“Like all that negative energy you just had is now on me .. now the pressure is on me to do something “

POV: ? Next POV: July 28th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 30th
HOH: Bayleigh Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Noms: Brett & Rachel Have Nots ?

Big Brother Spoilers We got the best season since forever.. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I.. 🙂 🙂
Power of Veto players are JC,  Brett, Bayleigh, Rachel, Sam and Tyler
The ROCKS is Host unless their is a guest

8:45am Bayleigh and Rachel HOH

Rachel is nervous about what bay does if Brett wins the Veto.
Bayleigh tells her she’s already told her who she is putting up. (Scottie)
Rachel is nervous because of the power says if JC goes up and has a power she could be going home.

Bayleigh says JC and Scottie are most likely the ones with the power.

Rachel – the day the power was given out after Steve was evicted I originally thought it was Scottie or JC.. Scottie came down that day and was acting.. he was skirting around really excited.. it was a very strange thing to me.. Like he was really excited. I remember that day and remember thinking why is he so excited he’s on the block.

Rachel brings up how JC acted between the two power ups was different almost like he one it the first time and didn’t care about it teh second because he knew he already had one.

Bayleigh says Fes pulled JC into the closest and said “the only reason you are still here is because of me and you know like I was really making a good argument for you to stay.. I don’t know if I convince her to not put you up as a replacement..”
Bay – so JC is coming to me, I didn’t even know I was an option for you .. I didn’t know you were actually going to use me as a pawn

Rachel – so now he knows that because of Fes (Ahh this is why they were pissed at him last night)
Bay – I had to talk to fes he was like I thought I was helping.. You’re not F*ing helping
Rachel – that’s covering his own a$$
Bay – you can’t say to JC hey I’m coming after you otherwise he’s running around with his head cut off.

Rachel says last night was tough because Brett is the last guy in the house she’s “kinda close with”
Bay – I will say that.. even thought Brett is the last guy you are close with I will say you have a great foundation with the girls that you’ve built and you have another great foundation with other people that want to work with you
Bay – Brett’s turned around but when he came into this game he was working with Winston and Winston only
Bay tells her not to worry about Brett he’s a big boy and can handle his own game.
Bay – you have enough pressure on your plate you have to just focus on you
Bay – if Noms change that will suck for me but I’m going to be happy for you to win the veto this is meant for you to do it’s completely fine I’ll just have to suck it up and do what I have to do .
Bay – I don’t want you going into the competition defeated..

R – I’m going in to win it
B – I don’t want you coming into this competition thinking about anyone beside Rachel don’t go in thinking about Brett don’t go n thinking about me..
R – I know we have discussed if you’ve won using it on me
B – I said I would use it to protect you but don’t give my power away to yourself.. I would definitely use it top protect you I don’t want you to go home next week.
B – I want you to stay in this game as long as possible..
B – the only two people I want to stay in teh house as far as the power goes is you and fes.. If one of your friends decide to throw Fes up what do I do?
B – Fes doesn’t go up you don’t go up and that’s it and that even puts me on the outs because I could even go up
R – so for the next 2 weeks..
B – Best case you or fes win HOH next week than the week after that it happens (power expires so use it)
R – can I talk to you after the nominations
B – yes
Rachel asks if somebody nominates someone she’s close with
Bay – Explain that
R – Like Kaycee.. you’re good with kaycee.. I dunno I’m trying to see well..
Bay – you mean if somebody won and nominated somebody you were close with
R – yeah
B – if Scottie wins HOH I won’t use it..
R – I’m concerned with you fes would put up \
b – don’t be .. you’re not an option to fes.. we’ve talked about Angela and kaycee the thing is he would love to be good with him but that is something I need to worry about
Bayleigh does mention that Kaycee and Fes have mended their ways.
B – I’m not playing what if’s right now
Rahcel – I’m sorry
B – NO I’m ACTUALLY getting really frustrated because my job in this game is not to protect everybody ig I make certain things to certain people then that is what it needs to be and I’ll follow through with my word with that.. but I’m not going to be like Oh well that’s your friend.. NO F* THAT” (Damn Rachel is a goof to ask her to extend her power to her friends)
R – I understand
R – ok I apologize..
B – NO, Its fine i’m just saying that’s it’s actually frustrating for me.. it’s bad enough that Im in this position and I told you I didn’t even want to tell you but I was offering that as a like just try to trust me I have no Ill intentions for you
Rachel says the powers have her freaked out personally
B – you can’t do that to me i’m putting so much on the line if I knew you would be freaking out this hard I would never put you on the block. it’s frustrating i felt like you could handle it and be ok
B – know that you are not ok how does that make me feel? Makes me feel terrible
B – I’m already in a bad position here and then to have you are freaking out on top of it

Bayleigh says some people in the house have come to her and say “are you sure you want RAchel over BRett”
B- In my head i’m like ABSOLUTELY and i’m sitting here and thinking OF COURSE I want to keep Rachel over Brett but then when you come in like i feel like I’m signing Brett’s eviction notice …
B – Don’t Talk like that because you might be but pick you game over Brett’s i’m picking you over Brett right now and I need you to be like really be like OK she’s picking me over Brett lets just go with that
R0- ok Sorry
B – I’m team Rachel right now i’m bayleigh first but i’m team Rachel right now.. i’m sorry I’m just not team brett
R – yeah .. i’m not team him either.. I just feel t a personal guilt
B – don’t you are on the block next to him.. if you put him on the block than yeah feel guilty but you didn’t that’s blood on my hands that I have to worry about
R – I’m sorry
B – no, we’re having a discussion and it’s just making me think about things umm but.. that’s what makes this game so difficult..
Bay says she’s put in a bad position now because she has people from opposing sides that ‘s supposed to protect
B – Even though you are panicking you aren’t the only one panicking
R – I didn’t think I would feel this way either so I apologize
R – I’m sorry i’m not freaking out
B – You’re not but now I am.. Like all that negative energy you just had is now on me .. now the pressure is on me to do something and I don’t know what it is I could possible do to make this situation better..
Bayleigh says now she’s causing all this drama because Rachel is “Freaking out”
B – I didn’t know the repercussion of you being nominated were this bad that you would go into a downward spiral of thinking of every negative thing that could possibly happen in every situation.
R – it’s only because of that power that’s lingering
B – we don’t know hat that power is ..

They start talking about the power..

Bayleigh now saying if she uses her power it’ll put a load of heat on her
Rachel asks if it will be revealed if she has a power
bayleigh – no..
Baylegih says people can figure it out.. people will be looking at me sideways..

9:52pm JC and the ROCKS

JC got picked for Veto he didn’t want to he wanted to have a easy time he wanted to sleep more.
JC says if there’s no host there’s a “guest star’ tells her that means prizes
JC – I’m competing against Tyler

9:54am ROCKS and Tyler
Rocks – I really wanted to play in this one..
T – yeah, I did to .. could have been worse I guess
ROcks – as long as Sam or Brett doesn’t win we’ll be fine
T – YEAH .. .exactly
(seriously rocks do you know what side Tyler is one?)
Rocks – I think they are definitely working together
T – Or Rachel
Rocks – well yeah Rachel to .. Brett especially I hate that F*ing guy (no sh1t really)
T – yeah …..

10:07am Angela and Fes in the kitchen.. other houseguests milling around eating.. stretching.. getting ready for veto
They area talking about the competition formats. Angela doesn’t like the individual ones.

Angela – the good thing is we’re supposed to be outside today I thin kit’s going to be a lengthy competition we’ll get a lot of time outside they told us to drink a lot of water..

10:22am Bay is getting ready…

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What a horribly painful conversation between Bayleigh and Rachel.
Rachel: I’m on the block. There might be a power, so I might be in danger.
Rachel: sorry
Bayleigh: no, I insist, you’re making me MAD!!!
Rachel: sorry, really.
Bayleigh: I insist again: I (HOH, safe this week, guaranteed jury, and with an additional power to take over anyone’s HOH next week) am in a horrible situation, and you’re just being selfish thinking about Rachel. HOW DARE YOU?!?
Me: WTF?
Rachel: sorry. Frenchie, I apologize to you too. Sorry.
Bayleigh: Frenchie, how DARE YOU?!?


LOL Frenchie!

You’re reading my mind. Bayleigh is “out of control”.


A Brett win is a Team Chaos win…


Brett wins and uses it on Rachel! Wait…that didn’t work out too well for the veto winner last time…


I really don’t want to see Scottie or up. I would like to see Tyler go just to see how the people would play without him in their eat. Tyler is turning into this season’s Paul: His skills are so good that he’s starting to control the game to a point that it will get boring. It’s like putting an NFL athlete on a high school football team.

Gigi Tomasa

Tyler is nothing like Paul was. Paul was rude, mean bullying just all around not a good person. Tyler is more like Dan, playing hard under the raider. Paul would get his weak player hyper and point them towards the people he hated. no comparison at all…..gross


Paul’s game was based on the fact the producers gifted him 3 weeks of immunity, picking half the house to be safe from the first eviction meaning everyone knew Paul was the favored one and a group of mostly compliant sheep. I guess you’d have to be real good to manage to lose when you started the race 10 feet from the finish line.


No offence but are you crazy? Lol. Tyler is absolutely nothing like Paul. Paul was a cocky, mean, rude, entitled, loud mouth bully that didn’t have one ounce of compassion for some of the players. He was willing to do anything to win the game, which I know the goal is to win but there’s limits one person should have. He made sooooo many personal attacks on people and used the weak people to further himself. He just went way to far. Now Tyler may be fooling the others but he’s nice and is compassionate. I heard him shut down people that have been talking bad about another house guest. When Rachel or Angela came in the bathroom wearing Kaitlyn’s clothes making fun of her he grabbed the blanket from her and said stop. He is just a very kind hearted person who’s playing the game to win in the right way.


I am with you, I want Brett to win, not because I like him but because rocky would lose her mind, not that she has much of one to lose..LOL. Then I truly hope that Brett wins HOH next week, tosses Fessie and whoever up and then Bay will use her power and he puts her a$$ up there with rocky, either one can go, preferably (as of right now anyways, I hope it’s rocky that goes out but the way Bay is behaving I could change my mind). I just do not like the things that rocky has said about the bros, she talks about Brett being disgusting but IMO she is the most disgusting person I have seen on the show in awhile. I just hope Brett wins, never thought I would hear myself saying win the veto Brett come on you can do it.LOL. I am just excited to see the drama if he does. But I truly question if Bay is serious when she says she will put Scottie up, I’m not sure she will, I think she is hiding it well but will put Tyler up if anyone comes down Tyler is in a tough spot right now, I’m sure he is wondering if he should use it just so she can’t back door him. I don’t trust anything Bay is saying right now. This will be another interesting week.


Did this really happen? WOW!

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Most of the time I have liked Bay in this game. I think she is a smart girl and had Swaggy listened to her more, he might have lasted longer in the game. But she is a bit of a b#?!h. To EVERY one. Easily offended, but quickly offensive. Little miss bossy pants. She’d do well to remember that power only works once.


Good ! No fessy or scottie . Bret this is your veto!


Let’s go Breetttttt!!!! Win it for the good guys


Rachel i love you, but you need to calm down girl.




Rachel? You mean bay? She’s hoh has a secret power and for sure in jury, yet she’s mad at Rachel for being scared bevsuse she’s on the block and could go home? Bay is the most self centered person I’ve ever seen.


Why should she be afraid? Everything has gone Bayliegh’s way so far in this game…oh, she’s screwed=)


Listen, there is only so much consoling a person can do. I don’t blame Bay for losing her patience. She could do it in a less snarky way, but I think she’s trying to be direct and no-nonsense.


I really think this an ideal combination of players for the veto. They don’t all have the same agenda.

Can’t wait for the results!


I really hope Tyler wins it so he is safe but that would also put him in an awkward situation. If he took one of L5 down she may put another L5 up unless he can use his mist to get Scottie or JC on the block but I think she’s too smart for that.


But Tyler is a sweet wounded baby bird. He could tell her Kaitlyn and Swaggyc are now hooking up and she would believe it I think. Unless she’s the playing the game as well as Tyler but I don’t think so.

JC Meltdown

Tyler won’t win the power because he won’t want to be exposed as being on Brett and/or Rachel’s side. In the end, he would be okay with level 4 as long as he is still in the game. Hoping for a Rachel win with JC as a replacement.


She keeps saying she would put Scottie up if one of them comes down, lets hope that she means it. Personally I think she would be better off getting rid of the not so bright fessie but sadly she wont. I can’t agree with you that Bay is to ‘smart’, she is to concerned about herself, I feel that if Tyler can some how get little fessie to agree with him to put up JC or Scottie that they could talk her into it. I wanted to see Bay play the game that is one main reason I was happy to see scaggy go, but she really hasn’t played the way I wish she would have. I keep hoping that she will part ways with rocky because rocky really isn’t helping her or anyone else for that matter. The only thing rocky seems to be able to do is run her mouth about the way other HGs are in their real lives, even though she doesn’t know anything about them personally. She hasn’t even tried to get to know anyone else. My dream would be that Brett wins and Bay puts rocky up. I think it would be a landslide with everyone except little fessie voting rocky out. I just think that would be the best move, well, not best but funniest move..LOL.

Miss Conception

I cannot wait until JC goes on the block, it will be an epic meltdown of historic proportions.

JC is Pervy

Agreed 100%….can’t wait for rockslide and the mini weirdo to get to steppin’.


Bayleigh has safety this week, HOH, guaranteed jury, the best power app of the game, but life is so difficult for her. She’s so focused on her self-absorbed “woe is me” pity party that she is clueless about the biggest target in the house (the wounded baby bird).


She’s been “mist”ified!


OMG! Don’t you see he just lost his bestest buddy and she had been really mean to him! He’s like a little labradoodle who got hit by a car! He’s devastated and he needs a little me time with no stress. Plus there was dead dad birthday…it’s like all these bad things happened at once. Perhaps $500k would help.

Tyler’s good…

hernanday oleary

Please Brett win, I want to see Tyler backdoored.


But seriously, what would happen if Tyler got backdoored? L5 would sit around and wait for Brett to tell them what to do.


I disliked Bay with Swag, then was rooting for her after he left, now she’s on my crap list. Kaycee, who is one of my top favs was in the HoH with her last night. One point Bay starts changing into her pjs and talking about her breasts and exposing them in front of Kaycee while slowly putting on her top (her back to the camera with Kaycee sitting on the bed facing her). I found myself feeling uncomfortable for Kaycee. Then this morning around 2:18 she says she thinks Kaycee would have made a move on her had Swaggy not been in the house. That calculated move, her rudeness to others and big ego did her in for me.


Wow !! That’s disgusting. I’ve heard mentions of it. But has Kaycee confirmed to anyone that she’s gay ?


Ok. I just hadn’t seen where she had ever said she was so I wasnt sure if some people in the house were just assuming. Thank you. And Bayleigh. Well. I just don’t have words for that. Started to like her. That was over pretty quickly.


Yeah, apparently in Bays little head everyone wants her. SMH. It doesn’t matter what someone looks like, behaviour will change opinions really quickly. If someone is arrogant, rude, conceited, obnoxious or just plain mean, people will get past the looks and see them for who they truly are. It sucks because after scaggy was voted out, I was rooting for Bay, so looking forward to her playing the game and doing well but the last 10 days or so, really changed for me. Now I don’t care if she stays or goes.


That really bugged me, too. She told Haleigh that Kaycee would have had a crush on her “if Swaggy hadn’t marked his territory.”


How did saggy mark his territory… Hike his leg did he? Lol


Yeah…the middle one! LOL


We would have to ask Bay. Those were HER words.


So what. You guys get offended over EVERYTHING. Maybe what she said is true.

Sakura Haruno

Is Tyler going to throw the veto? One sec he says he wont then the next he said he doesn’t want to win. I’m confused.


Are you in the house? That’s his modus operandi, he needs just enough confusion about where he stands so he can spin it later no matter how he plays it.

Trackin the Kraken

9:54am ROCKS and Tyler
Rocks – I really wanted to play in this one..
T – yeah, I did to .. could have been worse I guess
ROcks – as long as Sam or Brett doesn’t win we’ll be fine
T – YEAH .. .exactly

I mean how do you keep a straight face when RockARoni talks ? She is 50 shades of clueless


her and little fessi seem to be sharing a brain and not a very bright one at that..LOL Both of them seem so clueless that it is hard to watch, let alone trying to listen to them talk game. lol


I love the veto players! Scottie may end up on the block after all. If he does, he is gone. L5 will have the votes and Scottie will be gone.


I don’t want Scottie to go this early. He’s definitely on the side of chaos (whether he realizes it or not). With him gone, it will be too easy for L5 to steamroll for the next 3-4 weeks, making things boring. But if Brett or JC leaves, it will create some realignment in the house.

another name

When Bayleigh’s power is revealed to the others (yeah not if, given these people but when) I’m wondering if anyone will come up with a counter argument that keeps her from using it on their hoh. Fes is burning to tell someone. His secret keeping clock is ticking down to zero, and he’s come close more than once. If left on the block, Rachel is not going to stay silent, she’ll become paranoid.
So if the secret is revelaed I’m considering how to counter it’s use. Maybe this sounds a little threatening, but I’m thinking the argument could be made during one on ones. ‘remember when we pledged loyalty to each other during your hoh? you know you’re safe. I’d like to make my own nominations this week. If for some reason that doesn’t happen and our pledge of loyalty and trust is broken, I’ll have to rethink my post-veto renomination choices.’
I’m not sure if this argument works.

Please go away bay

Bay needs to shut the F up!


exactly i liker her but she screwed up by talking too much


If it is one of those awards or punishment competitions… I can see JC, Tyler, and even Bay taking the awards and not the punishments… of course, it would be hysterical if JC took the yearly head shaving punishment. My guess it is another mental comp/ physical because I think it will be geared to have Scottie win… just a feeling or a theory about Scottie.


i always want to be down for the underdogs, but with rhe exception of hayleigh, scottie and sometimes bayleigh, that entire side is clueless. bayleigh is the 1st person to say tyler has the app. i was rooting for her but her telling rachel about her power was the biggest mistake, then her rhinking of putting up scottie is another hugggge mistake, unless she is just telling them that. she needs to close her mouth and calm down the attitude. if rachel goes home, it wont be so bad bc she can be a threesome with angela and kaycee. rachel panics way too much. she should have never told her about the power. when she told her, bayleigh actually said to herself why cant she keep her mouth closed. so she knew she screwed up. so rachel going by blindside wouldnt be such a bad thing. replacement nom should be jc or tyler