Rachel “Are you f**king kidding me!? WOW! He better f**king use that veto!! F**KING SNAKE!”

POV: Tyler Next POV: July 28th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 30th
HOH: Bayleigh Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Noms: Brett & Rachel Have Nots ?

9:25pm – 9:30pm Havenot room. Rachel alone. Rachel is pacing back and forth. Rachel – Tyler are you f**king kidding me right now!? WOW! He better f**king use that veto!! F**KING SNAKE! SNAKE! If I f**king survive this eviction I will…. If that is freaking true! WOW!!!

Bedroom. JC and Brett. JC – She (Rachel) is going to go crazy now. Brett – if she stays on the block? JC – yeah. I’m nervous man, its going to be a big mess. Brett – I just want to know what the f**k is going on. I’m like dude I am literally like a loner. Why are you coming after me .. but like whatever. JC – Tyler? Brett – no I am .. once Winston left… yeah I am friend with everyone in the house but.. I told her that I am not coming for her (Bay). JC – wait until the veto ceremony. I know he is not going to use it. Brett – why do you think he isn’t going to use it? JC – Because it would be very stupid for him to use it. You know that Rachel will flip out.

9:49pm HOH room. Bayleight and Kaycee. Kaycee – JC was trying to get Sam to do it? Bay – what? Kaycee – be a havenot. But I don’t think she will do it. Bay – so many things are changing .. not in a bad way, in a good way. From the HOH bathroom Haleigh asks did I just hear something about a three way?

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9:53pm Havenot room. Tyler and . Tyler – the only way I can use it is if I get her to think that Scottie is my best friend and then she would be retaliating against me by putting Scottie up… you know what I saying? I am not going to be able to use it if she doesn’t think that because then it would be you, Sam or Kaycee up there and I am not willing to risk that. Angela – f**k! Tyler – I know ..she really does not want to use it. Angela – using it would really piss her off. Tyler – it would piss a bunch of people off unless it worked and she would retaliate against me and put up Scottie. Unless I am 100% confident that it would work I don’t think I could use it. Don’t tell her I said this. She thinks I am just this lone wolf. I am trying to make her think that Rachel was that vote last week. Kaycee told me that Rachel threw everyones name out. She literally talked herself onto the block because JC was going on the block. Angela – so right now are you using it. Tyler – I am not confident that Scottie would go up. I planted that seed. Next time I talk to her (Bay) I will tell her that Scottie just laid it out to me that I’m his number 1 and that any other deal he made was bullsh*t but like I know they (Scottie and Bay) made some kind of deal. Angela – we should have won the HOH. Tyler – yeah we should probably start doing that.

10pm Brett joins Tyler and Angela. Brett – what’s up? Tyler tells Brett about his plan to try and convince Bayleigh that Scottie is his best friend so that if he uses the veto she will put Scottie up as the replacement to retaliate against Tyler. Angela – right now I would be the replacement. Tyler – she (Bay) said she wants to break up you (Brett), Rachel, Angela, Sam Kaycee. Brett – she is telling everyone different stories. Tyler – she is telling everyone what they want to hear. Brett – I am trying to be really close to Scottie so that she thinks we’re working together. Rachel joins them. Brett leaves the room. Tyler heads out and tells Angela to tell Rachel what he had told her about his plan.

After Tyler leaves Angela fills Rachel in on what Tyler is doing to try and get Scottie up on the block. Angela – he asked Bay who the replacement would be and she said it was me. Rachel – he is lying. He is lying! Angela – are you sure? Rachel – yes. She told me the secret about her power. That’s why she trusts me. Angela – and about .. but what’s her motive? Rachel – I trust her! I feel like Tyler’s been on the outs of me and I thought I could trust him. Angela – that’s the thing if Tyler pulls Brett off, then I would be up with you and the all girls alliance would blow up. Rachel – Bay said I am not putting Angela on the block. She said the only way I will use this is if you put Angela on the block. She said that’s what he (Tyler) said to me. And I was like WHAT?! He wanted you to go up next to me to break us up. He said I don’t care who goes home. JC joins them. Angela – I was just told that I would be the replacement.

10:25pm Storage room. Tyler tells Kaycee his plan to try and get Scottie put up as the replacement. Tyler – I need you to get in her ear. Kaycee – okay, I will talk to her one on one.

Lounge room. Angela – Tyler is telling me that I would be the replacement and Rachel is telling me that Bay said she wouldn’t put me up. What do I do? Who do I believe? kaycee – I don’t think he would. Angela – then why would Rachel tell me that? Angela – Bayleigh thinks that Tyler is a lone wolf. I feel like our alliance isn’t solid any more. Kaycee – it is.

10:30pm Kaycee and Tyler hide the beer and wine behind the chips in the storage room. Tyler – you and I are going to chug those at midnight (When she isn’t a havenot anymore.)

11pm Living room and the the Lounge room. Angela, Rachel and Kaycee. Rachel – she told me she would never put me up. Kaycee – I don’t think Tyler threw your name out there. Angela and Rachel don’t think he did either. Angela – I don’t get why my name came up because I haven’t done anything to either of them. Why did my name week. Angela – it just doesnt add up .. either its Bayleigh or its Tyler. Someone is lying.

Rachel, Angela and Rockstar. Rachel – nothing is adding up. Rockstar – Nothing has added up since day 1. Rockstar – the cool thing is that

11:25pm Bay, Tyler and Sam run to the storage room to look for the alcohol. Bay – she literally just told me to go to the storage room. I am actually upset by this? Tyler – maybe it will be in here after 12am.

11:25pm Havenot room. Rachel – she (Bay) said to me that he said the only way he would use the veto is if you (Angela) go up and breaks us up. And Tyler said well who does he want out? He said he didn’t care. Angela – that makes no sense. Tyler joins them. Rachel so what happens if you use it? Tyler points Angela and says I swear on my life. Rachel – that is crazy. Tyler – but don’t act like its happening because if she catches on.. Angela – I’ve been avoiding her. Rachel – so like she is saying she would put her up if you used it? Tyler – yeah dammit! Scottie joins them talking about what pizza to make. He and Tyler leave. Angela – he just swore on his life. It doesn’t make sense. You said that the only was he would use the veto is if I get put up? Bayleigh doesn’t want the veto used. Bayleigh doesn’t want me up. So why does that make any sense to anyone!? The only way I would use it is if you put Rockstar up. Kaycee – what you’re saying doesn’t make sense. TYou’re saying that Tyler said hey use the vet and put Angela up. Why would Tyler say that? Tyler joins them. Rachel – so she said she wanted to put her up? Tyler – oh my god! Stop! Please stop! Don’t ever let that come out of your mouth again. Why would I make that up. She is saying what we want to hear. Brett is trying to convince her that he is with Scottie too. We’re trying to convince her that we’re a trio. Tyler leaves.

Angela continues to try and convince Rachel what she said Bay told her doesn’t make any sense. Rachel doesn’t understand it why it doesn’t make sense. Rachel – then if I misconstrued this then this needs to stop because I can’t have this blow up and I go home because of this. If this gets back to her right now I will go home.

11:40pm Havenot room. Tyler and Kaycee. Kaycee fills Tyler in on all the confusion and how Rachel has everything all twisted up. Tyler – I am mainly doing that because I am probably not going to use it (veto) but I want everyone to think at least I am trying. Its a bad idea for me to use it. Tyler – this one (Angela) needs to calm down and this one (Rachel) needs to shut the f**k up. I need to talk to Angela without Rachel around .. every time I try and tell Angela that I am not going to use it because I don’t want to risk her going up .. Rachel is around.

11:47pm Big Brother opens up the backyard. By the hot tub. Scottie and Haleigh. Scottie – the rumor is that they’re pushing for me to go up. Haleigh – I have heard that. Scottie – I am untamable is what I’m hearing. Haleigh – did you flip? Scottie – I swear I didn’t. I literally swore on the bible that I didn’t.

11:55pm – 12am Havenot room. Tyler – I think something went over your head. Are you freaking out? Angela – I am freaking out because I think Rachel is lying. Tyler – Bayleigh really did tell me that you would be the replacement nominee if I used it. I don’t know if she is just telling me that to throw me off. Like me telling her that I am best friends with Scottie. The funny thing with me telling her that me, Brett and Scottie are the trio .. making it look like that I would use the veto on Brett… so that she would put up Scottie. Does that make sense? Mainly I have been trying to just talk to you by yourself because that is a stretch. And unless I was 100% sure about that I don’t think I would be able to use the veto. Angela tells Tyler about how confused Rachel is. She is making sh*t up. Tyler – Rachel talked herself onto the block. Angela – if she is going to act like this I would rather she go and Brett stay. Tyler – I really don’t want to use the veto but I need to make her thinking that I am trying to. I really think if I don’t use it, we need to keep Brett. We have to be careful because if she (Rachel) thinks she is going she would blow up. Angela – this one (Rachel) is on my sh*t list. Tyler – I just wanted you to know that that I wouldn’t want to risk you. Angela – my alligence is with you over this one. Tyler – Kaycee is solid as f**k, you me and Kaycee are going to need each other more than ever. Angela – do you think we would have the numbers to get rid of Rachel? Because all the girls are going to vote to keep her. Tyler – I think so, if we get JC and Sam on board.

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Wow Rachel. Just shut up. At this point, Rachel is going to be voted out. Tyler needs to get on damage control quick.

Houka Inumuta

I see everyone is excited for Tyler’s eviction party coming on the 9th. I got 80 likes!!!!!

He’s trying to make my Scottie a target which is not ok with me. Scottie wil win and Tyler will be out on the 9th.

Does anyone have any information about Tyler’s childish and classless likes? All I have is Scooby Doo (2002 film) and Post-Malone which was his HOH Music. I need to find more stuff to put on the party to mock him.

Scottie = America’s fav player/winner of bb20

Sakura Haruno

I don’t get the hate for Scooby Doo. That movie has great actors. Sarah Michelle Geller and Freddie Prince Jr are awesome and the guy who played Shaggy was so good that he’s officially Shaggy now!!!


Tyler is playing a great game. No shame in what he is doing. GO TYLER!


Tyler has 2 options:
1) losing Brett
2) officially going to war with “the other side” of the house

Tyler never intended to use the veto. He’s telling L6 that he wants to make Scottie look like his best friend to Bayleigh so she puts Scottie as a replacement nominee as revenge, in other words, by “making the other side really mad at him” when he uses the veto.
Sadly, I really don’t see him doing that, unless there’s a huge change in house dynamics where he sees that the other side are definitely against him.
Right now, he gets to be BFF with Bayleigh and Scottie, while telling L6 that “he’s just faking it”, and at the same time positioning himself so he won’t “be able to use the veto since Angela might go up”. That way, he’s still good with everyone.
Even with Brett, who’ll be gone.
I’m sad. T-T
I pray to the Bro Shrine that I’m wrong, or that something big happens to change Tyler’s mind.
#Kraken #LastBroStanding


“11:29 PM Tyler to KayCee, Angela, Rachel: Bayleigh said Angela will go up if Veto is used. I swear on my life!”
That’s it. The proof. Brett is toast.


Tyler may be able to save both Rachel and Brett, but if he uses the veto he will draw a line in the sand where his loyalties lie. His best move is to take the hit and lose a person and not use the veto. He will still be good if he convinces L6 that he really tried but another member would go up. But if he saves his side he will lose the other side. I’m not sure he wants to do that in his game or this early. He was playing on Derrick’s level but if he uses the veto, he will lose that advantage.


Don’t compare him to Derrick, that season was full of moronic lay abouts. It’s easy to steer the sheep when they are all in the bus together. This season it’s like herding cats and he was doing a pretty good job of it until this week.

Saving both of them may be impossible. If he takes Brett down and Angela goes up, they’ll try to boot Rachel. The girls alliance ends, Level 6 is done and Bayleigh becomes a big target next week.

::Angela – we should have won the HOH. Tyler – yeah we should probably start doing that.:: Sums up the problem for Level 6.


The other side is already after him after brett! For sure!
He cant trust bailey anyways

Botox Pelosi

I think you are right that he would draw a line in the sand but he really can’t afford to lose Brett if Level 5 wants to win any more HOH’s. If he saves Brett that leaves two strong male players on both sides. Tyler & Brett versus Fes & Scottie.


Use the veto. Bayleigh will put up scottie. And scottie will go home.


I’m not! Bye Brett 🙂


Tyler can’t use the veto. Both sides trust him and if he uses the veto he will be drawing a line in the sand. He would be the one everyone would be gunning for and so far, he has been the only person winning on his side. He can’t support the side alone. His power app can only save him once. (Unless production meddles to keep him)


Tyler’s plan is nonsensical because just the day before Tyler was pushing pretty hard for Scottie on the block. Now out of nowhere he and Scottie are best buds? Yeah right!
Bayleigh shouldn’t put Scottie on the block because it’s just stupid. She needs to keep her numbers first and foremost.
I choose to believe that bayleigh won’t let Tyler play her for a fool. She better be smarter than that.
She needs to remember what has been said and done. And where houseguests were voting before.
I think she does though.


Yeah, like Scottie voted Swaggy out while wearing his shirt I hope Bay does remember that lmao


I believe they are already clear on that. Apparently Scottie voted against Swaggy because he was hoping it would get him a power app. Whether that’s true or not, Bay is still willing to work with him. I think that’s a good idea for her right now in terms of keeping the numbers on their side


tylers plan is dumb because bayleigh and scottie said 2 weeks ago that scottie should get close to tyler. tyler not everyone is dumb as kaitlyn. lol


Exactly, Tyler think Bayleigh will believe that is crazy, bec what he don’t know is Foute talks every night, bay ask all of her alliance to get in Tyler head. And if he don’t use the veto to pull down Brett he is all the way tripping.


she is definitely not kaitlyn. lol


she definitely isnt kaitlyn. lol

Sakura Haruno

My heart is pounding for Tyler right now. I hope somehow he’ll pull though. If He gets out I hope he win America’s fav for playing a risky but fun game. Tyler is everything that Paul’s not. I always hated one person running the house and everyone kissed their feet but Tyler is worth it.


So Rachel trusts Bayleigh. Who put her on the block. Who is aligned with the other side. And turns on the person who saved her week 2 from the block. And the only person on their side who wins anything. When she has made a side alliance with all the girls. And she will not calm down. Good job Rachel. Hope that girl alliance works out for ya She’s driving me insane.


Get rid of her!


It makes u think Bayleigh knows what she was doing, telling Rachel her power app secret, well hopefully it works out for Bayleigh, she getting in ppl head like Tyler was doing for 3 weeks. She need Scottie of Fes to win the next hoh, to target Kaycee, Rachel and Angela.


thats the plan


Rachel dont you get tyler is lying to bay????

No way

And bayleigh isn’t going to be suspicious that everyone from the other side have been all about Scottie being put on the block?
I would think that it would send up a bunch of red flags. You would have to be brain dead not to notice. I mean. C’MON really?


i have feeds. Bayleigh knows and she told scottie. she is not putting up scottie. p


I was proud of bayleigh when she told Tyler that her only recourse would be having to put Angela on the block.
That was a smart Tyler block. (LOL)


Did she ever tell him that Angela would go up? If yes, when?
I don’t think so. AFAIK, it’s an excuse Tyler is telling L6 so they’re ok with him not using the veto, although she never said that Angela would go up.


she absolutely did. bay isnt dumb. she has that entire side panicking, including tyler. they dont even believe rachel. lol. jc is scared too. i love it. that lie she told rachel was genius. she also told tyler she knows he has the power. at the end of the day, tyler will keep the noms the same. he is no fool. he asked her if angela will go up and she said yes. she will not put up scottie. lol

But, um

So glad Tyler’s plan isn’t working to get Scottie up!


Bayleigh’s biggest problem is not the veto and the threat of it being used. She is not doing enough to pacify her biggest problem…Rachel. She knows that Bay has a power app and she ( Rachel ) has been totally flipping out. She has already told one person about the power app. If she continues to feel threatened, she will expose it even before eviction. If she is not taken off the block she will certainly tell the whole house before the vote. I don’t really like Bayleigh but, for her game, she better either get Rachel under control or think about that POV being used if she doesn’t want to be exposed.
I also think that L5 (4?) should get Tyler to NOT use the POV. Keep Brett and send Rachel packing. She is a traitor to her alliance. After shoving herself up Bayleigh’s a$$ and putting all of her trust in her (she was not part of Bay’s alliance was she? No.) Bayleigh is the one who put her ON the block. She was dumb enough to offer herself up so I say send her out. Why do L# even care about the traitor?


Bayleigh told tyler she doesnt care which one goes. but all the girls and her guy alliance knows she wants bret gone. by telling tyler she doesnt care, tyler will tell bret that bay doesnt care and maybe he wont go after bay so hard. angela knows bay has the power. she doesnt know how it works. only rachel and fes know how it works


Either they’re all about to figure out bayleigh lied to all of them and she’s screwed or they’re not going to trust Tyler and she’s a genius.


They already know that Bayleigh lied to all of them. Tyler keeps telling them all the different stories she has been telling.


ummm i have feeds. they dont know. tyler kaycee and angela think rachel is lying and spun the conversation. rachel still believes bayleigh over tyler. the lie is working in bays favour. she never should have told rachel though bc now this can cause bret to stay. hopefully angela keeps rachel, but she seems loyal to tyler. kaycee and angela are tyler lapdogs

But, um

I so hope Brett doesn’t stay!!

another name

So the rumor tweet i read at the beginning of week two that kaycee and tyler have a secret final two made day one or two is true? damn, now i’ve got to try to remember who posted that to see if i can find any more pre-feeds stuff to make sense of some of the weird things that happen.


kaycee is a footstool for tyler. just a sittiing per for her master. she is playing for tyler

another name

she has a maximum of one person in the house saying they might nominate her… maybe. that’s not playing a bad game. it’s boring, but she’s not playing a bad game.


I also think when the numbers get smaller and she can limit her exposure to a backdoor you’ll see Kaycee start to dominate the physical comps and she’ll try winning more then she’ll try to move from follower to the leader before the final stage.


Tyler is stuck between a rock and a hard place if he uses the veto he will become the biggest target in the house if he doesn’t use it I think it will just about guarantee a girl will win the game aka not him he messed up winning that veto


Aren’t you forgetting that either way his side has the numbers? They decide what the outcome will be.

I am Jack’s Medulla Oblongota

Tyler needs to use the veto on Brett and draw L6 line or girl’s alliance will produce winner. His manipulation and juggling will only be exposed by further erosion of alliances among girls and he’ll be targeted. Even before that happens, he becomes the next big target after Brett goes. He won’t get far banding together the misfit toys left on the male side to fight the girls off after that. Tyler blows his long game if they get Brett out this week.


Well….Fez is not exactly a fun guy to hang with. He’s a bit heavy going..although basically nice.
I laughed at Hayleigh at the pool. She was doing sexy twerks..saw Sam..and quickly ducked into the water. She said * I don’t want Sam to see me*. It was quite adorable 🙂
And…I think she’s going to get a scolding from Fez for some risky repartee in the Never have I ever game.
She’s 21…single…and flirty. So what .


HA …Fez waiting for Hay to come out of the shower. Takes off his shirt..and dancing. So that she’ll want him. SOOO obvious.


Rockstar comes into the room to spoil the maybe action. 🙂


Maybe I’m in the minority here, but I feel this is brilliant game play by Tyler.

Some feel Tyler didn’t need to win the POV, but in my mind he gained more by winning it. I don’t think he discounted his week of safety Bay offered. Rather, by winning and not using it he garners favor with her. Bay has made it clear she doesn’t fully trust Scottie and that Fessy is more closely associated to Hal/RS/JC and doesn’t catch game nuances and RS has zero filter. Once he doesn’t use it, my bet is she’ll try to move Ty up her alliance list. (she’s already hinted they will need each other to get deep in the game & also told him “I have no problem sitting beside you at game end and would rather be sitting with someone who is capable than someone who got dragged there”.

In addition, Ty has correctly ascertained Bay has the power app and given he saw the board of apps he likely suspects she has identity theft. By making Bay feel she can trust him it serves to potentially keep him from being nominated. And, since Hal/Fes don’t read the house well they’ll incorrectly assume he’s on their side.

JC will be thrilled if Ty doesn’t use it and now he’s also made Angela/Kaycee feel like he’s protecting them by not using it AND planted seeds of doubt about Bay with them.

Brett won’t initially like this plan, but he will when he stays. That’s right, — I think Brett will stay with Ty-JC-Sam-Kaycee and Angela voting to keep him. And I also think Ty will figure out a way to make it the more logical boot to the other side. He’s already planting the seed Rachel was the hinky vote which makes him voting her out logical to anyone who asks.

Besides, Rachel is doing a great job blowing up her own game via her meltdowns. They already don’t believe what’s she telling them and neither girl trusts Rachel can remain calm in pressure situations. Bay already (incorrectly) told Angela that Rachel suggested one of Ang/KC go up as a pawn instead. So, when Ty told Ang that it only adds credibility to everything he is saying and sinks Rachel further.

Kaycee, Angela will tell her she’s safe, but don’t be surprised if that’s not enough to stop her from blowing up. In fact if Angela wants to guarantee Rachel leaves all she has to do is tell Bay that Rachel told her about her power app. With Brett lying low and Rachel constantly over thinking and reacting IMHO she nailed her own coffin shut.

Of course everything can change on a whim, but my bet is Rachel will be exiting the house Thursday via a blindside vote.


I agree, Tyler is yet again positioning himself very well with the entire house.
But sadly, I can’t share your optimism about Brett’s chances of staying over Rachel.

JC “thinks” he has something with Rachel and Angela. He’s also been campaigning to Tyler (who he believes to also be “playing the middle” like himself) over the past weeks that Brett is a strong player and it would be great for them if he was evicted.
I’m afraid it will be difficult to convince JC to vote for Brett to stay over Rachel.

Plus, Kaycee and Angela would throw away their chance at being “safe” with the other side of the house with the (probably bogus) all-girl alliance. So I’m afraid they’ll end up shrugging their shoulders, saying “I’d rather have Brett stay, but it’s not worth hurting my own game for it, so I’ll vote him out.


Hey Frenchie:

Here’s the thing – they might not need JC. After this was posted several things have occurred to point to Brett staying.

1. Tyler – Kaycee – confirmed their F2 – cheers it & shook on it

2. Ty spoke to Angela who is fed up with Rachel & sees now that when under pressure Rachel panics and causes conflict. (maybe deep down she wants Brett to herself lol)

3. Brett talked to Fes – speaking out loud about “the Man Eaters” (Haleigh’s name for the group btw. Fes seemed surprised Brett knew the name which you have to assume will get him thinking.

4. Angela/Kaycee/Sam are already on board with keeping Brett so they need one vote.

5. That may or may not be JC (but a sure fire way to make that happen would be for Ang/KC to tell Rachel in her campaigning to tell Fessy well I’m sure JC will vote for me we always vote the same like with the Winston vote). That will mean JC needs to keep the other side happy. Plus I just think Rachel will do something manic in the next 3 days.

6. Sam confirmed she Ty/KC are her 1 & 2 to which KC confirmed – that’s the goal the three of us to the end – we just need to keep it hidden.

If that trio get through a few more weeks they’ll own the vote. And NO ONE suspects them yet (I’m hoping they make it b/c it’s been, well forwever since my top 3 got deep in the game). 🙂


I wouldn’t always trust what Bay says about her alliance. I think she only does that when talking to the other side. I want to think she is playing Tyler as much as he is playing her. Hope I’m right. I also think her strategy was to try to flip Rachel to their side, seems like that might backfire.


I am team Tyler all the way esp. if Sam is with him to the end. Rachel is starting to be a thorn in his side, though and I wish if Angela has to be on his side that she would start doing something. I do know one thing I don’t want all girls left!

Kid Rock

My prediction is Tyler will not use the Veto. He will push for Rachel to go home because he knows the girl alliance thing is real…. He has to put a dent in the girls alliance… He knows Angela would be really tied to him and Brett then


Kaycee is so far up Tylers ass its ridiculous. this is why all girls alliances never work. sam and kaycee will never be with the girls. JC is the swing vote. if he was smart he would get bret out. im fine with either going. the good thing is Tyler cannot manipulate Bay like he did kaitlyn. she will never put scottie up


Bayleigh should be taking out one of those two not Rachel.. Rachel could easily go all girls and join the man eaters.. We all know the threat of Tyler though.

What do you all think?

In my opinion the Fouttee alliance is really bad at strategy.


rockstar talks so micch its annoying. she really believes in this girls alliance. if not on the block, she should stay under the radar. she is telling the other girls who she is not alligned with what scottie is saying. why cant she shut up. my gosh

CJ Thomas

Why do you guys not post everyones comments? I didn’t realize you pics n choose who you are posting on here. Where’s mine?