Pre Veto Jitters.. “Who knows.. I’m just going to try.. whatever happens we’ll figure it out after that”

POV: ? Next POV: July 28th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 30th
HOH: Bayleigh Next HOH: Aug 2nd
Noms: Brett & Rachel Have Nots ?

Big Brother Spoilers

9:55am Freaking out..
Rachel – I hardly ate yesterday.. . 4am I fell asleep..
(she had a late night DR call)

10:36am Tyler and KAycee
K – I think Sam will keep it the same
Tyler says Bayleigh wants the veto used on her that’s what she told Angela
Kaycee – that’s what Rachel thinks
T – Bayleigh see Sam and the three now as a four .. and she wants to break that up so if Veto gets used it’ll be Angela or Sam that go up
Kaycee – Angela or Sam !
T – I don’t know for sure.. but that’s what she told me she’s like I see Brett, Rachel, Angela, and Sam as a four and they are obviously always voting together and sh1t

Kaycee – I thought she would put Scottie up
T – I don’t think she would..
Kaycee – because she’s trying to break down the numbers on this side..
Kaycee – I think JC has something to do with it too
Tyler is convinced that Angela or Sam are going up.. “with me she didn’t say your name.. your nameat all”
Kaycee – don’t win it.. are you dong to try and win it
Tyler – if i do i’m going to try and build up Scottie as my best friend. I’m really going to try and build up Scottie as my best friend he’s my only one here for me and if I use it maybe she’ll be pissed and put up my best friend.. put up Scottie
KAycee – maybe..
T – I don’t know if it works.. I don’t know if I should use it..
KAycee – she wants to keep it the same doesn’t she..
T – if it’s the same we have to make a choice..
kaycee – I would say brett
TYyler shrugs and Smiles “Rachel”
Kaycee – you don’t think so.. really
T – we’ll figure it out though..
K – you think so.. and don’t say anything about an all girls alliance..

10:50pm Bayleigh and Kaycee

Kaycee – she needs to calm the f* down..
Bay – she came up to my room.. twice.. twice..
Kaycee – that’s annoying I’m sorry..
Bay – Rachel shut up .. why is she doing this.. we talked about this for hours.. i should have surprised her a$$..
Kaycee says every competition Rachel comes in second she freaks out and starts crying because she thinks she’s the target..

Bay – I just got kicked out of the HOH room.. Sam was like I need to use the bathroom.. lock me in here.. (I know what Sam is doing.. She must have saw Tyler with his shirt off)

bay says that Rachel was crying that if Brett goes home it’s not good for her game.
Bay – you’re not the HOH sweetheart
Kaycee – you need to worry about yourself.. I can’t believe she’s thinking like that..
Bay – give up your game to Brett.. throw it throw it to Brett.

Bay – Brett keeping his cool.. he’s level headed
Kaycee – who she’s like tripping out.. that’s one of the girls I’m close to with her acting like that..
bay – imagine if I put her and JC together..
they laugh..

Bay says she wants Noms to stay the same..
Bay – the way she comes to me is very frank.. like I did this for.. NO NO NO
Bay thinks that maybe JC would have been less of a freak out. “I can’t work with someone like that”
Kaycee – that’s huge.. you can’t work with someone that freaks out.. I’m right with you on that..
Bay – Shut up and chill out (rachel)
Bay – like I told her in the speech at least I gave her a chance to protect herself I could have backdoor her (wait is she a target)
bay says that Rachel just started talking to her now..

Kaycee – I’m sorry .. she’s doing it to her damn self…

11:07am Angela and Bay
Angela says Rachel’s nervous energy is holding her back “Like you have 7 girls behind you ”
Angela – it’s frustrating and I’m sure it’s frustrating for you to
Bay starts venting… “she kinda threatened me this morning.. I’m going to let it slide.. just a heads up to you she was pissed that I didn’t put you and kaycee up .. she thinks you are skating by.. I’m just really annoyed
Bay – I don’t know what to do.. she’s really just having a melt down
Angela – theirs nothing you can do you did nothing wrong she suggested she goes on the block.. now she’s throwing other girls under the bus.. how dare you ..
Angela – she got what she asked for now she doesn’t want it and now she’s throwing people under the bus
Angela – she’s really freaking out about the app.. which makes sense I understand that
bay – I understand that.. but one steps at a time.. Rachel can take her self off..
Angeal says the same thing happened with Kaitlyn last week at first she was good but then started pissing people off …
Bay – Rachel needs to chill.. she’s upset me.. my skin is tough.. she’s doing exactly WHAT I TOLD HER NOT TO she’s taking it personal
Bay – I can’t work with you if you act like this running around like a chicken with their head cut off.. any of the trust we are building you are showing you don’t trust me and the people you are working with
Bay – it’s better seeing this now..
Bay brings up Rachel tasking her to throw the veto at her..
bay – why would I throw the veto at you..
Angela – she’s safe where she’s sitting right now.. I know she wants Bret to stay I want Brett out to.. but Rachel
Bay – real talk I had nothing against brett.. and I had nothing against Rachel.. until now..
Bay – Scottie did have Rachel’s name in his mouth
Bay thinks that Rachel flipped the vote
Angela – really.. part of me wants to believe Scottie for some weird reason ..
Bay – Scottie and Rachel have a issue together,.. we were all have nots last week and it was fine.. I’m just trying to keep my cool.. this house is a little on edge..
bay – best case scenario .. those two people on the block are best for my game I don’t want to ruin it..
Bay – if it comes down to a boy VS girl I want a girl to stay
Angela – same..
Angela – I feel like in 8 hours everything will be different..
Angela says she hopes the nominations stay the same..
Bay doesn’t want the veto used..

Bay mentions Kaitlyn telling her that Haleigh isn’t who she thought she is she knew 2 days before Swagz went up and didn’t tell bay. Adds that haleigh knew about the flip vote and never told her. Angela called to the Diary room.. They hug it out..
Angela – good luck in the veto crush it

Angela leaves.. Bay power stretches..

11:29am Tyler and Sam
T – Bayleigh is telling everyone to keep it the same
Sam – OK .. I’ve had a couple people say throw and I’m saying Play
SAM – In my brain I have a hard time throwing
Sam – Is that going to make me look bad or scary
Sam – I would rather lose for what I am than win for what I ain’t
T – Exactly

they start talking about zit management…

11:47am Rocks is talking about working in night clubs and strip bars for the last 20 years.. She wants to start running outdoor festivals.. Sounds like Scottie has gone to festivals as well..
(She should have a lot in common with the bros… She should be the coolest! but instead she’s rocks..  )

11:50am Angela, Sam and Kaycee
They try to talk Sam into not winning the veto otherwise she will look like a power house
Sam – i don’t know what to do.. honestly we could go out there. and it’s something I’m not naturally y good at..
Sam – Who knows.. I’m just going to try.. whatever happens we’ll figure it out after that
Kaycee – yeah do you best.,.
they change their tune.. “yeah have fun… ”
Angela – I feel like it’s going to be really soon.. .
Angela says she’s heard things from people that’s makes her question things.. “Honestly have fun… don’e win don’t lose.. deal
Sam – deal ..
Angela – don’t win or lose..

Angela – I should put a bra on.. looks like gills on a fish..

12:15pm kaycee and Angela
they are talking about RAchel freaking out and asking bayleigh why they weren’t the pawns. Kaycee believes what BAyleigh has been telling them.. . Angela says Bayleigh told her that she wanted to work with Rachel, Angela, and KAyceee but now that Rachel is freaking out Bayleigh might not want to .
Angela – you are sitting really good with Bayleigh .. she’s questioning Rachel because Rachel is freaking out.. Rachel pissed her off this morning..

12:26pm veto waiting….

12:51pm feeds on BB12 this must be the veto comp..

2:27pm The live feeds are still blocked..

3:24pm Still nothing yet!

4:08pm The feeds are still showing BB re-runs

4:55pm Still blocked..

5:38pm still nothing yet

6:16pm Nope .. not yet no feeds for you

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Trackin the Kraken

If you took ROCKS IQ , and you gave her 15 bonus points, you’d have a Dominos Pizza Box

Botox Pelosi

I think the only thing that Rocks In Her Head has going for her is that there are so many bigger targets than her and that the female alliance might actually come into play after Fes.Tyler, Scottie, JC and Brett turn on each other.

Guy From Canada

I’m old as dirt, and when I was Rockbottoms age festivals had creepy old people, creepy candy ravers, slutty young snobby girls and douchy dudes you avoid. I bet in those social circles, Rock can’t relate cause the crowd she rolled with was completely different then the bros crowd at a festival.


Not necessarily. In Baltimore there are lot of older, more burlesque type dancers that work on the block. She probably hangs with that crowd just looking at the way she dresses and acts.


You’re lucky. It’s no where as nice as the Island.

Haleigh's Melanoma

I really think she may have been an ecdysiast. I saw on the feeds she’s always twerking and she showed other HG how she can lay back and cross her ankles behind her head. Not definitive proof, but she did ‘manage nightclubs’. It might be why she hates guys like Brett.


LOL! Thanks! I just learned a new word. :-0

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I don’t do twitter but when I was searching for Kaitlyn’s exit interview the other night, I bumped into a bunch of BB twitter stuff and there’s a picture of Rockmonster as a stripper several years ago, short blond bob hair cut, good body, same old face. That aside, with all her “diversity” talk, she’s not that socially diverse, right? The way you get to know just about anyone is to ask questions and listen. it actually works (sarcasm).


Agreed. I think it’s because of her own personal her prejudices and stereotypes. I think that’s why she is having trouble relating. The other folks…the younger people, don’t seem to have those stereotypes and pre-conceived judgements. GO BRETT!

Bayleighs Mood Swings

She reminds me of a Californian hipster.

Gigi Tomasa

No-not in the California I live in. She dresses like the 70’s. I was thinking hippie commune somewhere near a desert.

Haleigh's Melanoma

Mrs. Roper.

But, um

Haleigh is probably the youngest in the house and her and RS are tight.

Bubble guts

Rachel probably has the nervous shits.


We already know she’s silent and deadly.


Bayleigh has used every excuse in the book for why Rachael is up for eviction but the real one. I know Rachael offered to go up, but I think she played right into Bay’s hand. I’m going to say that the real reason is that she is jealous of her. Bayleigh wants to be the prettiest, smartest girl in the house…then there is Rachael who is wanting to play. She also has a grudge against Sam for the same reason. Just saying….


Really????? Sounds like hateration to me!!!


I kinda agree. I think Rachel is the prettiest girl there and I can see Bayleigh being jealous of that. Bayleigh seems catty to me. I really like that Rachel is not catty or mean boned. She has her moments but overall she is a nice girl. Honestly though if Bayleigh wants to be the prettiest girl in the House left she’d have to also get rid of Angela and Hayleigh.

Botox Pelosi

I agree with everything you said. Angela is hot enough to set off smoke alarms.


thats just a dumb comment. bay is beautiful.

Botox Pelosi

I think Bayleigh got a big head when she “won” (Allison G. fix) the power. She thinks the fans love her.


Your comment is HILARIOUS?!!! I would agree that Bay is tap dancing on my last nerve but I don’t think there is ANY chance that she is jealous of Rachel’s looks????. Rachel is very pretty and so is Bay…PLUS Bay is very intelligent. Please pop in your contacts ?. If Bay has any reason to feel any sort of way against Sam and Rachel, it is DEFINITELY not over looks! That is just comical???

True Dat

I was kind of thinking that maybe Bayleigh was wanting Kaycee to herself and that’s why she wouldn’t mind losing Rachel. I don’t mean in a gay way neceasarily, but she knows Rachel and Kaycee are tight and Bay would rather be Kaycee’s ride or die instead. Of course a certain baby bird would have to be set free first.

Haleigh's Melanoma

Rachel went up to pester Bayliegh numerous times, throwing out names, and she, as Tyler put it, “talked her way onto the block”.


I think you’re reaching there. That is the shallowest thing I’ve heard. I think she put up Rachel because she really didn’t have any other options. Angela is way more bombshell than Rachel, but Bay and Angela are close, Bay’s close to KC, Sam, JC. She is letting Tyler “off” this week (roll my eyes). So I personally believe that your assertion is untrue.


Doesn’t everyone get nervous when they are on the block? Isn’t it usually the cocky ones, who think they are safe, that usually get sent home? You think Bay wouldn’t be freaking out if SHE was on the block?



Bay is the one freaking out!! She thinks HOH makes her queen of the house & everybody should just bow down & do what they’re told to do. She’s showing her nasty side. Impressed with her last week & totally disillusioned this week.

Tyler’s got a good little plan going there but it’s drawing a line in the sand with Bay et. al., so I don’t think he’ll do it (using the veto on Brett & getting Bay to put up Scottie) . I love that he’s always thinking the angles.

If Brett wins the veto (unlikely..he hasn’t won anything so far), it’ll be great to see who Bay would put up.

I’m dying to see JC on the block. Whirling Dervish time!!! Feeds would be golden!

Kaycee continues to impress. Great listening & observation skills. I like that she’s got Tyler & the girls in her pocket.

Fessie, Scottie, Angela & Rachel…..meh.

Rockstar is the one I’d bring to the F2. Who couldn’t win with her next to them!


I agree Bay is the one freaking out. 2 things dont make sense to me:

1- why some hoh powertrip, and in turn why some hg acquiesce to the powertrip. Hoh has 2 moves. Noms and replacement of veto is played. After that they’re a sitting duck for 2 wks. Seems like a little humility and building bridges would be better gameplay. Not sitting upon a throne demanding the wk to play out how they want

2- I absolutely cannot rationalize or make sense why Bay shared the app info with rachel. Even if rachel is chill and makes zero waves, is not perceived to be freaking out, why nominate a person you just showed your cards to. Regardless if they volunteer themself. Should probably try to protect that person a bit… I want to build trust with you, so im going to tell you I have a power that only one other person knows about. And because I want us to trust each other, you’re going to be a nom. Oh, and I dont want the veto to be played. Dont save yourself, or get anyone else to save you, because then I’d have put someone who doesnt know any of this up…

I think the comp will be a somewhat physical comp. Brett wins. Scottie has been MIA really, so the game could stand to lose him. I can’t see production having a comp that would be beneficial to a drama inducing player leaving. They fully expected K to still be there, so a drama vacuum needs to be filled


Only some people in all of the B.B. seasons haven’t had an ego trip/personality shift when they became HoH. I hope Sam is smart and doesn’t throw the comp like some want her to


No doubt. Which is why it’s so befuddling. I’d bet the ones that did, stuck around for at least 2 or 3 wks longer than maybe they shouldve… Sam wont throw it. And Sam was an hoh we just described. One thing about her though, is that she is hardcore playing the ‘I’m not playing the game’ game. It could get her very far. Mentally, though, I dont think she can maintain it. She’s holding herself back bigtime. Emotionally. There’s only so many sweaters, hats, wedding dresses, and 3 piece suits you can make from lint to keep yourself occupied, before you’ve had enough, and let your true feelings emerge. She’s a game changer though. When she blows, she will inflict multiple casualties


only some? i’d say at least half.

Cra Cra Kaitlyn

“Rockstar is the one I’d bring to the F2. Who couldn’t win with her next to them!” Think Bitter Jury! Anyone sitting next to Rock may end up 2nd. If it’s a guy, Rock will win with the way these girls are talking. I would vote best player not best male/female.


Except that if she’s against a guy. These girls in jury would vote for her just because she’s a girl.


My two favorite lines from Bayleigh in her conversations with Angela & Kaycee: “My skin is tough” and “I’m just trying to keep cool”… almost lacks self-awareness as much as Cray Cray Kaitlyn. Hoping Brett wins the veto, so Bayleigh doesn’t get her way and all hell breaks loose!


Agreed. My perception from the beginning was that Bay was/is probably a bit spoiled. Then teamed up with Swags and that for sure sent her entitlement even further. Unbeknownst, however, was that someone even more spoiled and entitled would be in the house. I give you K. She’s kinda had to take a backseat to her, but no longer. She’s been Miss Missouri as she proudly states. Stereotype or not, that’s an indication of someone that definitely wants/ needs to be the center of attention

True Dat

Here lately, when seeing Bayleigh on the feeds, I have to double check and make sure I’m not watching an old episode of Bridezillas.


Someone may get cut…


BRETT FOR THE VETO WIN!! Let’s shake things up!

Hmm.. wonder if Wounded Sweet Little Baby Bird will end up sitting on his cloud in fear if Queen HOH-itis has to put up a replacement?

Rigged Game

I think this is a pretty strong cast from top to bottom. they all seem to have a coherent strategy. No superstars but everyone’s game is pretty solid. The last few seasons had become Slutapalooza where you had the same variation on Slut Strategy. Hookup with a guy, give him hand jobs under the covers, a quickie in the shower, and then use the dumb brain dead Himbo for a shield until the end of the game. The Slut Strategy was perfected in multiple years By the Fruitloop Dingus Nicole. It was both predictable and demeaning to women, The fact that so man dopey guys fell for it was disappointing. This cast with a few exceptions seems to be using their brains rather than their genitals to get ahead. I hope the ratings are good so that the rather hefty Allison Grodner will stop encouraging showmances. Thanks you bb20 castmates.

JC is Pervy

Huh? First Bay, who thinks she may be preggers, then Kaitlin and Haleigh.

Rigged Game

Bay- Was boned twice by shaggy 2 Dope
Kaitlin- 1 handjob to Brett
Hayleigh- ????
Rather tame


Maybe I’m missing something but I think that strategy reflects poorer on men than women. Season after season the men were blinded by a pretty girl, thinking they were non-threatening, only to find out that these women had strategy, and they were part of that.

How come showmances are only demeaning to women? I think I smell some sexism there 😉


I can’t unsee this music video with JC! I think all of you should suffer with me! Found it on Twitter.
I. Am. Dead. Shook.

Check out @YOKOx3promsleeg’s Tweet:


LOL that’s hilarious!


OMG Dawg, I want to scrub my eyes with bleach!

How’s your little one doing Dawg?


She’s doing amazing. She just turned one two weeks ago. I can’t believe how fast the time has gone.


Haha just realized I asked about your little one and JC in the same comment thread lol unintentional…. or was it? 🙂


lol too funny

Bayleighs Mood Swings

Why… why would you do that?


I said I wanted others to suffer with me!


Thanks for the warning! I refuse to look. My eyes won’t last forever….I need to save what’s left.

JC is Pervy

Oh lort! So fricken bad. I want to unsee it.


It’s like a car crash. You know you should keep your eyes straight ahead and not look, but you can’t help rubbernecking lol

Botox Pelosi

Wow that was worse than a computer virus. I could see JC in Paul’s band though.


Sam is totally going to win the veto. I’m not saying that cuz I want her to, I don’t really care, it just fits with the way this season is going.


Oops. Wrong. Tyler won.


I miss the Kaitlyn drama. I wish they’d do a Big Brother Over The Top of The Top season with Vanessa and Kaitlyn and Amanda and Ginamarie. lol.

Botox Pelosi


The whole put Scottie up as a repalcement is just Bayleigh laying a false trail right?


It’s the POV that never ends….
It goes on and on my friends….

What’s the chances that Brett won the POV and Bayleigh lost her shot?

Or, JC won it and Rachel freaks out and announces Bayleigh’s power?

Or, Bayleigh and Rachel get in to a cat fight and now they’re in a delay?

Wishful thinking. Hurry up POV

Botox Pelosi

I heard the delay was that Les Moonves snuck into the house.


Bay seems to think that she’s * LIKE A BOSS*. I don;t like the way she’s dealing with the HG’S. She is not clear..and fudging. I understand she feels empowered (and loved by all )..(errr).
The real clanger here though is this. Will Bay come back to Hayleigh and find out about knowing Swaggy was leaving?
For Bay..she knows she can’t change what happened..but that is disloyal to the core. I don’t think Kait mentioned Rock it could just be Hay denying it. Saying Kait was spiteful. Bay will prolly believe her.
People are onto Scottie..and JC needs to watch it. Both are angry young men. They are SUPER HUNGRY TO WIN..and will be bitter if evicted.
Hoping Brett pulls out a win. Scottie up and gone before Jury. For me..he adds nothing to the show.

Bayleighs Mood Swings

Maybe it’s the hide the veto comp. Those always take forever.


If i’s hide the veto…Sam will GO MAD!!


I was thinking the same thing!


POV Winner = Tyler


Omg. What’s he going to do ? This should be interesting. He promised Bay he wouldn’t use it.


IDK! I don’t think he will use it. If I was him, I wouldn’t.


I am level 5 all the way. I was happy to finally see a hot ass bitch playing a legit game, until Rachel finds out she’s going on the block and legit does a 540 loses her shit. But that’s big brother. Can’t lie I wouldn’t be mad if Brett stayed over her. Also the way bay pops off on people is ridiculous.



No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Get over yourself, Bay. Tyler handled Kaitlyn and continuously talked her off the ledge. You aren’t all that. HOH gone to your head.