“I’m going to put [Kevin’s] a$$ in check and if that means he’s going to come after me.. lets go old Man”

12:20pm HOH Alex, Jason, Christmas and Paul
Jason relays what Kevin told him when he mentioned people are questioning his mood now that Cody is up.
Alex – he’s going to extremes because he’s doing something shady

Jason – what’s he doing though.. what could he possibly be doing
Paul – he’s not the only person that hasn’t been enthusiastic (about Cody leaving)
Jason – who gives a sh1t Cody has been up his b*tt like a razor blade, (HUH)

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“I’m excited because I get to give a speech to my mom and say gastroparesis awareness month”

Big Brother Spoilers 12:33pm Feeds back HOH Raven, JOsh and Matt

Raven to Josh – You owe me..
Josh – I owe you..
Raven – you owe me
Josh – I wish I had won that Veto..

Josh – I felt uncomfortable saying your name (as replacement)
Raven – I’m excited because I get to give a speech to my mom and say gastroparesis awareness month

Matt – if Mark or Cody don’t win.. HOh they will go up .. we have to backdoor cody..
Josh – Mark is saying he’s not with Cody when I was in the yard they were yard together

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Big Brother 19 Spoilers Week 3 Power of Veto Ceremony Results

Big Brother Spoilers 9:30am Jason and Alex HOH
Jason says Kevin was stiring the pot last night.
Jason says Kevin use to be 100% pushing for the veto to be used and then all of a sudden last night Kevin was telling him not to. When Jason asked him to explain the reason for the flip Kevin didn’t have an answer.

Jason mentions how Kevin asked him last night if he was in Jury would he have sex with Christmas.
Jason – I was like NO are you being real right now..
Alex – he’s freaking me out dude..

Jason – Christmas is a catfish..

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Power Of Veto Ceremony Results! “Three weeks of safety, f*****g a$$h***s! F*****g bulls**t!”

In the bedroom – Paul talks to Jessica and Dom. Jessica – Last night I told you something was fishy. I did not stab you in the back. Cody and I play different games. I had no idea this was going to happen. Paul – this concept of a playing separate games… I joined a group and I showed my loyalty to the group. Temptation was put there to see if my group would stab me in the back and I just got backdoored. A vet against Jillian … I for sure was going to go home. Were any of you in danger of going home? No! I know what the curse is.

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Big Brother 18 Week 11 Power of Veto Ceremony Results

11:29am London room James and Natalie
Natalie – that was a really nice speech.. “I’m not going to campaign against her.. “

Natalie – we made a really dumb game move trusting Nicole and Corey..really dumb game move.. What a dumb game move
Natalie says they should have trusted the people in “This room working together to get Paulie out” (But Natalie PAul lied about FRIES!)
James- hey that was my fault..
Nat – that’s not your fault
James – ya..

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Big Brother Spoilers Power of Veto Ceremony Results Corey and Victor nominated

12:21pm Nicole and Paul
Nicole denying calling Paul a liar and manipulator. She says she doesn’t call anyone manipulator. Says everyone lies in the house so she wouldn’t call Paul a liar
Paul – when was it told you I was coming after you..

Nicole says it was Pualie, “He planted a lot of seeds maybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”
Nicole says she more mad that she missed a strip tease from Corey. (When he called Nicole out Friday night)
Nicole pretty much denies any wrongdoing ever.

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