“I was meant to play in OTEV .. I’m chalking it up to that .. Thanks, America Thank you”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Tommy
Have note are: No Have nots this week, Jack, Tommy, and Jackson were given punishments as part of the veto.
Nominations are: Cliff, Kat & Christie
Power of Veto Players are – Christie, Cliff, Kat, Tommy, Nick, Michie
Power of Veto holder – Tommy
Power of Veto Ceremony – Tommy used the Power Of Veto on Christie
Powers in the game *** LINK ***

Grab your live feeds —-> BB21 Live Feeds Subscription Link
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11:23 am Feeds return showing that Tommy used the Veto on Christie. Leaving Kat and Cliff on the Block for Eviction.

11:28 am Nicole, Cliff, and Tommy.
Cliff tells him the ceremony went well.
Tommy apologizes for not using it on Cliff.
Cliff says he’s not going to talk to people today he’ll start later.
Tommy – I want to hear from the house
Cliff brings up that Sis has had to do the eggs twice
Nicole was worried they were going to call Sis to do eggs before the Veto ceremony.

11:33 am Christie and Kat
Christie says now they know everyone they know who they love and who they want to work with and trust.
Christie – it’s hard because you love both people on the block
Christie – it’s going to be a weird couple days I’m sure we’ll (I) will talk a million times.
They talk about how awesome OTEV
Christie – I was meant to play in OTEV I’m a big brother super MAGE fan. Thanks, America Thank you
Kat says “I’m glad Tommy won”
Kat – I think it would have been cool to win. It would have been hard when it comes down to it.
Kat goes on about there still being 3 nominees

Christie now claiming that Tommy would have used the veto on any 3rd nominee because it’s not fair
Nick is now with them.
Christie – I’m chalking it up to I really wanted to play in OTEV and the universe put it that way .. I sucked at the egg comp. I wanted to play in OTEV I’m chalking it up to that
Christie – If America hates me at least I’m being myself I can’t just pretend to be someone else to make America like me. I will continue to be unapologetically authentic and be myself and I’ll deal with it when I get outta here
Christie – I’m never going to be someone I’m not to make people like me

Nick starts talking about doing family therapy and kids therapy. (good christ this is scary)

11:56 am Christie and Cliff

Christie – I’m not going anywhere so whenever you want to chat just grab me

12:12 pm CLiff, Nicole and Jess
Cliff is questioning why Kat was put up
Jess says Tommy was very much a part in trying to flip the vote to get Kat out he was worried she would go after him
Jess adds that KAt is her best friend in the house and even Jess doesn’t know where Kat’s head is at.
Nicole asks them how close Michie, Holly, and Jess are.
Cliff says that it’s a lot tighter than he thought

Jess says that Holly has been acting so weird
Nicole – the way she snapped earlier today OUCH
Jess – she’s don that before. I’ve seen her act very hot and cold it’s weird to me
Nicole – off-putting
Jess – she calls people idiots.
Nicole says Holly and Michie are thinking they are sitting pretty.
Cliff – I don’t know how to read those two

Nicole says she’s wondering if Christie and Tommy would be the better couple over Michie and Holly
Jess and Cliff agree they wonder it too.
Cliff – It’s amazing how things change.
Cliff says with Jack gone the 6 isn’t there
Nicole – but they keep pretending they’re together
Cliff – I feel if I survive this week I am still going to be a BIG target. I will have to lay low a little bit. (LOL how low can you go)
Nicole – we need another BLOW up that doesn’t include us. Another crack to form
Cliff can’t figure out what is happening with SIS, Nick, Christie, and Tommy.
Cliff doesn’t trust any of them Nicole agrees.
Christie joins them .. (UGH)

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And so the Field Trip twist was yet another BB bust. What was the point???

another name

and because of increased traffic on their site, increase the price of advertising blocks on their web page.

Franks fumes

CBS sucks every penny because they have to pay Les Moonves 100,000,000 dollar payout….Julie needs new shoes.

another name

any payout to Les has been put on hold pending outcome of any investigations, and any liability the network itself may have to claim.


There are a whole lot of funs on their FB page cussing them out for allowing Tommy to use Veto on Crusty…America voted and the rules should have been she couldn’t be taken off…think they are working on losing some hard core fans

House Stark

It would of been great if Terrible Tommys side didn’t win the veto.


get a competition to air on a sunday episode. so far they’ve had a competition every sunday episode. episodes without competitions can be really boring.


Well, considering the amount of stuff they can’t air they need something. So much of the weekly conversations are unusable.

Tommy Loves You All So Much!


House Stark

How much do you want to bet that he steals that penis head costume?

Jan Nan

I just read that in Tommy’s voice

BB Crusty Crab Shack

Crusty is so delusional! Yeah, keep thanking America for giving you a chance to play in OTEV to deflect from the real reason, …. America doesn’t like you and your little obnoxious friends


If I hear her and see her say the universe is helping her out one more time I’m going to throw a hammer through my TV !!!!


Please be kind to the TV, it’s just the messanger, not the message!


Yea yall need to quit hating on her. She’s just being authentic. Her and Tommy. And they aren’t going to apologize. I love people who think they’re so authentic but are really the opposite.


Christie is delusional …


I seriously think she has a plethora of mental illnesses

An ornery mouse

I believe it to be a cornucopia.






Varied assortment? :p

Dalia Hobelman

Back to Christine not shutting the hell up

An ornery mouse

Even taking away the Field Trip bust, the main thing I find so frustrating about this week is the fact that so many houseguests would’ve thrown Tommy & Christie on the block together had they won HOH.

But, if Tommy hadn’t have won, Sis came in 2nd. If not Sis, Christie came in 3rd. The rootable people suck at comps, which is why they’ve been underdogs all season. Without the 6 implosion, this whole thing would’ve basically been a steamroll…. with a couple of non-6 HOHs mixed in. I hope these guys can turn it around, but I shan’t hold my breath.


The clock ran backwards at certain points. I saw someone time it in real time and sis came in first. I don’t know the rest of the order

Kat's Alien Bitch

Listening to her is like fingers on a blackboard.


I actually prefer the whiny/crying Christie to the loud, obnoxious, self-assured Christie. I know…crazy!


They are both equally obnoxious and self-absorbed. Hard to pick which one is worse to put up with.

My Two Cents

I wonder if Nick will still have a job when he gets out of the house. I’m leaning toward no….


He will but it will be at an adult book store.

BB Crusty Crab Shack

Hahaha…….good one

Frank farts

This is Bullshit, Tommy shouldnt have been able to remove americas player. This game is Rigged, production felt bad it was Cristie on the block and they gave Tommy an advantage.
One might ask how they do this? They put all the pieces he needs in one area, as opposed to scattered.


This year as many people have stated there is no one to root for. I have eliminated those I do not want to win and have been left with a very short list. Between the bullies, those whom are too clueless or creepy there is only one left. Kat at least has been a little entertaining and seems to enjoy life. This sucks!

House Stark

It looks bad this week but I am rooting for Kat too.


So of course the powers that be are clearly pushing for Christie & Tommy & are protecting them.


Kat is the only one I am rooting for and if she leaves this week, I am voting for her as favorite player so the rest of the house understnads how much we didn’t like them.


If she goes Thursday they’ll know by the audience response b/c they’ll be 10 times louder than they were for jack. Then I hope the camera zooms in on Tommy & Christie’s faces!

Summer Gowen

I hope Tt get bad karma for taking CC down. She will back stab his for sure at one point. I keep hoping the truth comes out very very soon about them. Have to admit I don’t watch the live feeds as much as I have in past years and have skipped some Sunday and Wednesday shows. This year is boring and predicting.

House Stark

The week where Jess put Jack and Jackson the block was pretty exciting.


Yeah about the only thing the powers that be could do now is send someone themselves to pretend to be the backyard shouter & have them repeatedly scream Christie dated Tommy’s aunt for seven years!

Maybe then the house would go — wait what? These are the two people who’ve been complaining the most about Holly & Kat.

Maybe things will change b/c if not the way Cliff is talking (and promises he’s making) as well as Nick’s threats to Nicole messing her up & all the back biting & back stabbing by people to their OWN allies it’s leaning toward even if the underdogs won them not putting up Tommy, Christie or Nick which is the WORST possible outcome!

So, yeah I just keep praying for the backyard bandit to out the terrible, talkative, “I love you, can you feel that knife I’m sticking in your back” and my sh*t doesn’t stink twosome. Then and only then do I think this season can be saved (and even that’s a stretch).


What a waste of time all that voting was, for what, so Tommy could take her off anyway? That’s crap, he shouldn’t have been able to take her off, only one of the others if he chose. Damn, really was hoping we’d get rid of Christie and would have been fantastic for it to happen on Tommy’s HOH! I can’t believe no one said to him “America wants Christie up there, if you take her off you are going against the viewing public”, I think that may have swayed him as he is so concerned about his image! They all needed to speak up! Let them know “the house” wanted it too! ARRGGHH!!!!

Roll Tide

But TPTB at CBS didn’ Want her to go.


That’s exactly why there were no rules discussed and everything was left so vague, this way CBS could make sure if she was on the block , there was a way for her to come down !! To me the three getting picked was America’s nomination, and the egg comp was the POV !! She should have remained on the block !!!!

Casey Martin

Agree, what a waste of my time voting. Tommy should not be able to remove Christie, only the one of the two he put up.


I don’t like Jackson, but at least he seemed to take it well that America doesn’t like him and had a good sense of humor about it. Unlike Christie, who sat around crying about it, complaining about how “unfair” it was and is now making excuses. “America just wanted to give me a chance to play in OTEV”. Lol, no. America doesn’t like you.

Summer Gowen

No cc, we don’t like you and wanted you on the block, shouldn’t have been allowed off the block.

House Stark

Well the house can make it up to us by putting Christie and Tommy up next week.


What is unfair is the ties Christy and Tommy have!


Totally! This has got to come out! Sooner than later.


Neither does Canada 🙂


The most intelligent thing Sis has said all season “bawk bawk bawk”.

Rolling eye queen

I have been calling Sis “a piece of fluff”. She floats around the house with about as much interest and use as a dust bunny.

Just sayin

Join the discussion…I don’t know who eats with their mouth open more Christy or Sis…disgusting!

another name

So, last night Sis and Christie join the target room, while Jaws and Beth are fitting the square peg in the round hole… and stayed to start chatting because they didn’t know what was going on. Maybe it was the only way he could think of to keep her awake due to the concussion? Now today they are being suspiciously angsty. I think Holly lied last night when she said she gets more focused and intense when she’ upset. I think she just gets more bitchy. Gee, now Jackson’s going to have to break up with her again from not being a docile and compliant Ofjackson with a good attitude. Praise be the fruit… oh. Somebody protect the watermelon.

Tommy is annoyed when talking with Jackson, that Christie is trying to negotiate a deal for safety in exchange for her vote. Tommy is of the belief that only the HOH should negotiate safety. He is wrong, actually. The rest of the house doesn’t just say ok mr. HOH, you get yourself safety, and we’ll do what you want. That’s not how this game works.

Jenna talk. uh oh. better cover that with fish real quick. Yeah, Jenna is the houseguest that was cut… and they put Christie in her place. I’d thought that to be idol gossip, but if they are discussing it I guess it’s true. Another woman with ties to Kat and Holly that was removed from consideration after she’d made the cut to be part of the cast this season. Wonder if the rest of the rumor, that Kat was instrumental in getting her cut from the cast is true.

Franks fumes

Lol square peg…..LEGO d!ck.


So far, this season really…..sucks. I’m ready for Christie to leave. Of course, she is saved now. UGHHH


Christie and her Universe talk/b.s is worse than nails on a chalkboard.

As much as I willl be glad to never have to watch her again, I would pay good
money to watch her have an epic meltdown when she goes thru all the BB websites and blogs and reads what the Universe really thinks about her!
She is so anal about that kind of stuff that you know she will read every single comment.

Twinkle, twinkle, little star…
THIS is how the Universe thinks you are!


Oh to be a fly on the wall when crusty reads how much America really dislikes her …. that’d be something I’d pay to see as well.

House Stark

Christie had better stay away from online after she gets out of the house. If not she is going to be spending hours lying on a couch talking to a man with a hand puppet.

Just sayin

Yeah ~ Nick lol


Tommy as HOH and Christie being saved — I wonder why the Universe hates Simon and Dawg so much.

When I think of Therapist Nick I think of Dewey Finn in the the movie School of Rock, ”
Your kids have all really touched me, and I’m pretty sure that I’ve touched them.”

House Stark

I bet Rockstar is beside herself.

BB Crusty Crab Shack

Lol, good one

BB Casting Call

When I first read that, I immediately pictured officer Dewey from Scary Movie…that’s how I see Nick


America’s player pick that got put on the block could play in veto and try to win but should not have been eligible to be taken off if she didn’t win the veto…..just a stupid twist that didn’t amount to anything…..think your way thru these twist BB!!!!!!!

Chichi Riviera

So someone on Twitter posted a minute plus video of Jackson jack-rabbiting Holly in the bed next to Sis and Christie while Sis was talking about bowel movements. Can it get any worse?

Franks fumes

There has never been more unrestrained repulsive sex since Amanda and that guy with the stringy long hair.

Cancel this season already

Screw this season and the shit shooters. I hope that next week Nicole wins HOH


yup, best case scenario jess or nicole win next hoh.


doesn’t matter who wins next hoh it can’t save this horrible season


Sadly, and I mean very sadly, Michie may be the best case scenario for HOH if Kat leaves. Cliff has shown he will not pull the trigger. Jess likes Christie. I think Nick will bully/guilt Nicole into thinking he kept her from being put up. (Why does she like this man?) So who else is left to take Christie out…. no one.


The problem is if Michie wins he plans on putting up Christie and Nicole. So in event the noms remain the same it would be:
To keep Nicole: Holly, Jess, if Kat stays she’ll keep Nicole *but see below
To keep Christie: Tommy, Sis

Up in the air: Does Nick vote to keep Christie or Nicole b/c he’s sworn his allegiance to Tommy/Sis/Christie?
And the biggest question is if Cliff makes a deal with Christie too does he honor it & screw Nicole over? or does he vote to keep her? I can’t imagine him turning on Nicole but who knows with how Cliff always says he’s a man of his word. Perhaps he can get through it by saying I did stick to my word b/c I made the deal with Nicole before the deal with you.

The other big question is what Jackson would do if one of Nick/Tommy won POV & pulled Christie down. Would he have the balls to put up the other (Nick or Tommy) to break up that team. One would hope.

Something tells me this could be a DE & someone unexpected will win read: Sis or Nicole (or Jess). If that happens I’m super worried Nicole will listen to Nick instead of Jess/Cliff b/c of this new narrative about her concern regarding Holly/Jackson.

Anyway, I’ll pray for Michie to win so Christie or Tommy leave as that’s the only palatable outcome. As much as I originally wanted Jackson gone too at this point I’d rather he leave AFTER Tommy/Christie & Nick b/c they offend me the most or should I say I just can’t tolerate them on the feeds. YES Michie is still vile for what he did (I haven’t forgotten) but at least now he’s sticking to Holly so he’s not spouting off as much & like Another Name says he’s prob trying to change how he’s viewed so he’s backed off being so controlling and in people’s faces.

another name

I know nobody really wants to hear this:
precedent for third nominee was concreted with the road kill of season 18. If the roadkill nominee was saved, there was no replacement nominee. We knew this would happen, we don’t have to like it but we knew.
If we change the precedent, then in a future season there could be a chance that a fan favorite ends up on the block as a twist special third nominee replacement nom, and then we’d be saying hey wait, you shouldn’t be able to do that.
As much as we hate it, we have to at least try to be consistent.

Crusty Crabs

I thought precedent is to expect the unexpected?

another name

expect the unexpected is the idiom, not the precedent.


Can these players actually be soooo blind? In the backyard about a hour ago: Christie lets it slip that she lives only three exits away from Tommy. Cliff (jokingly): “You guys must know each other!” Christie gives Tommy a look.

Just sayin

Wow, did only Cliff here what Christy said about living near Tommy?


No, they were all outside in the backyard chit chatting


Why do so many people like Cliff??? Kat is WAY more entertaining & easy to talk to. Cliff is just…..strange if you ask me. Plus he’s breaking down all over the place because he’s old & out of shape. I would keep Kat over him any day. Also, Nick is the creepiest perv in there. Why does no one in there say anything about his rude, crude & disturbing comments???


Kat is a little crazy. She still has something for Jackson. I think people like her so much because there isn’t much else to root for. Same reason people like cliff so much, on better seasons they’d both be side characters.


Ugh… I want Christie out so bad! Crying like a baby cause she ended up on the block. Let’s have a redo vote and send her again on a trip to fight for survival, maybe she will get it through her thick head that she is not liked by America… all contrary she’s exactly what we hate to see in BB players!

Just sayin

Best entertainment is watching Christy eat. I don’t know how she can stuff her mouth so full & still talk at the same time. So funny to watch lol.


I’m not a huge fan of Jackson but i really hope he wins the double and puts Christie up, that girl is so annoying. Then take out Tommy. No one would really be mad if Christie leaves also once both are gone Sis can be used as a number with Jackson/Holly/Nick or Cliff or Kat/Nicole/Jessica. I really hope they keep Kat this week I like her a lot better than Cliff. At this point I feel like Jessica and Nicole could win this whole thing as everyone seems concerned about the big players.


Who is getting voted out ?


I can’t tell, who is everyone leaning towards keeping? I hope Cliff stays!

Kat's Alien Bitch


Is BB letting Paul back in week 7 so he can win

The only way this season will be a success is if nick gets fired right after the show.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

I wish they’d let the watermelons vote.