing that she didn’t put up Tyler, since he is such a wounded little baby bird!


sweet sweet baby


He plays it very well. He has me believing him too. I just want to hug him. Then I see him telling Kaycee about it and laughing and I realize again what he’s doing. He’s very very good

Roll Tide

Tyler is a good actor!

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

So Kaitlyn doesn’t get the Emmy, and Scotty is NOT the Evil Genius, both awards go to Baby Bird (applause, standing ovation, cheers….).


Level 6 is literally the worst bb alliance ever ..they have 2 members that do absoloutely nothing ….they cant win any comps except tyler ..they havent really control any of the votes ..kaitlynn gave them a gift with swaggy and sam blundered her hoh and put up two non threats … their leader is already on his couch


Literally?!?! ZOMG… not even the worst alliance in the house. FOUTTE ring a bell? … and that alliance has voted out all 4 hg, in unison, without one of them being hoh. Hadn’t been formed when Tyler nominated…


So true. Literally 4 members of their alliance haven’t won a single competition. Angela and Kaycee haven’t even gotten DR session time for us to even know who they would put up if they ever did win anything. Brett hasn’t came close to winning a competition. Rachel came close once but she hasn’t won shit either. Tyler is literally the only person in that alliance that does anything. It’s a terrible alliance the only thing good about those five is that they’re loyal asf and would never turn on each other. But when they can’t win anything then they have nobody to blame but themselves.



Swaggy won comp: evicted on k hoh
Kaitlyn won luck comp: evicted
Haleigh: n/a
Fes: 2 veto wins which led to 2 alliance members evicted
RS: n/a

Lol. Doesnt seem like it matters who wins, as long as you stay in the game. Comps are overexaggerated and given too much credence. On extreme rare occasions has a player been dominant in comps and gone on to win. So basing the validity of an alliance on comp wins, is ridiculous. And thus far, in this season, that is evident. Hate all you want

True Dat

Actually, Brett just barely lost that cup stacking veto so you can’t really say he has never come close. Rachel has come close twice. Kaycee did great in the tree comp and could have hung on even longer if she had to. Angela did good in the first couple comps. I really don’t think they are a terrible alliance as you say. You’re entitled to your opinion of course but if you familiarize yourself with all the past seasons I think you’d see at least a dozen or more alliances that sucked way harder than Level 6. One of them is in this very season in fact.


Funny how Bay said it’s not personal, it’s game. Then she nominates two people that haven’t won anything. ????? She seems so mighty as HOH. I’m still waiting for someone that’s not so clueless to win HOH. I’m also still stumped that America gave this girl a power app.

Jay Crimson

Sam put up Hayleigh and she never won anything. And her reason for putting them up was personal. So why all of a sudden its an issue now?

hernanday oleary

But, Brett’s entire alliance kept him over the fact that he could win and Winston could not. Brett is strong socially, he is strong in comps, and the target, Rachel is liked and will stay. It is a solid move. Bay’s alliance and the girls in L5 will keep Rachel. She could put Tyler up, but he is liked and will probably stay over all others, so it wouldn’t make sense, his game hasn’t been exposed yet. Bay is playing a solid game, swag going was good for her game.

The only bigger move she could have done was Brett and Tyler, and one will stay, possibly both if someone like Angela wins, takes down Brett, whoever the replacement nom is would go.


Loved bayleigh when she came in the house, and then thought maybe she was straying with her showmance. But tonite, listening to her talk to hay-lay, about being kinder to fessie and just in general, she reassured me she is a strong woman. So proud of her! I am on team level 6, but I like what she is saying to the other girls.

Rigged Game

Quick questions on After Dark. Who is hooking up in the house and what acts are they performing. I remember Fruitloop Doufus Nicole was queen of the undercover hand jobs, but is anything going on this season? Sam slut shamed both Kaitlyn and Haleigh but I wasnt seeing action in the weekly clips.

True Dat

I guess I will address this question even though it came off as a touch creepy, lol. The hooking up had not been anything worthy of a weekly clip. Swaggy and Baleigh had sex but it was in the hoh shower so you won’t see any clips showing anything. The rest of the activity has been of the heavy petting variety. Kaitlyn has tried to grind on Brett in bed and was constanly stroking and laying all over Tyler and Fes and, to a lesser extent, Scottie. Haleigh has also laid all over and petted Tyler and Brett, and to a greater extent, Faysal. Her and Faysal have also shared a few small kisses here and there. It’s not so much the acts themselves that were scandalous, but the fact that Hayleigh and Kaitlyn were doing the same thing to several of the men rather than sticking to just one. Kaitlyn had a boyfriend outside of the house so her antics were especially taboo. Hayliegh is single but knows that Faysal wants to be a thing with her outside of the game and has caught feelings for her pretty bad. One could argue that she is leading him on for the sake of her game. Sam didn’t exactly slut shame them because she never mentioned or implied any sexual activity going on but she did embarass them by drawing attention to it. They acted more indignant about it than ashamed. In any case, that’s the low down…hope it helps clear things up.

BB Addict

Bay and swag had sex in the bed one time before the shower sex. Swaggy even told fessy about it before the sex in the shower. Kaitlyn gave Brett a hand job last week under the covers. Hamsterwatch has the dates and time stamps on her sight, if you want to go see for your self.

True Dat

The handjob thing is up for debate but there is certainly a clip of it if he wants to judge for himself. I personally don’t think it was one…not for a lack of trying on Kaitlyn’s part though.

Rigged Game

Anyone hear about Julie Chen’s husband???? WTF!!! I wonder if she will bow out of the show during this crisis.
Ronan Farrow wrote the story. Moonves is nailed.

Flabby C

I’ve been watching BB since season 12 or so and I can’t remember a time when they didn’t know exactly how everyone voted each week. This year every vote except week 1 has them guessing. Am I right? Such a great season!


Rachel – “I just don’t like the whole hugging thing.” Does production force them to hug all the time after noms & veto ceremony? I wondered why their always hugging. Even Haliegh hugged Sam after her mean veto speech that made her cry. I was like wtf why u huggin that bitch after what she just said?


No, it’s just a thing a lot of folks do. Once a couple people hug human nature is to follow along. Plus you don’t want to be the one who seems to shun someone in the house. Some people are just huggy types.


When Bay got her HOH key and had everyone in the room, she said that it wasn’t going to be personal. It was game related. Then she puts two people on the block that have yet to win 1 thing! These knuckleheads this season…..
Bay is major powertrippin’.