“in my mind no questions about Tyler I trust you completely like we’re so good.. you have no idea.”

**updated*** Big Brother Spoilers Tyler did not use the power of Veto. The nominations stay the same with Brett and Rachel eligible for eviction ON Thursday.
12:03pm Tyler and Bayleigh
Bay – thank you
T – I told you bay…
Bay – how do you feel
T – I feel good.. I told you that’s what I want to do
Bay – and you did and now I have no doubt in my mind no questions about Tyler I trust you completely like we’re so good.. you have no idea.. . it’s done now we can chill for 4 days

B – now you have to win HOH
Tyler sys whoever stays this week will be coming for him
B – if Rachel stays she can try to cvom for you is it really going to work
T – no.. probably not
B – and with BRett .. if Brett stays he’s got a lot of people to go for he doesn’t like ROCKS he probably doesn’t like me now

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“I was this close using it on Winston.. I didn’t use it now they are going to use it anyways”

***** updated ***** 12:41pm Kailtyn Crying to fes
Kaitlyn – I don’t even know how you are going to vote.. I can’t trust anything anyone says…
Fes – it was haleigh and you on the block what was I supposed to do
Kailtyn – don’t look me in the face and say I was safe..
Fes says he told both of them he would save them to ensure he was picked for Veto so that he could save one of them.
Kailtyn – I can’t believe you played me like that..
Fes – I didn’t play you
Kailtyn – you didn’t mean it when you said it
Fes says he wasn’t sure at the time he knew he wanted to win it to take one of them down so they had a chance to save both. HE says she’s got 4 days.. .

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Big Brother Spoilers – “I feel intuitively that I am being received very well by the world”

11:13am Kaitlyn and Scottie
Kaitlyn tells him she flipped the vote. “I f*ing hated my alliance.. they told me I was shady”
She explains how she was told that threw as a power that if she doesn’t vote out Steve the person with the power was goign to put her up. She goes on to exoplain how crazy the week was with her flipping on her alliance and winning HOH.

Kaitlyn says when she was HOH all she wanted to do was tell Scottie.

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Power Of Veto Ceremony Results! “I won’t say sh*t. I’ll act all sad for the cameras.”

2:55pm The live feeds return. Faysal, Steven and Kaitlyn. Faysal to Steven – Supposedly Angela and Winston are all happy now. Steven – yeah. We have a better chance of putting them up next week. Kaitlyn – we did the safest thing for the house. Steven – we have the numbers. All we need is seven. Faysal you did the absolute right thing. Kaitlyn – you know that right? Faysal – yeah. Steven – anyone else up there might crack. I got this. I’ll smoke my cigarettes over there and keep my mouth shut.

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“if we were rodeoing and you were getting bucked off your bull every weekend.. You aren’t riding in my pickup”

10:30am Kevin and Jason
Kevin complains about Josh being a a$$. “how can you be so randomly stupid.. how”
They agree Josh was the one that ripped the house apart during the POV.
Jason – who took the drawers and dumped them out Raven or Josh
Kevin – I would say Josh.. one of the drawers had just my sun glasses.. now it’s broke.. (the drawer)

Jason – she’s (raven) not going to say my name after today

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Big Brother 19 Spoilers Week 7 Summary and Double Eviction Results

Well folks.. Here we are the Double eviction. True to form CBS is treating us to no feeds, “But it will be worth it” they say, hardly. All that juicy awesomeness that happens after the double will be missed. I had some fun with this recap that I know will cause some of you great distress. the comments are there for you to vent at me. It’s just for fun. Enjoy ;)

Here’s how things went down

Jessica was evicted by a near unanimous vote. Cody, of course being her one vote to stay. In case you are wondering Jessica is not coming back, she’s on twitter. Julie also mentioned no Jury members will be returning. So hopefully this means there’s a damper on the late game twists. They’ve done enough damage already.

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